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Introduction to Messenger Chatbots and Reply Types

[expand title=” Video Script “]Hi, this is Herson, and welcome to this tutorial video. Today I will explain in more detail the Media types available in HeroBot.

This topic, in my opinion, is the foundation of chatbot building. Why? Because Once you understand the media types, you will unleash all the potential you have to deliver a well-crafted and powerful message via messenger. The reply types are the different media formats you can use to deliver your message using a bot sequence.

It could be a simple text, a video, a gif format image, and even a PDF file that people can click, see, share or download. And here is the KEY question: What is a ChatBot Sequence? Well, A Bot sequence is essentially a series of Reply types that you can arrange in a specific way to craft and deliver a compelling and engaging message.

They are the building blocks of a messenger bot. Ok, now that we know what a Reply type and its functionality is, let me introduce you to the ten reply types we use to build a chatbot inside HeroBot. We divide them into two groups: -The 1rst group is where we put those reply types that have NO buttons involved.

That means they only display the information but don’t have any button embed. They are:






The second group is where we put those that have Buttons involved. That means we can embed buttons that a user can click to open a website, give us information, go to the next step in the sequence, and so forth. They are:

✅Quick Reply

✅Text With Buttons

✅Generic Template



These are all of the reply types we are going to cover one by one. In the next video, I will explain the TEXT reply type and teach you how to create one inside HeroBot. See you there.[/expand]

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Updated on June 22, 2020