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facebook like bot

Marketing automation is the most popular way to boost business as of today. With Facebook and it’s billions of users, there’s no telling how far your business can go. It will enable you to reach out and effectively communicate with your customers. Moreover, it will generate leads that could result in a significant increase in revenues. We have already shared useful information and some insights regarding market automation. And now, let’s dive a little further in the world of marketing automation and talk about Facebook like bot.

We must admit it; today, the more likes you have, the more famous you get. In the business world, the more likes your posts have, the more chance you can reach out to your customers, or even users that can be potential customers. People will trust products or pages which have more customer interaction and engagement. This way, the Facebook algorithm shall automatically do the work of marketing for you.

facebook like bot

In this article, we shall discuss Facebook likes and its importance. More importantly, we will discuss Facebook like bot, its benefits, and how it will help to kick-start your business.

Facebook Likes

Before we discuss Facebook like bot, we will first talk about Facebook likes. What are its benefits?

You may think Facebook likes is just for reacting on pictures being shared on Facebook. However, Facebook likes is one of the essential factors to help in boosting your business page and achieving your other business goals. To make it clear, this shouldn’t be the primary goal of your page, but it will give a push to achieving your ultimate goal.

Here are some benefits of acquiring Facebook likes:

Social Proof

Imagine this situation: you want to buy a birthday present for your daughter and she likes a cute teddy bear. As you walk inside the mall, you happen to pass by two side by side teddy bear store. One store has long queue until the outside of the entrance, and the other is empty. Where do you think you will go? Possibly to the one with the long line because their product should be good, right?

When people come to visit your page and see your posts all over the whole page that has no engagement or interaction with customers, they will most likely to leave your page. Most of the time, people tend to engage when they see other people already do it.

Your friends’ “Likes” are important

Facebook developed an algorithm as a default setting for its news feed. This algorithm will share only what it thinks you would like most. It will determine posts to share on your news feed not only by which photos, pages, or posts that you have liked before.

Facebook’s algorithm considers sharing you what your friends have liked as well. Take this as an example: You together with your four friends all like a particular page, however, no one has engaged with any of the page’s posts after that. This means you will not see their posts and updates often. On the other hand, if all of your four friends interacted with any posts or an update, there’s a high probability you will see the posts or updates as well. The algorithm thinks that if a certain post is engaged by your friends and it seems important to them, then it probably is important for you also. But with facebook like bot, it will be easier.

Facebook’s algorithm considers sharing you what your friends have liked as well. Take this as an example: You together with your four friends all like a particular page, however, no one has engaged with any of the page’s posts after that. This means you will not see their posts and updates often. On the other hand, if all of your four friends interacted with any posts or an update, there’s a high probability you shall see the posts or updates as well. The algorithm thinks that if a certain post is engaged by your friends and it seems important to them, then it probably is important for you also.

Articles with combined Facebook likes to the posts creates more traffic

Today, fan page owners have the power to increase Facebook network exposure with every user that would like the post. This is because Facebook has enabled blog posts and websites to incorporate “Like Button” into every post. Once people click the like on the blog, it will inevitably show up on their Facebook news feed, the same as when people would share the link.

More likes mean more friends

Based on the post titled “The Value of the Liker”, the typical liker (refers to a person who likes others’ posts and updates) has 2.4x more number of friends, than any average users. In addition, they also click on 5.3x more links to external websites than any average Facebook users. With these facts, we can say that the most engaged Facebook users, who like, comments or shares articles have a higher number of friends. However, taking it up notch means that these users are the most important factor to your page. Not only they are consuming data, but also try engaging in it as well. Those people who don’t have as many Facebook friends may only prefer consuming your content.

Visibility on the News Feed

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Intel social media strategist Ekaterina Walter has said that “If you don’t have any likes and comments on your posts, you can pretty much count on your updates not seen by users”. It is already hard to be seen in users news feeds even with likes and comments on posts. What more for posts that don’t have even a single like? CEO of Brandglue, Jeff Widman, said that an approximate 0.5% of all status updates are displayed in users’ news feeds. In the simplest words, no user interaction means no visibility. This is why facebook like bot is important.

What is it?

Today, most Facebook users engage in an exchange system, where people requests for likes on their posts in exchange to liking their post as well. Facebook like bot is responsible for automating the said process. In addition, some Facebook bot can also automatically comment and share posts on Facebook.

With this, generating a significant amount of likes that you need will be a bit easier. Gaining likes will help you make your posts visible, which will result in a good way of promoting your page.

What are the benefits of a good Facebook like bot?

Here are the benefits of a good Facebook like bot:

  • The most obvious benefit of FB like bot is that it will certainly bring thousand likes and comments to your posts. More likes and comments mean more interaction and engagement from users. More engagement means popularity. This shall now help you reach massive potential customers and leads. Especially if you are just starting your business, auto liker is sure to give a kick start to your business.
  • Providing more services than just auto like. Facebook like bot doesn’t just offer auto like services. It also offers other facilities and services for user care. Moreover, these like bots are very user-friendly.
  • Most services of like bots are free. However, some auto like bots can have costs for additional VIP services and tasks
  • Most of Facebook users have no idea to what Facebook like bot is. In fact, just an approximate of 20% of Facebook users have the idea regarding auto liker. Because of this, you can boost the popularity of your products without them knowing that you used an automated technology.
  • You will have the confidence to show Facebook users that you are more famous than all of your competitors because of the massive interaction you can acquire through Facebook like bots.
  • Most auto likers can give you an average of 50 up to 500 likes for every submission. However, this depends on that auto likers’ limit a day.

Key points to remember in selecting Facebook like bot

With the benefits of a good auto liker mentioned above, here are some points to remember when selecting a good Facebook bot to utilize:

facebook like bot
  • Get an auto like bot that will work even under no supervision. Yes, we all know that your aim in using auto liker is to acquire massive amounts of likes. But you should also aim to spare some time. It should not take your time to watch it from time to time as it should automate your business.
  • To effectively boom up your reputation, select an auto like bot that gives the maximum allowable likes per day. Other than boosting your reputation, this will also make your auto like bot utilization less obvious.
  • Use a bot that enables you to geotarget content. Target contents based on geographic location and relevant niche and you should be in full control.
  • You should select Facebook like bot that can work both securely and quickly. To maximize the utilization of auto like bot, it should be able to work as fast as possible, while considering the limitations of Facebook to avoid punishments.

Now, we know that Facebook like bot could be one of the keys to boosting up your business. However, we should be very careful in using it. Like any other things when abused, like bot will also bring unwanted harm. When over-utilized, you can be detected as a spammer, meaning you have violated policies of Facebook. Because of this you might be punished by Facebook and suffer the following:

  • You will not be allowed to comment or like any posts, like status or pictures.
  • You will not be able to post on a friend’s wall, as well as in any groups.
  • For the worst one, your account will be permanently banned or disabled.

Final Remarks

To make it clear, using auto liker will only bring harm if abused and used in an unethical and improper manner. Just always remember to use it correctly and in the most effective way, and it will bring a significant boost to your business.

Also, remember to get Facebook like bot services in very trustworthy sites. With Herobot, together we will create an effective bot for you to achieve your target likes. Moreover, we shall help you in full automation of your marketing strategies. Visit us now.

What You Need to Know about Facebook Messenger Marketing

facebook messenger marketing

Email or electronic email is undoubtedly the ideal platform of marketing among those who want to spread the message about their business. It is mainly used for sales, outreach, and information. However, as time goes by, people are spending less and less time reading their emails. This modern period, individuals are more drawn into instant messaging applications: which includes Messenger. Thus, it is highly recommended for proprietors to consider Facebook Messenger marketing as one of their advertising means.

Utilizing Messenger for marketing endeavors will make it easier for you to contact your clients through the entire span of your transaction. Owing to its features like an instant messaging application, Messenger provides benefits such as higher visibility compared to emails. In addition to this, it also allows two-way communications that are automated, and it offers higher open rates more than emails.

Being dependent on sending emails is not a good idea because there is a high possibility that it will just be ignored. As an alternative to using email marketing solely for your advertising errands, you can add up Facebook Messenger marketing to significantly increase your interaction and sales. Its push notification feature will vibrate their phones which makes it easier to get their attention. Besides, Messenger can automate the process, so you don’t have to hire extra manpower to help your clients see what they are trying to find.

Facebook Messenger marketing

Why Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Today, more and more people are adapting to messaging apps. That is to say, more than 1.3 billion people around the world are using Messenger every month as a means of communicating and this number continues to grow as time goes by. Little did people know that Facebook management is working so much to make Messenger a satisfying channel for many businesses to be known around the world? You can consider Facebook Ads as an example that allows you to reach and connect people to your business.

Therefore, this instant messaging application is definitely a channel that you should not neglect. Owing to this fact, more and more entrepreneurs are identifying the value of Messenger in their advertising errands.

The Best Messenger Tools that You Should Try

 It is significant to take advantage of the best tools that you can use for your Facebook Messenger marketing process to be successful in this industry, Through the proper utilization of the best advertising tools on the web, it will be so much easier for you to spread the word about your business. In addition to this, marketing instruments can definitely make a difference in the overall purchasing experience of your future clients. With all those benefits being said, below are the Facebook Messenger tools that you can utilize in your advertising campaigns.

1. Welcome conversation

Just like what is practiced in physical stores, it is highly recommended for online businesses to make their clients feel pleasant and valuable through welcome greetings. A welcome conversation is one of the most used tools in Messenger because of its undeniable power to enhance a starting relationship with your clients. After setting up this tool in your Messenger, you can expect that your customers will be automatically greeted after they send you a message. You can ask them what they are trying to find and offer to help them look for it.

2. Product discovery conversation

You can set a product discovery conversation in your Facebook Messenger especially when you have a massive pool of products that you offer in your business. This is a great tool to implement if you want to make breezy shopping experience for your clients. By having this on your Messenger, you can automatically ask your customers a series of questions. Also, you can then use their answers to suggest a product that will fit what they are trying to find.

A product discovery conversation is undoubtedly a personal way to make your customers feel that they are valued. By keeping tabs of all the information that they gave you, you’ll be able to recommend them with the best products that match their needs. In addition to these benefits, this tool can give you the ability to provide your repeat customers with special treatment.

Facebook Messenger marketing
3. Abandoned cart messages

The abandoned cart message is one of the applications that can highly improve your relationship with your customers. It works this way: when a client put a product in his cart, but he did not purchase it, you can modify your Facebook Messenger to encourage your prospective customer to complete his purchase. You can set up your business’ Messenger to automatically send this person with a message later on.

In this message, you can ask your prospective client if he would want to complete his purchase or if he has any concerns or questions that he would like to invite you. According to reports, businesses who use this tool can transform 1 out of 9 abandoned cart messages into sales.

4. Receipt messages

A receipt message is an excellent way to extend your gratitude to your clients. Good thing, you can implement this tool in your Messenger to send a receipt to your customers after they avail of a product or service from your business. You can take advantage of this tool to show gratitude to your customers after they completed a purchase. Therefore, a receipt message is a great instrument to reinforce and build a good relationship with your clients.

5. Shipping messages

If we look at it, Facebook Messenger can send near-instant messages and responses to their users and always live at all hours of the day. With this, you can set up your Facebook Messenger to inform your customers about the shipping details of their purchases. Providing your customers with information if their order has already been shipped is an excellent method to give them a convenient way to track their purchase. This may appear to be easy, but staying up to date on your customers’ purchases can be viable in getting their trust towards your business.

How to Implement this Marketing Strategy to your Customers

There are now millions of ways to fully promote your business. People today are online the whole time browsing the internet. Also, it is used in communicating with others that are online as well, or just merely consuming the entertainment it brings to them. But when it comes to implementing Facebook Messenger Marketing into your customers, you can either choose to use a Facebook Messenger automation product or build it on your own.

The internet is now so prominent that you would have to be unwise not to take advantage of it when it comes to running a business. So, if you are looking for a platform to launch your marketing campaign and strategy on the internet, then do not look further. The answer is already right here staring at your face.

If by any chance you are keen enough to start a solution from the beginning up to the top, then be ready and begin coding now. Facebook now has broad and extensive developer documentation to help you out. Try working with your selected business partners who will be able to focus on providing Facebook Messenger automation, this will help you build from scratch.

The Future of Facebook Messenger marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing strategies and tactics are evolving each and every day. Not only will this soon be making a huge improvement on what is already possible through email, but it will also open new forms of communications that were not possible before.

Here are examples of future interactions powered by Facebook Messenger marketing:

  • Customers sending a picture to your client and automatically getting a recommendation on which product would look best on them
  • Artificial intelligence personalizing each conversation and optimizing the experience for each customer
  • Customers viewing augmented reality versions of your client’s products

Facebook Messenger marketing is going to inevitably change the online shopping experience, and the first stores to start working it into their campaigns will have a huge head start.

Now you can already connect with your customers and offer them a real-time personalized service. Just start adding your Messenger into your Herobot app and turn your Messenger conversations into sales. Consequently, your customers will now be able to browse and purchase the things they love through you.