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Best Chatbot App You Should Have On Your Phone

Maybe you got the latest and most high-tech mobile phone on your hand now, but do you want to bring it to the next level? Well, you cannot completely enhance your advanced-technology experience with your mobile phone without engaging with the best chatbot app today. 

The way we interact and communicate with the world is inevitably and continuously transforming as years go by. Today, we can actually feel that communication has changed a lot by just going through our mobile phones. Almost all of the transactions are automatized and possess real-quick process capability.    

best chatbot app

There are a number of chatbot apps invented to bring us convenience in our everyday activities. Nonetheless, you still have to know what chatbot apps best fit your needs and your interest to receive high-satisfactory experience. So we better go with these chatbot apps first to know more about it and determine how it is going to be beneficial to you and to your interactive experiences.

How Can We Say That Your Chatbotbot App is the Best?

There is no doubt that chatbot apps are all useful today in our everyday lives. Nonetheless, though bot apps are undeniably helpful to everyone, they are still not created with equal capabilities and capacities. Each chatbot app has its own strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it still depends on how it functions to your everyday life in order to tell if your AI app is really helpful or not. In today’s fast-thriving world, there is already a wide range of bot apps around where you can choose from depending on your needs. If you are wondering how to tell if you got the best chatbot app on your phone, you must check the characteristics listed below:

1. Fully-equipped

Since chatbot apps are designed to administer our needs regarding information acquisition and input, your chatbot apps must possess all the necessary information to function productively. A good chatbot app does not need to ask for extended support from other websites. All related information must be searchable within the chatbot app itself. With a fully-equipped chatbot app, expect to have a river-smooth flow of transaction and interactive experience.

2. Humanoid Approach

If you had a transaction using a chatbot app and you were not able to recognize that you were actually talking with a chatbot, glad to say, you are using the best chatbot app. Moreover, the ultimate goal of chatbot apps is to provide human users with an interactive and instructive experience with a complete human touch in all sense. A good chatbot app responds to the inquiries the same way their employees do. Thus, human users would believe that they are getting across with a real human instead of a chatbot. With this, they have able to maintain a sense of conversing in a traditional human way.

3. Predictive

The best chatbot apps lead the conversation forward itself in a way that it lends valuable and useful suggestions to the human user. A good chatbot app possesses enough intelligence to identify the needs of the human user and has the ability to provide a direct solution to it.  Moving forward in a river-smooth interaction is also an indicator that you have a good transaction using this particular chatbot app. It can be noticed when inappropriate and irrelevant information does not hurdle along your way.

4. Performing a Specific Function

Chatbot apps that serve a specific function to a human user are indeed advantageous. Since they are directly driven to perform a definite function, they do have a better and more quick-witted comprehension over this particular part to operate more efficiently. As a result, human users can contain their interaction with function-focused chatbot app resulting in a long-lasting and constructive engagement. So far, natural language processing and machine learning are still difficult to incorporate with chatbots. That is why; chatbot apps that try to perform overloaded functions are still risky and impossible to operate so perfectly and smoothly.

5. Self-sufficient Reasoning

When a chatbot app is designed and programmed to be function-focused and predictive, no surprise that it would possess self-sufficient ability to reason out. A good chatbot app can fathom complex reasoning regarding its particular function to operate well and efficiently. Furthermore, they can easily identify a problem by just going through the histories encoded by the human user.

6. Anchored In a Model Identity

Chatbot apps are aiming to possess human-like features; thus, they must also have a personality. Just like humans, it would always be a plus if chatbots would carry an amusing and engaging personality. More so, it is also going to be helpful if your chatbot would parallel a personality whom most human users know. In this way, human users can actively engage and interact with the said chatbot since its personality is not new to them anymore. A good chatbot app has an interaction style similar and relevant to its target human users.

best chatbot app

Top Seven Best Chatbot App You Must Start Using Right Now


If you are a health-conscious person and quite addicted to keeping your body fit all the time, Lark is the must-have chatbot app for you. It is an ingenious and conversational application that tracks your fitness activity and monitor your fitness productivity. Moreover, what makes this chatbot app amazing is its ability to perform task like a full-time fitness and weight management coach. Also, Lark is a high-technology chatbot app that gathers specific inputs through your device’s in-built sensors and processes the collected data to provide you the best fitness solution. You can download Lark from your Android or iOS devices.


If you are getting a hard time managing your monthly or weekly budget, turn to Digit because it is always ready to help you. Digit is an AI-powered chatbot app and its purpose is to apportion your monthly income wisely and economize your expenditures properly. More so, this amusing chatbot app also has the ability to provide you a transparent record regarding your budget and expenses. If you wanted to gain a new perspective in money, better go to your play store or Appstore and download Digit.


Maybe, this is now the right time to bring your business into the next level with Chatterbot. This chatbot app also allows you to send a custom automated response to the inquiries encoded by your customers. It is helpful in such a way that you can enjoy additional help in handling and managing the inquiries of your customers. In return, you can have more time and focus on doing administrative tasks, which are way important than this. If you need the help of a full-time customer service agent, you no longer have to hire someone out there, just download chatterbot to your iOS or Android devices.


I am so much sure that traveling is the top wish-listed on your bucket list. Booking a flight or a vacation reservation is quite stressful when doing personally, that is why; Hipmunk is there to help you with your travel desire. It is an AI-powered chatbot application that can help you plan your vacation well. Technically, it synchronizes personal data from your e-mail and calendar notes to enhance and enable stress-free travel booking. Moreover, you must start now traveling the world with Hipmunk. You can download it from your Playstore or Appstore.


It is naturally difficult to maintain your body without someone who will guide you. That is why; Gymbox is created to bring your fitness struggles down. Gymbox is a Facebook Messenger chatbot app that helps you assess yourself while doing some fitness routines. More so, it can provide you your own training journal where you can find your personal fitness record and track your improvements. Expect this app to serve you with sharp statistical figures for day-to-day tracking. Gymbox is readily available for download from play store and Appstore.


Do you remember Talking Tom? Well, Mitsuku is its human counterpart. Mitsuku is an outstanding chatbot app that matches the qualities of a female human. Moreover, it is described as an eighteen-year-old girl who can intelligently hold a conversation with someone. Some of its distinguished features include language comprehension and mood recognition that allows Mitsuku to deliver answers to your questions. You might not know, but Mistsuku received Loebner Prize twice in 2013 and 2016. If you got nobody to talk to at home, get your android phone and download Mitsuku from your play store.

Baidu Melody Bot

If Baymax is your personal healthcare assistant, Baidu Melody Bot is your personal healthcare manager. Moreover, Baidu Melody Bot is a doctor app that helps you manage your hospital appointments. This chatbot app directs you straight to your doctors for appointments and inquiries immediately. Also, Chinese search engine leaders are responsible for developing the Baidu Melody Bot. After the invention, Baidu Melody Bot immediately became in-demand across the globe. Finally, if you want to have your personal healthcare manager, Baidu Melody Bot is ready for download for your iOS and Android devices.

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The drastic advent of chatbots to the world undeniably brings ease and improves everyone’s quality of life. The chatbot apps mentioned above are proof that everything is possible with technology. Chatbot apps are already famous across the globe, elevating our mode of living into another level. But, we must still know how to use these chatbot apps appropriately to gain the best and wonderful interactive experience. If you are interested in widening your knowledge regarding chatbot technologies, Herobot is just right here for you. Herobot is composed of trusted experts when it comes to chatbot technology and services. To know more, visit our website at

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Free Chat Site Widgets that can Make your Business More Interactive

Engaging in a business is quite challenging if you are not equipped with the right tools and planning. As a starter, your main goal is to reach your target market through a variety of platforms where you can introduce your products and services. Apart from that, the main essence of being interactive with your potential customers is the chance of getting avid fans and patronage. For this reason, it is very crucial to include having something to help you get in touch with global customers. Having said this, you may want to consider using free chat site widgets to make a more interactive website.

One great way to start interacting with your probable clients is through chatbots or chat sites. It is the most convenient way to outstretch your connections. Through the aid of these advanced assistants, you can be sure to manage your time according to your plan.

free chat site

The Importance of Chatbots for Customer Service

It became a standard to hire individuals when it comes to customer service needs. However, free chat site are now being used by a lot of companies. This is because consumers demand extra information to be sure to of what they are engaging in. Plus, it is the fastest way to answer inquiries and other product concerns. For all these reasons, it is clear that the success of every business depends on how the owners value their consumers.

If you have ever contacted a business through a representative, you already know how frustrating it is to interact with them and their slow process. Even if they go through massive upgrades, there’s not that much difference from the way they deliver their services. They still end up with the same slow-moving procedures. This is because the speed of the programs limits the agent’s access.

However, we now in a modern era where there are several technological innovations that can help us. These developments have made a way to an easier and more efficient solution for customer service: chatbot.


Having a chatbot is very useful in many aspects. It can be your assistant that can help you converse with multiple customers at once. Its capabilities are not limited by technology because the artificial intelligence (AI) technology is built-in to the software itself. Mostly, chatbot can be found in various messaging apps, such as Facebook messenger.

To communicate with a chatbot, a person is required to key in his/her question. After entering your query, the bot on free chat site will then respond with the detailed and right information. For instance, if a customer asks for product recommendations, the chatbot can dig into tons of data from this person and use this to be the basis of recommendations. Whatever you demand, you can expect to get precise responses. This is because chatbots are equipped with the most advanced technology that is specially built to help business owners.

Chatbots for Websites

Since you already know how chatbot makes a difference in a business, it is about time to get things fixed for your launch. Your free chat site can be more interactive if there’s a quick and easy tool that visitors can use to gather specific information. Chat widget can be a huge help.

This free chat site widget serves as your customer representative. It is an excellent tool if you want to make an impression to site visitors and potential customers. Through this, you wouldn’t find it hard to answer lots of questions all at once. Add the ability of a chatbot to deliver natural conversations, and you can be sure to attain topnotch customer service.

More about chatbots

The things that chatbot can do for your business are endless. For customer experience, free chat site are no doubt one of the most engaging platforms utilized. They provide high-quality customer service, well-presented product recommendations, effective marketing campaigns, and more. Given that technology continues to make further developments, we can expect more exciting features in the upcoming days.

Chatbots are also helpful in troubleshooting. For instance, if your customer experience unforeseen product issues, he/she can then connect with a chatbot to explain the condition. Once the customer is done, the bot then responds with suggestions on how to fix the product. Having that ability, your business is rewarded with hassle-free encounters. Plus, you are also able to get things in place without compromising any of your services.

The top reason why chatbots should be included in your website is that they are the most preferred customer service representatives by this time. It roots from its distinct characteristics to be faster and far less invasive. Another thing is that free chat site can save your time and money because it is considerably easy to set up.

Since chatbots are usually connected to messaging apps which have billions of users, there is a big possibility that customers are ready for your bot.  They are not just the future of customer engagement. The free chat site are the present rulers that can replace most of our search windows and other applications.

Setting up free chat site Widgets

free chat site

One of the basic requirements in managing a business website is the capacity to make a livelier interaction. With that being mentioned, having a free chat site widget is your last hope to increase customer engagement. If you want to grow your community, then being connected with your target market is the solution. To be acquainted with them, you need to provide them with great customer service. However, there’s no need to hire someone to assist you. With chatbot, you can multitask without the worries of missing inquiries.

If you are able to put a proper chat widget on your site, you are sure to get real-time updates and feedback about your products, services, and other contents. You can also potentially increase your sales if you are able to respond to every concern and site inquiries. 

To help you set up, here are the top 10 free chat site widgets that you can install on your website:

1. is an ideal instant messaging app for most websites. Whether you are using WordPress, Typepad, or other platforms, this one can be effective. What makes it better than other free chat site is that it is compatible AIM, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, and even Facebook. Through this, visitors are not required to sign up for an account. Instead, they can use their existing accounts for the supported messaging platforms.

2. phpFreeChat

This free chat site app app supports multiple chat rooms and private messages. It is a free PHP-based chat system that is packed with lots of features that are more common in desktop clients. The best thing about it is that you can customize the themes t ensure outstanding user experience.

3. CBox

CBox makes a move to combine the features of traditional IM clients with social media platform benefits. You will find it very convenient because the user app is straightforward and direct. It is effortless to install and understand because it only relies on client-side JavaScript and HTML. It is an absolutely free chat site. However, there’s also a premium version that is available for $2.00 per month. The premium version has added features and is completely ad-free.

4. Chatango

If you want a customizable chat room plug-in on your website, you can install Chatango. The main advantage of using this chatbox is that users can have their avatar. Also, it offers different user roles that give every participant the ability to become an admin or moderator.

5. Ajax IM

Ajax IM is a light-weight free chat site app for your website. It only weighs 78KB. The app default can be compared to Facebook’s web-based chat client where it is pinned at the footer of the website pages. It is a slick and open IM client for your business website.

6. AJAX Chat

As the name suggests, you will have the idea that AJAX Chat uses client-side JavaScript to run the chat box on your website. Aside from its primary purpose, it can also be used as a shoutbox where users can quickly leave a message and shout it out to other website visitors and administrators.

7. JWChat

This chat app is an Ajax-powered chat. If you want to get your chat widget running instantly, JWChat is for you. Since it only uses JavaScript and HTML, it is one of the fastest ways to set up chat boxes. You can picture it as the traditional IM client with lots of features, such as emoticon support and much more.

8. AjaxChat for WordPress

This is a free site chat widget that supports live chat functionality. It allows WordPress users to chat with other visitors without needing to refresh the browser.

free chat site
9. iJab

iJab is a web-based IM client that is developed by Google Web Toolkit. It is free, and it uses Ajax for client simulation. It is a good solution to achieve the same features like Facebook chat that people can use in their browser.

10. Mibew Web Messenger

Also called as Open Web Messenger, Mibew Web Messenger is a free and open-source chat application. It was generated with PHP and MySQL. It was developed with live customer support. However, it still works in other contexts.

If you want to make your business known globally, you need the perfect partner: the chatbot. With its abilities to deliver top of the line customer service, you can be sure to attain increased sales and extensive connections.

At HeroBot, you can get proper guidance in bringing your own bot to life. So, if you want to achieve business success, you should start by choosing the best customer service representatives. Learn more about chatbots by getting in touch with HeroBot today!

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Speak Bot – How It Impacts Our Modern Business

With the prevailing development of technology and the Internet today, it seems like everything now is really possible. As we continue living underneath the blanket of continuous digital advancement, we can easily bring to life whatever comes to our mind. Even taking chatbots technology into another level is no longer impossible.

speak bot

No doubt that chatbots have become so useful nowadays for each and every one. They are the present-day model of modern communication and interaction. Chatbots are designed to hold a significant conversation with human users. Normally, they respond to the inquiries through messenger chat. However, the typical write and read conversation may be quite boring for some human users sometimes. That’s why developers bring a significant chatbots integration and introduce speak bot to the world. 

Speak bot alters the casual performance of chatbots and shifts its existing technological landscape. With this new advancement, the once voiceless chatbots can now actually talk to you. It really brings the human users a virtual experience of getting into a valuable conversation.

It is really an amazing technological innovation because this speak bot is warmly-accepted and widely-used around the world. Not a surprise anymore, when one day, these chatbots take another milestone that would leave everyone in awe.

The Voiceless Chatbots and How It Rocks the Business World

Basically, chatbots are a computer program that performs an automatic task. Specifically, chatbots interact with human users through a chat interface to respond to their inquiries. Since chatbots are made out of advanced and high-technology formulations, they perform so well to the extent that human users can’t distinguish easily if they are talking to a chatbot or to a real human. That’s why people entrust chatbots to do some responsibilities regarding human communication and interaction. The widespread use of chatbots around the world is really inevitable.

In business, even voiceless, the use of chatbots is still widely-adopted. Commonly, most companies use this AI program to communicate and interact with a vast number of people, which is sometimes difficult to handle. As a result, companies receive additional help in managing their business. With this, accomplishing other workloads is not compromised, and daily track of internal operation becomes smoothly efficient. But beyond that, there is a lot more to what voiceless chatbots bring the business world.

Aside from the things mentioned above, voiceless chatbots change the business world with the following:

It makes the business updated to latest trends

It is undeniable that almost everyone is well connected to each other through the use of social media. So if you wish to have a tight connection with your customers and your clients, this is not going to be a difficult task. As we all know, Facebook is one of the top applications nowadays. That’s why chatbots over Facebook Messenger is really a great help to your business.

It helps your company monitor your customers

You can actually collect some feedback from your customers by reading through their answers from questions generated by your chatbots. Since chatbots are programmed with consistent interaction pattern, you can regularly check your business and transparently see the aspects that need some improvements.

It increases the company’s engagement to its customers

Since your chatbots are communicating with a vast number of customers, your company itself gains a lot of engagement to their customers. With this, it boosts the presence of your company up to the minds of customers. It increases the chance of your company to get remembered always.

How Can Speak Bot Help Improve Your Business Management?

Apparently, everyone’s most used communication skill is listening. According to some studies, people often spend 45 percent of their daily time to listening. With this, speak bot does not get a hard time immersing to the existing human culture and communication.  

Speak bot still functions the same as the conventional chatbots. However, it brings a different way on how to communicate with human users. Since speak bot can now actually talk to human users, you can be able to hear an actual voice talking to you. It sounds beneficial to most people because mostly, people can easily understand an idea by listening to an explanation.

In business, speak bot still does the same work. However, since speak bot incorporates listening to its interaction, it can safely say that speak bot is more interactive and instructive. Speak bot creates more direct engagement to its customers. As they can hear real voices talking towards them, they can actually feel that they are interacting with the real human user. As a result, your customers may feel that they are privileged with more freedom to interact with your company directly. You can easily get feedback from them and get straight to resolution.

Do not ever take it for granted. Always listen to your customers. As what proverbs always say, customers are always right. Hence, below are the benefits that your company can get if you listen to your customers:

speak bot
Maintain Relationship with Your Customers

Since you can receive consistent feedback from your customers, you can easily make a move to please your customers and give what they need. In return, your customers would feel you genuinely care towards them and towards their needs. That is why; you can maintain a good bond to them, which is very important to sustain your business.

Consistent Soaring Income

A consistent action to give the customer a better service is a very good move. If they hear such feedback from others, there is no doubt if you would gain new customers. As a result, you would surely have a stable and increasing income.

Honest Feedback

If customers feel like they can freely tell you whatever they want to say, you will surely receive honest feedback from them. It is better to receive such kind of feedbacks than to receive some fabricated feedbacks. You can easily locate something that is not right and gives some action against it. No need to hear it from others and use it against you.

Things You Might Not Know About Speak Bot

It is evident that speak bot possesses a lot more high technology qualities than chatbots. That’s why speak bot is perceived by many as more effective and more efficient in many aspects. Since speak bot becomes now a part of our daily business interaction, sometimes, we can no longer notice how this artificial intelligence really helps us. In connection with this, below is the list of some helpful things that often get overlooked in speak bot:


Compared to a casual chatbot, speak bot is really more convenient to use. Imagine you are comparing what is more convenient between text messaging and phone calls. What will you choose? If you are holding a conversation with someone regarding a critical matter, better choose phone calls. Likewise, directly talking to a speak bot with no distraction of typing your message is way better. In this way, you can really focus on the conversation itself.

No Typographical Issues

We all know that chatbots are extremely dependent on natural language processing. Different series and organization of words, sentences, and paragraphs are stored inside the chatbots’ databases. Hence, the comprehension level of chatbots highly relies on this collection. As a result, chatbots cannot easily recognize and interpret typographical errors. I contrast with speak bot, typographical errors are not possible. With this, we can say that holding a conversation with a speak bot is going to be more effective than chatting with a chatbot.

Works Like A Call Center Agent
speak bot

Speak bot serves as the new extravagant helper, especially to industries that provide customer service. Speak bot can easily comprehend and recognize a series of patterns after having it learned. With this, speak bot has the ability to identify the problem of their customers and the solution that suits it the best. We can safely say that this speak bot can really work as a full-time call center agent. Investing for a speak bot is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time call center agent.

The amazing technology of speak bot may really sound fancy, but beyond that, it is really great help, especially to business industries. Investing for a speak bot is a great move for your company that you should not miss. Your company always deserves the best. However, above all, customer service is still the backbone of your company. Being a good and reputable company, you should always put first the welfare of your customers under your service. From what has mentioned above, speak bot is really the best choice to manage your loyal customers. Knowing what they need and handling what they are redressing about is your first move to reward your loyal customers with what they deserve. So do not hesitate to turn to speak bot for help.

If you already made up your mind and decided to turn to speak bot for your business, there is a place where you can go to— Hero Bot. Here, we can provide you with everything you need when it comes to chatbots technology. Let us start to engage with chatbots and help your company bring the best customer service in town. For inquiries, you may visit us at