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Persistent menu settings

Persistent menu settings documentation: #

This section will reveal your persistent menu settings. You can add persistent menu settings by clicking the Create persistent menu button.

What is persistent menu #

Persistent menu is a type of navigation menu for your bot on Facebook page and Messenger. This is one of the ways for your visitors to navigate through your chatbot and see what else it can do. Think of it as a navigation menu of a website, there is no website without a navbar.

HeroBot Persistent menu

How to create persistent menu #

To create a persistent menu click on Create persistent menu :

HeroBot Create Persistent menu 1

Enter your desire title for your navigational menu and then type of your menu ( you can choose from Web url, post back ( a bot template you already created ) and nested menu ( a menu with sub menus )

For example if you choose web url you can enter the url of your website or online shop, or product page. If you choose post back you can chose from the post back bots that you have already created so when the user click on that menu you continue the conversation through that bot.

HeroBot Create Persistent menu 2

After clicking on submit and creating your persistent menu you need to publish it on Messenger. Click on the options and then click on Publish persistent menu. Congratulation you have created your persistent menu and published it on messenger.

HeroBot Create Persistent menu 3
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Updated on October 21, 2020