Facebook Bot: What is it and How do They Greatly Benefit Your Business?

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Promoting your business is never easy. You can rely on the traditional “word of mouth” process but it cannot guarantee you a hundred percent success in acquiring clients. However, there are several ways in which you can spread your business to the local masses which include social media, Facebook bot, SEO, and many more. To enlighten you, here are the common ways that businesses use for their advertising errands.

The Common Methods of Marketing Strategies

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1.    Try doing a press release

Because media is a powerful and effective way of sharing information, why not try sharing it through press releases? Besides, it is more convenient for everyone who does not have access to social media.

2.    Use the power of Youtube

We cannot deny the fact that almost everyone is on Youtube nowadays. Through advertisements, you can pay a certain amount of money for a maximum of five minutes. After all, it is worth the pay since everyone has to view it before proceeding with the video they actually want to watch.

3.    Work on having a blog

Another good way of making your business visible to everyone is by creating a blog. After all, almost everyone today is fond of reading blogs. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of using blogs as a way of promoting your business.

4.    Consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You probably have heard of the term SEO but do not know what it actually means. To enlighten you, it is an effective way of spreading out your business. Through Google Rankings and Social Bookmarking, it is possible for your business to be on top of the search engine. Thus, it creates a way for your company to be known worldwide.

5.    Rely on Social Media

If there’s a more powerful way of sharing information with everyone, it is none other than through social media. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are only some of the social media platforms known around the world which can be effective in sharing your business.

However, Facebook has a more efficient way of gathering possible clients. This is through the use of Facebook Bot.

What is Facebook Bot?

Facebook bot is a programmed software program created to manage Facebook accounts. It takes up the information from a random profile and starts adding people on Facebook once it is done and ready.

The Rise of Facebook Bot

There’s no doubt: the rise of Facebook chatbots has indeed caused the excitement of business owners who are looking for extra ways to market their brand. Since its introduction in 2016, chatbots changed the overall user-experience through their interactive methods. Nowadays, consumers can reach out to companies and expect to receive a response regardless of time. Moreover, this interactional tool saves time and effort of both business owners and consumers when it comes to solving product errors and issues. To convince you more, here are the other benefits of utilizing a Facebook bot.

–    Customizing user experience according to personalization

–    Delivering significant information

–    Ordering and purchasing items

–    Providing useful content

–    Referring a user to the right person or department within the company.

How do These Facebook Bots Benefit your Business?

As a start-up company, one of the first matters that you deal with is accumulating a number of clients. As time goes by, the business industry becomes more and more saturated which makes it harder and harder to rise up from the competition. Therefore, it is so significant to be knowledgeable of all the marketing methods that will help you gain a lot of clients.

One of the notorious advertising tactics that several companies are using is Facebook bot. This extraordinary tool works through the messenger application. It is best to use the most popular social media platform to ensure the number of possible clients. Your business will surely gain more engagements once you promote it through Facebook Messenger. They automatically pop out once there is a visitor on the business page. Here are the other of reasons why these bots are beneficial in improving your business:

1.    Special services and promotions
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There are several mobile apps that are used for providing automated services which then lead to the utmost satisfaction of customers. One of the outstanding applications that are worth mentioning is chatbots. Gone are those days when these mobile tools are only used for basic assistance errands of different businesses. Nowadays, chatbots can be utilized for appointing a meeting with human representatives, dealing with orders, modifying personal details, changing billing information and updating any changes to a certain client account.

By letting your customers handle their info through bots, you’ll be freeing them and your company from the complications and costs of traditional methods. If you’re interested in incorporating a bot that manages promotions and special services, you can entrust this matter to Herobot. By utilizing this chatbot tool, you’ll save the time in which you are supposed to advertise your special services to your clients. As a result, you can then dedicate the saved time to other significant business stuff that you have to deal with.

2.    Quick and Easy Approach to Global Market

No matter if you’re a local startup who’s preparing for global possibilities or a huge international; company with clients in every part of the world, a Facebook bot can surely help you in dealing with your customer assistance issues. As an example, the 24/7 approach and multiple languages that are incorporated into its interface will make it easier for your business to flow with all its transactions and operations. Even if your market becomes bigger and bigger, you don’t have to worry about having to increase your manpower in the inquiry and customer requests department.

3.    Strengthen your relationship with customers

There is a reason why various brands spend millions in their marketing endeavors in social media. From vibrant banners to emotionally stimulating content, these businesses are undoubtedly aiming to catch the attention of their target audience. Fortunately, you can utilize your chatbot for the same objective. Bot tools are now allowing bots to be a source of entertainment for prospective consumers. For instance, you can now build a bot that delivers various content such as news articles, blog posts, guides, how-to’s, fun facts, weather updates, tips, games, and jokes. After all, these types of content are definitely effective in encouraging interaction with your audience.

Chatbots can also bridge the connection between your customers and their friends. For example, this social media tool pushes events, games, and interactive posts that clients can share with their peers.

4.    Provide customized content

You can utilize your chatbot for the optimal output of your content marketing technique. Upon evaluating the interests and preferences of your audience, the bots will then deliver personalized offers that are difficult to say no to. Moreover, the bot has the capability to run an A/B split testing and other revolutionary strategies to produce optimal results for your marketing techniques.

5.    Make money through your social media

Thanks to chatbots, shoppers can already surf and avail products anywhere as long as they have a Messenger application on their mobile. The chatbot tools can now create a virtual e-commerce space through your bot. Therefore, your clients can now take their orders through Messenger without any traditional means. In addition to this, your audience can also view your products, read feedbacks, and avail items right from the comfort of their Messenger application.

6.    Deliver information

The proper allotment of your time and efforts is a crucial part of the success of a business. Most of the time, you’ll be bombarded with the same questions over and over from your audience, but you wouldn’t want to allocate a huge part of your time just to answer these inquiries. To deal with this, you can entrust the task of answering inquiries to your bot. This tool can undoubtedly provide your clients with information that includes prices, contact information, deals, discounts, stock availability, services, product service areas, and business hours.

How Can You Achieve an Excellent Facebook Bot for Your Business?

It’s been several years since Facebook has introduced chatbots on Messenger. In the first months of its launch, the Facebook bot bears some flaws but these mild weaknesses don’t hinder the interaction it has created with the users. As years go by, it continues to improve until its several features made it one of the notorious marketing strategies for proprietors. Nowadays, Facebook bot is considered as a vital portion of all advertising approaches of different companies and startups.

If you’re wondering how you can apply bots to your own marketing strategy, Herobot can definitely help you with that. The services that Herobot offers will make it more than possible for you to attain the bot that you have in mind. Besides, this application can provide you with features that are undoubted of high quality which can then be easily incorporated into your whole business advertising strategy. What are you waiting for? Visit our website today for more details.

How to Make a Facebook Bot That Will Up Your Conversion Strategy

how to make a facebook bot

Even with its numerous competitors, Facebook is still at the top of the social media chain. It has more than 2.4 billion monthly active users and one of the leading websites that could advertise brands effectively. With its popularity on different ages, colors, genders or cliques, you can easily run campaigns with Facebook’s ad features. Meanwhile, a lot of people are integrating their own ideas with this and one of them is using a Facebook bot.

how to make a facebook bot

A conversion strategy is important in order to give your customers a good experience while urging them to trust your brand for their next visit. Also, if it is good enough, it can a good brand value to your company which means more traffic, more customers, and more income for you. However, doing this is not easy which is why you will need the help of technology. Thus, it is important to know how to make a Facebook bot that will up your conversion strategy.

Why is an effective conversion strategy essential?

Technology is very helpful to human beings and using it effectively can bring success to most. However, this same thing is also the reason why most people are having problems generating more profits for their companies. Instead of spending on new gadgets and widgets as an investment, they are now just earning to pay for expensive tools that they use. This is where everything goes wrong.

To turn the table around and get the upper hand, you must have a good conversion strategy and just use tools that will most likely benefit you. Moreover, instead of using expensive tools, opt for cheaper tools or those that you will only have to pay once. One of these tools is the Facebook bot. With its great wide-range audience, you can never go wrong with attaching your business on it. Also, this social media site will really be helpful for your business. Meanwhile, bots can offer automation that can save you a lot of money and effort.

How can a Facebook bot up your conversion strategy?

If you will go around the internet and go into some good websites, you will most probably be greeted with an energetic “hello”. You might think that it is unimportant and just an unnecessary addition to making the website look more friendly but you are wrong. It actually helps the website garner more audiences and gives visitors a better experience. It can also negotiate and settle schedules in your stead. Here is a list of the things a good Facebook bot can offer for your brand.

Improves customer experience

Now, you may think that bots are unnecessary to give customers a better experience because that is what customer service is for. However, you should remember that in order to compete with millions of companies around the world, you need to up your game. Start building your Facebook bot that will interact with your customers 24/7 in a human-like way. It works even if you are just starting your company or you already own a bigger enterprise.

You need to be able to cater to your customer’s needs at all times. Even if your store is already closed and it is already 1 AM, you know you just need to respond to your customer’s message. If not, it will just mostly end up them being angry or swearing to never negotiate with your company ever again. Moreover, it will most likely lead to bad reviews for your services. However, the Facebook bot can you from all this hassle.

Because it is an automated program, it can stay up 24/7 and negotiate with all your customers all at once. It talks to a human-like way and has enough artificial intelligence and machine learning to converse appropriately. A Facebook bot can even things more thoroughly than some of your human employees. By keeping your customers satisfied, you can build a better relationship with them and assure that they will remain as your consumers.

Engage in social media

Not all people are aware of your business and your website. However, engaging to customers through their social media accounts will surely boost up your brand name. As you already know, with millions of people using Facebook now, it means that people are more active on this website rather than others. Moreover, studies show that chatbots, such as a Facebook bot, can provide a better mobile experience for the users.

Facebook bots are flexible and can easily be used with mobile phones. With this tool, your customers have unlimited ways of connecting with you anytime and anywhere. As a matter of fact, a lot of companies such as Domino’s Pizza, MasterCard and Sephora are already taking advantage of it. With a Facebook bot, you can add convenience to your customer’s experience which will do good for your business.

how to make a facebook bot

Give good recommendations

Have you ever gone out in the mall determined to buy something but failing to remember what it is? Well, this is common for almost everyone and it can happen in online shops too. This is why most stores make sure that they have sales ladies that can help you shop and give you recommendations whenever you need one. It helps both sides as it gives the customers an idea of what they should buy while giving more sales to the shop.

However, how do you think is it possible to apply the same thing to your online shop? This is where the idea of generating a Facebook bot on your brand comes in. It can converse with your customers naturally and in a human-like way. Moreover, it can help them find the things they are interested in. Facebook bot can also give recommendations by telling the customers basic information about the products. It can also send photos and links to the products to customers.

It can also do predictive lead scoring by going through the profile of the users and looking up to their recent activities. Moreover, it can take note of the demographics and social information of the customers. This way, you will be able to know about their interests and can even help with product recommendations.

Qualify leads

However, if you really want a good conversion strategy, the things mentioned above are not going to suffice. In business, time is very important. Remember, time is of the essence and money. To make sure that you are not wasting time for your online business, make sure to not engage in the wrong person. If you did, you will just spend the time that you should be spending on those who could be a possible customer. This is what lead qualification is all about.

Meanwhile, companies already have a solution for this. They use a Facebook bot that will ask a set of questions to its visitors to know if they can be your possible customer or client. Instead of answering their queries, some pages start the conversations by asking its users some questions. It may include things like how they are able to know about the product or what products they are interested in. Moreover, it will automatically analyze the intentions of the users and if they are a possible lead. Also, it can store the information that it is able to generate from its past conversation which can be useful for your brand.

how to make a facebook bot

Step up your game with Herobot’s Facebook bot!

If you read the article above, there is a high chance that you are already interested in creating your Facebook bot now. And if not, let me tell you that thousands of your competitors are already using one and it will already give them a higher advantage. This is why you need to step up your game and learn how you will be able to build a bot that will not cost you so much.

With Herobot, you can guarantee that the Facebook bot you will create is going to be functional and effective. Moreover, doing it with this platform will give you an easier route without hiring programmers. It is also cheaper than any other site and offers a large variety of widgets and templates that you can choose from. Moreover, it is flexible and will let you work with only drag and drop feature. Learn more about Facebook bot on our website.

Free Facebook Bot: Chatbot for Effective Business

free facebook bot

Nowadays, businesses don’t only acquire traditional marketing methods and strategies; but also they use digital platforms to enhance mobile reach to potential customers. For instance, entrepreneurs now strive to make their brand work and stay on top with the help of a free Facebook bot.

A free Facebook bot is a new automated mechanism build by Facebook, which can be seen as one of the Facebook Messenger’s additional features. This is no surprise to people because Facebook garnered 2.375 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2018. Moreover, 70% of its business-to-customer marketers have obtained customers via this wide social media.

free facebook bot

Therefore, you need a bot for your business. But before that, you need to know some brief information about this before gaining one. So, read it first.

The Evolution of Facebook Messenger

Facebook released its new instant messaging feature in April 2008, namely “Facebook Chat.While in August 2011, they have revamped the said chat feature into a standalone mobile app available in both iOS and Android ad named it “Facebook Messenger.  Later, on they released its versions on Blackberry in October 2011 and Microsoft in March 2014.

As of April 2015, they launched a website interface for Messenger. Moreover, they created and released its new lighter version “Facebook Messenger Lite” in October 2016. After a year, they improved the messaging app and brought a newly built home screen with tabs, and content categorization and interactive media.

Facebook Messenger Features

With its leading innovation in technology and industry, there is no doubt that it’s widely used in the business market. So, here are the latest features that you should never miss.

1. Sign up without a Facebook account

Android users can sign up with Messenger without a present Facebook account. It only requires a name and phone number to enter.

2. Direct Messaging

Users can freely message others without being known as friends, as long as those people are existing in the user’s contact list.

3. Chat Heads

Chat heads are round displayed icons wherein the contact’s profile photo becomes visible on screen without interfering the usage of other apps.

4. Money Transfer

In the US, UK, and France, users can send money to their friends. Later on, it expanded to various group payments.

5. Calls

Users can engage in voice calls or video calls. As for the video calls, they can have single, or group voice calls depending on their choice. In addition, video chat is accompanied with extra features such as the video filters and animated reactions. Besides, they can also capture screenshots and live filters with changing colors or lightings on their feeds.

6. Location Sharing

The Location Sharing features gives the users an insight to point out any location with a presented map location, whether they are there or not in that particular place.  Later on, users can have access to live location sharing wherein they can share their location to their group or a single friend for an hour at a time.  

7. Business Interaction

Businesses can interact through Messenger. The feature includes track purchasing, notification receiving, and personal conversation with respective customer service representatives.

8. Third-party App Integration

Users have the ability to unfasten compatible third-party integrated apps within Messenger. Such examples are movie ticketing services and GIF generators that you can share with other pre-existing participants.

9. Transportation requests

In the US, users can directly request and hire a car with its Uber feature from Messenger.

10. SMS Support

Messenger has moved instant messaging to the next level with its extensive feature to allow SMS texting support. It enables typical text messages to direct in the said app.

11. Multiple Accounts

Facebook has added multiple accounts in Messenger.

12. Bot Platform

An API built technological bot was built and released to the public for it could interact to its users. Moreover, it can participate and converse with group chats, it has several extensions such as games, book flights, and music playlists, and has a special QR code scanner for brands.

13. M Assistant

M is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant that has the capability to automatically finish and accomplish tasks for users. This includes item purchasing, gift delivering, and travel arranging.

free facebook bot
14. Home Messages Panel

A home button panel was released for creating a central location for sending and receiving messages. This also features a “Favorites” section for each user’s most recent messages and communication.

15. Secret conversations

Users can have an end-to-end encrypted message data through a  messenger feature called “Secret Conversations.” Users can have an end-to-end encrypted message data through a  messenger feature called “Secret Conversations.”

16. Instant Games

It allows users to play games in Messenger like Pac Man and EverWing.

17. Messenger Day (MyDay)

This feature enables users to share photos and videos with friends, which automatically disappears after 24 hours, which is similar to Snapchat.

18. Reactions and Mentions

This lets users make a reaction through tapping an emoji and making mentions through typing @ in a group chat to mention a specific person.

19. Augmented Reality Effects

Users can add 3D effects on their photos and videos.

20. AI Chatbots

This allows messenger bots after accessing a 2-step verification process.

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

As we discussed earlier, Facebook Messenger and its current features, we come to reach the extent of using a special feature that can nurture your growing business – a free Facebook bot.

A Facebook Messenger bot is an automated technology feature on Facebook Messenger. This only proves that there are some bots who exchange conversations with 1.3 billion people Facebook Messenger users every month.

Over and above that, Facebook has announced that there are 300,000 active Messenger bots as per announced in the 2018 FB Conference.  So, if more people are on Facebook, then this means having this kind of bot can scale up potential business and marketing strategies.

Why Businesses Should Use a Facebook Messenger Bot

Business conglomerates are mostly using this new hybrid technology for their effectivity, growth, and success. But, why do you think these firms should use such Messenger bots? So, here are the two main advantages that can lead you to your optimal goal.

1. There is a low hurdle to pass through for the user and its target audience

Of all the apps available, Facebook Messenger is the 3rd most used in the world. Up to 68% of all app users use Facebook Messenger. Additionally, this app is not just for group chats among family and friends. In fact, a Nielsen survey showed that people consider messaging as the 2nd best way to talk with a business. Also, people are exchanging more than 2 billion messages with businesses monthly using Facebook Messenger. Now compare this with the rest of the mobile application market, where 71% of app users delete an application in a span of 90 days.

So, if you want to have excellent communication with your customers, creating a Facebook Messenger chatbot is less expensive than building a mobile application.

2. The competition is not that fierce, yet

Yes, Facebook already has 6 million advertisers. However, there are only over 300,000 chatbots in the market. It means there’s no fierce competition yet.

Additionally, the CTR (click-through rates) of email marketing (3.1% on average) hasn’t improved in years, and just 30% of marketing emails are opened. Moreover, chatbots can also help you to bypass inbox competition as well.

So that’s the main context. Let’s now proceed in breaking down how messenger chatbots can help you:

1. Directly reach your audience

Headliner Labs found out that people are 3.5x more likely to read a Facebook message than that of a marketing email. Additionally, since users can respond by means of a CTA button, it means that they don’t need to type. Therefore, they are more likely to move further to your marketing funnel.

Moreover, the Facebook messenger also has sponsored ads that can be sent to anyone who previously interacted with your page. This, therefore, means that you already have a list of subscribers. You can use these ads together with your chatbot in targeting high-intent customers.

2. Save money and time on customer care

Every customer expects 24/7 availability, but they really hate waiting for a long time. In addition, they also tend to ask the same questions again and again.

So, if you spend a lot of time to check your return policy, book appointments, or help people track deliveries, automation will be a great help. Focus on tasks that chatbots can’t do. Moreover, with a free facebook bot, you never have to pay for medical bills, as chatbots wont’ catch any illnesses.

3. Identify quality leads

As your chatbot greets potential clients, it can ask basic questions, identify their needs, and direct quality leads immediately to your human team.

4. Handling e-commerce transactions

With the correct script, chatbots can do sales task as well. Also, because everything happens without the need to leave the comfort of Messenger, drop-off rates are significantly lower than that of a traditional ad-to-webpage method.

Moreover, conversational commerce features personalized upselling because chatbots can make suggestions.

5. Customer Re-engagement

Chatbots are able to retain information. This will then enable you to use that information to go an extra mile.

Instead of paying for loads of advertising, Messenger chatbot could reach-out personally. Chatbot offers relevant contents at the right time. They can remind customers about products sitting still in their cart, or that they sent something to someone this same time last year.

Facebook messenger is indeed promising, right? What’s even better is that you can create and acquire your own free Facebook bot! Yes, you heard it right! Here at HeroBot, we offer tons of premade chatbot templates just waiting to be great assistance in your business. What’s more, is that you can easily create one without the hassle of complicated coding. So, interested to start your chatbot venture? We are more than happy to help you! You may visit our website by clicking this link or contact us at +1 416 623 8882.