AI Chatbot: Why Online Shops Need Chat Automation

ai chatbot

With all the technological advancements nowadays, AI chatbot is no longer mere science fiction. It is now a reality that brings businesses and customers closer. Moreover, chatbot breaks the speech and timeline barriers for customer support. Bots also allow you to do more things than you can normally do at your comfort. With this, you can now book travel tickets and accommodations, order foods and other materials, and even make payments online.

Aside from this, AI chatbot is helping businesses to grow and have wider scope in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. This is due to the fact that over 63% of online shoppers prefer messaging a bot with speed and accuracy rather than calling customer support. To prove this Facebook even made a data analysis about how customers tend to interact with businesses that it can message anytime. To make sure that you are not left behind by the AI chatbot trend, you should consider creating yours now.

ai chatbot

E-commerce AI Chatbot

Now that everyone seems to spend more time online than doing their everyday physical tasks, making your business go online is just the right choice. However, netizens are harsher and more demanding than your regular customer face-to-face. They want you to reply to their every message right away and sneer at your unavailability. Thus, your perfect partner for doing and e-commerce would be an AI chatbot. Let us tackle some of the roles an AI chatbot can do:

Sales Chatbot

Marketing your business is very important and being knowledgeable enough about your company is the best way to execute this. One thing that AI chatbot is very good at is engaging with your online store’s visitors. It can easily connect with your customers right at the moment that users click on your profile or webpage. It will start with a simple greeting and will then encourage users to state what they are looking for. This is when your sales chatbot will take into action and offer products and services to your customers. AI chatbot can also send direct links and online catalogs for a better transaction.

Customer Support Chatbot

You can now connect with your customers around the world 24/7 with AI chatbot. It can provide accurate information for common customer inquiries regarding products and different troubleshooting tips. It can also provide assistance to orders or shipping and delivery information. Moreover, customers have the freedom to switch from AI chatbot to human live chat depending on their preferences any time. Still, more people prefer bots because it is much efficient and reliable.

Shopping-Cart Abandonment Manager

One of the main reasons why some customers who are planning to pay for your products or services may not continue the transaction is because of some checkout problems. It could be because of some website glitches or due to check-out forms confusions. It would be beneficial for both the business and some customers to resolve this matter at hand. Meanwhile, other customers’ hobby is putting everything they like on cart but forgetting them after. AI chatbot will help you with all these issues. It will serve as your customers’ guide and reminder while also up-selling and cross-selling.

Key benefits of using E-commerce AI Chatbot

AI chatbot is already around for several years already and yet the hype about it is still not about to die down. Why? This is because online transactions are not going anywhere soon and online businesses are here to stay. Meanwhile, around 80% of online businesses are already using chatbots with all the benefits that it offers.  Here are some of the benefits that you could get from AI chatbot:

Improves customer engagement

There are already millions of people who prefer online transactions rather than traveling and going to a physical store. These people also much prefer sending messages online to a business than contacting someone via calls. However, you should remember to install a chatbot on your webpage or social media profile in order to answer their demand for fast and accurate transactions. This is because a delay in reply to customers’ queries may decrease your customer engagement rate and your customers’ interest in your company. However, AI chatbot can help you as it can send replies to your customers instantly without care about time.

Decreases employment costs

All customers nowadays demand fast transactions especially on receiving replies from companies. Before they decide to buy a thing or proceed with receiving the services you offer, they always tend to ask for more details about the products or services. Moreover, you never know when they will contact you especially if you are an international brand. Thus, some companies hire customer support for the day and another set of employees who are willing to work on graveyard shifts. However, this may cost you a lot especially if you are just starting a business. This is where AI chatbot works in place of your numerous employees and reduces your employment cost at the same time.

Promotes personalization

Contacting your prospective customers personally can be a great hassle and extremely time-consuming for your business. However, AI chatbot can help you with personalization of every conversations and build trust on your customer-seller relationship. Bots can look into the profile of its customers and use it for the personalization of the conversation. This is very important on promoting products or telling your customers about sales making them feel more important. It can also give personal product recommendation depending on what your customer needs and sending them product links. What is also special about AI chatbot is that it can remember your past conversation and you will never get irritated about repeating the information you already gave.

ai chatbot

Chatbots for shopping assistance 

Shopping online is not a hassle anymore with AI chatbot. If you find shopping assistants at malls very helpful, then this is the one for you. Bots can ask its customers about what they are looking for and give them product suggestions. It will also provide links and other choices so that every shopping experience will be easier.

How to create AI chatbot for an e-commerce store

Creating an AI chatbot is like raising a child. You are the one who will build its character and hone its skills while it still has none of its machine learning. Just like in parenting, one mistake could lead your chatbot into a disaster. Thus, here are some of our tips to make your AI chatbot creation a success.

Step 1. Define the bot’s goal 

You may reach the goal in the end but it should be where you start. When you are making a bot, it is very important to know what you made it for. Do you intend to make a bot to entertain your customers? Or do you simply want it to drive your sales? Whatever your goal may be, it will be extremely helpful for you if you jot down everything and note which ones are your priority.

Step 2. Select the chatbot type

If you are thinking that all chatbots are the same, you might want to make a research about it. The truth is there are actually 3 types of chatbots that you could create depending on what you think your business might need more.

  • Button-based chatbot– perfect if you want the transactions to be easier and faster. The only disadvantage is that it cannot cater to the needs of your users except for those stated in the buttons.
  • Keyword recognition chatbot– if you want to give your customers an experience like they are talking to a real human with scripted dialogues as it recognizes the keywords. The downside of it is that it cannot give elaborate answer if it will not detect the keywords on the sentence.
  • Contextual chatbot– may be a little complicated in the process of creation but can be really helpful due to its machine learning skill. It does not need to only rely on the script as it can form its replies from its past experiences.
ai chatbot

Step 3. Choose your platform

Now, this would be the the final and most important part of creating a bot. Whether you are planning to integrate your chatbot on your social media sites or website, you should first find the best AI chatbot platform. These platforms will be your partner on creating bots. If you are able to find a good one, you might not need any professional skills to perfect your bot.

One of the best AI chatbot platforms that you could see on the internet would be the Herobot. You will only need to simply drag and drop features that you want to include in your chatbot. Moreover, it has elaborate tutorials to help you along the way. Even if you do not have any idea on how to properly create an AI chatbot, they offer several templates that you can choose from.

Making Chatbots for E-Commerce Development

making chatbots

Have you ever thought about the benefits of making chatbots in modern electronic commerce? E-commerce has one of the toughest competition in the industry considering the numbers of companies who are engaging online. They are involved in activities such as online transaction processing, electronic fund transactions and supply chain management. With their hectic schedules, having chatbots to do some of their jobs is the wisest decision companies could make.

In this digital era, most people are relying on their gadgets for communication and social media interactions. The applications found on gadgets such as phone and tablets enable people to do online transactions instantly. By having chatbots on your web pages and business sites, they can give an impressive 24/7 engagement with visitors and customers. They can also automate other tasks that should be done quickly.

making chatbots

Making chatbots for automation

Automation is one of the greatest features that chatbots are offering to enterprises. Furthermore, they are used for answering queries and complaints of customers about the products and services of a company. Because a regular human is not able to work 24/7 and answer the needs of E-commerce, having chatbots to do their job is an effective solution. Moreover, is an essential device that every business need for a smoother transaction between sellers and clients.

Moreover, we are all aware that customer service is really important in every business. If a server is able to instantly answer all the questions and comments of the costumers about the product, they will have more reasons to buy. They can also set reminders and guide the visitors of a page all throughout the sale transaction. It also a great tool to collect data that the management can use for future plans about the product and the company.

This allows the business to serve a large number of people from different places. It will also result in increasing productivity and decreasing costs. Another thing is, this can save you money. Instead of hiring more manpower, an AI can lessen the value of your company. Bots provide greater satisfaction for the customers because they do not work for only 8 to10 hours a day. They don’t sleep which means that they are available all the time. It is not about being cheap, but the fact is, reaching a large number of clients in the shortest time is the ultimate goal of automation and making chatbots.

The best part of E-Commerce

Imagine going to a site that will have answers to your questions all the time. This can also make fun conversations with you will you are on the process of the transaction with it. Moreover, it can even recognize you as well as your past conversations without delay. This is all possible by making chatbots for your enterprise that will help you lessen your workload every day.

Although there are certain processes that you need to follow while making chatbots, it is still a fun journey. It is like creating a fictional character for your business. You can make it as funny as you want. You can also make it sound very serious and professional according to your taste. Just remember that you still need to take in consideration the preference of your target audience and the nature of your business.

Furthermore, making chatbots is like birthing into a virtual child that you will need to teach and help its machine learning process. You can also make further developments with it and add some great features and widgets to make it more interactive. Moreover, knowing that this bot can make your sales boost up in the market is really exciting. The best part of it is that making chatbots is not as complicated as you think it is.

How bots can help to boost business

There are numerous ways how a chatbot can help you in boosting the sales and brand reputation of your business. One of the reasons is that an AI can be a reliable source of information about a specific business. They can also give you the details about it and the product and services offered by the company. Also, the terms and conditions to agree between the company and the customer. Aside from that, a chatting robot never gets tired of answering your questions. They are developed to copy human conversation.

making chatbots

This application is helpful in social media marketing. Moreover, a chatbot can assist you base upon your needs and wants. They can also give you different choices of products and services. Also, they recommend an alternative if what you need was not in the options. It can lead the users to the conversation and make the final transaction easier. Bots can also notify the customers about the status of the product they bought.

What else can you ask for bots? They can be an information retrieval tool, and they can teach you different languages. Also, they can deal with your satisfaction. No wonder why most of the company preferred to make AI because they provide benefits and advantages to companies. They meet the goal of every business, which is to assist every customer all over the globe in the fastest way ever. Aside from that, making chatbots can make business people at ease because they are assured that there will be less conflicts with the automated device.

Success on making chatbots

Chatbot has made numerous accomplishments in the digital world. Also, there are even some claims that their enterprises are celebrating their achievement with chatbots. According to Google Trends, the trend about bots is not going down. Moreover, business is the number one user of this application and there are about 2 billion business-related messages with AI. Also, digital marketing is not the only sector that bots are helping.

This application with artificial intelligence gives a remarkable success not only in the business industry but also in government sectors. It may not replicate the actual human conversation, but it can provide a cost-effective way to answer the routine questions and direct the customer into other goods and services. Moreover, the application of a chatbot sees in various fields in the future. Even though it performms only limited functions now, it holds a far-reaching capability to help revolutionize business industries.

As time passes by, new technologies challenge us to build new rules and competitions. Also, for the sake of the business industry, developers upgrade bots over and over again. This is to meet the expectation of the customers and online users. Moreover, surpassing each other is their motivation in making chatbots that are highly intelligent and has many functions.

The Next Generation Chatbot

The developers of AI are the ones responsible on perfecting and making chatbots that can help online people. Due to numerous types of bots that are available on online market, creating a unique and functional one is really hard for them. However, due to the high intelligence of humans on creations and innovations, they are able to make almost perfect chatbots. Also, they almost seem like real persons.

Chatbots are now even used as therapy bots that helps patients to get better and ease their mind. Also, they help those with mental illnesses and disorders to have someone to talk to and feel like they are normal. Hospitals also use this chance for making chatbots that can compile data and knowledges about the welfare of the patients in the hospitals. Aside from hospitals, the education department is also making chatbots that they can use for teaching students in a personalized manner.

Now, imagine the world 50 years from now. Can you see humans developing bots with higher intelligence and human-like personalities? There are also some speculations that there will be a time that these AI will also be able to have the decision-making process. With their artificial intelligence and distinct memory, they can even hold more information than a regular person can hold in her lifetime. However, these are still some ideas that could happen in the future.

Make your chatbot with Herobot

If you are planning to follow the trend and try making chatbots for your own reasons, then you need to start it now. Bots could be really helpful for your business no matter the size and field it is in. However, if you are afraid of creating your own, you should try finding the perfect chatbot platform that can help make your journey a lot smoother—Herobot.

Herobot is a chatbot builder that is already known for its bot creations that has generated multiple leads for marketing companies. Moreover, it offers a drag-and-drop feature which makes creating bots a lot easier. Also, if you do not have any ideas about your bot, you can just browse all over the templates that is in our website. We offer various templates for different kinds of businesses and features.

Furthermore, Herobot can be your savior for making chatbots that will not require any coding knowledge. You can also generate these bots with different social media platforms such. It also offers a click-to-Messenger Ads feature that will boost your lead capture. To know more about Herobot, click here.

Best Marketing Apps You Can Use in Every Task

marketing apps

The business industry has always been harsh and hectic ever since human civilization has discovered it. These days, the number of tactical people in business, competitive companies, and excellent products are getting out of hand, and proving that you are better than others is hard. It is wise to use marketing apps to help your business be more prevalent in the industry.

marketing apps

However, note that you still need to know which marketing apps are going to suit your industry. Several sections in marketing will need your attention and expertise. However, for those who are not knowledgeable about these things, it will be quite hard. This is where the marketing apps will be a savior for every businessperson.

Tips for good marketing strategy

To make your marketing strategy effective, you will need to think everything through and devise a plan. It would be best if you thought about your competitors, your customers, and your product. These days, it is not only important that your products are right. What you need is strong customer engagement. Here are some tips for your marketing apps strategy.

Think thrifty.

Look for some cost-effective ways of enhancing your product and business. Cutting out the expenses while maintaining the price of your offers will make your business prosper. If you think you can, try raising the price and analyzing your customers’ reaction as well as the state of sales. If you managed to make your margin and price go up, then you are in the right way.

Speak your customer’s language.

If you are speaking French and your customer is speaking Hindi, you are the one who needs to learn speaking Hindi and not the other way around. Your customer will never adjust for your benefit, so you should know how to modify yourself, depending on your customer’s request. When your customers have complaints, make sure that you will comply with your mistakes and shortcomings. This is the thing that you should always remember when creating your marketing app.

Publicize your brand.

The best way to make your products known to customers is by publicizing it. In this digital age, there are several means of advertising. You can make blogs on your website featuring your products. Try having Facebook ads and creating your account on Instagram and Twitter. Posting images on Pinterest and other sites is also an effective way of publicizing your products.

Entertain queries.

Customers who are interested in a product or service are the ones who will most definitely ask questions about it. You should make sure that you provide the best answer to your product while adding reasons why they should buy it. Also, time is essential for everyone, so send your reply as soon as possible.

Collect testimonials.

Try asking your customers for their reviews and comments. Collect them for two things. The first is for improving your product if the customers have suggestions or complaints. The second one is to make posting good reviews possible and attract more customers. It can provide evidence about the quality of your product and its satisfaction.

Use bots.

If you want a cost-effective way of having your business done, then having a bot do your job is the best decision. As of these days, these marketing apps are being programmed to do several marketing jobs that you will need to be done. Using them will cut the cost of hiring a human, and you can also do your tasks faster and more efficiently. There are also several applications that you choose from.

marketing apps

Marketing apps you can use for your business

This is the digital era, and instead of spending more money to hire some eligible employees to do the task, companies are now just relying on marketing apps. These apps have variations and expertise, depending on the field that you want to enhance. They are very efficient and can finish every job in just a short time. Most of these applications are also free, and can you can download them on your android or iOS devices.

Here are some of the messaging apps that will surely help your business boost:

Google Search Console

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essential to promote your business on the internet. By using the Google Search Console, you can be more knowledgeable about the stand of your business in the search engine. You can monitor and maintain the SEO of your website on the google search results and enhance its presence for the customers.


If you want to gain more customers, you have to get the heart of netizens. Twitter is one of the big three in the hierarchy of social media sites that has millions of users worldwide. If you own the Twitter world, you will most definitely own the business world. This is why Tweetbot is one of the most popular marketing apps available online. It enables you to organize your account on Twitter by lists and channels. You can even use Twitter directly within the app.


Updating your social media accounts daily is too much hassle, especially for a busy businessman. This is why most of them use marketing apps that will let them schedule posts at once and for different dates. You can do it on different accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn. This app will update you about the statistics of your business’ posts, such as the number of engagement, views, and likes.


Visuals are one of the factors that profoundly affect the attraction of customers to your products. You will rule the internet if you can make excellent and aesthetic images and post them on your websites and social media accounts. With Canva, creating visual content and saving them will be easy. It has numerous templates that you can choose from, and you also drag the elements you wish to put in your image.


There are lots of people who get easily turned off with grammatical errors es. If you are going to write a blog or post content on your social media sites, make sure to use correct grammar. However, there is no such thing as perfect grammar. That’s why you’ll always need marketing apps that will guide you in the right way. It is Grammarly. Grammarly points out your grammatical errors and gives suggestions. It also grades your content, so you will know if your content is satisfying enough. Moreover, a plagiarism checker is one of its bonuses. With this, you will avoid any issues regarding stolen works and materials.

WordPress Marketing Apps

Almost every blog on the internet is made in WordPress. From small big-time companies are using this application. Sony, New York Post, NBC, and Time, Inc. are its top users. This mobile marketing app is very accessible and makes managing your websites easy. If you prefer using a computer, they also have a website that you can visit. It also has many features that you can use for the needs of your business’ websites, such as showcase a portfolio and host social networks. Moreover, WordPress is user-friendly and will not require technical skills from its users.

Facebook Pages Manager

Completing page management control is not a problem with this marketing app. It makes the life of admins easy because it already offers options on managing your Facebook page. This marketing app advises you to make more ads and offers to feature your page on different sites. Also, it analyzes the monthly, weekly, and daily visits of people on your Facebook message.

marketing apps

Flow for Instagram

Almost every business now have their own Instagram accounts. This makes people more interested in your products with beautiful photos on your account. However, most business people prefer using the iPad rather than a tiny phone. This is why Flow for Instagram is made. It helps people to view the Instagram application on devices like how you see them on your phone. You can also use Instagram right through this. This is one of the marketing apps that is proven to be helpful.

Chatbot Platform

Chatbots are very useful. These applications let you interact with your customers indirectly. You might say that you prefer using human customer service than these bots. However, this is one of the most cost-effective marketing apps that you can see. It can also work 24/7, which can help to boost your business. Moreover, chatbot platforms are straightforward to use and install and are highly interactive.

Create the best marketing apps with Herobot!

If you think you do not have the skills to make your bot, this is not a problem. Herobot is a chatbot builder platform that can help you on your journey, building your chatbot. You will not need coding skills. All you have to do is click and drag feature that you want to include in your bot. Moreover, we also have blogs that contain information and tips on making a good chatbot. 

Chat with chatbot: What can you do with them?

chat with chatbot

With the fame of online communication, people have now changed their preference regarding the means of contacting a business. Moreover, they have a bigger expectation of getting instant responses from online servers. Customers want to have a frictionless and fast way of connecting with business companies. That’s why most businesses let their customers chat with chatbot.

With this in mind, chatbots have been the greatest and fastest-growing technology disruptor in customer service. It is getting more popular in every support team, the digital market, and contact service worldwide. They have been the number one strategy of every marketer to have a big advantage in lead generation. Some fields where they are being used are real estates, auto repair shops, beauty salons, gyms, personal coaches, E-Commerce, restaurants, dentist offices, marketing agencies, lead generation, and even surveys. Moreover, they present huge opportunities for the business to have a wider connection and communication with their customers by using messenger applications.

chat with chatbot

What are the common misconceptions with chatbots?

Despite the spotlight on artificial intelligence, people are still having some misconceptions about its importance and how it works. It has was first invented in 1966 with Eliza as the first chatbot in history. Today, it is being used by multiple companies and leading brands to adopt in the competitive market world. However, some misconceptions are hindering lots of bots developers, which is why it is important to debunk them. Below are some of the common misconceptions regarding chatbots.

Chatbots are only for customer service

This is not true! There are actually several types of chatbots serving in different industries. People are having chat with a chatbot for health purposes, insurances, news, human resources, and even in some real estate. Depending on the company or individual, they can make their own personalized bot that can answer their users’ needs.

Chatbots will be replacing human employees in time

It is a fact that chatbots are very useful for every company as it lessens the need for manpower. However, it is not true that they will be replacing human employees in time because bots still have some limitations. They do not have the same intelligence and way of devising solutions in every problem as a human does. Moreover, bots still need the guidance of humans to provide the best communication service with customers and users.

Chatbots do not have human emotion

Many people believe that a chatbot does not have the capabilities of conversing and empathizing as a human does. This is because they though bots are not capable of having human emotions. However, there are actually some bots which are programmed to have personalized emotions. Bots developer found ways to make chatbots mimic the needed human emotions. With these, bots can now connect with its customers and users on a deeper level.

Chatbots knows everything

Many people have this common misconception. Because chatbots are artificial intelligence, people thought they have unlimited information and can answer everything. However, this is actually untrue. The knowledge of chatbots is only being inputted by human servers and developers. Moreover, added information is gained by the AI from its users. Data were being collected and analyzed by servers, which will input answers to the bot. However, this does not mean that they will not be usable. They do not need to be a full-on library to be able to answer the queries that will be asked by the customers. Remember that all types of AI systems needs are able to learn as they interact with their users.

What are the roles you should expect when you chat with a chatbot?

As there are varieties of chatbots that are now being developed and used for different industries, it is hard to know what roles you should expect from them. Due to this, business owners may be mistaken in choosing the right bot applicable to their field of business. To help you in utilizing your own chatbot, here are some roles that a chatbot may have.

chat with chatbot
As Receptionists

When you have your own page, it is very useful to have a receptionist that can greet your customers. It can make them more welcome and would give you good reviews. Also, it can boost your sales and even attract other uninterested random visitors to your website.

With the help of developers, bots can now be programmed to converse and welcome anyone who lands on your page. You can have them make a simple greeting like “Hello” and even personalize them with the usernames of your customers by collecting data. They can also ask visitors about what they need and how the website or company can help them. This will be a big step to upgrade the social and customer interaction of your company.

As Salespeople

Most people prefer physical stores than online shops. This is because they want the experience they could get interacting with salespeople. They can have conversations about what the brand or product they want to buy and can even get simple tips from these employees.

Due to this, online shops have now paved the way for an improved way of communicating with their customers despite the distance. Bots are given the duty to ask what the customers need and give them suggestions about the best products/ services that will work with them. Also, these bots can accompany your visitors with the best shopping journey. Letting your customers chat with a chatbot will let your sales increase significantly

As Account Clerks

Chatbots can also perform as the best account clerk for your customers. They can help customers in accounting management and issues. They can take basic information like their billing address. Also, billing dates and delivery status can be identified by them. Right after, they can notify your customers about this collected information to promote a smoother transaction.

What is also good about using bots is that humans do not need to have a repetitive process of conversing with customers about these things. Moreover, it is now easier to answer accounting queries from customers. They can also take and gather these questions and concerns and send it to the management for a deeper review. Accounting is very important not just for the customers, but also for your company. Now, bots can make every transaction better for both ends.

As Informant

Disseminating information for the customers is really important. Today, chatbots are now being used to give out news and data about certain topics. Some journalism and news company were able to automatically give their users and subscribers news highlights and notification about the recent and upcoming events in the area.

Also, some business companies are letting their customers chat with a chatbot to inform them about their latest products and send them links to some blogs and articles about how useful their products are. Moreover, some events like their promo and sale dates can also be disseminated to their loyal customers with bots.

Health Adviser

Bots are not just used in customer service. Some bots are being downloaded for the sake of the health of users. Some bots notify their users about their calorie intake and their current BMI. Also, some suggest diet plans and message this to people so that they will have guidance in their menu. Moreover, bots can be consulted about their probable illnesses and what you should do to feel better. It will not be completely accurate, but it is still better than self-diagnosing.

There are also some bots which serve as a form of therapy for its users. People with insomnia use bots so that they can have someone to talk to at night. These also help them relax and fall asleep eventually. Also, some illnesses and disorders like Alzheimer’s disease could be helped with bots by providing someone to talk to.

As Entertainer
chat with chatbot

Some bots are actually just used for entertainment purposes. Developers give their bots personalities in order to give its users a fun dialogue. They can be quirky and sarcastic, and some are even romantic. These personalities make their users addicted to chatting with bots.

Moreover, some bots are created to provide its users with gaming experience. They give quests and stages that a person must finish. They also give rewards and point systems with the gamer.

For some, chatbots may seem unimportant and just a waste of web developing talent. However, this is not true. With numerous purposes that chatbots serve in different fields and industries, all companies who are planning to take over the online world should use this. There are some misconceptions, but if all these are straightened out, there will be more possibilities with artificial intelligence. Letting your customers chat with chatbot will bring your business a lot of desirable results.

Create your chatbot with Herobot

Also, creating bots is not actually difficult. There are some pages and companies who are offering services for people who want to create their own. If you are still having doubts about your IT skills in developing bots, then it just means that you need the help of Herobot. There are numerous pre-made bot templates that you can choose for any business vertical.

We can help you have a smoother process and have better ideas in your bots adventure. For more information, you can visit our website

Excellent Benefits of Free Chatbot to the Business Industry

In this modern-day, artificial intelligence has a great impact on how to get things done more accessible and better. A lot of tools have emerged to simplify the interaction between modern technologies and humans. This is genuinely beneficial for each and everyone, the business sector, and the society and such. One example of Artificial Intelligence is a free chatbot.

Chatbots are often described as an advanced and truly promising tool of interaction between humans and a machine or software. It can stimulate a conversation with the use of a chat through websites, message applications, social media applications, mobile applications, and even with telephone or call.

free chatbot

The chatbot market has existed for years and has grown so much. Online marketing changed as well because of it, a lot of business owners have decided to choose this option and benefited a lot from this Artificial Intelligence tool. The world is constantly changing and so the business sector, that is why every owner does everything to stand-up and shows what their branding is.

A lot of businesses have been curious with how this tool can help, that is why it is essential to know the benefits and how it works. The failure to adapt in this modernized day can lead you to lag behind the highly-competitive world. That is why do not think twice to catch up as soon as possible. The fierce competition is enough for a business owner to level-up with the strategies and uses everything that can be a huge help.

Reasons why business owners say yes to free chatbot

Running a business requires a lot of time, money, effort, and productivity. Even if the Chatbot has been used for a lot of years, there are still business owners that are not aware of how things work. That is why, if they would like to try something, they have to go what is free first and see how they will be able to utilize it.

With the help of free chatbot applications, business owners are able to stand-out and improve.  Free applications are everywhere, and all we have to do is search for the one that is worth our time and truly essential for what we are looking for.

Here are the Greatest Benefits of Free Chatbot to the Business Owners:

1.  Saves Time

A free chatbot can save time in a business as it can be used on websites or social media sites. With the use of a free chatbot, it can provide fast and efficient, automated answers to most inquiries. Through the use of this application or tool, this will prevent the customers from waiting for hours or worst, for a day or longer to receive the response they need. Because of this tool, the business will be able to serve a huge number of inquiries or questions while decreasing costs and increasing productivity. That is a great thing, right?

2.  Brings Good Vibes

Great addition of the benefit of a free chatbot in a business is that the business owner will never worry about how the Chatbot will respond to an angry or impatient customer. They will be able to handle them carefully and efficiently.  This will put the customer at ease and will make their experience with the business more satisfying.

3.  One TAP Away

Chatbots are easy to use and truly convenient. Whether you are searching for accessories or clothes, chatbots can be a great help with just a couple of tap and clicks – and the greatest deal of it is that the tool is focused on the task or question.

4.  Will Increase the Customer each

With the use of chatbots, they will be able to reach more customers or potential customers. Customers are not the only ones that ask questions; potential customers also like asking questions. There is a chance that a person will somehow panic if a lot of persons ask at the same time, while if it is a chatbot, that situation will be avoided.

5.  Provide better customer satisfaction

Humans work at least 8 hours a day and a business owner definitely have to work a lot than his/her employee. But with a chatbot, they will be available for 24/7. We all know that there are customers that check on the website or social media networks in the late evening and sometimes, even at midnight, they ask questions and would like to get a response right away. And most of the time, they’ll be frustrated once they are not answered quickly.  And that is an excellent point for a chatbot, and they will be able to answer anytime and real-time! Your customers will no longer have to wait for hours or even a day.

6.  Fewer mistakes

Humans will be able to forget things, commit mistakes such as typographical errors, transpose numbers, and any other type of mistakes that can confuse or irritate a customer. While a chatbot once programmed with the proper template, they will be able to provide the answers that are perfect for the question of every customer. Bots are also consistent, once the same problem or issue has been raised, and then it won’t be hard to apply the same answer with the customer.

free chatbot

7.  Engaging and not boring

Business owners should get over the typical and boring online customer experience that they provide. Chatbots, even if they are free, also knows how to offer fun and unique ways for customers to connect with their business. Well, chatbots are more personalized than traditional customer services as long as they are programmed properly, which make it suitable for any type of customers whether they are the impatient, angry, frustrated, ones. You won’t go wrong with a free chatbot.

8.  Chatbots are secured

Midst of the beautiful world of technology, there are a lot of breaching issues that can worry about everyone. However, using a chatbot means that the data they gather is secured, as the users can choose what they have to collect- as well as the encryption of a sensitive data so that unauthorized access will be prevented. Business owners have to know that the damage of a data breach or cyber-attack can be devastating for a business.

9.  Improves the branding of the business

With the continuous development of Artificial Intelligence, bots will have a huge factor for both personal and business benefits. As the competition gets higher, customers go for what is easy and convenient. In short, they are searching for easy but effective ways of getting a solution.

10. Saves money

The best advantage of using a chatbot is that it requires less development cost and saves some bucks in comparison to having an employee do the task. Well, if a business owner is still starting and trying to build branding, aiming for a high-quality free chatbot is the best answer.

11. Can level-up the marketing strategy of a business

Businesses usually rely mostly on printed advertisements. But nowadays, that usual way of advertising might be boring as everyone likes checking the internet instead of printed ads. And more importantly, the experience will be entirely different than traditional marketing.

12. Timely and relevant improvement

As technology develops rapidly, this means that a lot of chances and opportunities can be given continuously.

Benefits of free chatbots to the customers

In this modern and highly competitive life, customers are always searching for ways to hunt for the solutions and satisfying experience in every way possible. Consumers are getting smarter and will likely aim for what is best for them. In this scenario, here are the benefits of the bots to the customers:

24-hour availability

Except if there is a maintenance issue or the website is down.

Instant Transactions and consistent answers

There is no assurance that once a customer talks to a customer representative and plans to change a rep, there is a higher chance that they won’t be able to provide the same/consistent response.

Endless patience

No matter how many questions a customer will ask, it will never be a problem. Bots are ready to answer every inquiry without being in a sour mood.


Since chatbots are on digital platforms, they can be used to automate everyday tasks and answers.

free chatbot
Tasks Focused

Rest assured that you are never going to experience you chatbot being side-tracked. With its artificial intelligence, you can be sure that it will finish every task accordingly.

Easy to Use

Unlike your past experiences of contacting customer service teams, a chatbot is just a few clicks away.

Check us out!

We will never be able to deny the wonderful things that an Artificial Intelligence can do for us. With all the things that were mentioned above, it is a great thing to say that there are tasks that we can accomplish easier for the future of business communication. All we have to do is to utilize what is best for us and incorporate it in the everyday operation of the business and of course, keep everything in control. Would you like to widen your knowledge about chatbots? Obtain your business goals with Herobot. Our experts will be able to help you understand the power of chatbots. You can visit us at

Bot Business: Perks of Having One

bot business

In this world of a high-rocketing number of social media users, it is no surprise how using artificial intelligence is now a trend. Bot business is now emerging as the biggest helper of business people on operating their shops. This has also let them connect with their costumers more intimately and faster. It was made possible by using chatbots, which imitates human conversation and interacts with its senders.

bot business

A business bot is a computer program devised for automated communication and information gathering. Trade industries are common bot users. However, entertainment and gaming companies are also using bots to make their pages and applications more interactive. Moreover, some consumers prefer engaging in conversation with bots than human servers.

Bot Business – Why Should Your Business Have One?

If you have to look at how business competitiveness is measured nowadays, it is based on the efficiency level of their respective customer service. Knowing that every business is now using chatbots to manage their customers, why would you let your business get left behind? SO to give you some ideas, below are the reasons why your company should use bot business right now:

1. Bots are now dominating the world of commerce

Social media marketing and online shopping are now growing. Before, industries were shaken by applications and infographics. Nowadays, something has already stolen the spotlight— business bots.

Most businesses are now entering the online community to increase their customers. Be it in the fashion and beauty industries, gadget shops, or even restaurants; they now have their online sites to accommodate more costumers. Even bank and loan companies are also using this nowadays. Some of the examples of companies using bots are Starbucks, Spotify, Fandango, Sephora, Wall Street Journals, and McDonalds.

As more online customers are discovering the hype and convenience of online shopping, companies have new problems. They do not have enough employees to answer the inquiries of heightened costumers. With this, bots came to the rescue. Today, there are around 100,000 active online bots in the Messenger community already.

Moreover, bot business is not only used for communicating with costumers and answering their inquiries. Most users create their bots for other business tasks such as a collection of costumers’ information, reducing overhead costs, and organizing meetings. Marketing is now expanding, and more population are now engaging in more online activities. This is the reason why the numbers of people who are using bots are now increasing.

2. Brings in more costumers

Due to the effectiveness of bots, costumers of companies are now reportedly increasing. Sephora has heightened its makeover appointments by 11% due to the Facebook Messenger App. Meanwhile, 1-800 flowers reported that they increased their messenger orders by more than 70% by using bots. Over billions of users of messenger applications, it is most likely that bot businesses can find their most loyal customers online.

Moreover, bots increase the company’s brand and image. Communication with costumers is the embodiment of the customer service of the company. Artificial intelligence has fewer tendencies of acting personal due to their lack of emotion. Despite these, good chatbot can communicate with the customers better and more intimately than some employees.

Upselling is also one of the functions bots can do. Shopping is like an addiction, and after a person bought something, they are more likely to crave for something more. This is an excellent opportunity for upselling to take place and recommend more products to the customer. Furthermore, it can also do predictive analytics. It collects data and information about the liked and bought items of the customer. It would then analyze the products the consumer is likely to buy next. According to McKinsey, a report says that 35% of Amazon’s consumer purchases came from product recommendations based on algorithms.

3. Smart Messaging

Online chatbots use smart messaging to save time and efforts by automating customer support. According to Gartner, by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions would be handled without a human. Furthermore, costumers find bots more convenient. Companies were able to answer their inquiries much faster with it. By inputting complete brand and product information, pages and sites were also able to clear misunderstanding much better.

Moreover, they can update costumers about the status of their accounts and the new promos available. Bank companies also use bots to automatically warn their clients about issues and dangers in their bank accounts. Personalization also helps businesses a lot. According to an Accenture report, consumers are 75% more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name or recommends options based on past purchases.

Moreover, this saves the company effort and time that they can use for other things like creating more products or planning more diverse promotions.

bot business
4. Human Relations

Human Relations is one of the important factors that companies must always consider. However, most HR employees are having problems in maintaining a high level of engagement of employees. These days, business bots are now on their way of improving HR in companies as much as possible. They help the employees’ engagement in their work. It also decreases HR headcounts, costs, and efficiency.

Moreover, by becoming the middle layer, bots integrate with existing systems and offer a much easier user-friendly experience for the employees. Artificial intelligence also helps in the recruitment process effectively. After job postings, they easily inform and communicate with potential employees. It evaluates their background, qualifications and gives them scores automatically afterward. Applicants were also tested by asking them simple questions like a hiring assistant.

Business Without Chatbots – How Would It Look Like?

Since bot business is now widely used today. Its benefits become a vital part of the business foundation. Now, if we eliminate chatbots from the picture, do you have any idea how our business world would look like? Well, let’s try to take a look:

1. Increasing Operational Costs

Believe it or not, your bot business won’t survive without customer service. Customer agents are the ones who manage your customers from their requests to complaints. Hiring full-time or groups of full-time customer service agents are too costly. They are being paid monthly in return for their hard work. Therefore, without chatbots serve as an alternative customer service agent, expect a continuous operational cost.

2. Slow Marketing and Sales Progress

One thing that chatbots always guarantee is maximized customer engagement. Additionally, chatbots can accommodate a vast number of customer concerns and provide assistance right away. That is why many of your customers receive more interactions from your business. So, imagine your business interaction without chatbots? Expect that customer concerns are not quickly addressed and responded.

3. Reach Fewer Customers To Introduce New Products

When your business is launching a brand new product, it is essential to broadcast its details to a vast audience right away. One thing you can do to reach them out certainly is to let your chatbots talk for you. Since chatbots have an amazing capability to speak to several people simultaneously, introducing your new products would be so much efficient. However, if it has to be done manually by real-human marketers, this may take a quite long time before reaching a large number of potential customers as much as chatbots can do.

4. High-satisfactory Customer Service is Quite Hardly Attainable

Pleasing our customers is indeed a tough challenge for business owners. All their demands are continually changing and becoming more demanding as days go by. Therefore, chatbots, which can send efficient and immediate responses to their customers, are what you need to gain high-satisfactory remarks from your customers. Nowadays, most of them demand instant action, which is quite difficult for real-human customer service agents to provide.

5. You Have to Do the Same Operations Repetitively

There are some similar tasks that you have to do at least every day. Some of these operations could make you feel dull eventually from doing it again and again. However, chatbots have one feature that addresses this business issue. Chatbots introduces automation to the world of business. With this, some daily operation, like sending updates, business reporting, and other related tasks, can benefit a lot from automation. Just imagine your business day-to-day business operations without chatbots; your days in the office would be relatively the same.

bot business
6. You Lose the Chance to Better Understand Your Customers

Chatbots can collect and record a number of personal information of their customers while talking to them over the chat. That is why bots can provide a transparent record of data that business owners can use to analyze their customers. Using these records, the analyst can also locate some sign of improvements within their business and identify how their customers behave. Real-Human customer service may indeed get a hard time doing this all at once. Chatbots are directly connected to the business’s entire database that is why; chatbots can put in and put out data easily. 

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If you have a business and you do not want to be outdated with the latest trends, you need to have these trendy bots. However, creating an interactive artificial intelligent agent that the user would trust is not easy. However, with HeroBot, you can easily make the best bot business that can satisfy your needs. For more information, you can visit our website by clicking this link.

At Your Service: The Setlist of The Most Intelligent Chatbot Today

most intelligent chatbot

How do we define intelligence? This might be easy to answer but for the technological aspect, it is kind of mind-boggling. This thing same goes to the most intelligent chatbot.

There is a wide array of written articles about this advanced automation. This more often appears to be called “intelligent.” How? A chatbot is considered to have that such characteristic if it’s fully aware of its surroundings and user’s needs. Such intelligence provides the chatbot the capacity to handle an immediate conversation with serenity.

So, here are the essentials you need to know about a great chatbot.

intelligent chatbot

Things to Know in Considering the most Intelligent Chatbot

If you’re looking for a conversation partner just like the chatbot, then this might be your lucky day. Imagine how big it can help you to have a customer service assistant or anyone to chat with a piece of software. But, see for yourself.

Without further ado, here are the things to consider in having the most intelligent chatbot.

1. Visual, speech and emotion recognition

An intelligent chatbot should have special characteristics such as optical, speech, and emotion recognition. Just imagine talking to someone through capturing, recording, or sharing photos, videos, and voice messages; there’s no need to wait for responses. Thus, bots will be the one to answer you right away.

With image and speech recognition, users enable to receive instant automated replies. If you are to create a bot, you need to consider the services you would like them to offer. And if it also comes with an emotion recognition interface, then it can be an impressive feature.

In order to apply the image and speech recognition, you need to try different services, namely IBM’s Watson and Microsoft Cognitive Services. These above-mentioned services are one of the most known for intelligent chatbot due to its large contributions in the tech industry.

However, if you’re still seeking for emotional recognition, you can use it up for now. Although it’s still going through the continuous process in advancement, still it’s applicable to every developing application. Therefore, you may also use such just like Affective and Visage Technologies.

2. Self-Thought Learning Ability

This feature is much unlike visual, speech, and emotion recognition. Usually, these bots are made with initial input training from the users itself. Though, when it comes to self-thought learning; it becomes more difficult as they are actively learning from their inputs.

An example of it is the Xiaoice. It is an artificial software system in WeChat in collaboration with Microsoft. Most of the Chinese community considered it more than just a typical virtual agent. Also, it incorporates real-time response which relies on the input messages.

3. Consistency

A consistent conversation is one of the important things users consider to have effective communication. The same way goes to intelligent chatbots.

There might have some issues since there are some simple chatbots made with hard-coded logic that has consistent conversation flow. Yet, it may only be possible in tapered topics. The saga continues as to when the conversation steps out its range, bots become adequate responders.

4. Memory

An excellent chatbot must have a great memory. Just imagine having an awkward conversation with a friend, when he or she doesn’t know what you are talking about. Kind of frustrating and disappointing, right? It might not be different with chatbots since we agreed on treating them of being exceptional partners.

5. Express emotions

An emotional response is somewhat utterly intricate. Even though emotional recognition is quite a real stuff today, its expression is still in the other corner. It’s the field where it needs further advancements, which remains unclear how enough this intelligent chatbot can be intimate as much as real humans do.

However, here are its purposes in fulfilling the emotional response-ability:

intelligent chatbot
  1. To identify the prime concerns within its development; and
  2. Assessing contemporary options.

On the latter part, more bots become effective conversers by choosing the correct language. As of today authenticity, lightness and naturalness are shown. They don’t sound machine-like or synthetic, which is really good for this type of technology. This will help both users and bots understand with an attachment of human feelings. Thus, it gives the users a perfect expression and emotional experience. 

Most Intelligent Chatbots in the Metro

Are there some travel accommodation bots that have buttons to click and asks for queries? For some, it still exists. But as of today, more and more become more engaging with conversational, intelligent chatbots. It is so cool to have a fully built machine with a natural language processing that can comprehend every structure. Moreover, it became easier than ever to create innovative and intelligent chatbot from scratch. Hence, these bots are a bomb because it can help you and your business nurture.

So, here are the latest advancements that could be considered as one of the most intelligent chatbots in the metro.

1. Mitsuku

Mitsuku can be the most intelligent chatbot in the world. It is created by Steve Worswick through Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML). Moreover, it is proven to be a four-time awardee of the Loebner Prize, a yearly contest for human-like artificial intelligence inventions.

It is claimed to be an 18-year old female generated chatbot from Leeds, England. Moreover, it has all Alice’s AIML files, wherein it can acquire user-generated conversations which frequently works on progress. In addition, her intelligence is absolutely perfect due to her reasoning skills. Also, she can play games and do magic tricks as per the user’s request. 

2. Rose

Rose is a chatbot who handles several customer queries at the hotel named Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. She became the virtual concierge in the said hotel.

Furthermore, it helps to have a continuous menu-based chatbot, wherein callers cans ask questions with 3 provided answers to choose from. Therefore, this new AI technology is not just a common smart algorithm, because it has the whole personality of a person. This proves that more companies, just like the said hotel, can produce voice-enabled bots, which can shoulder and manage responsibilities in customer queries.

3. Right Click

Right Click was introduced as an AI-powered chatbot for website creation. It asks such general questions needed and makes customized templates in every given answer.

One of its best features is its website builder program which is strictly related to its name – the right click. It permits users to edit their website with just a right click. Easy, right? This simplifies the whole process.

Such simplification is rare in every DIY website-builders. Some would even say that “Wordpress is hard.” All problems are found on the admin panels. But with the help of this chatbot website builder, anything’s possible.

4. Poncho

intelligent chatbot

Poncho is a messenger-type bot which is designed to be a weather expert. But before this intelligent chatbot became a weather forecast advisor, it was an email and text service that was turned into an app; and eventually a developing bot. Moreover, it sends weather alerts twice a day with user consent.

5. Insomno Bot

This bot is for the evening people or night owls, who stays up till late at night, or even until early in the morning. As the bot’s name suggests, this bot serves people who suffer from sleeping troubles. This chatbot will talk to insomniac people who have no one around to talk to. This chatbot gives amazing and astonishing responses so that the conversation is fun and will never get boring. This bot will not help you count sheep till you can sleep, or give suggestions to help you sleep. However, this bot will surely talk to you about anything.

Insomno Bot is the first intelligent chatbot in the world that is only available between 11 PM to 5 AM. Between these times, your friends may all be asleep, with their phones on silent mode. This bot provides a very human-like conversation. In addition, like someone who tries to hold a conversation in the late nights, this bot is easily distracted and tends to change the topic of the conversation into its own interest, which is perfectly suited for shy people. This bot was already featured in over 30 outlets, included in’s “3 Examples of Tech Marketing We Wish We Thought of First,” and is a nominee for at shorty awards.

6. Dr. A.I

Another one of the most intelligent chatbots of today is the DR. A.I. This bot is driven by advanced AI technology. Additionally, it is reportedly trained by over 100,000 doctors and is always available to answer questions regarding health. Moreover, it will guide users to the right health care and information.

Dr. A.I. will ask you about the symptoms you are currently experiencing. The chatbot will then ask you additional questions to elaborate on the symptoms so that it can learn more about it. It will then ask users for some of their background information, then it will present you a list of possible diagnoses. 

Building your own intelligent chatbot

Inspired with the examples we have presented in this article? Maybe now you are interested to build your own intelligent bot. Well, look no further, as Herobot offers tons of predesigned templates, which you can customize based on your business requirements. Visit our site by clicking this link and start creating your own bot. Someday, it may even become the most intelligent chatbot in the business world.

Know these 12 Interesting Facts about Chatbot


The business world continues to be fiercer and more competitive. Technological developments continue to advance and drastically improve. Therefore, business owners have to learn to adopt these developments in order to improve their customer services and marketing strategies. This is to provide a large increase in profits as they get the attention of more customers. With this being said, the most prominent technological development being applied to business as of now is none other than the chatbot.


Chatbot is the most essential part of every businesses’ marketing automation. And just like an actual person, artificial intelligence is able to cater to customer’s inquiries and request, but with a relatively low cost. As long as designed correctly, AI can respond to any questions of as many as millions of customers. Additionally, bots can keep customers in a very interesting conversation. Moreover, it can deliver a personalized service to any customers, making customers feel pampered, therefore keeping their interest to your brand.

The development of machine learning has allured different innovators to encompass technology in their particular areas. One of these is developing chatbots. Bots might be the greatest thing to happen to the market yet. Because of its popularity, you might already be aware of its existence and its basic features. However, you still need to know first what AI is and how it works.

If you are not yet familiar about chatbot, then consider yourself in luck. In this article, we will discuss information and some facts that revolve around artificial intelligence.

What is a Chatbot?

Bots are artificial intelligence system programmed to interact with human users through a chat interface. Short for chat robot, a chatbot is a computer program that replicates social conversations. Necessarily, a chatbot tolerates a way of interaction among humans and machines. The communication occurs via written messages or voice as it is programmed to perform separately from a human operator.

Notably, chatbots come in two different aspects:

•   Virtual Assistants

These chatbots will help you find the information you need. They will remind you to remember stuff and buy things. Consider Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistant. These AI apps are power-driven by machine learning. They depend on artificial intelligence to discover and understand what you want.

• Messaging apps

Chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat, and Slack are chatbots. These sorts of chatbots are only capable of cooperating with customers just by following pre-programmed systems. In addition, these apps mainly permit businesses and brands to be active online at all times. Moreover, chatbots will be providing customer support, for instance, instant responses, quick answers, even complaint resolution.

What you are currently seeing and experiencing by far is just the start of what is forecasted to be a billion-dollar worth industry in less than nine years. Several leading brands, including CNN, Sephora, Uber, National Geographic, Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut, have already integrated chatbots in their business.

How AI changes the digital marketing world

Still wondering about chatbots? Here in this article, we listed 12 facts that could help explain what an AI really is. Moreover, we will also discuss how it changes the digital marketing world.

1. Approximately 1.4 Billion People Are Using Chat Apps

According to Bi Intelligence, the best four messaging apps are more considerable compared to some of the top social networks. In addition, eMarketer recorded that more than 1.4 billion human consumers were using chat apps in 2016. Moreover, it is also reported that the percentage of mobile messaging apps users will increase by more than 25% of the world’s population in 2019.

bot application
2. The Community Are Ready to Communicate with Chatbots

In the opinion of (Human in the Machine) media and marketing services company Mindshare, 63 percent of the population would be concerned with bots. Moreover, a study performed by myclever Agency discovered that they would make use of chatbots to attain “quick emergency answers.”

3. Consumers Aim to Reach Retailers via Chat

According to a study, 29 percent of the population prefer to use online messaging and chat apps to reach retailers in creating a purchase choice. It only signifies that people are even possible to contact a retailer through phone or by using a chatbot. It is more likely to utilize a bot rather than sending emails to business retailers.

4. There Are Over 30,000 Facebook Chatbots Alone

Chatbots are starting to occupy several business sectors. In Marketing Automation, Facebook chatbots automate the whole thing from customer service to marketing and sales. This, therefore, improves businesses’ marketing strategies. However, it is challenging to acquire supervision on the sheer number of Facebook bots. There were over 30,000 AI on Facebook from September, and you won’t believe that millions of users have consumed those chatbot in 200 countries.

5. General Chatbot Conversations Mostly Begin With “Hi”

According to, greetings like “Hi!” and “Hello!” are the two most well-liked ways to begin an exchange of discussion with a chatbot. Some simple messages which are integrated a question mark, “hey,” “help,” “yes,” and a thumbs up icon.

6. Consumers Are Position to Purchase Stuff through Chatbots

According to DigitasLBi, 37 percent of American users disclosed that they are eager to purchase products through a chatbot. Generally, purchasers would expend over $55 for every good. Moreover, if an AI is accessible, thirty-three percent of UK locals would pay money for necessary things such as clothes and food.

With chatbots, customers are provided with quicker and more responsive interactions, so customers do not have to wait longer in making orders. Moreover, some bots even allow customers to track deliveries of their purchases.

7. Consumers Won’t Put Up With Bad Chatbots

Chatbots have been all the rage. But, one lousy bot incident could cost you a lot of money.  Being conscious of the do’s and don’ts of AI growth will help guarantee that your chatbot is useful and capable. In line with the DigitasLBi statement, seventy-three percent of American users assumed that they wouldn’t manage a business’s artificial intelligence behind a terrible experience. Additionally, sixty-one percent of consumers would notice it more annoying if a chatbot couldn’t answer trouble rather than a human.

8. Consumers Wish for Suggestions From Chatbots

Chatbots are sharper, receptive, and more constructive nowadays. Various bots propose an astonishingly authentic informal conversation practice. In which, it is intricated to find out whether the responder is a bot or a real human. Moreover, consumers are fascinated with suggestions for products from retail stores and other establishments.

9. Tell Whether a Bot is a Human or not

The lines among bot and human are only situated to develop unclear. 75 percent of consumers wanted to determine if they are chatting with a chatbot or human pretenders. Therefore, they should back their AI with a human agent to keep away from losing leads. The robotic and simulated kind of responses traced to sixty percent consumers that they were interrelating with a bot. The human-level language ability of these chatbots will be impossible to differentiate from an actual person in a blind test.

10. Exciting Conversations with Chatbots in the Future

Chatbots for business will change in the next few years so you should keep a close eye on them. Thus, we need to initiate knowledge on how to correspond more successfully, particularly with our customers. By 2029, people will hardly identify bots from humans. A ton of major companies like Microsoft, Apple, and other top yielding businesses has been spending in this technology for years at the moment. Consequently, we can presume that these businesses will keep on investing additional money on the improvement of artificial intelligence.

11. Chinese Consumers are Fond of Using Chatbots

In recent times, there has been enough conversation in the area of chatbots. Also, evidently, there is a need among us to witness chat robots do some great and impressive things. Fifty-eight percent of Chinese consumers choose to interact with brands employing social media channels. In addition to this, according to Engadget, Xiaoice is an unreasonably much-known chatbot in China. It has been increasing its influence from China to the entire world. The average discussion span is twenty-three conversations per session (CPS). Sooner or later, AI will also be accessible in the US and other countries as well.

12. Chatbots Can Help People to Solve Their Problem

Chatbots are interactive programs that speak to you and respond to the request, just like a genuine person. They are serving brands and businesses by way of customer service. Most of the digital companies are using bots to respond to questions, give information, book appointments, and even making purchases. Additionally, consumers appreciate responsiveness and ease of use, mainly in artificial intelligence.

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You have perhaps heard this before: Bots are the future. Nevertheless, Chatbots are here to stay, love them, or hate them. Are you still questioning how chatbots can help you? We know the answer!

You may be a businessman/woman trying to take your business up a notch. Also, you can be a beginner looking for ways to drive your business, the chatbot is a heaven-sent answer for your needs. Chatbots are sure to provide significant benefits to your business. Moreover, increased lead generation, better customer interaction, and increased conversion. However, you might be wondering how should you start creating your own bot. Worry no more, for Herobot is a haven of massive pre-designed bot templates for most type of business. Start your business AI venture now and see the benefits.