Rise of The Text Message Chat bot

text message chat bot

There are a lot of businesses scattered all over the world.  Some of these businesses demand more proficient feature that can deal with customers with professionalism. And that is why these businesses prefer having chatbots for customer support. Just like a human’s gender that separated in two, which is a boy and girl, the chatbot also has two kinds.  One is the text messaging chatbot, and the other is the voice-activated chatbot. But for this article, we will discuss more of the text message chat bot.

Chatbots is a computer program that conducts a conversation via text or voice messaging methods. These systems have become amazingly precise in determining the context of text request and responding in a human-like way. The most significant difference between text messaging and the voice-activated chatbot is the way they interact with users. The text-based chatbot exists on different kinds of the messaging platform and allows the users or the customers to interact with these chatbots via text messaging methods. Text messaging chatbots understands the short form of words or even typos.

These type of chatbots are merged with SMS, Social Media, or Emails and are believed to be the most convenient form of chatbots. These chatbots are commonly used among all kinds of business. Both text and voice messaging bot are capable of helping the user in their queries. They can also work on mobile and other devices. But what is more useful of the two? They really are both useful in any kinds of the situation, but it also depends on how the users will use these applications. 

Why is text message chat bot suitable for any kind of businesses online?

The world is constantly changing, And the competition between companies is getting fiercer and fiercer. Companies nowadays are focused on their online marketing to connect with people all over the world. Companies want to easily sell their products via online marketing to gain more subscribers and stand out of the crowd. The best way to do that is to improve their marketing advertisement experiences. For them to have a great experience, they need better customer services, and that is why chatbot is created. Furthermore, text messaging chatbots are the most common customer service support in the business. In this article, we will discuss why text messaging chatbot is suitable for any kind of business online.


Acting as an intelligent virtual assistant, these chatbots ask for the user’s qualification questions and create a lead is their CRM forms or human required. The chatbot provides much more flexible responses to the customer’s questions. These bots also learn from each conversation and use that experience to respond to future questions more accurately.


Text messaging chatbot does not require an expensive tool for their system. And that is why they are much more suitable for small business than the other types of chatbots.


Not all of the technological devices have their own sound sensors. Sometimes, some of these devices do not have their own microphone, which leads to the disadvantage of the so-called voice messaging chatbots. On the other hand, most of the devices use keyboards to input text messages in devices. This is why it is better to have these kinds of chatbots. Text messaging chatbot is also considered as much more effortless and effective to use. 

Text message chat bot vs voice-activated chatbot

Both Text and Voice Chatbots have their own pros and cons, and both of them needed a device to be used by the people. They may even similar to their interfaces. With this kind of similarities, people would think that using simple voice command is much more easy to use and favorable. People also said that this type of chatbot could save much more effort from a person. However, some of these voice-activated chatbots do not really understand whatever people say with wrong pronunciation and just give any random suggestions with whatever the customer said sounds-like. This kind of scenario is one of the most significant disadvantages of a voice-activated chatbot. 

Unlike in text messaging chatbots, when a person inputs a text in a chatbot message dialog box even with few typographical errors can it can lead to the answer the customers needed.  When it comes to resources and budgeting, voice-activated chatbots is too much expensive than the text messaging chatbots. Why? Because voice chatbots require more sensitivity tools than text chatbots. And as discussed above, developing voice chatbot is much expensive task. This is why this kind of app is not suitable for businesses that face budget constraints. But with these two combines, the chatbot application can make the biggest profit in a technological software company.

Text message chat bot as personal assistants

Herobot platform develops an app that can serve as a personal assistant. Implementing these kinds of chatbot means saving of cost for customer service. These text messaging chatbot can handle customers’ dozen of times cheaper than the other kind of customer service support. Text messaging chatbots as a personal assistant can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a year and are focused on their user or customer. It can also be their informant buddy or partners when the customer wanted to. In addition, it reduces the number of queries of the emails that a customer has. Other of its benefit is that it includes the improvement of customer experience and customer engagement. These personal assistants reduce the gap between in expectations of the customer regarding their services and the ability to deliver customer care at the appropriate level.

text message chat bot

Text messaging chatbot experience

The first time the user uses this kind of application, they will be interested. Why? Even though chatbots are a computer program, they can also act like an average person with the face of a robot. Upon having conversations with these bots, the user will be entertained as these robots achieve resolving the user’s problem issues.

In addition, these chatbots provide users to get numerous business manual or tutorials to make their companies grow bigger and better. Having these bots is like having your own friend. A friendly robot talking to you helps relax even more and ease your body while sitting in your couch and drinking hot coffee. Not only just resolving the user’s issue but also teaching them, Text messaging chatbot could give personal advice if the user asks for it. Moreover, it is not just that simple advice but more one productive and educational advice. This chatbot even serves the user like he or she is their master.

Create a messaging chatbot using Herobot platform

A lot of people dreamed about creating their own chatbot. Chatbots are computer programs that communicate with people through the use of Artificial Intelligence.  And creating chatbots is now possible because of the Herobot Chatbot platform. Herobot is the most complete platform for messenger marketing on the net. This platform also provides a massive number of pre-made messenger bot for facebook, intended for business. Here is the list of Herobot platform’s service offers.

1. Generate Funnels

This service is for lead generation users that have a lot of interactive app integrations and widgets, as well as conversion trackers.

2. Management of Agency Clients

Agencies are provided of excellent growth tools, detailed analytic reports, and user administration.

3. Chat broadcast

With almost 85% open rate, Herobot enables the user to send notifications, promos, update, and other information through facebook messenger.

4. Improve Advertisement

Modify ads for instant capture of lead follow-ups is one of the Herobots abilities.

5. Contact List Expansion

A load of lead magnets such as check-boxes, scan codes, buttons, sales funnel and landing pages is the contact list that Herobot can provide.

6. Comment Response Automation

AI-engine of hero bot help this platform to be able to reply, tag, and send private messages automatically, both in Facebook and Instagram comments.

7. Live Chat Override

Herobot features allow the user to override their messenger bot when needed immediately. Therefore, the user can provide their customers with seamless communication.

8. Integrated

Herobot helps you to create quizzes and automatic contests integrated into the user’s Facebook bot for effective promotion.

9. Audience Segmentation

Herobot allows you to segment your audiences based on their interest or demographic factors. This will, therefore, allow you to qualify them depending on how you want it.

10. Get quality leads notifications

With Herobot, you can receive alerts for each leads captured with your messenger bot. Alerts can be received through SMS, Slack, email, and other customized apps.

11. Social Media Posts Scheduling

One of the latest features of Herobot is social media posts scheduling. With this, you can create posts on social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, which will go live based on the schedule you set.

text message chat bot

Here now you have it. Herobot’s platform will give you high-quality services that no one other platform can ever replace. Come! Visit HeroBot now and start creating your own chatbot venture.

speak bot

Speak Bot – How It Impacts Our Modern Business

With the prevailing development of technology and the Internet today, it seems like everything now is really possible. As we continue living underneath the blanket of continuous digital advancement, we can easily bring to life whatever comes to our mind. Even taking chatbots technology into another level is no longer impossible.

speak bot

No doubt that chatbots have become so useful nowadays for each and every one. They are the present-day model of modern communication and interaction. Chatbots are designed to hold a significant conversation with human users. Normally, they respond to the inquiries through messenger chat. However, the typical write and read conversation may be quite boring for some human users sometimes. That’s why developers bring a significant chatbots integration and introduce speak bot to the world. 

Speak bot alters the casual performance of chatbots and shifts its existing technological landscape. With this new advancement, the once voiceless chatbots can now actually talk to you. It really brings the human users a virtual experience of getting into a valuable conversation.

It is really an amazing technological innovation because this speak bot is warmly-accepted and widely-used around the world. Not a surprise anymore, when one day, these chatbots take another milestone that would leave everyone in awe.

The Voiceless Chatbots and How It Rocks the Business World

Basically, chatbots are a computer program that performs an automatic task. Specifically, chatbots interact with human users through a chat interface to respond to their inquiries. Since chatbots are made out of advanced and high-technology formulations, they perform so well to the extent that human users can’t distinguish easily if they are talking to a chatbot or to a real human. That’s why people entrust chatbots to do some responsibilities regarding human communication and interaction. The widespread use of chatbots around the world is really inevitable.

In business, even voiceless, the use of chatbots is still widely-adopted. Commonly, most companies use this AI program to communicate and interact with a vast number of people, which is sometimes difficult to handle. As a result, companies receive additional help in managing their business. With this, accomplishing other workloads is not compromised, and daily track of internal operation becomes smoothly efficient. But beyond that, there is a lot more to what voiceless chatbots bring the business world.

Aside from the things mentioned above, voiceless chatbots change the business world with the following:

It makes the business updated to latest trends

It is undeniable that almost everyone is well connected to each other through the use of social media. So if you wish to have a tight connection with your customers and your clients, this is not going to be a difficult task. As we all know, Facebook is one of the top applications nowadays. That’s why chatbots over Facebook Messenger is really a great help to your business.

It helps your company monitor your customers

You can actually collect some feedback from your customers by reading through their answers from questions generated by your chatbots. Since chatbots are programmed with consistent interaction pattern, you can regularly check your business and transparently see the aspects that need some improvements.

It increases the company’s engagement to its customers

Since your chatbots are communicating with a vast number of customers, your company itself gains a lot of engagement to their customers. With this, it boosts the presence of your company up to the minds of customers. It increases the chance of your company to get remembered always.

How Can Speak Bot Help Improve Your Business Management?

Apparently, everyone’s most used communication skill is listening. According to some studies, people often spend 45 percent of their daily time to listening. With this, speak bot does not get a hard time immersing to the existing human culture and communication.  

Speak bot still functions the same as the conventional chatbots. However, it brings a different way on how to communicate with human users. Since speak bot can now actually talk to human users, you can be able to hear an actual voice talking to you. It sounds beneficial to most people because mostly, people can easily understand an idea by listening to an explanation.

In business, speak bot still does the same work. However, since speak bot incorporates listening to its interaction, it can safely say that speak bot is more interactive and instructive. Speak bot creates more direct engagement to its customers. As they can hear real voices talking towards them, they can actually feel that they are interacting with the real human user. As a result, your customers may feel that they are privileged with more freedom to interact with your company directly. You can easily get feedback from them and get straight to resolution.

Do not ever take it for granted. Always listen to your customers. As what proverbs always say, customers are always right. Hence, below are the benefits that your company can get if you listen to your customers:

speak bot
Maintain Relationship with Your Customers

Since you can receive consistent feedback from your customers, you can easily make a move to please your customers and give what they need. In return, your customers would feel you genuinely care towards them and towards their needs. That is why; you can maintain a good bond to them, which is very important to sustain your business.

Consistent Soaring Income

A consistent action to give the customer a better service is a very good move. If they hear such feedback from others, there is no doubt if you would gain new customers. As a result, you would surely have a stable and increasing income.

Honest Feedback

If customers feel like they can freely tell you whatever they want to say, you will surely receive honest feedback from them. It is better to receive such kind of feedbacks than to receive some fabricated feedbacks. You can easily locate something that is not right and gives some action against it. No need to hear it from others and use it against you.

Things You Might Not Know About Speak Bot

It is evident that speak bot possesses a lot more high technology qualities than chatbots. That’s why speak bot is perceived by many as more effective and more efficient in many aspects. Since speak bot becomes now a part of our daily business interaction, sometimes, we can no longer notice how this artificial intelligence really helps us. In connection with this, below is the list of some helpful things that often get overlooked in speak bot:


Compared to a casual chatbot, speak bot is really more convenient to use. Imagine you are comparing what is more convenient between text messaging and phone calls. What will you choose? If you are holding a conversation with someone regarding a critical matter, better choose phone calls. Likewise, directly talking to a speak bot with no distraction of typing your message is way better. In this way, you can really focus on the conversation itself.

No Typographical Issues

We all know that chatbots are extremely dependent on natural language processing. Different series and organization of words, sentences, and paragraphs are stored inside the chatbots’ databases. Hence, the comprehension level of chatbots highly relies on this collection. As a result, chatbots cannot easily recognize and interpret typographical errors. I contrast with speak bot, typographical errors are not possible. With this, we can say that holding a conversation with a speak bot is going to be more effective than chatting with a chatbot.

Works Like A Call Center Agent
speak bot

Speak bot serves as the new extravagant helper, especially to industries that provide customer service. Speak bot can easily comprehend and recognize a series of patterns after having it learned. With this, speak bot has the ability to identify the problem of their customers and the solution that suits it the best. We can safely say that this speak bot can really work as a full-time call center agent. Investing for a speak bot is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time call center agent.

The amazing technology of speak bot may really sound fancy, but beyond that, it is really great help, especially to business industries. Investing for a speak bot is a great move for your company that you should not miss. Your company always deserves the best. However, above all, customer service is still the backbone of your company. Being a good and reputable company, you should always put first the welfare of your customers under your service. From what has mentioned above, speak bot is really the best choice to manage your loyal customers. Knowing what they need and handling what they are redressing about is your first move to reward your loyal customers with what they deserve. So do not hesitate to turn to speak bot for help.

If you already made up your mind and decided to turn to speak bot for your business, there is a place where you can go to— Hero Bot. Here, we can provide you with everything you need when it comes to chatbots technology. Let us start to engage with chatbots and help your company bring the best customer service in town. For inquiries, you may visit us at

talk to a robot online

Why you should try to Talk to a Robot Online

The idea of talking to a robot online seems to be absurd, but it is a scenario that is common today. The said robot is not the typical robot that you grew up watching on your television that has mechanical arms and laser-powered guns. But rather, it is an Artificial Intelligence Program that replies to customer chats whenever you talk to a robot online.

Additionally, these programs may substitute an actual human to perform simple and mundane tasks, most especially “chatting” or conversing through a Messaging platform online. These robots, referred to as a Chatbot, are helpful assets to any business that wants to boost their sales through online marketing. How about you? Have you tried to talk to a robot online?

talk to a robot online

Chatting is the most used form of communicating online. It refers to the conversation between two or more parties over the Internet through a messaging platform. In fact, most chat messages are relatively shorter than a business mail’s format making using it easier and more convenient. When you talk to a robot online, this will also be much easier. One of the most popular Messaging platforms is Facebook Messenger.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Nowadays, social media became a big part of our lives. Since it became popular, it has been on the rise. Additionally, it revolutionized communicating from interacting with people from anywhere to spreading news and information. Millennials are the generation with the highest use of social media platforms due to their computer literacy and the availability of the Internet. Social Media Websites are the most visited websites on the Internet. It is unavoidable, very powerful, and will also probably stay with us for a very long time.

Facebook is one of the major Social Media platforms that exist today. As of 2019, Facebook has a staggering 2.38 billion monthly users, the highest among all social media platforms. Almost every person that lives in a technologically capable area is registered to its database. Also, you can talk to a robot online through this messaging application. Everyone you know probably has a Facebook profile and not having one could mean that you are missing out. One could say that a day is not without visiting Facebook.

More about Facebook

Facebook developed a standalone messaging app for mobile devices so that its users can communicate more efficiently and conveniently using their mobile phone. It is free to download and is called “Facebook Messenger.” Its main purpose is for instant messaging. In addition, it also has multimedia sharing feature, including sending and receiving pictures, videos, and voice mails. It also has a voice and video call feature.

Facebook Messenger alone has a staggering 1.3 Billion active users and is on its way to being the biggest communication platform by the number of active users. This large number of users poses as an opportunity for companies to integrate this platform to their existing business plan to boost the number of their customers. Businesses use Chatbots to help them accomplish the tasks that may be too much for an actual human being due to a large number of messages to reply to and people to reach out to.

Let your customers talk to a robot online

Nowadays, many industries have realized a Chatbot’s potential in boosting the business. Chatbots are becoming more and more popular amongst businesses because it is new and effective in boosting business awareness and profits. It is considered to be an essential part of a business’ marketing strategy and is recognized as a wise investment. Adapting it to various services and its network will allow them to participate in multiple platforms that will enhance customer services and its efficiency. These are some reasons why a Chatbot is a good investment:

Familiar Communication Channel

Chatting is a very common form of communication. Its convenience made it the preferred channel. Many people are familiar with this technology making chat-based marketing by chatbot somewhat recognizable.

1. Excellent User Experience

Smart Chatbots communicate in a natural way. Having conversations with it feels as if you are talking to a friend or a co-worker.

2. Less hassle for Customers

No more waiting time with a Chatbot. It can also provide the customer with large amounts of data very quickly.

3. Customer Relevance
talk to a robot online

A Chatbot can filter the most relevant information to be delivered to the customer because delivering too much-unneeded information can overwhelm a user.

4. A New Feel

The number of app downloads and its usage time is gradually decreasing annually except for the Messaging apps. A Chatbot offers a more promising approach as users are attracted to its newness and convenience because it is integrated into a Messaging app.

Types of Chatbot

Businesses use Chatbots in different ways. A simple task can be done by a simpler bot but a complex task needs a higher level of intelligence. These are the types of Chatbots available today:

Basic Chatbot

Automated interaction with a customer is amazing. A customer that feels cared-about is more likely to avail services offered or shop more products. Basic-level bots can provide customers with answers to simple questions like directions, store location, product information, operating hours, order status, and much more basic information.

High-level Chatbot for Transactions

Customers are more satisfied when they don’t have to leave the Chatbot messaging platform when making a purchase. This type of chatbot has the ability to remember past interactions to provide a more effective service.

Intelligent Chatbot

An intelligent Chatbot is very similar to a high-level Chatbot, except it offers more personalized services. It produces specific solutions and is popular in marketing and sales as they help convert leads to customers due to its automated processes.

Talk to a robot online

Although bot technology is not new to us, Artificial Intelligence advancements and improving machine-learning are just starting to fuel interests from developers from Silicon Valley. They have integrated Natural Language Processing that imitates human conversation and interaction, which creates a more human and natural tone. A Chatbot is considered smart when:

  • It understands the requested context properly. To better understand a context, it needs to consider several elements such as day, time, tone, data, sentence structure, and conversation history.
  • Chatbot generates a coherent response based on its understanding of the context. In addition, it analyzes the sentence’s intent and composes a response relevant to the said intent.
  • It has consistency in its tone and style, making it more like an actual human.
  • It learns from its past experiences. A smart Chatbot will not repeat a previously asked question whenever a customer is trying to communicate. An actual human continues their last conversations so a Chatbot should never break a conversation’s flow. It will improve the quality of talking to customers and provide quality responses with its learning ability.

Is Chatbot Beneficial?

talk to a robot online

Over recent years, businesses are becoming more interested in chatbots because of the services it offers. Their ability to perform time-consuming tasks is the main reason behind it. Statistics show that customers prefer messaging a certain business than contacting them via email or telephone. Businesses that communicate with their customers are more preferred than businesses that do not making the use of a bot an essential aspect to boost their profit. In addition to this, people that prefer to talk to a robot online continues to increase. Having said that, these are some benefits of using a Chatbot for your business:

Improved Customer Service

Through automated messaging, a Chatbot can answer a customer’s questions. By providing answers to a customer’s query, customers can quickly and easily decide if they want to avail your offered service or product. By giving quick responses, chances of the customer finding an alternative are reduced.

Brand Awareness

Bots are used to promote a business’ services and products. It also promotes brand awareness by emphasizing the brand it represents in a way that appeals to the target audience, making them more interested in the offered products and services.

Higher Page Visits

A Chatbot may persuade customers to visit the company’s page, thus yielding a higher possibility of a customer availing a service or a product.

24/7 Online

A Chatbot is always online. Because it is automated, messaging it anytime will always have a corresponding response.


The cost of investing in a Chatbot is way cheaper than hiring an actual human being for customer service purposes.

A Chatbot that helps

Chatbots may be the best thing that can happen to your company. You can let your customers talk to a robot online, and then talk to a real human operator if they want to. It is very reasonable to choose the best chatbot available to help your business grow. We at Herobot will be your partners in creating your desired chatbot. Our experts will provide you with top quality products and services that will be your key to success. Visit our website at or call us at +1 416 623 8882 for more details about our services.

mobile chatbot

Mobile Chatbot – Empower Your Business

While human conversations seem to be depreciating, people are much more willing to connect to machines. Have you ever had a moment when you are researching on your computer, then something pops up on your screen asking if there’s anything you need? Perhaps you ordered a product online, and you received a message telling you that your purchase will arrive at your doorstep in a week. You have probably experienced or heard this, but never really thought of what it really means. This is the future of technology – a mobile chatbot.

bot marketing

Chatbots are gaining more popularity nowadays as they are bringing new and effective ways to boost a business or anything that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). Additionally, they have become the most valuable addition for many companies to target potential customers and improve their marketing strategy.

In this modern-day, chatbot market has expanded and is continuously growing and making a significant impact on society. Today, many commercial industries have recognized the potential gain in using a chatbot. In fact, if incorporated into their networks and various services, it will lead them to multiple platforms that will produce a user-friendly and more efficient customer services.

Chatbots are compatible with almost every gadget that can access the internet. Currently, there is a total of 7.7 billion people in the world. And according to bankmycell, 66.72% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, this means 5.1 billion uses a mobile phone. Additionally, there are 8.9 billion mobile connections in the world. Do you know what this means? This means creating a mobile chatbot has a high potential to connect your business with those users.

What is a chatbot, and how did it start?

Chatbot began when Alan Turing, a computer scientist, published an article about computer machinery and intelligence in the year 1950. In his article, he threw a question if machines can think and developed a test to measure whether one is communicating to a human being or just connected to a chatbot. This is where Artificial Intelligence starts to rise when many other computer scientists tried to pass his test. Over the next decade, chatbot became a widespread technology up to this date.

At the most basic definition, a chatbot is essentially software that allows humans to connect with digital devices as if they were really talking to a real human being. They are the extensions of human interface mediums (HMI’s) like the internet and mobile phones. It processes and simulates social conversations, whether written or spoken. Thus, it became the new interface for so many apps and rapidly changing the way many businesses and customers communicate.

Now, a lot of companies have the opportunity to connect with their customers in a well and personalized conversations automatically. Moreover, the use of artificial intelligence through a mobile chatbot or any other kind of chatbots, provide a lot of benefits that can be used in a business. The number of companies that use chatbots has grown for the past few years.

What are the benefits of using a mobile chatbot for your business?

Mobile Chatbots can help in lesser work

Chatbots helps many customers to find detailed information about the services of the company making it more convenient for the customers. For example, the availability of products and services that the company is providing, where is the store located, making reservations or bookings, and even assess the customers’ experiences. Many of the companies nowadays adopt this technology in any major chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Hangouts, Text Messages, etc., which are all available in mobile apps.

bot marketing

Mobile Chatbots can provide good customer service

As long as designed accurately and strategically, chatbots are sure to deliver excellent customer services. Focus on the details of your products or services then integrate it on your chatbot. Additionally, anticipate possible questions that a customer might ask regarding your business, then formulate answers to answer them accurately. Moreover, you can look at your FAQs, read the questions, suggestions, and comments about your product. With this, you already have an idea to what responses you should add to your bot. More importantly, be sure to make the conversation as human-like as possible.

Mobile Chatbots is cost-effective

Chatbots significantly increase operational services of a company. It decreases costs while providing convenience, and also, an added service for the customers. Chatbots allow businesses to resolve any customer issues and queries, with a lesser necessity for human interaction.

With the use of mobile chatbot, businesses are able to proactive, personalize, and scale all at the same time. This is an essential differentiator. For instance, if a company rely solely on human capabilities, they can only cater to a limited number of customers at a given time. In order to be cost-effective. Human-driven companies are compelled to put their focus on standardized models. Therefore, their personal and proactive outreach capabilities are limited.

Mobile Chatbots are available 24/7

Chatbots are intelligent machines. In other words, these automated workers are not going to catch any illness or disease. Therefore, they are capable of working and engaging with customers nonstop – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all throughout the year. This feature of the mobile chatbot gives great help to businesses, as it can give more time to save. In addition, this enables businesses to perform more tasks and also, answer FAQ’s regarding services or products without the customer having to wait long. In some case, chatbots may not be able to fully replace human customer support. However, chatbots can supplement them; therefore human employees can provide full-pledged service, without enraging the customers for waiting so long.

Mobile apps and mobile chatbot

Here in this part of the article, we will discuss how companies incorporate mobile apps and chatbots today. Each method has different objectives with its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Chatbots as a mobile app

This is the most straightforward use of a chatbot. Developers simply integrate a chatbot in a mobile application, then distribute the application to app stores. The main objective of this method is providing a committed and consistently-on channel for customers to do customer self-service.

For example:

A progress VA mobile chatbot allows employees to deal with administrative and organizational tasks. The chatbot is disseminated over a mobile application which facilitates verification of users against the infrastructure of the corporate domain.


  • No need to share data with third-party companies or social networks
  • In comparison to the mobile app having the same features, it can be developed at a cheaper cost.
  • Removes complicated supporting and building complex UI interactions and screens in a mobile atbot.
  • You have complete control of the rich UI in the conversational UI. Also, you don’t have to depend on the limitations of third-party messaging providers.
  • No learning curve for the users.


Users will still need to download mobile application rather than merely using direct social or web channel.

You are developing a new app. This means additional cost for establishing a user base.

When shall you use it?

Majority of building chatbot as a mobile app focuses on internal employee-facing cases.

2. Chatbots in tabs

The most challenging part with the first method is developing a separate app which is a new channel that requires resources and effort in order to grow. In fact, app fatigue really does exist. Therefore, the better way is to integrate a chatbot with a mobile app which has a user base, and already in existence.

For example:

Mobile trading app of Interactive Broker, the IBKR, offers electronic access to futures options, futures, forex, options, and stocks in an immersive and comprehensive app. In order to supplement the mobile, they made a separate tab for their chatbot.


  • Introduce mobile chatbotchatbot to an already existing audience.
  • Users have conversational UI and traditional UI options to select from, and also;
  • You are able to reuse security options and verification mechanisms that are already available in the app.


  • In case the chatbot is just replicating the functionality of the mobile app, then users may get confused to why and when they will use it.

When shall you use it?

The most ideal way of building a mobile chatbot in an existing mobile app is when you have repetitive and lengthy forms you want to get optimized. So, structured methods like opening up a bank account, signing up for insurance, and submitting stock orders are good candidates. Additionally, new users feel a bit more comfortable to start with a chatbot instead of complicated UI.

3. Chatbots as conversational UIs

With this method, you simply use conversational UIs rather than traditional UIs in places with high rates of abandonment and low engagement.

For example:

The screen of new bank account registration form is considered as the place of very low engagement. Therefore, KBC Mobile Banking has launched an app to help users to go on the process of registering with the use of conversational UI.


  • All the advantages of the first and second method
  • Improves engagement for low engagement places of your mobile application.


  • You may need to make the conversational UI by yourself, as no chatbot vendor will allow you to partly incorporate a chatbot in a mobile application.

When shall you use it?

When you have high abandon rate places or low to no engagement areas.

Creating your own mobile chatbot

So now, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, wanting to step up your business, or a startup who wants a kick start in your business, then mobile chatbot is the best solution for you. Here at Herobot, we provide tons of predesigned bots, compatible with PCs, mobile, and more. Visit our site by clicking this link.

facebook bot

Facebook Bot: What are They and How do They Benefit Your Business?

Promoting your business is never easy. You can rely on the traditional “word of mouth” process but it cannot guarantee you a hundred percent success in acquiring clients. However, there are several ways in which you can spread your business to the local masses which include social media, Facebook bot, SEO, and many more. To enlighten you, here are the common ways that businesses use for their advertising errands.

The Common Methods of Marketing Strategies

facebook bot
1.    Try doing a press release

Because media is a powerful and effective way of sharing information, why not try sharing it through press releases? Besides, it is more convenient for everyone who does not have access to social media.

2.    Use the power of Youtube

We cannot deny the fact that almost everyone is on Youtube nowadays. Through advertisements, you can pay a certain amount of money for a maximum of five minutes. After all, it is worth the pay since everyone has to view it before proceeding with the video they actually want to watch.

3.    Work on having a blog

Another good way of making your business visible to everyone is by creating a blog. After all, almost everyone today is fond of reading blogs. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of using blogs as a way of promoting your business.

4.    Consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You probably have heard of the term SEO but do not know what it actually means. To enlighten you, it is an effective way of spreading out your business. Through Google Rankings and Social Bookmarking, it is possible for your business to be on top of the search engine. Thus, it creates a way for your company to be known worldwide.

5.    Rely on Social Media

If there’s a more powerful way of sharing information with everyone, it is none other than through social media. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are only some of the social media platforms known around the world which can be effective in sharing your business.

However, Facebook has a more efficient way of gathering possible clients. This is through the use of Facebook Bot.

What is Facebook Bot?

These are programmed software programs created to manage Facebook accounts. It takes up the information from a random profile and starts adding people on Facebook once it is done and ready.

The Rise of Facebook Bot

There’s no doubt: the rise of Facebook chatbots has indeed caused the excitement of business owners who are looking for extra ways to market their brand. Since its introduction in 2016, chatbots changed the overall user-experience through their interactive methods. Nowadays, consumers can reach out to companies and expect to receive a response regardless of time. Moreover, this interactional tool saves time and effort of both business owners and consumers when it comes to solving product errors and issues. To convince you more, here are the other benefits of utilizing a Facebook bot.

–    Customizing user experience according to personalization

–    Delivering significant information

–    Ordering and purchasing items

–    Providing useful content

–    Referring a user to the right person or department within the company.

How do These Facebook Bots Benefit your Business?

As a start-up company, one of the first matters that you deal with is accumulating a number of clients. As time goes by, the business industry becomes more and more saturated which makes it harder and harder to rise up from the competition. Therefore, it is so significant to be knowledgeable of all the marketing methods that will help you gain a lot of clients.

One of the notorious advertising tactics that several companies are using is Facebook bot. This extraordinary tool works through the messenger application. It is best to use the most popular social media platform to ensure the number of possible clients. Your business will surely gain more engagements once you promote it through Facebook Messenger. They automatically pop out once there is a visitor on the business page. Here are the other of reasons why these bots are beneficial in improving your business:

1.    Special services and promotions
social media bot

There are several mobile apps that are used for providing automated services which then lead to the utmost satisfaction of customers. One of the outstanding applications that are worth mentioning is chatbots. Gone are those days when these mobile tools are only used for basic assistance errands of different businesses. Nowadays, chatbots can be utilized for appointing a meeting with human representatives, dealing with orders, modifying personal details, changing billing information and updating any changes to a certain client account.

By letting your customers handle their info through bots, you’ll be freeing them and your company from the complications and costs of traditional methods. If you’re interested in incorporating a bot that manages promotions and special services, you can entrust this matter to Herobot. By utilizing this chatbot tool, you’ll save the time in which you are supposed to advertise your special services to your clients. As a result, you can then dedicate the saved time to other significant business stuff that you have to deal with.

2.    Quick and Easy Approach to Global Market

No matter if you’re a local startup who’s preparing for global possibilities or a huge international; company with clients in every part of the world, a Facebook bot can surely help you in dealing with your customer assistance issues. As an example, the 24/7 approach and multiple languages that are incorporated into its interface will make it easier for your business to flow with all its transactions and operations. Even if your market becomes bigger and bigger, you don’t have to worry about having to increase your manpower in the inquiry and customer requests department.

3.    Strengthen your relationship with customers

There is a reason why various brands spend millions in their marketing endeavors in social media. From vibrant banners to emotionally stimulating content, these businesses are undoubtedly aiming to catch the attention of their target audience. Fortunately, you can utilize your chatbot for the same objective. Bot tools are now allowing bots to be a source of entertainment for prospective consumers. For instance, you can now build a bot that delivers various content such as news articles, blog posts, guides, how-to’s, fun facts, weather updates, tips, games, and jokes. After all, these types of content are definitely effective in encouraging interaction with your audience.

Chatbots can also bridge the connection between your customers and their friends. For example, this social media tool pushes events, games, and interactive posts that clients can share with their peers.

4.    Provide customized content

You can utilize your chatbot for the optimal output of your content marketing technique. Upon evaluating the interests and preferences of your audience, the bots will then deliver personalized offers that are difficult to say no to. Moreover, the bot has the capability to run an A/B split testing and other revolutionary strategies to produce optimal results for your marketing techniques.

5.    Make money through your social media

Thanks to chatbots, shoppers can already surf and avail products anywhere as long as they have a Messenger application on their mobile. The chatbot tools can now create a virtual e-commerce space through your bot. Therefore, your clients can now take their orders through Messenger without any traditional means. In addition to this, your audience can also view your products, read feedbacks, and avail items right from the comfort of their Messenger application.

6.    Deliver information

The proper allotment of your time and efforts is a crucial part of the success of a business. Most of the time, you’ll be bombarded with the same questions over and over from your audience, but you wouldn’t want to allocate a huge part of your time just to answer these inquiries. To deal with this, you can entrust the task of answering inquiries to your bot. This tool can undoubtedly provide your clients with information that includes prices, contact information, deals, discounts, stock availability, services, product service areas, and business hours.

How Can You Achieve an Excellent Facebook Bot for Your Business?

It’s been several years since Facebook has introduced chatbots on Messenger. In the first months of its launch, the Facebook bot bears some flaws but these mild weaknesses don’t hinder the interaction it has created with the users. As years go by, it continues to improve until its several features made it one of the notorious marketing strategies for proprietors. Nowadays, Facebook bot is considered as a vital portion of all advertising approaches of different companies and startups.

If you’re wondering how you can apply bots to your own marketing strategy, Herobot can definitely help you with that. The services that Herobot offers will make it more than possible for you to attain the bot that you have in mind. Besides, this application can provide you with features that are undoubted of high quality which can then be easily incorporated into your whole business advertising strategy. What are you waiting for? Visit our website today for more details.