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[expand title=” Video Script “]Hello, this is Herson, and in this video, I cover the VIDEO Reply Type; by the end of the video, you will know how to use it in your messenger chatbot sequences.Ok, let’s go over the video reply type. You can use This reply type when you want to deliver a single video with NO buttons.

The video can be horizontal, vertical, or squared. With this reply type, You can upload two different video formats: MPEG and AVI, and use them inside your chatbot sequence. Let us go to HeroBot to show you how you can use this reply type.

We click on “select reply type” and pick the 4th option, which is video. I would suggest enabling the “Typing on display:” feature, it makes the message look more natural. And select the seconds of delay. Click on the button below and select the video file.

Please note that the maximum upload size for a video is 30 MB. In this case, I am selecting a 28.7 MB video, which is very close to the threshold, but as you can see, it works perfectly. Then, let the file load, and it is ready to use. [In the next video, I will explain in detail the FILE reply type and show you how to use it for your Messenger Bot. See you there.[/expand]

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Updated on October 21, 2020