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Tools and Features Overview

[expand title=” Video Script “]Hello, in this video, I’ll give you a quick overview of the fantastic tools available inside your HeroBot account. Now that you followed the steps and your facebook pages are connected, you are ready to start using this fantastic platform.

On the menu on your left, you can see that we divide the tools by main sections such as:







Let me explain them one by one. In the MESSENGER TOOLS section, we have 3 Sub-Sections: The 1st one is Messenger Bot, where you have all the tools you need to BUILD the actual parts of your Bot Sequences. The 2nd one is Broadcasting, where you will send bulk messages to your list. Herobot gives you two different options to broadcast commercial and Non-commercial content.

You can see a comparison table by clicking the information label. Also, we include SMS Broadcasting, where you can either connect with your providers via API connections or use our own built-in SMS campaign solution. And the 3rd one is the Subscriber Manager Sub-Section. Here you have total control over your messenger and SMS lists, creating segments and groups that you can use to target your audiences more effectively.

The COMMENT FEATURE section contains the comment automation toolkit that you can use to create a campaign that will reply to ALL the comments of your posts and send inbox messages with a specific sequence to every person that comments. This feature is an automatic Lead-Generation machine. In the POSTING FEATURE section, you have a potent tool. Here you can Automate and schedule ALL your Posts in 4 different formats, as you can see.

The Growth Tools Section has shortcuts to two handy tools: The Booking Management System: This amazing software allows your clients to make booking reservations for appointments and make payments directly during the booking process, All inside your Messenger sequence. With the HeroBot QR Code Generator, you can create your Bot QR code in few clicks. You can create different QR codes, including several types of information about your business.

In the UTILITY TOOLS Section, you find the Search tools. One to make a website comparison between your site and the competitor’s site, knowing how much social exposure each one has. The other one helps you to make local competition Search to find through keywords local business nearby with a presence on Facebook.

And Finally, in the BILLING & USAGE section, you can do the following things: -Renew your package or upgrade it to have access to higher thresholds on the usage of the tools. -Have access to the billing history, and -Get usage details of every module, knowing how much out of the limits of your package you have spent so far in the current monthly cycle. Also, if you need support assistance, go to the bottom and click on the Support Desk button and open a ticket.

Now that you know all the fantastic tools you have in your HeroBot account, let’s jump dive more in-depth in each one.[/expand]

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Updated on June 22, 2020