Best Chatbots in Free App Marketing

free app marketing

You might have already faced fierce competition if you started your own business. If you want to stand out among your competitors, you have to follow some free app marketing strategies. This can guarantee smoother business transactions and better communication with your customers.

Free app marketing is about the interactions with the users through their entire lifecycle. This starts from when they heard about your business until they become a regular and loyal customer. In order to make this useful, you have to figure out who will be your target audience. Moreover, you have to know where to meet these persons and what they expect for your product or services. The effect will be a lot stronger if you are able to capture what your target audience wants.

free app marketing

Knowing about your competitors will help you improve your process. It can also distinguish your business from competitors and navigate challenges in your market. Moreover, you, as the owner of your business, have to determine your main advantage and try to enhance them.

Free app marketing strategies

The most common question marketers will ever encounter is how to market their products or services. Working with a mobile chatbot has given everyone a unique opportunity with hundreds or thousands of business workers and customers. Many of them have shared investing a significant amount of time and money in creating a chatbot. This way they can upgrade their business to the best it can be. So, to help you handle the landscape of the chatbot app marketing, we present this article. Here are some free chatbot app marketing strategies that are proven effective.

1. Know your Target Audience and Competitors

If you don’t know the benefactor of your chatbot app, creating a free marketing app would be useless. You will be needing to know your customers’ demographics. You also have to understand the age, lifestyle, and any other factors that a potential target audience has.

Not only should you know your target, but you must also have knowledge about your competitors. Knowing them will help you improve the process of the system. It will also good for navigating challenges in chatbot app marketing and distinguishing your business from competitors. With this, it will be easier to identify the strength and weaknesses of your competitors. Your free marketing app should also be better than the alternative mobile app landing pages that keep the readers informed in a creative and unexpected way.

2. Focus on the Key Performance Indicator’s specific to app marketing

Setting up goals is very similar to marketing campaigns. Your goals should be more realistic, measurable, and time-bounded. It is the perfect tactic, along with the app-specific nuances, to reach your objectives.

 The company’s chatbot app development team should focus on the significance and benefit of these KPI’s in your marketing plan. Additionally, it is essential to understand how these goals serve the objectives of the company. So, in that aspect, your chatbot app marketing goals should closely coincide with the goals of your marketing strategies.

3. Dedicate the resources your chatbot app deserves

Nowadays, marketers focus on their mobile advertisements. They dedicate a large percentage of their marketing budget to this tactic. In the era of technology, apps are a powerful marketing tool. Therefore it requires a higher allocation of marketing resources.

Mobile Marketing Association studies the marketing effectiveness of mobile apps. According to them, marketers should be spending more on their marketing budgets on mobile. Once you have collected your marketing budget, you then need to plan on how the budget will be used for your marketing app. The promotion and advertisements for products or services should be creative and engaging at the same time.

4. Ensure your chatbot app delivers the best experience

In the past, business relies mostly on printed ads. However, nowadays, such means of advertising might be boring. With a chatbot, you are convincing and selling your products to the consumers based on the experience that your chatbot provides. And, more importantly, how the experience is entirely different and superior to the other experience that customers previously had on traditional marketing. The strategy of marketing the experience has caused customer experience to become more convenient across every industry.

5. Make timely improvements

Measuring areas of traditional marketing is a lot more different from measuring the success of free app marketing strategies. Mobile technology is new and developing rapidly. Therefore, this means that the best of today may not be the best for tomorrow because there will most likely be a more effective and efficient way to relay information.

And now a lot of companies apply traditional marketing measurement tactics to the chatbot app. It is much more valuable use of time and resources to research new techniques and compare them with your current practice.

6. Artificial intelligence in the app marketing

Traditional marketing is a wide-ranging category that includes many productions of advertising and marketing. Traditional marketing applies the selling of the product or service as a part of an advertising strategy. HeroBot will help you build your chatbot for your effective free app marketing strategy.

free app marketing

One of the convincing benefits of having a chatbot for marketing is that the consumers will understand more the potential that your business has to offer for the people. Bot advertisements can rapidly make your business more accessible, overrated, and easier to purchase. Therefore, this means that it is easier for marketers to find target customers even just by reaching in people’s social media accounts.

HeroBot will certainly help you build your chatbot, which will surely provide promising results. Chatbots are currently are more capable than an average agent representative.

App marketing conclusions

If you believe app marketing can’t get any greater or better, then think over and over again. A lot of businesses have begun to purchase the most technological trends like chatbots. This technology allows brand too effortlessly to obtain target audience like millennials. Chatbots can be a great tool for increasing and boosting the efficacy of the app markets. These recently attain conventional popularity, due to breakthrough and development in technology surrounding chatbots. Because of this kind of app, the markets remain the most successful and powerful marketing in the digital world.

It is beyond evident, at this significant point, that mobile is a demanding component of the marketing mix and success of the company. Thus, they have to move beyond the mentality of having an app for further understanding of the impact that they can have on active brand awareness, increasing revenue, and traffics of the stores. And now the best and the brightest app just like artificial intelligence such as online chatbots in free app marketing are going to be the one willing to go all in and dedicated the necessary time, effort and cost towards developing this strange environment of the furthest extent.

What makes the HeroBot’s rating high in free app marketing?

People now heavily depend on advanced technology devices when it comes to solving their problems. Luckily, things have become much easier with the release of these chatbot apps. However, there’s a lot more improvement and changes with these technological application’s advancements. The HeroBot platform assumes a certain familiarity on the internet. Users can expect that HeroBot will help them all the way through their chatbot making ventures.

In addition, people considered HeroBot as a real hero, because this chatbot-making platform makes peoples’ life a lot better and convenient. HeroBot has been designed to allow for the future extension of functionality and to a corporation to become more efficient and cost-effective. And because of its potential, HeroBot becomes popular and is also considered as a great indication of a business’ success. People happily find everything they need in the contributed work of artificial intelligence.

HeroBot Online platform

HeroBot Messenger Chatbot-creating platform is the future of digital marketing. Basically, it is an online platform that enables users to build their own chatbot without the need for complex coding. HeroBot will help you build an AI chatbot that has the direction of various commands and much more like a natural sound conversation with your customers.

free app marketing

With the complete set of tools that can convert anyone into a subscriber, HeroBot makes it excessively easy to grow businesses’ contact and customer list. HeroBot has the chat broadcast that sends pieces of information, notifications, updates, and promos in Facebook Messenger with 85% open rates. By creating conversion funnels, HeroBot’s lead-generation user flow with the interactive widget, app integrations, and smart conversion tracking features.

This app also has agency client management that has unlimited pages, ultimate growth tools, user administration, and exclusive analytics reports for agencies. Chatbots have their pre-made bot template just like HeroBot for every business vertical.  Herobot’s platform comes with tons of pre-made facebook messenger bots literally for all business verticals, so that the user doesn’t have to lift a finger.

For a small amount of investment and free app marketing, the user can get an excellent solution for generating high-value customers for their business. Also, with the features of a familiar interface and a user-friendly app, HeroBot is impressive and knowledgeable for getting the customer’s issues resolves, or a question answered.  So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and learn more about HeroBot by clicking this link.

Free Chat Site Widgets that can Make your Business More Interactive

free chat site

Engaging in a business is quite challenging if you are not equipped with the right tools and planning. As a starter, your main goal is to reach your target market through a variety of platforms where you can introduce your products and services. Apart from that, the main essence of being interactive with your potential customers is the chance of getting avid fans and patronage. For this reason, it is very crucial to include having something to help you get in touch with global customers. Having said this, you may want to consider using free chat site widgets to make a more interactive website.

One great way to start interacting with your probable clients is through chatbots or chat sites. It is the most convenient way to outstretch your connections. Through the aid of these advanced assistants, you can be sure to manage your time according to your plan.

free chat site

The Importance of Chatbots for Customer Service

It became a standard to hire individuals when it comes to customer service needs. However, free chat site are now being used by a lot of companies. This is because consumers demand extra information to be sure to of what they are engaging in. Plus, it is the fastest way to answer inquiries and other product concerns. For all these reasons, it is clear that the success of every business depends on how the owners value their consumers.

If you have ever contacted a business through a representative, you already know how frustrating it is to interact with them and their slow process. Even if they go through massive upgrades, there’s not that much difference from the way they deliver their services. They still end up with the same slow-moving procedures. This is because the speed of the programs limits the agent’s access.

However, we now in a modern era where there are several technological innovations that can help us. These developments have made a way to an easier and more efficient solution for customer service: chatbot.


Having a chatbot is very useful in many aspects. It can be your assistant that can help you converse with multiple customers at once. Its capabilities are not limited by technology because the artificial intelligence (AI) technology is built-in to the software itself. Mostly, chatbot can be found in various messaging apps, such as Facebook messenger.

To communicate with a chatbot, a person is required to key in his/her question. After entering your query, the bot on free chat site will then respond with the detailed and right information. For instance, if a customer asks for product recommendations, the chatbot can dig into tons of data from this person and use this to be the basis of recommendations. Whatever you demand, you can expect to get precise responses. This is because chatbots are equipped with the most advanced technology that is specially built to help business owners.

Chatbots for Websites

Since you already know how chatbot makes a difference in a business, it is about time to get things fixed for your launch. Your free chat site can be more interactive if there’s a quick and easy tool that visitors can use to gather specific information. Chat widget can be a huge help.

This free chat site widget serves as your customer representative. It is an excellent tool if you want to make an impression to site visitors and potential customers. Through this, you wouldn’t find it hard to answer lots of questions all at once. Add the ability of a chatbot to deliver natural conversations, and you can be sure to attain topnotch customer service.

More about chatbots

The things that chatbot can do for your business are endless. For customer experience, free chat site are no doubt one of the most engaging platforms utilized. They provide high-quality customer service, well-presented product recommendations, effective marketing campaigns, and more. Given that technology continues to make further developments, we can expect more exciting features in the upcoming days.

Chatbots are also helpful in troubleshooting. For instance, if your customer experience unforeseen product issues, he/she can then connect with a chatbot to explain the condition. Once the customer is done, the bot then responds with suggestions on how to fix the product. Having that ability, your business is rewarded with hassle-free encounters. Plus, you are also able to get things in place without compromising any of your services.

The top reason why chatbots should be included in your website is that they are the most preferred customer service representatives by this time. It roots from its distinct characteristics to be faster and far less invasive. Another thing is that free chat site can save your time and money because it is considerably easy to set up.

Since chatbots are usually connected to messaging apps which have billions of users, there is a big possibility that customers are ready for your bot.  They are not just the future of customer engagement. The free chat site are the present rulers that can replace most of our search windows and other applications.

Setting up free chat site Widgets

free chat site

One of the basic requirements in managing a business website is the capacity to make a livelier interaction. With that being mentioned, having a free chat site widget is your last hope to increase customer engagement. If you want to grow your community, then being connected with your target market is the solution. To be acquainted with them, you need to provide them with great customer service. However, there’s no need to hire someone to assist you. With chatbot, you can multitask without the worries of missing inquiries.

If you are able to put a proper chat widget on your site, you are sure to get real-time updates and feedback about your products, services, and other contents. You can also potentially increase your sales if you are able to respond to every concern and site inquiries. 

To help you set up, here are the top 10 free chat site widgets that you can install on your website:

1. is an ideal instant messaging app for most websites. Whether you are using WordPress, Typepad, or other platforms, this one can be effective. What makes it better than other free chat site is that it is compatible AIM, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, and even Facebook. Through this, visitors are not required to sign up for an account. Instead, they can use their existing accounts for the supported messaging platforms.

2. phpFreeChat

This free chat site app app supports multiple chat rooms and private messages. It is a free PHP-based chat system that is packed with lots of features that are more common in desktop clients. The best thing about it is that you can customize the themes t ensure outstanding user experience.

3. CBox

CBox makes a move to combine the features of traditional IM clients with social media platform benefits. You will find it very convenient because the user app is straightforward and direct. It is effortless to install and understand because it only relies on client-side JavaScript and HTML. It is an absolutely free chat site. However, there’s also a premium version that is available for $2.00 per month. The premium version has added features and is completely ad-free.

4. Chatango

If you want a customizable chat room plug-in on your website, you can install Chatango. The main advantage of using this chatbox is that users can have their avatar. Also, it offers different user roles that give every participant the ability to become an admin or moderator.

5. Ajax IM

Ajax IM is a light-weight free chat site app for your website. It only weighs 78KB. The app default can be compared to Facebook’s web-based chat client where it is pinned at the footer of the website pages. It is a slick and open IM client for your business website.

6. AJAX Chat

As the name suggests, you will have the idea that AJAX Chat uses client-side JavaScript to run the chat box on your website. Aside from its primary purpose, it can also be used as a shoutbox where users can quickly leave a message and shout it out to other website visitors and administrators.

7. JWChat

This chat app is an Ajax-powered chat. If you want to get your chat widget running instantly, JWChat is for you. Since it only uses JavaScript and HTML, it is one of the fastest ways to set up chat boxes. You can picture it as the traditional IM client with lots of features, such as emoticon support and much more.

8. AjaxChat for WordPress

This is a free site chat widget that supports live chat functionality. It allows WordPress users to chat with other visitors without needing to refresh the browser.

free chat site
9. iJab

iJab is a web-based IM client that is developed by Google Web Toolkit. It is free, and it uses Ajax for client simulation. It is a good solution to achieve the same features like Facebook chat that people can use in their browser.

10. Mibew Web Messenger

Also called as Open Web Messenger, Mibew Web Messenger is a free and open-source chat application. It was generated with PHP and MySQL. It was developed with live customer support. However, it still works in other contexts.

If you want to make your business known globally, you need the perfect partner: the chatbot. With its abilities to deliver top of the line customer service, you can be sure to attain increased sales and extensive connections.

At HeroBot, you can get proper guidance in bringing your own bot to life. So, if you want to achieve business success, you should start by choosing the best customer service representatives. Learn more about chatbots by getting in touch with HeroBot today!