Hot Chatbot: The Latest Chatbot Trends in 2021 for Business

hot chatbot

2019 continuously kicks off with a bang. A fresh start is an excellent way for more growth and success. The same idea goes to the field of technology in which it took significant steps over the past few years. It comes along to the development and progress of chatbots – the newest hot chatbot in the metro.

According to a forecast conducted by Gartner, organizations will garner a success rate of 85% in customer contact by 2020. Hence, these hot bots are the new game-changer.

So, here is the set of information you need for hot chatbots.

The Chatbot Market as of Today

hot chatbot

As of today, chatbot hits the mainstream. How? Let’s see!

According to a current Grand View Research report, the chatbot market is anticipated to outreach $1.2 billion globally in less than ten years. Another thing is that the market will increase in the annual growth rate of more than 24%.

In 2019, the chatbot has taken the world by storm. Traditional conversational services are taken over by this advanced technology. It becomes more Ai-driven and is now having complex human-like interactions.

In just a few years, more groups and companies are going to adopt the said technology. Then, many will use to improve their business operations.

Chatbots started and boomed in 2017. With this, business process and service helped improved its brand image. Moreover, businesses enhanced their customer engagement and increased profits as well. So, better have a chatbot for your brand!

Hot Chatbot Trends in 2019 for Business

So, what are the hot chatbot trends can we expect this year with this high Artificial Intelligence?

1. More Advanced and Wider Chatbot Adaptation

The broader usage of bots is an advantage this year. Why? It is because smart technology enables chatbots to do more with a better version of instant responder and recognizer. Moreover, its adaptation is longingly skyrocketing.

In a study made by IBM, there are 265 billion customer requests recorded per year. Businesses consumed for about $1.3 trillion to these requests. With chatbots, it can save them up to 30%.

What’s more, Oracle found out that there are more than 800 marketing experts are adapting to chatbot usage. Following its outcome, 80% of brands are planning to use chatbots for customer service in the following 36 months.

2. Improvisation of Instant Chatbot Messaging in Business Communication

Instant messaging gives users the benefit of communicating to people, and this also offers developers the idea of making things possible with its chatbot version. How?

According to Facebook Business, 64% of users are likely to get in touch with instant messages. Moreover, more than 61% are using it for connecting with businesses.

In accordance with this, the business industry is progressively using artificial intelligence in hot chatbot, which drastically change its way to interrelate with customers.

Concerning this, Statista conducted a study in which 64% believe that these advanced services give them freer and more personalized customer experience. While in e-commerce, it was more than 34% in 2017.   

3. Customer service becomes the Main Key player in Chatbot Industry

Customer service becomes today’s leading key player in the industry. These bots have influenced and impacted many businesses.

In the current years, chatbots can handle customer contact, service, and support. According to Gartner, service domains will consistently dominate the next years. Moreover, 34% of chatbots will be utilized more for customer engagement.

4. Organizations Handle Technology

The organization themselves will manage technology for making bots. In other words, people under the organization, such as from departments to employees, has the responsibility for bots. These people will come up with the idea of training them as what humans do.

Furthermore, extensive programs make everything possible to make things more accessible to developing bot applications. An example of it is the Hubspot which offers whitepaper in its specific website pages. Besides, this hot chatbot reinforces other department jobs such as marketing and sales.

5. The Change in Service Role

Companies have to engage with various mediums, which are essential in conquering their goals to successful customer service. Many have used social media, email, and phone for customer support.

Preferably, if institutions want their bots to provide constant responses to all platforms; then they should make sure that their bots have all the answers to questions and situations. predefined bots triggered by keywords or user responses inside the HeroBot platform can perfectly accomplish that need to come up with every possible answer users need to hear.

However, when hot chatbot are unable to reply to answers, they need to switch themselves as employees. Also, this will be a big helping hand for the firm to be more proactive as it could give off more sales and profit.

Some will be against it as they say that bots might replace real human beings.  No. These AI-powered bots are not for human interaction replacement. They are used for augmenting the reported interactions and used to simplify and unfasten monotonous workflow.

6. Chatbots Can Talk to Their Co-chatbots

Who says that chatbots can only have communication with consumers? Of course, they could also have conversations with the same bot. It means that users may now have to consult with many bots who can work for the same service at the same time.

Eventually, hot chatbot would have acquired knowledge of taking various activities without prior assistance from contracted service agents. Their systems will frequently converse with each other.

7. Voice Assistance for Effective Service

It is not a surprise that voice assistance is increasingly paving its way in the chatbot industry. As for this, there are different voice assistants within supermarkets for delivery offers and energy establishments for a smart thermostat or solar panel usage assistance. Hence, the evolution of voice has recently taken effect within these sectors.

8. The Escalation of Conversational Chatbots

As of today, we need to start learning how to communicate with customers effectively. So here’s the thing, there are conversational interfaced bots to serve every business needs.

An example of it is the company ‘Acquire’ who started to work on conversational marketing, which gives a personalized user-experience to conversational sites.

9. Acquiring National Language Understanding

Some businesses have started working on Natural Language Understanding. It cites the number of systems which worked hand-in-hand to manage end-to-end synergy between humans and bots.

To simplify, this technology grants users and hot chatbot to interrelate organically. So, companies are spending their money for these make a better comprehension of user demand, and human language and gestures.

10. Built Automated Call Centers with AI Technology

Call centers will soon come to existence with the presence of NLP. In the combination of NLP, an AI voice generation and server-less capability help to have automated-type call centers. These call centers have a piece of in-depth domain knowledge in gaining conversations with customers. In addition, these are available 24/7 without getting problems of having sick leaves.

Chatbots’ Future

This year, several major companies, such as British Airways, LinkedIn, and Starbucks has announced their plans to develop their own chatbots. Additionally, they expressed their interest in the implementation of chatbots in their businesses.

Key players like Apple and Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon, have already been investing in the chatbot technology for years. In fact, they have already enjoyed and still enjoy the benefits of this technology. So, we can certainly assume that they will continue to utilize and invest in chatbot development.

Chatbots used in business will inevitably evolve and progress in the years to come. Perhaps the architecture and design of this technology could even grow to the point wherein chatbots becomes the customer service standard. On the other hand, there are still a variety of applications for chatbots across several sectors.

If you want to keep yourself updated on the recent developments, then you must closely follow the industry of hot chatbot. So what about the small businesses? Would they be capable of adopting chatbot technology soon?

Ultimately, the adaption of chatbots, like any new technologies depends mostly on these factors:

  1. Improved technology
  2. Growing demand
  3. Lower Cost

Think about this situation: ten or more years ago, it was almost impossible for small starting businesses to have their own custom apps. On the other hand, as large companies started launching out their apps, low-cost services for app creation started to pop up.

Nowadays, most of your business’ usual customer expects to have an application as a part of your business’ customer services.

Having said this, then you must keep a close observation at chatbot technology – that is, if you want to have your own business chatbot in the near future. Keep updated with the hot chatbot trend, as there is always new development.

Final words on the latest hot chatbot trends

Following these hot chatbot trends will ensure your business to last long. So choose a great chatbot that can be your best partners. So if you’re looking for one, then, better choose experts who can lead you to the path to success – choose Herobot. We at Herobot, we believe that every successful brand starts to grow when having the premium quality products and services. So what are you waiting for? Together, we can build your dreams into reality. For more information and updates, you may visit us at

5 Astonishing ways Messenger Chatbots and Chatbot Marketing Can Benefit You

messenger chatbots

Chatbots by far are the most useful technological development today. Especially in the business world, where chatbots bring significant improvements to marketing strategies and customer services. Moreover, with Facebook’s integration of chatbots, there’s no telling what the future holds for the use of messenger chatbots.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

messenger chatbots

To simply describe a chatbot, it refers to any program that interacts with consumers by means of conversation. Messenger chatbots nowadays are even advanced enough to follow users’ commands. Common activities include searching the internet, open apps, and compose emails and messages. Now, Facebook messenger chatbots are those chatbots that can be found on Facebook’s message platform. Furthermore, messenger AI are considered the most popular bots for these two main reasons:

  • Facebook and its messenger have more than a billion users around the world. As of today, there is an average of approximately 2.38 billion monthly active users of Facebook. All these users can easily access the Facebook messenger chatbots.
  • Messenger provides a developer application programming interface (API) that allow users to create automated messaging.

Today, Facebook is not just used for socializing or chatting with friends and families. It is also now considered one of the best ways to market a business. In fact, as per the survey conducted by Oracle, 80% of all the businesses wants to implement the use of chatbots by the year 2020.

Facts about Facebook messenger

To further understand the importance of messenger chatbots, here are some facts about Facebook messenger:

  • Facebook Messenger is the second most used messaging app in the world. With the WhatsApp which have 1.5 billion users around the world, the Facebook messenger does not fall far behind, which have more than 1.3 billion users worldwide.
  • Facebook Messenger is the third most downloaded app in the world.
  • Of all the mobile apps, Facebook Messenger is the third most used app in the world next to Facebook and Youtube. Moreover, Facebook messenger is used by 68% of all app users.
  • Over 40 million active businesses around the world use Facebook messenger as a medium to send messages.
  • Businesses send more than 20 billion messages per month.

Facts about Chatbots

With the Facebook facts stated above, let’s now discuss some facts regarding messenger chatbots:

  • In the past year, 67% of customers in the world prefer to use messenger chatbots for customer services.
  • 40% of customers worldwide don’t mind if they are being served by a human or a bot, given their need is answered.
  • Chatbots are responsible for responding to 80% of questions received by business owners. This dramatically helps reduce business costs.
  • 95% of customers worldwide are certain that customer service will be the best benefit of using messenger chatbots.
  • Businesses can reduce customer services costs up to 30% with the use of chatbots.

Given the facts about Facebook messenger and chatbots, we can conclude that having messenger chatbots will bring the best benefits to your business. More and more people are preferring bots as they could respond as quickly as possible. And by using messenger as a medium for your bot to connect with customers, you are already placing your business in a good position. Currently, Facebook caters to 6 million advertisers, while 300,000 only uses AI Can you see the big opportunity here?

Advantage of messenger chatbots

As messenger chatbots bring convenience to the customers, here is how it will give you an advantage:

1. Directly reach out to your target audience

Email marketing is now becoming stagnant and is likely to become obsolete somewhere in the future. While on the other hand, people preferring to open Facebook messages continue to increase. With the use of messenger chatbots that offers buttons for answers, customers don’t need to type. Therefore, they are more likely to engage with your business and go deeper to your marketing funnel.

Chatbots enables you to have regular subscribers and with Facebook’s sponsored ads, so that you can easily broadcast any of your business news and latest events to customers.

2. Generating Leads

Designing your bot to interact properly with potential customers, it can ask questions to identify their needs. After that, it can quickly direct these potential needs to your sales team. Now you can increase conversions and grow your customer base.

3. Customer Re-engagement.

To acquire more customers or recapture the attention of former customers, some business pay loads of money for massive advertisements. However, with the use of messenger chatbots, you can easily re-engage your customers with the least cost. They can reach customers personally, and provide appropriate news or content rewarding your business at the time being.

As chatbots have the capability of retaining customer information, they can remind customers of their past transactions. They can remind a customer of transactions like the gift they bought for mothers’ day, or the dress that’s still in her cart. Plus, customers won’t need to give their information over and over again.

4. Handling online transactions

If designed excellently, messenger chatbots can even do the selling as well. They can provide personalized selling and make suggestions to customers. For example, you have a cake-selling business. And there is a customer who decides to place an order through your bot. Your AI may ask questions like “would you like some beverage with that?” then show your menu of drinks to offer. Therefore, you could up your sales with the least effort and have lower drop-off rates.

5. Reduced costs on customer services

Customers want to be served anytime they want. Furthermore, they can sometimes ask the same questions again and again. Answering to these customer needs can be costly and time-consuming. Messenger chatbots can give significant help to your customer services. Unlike humans, they won’t be affected by any disease, meaning bots shall be available 24/7/365. This makes them an efficient worker. You can now have more time to focus on more important matters of your business that requires more complicated thinking.

Building your own messenger chatbots

One of the most difficult parts in messenger chatbots is to decide who’s going to create it. In order to have an effective bot, you need to have quality content. You may wonder where you can find a bright mind to brainstorm high-quality content. Well, worry no more because that person could be you.

If you are already doing your business’ online ads, social media posts, email marketing, and copywriting, you are already in a good position to build a chatbot. You should consider building a chatbot that is able to answer Q&As and send broadcasts to your customers’ list as well. If you will use visual content builder, these things shall require no coding.

Nowadays, chatbot building tools like Herobot App are very easy to use. You won’t need a programming degree to build your messenger chatbots. Because of this, the most difficult thing to do is to compose an effective content that shall increase your business’ conversion.

messenger chatbot

Good content, relevant messages, and exciting offers will be responsible to catch customers’ attention. Moreover, you can also keep your customers engaged in an interesting conversation, and move them further down to your marketing funnel.

Focus on your FAQs, as this contains all the feedback regarding your business – product, customer services, advertisements and many more. You may already have some anticipated questions and readymade answers, but there could still be more questions than you could think of. The best place to find it is in the FAQ. Review it quickly and answer questions, and you can update your bot. You can also use some useful posts in the FAQ that could make your bot better and more functional.

Now, what tool shall you use?

With your expertise in writing effective content and with the perfect tool, building your messenger chatbots will be easy as 123. Herobot will provide you a lot of options to build your bot. With Herobot, you can build a messenger AI that will make your businesses rise to the top. Hence, you can now achieve your business’ maximum potential in a short span of time. Herobot has a massive number of lead magnets that have high potential to expand your contact list and customer base. You can easily create a chatbot that not just automatically reply to messages. But also tag, like and send private messages to Instagram and Facebook comments.

Chatbots for small businesses

Messenger chatbots will surely be a great help to businesses of any nature and status. Whether you already have a big and stable business or even a small and starting one.

To small businesses, messenger chatbots shall give an opportunity for aggressive expansions. Email bots will drive your business to several leads and sales. Moreover, it will help you with the task of customer services, especially in times of solving customer problems. Additionally, it will also help you free some time, as it will be available all the time and will always be on the front line in attending your customers. Now you can focus your time in making more important tasks and decisions for your business. It will help you control costs, as its maintenance is from low to absolutely zero. No human employee can boost your marketing strategy to the optimum as much as a chatbot can do.

Now, you probably have an idea of what a chatbot can bring to your business. So visit this link now and start your business venture with your own chatbot.

10 Ways that Messenger Chatbot Greatly Changes the Business World

messenger chatbot

Messenger Chatbot is another breakthrough in today’s innovating trends when it comes to business. Since their introduction in the year 2016, chatbots have proven to bring significant impacts on entertainment, communication, and most especially on various fields of businesses. It helped business owners provide excellent customer services, as well as expand their businesses by growing customer base.

What is a chatbot?

As defined by Techopedia, A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversation by using key pre-calculated user phrases and auditory or text-based signals.

Bots we know today started in 1950 with the idea of the Computer Scientist Alan Turing. He asked the question, “can machines think?” and then developed the Turing test. He theorized that there is a high possibility wherein humans won’t be able to distinguish a mechanism in a conversation which only contains text. In the Turing Test, Alan Turing challenged other computer scientist and some of his students to create a machine that could think the same way as humans. Or at least a machine that can’t be distinguished by humans.

In 1966 the first thinking machine named ELIZA was created. It has then set the basis for building chatbots that are being used today, such as specific phrases, keywords, and pre-programmed responses. After ELIZA, other bots have followed such as PARRY, Jabberwacky, ALICE, and Dr. Sbaitso.

In 2001, SmarterChild was introduced. It was considered as the predecessor of Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s S Voice, and Amazon’s Alexa. All this said bots don’t just give fun conversations, but also play music, search the web, and compose a message, depending on what the users want.

messenger chatbot

Nowadays, business owners started to include chatbots on their websites. And in the year 2016, Facebook introduced a messaging platform that supports the use of bots. It enabled developers to create bots that will interact with thousands of users of Facebook.

Where is Messenger Chatbot Used?

There are a lot of chatbots existing as of today, which have several different purposes. With its integration to the Facebook messenger, thousands of users use messenger bot in many different ways. Here are some of the top uses of messenger chatbot:

1. Suggesting Products

All customers know that they want something but can’t think of a specific product in mind. Messenger chatbot can be used to suggest customers certain products based on their preference in terms of brand, material, and color, also considering their budget.

Let’s say a customer wants to buy a watch, but can’t decide what to purchase. The customer can talk to a messenger chatbot and type the description of the watch they want. The messenger chatbot shall then show the customer options of watches that are relevant to what they want.

2. Give assistance in terms of Finance

To make it clear, messenger chatbot won’t give you actual money. However, it can help you track your investments and your personal finances. It can notify users regarding the latest news about the stock market, as well as to help make trades. In addition, even some banks today created chatbots that enable users to check their bank accounts and even their latest transactions.

3. For travel

There are a lot of chatbots today that can be used when you want to travel. These chatbots can show you several tourist destinations around the world. In addition, some chatbot can enable you to book flights and find places for you to stay.

One messenger chatbot for traveling to check out is the Hipmunk. All you have to do is send your location, and it shall show you all the destinations near you, or even international destinations if you wish.

4. Tracking Flights

After finding an ideal place to go to, there are chatbots that can help you to find and track flights. These chatbots shall give you options for flights where you can compare and select the most appropriate flight based on your budget and schedule.

5. Order foods

Chatbots can also be used to order foods, such as pizzas, burgers, and other more foods that you are craving to eat. All it takes is one conversation with a chatbot and just wait for your order to be delivered.

One excellent example of a messenger chatbot where you can order food is the Domino’s chatbot. It allows you to make your own pizza with just simple clicks, or order pizzas on their standard menu. You can now satisfy your cravings without the hassle of going out.

6. Productivity

There are chatbots that can help you in terms of productivity. These chatbots can remind you of the tasks you need to do. You just simply type in the thing you need to be reminded about and set a specific time. Some chatbots also provide services wherein you can track your schedule and even set-up meetings.

There is also a messenger chatbot which enables you to print documents with printers that are connected online. Moreover, there are also chatbots that can help you find your most-awaited dream job. Very convenient, isn’t it? You can now be the most productive person you could ever be.

7. News

Chatbots can also bring you the latest breaking news, not only in your country but international news as well. In addition, if you subscribed, these chatbots will send you articles, stories, and headlines which are relevant to your interests. You will be regularly updated and won’t miss any important news happening around you.

8. Finding Music

messenger chatbot

Chatbots not only can inform you of the latest news but the latest music as well. Chatbots can keep you updated about everything inside the music world. You can build your playlist, find new songs, and know the details about your favorite singers and songwriters.

One interesting messenger chatbot for music lovers is the Scope Bot. Scope Bot enables you to search for a song just by typing in a part of the lyrics that you remember. Results will be shown to you together with the title, singer, release date and the recording studio. If the song is not the one you are searching for, you just type “wrong,” and it shall show you more results until you find the right one.

9. For amusement

There are lots of messenger chatbot games in which you can play in times of boredom. Whether you want to play as a detective, soccer player, or even mage who wants to slay dragons, there is a gaming messenger chatbot for you. These chatbots are the perfect instrument to pass the time, in addition, will offer fun and amusing conversations. There are also chatbots which helps you to connect with the right person and may help you find your true love. Interesting, isn’t it?

10. For Business

This is now the latest trend and by far the best use of chatbots. A lot of businesses now use chatbots to provide better customer services. Chatbots allow businesses to have a deeper connection with their customers, in addition, chatbots enable business owners to attract more potential customers.

There is indeed a lot of use of messenger chatbots. The list above is just the most important use of chatbots in our life, and there are even more purposes where chatbots can be used. Want to start exploring chatbots? By clicking here, we will show you a list of best chatbot of Facebook messenger that might interest you.

The Perks of Using Messenger Chatbots in Business

As indicated in the list above, the best use of chatbot nowadays is for business use. Especially now that Facebook supports the use of chatbots, business owners find it a lot easier to connect with consumers. According to statistics, there is a total of 2.38 billion monthly active users of Facebook worldwide as of today. Imagine getting at least 3% of those monthly active users as your regular customers. You would already have more than enough customer pool to bring your business to the top and make it last for ages.

With the use of Facebook messenger chatbot, you can boost your marketing strategy significantly. Moreover, you can provide better customer services, as messenger chatbot can respond to the customer in an instant. If a messenger chatbot is designed properly, you will be able to save a lot of money, as well as maximize your time to attend more important matters of your business.

Messenger chatbot can work tirelessly and interact simultaneously with several different customers at the same time. Chatbots are immune to diseases making them a 100 percent efficient worker. Furthermore, creating a personalized chatbot shall engage customers in more interesting conversation, making them more interested in your product. Chatbot shall retain all your current customers and acquire more potential customers as well, giving you more opportunity to increase conversions.

messenger chatbot

As of today, chatbots prove to be very beneficial to businesses. Surely it will bring more advantages and become an essential component for every business in the future. Now is the time to start your business venture with your own chatbot. Unsure where to start? Don’t worry! In Herobot, we shall guide you in every step to building your own messenger chatbot that will outrank your competitors and bring your business to the top.

Chatbots On-The-Go: 15 Companies Who Uses Chatbots for Business

chatbots for business

Before, online marketing focuses more on apps. But as of today, a new player came into the scene – the chatbot. This AI software solemnly hit the stages of the technological revolution in businesses, specifically to chatbots for business and customer engagement.

Nowadays, people can easily do what they want in just a click. People can order food, shop clothes, schedule flights, get suggestions, receive the latest news, find music, play games and more, just as simple as 1, 2, 3 – through the help of corporate chatbots!

chatbots for business

We’re in the primitive stage of technological buildup. Still, there is the same perception that chatbots have: an ongoing growth to adaptability. Thus, such advancement is considered the future of marketing and customer service and support. So, here are the 15 companies that currently use digital marketing AI for their business and customer engagement.

Companies who use chatbots for business and customer engagement

Here are the 15 companies who currently use chatbots for their business and customer engagement:

1. Starbucks

Who would’ve thought that ordering a hot Starbucks coffee can be convenient through marketing bots?

The Starbucks chatbot made its debut on the official Starbucks Barista app in early 2017. This allows users to prevent long waiting and ordering lines through a message or voice approach.

Moreover, the company made all possible through the utilization of digital marketing AI technology through mobile order and payment. The said app allows its customers to order desired drink or food, pay for their purchases. In addition, customers receive rewards depending on the number of times they visit the said coffee store. Then such rewards can be used to redeem items in the store. Hence, this only shows how convenient for its customers, especially to those who are in errands.

Also, for the most enticing part, the said chatbot app may increase engagement by knowing the customer’s particular order preferences. Thus, this will help loyal customers to patronize their products and services.

People can find the said chatbot via its official Starbucks app, which is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows.

2. Lyft

If you are searching for an excellent transportation provider, Lyft is the best app for you!

Lyft is America’s best rideshare app companion. What’s the catch? You may request for a joyride through a chatbot app or voice command.

Additionally, it can be accessed through swiping in various platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Alexa Skill (in Amazon Echo).

As for Messenger, users can request rides while on the go. They can click the car icon while chatting with your friends and immediately matches with local drivers. Besides, this enables users to know when the contacted driver is on its way, as well as its license plate number and actual driven car’s pictures.

3. Fandango

Are you a movie enthusiast? Then, this might be a perfect match for you – introducing Fandango.

Fandango was built as an official Facebook F8 launch partner. They released their marketing bots in Messenger on May 2016. This AI software allows users to watch several trending movie trailers, releases, and local theaters without touching the app itself.

chatbot for cinema

It is evidently effortless, efficient, and effective to use. How? It can be swiped through option cards to look over what movies are on-trend around each audience’s place.

If you already discovered what movie you like to watch, then, this app is a hit! Users can have an easy plan on where the nearest movie theater location is. If not interested in watching scheduled movies, you may also search for others through tapping “Showtimes.”

4. Spotify

Spotify released its first corporate chatbot in Facebook Messenger. It authorizes user’s friends to know and share music straight in chats. It also includes different features such as search tools, music recommendations, and sharing functionality with a 30-second song preview.

In order to use the chatbot app, users need to tap on the blue plus ( + ) icon in the left part of the Messenger’s text box. Afterward, tap the Spotify to open the bot. As the window pops up, an overlaid chat appears in which the chosen music to be shared can be found.

5. Whole Foods

If you love to eat, then here’s an AI software that can generate recipes for you – Whole Foods. This friendly chatbot of Whole Foods in Facebook Messenger provides recipes with nutritional values and instructions that are personalized based on every user’s responses.

Furthermore, users can either select or search for a specific recipe. Therefore, they can send a message on the site in diverse categories such as appetizers, gluten-free, or the main dish.

6. Sephora

If you’re looking for a make-up best friend, then Sephora is a fantastic partner.

Sephora launched its digital marketing AI, which provides users to get numerous makeup tutorials. This digital personal assistant aims to help beauty and makeup lovers by giving product reviews and ratings when shopping beauty items in stores.

More of that, it is used in two platforms: Facebook and Kik. Facebook features a “Sephora Reservation Assistant” which gives makeover booking appointment services in Sephora stores; and a “Sephora Visual Artist” which gives makeup shad suggestions. While Kik features makeup tips, reviews, how-to-videos, quizzes, emojis, and mobile site or Sephora site redirection.

7. Mastercard

Looking for a reliable banking system, then the Mastercard Facebook Messenger bot is here to serve you! This corporate chatbot provides Mastercard holders to check on their account transactions. These bank transaction features the review of account information, a listing of purchase history, monitoring of spend levels, provide Mastercard benefits, assistance with financial literacy, and availability in Facebook Messenger.

Also, they enable Masterpass within chats and permits customers to purchase from Mastercard partners, namely FreshDirect, Subway, and Cheesecake Factory.

8. Staples

If you’re looking for a retail company for your orders, then the Staples chatbot app is happy to serve you! Staples ensures customers to have an accessible service in an intelligent Easy System which answers common customer questions. It also provides tracking and return of orders with specific stocked items.

9. The Wall Street Journal

chatbots for business

The latest news and updates are on its way through The Wall Street Journal’s Messenger Corporate Chatbot. It is the first news service chatbot provider available on Facebook Messenger. It also gives the latest and trendiest news and other information.

10. Pizza Hut

Instant pizza everyone? Get yourselves ready with the astounding Pizza Hut chatbot app in Messenger. This chatbot includes the option to choose the pizza size, dough, and flavor; to select the payment method; to send the location, and to get notified with the order process.

11. Hipmunk

Hipmunk enables people to find travel deals, book flights, hotels, rental cars, and packages. It is user-friendly with a personalized conversation language and informal experience with an AI-powered chatbot/travel agent.

12. NatGeo Genius

NatGeo Genius Messenger marketing bots originated in promoting the National Geographic’s TV show “Genius.”  This allows the users to converse from the featured Genius’ voice. This creates a conversational human experience like other chatbots.

13. Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is one of the most remarkable digital marketing AI on the market. It is an AI-powered chatbot developed by IBM. Watson Assistant is able to understand users’ call logs or historical chats, forward users to human representatives, and find answers in your knowledge base. Moreover, Watson assistant can ask users for more clarification.

14. TechCrunch

Techcrunch is an online publisher, dedicated to reviewing and profiling new internet companies and products. It also reports on venture capital funding, silicon valley, startups, and businesses of technology.

TechCrunch is another excellent example that utilizes chatbots for their business. With their chatbot, you can receive appropriate and latest content whenever you want. In addition, you can select the number of times you wish to receive fresh content, as well as the kind of content you wish to receive.

The amazing feature of TechCrunch’s chatbot is that it makes your interaction personalized, as it tracks the articles you read and sends you content based on your preference. Also, you can tell the chatbot of what type of news you are interested in.

There is a vast ocean of online content for any person to read. That’s why TechCrunch chatbot app customizes and personalizes what content you receive, also making you able to dictate the sending frequency. With their chatbot, TechCrunch enjoys positive effects and drives more traffic to their website.

15. BabyCenter UK

BabyCenter UK is a part of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies. It is a trusted childcare and pregnancy resource in the UK.

With BabyCenter UK’s corporate chatbots, you will be asked regarding information about your child. Also, you will be asked for the challenges you are currently facing regarding childcare. The chatbot will then send targeted content and personalized advice for solving your problems.

Chatbot provider to help build your own chatbot

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Analyzing the Best Way to Build a Twitter Chatbot

twitter chatbot

You might not realize how widespread chatbots are right now. According to Business Insider, 80 percent of businesses will likely want to invest in a chatbot by 2020. And true enough, most online brands today have a chatbot at the frontlines of customer service. They’re commonly situated on social media platforms to meet where consumers are. And a stark example of this is a Twitter chatbot.

As with any other chatbot, you can make a Twitter chatbot in many different ways. Although its functions may slightly differ from other chatbots, it still has one primary purpose in mind: to increase customer engagement. Though, it’s effectiveness can lie in its programming and development. So to make the most out of it, you need to find the best way to build your Twitter chatbot.

Analyzing the Best Way to Build a Twitter Chatbot

Why You Should Get A Twitter Chatbot

Before analyzing the ways of building a Twitter chatbot, we have to discuss its importance. Constructing a chatbot on Twitter may be one of the best uses of the software. Compared to other social media platforms, Twitter is one of the most bot-friendly channels available to chatbots. This is due to recent updates on the platform’s Direct Messaging (DM) capabilities, making business-consumer conversations easier:

Welcome Messages

Businesses can set planned messages to consumers, even without prior user engagement. This feature allows brands to take the initiative, leading prospects to products, deals, and websites.

Quick Replies

Additionally, businesses also make conversations smoother by offering a set of replies to choose from. These prompted responses help save time and reduce confusion when trying to interact with chatbots. This feature is also great for chat-centric platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, minimizing customer effort.

At this point, Twitter is making the transition from being a micro-blogging app to a more chat-friendly social media platform. From amassing millions of users, making the jump towards a messaging app is the next best choice. This move particularly suits chatbots, as chatbots fit the rapid messaging experience perfectly–consumers want short but speedy replies at the edge of their fingertips.

Furthermore, a recent study shows that replying on Twitter can heighten customer relations. Given good customer responses, customers are 44 percent more likely to share their experience on Twitter compared to other platforms. Customer satisfaction is more transparent on Twitter as it is a bite-sized blogging space where people can air their thoughts more freely.

Moreover, the study also found that brand responsiveness and consumer spending habits go hand-in-hand. Users are more likely to spend on brands that are more receptive. It also showed that faster replies played a factor in generating revenue. Users’ willingness to connect on the next interaction increased when brands in 5 minutes or less.

What to Consider in a Twitter Chatbot

There is no one way to build a Twitter chatbot. With the abundance of third-party developers and chatbot development tools, virtually anyone can make a Twitter chatbot at this point. Although there are still some considerations when it comes to making one. It’s always a marketing strategy at the end of the day, and marketing strategies require the right execution. Factors such as audience, distribution, and long-term goals are essential to its success. Here are some details to consider in making your Twitter chatbot:

To AI or not to AI?

We get it: AI is excellent. We have reached a point where chatbots can have engaging interactions, all thanks to AI. Chatbot software has made it possible for bots to carry out numerous tasks, from scheduling meetings to reporting the time of the day. Companies also have a more comprehensive range with a chatbot, as they can respond to more consumers in a short amount of time. But this begs the question: do you need a high-powered AI chatbot to answer customer queries?

For a Twitter chatbot, where users will only engage for inquiries, an intelligent AI Twitter chatbot might not be necessary. You can achieve the same outcome with a rule-based chatbot, which costs less and takes less effort to tweak and develop. The key here is clear responses and an efficient customer reply flow. The Quick Replies feature helps in this regard.

Chatbot goals are crucial in these times of developing, as it helps set expectations accordingly. Looking back at what you want to achieve with your Twitter chatbot is essential to its success.

Do you need a developer?

Making a Twitter chatbot is not as easy as it looks. While many third-party developers offer an easy click-and-drag interface, chatbot creation doesn’t stop at implementation. Chatbots need to be tweaked regularly to maintain effectiveness, and should always be up-to-date with the latest trends in communication. To add, Twitter chatbots require a server to handle customer requests and integration into the platform’s API. So having a support team behind your chatbot can help it become the best version it can be.

Although with enough resources, there might not be a need to consult developers for your chatbot. It all comes down to whether you can develop it on your own or if you need help from third-party developers. Some Twitter partners provide tools for the development of Twitter chatbots, so developer experience is not required in this aspect. But take in mind: third-party development tools can vary, so be sure to choose one with tools that you want.

More human or more bot?

When you implement a chatbot, it is going to be the face of the business. So it goes without saying that the chatbot must represent company goals and objectives while still being easy to talk to. This is where tone and grammar have vital roles: chatbots have to sound natural to maintain customer responsiveness.

Since chatbots are so versatile, you can program a chatbot beyond planned responses. Chatbot conversations can be more engaging with natural language processing or NLP, where chatbots can learn from past interactions and tweak responses accordingly. But while NLP is making waves in the chatbot community, it’s not necessary the “end-all, be-all” of chatbot communication.

While sounding natural is the key to connecting customers, it’s not a good idea to make the bot sound too natural. No matter how you spin it, a chatbot is a chatbot; nothing more, nothing less. So while it might be a good idea for your bot to have a personality, it’s still a bot at the end of the day.

The Best Way to Build a Twitter Chatbot

You can develop your own Twitter chatbot in many different ways. But in reality, there is no ‘best way’ to build a Twitter chatbot. It all depends on what you want to do you’re your chatbot, and how you plan to do it. And remember, your Twitter chatbot is only as good as you program it, so constant development is the key. Looking at areas of improvement is an excellent place to start after implementation. Making a chatbot is only half the battle, after all. Testing it out with users to see how it fares with users is also essential.

Analyzing the Best Way to Build a Twitter Chatbot

Listed below are some factors to consider for the best improvement in your Twitter chatbot:

Message volume

When you make a Twitter chatbot, expect tons of replies in your inbox, whether on a daily or hourly basis. If your current server, whether your own or a third-party developer’s, cannot handle the load, it might be time to upgrade your systems to accommodate your customers.


As stated earlier, the chatbot is the face of the business, and if it doesn’t get enough engagement, it may be due for revisions. CTR, also known as clickthrough rate, will tell if a chatbot is doing its job correctly. You can trace CTR problems in a variety of factors in your Twitter chatbot, such as the chat flow (Is it too long or is it too short?), the planned replies, how the chatbot converses, etc.

Problems resolved

A chatbot’s primary goal is to make the user experience better, including answering questions when people need it. Regularly check if your Twitter chatbot is handling queries effectively. The number of problems resolved will tell whether the chatbot is a boon or a bane to the business.

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Ranking the Best Instant Messenger Apps For Business

best instant messenger

Whether you like it or not, instant messaging is now a vital part of doing business in the 21st century. Formal or informal, employees and bosses alike have an easier time communicating with each other in a way that wasn’t possible before. Almost every business in the market right now has utilized these instant messenger apps at some point. And some of the best instant messenger apps have put seamless communication, file sharing, video calls, and screen sharing all in one tiny package. And the best part? They’re free.

And in the time of lock-downs and physical distancing, they’ve become even more reliable. With team members separated and travel options limited, instant messenger apps ensure productivity among employees by maintaining constant communication at all times. These apps are now a common channel that connects employees, whether through one-on-one conversations, invite-only group chats, or public team chats in general. So it’s more important than ever to find the best instant messenger app which you can use for communicating in business.

Ranking the Best Instant Messenger Apps For Business

Communication-Wise: Email vs Instant Messenger Apps

While some may argue that email is still the king when it comes to business communication, these apps beg to differ.

The best instant messenger apps have a lot of things in common. Instant messenger apps are, by default, instant. With a tap of a finger, you can communicate in real-time without the hassle of waiting for a reply email. This feature cuts down on waiting times and enables work to continue without a hitch.

Additionally, one of the benefits of using the best instant messenger apps is they encourage brevity. Whereas an email might require all the pleasantries and formalities, communicating through an instant messaging app is short and sweet. Messages are brief, straight to the point, with no questions asked.

And although both platforms are online, instant messenger apps are much more suited for brainstorming and topics that require on-going communication. You can’t communicate within emails in real-time, which might be an issue if you’re running on a tight deadline. Instant messenger apps provide a solution to this problem, where people can interact and contribute to on-demand conversations immediately.

What Makes A Good Instant Messenger App?

Before you can choose the best instant messenger app, first you have to know what makes a good instant messenger app. Nowadays, millions of people communicate through these platforms, so it’s no surprise that businesses have gotten wind of the trend as well.

Here are some key features to look out for in finding the best instant messenger app:

Push Notifications

Instant messenger apps are called instant for a reason–they relay messages in real-time. So they must have push notifications that notify the user when messages arrive. 

Real-time Connection

It’s known that the best instant messenger apps are the apps that can send and receive messages immediately. This is one of the core features of messaging apps in general, and are a must-have to compete with the best instant messenger apps on the market.

Group Chats

One-on-one conversations are no longer enough. With the rapidly-evolving state of technology, multitasking is a must for people in this day and age. The group chats feature in instant messenger apps is not only necessary, but it’s also beneficial in bridging together employees.

Ranking the Best Instant Messenger Apps For Business

Free Voice & Video Calls

As the new channel for communication, instant messenger apps should contain free voice and video calling features. It should remove the need for charging network carrier fees, as the apps are connected online.

Multimedia Support

Communication is not limited to words, so instant messenger apps should have the option for multimedia attachments like photos, videos, files, etc. This feature opens new avenues for users to interact with each other, apart from conventional means.

The Best Instant Messenger Apps For Business Ranked

Every instant messenger app is unique in its own way, but there is a notable handful of which are great platforms to use for business.

1. Facebook Messenger

With over 2 million active users a month, Facebook Messenger is a no-brainer for communication. You can send messages, videos, GIFs, files, and audio recordings to stay connected with team members. What’s more is that Facebook Messenger is connected to your Facebook account, so it’s merely a matter of downloading the app and logging in.

Additionally, Facebook is one of the most prominent social media platforms to date, and it also houses most online businesses that are trying to make a living online. You can connect with customers easier on Facebook Messenger as you get to meet customers from where you are, while still maintaining communications with team members. This makes it one of the best instant messenger apps on the market.

Recently, Facebook Messenger also released a new feature called Messenger Rooms, which is an upgrade to their video calls that can support up to 50 people at a time.

2. Slack

This team-oriented messaging app has made waves across companies and casual users due to a mix of messaging, management tools, and app integration. Slack covers the basics of instant messaging while also supporting multimedia features like file sharing and group messaging tools.

Furthermore, the app features a system of chat channels that allows you to set subgroups for task or topic-oriented discussions. Slack also archives your communications, allowing you to search through old messages, channels, and shared files, and is integrated with services like cloud storage and Zendesk.

3. Viber

Rakuten-owned Viber is an instant messenger app that’s easy to set-up, offers a variety of messaging options, and uses your phone number as a login. The app can also sync up with your phone contacts to locate friends that are currently using Viber.

This instant messaging app can send texts, stickers, GIFs, photos, audio recordings all for free when it comes to fellow Viber users. However, the Viber Out feature lets you call non-Viber numbers and landline phones worldwide (for a fee).

New updates now introduced a self-destructing message feature that is only available in secrets chats in a one-on-one conversation.

4. Microsoft Teams

If your company already uses Microsoft’s Office 365, then you could do just as well with Microsoft Teams, the tech giant’s productivity-oriented messaging app.

This app offers a plethora of features, ranging from chat channels, group chats, to video and voice calls and file sharing. It also allows customizable chats and integration of Office suite tools, while replete with security and compliance features. Although, Teams does require users to have an Office 365 account.

5. BBM Enterprise

All of us remember the Blackberry mobile. While its days are long and gone, the Blackberry messaging platform would not be forgotten. So, if you miss the days when Blackberry is the most popular, then BBM Enterprise is right for you.

Ranking the Best Instant Messenger Apps For Business

BBM Enterprises allows users to send, edit, retract, delete or even set a timer on messages, along with a reading receipts feature. Apart from the usual multimedia features, you can also share files, your location, and connect through video or audio calls.

6. Band

For a less formal and business-like form of messaging and collaboration, then Band is perfect for you. It’s an instant messenger app which also doubles as a coordinated platform for more informal groups like family or friends or even study groups.

Here, users can make custom groups where they can invite friends and post announcements on a common board. The app also provides more focused private group chats where members can share files, create polls, upload photo albums, etc. It also a shared calendar feature so participants can stay updated with tasks.

7. Telegram

Telegram is aimed squarely at the security-conscious user with end-to-end encryption where only you and your recipient can see it. What it boasts is a quick, encrypted messaging service for both personal and private chats. The instant messenger also features a group chat function that can hold up to 200 users at a time.

Communication is what drives people, what drives ideas, and what drives opportunities. This is why communication continuously challenges the bounds of modern technology, in order to transform it to a platform that is convenient and accessible to all. It’s this particular drive that gave birth to the development of the best instant messenger apps

These apps keep individuals and brands connected through speedy transfer of information. And when it’s used effectively, it opens a vast network of connections available at everyone’s fingertips.

Given the situation that we are facing, it is crucial to be able to connect to people as often as possible to check on them. While the best instant messenger apps serve as bridges in communicating, it is also vital that we know how to use them properly. Take time to update it regularly to maximize the use of old and new features that can take your conversations into a unique experience.

Create The Best Chatbot For the Best Instant Messenger

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The Best Online Chatbot: A Mile-Gap is One Click Away

best online chatbot

Communication is a part of the daily routine of an individual. May it be verbal, gestures, or even body language. It is a vital process of socializing with other people. Moreover, communication goes in two ways: the sender and the receiver. Because humans are innate and sociable beings, it is only natural for us to use interactions as a means of survival. This is the main reason why the digital industries are using communication for their business. Thus, the best online chatbot is born.

However, not everyone has a good social life and there are some people who choose to not attach themselves to other people. Despite this, they will still crave for our natural needs and look for someone to talk to. Communication and talking to someone when you have problems relieves stress. But, if you do not have anyone to talk to, you can lean on the best online chatbot.

best online chatbot

Best online chatbot to eliminate mile-away distance 

The distance between two entities sometimes leads to poor connections. Moreover, miscommunications pave the way at a disadvantage. But that should not be the case. In today’s modern world, there are different ways to integrate creations. Specifically, communication is one of the vital needs of humans to socialize. Hence, chatbots create assistance and possible methods for connection to happen.

Many people search for the meaning of life. In line with this, they think that maybe their purpose is somewhere to be found. However, they don’t want to get lost in communicating with their dearest ones. Thus, the advancement of technology became beneficial in many ways. One of which is the introduction of the best online chatbot. It became a way to develop broader connections in the business world.

A Friend through the best online chatbot

Have you ever felt like you are lost? Do you also feel like nobody is there to talk to you at times of needing a friend? Then, the best online chatbot can be your great buddy to put a smile on your face. These bots can provide you the necessary advice that you need. It is also like talking to someone as if he or she knows what you are going through.

Conversations with the chatbots can lessen the feeling of being isolated. It gives the user the companion that he or she needs. Chatbots provide users with information that is appropriate for the given situation. Since bots are computer programs, there are no judgments that may occur. The AI can also help the user to improve his or her communicating skills.

Chatbot for business expansion

Business firms also adopt the use of technology. Though it is costly, it is worth the risk. Consumers tend to patronize a business that is going with the trend. Moreover, these help them to market their business and attract many customers. AI helps the firms to gain more customers and earn more profit. The best online chatbot can help in persuading the public to choose the advertised product of a company. Here are some of the things related to business through chatbots:

Marketing the business

In the business world, innovation comes with technology. The adaptation of this trend makes the company competitive. These bots can help the integration of the marketing strategy of a particular business firm.

Business partnerships

The business owners are indeed one of the most pre-occupied persons in the office. There will be times that he may have different appointments to attend. Moreover, the owner can address not every single message of the clients. But with the help of the best online chatbot, it would be possible. It is like having a personal assistant on the web that can communicate with the clients’ inquiries.


Unlike sitting there for several hours, having these AI’s can manage your time well. Since these bots are computer programs, they can easily give the information asked by the clients. The best online chatbot can do works faster than a manually operated procedure.

best online chatbot


Hiring employees with different personalities can be quite frustrating. But with the use of chatbots, you can have a competent item that will last for a long and durable time. It can save you money from training and hiring employees, now and then. The best online chatbot can provide you the cost worthiness of your assets. Your capital grows even more to something that will give you the target profit that you have.

How the chatbots can help the world

There are numerous benefits that you can get by using the best online chatbot. May it is for your business or for yourself, there is just an endless possibility about the things it can do. As the world is progressing with technological developments, there is no doubt that it could be the future we are waiting for. Here are some of the benefits they could give:

Chatbots For Entertainment 

Stress is one of the most challenging parts of the day. It sums up all the hard works that you’ve done for the whole day. It comes with physical, mental, and even emotional stress. But with the help of the best online chatbot, pressure can be relieved immediately. These bots can also provide challenging questions that may give relief to your heavy load. These are specific chatbots created for this kind of recreation.

People need entertainment sometimes to get away with stress in life. It is a means of recreation. You don’t need to carry the burden by yourself. There are many things to consider for a stress reliever. These bots will help you to refresh and get time for setbacks. Moreover, chatbots are also instruments to find refreshments. It allows you to show your bright side apart from being so workaholic.

Curiosity Responder Online Chatbots

Humans are born curious about the world. They tend to explore and know different things around them. Once something strange caught their eyes, they get curious about it. Thus, they find ways on how to deal with their sudden interest. The best online chatbot can provide this mind-blowing novelty to stimulate brain activity. These AI’s give information that is catchy and worth reading.

Curiosity gives people the urge to try something new, and this process leads to learning. These bots provide them with the chance to discover themselves. These offer them the opportunity to develop their potentials upon knowing what they can do. Chatbots allow them to see the personalities they thought they do not have. It is a way of putting themselves in situations wherein they will be more productive.

Change Is Always Coming

Change is the most constant thing in the world. Now and then, some differences occur. Hence, communication comes along with it. To be part of the fast-changing world, you need to cope up. The best online chatbot can give you accessibility to connect with other people. These bots create an environment that would be suitable for interaction to occur. Despite the challenges of having factors as hindrances, such as time, place, and even the person himself. There are always good things that come along with the changes.

The interference of changes is a way to improve more. It is an avenue to see the potentials of man’s inventions. Moreover, it can test on how productive we can be amidst the challenges that may happen. Furthermore, it is a way to discover various techniques for the improvement of communications. Luckily, the best online chatbots are here to support your business transactions.

best online chatbot

No Places That Far

Distance should not be a hindrance in pursuing communication. It is a challenge to see how far we can go in developing these kinds of bots. Artificial intelligence provides information that will enable us to continue the dialogue. The best online chatbot makes it possible to cut the distance from far places.

Where to find the best online chatbot?

If you are in the business sector and you want to improve your business transactions, then you are on the right track of having one! These would help you to enhance your firm stylishly. Be innovative and emphasize creativity. The best online chatbots can be an excellent advantage for your social life, especially in business. Do not wait any longer, and have your chatbots now. It will surely lead your business to success.

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Automated Chatbots for Recruitment Process

Recruitment and selection process are vital tasks that every company must take into consideration. This is the part of finding the right candidates who are going to take the job posts that the brand needs. It is also essential that the recruited person fits the requirements of the work and the organization he or she is going to fill in. Moreover, employees are the reflection and representation of the company so they must pass the standard of the industry you are in. With these reasons, the birth of automated chatbots happens.

Furthermore, there are many reasons as to how automated chatbots can help the recruitment process in the marketing world. The human resource department need to do a lot of tasks, and selection is only one of them. About 56% of recruiters are spending their workdays just for scheduling interviews. Meanwhile, 60% of their work year is being dedicated to the screening of possible candidates. However, automated chatbots can decrease their workloads in a lot of ways.

Why companies need competitive recruiters?

As the saying goes, companies are as good as the people they hire, and this puts a lot of responsibility in the HR department. Depending on the skills and decision making of recruiters, it can make or break the performance of the business. This is also why marketing colleges and universities are offering separate courses for human resource. Moreover, finding the right applicants for job postings are quite costly because of the processes of recruitment.

These processes of recruitment include finding employees, screening them, hiring and keeping them on the payroll. Besides, just the selection process is tricky enough. Most hiring managers are giving in to the temptation of selecting the first person to qualify the requirements of a job. What they fail to consider is that there could be a more qualified person out there. In conclusion, it is not just about finding a person that passes the requirements, but it is about hiring the one who best fits the position.

Automated chatbots are here to help

However, these complicated tasks are tough to accomplish just by a mere person. It is time-consuming and very exhausting. Making job descriptions and finding possible candidates are already hard enough. Also, just looking through hundreds of pages of resumes submitted is draining. Meanwhile, you need to analyze these papers because one mistake on recruitment could affect the company negatively.

Now, there are some other options that you can take. Some companies are hiring headhunters who can do the job of finding applicants for you. However, because they are only human, it is still tough to trust them fully. There are some cases where non-qualified applicants may pay them just to be referred for the job. This could cause a big problem for the HR department and the company itself. Then, what can you possibly do to make things easier? You need to have automated bots that will do the job for you.

Functions of automated chatbots

Automated chatbots are the lifesaver of numerous companies. As for the recruitment and selection process, they are genuinely the Messiahs HR department needs. With bots, automating the complicated process is possible and faster. They can handle the tasks of sending job posts to potential applicants and collecting their resumes. Because they are only artificial intelligence, they can do all of these 24/7.

Here are some of the ways bots are helping the HR department:


This is a very tough job as it is one of the first steps in the recruitment processes. Sourcing includes finding possible candidates who may fill in the job posting. In other words, this is shortlisting right applicants. Sourcers need to collect data and sort the resumes submitted to be able to make the next steps of recruitment possible. With automated chatbots, this part is now more accessible.

Automated chatbots can communicate with your prospect employees and see if they fit in the requirements. This is by asking relevant questions and collecting data that it will analyze later. The entire conversation will be personalized, which makes possible applicants feel more comfortable. The chances of choosing your company will increase with this. Because bots are available 24/7, you do not need to worry about heavy workloads and overtime works. It will surely improve the quality of hiring while saving your time to complete other jobs.

Sorting job positions

There are times when companies need to hire a large number of the applicants for different job descriptions. This causes confusion within the HR department and can even lead to choosing the wrong applicants for the position. Also, some applicants are applying despite not knowing the details of job openings available in the company. They are going to inquire about the possible positions they can apply for and this is an additional task for recruiters.

However, automated chatbots can do just everything on sorting out job positions. As they converse with the applicants, they can answer some inquiries while analyzing the areas they are perfect for. Candidates will share necessary information, skills, and experiences, and the AI will find relevant openings for them. It will help not only the company but also the applicants who are interested in the job.


Scanning through the job applications and setting up an initial interview before the final interview is exhausting both for the company and applicants. Reviewing the candidate’s cover letter and resume is one of the most time-consuming parts of this. You need to compare all of them to each other in order to choose the best one. Also, the HR staff need to note the qualifications of the positions and see if the applicants qualify.

Moreover, in the screening part, the HR department needs to explain the company’s history and job description to give more information to the applicant. Right after this, you can conduct a simple interview asking the candidate about the necessary information needed. Moreover, you need to decide if the applicant passed the initial screening and can go through the next interview. However, with the help of automated bots, the company can proceed to the following process faster and better.


After the initial screening, HR department staff need to schedule the next interview of the applicants. They need to take into consideration the number of persons who passed the initial screening while making the schedule. Moreover, they need to find the right time where everyone is available. This is a difficult job, especially if the interview needs to be done for different managers handling different departments.

However, this is just easy if you have automated chatbots by your side. They can easily analyze the work schedule and look for an opening that can work. The candidates who passed the initial screening will then be informed about the time, date, place, and the requirements of the next interview. The applicants can also send their queries to the bot and can expect an immediate answer. Automated bots make everything easier.

Answering FAQs

If there are a lot of applicants, answering messages and calls to give out answers about their questions is tiring. This is an additional work for the HR department which stresses them out. There are also some times that they even receive spams and prank calls. Answering repetitive questions is too time-consuming and can affect work schedules.

But now, there are already automated chatbots that can do all of this tasks for the HR staff. Applicants will only need to connect with the bot and proceed on asking questions. The questions will be analyzed and sorted out immediately before giving out the corresponding answer. Moreover, bots are available 24/7, and you can contact them wherever you are, which is very convenient for both parties.

Make your automated chatbots

As mentioned above, there are a lot of benefits automated chatbots can give both for employers and applicants. It can save the time of both parties and lessen the need of the company to hire more employees. Overtime is also not a problem because bots can take care of the things needed to be done after the working hours. Rather than spending time on the things above, HR can proceed on their other jobs that need attention.

Moreover, using automated bots improves the communication and interaction between the company and the applicant. It can easily connect with the applicants without losing its composure. Because it is artificial intelligence, it will not feel fatigue and stress and can always communicate with the candidates well. If you want to improve the recruitment and selection of your company, it is best to make your automated chatbots rather than hiring more HR department employees.

With Herobot, you can make all of this possible. Creating your automated chatbot for recruitment is easy with this chatbot platform. You just need the right idea and this app will to create the best bot for you. Moreover, making bots will only require you to drag and drop features that you want. Herobot also offers numerous templates that you can choose. Visit our website to know more.

Online Bot to Talk To: Ideas on How to Use Them and Increase Sales

Auto Chat Bot

There is a high chance that someone has suggested or maybe you have thought of using an online bot to talk to in your business website or Facebook page. In the marketing world, chatbots are already making a massive scene in providing significant progress for the sales and fame for the brands. This is by stepping up their game in customer service and giving a source of entertainment for their users. Chatbots are also very adaptable and you can apply them to different industries. This makes it easier to open more possibilities.

With the ongoing popularity of online bots, there are enormous amounts of research to make them more satisfactory. As the number of online bots to talk to is becoming more extensive, the number of demands for their services are also increasing. In fact, the birth of the best artificial intelligence (AI) are from the needs of users for curiosity, efficient management, and better service.

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Making your bot

If you are thinking of making your bot now, start on gathering ideas. It will be hard soon enough to make the best one for your business. Due to the massive and harsh competition, other companies snatched most designs. And, it is not easy to make an online bot to talk to that will be remembered by users. However, remember that as a businessman, what you need is a bot that will answer every need of customers.

Tips on increasing your sales by using online bots to talk to

In business, you must find innovative ways of interacting with your costumers and increasing your profits. To do this, you should be able to devise plans of making people interested and curious about your products. You must always maintain good customer service and be able to entertain them at all times. This is why companies are using online bots to talk to.

Here are some ideas on increasing your sales by using online bot to talk to:

Deliver Welcome Messages

Catching the attention of your prospective customers while they are surfing the internet is with the help of chatbots. The interest of visitors to your business increases when your chatbots become interactive with them. It’s essential to take note that your business must be perceived from your website as friendly and accommodating. By simply greeting them with their names as they go along through your site is a significant plus point.

Also, popping some windows in the corners that scream about promos and discounts is not a lousy decision. Using this kind of strategies with your online bots to talk to strengthens your chance for more sales and revenues. Remember that your goal here is to eliminate the boundary that sets your business away from your prospect customers.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Of course, losing a regular or prospective customer would harm your business. The traditional way on how to topple this unfavorable outcome is by just bringing the best possible quality of their products and their services. But with the presence of online bots to talk to, they discover smart countermeasures. When your customers suddenly withdraw their orders, your chatbots can generate a warning message about it. This way, you can still subtly persuade your customers to revive their interest with your store. Chatbots can give you a bright solution to this matter in the least time –consuming way.

Trending today is the abandoned cart recovery chatbots that are widely-used around the world. This particular type of chatbots is one of the must-have chatbots in the e-commerce business. One of the reasons why e-commerce businesses have survived from abandoned carts is high interactive engagement. The most often case here is when the customers begin to order but do not move forward to checkout. In this way, your chatbots can interact with them and serve a discount to accomplish the purchase process.

Stop visitors from leaving with online bots to talk to

It’s indeed a milestone if you’re able to get the attention of your target viewers. But before you continue to celebrate, make sure that your visitors are able to stay long browsing your website from top to end. It’s indeed a tough challenge to hold the attention of your viewers. You know why? It’s because you don’t have any control over how they see your website. But there’s nothing you have to worry about because chatbots got your back. An engagement using online bot to talk to can grasp your customers to your website. As a result, their minds change their behavior so suddenly. Your customers perhaps stay and browse more about your business.

Another thing, transparent feedbacks from your customers would also be generated to help you locate some improvements in your industry. In this way, your visitors would tend to interact more with your online bot to talk to. You may not notice with your naked eyes, but chatbots can do this for you. Keeping your customers connected with your website is helpful to create a considerable impact straight to your business. As this engagement within your website continues to occur, their mind is under your control. Grab this chance to analyze your target customers and bring the best for your company.

online bots to talk to

Generate Leads

Aside from stimulating the attention your prospect customers, the engagement between them and your chatbots can be also beneficial in generating lead sales. As you ask some purposive questions using your online bot to talk to, you can quickly accumulate some essential data. Connecting your business to your target customers is a significant way to create a rampant lead. The existing method of producing leads is by using pop-up ads. However, pop-up ads and banner ads can be so much annoying for your website visitors.

That’s why; considering the use of chatbots is the wisest choice to counter-attack this market situation. Online bot to talk to do the same function as banner ads, but they are more user-friendly and less disturbing. The graphics are also designed to be interactive and convincing in the eyes of the visitors. Besides, the chatbots menu only occupies small corners on the screen and does not dominate all over. As a result, users are not distracted while doing their work. If you’re able to incorporate all these fantastic tips, expect to produce leads more than you expect. You may not get it right ahead, but it’s convertible to the customer later on. 

Answer Frequent Questions

Your customers inevitably ask repetitive questions over and over again. If it has to do by a real-human agent, this is not going to be useful anyway. You can’t have a person do the same tasks for the rest of their lives. For sure, the productivity level would be compromised in the first place. Another, customer service would also be ineffective sometimes. This is because it would be more time-consuming answering all the questions individually.

However, this landscape has all changed in the advent of chatbots. They can respond to individual questions from different parts of the world all at the same time. They are trained to handle perceptions and provide answers all at the same time. Even though they’re doing this stuff for repeatedly, they won’t get tired and won’t stop responding.

Check Order Status

With the presence of chatbots around, the shops present details of order status in the most convenient way to give access to everyone. Online bot to talk to is capable of having a straight connection to the database and offer valuable information to everyone.

Instead of merely greeting your customers, online bot to talk to can also act as your trusted customer service agent in this matter. Chatbots and your customers can interact the same way but can also talk about order status specific your account. Some information included are shipping number, product information, and many more.

Inform that operators are busy

It’s inevitable that sometimes, the operators are away and there’s no one available from the office to answer all the inquiries they cast on your website. So in this matter, chatbots can help a lot. With or without the presence of operators, chatbots can still do their task no matter what. Take note, operators, staff, and personnel are still human too.

Just like anybody else, they still need to take a break from everything that gives them pressure and stress. In this busy world, this privilege is often left away. Thanks to online bot to talk to that always remind everyone that they are still the person they have to be.

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Take This Opportunity With Us!

If you want to create an innovative online bot to talk to like this, there’s still a lot more than you have to learn. Of course, you may need to coordinate well with a credible chatbot company and listen to them. Remember, business operations are all crucial, so make sure that you have launched the best chatbot that resembles your company well. Grab the opportunity with Hero Bot and make a significant move for your business. Visit us at

Facing the Future: Looking at Auto Chat Bot as Your New Business Companion

Auto Chat Bot

The drastic developments presently found in our technology had brought a new era for businesses. In today’s reality, marketing has become more than just distributing brochures and pamphlets, as well as displaying posters along the street. To efficiently run and improve your business, you have to start engaging and using these technological developments made to help and aid you. We now have access to new ways, new tools, and new strategies to start, develop, and grow your businesses. One of which is the rise of auto chat bot.

Humans succeeded in sharing their thinking capacity with the machines. With this, technological advancement made machines capable of analyzing, talking, and conversing just like you. Based on artificial intelligence software, an auto chatbot could initiate conversations and chats using mobile applications and websites. This AI works through a thinking procedure wherein the system would analyze the specific request coming from the message initiator. The system would then identify the request and synthesize it to be able to compose a reply. Thus, a chatbot is here to assist you in sending information and chatting with your consumers.

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Describing Auto Chat bot as Your New Partner

As the development of auto chat bot could be traced back in the 1950s, it could be assured that its functionality and system has been greatly improved. It further allowed extensive interaction and communication among machines and humans. Similarly, as it was also built and created as a software, which is why it could not merely be limited and restricted by one’s technology. This has proven its essentiality to various businesses, organizations, and corporations.

So, how could the AI technology and auto chat bot become your business companion and partner? To put it simply, they become your new business representative. In business, your communication and engagement among and within consumers is an essential task. As it builds your relationship between them, it pre-determines your growth and success. In this regard, it is safe to say that chatbots can be more functional and efficient than your regular employees. Under their Question Answering System, auto chatbots are able to answer your queries and questions.  At the same time, to be able to respond, they analyze and interpret a large amount of data to be able to give an appropriate answer. Lastly, fewer errors would also be made because of the longer attention span that they would have rather than humans.

How Exactly Could an Auto Chatbots Help You?

1. Proficient Customer Assistance and Care

Excellent services are sure to be available. This is because of the program that has been set and built within the chatbot system. Looking at the customer assistance provided by a human, issues regarding time, emotion, and character are considered to be one of the primary problems that are commonly encountered in a business setting. On the other hand, reliance on chatbots could provide continuous positive feedback wherein it could only respond based on how you would want it to answer.

2. They Could Aid You With Anything

When you are to buy a new product, the assistance is given to you with regards to the description, size, and prices of the services and products could motivate you to purchase and avail. However, with a variety of choices and brands to choose from, it is never an easy task to provide an accurate and concrete answer to all of the given questions. With this issue rise the primary essence of chatbots. They could provide you with anything you need and suggest the services that you have been looking for. Ranging from processing online orders, advising different products, supporting customers, and transferring money, your Chatbots are capable of doing all these tasks all at once.

3. Excellent Interaction and Engagement With Your Consumers

Who says that your auto chat bot cannot be your customer’s friend? As it is the one who would converse and communicate with your clients, your chatbots are not just your representative but also their friend. At the same time, race, nationality, and language would not limit its capacity to engage. That is why, anytime and anywhere, your clients could use the chatbot system with ease and convenience.

Why Must You Prefer AI Intelligence?

1. Availability

Unlike humans, your auto chat bot doesn’t need to sleep, eat, and drink. That is why it is assured that it would always be accessible. Availability is also essential to your business, primarily if you are operating around the world. At the same time, slow and unresponsive replies could also be one of the reasons why you would lose your clients. Thus, a reachable and available chatbot is all you need to help you will all the inquiries and questions about your company.

2. Cost Saving

In business, being able to save money from all the investments and expenditures could help you succeed. Rather than spending a significant amount on hiring employees and paying the lease, an online chatbot could do most of the tasks that are needed to be accomplished. It helps you save while making sure that you still perform and reach the goals that your business would want to achieve.

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3. Trendy

As part of the growing global market, you must be able to catch up with all the advancements present today. Being part of the trend could increase your brand awareness and recognition. With this, it helps you grow your company. As much as chatbots are efficient, it also attracts the attention of your possible consumers and would want to try your services and products. Lastly, on instances when competitions are tight, a chatbot system could provide you leverage among your competitors.

4. Preciseness

As everything could be programmed within the system, it is assumed that errors would not exist- if not, limited. Machines are known to follow only the manuals and instructions given to them. That is why preciseness on every reply and conversation you engaged with will be observed. Chatbots would only follow a specific process that was programmed and taught to them. With this, your issues regarding disparities and inconsistencies were addressed.

5. Personalized

Your brand has a particular take and image that you would want to show and portray? That will never be a problem! Auto chat bot can work to fit the image you would want it to be. The way it uses words, construct sentences, and initiate conversation could vary depending on your wishes and needs. It specializes in adapting to your directives to give you and your customers the best services that it could offer.

Need One? Herobot Is Here For You!

The essentiality of auto chatbots to today’s businesses cannot be denied. The real question now is, where, and how to have one? There are a lot of companies present in this industry. However, among all others, Herobot is a platform that could provide you with the perfect chatbot that you are looking for. Known for their high-quality and user-friendly services, it could offer you the best chatbot that is fit for your goals and needs. The languages, styles, fonts, and the overall interface would all be based on your liking. It provides you with the complete services in digital marketing to guarantee that you grow your business.

To learn more about Herebot, here are some of the services that your auto chatbot could offer:

1. Creating Your Own Chat Broadcasts

This service specializes in sending various information, advertisements, and updates on the Facebook Messenger of your clients. With this, you can be sure that you get in touch and would never lose contact with your consumers.

Increased Recognition Through Upgraded Facebook Ads – Your brand awareness states how much potential your company has. Using this service, Herobot will supply you with Click-to-Messenger Ads to capture a larger audience that could be interested in your company.

2. Automatic Response Provided

Connect with your clients as Herobot offers you with a chatbot capable of providing instant replies and messages. These responses are not only essential to your business company but also your clients.

3. Efficient Provision of Information and Leads

Stay informed with the updates to be given by your auto chat bot anywhere. Your chatbot is capable of analyzing data as a response to its interaction with your customers and could be immediately sent to you through either SMS or email. In business, this is considered vital. This results in a faster response and solution to solve the issues faced by your company.

4. Improved Engagement and Interaction with Your Audience

Herobot establishes interaction with your buyers through the conduct of automatic contests and quizzes. This results in an increase in the engagement with your clients that builds their loyalty.

auto chat bot

Among all the services that Herobot could provide, it gives you enough reasons why you should choose auto chat bot as your new business representative. It is more than just the aid that they could deliver but the quality of services that they have. That is why, if you would want to step up your online marketing game, visit, and have one of the best auto chatbots for your business.