E-Commerce Trend: Build a Chatbot for Your Business

build a chatbot

Rapid response to customer’s queries, concerns, or problems ensures a strong brand establishment and loyalty of the business’ consumers. Stimulating a conversation with your consumers is a great factor to earn leads that can eventually be converted to sales. The faster you reply, the higher chance you’ll close a sale. Moreover, being responsive to consumers usually resulted in good customer feedback and helps you build a reliable name. With human’s innovative mind, they were able to conclude that they needed customer support that will be there at all times. That thinking leads to the birth of chatbots. One by one, businesses started to build a chatbot.    

build a chatbot

Despite its earlier discovery, the year 2017 was the year chatbots dominated the e-commerce and become increasingly popular up until now. A lot of big and well-known brands build a chatbot to support and strengthen their customer service approach. Several companies such as Spotify, H&M, American Express, etc. have grown their business with this strategy. This artificial intelligence contributes a lot to the future of customer support as well as the connection of marketers to their customers.

What you need to know before you build a chatbot

The chatbot is a computer-generated program that engages with a human conversation either through chat, voice commands, or both. It can be used with a popular messaging app such as Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp. Chatbots has a distinguished personality which is designed depending on what type of business this will be used for. It has two categories:

a. Command Based Chatbots

This kind of chatbot relies on pre-stored data of conversations. It selects the best answer that matches the context of a customer’s query or concern. This kind can only answer limited types of questions and thus, it can’t perform actions that are beyond its codes.

b. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots

Chatbots of this kind can handle more complex conversations and questions. It composes replies from scratch and becomes smarter over time because it can learn from the data of previous conversations.

Why build a chatbot for your business?

More and more companies build a chatbot for their businesses as their number one marketing partner. Whatever business you see online, whether big or small, they prefer using automated messages to answer the inquiries of their customers. However, how do chatbots really help entrepreneurs? Why should you build a chatbot to proper in your business? Do you really need it in order to compete in the digital marketing world? Here are some of the reasons:

• Chatbots will hype up your consumers.

It is common knowledge that a fast response to your consumer’s needs will likely result in a close sale. This is where chatbots come in- it is 24/7 available! It doesn’t need to rest like a human which is why it is perfect to be your customer service buddy to serve your customer anytime.

• Chatbots can reduce operational costs.

Chatbots can be present 24/7 with no fail. They can solve and support countless repetitive questions and concerns of your consumers. This can help the load of customer support and leave the more complex queries and assistance to human service agents. This can help in increasing productivity to agents.

• Chatbots can boost your sale.

Efficient Chatbots produced by reliable platforms such as Herobot can spike up your sales in various ways. Chatbots can improve customer engagements as it can personalize conversation to interact with your consumers. Also, it does not keep your customers waiting. It addresses your customer’s concerns on every scale and answers every question. It also has a vast reach of the audience that a human cannot do. Chatbots have stored data that helps to communicate with customers, thus, making them feel valued and remember which results in good customer feedback. 

• Chatbots know how to showcase new offers.

This newly formed technology can reach a massive audience and can potentially be a good platform when launching new products and services. With a pool of consumers’ profiles stored in chatbots, they can easily target the right audience for your promotions. If you build a chatbot for your business, it will choose the right audience. Thus, this audience will not feel irritated because the offers you are sending them is just their interest.

build a chatbot

Chatbots are the new marketing trend

Chatbots just make it easy for every marketing endeavor and business owner who wants to grow their business. They can reach the right audience and build good relationships with them. They also can persuade consumers to purchase by suggesting to them their preferred items. Imagine how easy it would be to market your products if you build a chatbot for your business? It can track consumer interest and monitors consumer’s behavior which helps to push notifications based on individual preference.

• Chatbots can close purchase transactions and give recommendations

It is not easy to decide on what to buy especially when there are a lot of specifications that you should consider. But, guess what? Another great thing that chatbots can do is that they can make recommendations to your consumers according to what they want and need. They analyze the data and they can suggest the right product or service that your customer is looking for. 

Another amazing thing that chatbot can do is that they can now sell. They even have payment options now. Build a chatbot for your business and enjoy all these perks.

With all these benefits, it is a win-win to look for a reputable company like Herobot.app to help you build a chatbot for your business. 

How do businesses use it?

Chatbots are beneficial to a business. It has a big contribution to the leverage of the businesses that utilize it. According to some studies, AI bots are a great contributor to the expansion of companies and big innovations in marketing. Find out how successful businesses have built and used their chatbots for their convenience. 

  • Making your presence in social media through excellent customer service

Chatbots can be used to answer consumer’s queries and concerns in less than a second and this just helps your brand to enhance your presence in social media. Chatbots are getting smarter over time, it can even now conduct purchases and hold payment options. If you build a chatbot to support your business, you can build your social media presence as well.

  • It can provide better service in smartphones and tablets.

Recent research shows that smartphone users have outnumbered the laptop/pc owners. This is because smartphones can do everything that you can in a laptop/ pc. Usage of chatbots to serve smartphone and tablet users can help you have a more streamlined and wider target consumer.

  • It attends specialized tasks

These tasks are those that can be done by chatbots more frequently than humans. Tasks such as hiring a cab, ordering foods, or checking weather are usually done by chatbots. This is because they have the capacity to do it anytime.

Be your own success story now!

build a chatbot

It is really a great wonder how innovative our technology can become. As time passed, new technology has been launched to provide convenience to us humans. And also, it helps the industry to be more effective in attending human needs. Chatbot has helped businesses and has become the new marketing trend. Positive effects of having chatbot in business have been proven by a lot of brands and truly, this has paved the way for more accurate and conventional marketing. 

Build a chatbot with Herobot.app and have them assist you while starting to use this on your business. They offer a variety of chatbot that is programmed to serve your customers better. Increasing sales, establishing good customer engagement, creating a great brand image, and receive countless good feedbacks from your consumers- you can all achieve this with chatbots from Herobot.app.

The competition is really close, and if you want to stick to the competition, you must keep up with your marketing strategies and customer service management. Human’s abilities have limitations, but chatbots can help them. Build a chatbot for your business, utilize it and you’ll see a great improvement both your sales and brand image. Check out more about chatbots at Herobot.app now. 

Voice Chatbot: Is it Better than Messenger Chatbots?

The trend about chatbot is undeniably making a noise in the marketing industry. It is being applied on different platforms, and enterprises from sales to entertainment are considering bots as their must-haves. The truth is two kinds of the conversational interface exists all this time. However, most people are only familiar with using messenger bots rather than voice chatbot. Now, which one is better between the two?

Depending on the nature of the business, companies have different preferences and needs that they need to fill in. Moreover, their audiences and target customers vary, which affects the marketing plan they need to do.  Other businesses need text-activated chatbots, but some needs voice-enabled ones to cater to their customer interaction.

voice chatbot

What is a Voice Chatbot?

Before tackling the differences and the benefits of the two AIs, let us talk about what voice chatbot is first. True to its name, this bot is voice-enabled and can interact with its users through talking. Despite what people expect, it can accept commands through oral and written words. It will then communicate and respond through voice. Furthermore, there are two kinds of voice chatbot—one that can answer through text and oral together and one that can only be activated by voice.

This voice chatbot is commonly used for the benefit of those people who are not able to use their hands throughout the conversation. Rather than using a messenger bot that will require all your attention, this is more useful for multi-tasking. This kind of AI uses text speech and pre-recorded responses to answer the queries and concerns of the users.

Voice chatbots list

Numerous companies are using voice chatbot for their marketing purposes. Aside from its convenience, this kind of bot is also proven to make brands notch sales and popularity. Moreover, it adds naturalness in the way bots can converse with humans. This is because of its intuition, informality, and fast responses. To know more about this, here is a voice chatbot list that will set as examples for you.


Number 1 on our list is Alexa. Alexa is a voice chatbot that has proved its effectiveness as it garners a 30 million-plus unit sales. The company behind this success in the Amazon, which is one of the world’s most respected companies. They believe that Alexa is going to play a significant role in the industry of e-commerce which is why they supported it throughout everything.

According to some experts, Alexa has more than 30 thousand skills that can help its users perform multiple tasks. You can use it for shopping, playing some music, searching for a specific topic, and even just for entertaining yourself.  Its developer claims that is performing more skills than any other chatbots you can find in the digital market.


This bot one of the major competitors of Alexa. Like the previous bot, Assistant has multiple sets of skills that helps its users in many ways. Also, his voice chatbot is quite flexible too, as Android users can have access to it one their phones. Moreover, Google made it possible that iPhone holders can download Assistant on their iOs.

While some are saying that Alexa is a better voice chatbot, some people prefer Assistant and its consistency. Amazon has many significant innovations and is expanding the options of the users for this interface. However, this also brought some inconsistencies and problems regarding their products. Meanwhile, Assistant was able to maintain its authenticity and even improves its already great performance. It is also starting to try out new ideas like connecting microwaves into their voice chatbot.


If you are a big Apple fan, you are undoubtedly familiar with Siri. This voice chatbot is exclusively available on Apple devices and is making its name in the industry. It is already downloaded on all iPhones and has already helped a lot of its users. It reaches its everyday interactions with them and has an exemplary machine learning skill.

voice chatbot

However, the only problem about it is the possibility of security and privacy risk with its machine learning capacity and voice recognition feature. Its high intelligence enables it to collect intimate knowledge and details about the user’s personal lives.

Benefits of voice chatbot

Voice chatbot is expected to change the Artificial Intelligence game in the marketing industry for the next years. They say that in 2020, there is a high chance that 50% of searches are going to be with the use of voice. With this, the demand for this voice-enabled bots is increasing. 1 in every 5 of American teens are interested and planning to buy and download voice chatbot. However, its effectiveness depends on the nature of the business.

If you want to target those customers who are prone to multi-tasking, then voice chatbot is suitable for you. Moreover, you can make this bot if you want your system to be more flexible. You can also create it for those people who are not capable of using their hand, such as those with illnesses. It is also more useful and feels more natural than text-based bots. Furthermore, if you don’t have any budget constraints, then you will not have any problem with it. This is because developing this bot is quite expensive.

Why do consumers prefer voice rather than text?

The answer to this question is straightforward. As you know, bots are used as digital assistants of people. They are used to make the human’s life easier and to provide automation to the marketing industry. However, messenger bots still cannot provide the most of automation. This is because you still need to open its application and will require your full attention as you type your inquiries.

Here are some of the reasons why need a voice chatbot:

Does not require physical touch

One of the most significant benefits that you can have with voice chatbot is its automation and how it does not require physical contact. As we move forward with touch-free devices, voice recognition is also able to offer personalization without using your hand. Also, this eliminates the need for supporting the equipment needed to perform.

Moreover, with this new AI technology, you can speak to your chatbot without using control buttons. Because of this, fewer typos can also be made, which makes you and the bot interact with each other better. This just breaks the barrier created by text-based bots.

Avoid monotonous conversation

Not everyone is fond of reading which is why most people prefers watching movies than reading an entire book. A simple text could be dull and lack personalized sentiments. Moreover, not all people have the patience of devoting their entire time typing and reading long messages.

This is why voice chatbot is becoming more famous than ever. It fills in the parts that messenger bots lack. With the high competition in the industry, this higher artificial intelligence could satisfy their customers. It avoids difficult and inorganic conversations and offers a more exciting way of using technology.

voice chatbot

Gives faster responses

Although messenger bots claim that it provides quick answers with its users, it is not entirely true. Voice bots can provide a faster experience in customer service. You will not have to wait for the bot to input its answer to your questions. After you ask the voice bot a question, it will instantly respond to your queries via voice.

Increases productivity

Rather than messenger bots, voice chatbot can give its users more productive. Because it does not require hands, it means that you can do other things while using it. You can cook, draw, eat, and even clean the house while you are using it. Moreover, you can drive and still be able to schedule meetings with your clients or send emails and dial calls.

Expands businesses

Bots have made the marketing industry bigger and have created a lot of tough competition. This is because they can provide a business expansion. Customers tend to be more excited and interactive with voice chatbot. If they can talk with them, there is a higher chance for customers to buy products in the company.

Make your voice chatbot

If you are planning on making a voice chatbot, you must remember that it is much complicated that messenger bots. However, Herobot is here to help you along the way to have a smoother process of chatbot creation. Moreover, numerous templates are already available on our website that you can choose. Also, creating your bot here is less expensive than hiring professionals or using other platforms.

Herobot is also known for helping a lot of companies to generate leads and lift the sales of the brand. It is very interactive, and no bugs can be seen with our bots. Moreover, machine learning in our bots is impressive, which can help your company grow more prominent. Although there are a lot of pros and cons, voice chatbot is still remarkable in the market. This is more reason for you to make your own now. Click here for more information.

8 Best Marketing Apps to Boost Your Business

best marketing apps
best marketing apps

The digital marketing world is undeniably growing by each second as technology is advancing. The new generation of commerce requires every business to adapt to the new system. They use social media and the latest gadgets to publicize the existence of their products. This is why numerous applications are built to make the c-commerce easier. In this article, we are going to tackle the best marketing apps to boost your business.

These marketing apps are going to help you while you are venturing the digital business world. They are going to help you make your brand known in every social media sites and the talk of every netizen. Your blog posts and photos are also going to be flawless and will entice more customers from coming. Moreover, each of the best marketing apps that will be mentioned will surely make your business life a whole lot more comfortable.

Why the best marketing apps are the future

Marketing applications are here, and they are going to stay. Even if you think that your business can function without these apps, think of how your life will be more comfortable with them. Remember that in business, time is money, and every second counts. Moreover, the best marketing apps can even offer services that are impossible for you to do at a particular time.

Also, marketing apps can create more traffic and market your brand more effectively in the industry. You can also make sure that your every schedule plans is done on time. Moreover, things like grammatical errors and problems on graphics will be less with these best marketing apps. Today, there are a lot of these that you can find all over the internet and on application stores.

Best Marketing Apps for you

best marketing apps

If you try to search on the internet, you can find the best marketing apps that can be your partner in finishing your tasks. However, you need to be careful because some applications are just too problematic and can cause you more exhaustion. But with the apps mentioned below, rest assured that everything will change in your digital business.


There are a lot of social media sites that business people should engage in to make their business more accessible to the customers. However, for those who are busy and are not fond of social media management (SMM), juggling through different applications is going to be a tough job. But lo and behold because Buffer is going to save you from hereon.

Buffer is one of the best marketing apps for a reason. It can help you from the exhaustion of posting in different social media forms. You just need to connect your accounts on Buffer. After doing this, you can post to each platform at the same time without opening and exiting on an application.

You can also use Buffer for scheduling posts if ever you don’t have the time to check your social media sites every day. This can help you link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn on one application. It can also make your scheduled posts seem like you are posting every day and checking your accounts. Buffer could gather more attention from the customers and look like you are active online.


Communication is the key to building steady relationships, especially to every member of the business and with clients. This is the reason why Slack made it to the list of best marketing apps. It helps build the communication line within the company and on interacting with clients and customers. Rather than using a regular group chat, this application makes communication simple.

Slack allows a person to message other people or specific teams within the office. Also, contacting external freelancers, stakeholders, and clients are now much more comfortable with the application. Moreover, this software allows a person to transfer files with just a click on a button. The email inboxes are also focused strictly on business-related things. This is much better than using other messenger applications that are generally used as a means of communication for everyone.


There are people who like to keep everything organized. For them, Wunderlist could be their best organization partner. You can save everything on this app. This is more efficient than making a list on a piece of paper and being afraid to lose it. Also, making lists here is much more comfortable, and there are even different menu selections and options.

best marketing apps

Moreover, Wunderlist has a feature that suggests how you should start your tasks effectively to work better for the day. You can put reminders on each assignment as well as due dates, name, assignee, attachments, and comments. Collaborating with other people is also more comfortable with this application. You can ask your desired partners to make their accounts and share your lists with them. This is also updateable, which means that you can change everything on it depending on what you what.


Are you one of those people who tend to keep forgetting your passwords on every account you have? If you are, then LastPass is the one for you. This application lets you save all your passwords without fearing that someone might have access with it. It will help you manage your credentials all over the platforms and devices you are using. Saving your passwords and logins in LastPass is like keeping them on a digital vault. You can be sure that they are protected by encryptions and algorithms.

Moreover, it does not matter how many accounts you have to save in this application. LastPass can save up to two million account logins. If you get locked out in an account or device, LastPass is going to sort your account details out. It will automatically provide you with your logins. Users can log in to their LastPass account on any computer devices. They will not have any problems accessing their accounts.


Hootsuite deserves its spot on the best marketing apps. This social media management application that can make scheduling posts more accessible and faster. It emphasizes employee involvement with its customers. It can also map out the brand’s engagement stats and makes planning the SMM posts more efficient.

Moreover, you can improve your social media presence with Hootsuite without needing to hire or tire out your account admins. This is because, with Hootsuite, you can schedule future posts on specific date and time. It makes it seem like you are posting regularly and not that at that moment. Your employees are also able to respond and like the customer activity more effectively.


As expected with its name, this application is actually a series which comprises three different apps. These apps complement each other—Projects, Desk and Chat. Projects is an app that lets its users do a lot of things. You can make to-do lists, allocate the work, and estimate the time it will take to finish a particular task. Meanwhile, Desk allows the team of your company or to connect with customers with a digital help desk. Chat, being a communication tool, is the one which lets members connect.

According to some reviews, Teamwork enables companies to manage projects more efficiently. It also lets each member talk with each other and makes communication with clients smoother by using a universal email server. It is no doubt that this should be on the best marketing apps list.


If you are going to ask modern marketers about the best marketing apps they are using, they are surely going to mention Trello. It is an organizational platform that can connect you with everyone involved in the project. It enables the partners to view each other’s schedules more efficiently. While other applications can do the same task, Trello is one of the most promising apps in this area.

Trello is very easy to use and having this application on your mobile guarantees your access in the information you needed. It can provide a detailed and transparent action plan. This app also emphasizes the persons dealing with the project and lets stakeholders know the tasks that each person need to do. Moreover, it has features allowing users to create to-do lists and indicate the persons who need to finish a particular job.


Technology is advancing, and if having robots do your jobs seems like a distant future before, it is happening now. Herobot is an application that lets its users create chatbots that users may use according to how they want it. This is one of the best marketing apps because Artificial Intelligence created here can make your businesses obtain more customers and increase your customer engagement.

Also, there are a lot of templates that are available in this app which you can use if you have no idea what kind of bot you need. Herobot allows persons, even those who do not have any idea about coding, to create their bots here. Moreover, these chatbots can be used in different businesses relating to marketing, healthcare, entertainment, and more.

Choose Herobot as your marketing partner!

Chatbots are now trending on the digital marketing world, and almost everyone is dying to create their own. This is to help their businesses boost their sales as well as customer engagement. With Herobot, you can also make sure that you can have the fastest way of creating an impressive bot with machine learning. Herobot is a one-stop-app for creating the chatbot of your dreams.

How to Create a Chatbot from Scratch

how to create a chatbothow to create a chatbot

There are a large number of people believing that anytime soon, bots are going to replace humans in doing tasks, especially those in the marketing world. This is because everyone yearns for automation that they can give both for the users and the developers. They allow people to finish more tasks in less time. Now, the question is how to create a chatbot from scratch?

As everyone knows, a bot is a software that allows a website or page to work on its own. It can help any human on finishing their tasks faster and without any hassle. If it was programmed flawlessly, it can be free from any errors and turn out to be more reliable than humans. There are different kinds of bots that are now developed to do specific tasks. However, to create your own, you must first consider all the factors that could affect the effectivity of your bot.

how to create a chatbot

How chatbots can help you

Because of technological advancements, almost everything is made automated. Even the household chores are now being taken care of by new gadgets in the market that offers a hassle-free experience for its users. As of this day, the marketing world is also adopting the idea of automation. The industries of medicine, sports, entertainment, and education are also updated on these things. Now, if an entrepreneur refuses to adapt to these innovations, it will just be a total loss for him.

Here is how a chatbot can help in different fields:


For a nation to prosper, the educational system must also advance along with its people. This is why individual educational institutions are now applying bots in their curriculum. This automated program helps students learn faster and better with a personalized and more intimate learning process. Bots can analyze the knowledge and capabilities of each student and adapt the curriculum into it. Aside from tutoring and proctoring, grading of the teachers are also faster with bots. Knowing how to create a chatbot for education is undoubtedly beneficial for the countries.


Technology has already been helping the health department since it was first developed. However, the newest innovation in this field is the bots. Various bot applications can help both the patients and medical experts. Bots can help treat illnesses that need therapy such as insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, and even dementia. Also, consultations, keeping records and discovering the disorders of the patients are now more accessible with bots. Tracking proper diets and planning future menus is also more convenient.


Entertainment industries are now going over the moon with bots. Nowadays, it is easier to publicize upcoming and latest TV shows and movies with bots. There are even chatbots that act on behalf of the main characters of a film which entertains the users. This way, people do not need to read and encounter irritating advertisements on their timeline. If you know how to create a chatbot that can successfully entertain people, it will surely be easily popular with netizens.


This field is one of the industries that bots can be most helpful. Digital marketing is using bots to advertise their products and even complete the selling process. Moreover, these bots automate customer service that needs attention 24/7. It is also cost-efficient and avoids human errors despite still needing their knowledge. This is why it is essential to know how to create a chatbot with conversational commerce.

Tips on how to create a chatbot

Many people are afraid because they don’t have any idea on how to create a chatbot that will make a name in the industry. However, the truth is that this is pretty easy. You just need the right idea, proper plans, and the best chatbot platform you can find. Here are some tips on how you can create the best chatbot that can help you in so many ways.

Utilize a plan

Make sure that you already have ideas regarding what you want your bot to be. Know what you want them to be and what field you want them to help. This way, it is easier identifying what your actions can be and what widgets you can add to your bot. Remember that it will be extremely different whether you want to use your bot for medical purposes or in commerce.

Moreover, it is better if you have already predicted what problems your bot can face in the future. It is so that you already have alternatives that you can make if needed. Plan ahead of the time so that you don’t need to cram and make more mistakes. To be successful, this is the first step that you need to overcome on how to create a chatbot.

Find the best bot platform

how to create a chatbot

You always need a guide in every journey and in terms of how to create a chatbot, what you need is a reliable bot platform. It can be your guide for a smoother process of developing a bot that can help a lot of people. With this, you also do not need to have coding knowledge because it is just easy. Moreover, there are already numerous templates available in the bot platform applications.

If you want to find the best platform, these are the factors that you must consider:

Your needs and capabilities

To find the best bot platform that can help you on how to create a chatbot, you have to know your needs and abilities. This is like knowing your strength and weaknesses at the same time. If you think your business needs functional widgets added, then look for a bot platform that will be able to help you on this. However, if you need more complicated ones, you will need a more advanced platform that can do it.

Your budget

If you want to learn how to create a chatbot, you must first learn how to budget. Most of the best platforms in the market are performing based on money that users are willing to give for a subscription. If you just hastily subscribe into a platform without thinking about your budget, it will only be disadvantageous for you. However, it is also not good if you are going to settle on free or cheaper platforms. This is because most of them are not going to do anything good for your bot. What you need is a proper guide that will not cost you too much.

Your options

Make sure to research the numerous platforms that you find on the internet. Look for their reviews, how they generate leads, and how they create traffic. Lay down their names along with the pros and cons you can get if you choose one of them. Think it through because they will be the ones guiding you throughout the process. They are the ones who will make knowing how to create a chatbot easier.

Give your bot a personality

Try not to make your bot sound very serious. It will be better if you make your bot more friendly and approachable to your consumers. Make as bubbly and witty as you want but make sure that its personality is still aligned with your brand. It is better if you can entertain your consumers as you try to sell your products with them, so they don’t get bored.

However, learn when your bot’s tone must be serious and reliable. This is to gain the trust of your consumers if they want to purchase your product. If you are creating a tutorbot, make it approachable not to bore the students but still strict enough to make them learn. For therapy bots, it is better to make them entertaining and more engaging with the users. Set it to a calming and friendly tone for the patients.

Connect it with messenger platforms

This step is essential to learn how to create a chatbot. Make sure that you connect your bot into appropriate messenger platforms. It could be on Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media sites. This makes it more accessible for the users and easier to use. Also, this could add for advertising your chatbot.

You can also connect it directly with your website, but this will be a lot more complicated. It will also be limited for the users. The only good thing about this is when visitors come into your page, they will not need to connect on messenger platforms anymore.

Use machine learning

Machine learning is the capability of the application or machine itself to learn on its own based on its experiences and collected data. This is very important to help your bot grow as time passes. It will not just be limited to the data you inputted. With machine learning, the future of your creation will be promising.

It also the best way of getting demographics and psychographics about your users. This is very useful to collect data and future references. Machine learning can also help the bot adapt depending on the attitude and history of the user.

Learn how to create a chatbot with Herobot!

If you are struggling to look for the best bot platform on the internet, then you don’t need to make a fuss anymore. With Herobot, you can learn how to create a chatbot that will make you successful easily. It offers great deals and has a large number of templates that you can use depending on your field. Moreover, we also have different blog articles that you can read for more information about bot creations.

Meet Your AWESOME Bot Creator: HeroBot

bot creator

More and more people are embracing the use of chatbots for a couple of years. And if you are to ask why to see it for yourself how they are giving enough power and confidence to most of our marketers.  Apparently, these helpful “co-workers” are truly paving the way for efficient and faster than ever interactions. As technology continues to advance, so as our ability to creating and customizing chatbots to become more user-friendly and yielding the best results of all the marketing tactics. With the use of bot creator, everything will be easier.

Aside from being a program powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots are also defined as an automated messaging system that works to provide real-time transactions with its users. Meaning, it is a service giving customers a chance to send messages or inquiries to businesses as if they are just talking to a friend. They can also be used to accomplish personal tasks, from getting updates, scheduling meetings, and even ordering a PIZZA – all is possible with chatbots!

bot creator

Interestingly enough, since chatbots are using Al, they are fetching languages and information from a user. This is also the reason why they have the potential of becoming more intelligent as they interact with more people. Thus, chatbots are more beneficial if you are knowledgeable of its capabilities and if you can find a bot creator that can make the perfect chatbot for your business.

The Edges of Having a Chatbot

A lot of statistics already proved how chatbots used for businesses are growing rapidly. An example of this could be the study showing the number of chatbots docked on Facebook Messenger increasing from 30,000 in 2016 to over 100,000 as of this moment.

Several companies and industries already turned and declared they have used chatbots to relay their marketing strategies effectively. So, it is wrong to say that chatbots are futile and hopeless of changing the world. However, some are still unaware of chatbots’ capabilities. Thus, the following are some of your edges if in case you decided (you really should!) creating your first chatbot with bot creator:

1. You can save a lot!

When we say a lot, we do not just talk about saving lots of time if you own a chatbot. Apparently, creating a full-functioning chatbot through bot creator is much cheaper than hiring employees to accomplish varying tasks.  Since chatbots automatically functions, they can help businesses handle many customers simultaneously and effortlessly. With chatbots as your “employes,” you are not only saving your employee costs but also preventing your businesses from human miscalculations or errors.

2. You can increase your customer engagement

Keeping your customers engage in your brand is indeed essential. Apart from leads contribution made through social media, chatbots are said to transform transactions into something more creative and interactive.

3. You can track your business status and collect customers’ insights

Chatbots can help you gain feedback from customers. These insights are also your way of knowing which product or services should be improved to generate more leads.

4. Your customer services can be recognized

With chatbots, you can provide great customer support 24/7. These chatbots can easily be programmed to answer simple questions in case the business owner is a way for other tasks. Thus, customers will not feel that they are ignored and will wait with an assurance their questions will be acknowledged after a while.

5. You can assist and manage global market

You might be a big company who is already catering to the audience internationally or a small business that are up to the worldwide business, behold as chatbots can assist you in attending with these big clients.  Worry no more with multiple incoming requests because chatbots are living to help you.

You can imagine that the perks mentioned above were just roughly of all the reasons why should you certainly get yourself a chatbot. Now, it’s time to understand how you can start creating one for your business.


bot creator

This might be the question that you might encounter after knowing how excellent chatbots are. Well, the process of creating one might sound daunting, but it’s totally doable.

You will need to decide first if you are to choose a basic chatbot that strictly follows commands and rules, or the other way around having fancy and advanced features.

Afterward, you need to examine what will be your chatbot’s purpose and to which platform should your chatbot live on (Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc.). Lastly, you have to choose a tool or service can help you build one.

Yes, someone will be doing it for you, so it is vital that you choose not only the best but the most amazing bot creator in town – and thus, we are pertaining to HeroBot!

Getting to know more about bot creator and HeroBot

Bot creators or makers allow one to build an efficient and much-personalized chatbot. In this space and time, there are thousands of chatbot makers all over the internet. They all have the objective of crafting excellent chatbots which can make your business in the lead. Thus, people tend to be confused using bot creator, which can create an incomparable chatbot and present outstanding results.

HeroBot then enters the scene with an offer of bringing you the best platform to develop your first business chatbot. Hailed as the most complete messenger marketing platform, you can assure that your messenger marketing journey is in good hands. With is the very goal of helping your business grow, HeroBot is your way of gaining more customers as well as business contacts.

Whether you own a start-up or a long-established business, HeroBot got you covered. HeroBot already had helped 68, 854 happy and satisfied users and it’s still counting. This also entails 49,000+ of leads generated and 500,000+ of contacts reached captured. It only proves more people are discovering the superpower strength of HeroBot which you should see for yourself.

HeroBot’s Messenger Marketing Abilities

With HeroBot you can create Facebook Messenger bots, conversion funnels, and drip campaigns for marketing lead generation and support. Good thing, it is absolutely easy and free!

You can now automate your messenger marketing and minimize your efforts because HeroBot is doing your thing. With an open rate of 70-95%, a click-through of above 20%, and 3-5x of higher conversion rate, automated chatbots are really the future of digital marketing.

Social media scheduling, posting, tagging, commenting, discovering, or Hashtag searching, HeroBot makes it all possible for you. Rest assured that in no time, you will stay connected to your valued and future customers.

HeroBot can provide and help you upgrade Click-To-Messenger Ads that will capture instant leads and follow-up.  Apparently, there were also available widgets and application integrations with first-rate tracking features.

HeroBot’s Powers

Just like any other superhero, HeroBot possesses a different power set which helps this stand among the rest of bot creator. The following are just some of it:

The Power of Superb Chat Broadcasts

Sending information, updates, and promos can never be easier through the help of HeroBot. It can guarantee you an 85% open rate which is indeed a great start for your business.

The Power of Excellent Client Management

Having no employees, you can still assure that HeroBot can provide you excellent growth tools, detailed analytic reports, and user administration.

The Power of Automating Comment Responses

HeroBot’s AI is responsible for replying, tagging, liking, and sending a private message automatically may it be in Instagram and Facebook comments.

bot creator
The Power of Overriding Live chat

Good thing, HeroBot has this one great feature that allows users to immediately override their messenger bots when needed. Thus, giving one the power to provide seamless transactions with customers and contacts.

The Power of Integrating Brilliant Quizzes

HeroBot helps you formulate outstanding contests and quizzes that are automatically integrated to your Facebook bot to effectively promote your business or products.

The Power of Multiple Audience Segmentation

HeroBot also allows users to segment audiences based on their interest or demographic factors. Therefore, this will help them to disintegrate and qualify audiences based on how the user wants it.

The Power of Fantastic Quality Leads Notifications

With the help of HeroBot, you can now receive alerts for each leads captured with your messenger bot. Alerts can be received through SMS, Slack, email, and other customized apps.

The Power of Exceptional Bot Templates

Herobot has a lot of pre-made templates available to use in just one click. You can also customize it based on your business requirements.

The list goes on with the powers HereBot can provide you. HeroBot is upgrading and developing their services periodically to achieve nothing but total customer satisfaction. Expect a 400% increase in leads, 97% reduced marketing cost and 154% increased engagement with no additional cost once you start subscribing to HeroBot. This is the best bot creator to powerup your business.

Want to hear more of HeroBot’s capabilities? Visit HeroBot’s website now and bring forth supremacy in your business. Breakthrough from the dark power of poor marketing and weak leads generation. Come in the light with HeroBot’s chatbots and together, we’ll rule the business world!