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Reply Type: Audio

Reply Type: Audio video tutorial #

[expand title=” Video Script “]Hi, this is Herson, and in this video, I will explain the AUDIO Reply Type; once you finish the video, you will be capable of using it in your bot sequence.

You can use this reply type when you need to reply to users with an audio file they can reproduce inside your chatBot.

Here is an example of how it is delivered and reproduced.

Look and Listen carefully. You can upload two different audio formats to use inside your bot reply: MP3 and WAV.

Let’s see how you can use this reply type inside HeroBot. This time, we click on “select reply type” and pick the 3rd option, which is Audio. If you want, enable the “Typing on display:” feature and select the seconds of delay. Below is the upload button.

Click it and select the audio from your computer. Please note the maximum upload size for audio is 10 MB. Then, wait for the audio file to load, and it is ready to use. [In the next video, I will explain in detail the AUDIO reply type and show you how to use it with your HeroBot account. See you there.[/expand]

Reply Type: Audio documentation #

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Updated on October 21, 2020