How Digital Assistants are Created in a Chatbot Platform

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Have you ever tried to build or designed a house? Building a house is just like creating your chatbot by using a chatbot platform on the internet. When you are building your own house, you need tools and equipment to build a strong foundation for your house. Early 2016, people are captive with the introductions of the very first wave of Artificial Intelligence-power machines in the form of chatbot applications. Social Media platform allows AI-developers to build a chatbot app for their brands and services for promotional advertising.

In addition, these chatbot applications could also be useful in carrying out their daily actions within their messaging platform. Moreover, People gets excited with the release of the chatbot applications because of its various ways on how they can communicate on their brand’s customers. AI-development became more and more exceptional as they come along with the flow of advanced technology.

chatbot platform

Chatbot applications are built in an Artificial Intelligence chatbot platform. A chatbot platform is where you can develop your conversational chatbots app. Applications that can help you in providing the best support to your customer service that could also reduce the customers waiting time by providing an accurate answer to frequently question automatically. Especially, these chatbot platforms include an API with a conversation flow editor that helps you to make a chatbot act just like a professional human agent without requiring technical expertise.

Platforms also have built-in CRM, real-time insight, and machine learning that can make a chatbot app smarter and faster to function. Platform upgraded its system and made every chatbot app suitable in any technological device. Also, these platforms feature a code editor, visualization, and live debugger and a lot more so that chatbots can assist you in growing potential audiences.

Different Types of Chatbots

There are lots of different type of chatbots. Here we’re only going to discuss two types of these chatbot applications that came from a chatbot platform. The Keyword-based chatbots function just like-old fashioned search engine. People input their data, and these chatbot apps match the inputted data with a pre-loader response. Also, when you are using this type of chatbot app, it can give a link that could help you in solving your problem.

One of the advantages of using this kind of app is that it gives you numerous control over your business’ automated messaging. However, their features are finite. Keyword-based chatbots won’t recognize misspelled or slang words. Furthermore, these keyword-based are only applicable in their context. For example, if a user typed “book a hotel room,” then the chatbot will more likely respond with books about the hotels.

And the other type of chatbot is the Natural Language Processing Chatbots. A Chatbot that runs by this Natural Language Processing is the most precise and useful app a customer service can have. Natural Language Processing allows these chatbot applications to understand and instantly respond accurately and appropriately. Mostly, business owners use these kind chatbots nowadays for they can be useful in several different ways. Why? Natural Language Processing helps the chatbot app understand what customer says.

In addition, it offers greater savings and advantages when it comes to costs. With the help of Natural Language Processing, chatbot apps provide immediate assistance. Also, this makes the chatbot more efficient in their services. Moreover, this Natural Language Processing is the key to creating astonishing chatbot applications. A combination of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies can provide a better understanding of a customer with their human-language.

Turing Test and Artificial Intelligence

Turing test is a test for the computer’s Intelligence. A test requires human that are unable to differentiate machine from another human by using the response to the questions that are put to both. Furthermore, this test usually involves with a person and the one that interrogates. Speaking through a digital interface with various entities, hidden from view.

In essence, the interrogator sits alone in a room with a keyboard where the question can be entered. The written answer will be available to the interrogator. And after a few minutes or so of interrogating, the interrogator would declare if the individual is a human or an artificial. However, if the individual were declared a human but were, in fact, an artificial, then it would have passed the test. This is how Turing Test works.

Nowadays, Artificial Players would almost beat a human player. It is not that artificial players are better than a human being, but geniuses or professionals developers program this artificial player to be the best competitors. The best example is the Chess Game application. The Artificial players calculate the chance for the best moves in order to beat the human player.

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AI-experts develop this kind of AI program so it will give a challenge when it comes to playing the game with or without the internet. This improvement surprises humans. It heats up that these AI players could challenge humans in an authentic way and is becoming a philosophical issue. The most significant reason why developers create AI players is to make people improve their selves on their own. And just like these artificial players, the chatbots that came from a chatbot platform could also compete with their users on how they are intelligent.

Human Intelligence

Intelligence is described as a general mental ability for learning, problem-solving, and reason. Moreover, Human Intelligence is the knowledge of humans being that are marked by a high level of self-motivation and self-awareness. Furthermore, Intelligence can be measured by the standardized test and obtained scores that predict numerous social outcomes, including educational, job performance, health, and many more.

An understanding of brain mechanisms underlying the general mental ability that could provide societal benefits and significant individuals. Some people have enormous difficulty in deciding when it comes to solving their problems. Additionally, most of the people let the problem bother them instead of solving their problems. This situation occurs when a person doesn’t know how to solve their problems. They could not focus on the solution and gives too much attention to doubting their selves. This kind of negativity affects their daily living continuously and buildup unsolved problems that provoke more profound disappointments.

Luckily, with this kind of situation, there is a digital assistant that might help people with their problems. Yes! You are thinking it right. They are a so-called chatbot. As discussed earlier, their chatbot is programmed to accurate answer the people’s questions appropriately. Moreover, these chatbot applications that are built in a chatbot platform can also be you informant. These applications are made to prevent the worst-case scenario when it comes to their users.

Most of these chatbot applications prove their technological abilities. It may not solve people’s problems, but it could lessen the difficulty of a situation. Encouraging people is one of the best abilities that chatbot applications have. Not only these chatbots will provide an accurate answer but could also give more suggestion regarding the user’s questions. Lastly, chatbots are now the most significant technological advancement in the app market.

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HeroBot: Platform That Develops Chatbots in Different With Other Platforms

Technology conquers the world. It is available everywhere, even in a small object a person could ever see. This is what makes the programmer become interested in developing such applications that can make human’s daily lives better. In addition, many applications are now available on the internet. Different programmers, different application, and different purposes. But what truly do people need in an application?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the essential apps that continues to develop and improve today. And chatbots are the applications that come along with the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Do you ever wonder if you could have a chatbot as your friend? A chatbot is exceptional in various ways. Moreover, with the advancements of modern technology chatbot platforms are being updated and upgraded its feature more often weekly — obviously, the better the platform, the greater the chances of success in building chatbots applications.

How Herobot can help you to be competitive

Competition in app markets is getting fiercer. Various application platform wants to be on top of this competition. And HeroBot is one of those platforms that can compete with other platforms. But what makes the HeroBot platform different from the others? HeroBot is a developing platform that builds an intelligent platform. It has all the component that is essential in creating a chatbot app. Moreover, this user-friendly platform very simple, and you can create a chatbot with a simple drag and drop, unlike other platforms that have a lot of processes. More importantly, is the HeroBot provides all the tools and equipment that can make a big difference with a chatbot that the user will make.

It will also help the user by proving the guidelines for creating their chatbot. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit us on our website. Click this link, and together we will make a difference in the revolutionized modern technology. Every day is a chance to improve, and by using HeroBot platform enhance your creativeness for this will lead you to a better future of yourself.

Chatbot Development Guide – What do You Know about Chatbots?

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Chatbots have fast become a big hit since the year 2016. Their popularity has increased due to the rapid changing world of the marketing industry. They are now the most preferred platform in engaging with global customers – virtually. The demand for chatbot development is currently out of control, and nothing can stop it, especially in this generation of unlimited access to the internet.

Chatbots turn out to be the new obsession for customer service mainly because you can allow yourself to manage tons of inquiries without the hassle of replying to users one by one. There are no doubts; chatbots are now the center of attraction for automated tasks and hassle-free communication.

However, chatbot development is the first thing every business should consider before taking it to the real action. Having a practical and useful chatbot can help you expand your business extent. If you can reach to your potential customers as quickly as possible, you can attain more significant sales and soon have your brand printed at everyone’s mind. The question here is; how much do you know about a chatbot? Why do you need one?

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that is designed to simulate intelligent conversations with human users through the use of artificial intelligence. There are two major ways to communicate with a chatbot: written and spoken text.

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Chatbots can be utilized in various messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. You can have a chatbot do the job of communicating with customers for you.

The Rise of Chatbots

Chatbots made their mark through contextual conversations. They became the standard for virtual interaction. There’s this artificial intelligence that allows them to make one-on-one conversations as if we are conversing with a real human.

The conversational skills of a chatbot are not limited to entertaining customers. They mainly function to deliver quality customer service by providing users with useful information. It is not just a trend, but a marketing strategy every business should have.

However, chatbots are programmed to converse about a specific subject. Users can’t ask them questions that are not relevant to the brand.

Chatbot Helps Improve the User Experience

You can rely on a chatbot to help you attain a world-class customer service because they offer convenient and easy interactions to every user. Chatbots allow you to engage with different people with different product concerns. Having the combination of human knowledge and machine capability, chatbots become the most expedient way to communicate with global customers – in a way that every detail is well-structured and easy to understand.

Chatbots have the power to act on your behalf whenever there are bulk messages that you cannot handle. It is now the language of every marketer who seeks for a more efficient assistant. They can do specific jobs such as processing requests, providing relevant information, and becoming someone you would like talking to about a certain detail.

Almost everyone has embraced various messaging platforms so that chatbots grab this opportunity to make the life of every user significantly better. They make communication a lot better by giving users what they want.

How do you build a chatbot?

As mentioned earlier, the very first thing every marketer should consider is chatbot development. To build your own chatbot is quite challenging. However, if you have enough attention to details, I’m sure you will come up with a successful one.

An effective chatbot comes with a plan. Initially, you have to have to determine the purpose of building a chatbot – the problems you want it to solve.

Another thing you should know is that there are two types of chatbots: the basic chatbots and the chatbots with AI brains. And since customers like to converse with intelligent chatbots, marketers should exert an effort to create a chatbot that is rich in artificial intelligence.

Various services offer assistance in developing a chatbot. You can browse for different offers, but here’s a good one: HeroBot.

Herobot is an ultimate platform for Messenger Marketing and social media automation. It gives you the power to generate Facebook Messenger bots, conversion funnels, and drip campaigns that can be used for marketing, lead generation, and sales support.

Chatbot Development with a Good Design

The design of your chatbot primarily depends on the messaging platform of your choice. However, you might want to consider the following elements to develop a useful chatbot:

Smart Reply

These are the instant texts that are available on the conversation screen. It allows the user to make an immediate reply without the hassle of typing anything.

Quick Reply

Tapping on this option will enable users to send their responses to the bot quickly.

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It’s the job of a chatbot to make a user engage in a decision. Some buttons prompt on the conversation whenever a user clicks an option. It will be better to add interactive buttons so that you can allow them to decide faster and easier.

Get Started Button

When clicked, this button enables a chatbot to be active in the conversation. Facebook Messenger chatbots cannot start without this feature.

Persistent Menu

This feature let users steer his way to the other portion of the bot that is not readily available.


This feature provides users with images, text, links, and etc. Users can choose a relevant card (anything of your interest).

Chatbot Development: Tips for a More Engaging Chatbot

Though chatbots have increased its popularity, you can still encounter some people who are not familiar to it. So, to make your chatbots more engaging to everyone, you must consider developing a user-friendly chatbot that everyone can easily recognize.

Develop a chatbot that will bring success to your business, and at the same time; a chatbot that will assure excellent customer service. So, to create a successful chatbot, it is essential to determine your target market. Also, consider a design that is appealing to the audience – tone-wise and very user-friendly.

Without further ado, here are some tips you can utilize for effective chatbot development:

Determine your potential customers

The very first thing to consider in building a successful bot is understanding your target market. It is imperative to determine your potential customers and their demands.

Develop a chatbot that is equipped with necessary information. Know your goal – entertain, inform, promote, buy or sell, etc. In addition, make a further study with your product or services if it will fit well with the global audience. Never opt for something that may inhibit your chance of increasing your sales.

Be more welcoming

Chatbots can be hard to understand sometimes. For this reason, you should consider developing a chatbot that will also serve as a guide, aside from being just a customer service representative.

Some people may not be too familiar with the chatbot technology, so it is vital to welcome them with an easy-to-use interface. Provide quick tools that will enable users to discover the features of your chatbot. The goal here is to encourage users to input their inquiries without the confusion on how to use it.

Improve your services through user reviews and opinions

As a marketer, you should accept the fact that not everyone will be satisfied with your services. To make use of it, take it constructively. Use their insights or opinions in improving the quality of your customer service.

Make your bot more like a human friend. Develop it by adding features that will keep the customers active in the conversation. Make it more as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Know what users think about your chatbot

Chatbots can’t determine what the customers feel. However, if you include a little survey on the chatbot, you’ll be able to find out each user’s experience. Through this, you will know what to improve.

Make it simple

The simpler the chatbot is, the more users it can attract. Consider in the design of your chatbot the demand for instant access to information. Therefore, if your chatbot is simple and easy to use, you can allow more users to keep the conversation going (that can result in potential market growth).

Chatbot Development is Just the Beginning

After developing your chatbot, your next task is to promote it. Your chatbot won’t be successful if it will stay stagnant. To help you out, here are some ways you can do to promote your chatbot:

Create a multilingual chatbot

Having your chatbot speak in different languages can attract global customers. It can be a big help in promoting your brand to everyone.

Use the power of online media

Being mentioned in different media platforms is a great way to introduce your chatbot. In this way, many people may find it interesting and soon engage with your brand.

Do referral systems

The referral system is one great way to bring new users. You can use different platforms in doing this system – allowing you to interact with different people.

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How Herobot Can Help You

Herobot can definitely help you create an effective chatbot for your marketing strategy. It offers a wide range of services that are no doubts useful in promoting your brand globally. At Herobot, they turn your ideal bot into reality – in high quality. To learn more, visit the website today!