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Reply Type: Quick Reply

Reply Type: Quick Reply video tutorial #

[expand title=” Video Script “]Hello, this is Herson, and we are now in the 2nd section of this Tutorial series.  In the rest of the videos, we will learn what these reply types are and how to use them correctly in your messenger chatbot

Today we will explore in detail the “Quick Reply” Reply Type.  This Reply Type is handy for lead generation because it helps to capture user’s personal information quickly with only one click, BTW that’s the origin of its name. There are two specific pieces of information you can capture using this reply type: Email Phone Number How does it work? The reply type will pull out the user’s information and pre-populate a button that the user can click and send it to us very quickly.

I just want to make clear that the user’s personal information is private, and the only way We can collect it is if they consent to click on the button and send it to us. That being said, here are two examples of how it happens.  For instance, as you can see, the quick reply has the email prepopulated in the form of a clickable button.  Once the user clicks on it, it turns into a regular text reply.  The same happens with the user’s phone number. 

The quick reply pre-populates the phone in the form of a button the user can click and send to us. At this moment, we have saved the email or phone number in our list inside HeroBot.  Let us go to HeroBot to explain to you how to set up a quick reply.  Inside HeroBot making a Quick reply is very uncomplicated: Click on “select reply type” and pick the 6th option, that says “quick Reply.” To compose an email quick-reply, please Create an appealing message that encourages people to validate their email. 

Underneath the text box, you will find the button’s section where you choose what kind of button you want to apply. The 1rst button type is “Post-Back.” This button creates a connection with other levels in more complex sequences, but we will treat that feature in a separate training about the Post-Backs.    In this case, pick “users email Address.” button type.

If what you require is to collect a phone number, do the same process but select “User’s Phone Number.” As you noticed in the examples, there is an automatic response that confirms the email or phone number was received. You must modify it to make it suitable for your audience. If you want to edit that answer go at the menu on the left and click on  -Messenger Bot -Bot Settings -And “Action Buttons Settings” Click on “change setting” to reveal all the options. 

As you can observe, HeroBot allows you to create a unique and customized reply for both: phone confirmation and email confirmation.  One of the beauties of this is that you can deliver not just a greetings text, but any other relevant piece of content, like videos and PDF’s. That implies you can use the Quick Reply as an opt-in sequence and dispense with the use of a squeeze page to create lead-magnet campaigns where you request for an email or phone number in trade for a PDF or a video all done in messenger.

In the following trainings, we will incorporate how to make API connections to integrate your bot with other platforms such as: webinar platforms, email automation, etc.  Once you have built the quick Reply, you can go to the dashboard and view a report of how many phone numbers and emails you have received in 4 different time frames such as: Today Last seven days This Month  This Year helping you to appraise the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign. Furthermore, you can download all the emails and phone numbers achieved in a CSV file any time you want. To do such, you go to the menu on the left, click Subscriber Manager, and Bot subscriber. 

Choose the Facebook page, click on the button “Options,” and then click on “download result.”  The CSV file will be downloaded with all the user’s information you have received using the quick reply buttons. [In the following video, I will explain in detail the TEXT WITH BUTTONS reply type and teach you how to apply it in your Messenger Bot. See you there.][/expand]

Reply Type: Quick Reply documentation #

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Updated on October 21, 2020