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Reply Type: File

Reply Type: File video tutorial #

[expand title=” Video Script “]Now, let’s talk about the File reply Type. Well, If you want to send a file through your chatbot, this reply type allows you to do it effortlessly.

Here you have an example of how easy the file is delivered and how easy the user can see it, click on it if they want they can share it and download it.

The formats allowed are:

✅Word Documents

✅PDF Documents

Facebook will NOT allow you to attach the executable files like:

.exe files

Web scripts as: .PHP or .JSON

Inside HeroBot creating a file reply is very simple: Click on “select reply type” and pick the 5th option, which is “file”.  Enable the “Typing on display:” feature.

Set the seconds of the delay you want. And click on the button below, select the PDF or Word file you want to attach, and let it load. Take note that the maximum upload size for a file is 30 MB.[/expand]

Reply Type: File documentation #

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Updated on October 21, 2020