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Improve Customer Relationship with Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

A company cannot be successful just by itself. The greatest factor that will bring its success is its good relationship with its customers. However, this is where a lot of companies, especially the new ones, are having trouble with. Even if they build great products or guarantee a good service, they still can’t find loyal customers and increase their sales. This is where the customer service departments take control with artificial intelligence chatbots.

artificial intelligence chatbot

The customer service personnel are in charge on connecting with customers and helping them to whatever they need. However, this is not as easy job especially to small companies who cannot hire a large number of agents at once. A large number of inquiries is also a big problem for a developing company who is understaffed. Thus, the best way to solve this answer is to create an artificial intelligence chatbot that can answer multiple customers all at once.

How about artificial intelligence chatbot?

“Can machines think?” This is mathematician Allan Turning’s statement that made a significant mark in the history. As time the modern world undergo constant change, the lives of people are continuously improving and innovating. One of the examples of this innovation is the Artificial Intelligence or AI. This is a branch of applied science where machines are programmed and generated to think like the human brain. So the answer Allan Turning’s question is “yes” machines can think, but how?

Artificial Intelligence works with a vast amount of data and sophisticated algorithms that will be programmed to be a software that can do as specific task or goal. From the simplest to the most complex order, artificial intelligence is made to comprehend all of it. It has datasets where the brain or information that will be needed is placed. Good examples of this are robots. Just like humans, it can perceive and understand instructions. They are made to solve and do a specific task to achieve a certain goal.  Reasoning, learning, and perception are the main goal these machines. Before everything else, there will be a testing process to evaluate the system or application through trial and error.

First, it has datasets or databases where a large number of data needed are stored. It also has weights that correspond to the value that will be needed for the output. Next, it will require inputs from the user. The input will be analyzed and assessed by the AI and produce the output. If the software did not create the output it desires, it will adjust its weight until it constructs the correct one. Artificial Intelligence can be machine learning, neural network, computer vision, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

But, what is NLP?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of artificial Intelligence that focuses on the interaction of humans and machines through natural language. It allows the machine to understand and decipher human languages. One good example of NLP is chatbot. This is a software program that uses the Internet and makes human connections to machines possible. Often called “conversational agents,” these chatbots mimic how a real person is talking to a user. It uses the Question and Answering System to have a real conversation or talk with a person.

With the utilization of the Internet, it connects to its user through words and voices in real-time. They have programs that enable it to talk and respond to a conversation at any time of the day. These collaborative software applications use Facebook, Telegram, Slack, etc. as their contact channel. As Forbes said, the chatbot industry exceeded $190.8 million in 2016. These chatbots are really useful in different fields and industries. Education, business, health, and social bots are prominent in every field.

Human Live Chat VS. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Chatbots can make an impact on the social and emotional feelings of an individual. As stated by Mauro de Gennaro in his study, Effectiveness of an Empathic Chatbot in Combating Adverse Effects of Social Exclusion on Mood, chatbots can give emotional support to an individual. These can also be a great help to relieve negative emotions and thoughts for your products and services. It gives no judgment and unbiased opinions.

But unlike humans, chatbots do not have any feelings. They can hurt someone without knowing or sympathize with them. Humans can offer to understand and care that machines cannot do, for short, humanity. Machines can never take the place of humans, BUT THEY CAN UPGRADE THEM. They are just programmed to perform specific conversations and engage with the users.

Whether chatbots or humans, everyone works together for a greater and stronger bond. But how are do these chatbots work? What is it made of?

artificial intelligence chatbot

Building Relationship with Customers

Chatbots are smart and can even have a function of machine learning that helps it learn based on an experience like a human child. While its main goal is to answer your queries and questions, it can also help in improving the relationship of the company with its customers. But, how is it possible?

Show its human side

Well, this is main factor of how a chatbot can help in building relationship with customers. By creating a personality for a bot, the conversation that it will create will be most likely fun for its users. There are even some corporate AI that were popular by itself due to its fun and entertaining personality. However, you must note that it cannot always be fun and that it should still be a perfect fit for your line of business.

For example, you can’t use a fun and sarcastic personality if your business is dealing with legal or health matters. You cannot have you chatbot going around and joking about a customer who is having a problem about a law suit and health problems or they just might get extremely annoyed or disrespected. In these cases, you should just give it a serious, empathetic, and informative personality.

Answer your customer’s feedback

The most problems businesses are having trouble with customer relation is by being active 24/7. For small to medium companies, this is extremely hard. It is because hiring more customer service assistants that will work for extra time or night shift is costly. Meanwhile, you can answer all this with the help of an artificial intelligence chatbot.

As you know, Artificial Intelligence chatbot provides a chat automation system that enables it to cater the needs of multiple customers at once. It is also available 24/7 and the customers will not need to wait long for a response anymore. Due to this, your customers will raise their approval and trust to your company which will affect your sales positively.

Bring out its Machine Learning

Gaining knowledge with each other is part of being in a good relationship. As for a great customer service, this is also the case. As much as the live servers should give helpful answers to every inquiry, they should also be able to learn when something happens and use it for future reference. However, many people believe that this is impossible for just a mere artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, this is actually not true. Chatbots are able to develop a machine learning capability where it is able to use its experiences with its customers for the future use. This is by storing new and unusual data that the bot may find valuable for future reference. This way, its developers will not need to update it repeatedly to provide better service. It also helps the bot to adapt to the needs of its customers which is important when building a relationship.

Reward your customers without a hassle

When you are doing something good, you always expect a reward for this. It is also the same for your loyal or new customers. For them, they are doing you a favor by buying your products and being a multi-time customer. Well, that is actually true but how can you reward them properly?

artificial intelligence chatbot

Giving special coupons could be one of the best tactics to make your customers feel rewarded. This could also help them feel the urge to buy and be gain rewards again. It is very similar to classical conditioning. Meanwhile, because bots are systematic and smart, it can detect which customers are newbies and which ones are old. In this way, artificial intelligence chatbots can give them vouchers accordingly.

How can you have your own Artificial Intelligence Chatbot?

Having trouble finding where to get chatbots? We have the right solution just for you. We bring you,! Also, we have the most sophisticated and advanced mobile bot for your welfare. With professional crews and modern tools, Herobot offers the best and finest bot mobile for you. Come and visit our website now at

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How to Create Facebook Bot Avatar for Your Brand

Customer service is all about building a strong connection and trust with your customers. To do this, you should provide a smooth transaction at all times. While some people think that what clients need is a fast service, they often forget about sincerity. Their customers often leave with bad impressions from the company in return. To avoid these things from happening, why not create Facebook bot avatar for your brand? It will surely help your overall brand image and improve your customer service.

However, it is important to note that in order to create Facebook bot avatar, make sure to give it a friendly image. With the right appearance and personality for your chatbot, it will surely yield an acceptance from its users. It will also effectively represent a person’s physical and psychological value. This will affect the gratification of the chatbot experience. But, perfecting this is not easy especially if you are just a new learner in the chatbot history. This is why we will give you some tips to create Facebook bot avatar that will fit your business.

create facebook bot

First of all, why bots?

Do I really need to create Facebook bot? Why?

This is the first thing that you should be asking yourself before giving your efforts to create Facebook bot. This will give you a clear view of what you must make your bot of. By asking yourself this question, you will be able to know what your customers might be looking for. To help you answer this, here are some of the reasons why you need a bot.

You want to always be there for your customers

There is a reason why stores, except for convenient ones, have specific opening and closing hours. It is because hiring more employees for different shifts could be really expensive. So, what they do is set for specific hours where there are more customers available. However, there are still a lot of people whose availability would be after normal working hours and it would be a waste not to cater them.

However, when you create Facebook bot, your store will be able to provide 24/7 availability especially for customers who prefers online shopping at night. Chatbots will act as your “always-ready employee” and will answer your customer’s queries whenever. It can also act as an adviser or assistant for your customers. Now, you can easily connect with your customers even after store hours.

You want to build more connection with your customers

The secret recipe to being successful in business is establishing connection with your customers. This way, you can easily have your regulars that will be there to support your products or services. They can also be good endorsers as they commend your products or services to other people who might be interested. This is way better than looking for famous celebrities or models to market your brand. However, how can chatbots help you with this?

Customers are always looking for sincere service. Bots can have a good and steady personality according to what you set it to. It can be friendly, formal, and polite all at the same time. Also, it can answer your customers faster than any customer support. It also helps then you can modify your bots and provide option of different languages for your customers. Now, language barriers are not an issue anymore.

You want to grow your business

It is every business people’s ambition to grow their business and branch out. Why? Because this only means that your brand is successful and widely accepted by your customers. However, making it work is really hard especially for customer support. Thinking that you can answer all your customer’s queries in social media sites, emails, website, and application is just impossible. Meanwhile, hiring more employees to do this work will lessen your profits. It can also bring you more conflict if you will not find the right person for this.

With chatbots, your problems will be answered. Bots can work as you all in one employee that can answer multiple messages simultaneously without any errors. Moreover, even if you branch out and have stores in different areas or even countries, a single bot can occupy them all. With its capability to switch languages, it will be very helpful for your company to be international. Also, it is available 24/7 so having different timelines for your shops is not an issue anymore.

Tips to create Facebook bot avatar

Chatbots may seem to be new for other people but it actually is already around for decades already. Today, more and more people are discovering bots and understanding its importance in businesses. Not only that, some developers also learn that giving a bot a good personality and image gives the brand or company better feedback. Because of this, they are able to create avatars that perfectly represents companies. Here are some tips to create Facebook bot avatar:

1. Know your area

If you want to design the perfect avatar., you must first consider how your target customers will like it. Thus, you have the perfect picture of how your business line works. For example, you are in a legal research sector. Even if you want your bot to appear friendly, you cannot let it just joke around when answering your customer’s queries especially if the topic is very serious. You may, however, add more fun in your dialogue by including links, images, videos that might be interesting and helpful for your users.

2. Consider your brand’s image

When creating your bot, you must always consider the image of your brand. To do it, know how your company appeals for the mass and what their impression is about your brand. You should be able to perfectly create Facebook bot avatar with the distinctive character of your brand. if done right, it could be your best marketing partner. One example of this is how Marvel created a bot for their Avenger’s campaign with Jarvis. In the story, Jarvis is Ironman’s assistant bot that helps him in every way. To leave an impression on its fans and users, Marvel made a bot with Jarvis’ image and personality. I mean, which Marvel fan would not want to speak with Ironman’s trusted bot, right?

3. Test your bot

Now, remember that there is no such thing as perfection. However, if you want to get closer to it, create different bot character designs and make a survey on which one is the best. You can ask your friend about this or even get your customers involved in the selection process. It will help you assess thee errors on your bot. If you do not want any of these, you can also just join online forums and make a survey about it. This way, you will be able to create the best Facebook bot avatar. Moreover, it would be better to have different tests on your bot before launching it.

4. Pick the perfect name

Your name is your label. It is like putting a big mark on your forward indicating your personality. It is your connection to your individuality and identity. Moreover, this leaves other people impression about you. Thus, it is very important to pick the best name for your bot avatar. Choose a catchy name that will best represent your brand’s image and the services you offer.

create facebook bot

Create your bot with us!

Now that you know the important points on how to create bot avatar, it is time to test it out. However, creating bots is not cheap and not relatively easy. If you do not know how to code, you might need the help of professionals to create a good chatbot. Herobot can help you with this. It is a chatbot building tool that will help you build the best bot while saving up some money. Check our website to know more about it.

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Top 4 Chatbot Business Trends to Watch Out This 2020

Whether we admit or not, the chatbot has been helping a lot of businesses grow in terms of marketing and customer service. Moreover, it helps in building a strong brand impression on consumers which is why it is a big hit for a lot of marketers nowadays. Also, due to some technological advances, chatbot business is creating some trends including machine learning. Some marketing experts even believe that bots will continue to evolve in the following years and will eventually be the central customer service for various companies.

Actually, there are a lot of social media users who are in favor and willing to use bots for interactions. Even if there are still some doubts about how a mere artificial intelligence can act human-like, there still some who really want to try it out. Moreover, because of its convenience, marketers are using this tool in their marketing stunts. Meanwhile, others are utilizing marketing plans in accordance with the latest trends of chatbot business and artificial intelligence.

chatbot business

Why is chatbot business becoming relevant?

Chatbot business is one of the latest trends in the digital marketing world. It is really useful in automating a lot of marketing stuff which is why most people in the business are interested or already using it. Moreover, according to some researches, there is a high possibility that 85% of business interactions will include chatbots in it. On the other hand, there are also other features of chatbots that can be useful for other marketing strategies.

Here are some of the ways chatbots can help businesses:


Marketing and advertising a very important factor in business aside from the quality of the products or services and employment ordeals. However, some of this would cost you a lot which can be difficult at your end. Meanwhile, chatbot business can help you maximize your profit without spending much on your employees. Moreover, it can communicate with a lot of people at a time and is not prone to errors that an ordinary human staff may do.

Automating repetitive tasks

There are some tasks that requires the same routine to do. This could be really stressful and tiring for any human employee and may seem not motivational for many. However, chatbot can do these tasks without ever getting bored and with an utmost accuracy. This way, it can give other employees to focus on crucial tasks rather than being stuck on doing repetitive tasks.

Gathering customer feedback

If your business is around for quite a while, then it is important to know which improvements you should take for it to be better. In order to do this, you will need the feedback from your customers. However, this is not really interesting for most people and there is a high possibility that they will just ignore yours pleads for feedback. Meanwhile, chatbot business can help you with this one. As it communicates with your users, it can ask questions and gather useful information that you can utilize for your next marketing strategies. This is one of the reasons why chatbot business is becoming trendy for a lot of people.

Improving customer service

Obviously, customer service is one of the main functions of a chatbot business. Because of its automation, it can provide customers fast and accurate responses which most users dig in. Also, most customers need a hand in helping them throughout their purchasing experience and the chatbot can help them. Because of its high artificial intelligence, it can communicate well with its users without any errors. It can even inform people about the dates of when they can be contacted human live support if they prefer talking with them.

The latest trends on chatbot business

If you are going to look around the internet, you will notice a lot of webpages that are using chatbots on their businesses. Some are even using chatbots not only for their businesses but also for entertainment purposes. Whatever the reason, it is only natural to be curious about the latest trends regarding bots for this year.

Here are some of them:

SEO Optimization

Artificial intelligence has been around for almost a decade and it is continuously growing. With the help of numerous developers, the functions of chatbots were increasing and it includes SEO optimization. As you know, there are different aspects that you should focus on in order for your website to have proper optimization. Meanwhile, bots can enhance this by giving more impact on the usability of the website.

As it helps the customers, it is creating more chances to implement the purpose and main goal of the website. However, you must make sure that your chatbot could answer every question that your customers may ask. Also, it can improve the readability of your website as it gives your customers concise and accurate answers right away. Other than this, it can even help people navigate throughout your website even with its complications. This way, your site could have better feedback and higher ratings than the others.

Advertisement with smart speakers

A lot of people are now interested in using smart speakers such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. Due to this influx of interests, chatbot business is now becoming more and more relevant in the world of business. People tend to rely on automation brought by technology which is why they are inclined to using these smart speakers. Meanwhile, marketers use this as a chance to advertise their businesses through smart speakers.

chatbot business

This first started when Disney’s Beauty and the Beast’s advertisement was aired by Google Home. However, the later interests of other marketers put a bad impact on users of smart speakers. In order to bring back their interests, there re now better and less invasive branded advertising and it is what they call a “branded skill”. It is customer-friendly and cooler than other advertisements on the internet.

More content with chatbots

Written contents are very important in businesses as it increases the traffic of your website and introduces your brand to more viewers. Aside from this, contents are even useful for chatbots which is one of the priorities of most marketing companies now. If you have a good written content within your chatbot business, customer will have more fun communicating with it. Thus, it will create a good brand image to your business.

Moreover, there are some researchers that state that for the next three years, chatbots will be a big thing. It will mostly cut the costs of some retailers by roughly $439 billion every year while increasing the profit by $112 billion.

Steady adaptation with chatbots

Humans, just like animals, mostly live with their instincts and adaptation skills. These help humans survive a lot of calamities and problems.  Meanwhile, this is also the reason why people are now adapting to the latest trends of chatbots. They are now using it for chatbot business, amusement, and even their everyday tasks. There are even about 36% of marketers who are using chatbots in order to build better relationships with their consumers.

With this in mind, developers are now doing their best to create more human-like chatbots that will answer the needs of every person. They add an intense machine learning with every chatbot which gives the bot a way to learn speaking as a normal person would. Moreover, they offer customers a personalized experience that can execute tasks such as answering questions, giving advises and even guide them through difficult procedures in banking.

chatbot business

Be confident with Herobot!

It is important for marketers to know the latest trends in marketing and adopt it. This is why a lot of business people are now using a chatbot in their companies. It is in order to survive the competition and garner more customers along the run. This is also the reason why you should consider having a  chatbot now.

If you are planning to make bot for your business, it is essential that you only do it with the best and trusted chatbot platform. Herobot is a bot-creating website that offers its users cheaper deals. Despite this, it still has numerous features as well as widgets. Moreover, you will not need any professional skills when making your bot as Herobot only requires you to drag and drop contents. To know more, visit us at our website.

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Top Reasons Why You Need to Build a Bot for SMM Today

Two decades ago, marketing was all about search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). But in the last ten years, social media marketing was born. Right then, it quickly took over other known strategies in various industries. Today, every marketing campaign is not complete without social media integration. However, the competition in this landscape also tightened through time. It ultimately paves the way for the introduction of new trends and tools. In this article, we’ll talk about the era of chatbots, particularly for the SMM. Let us see if this can convince you to build a bot after this. 

build a bot

Social Media Monitoring Bot: The Key to Better Business Engagement

According to most technology predictions, chatbots would soon become one of the most vital tools in terms of engaging with brands. Even the veteran marketers agree that it has the power to bring a paradigm shift in the landscape of digital marketing. With this, many decide to build a bot to help them in advertising.

Today, we are closer to the time when all people would treat chatbots as a vital marketing tool. Ultimately, people would depend on these innovative technologies to purchase what they need. May it be a product or a service, bots will be their number one assistant. Many developments are happening right now. When you build a bot in the future, they would soon become human-like. 

Once it happens, the landscape of digital marketing would be revolutionized. Also, people would become more dependent on chatbots. They would rather use bots instead of spending time on research brought by search engines. During this time, many branded applications would become obsolete. Moreover, users would opt to engage via messaging apps that are already helping them in unimaginable ways. 

Build a Bot: The Primary Role of Social Media Monitoring Bot

It’s not a secret that consumers are dramatically migrating from traditional social media platforms to fast-rising messaging applications. The list includes Apple, Slack, WeChat, iMessage, and perhaps one of the most popular, Facebook Messenger. The mind-boggling growth of these innovative messaging channels, when combined, actually beats that of the largest social media networks today. Well, these messaging apps offer to navigate their ways through intense competition. They exert less effort compared to conventional methods, but they get an increase in monetization. Who wouldn’t love these emerging technologies that save people from fatigue while improving ROI?

Moreover, industry analysts and data sources revealed that these messaging apps have taken over social media platforms in terms of signing up new users. This report is not surprising, as chatbots have made it possible. These social media monitoring bots have allowed people to search for valuable information using their preferred messaging applications.

Build a Bot to Revolutionize Your ROI

Aside from making routines more convenient for people when it comes to searching content, social media monitoring bot also augment the efficiency of the once laborious process. Well, developers today are making them customized. As a result, users no longer need to rely on Google search to find out information about specific products or services. They can simply build a bot and rely on them to do that and get their needs addressed quickly. 

Social media monitoring bot and other kinds of chatbots are one of the vital tools that can empower the core of digital marketing. Its concept opposes the traditional system of digital advertising wherein there is an engagement when clicking on an ad or playing videos. Today, engaging with chatbots is described as having a conversation with a human-like assistant. 

Why? It is because most people would agree that having personalized and fun conversation is more valuable than simply viewing a video or an ad. This new kind of engagement leaves people refreshed, educated, informed, and most of the time, entertained. With the help of chatbots, they also acquire a deeper understanding of the product or the business. So, why not build a bot for your business now?

Social Media Monitoring: What You Need to Know

Are you currently engaged with a brand or product over social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Then there’s a high chance that your engagement and activities are being tracked by a social media monitoring tool. 

build a bot

Often, users think that social media monitoring is the same as social listening. However, these two shouldn’t be interchanged as they have different purposes. 

Social media monitoring is the act of engaging with users using a reactive manner. Brands monitor streams of topics, comments, mentions, and messages and rely on that information before interacting with users. Meanwhile, social listening can be described as proactive. Brands deal with larger pools of data and use them for sentiment analysis. The goal is to find out how brands operating in the same niche are performing. The findings can then be checked by social media analytics expert to find out any trend or pattern.

Notably, many of the known social media monitoring tools today also serve the function of social listening. However, people should still be aware of the significant differences between the two.

How does Social Media Monitoring Bot Work?

Social media monitoring is a straightforward strategy. A businessman must first identify the tool that would fit his brand’s needs. Then, they need to sync their social profiles and work on monitoring and data collection. Thanks to the introduction of social media monitoring bot, a businessman can put everything up and running without exerting much time and effort. 

Main Functions of Social Media Monitoring Bot

Collect Mentions

Collecting mentions and comments that pertain to your brand is one of the primary purposes of a social media monitoring bot. This tool would track all of your brand’s social activities automatically. Some bots even organize and filter data based on different metrics, such as likes, followers, and retweets. When this information had been collected, social media marketers can begin doing their jobs. 

Build brand advocacy.

Every brand’s goal is to acquire loyal advocates and customers. When you have a social media monitoring bot in place, you would be able to interact with these users in real time. Ultimately, you can show them that you are keen to build and cultivate a relationship with them. Remember, even a simple message that acknowledges your customers’ support has the power to make all the difference in your brand’s performance. 

Resolve customer complaints.

As a businessman, there’s nothing wrong in hoping that all people visiting your channel would be your brand’s advocates. However, we can’t deny that it’s almost impossible. Dissatisfied customers would show up in one way or another. During this instance, you can take advantage of your social media monitoring bot to settle the issue immediately. Once you can address their complaints in real-time, there’s a likelihood that you would convince them from preaching negative sentiment about your brand. 

Increase brand transparency.

One surefire way of enhancing user engagement on social media is to send and receive customer feedback. Let your social media monitoring both update your users whenever you’re rolling out new products or services. Then, ask them some questions that can help you enhance your latest offering. This method can not only strengthen your engagement with users, but it can also increase your brand’s transparency. 

Track topics.

A social media monitoring bot can also help you monitor and track hashtags and topics that are trending. When you are up to date with the latest happenings, you can easily spread awareness about your brand. Being armed with fresh information allows you to be a step ahead of your competitors. 

Showcase your brand’s story. 

Social media monitoring bot, just like other known chatbots, has a personality of its own. With the advent of technology, brands have the power to customize their bots, or we can describe it as adding a unique flavor, bringing a brand’s personality to life.

build a bot

The idea is to showcase the story of your brand in the most compelling way via a social media monitoring bot embedded in your digital marketing channels and networks. Once implemented, these innovative chatbots can attract reluctant users, engage them in fun and exciting ways, and ultimately captivate them with your story. Once you have successfully established an emotional connection with them, you have higher chances of translating those relationships into substantial growth. 

Build a bot with the help of HeroBot!

Whether you like to make the switch or not, chatbots are definitely here to stay. They are designed to change the essence of digital marketing. If you want to stay ahead in business, then you must consider these tools as an integral part of your marketing mix. However, keep in mind that just like the others, chatbots are not perfect. They also come with a set of challenges that can either make or break your business. 

To reap the benefits, you must ensure to get your social media monitoring bot from a reliable source. If you’re a newbie, perhaps you would want to visit Herobot. This chatbot platform can help you attract qualified leads and increase sales using their social media marketing bot and other automation marketing tools. Let the experts help you conquer the challenges that are usually associated with this modern technology, and you’ll be able to emerge victorious in the end. 

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Why You Should Try Chatbot Companies while on Quarantine at Home

As COVID-19 or Coronavirus affects millions of lives all around the world, governments are becoming wary about it and started declaring community quarantine one by one. People can transmit and receive the virus by merely talking or getting in close contact with one another. Moreover, the virus can stay active on a surface even when you leave it there for three days. Considering all this, you basically have no choice but to do a self-quarantine for everyone’s safety. Now, it may be boring to just stay at home for weeks. However, why not consider trying chatbot companies for fun?

chatbot companies

As already told by the experts, social distancing is very important to do at this time. This is why even businesses and educational institutions are considering all these. Companies are reprimanding their employees to just work at home or to not work at all. Meanwhile, students are prohibited from going to school facilities and are advised to just take online classes. However, even if you are given something to do on your own houses, staying inside for too long may affect your mental health negatively. Also, there are some necessities that you will need to acquire outside. Thus, chatbot companies are ideal for these things.

Why you need a self-quarantine

With all the issues regarding the coronavirus around the world, there are still some questioning the importance of self-quarantine or self-isolation. However, we cannot deny that this is really important to prevent the virus from spreading like what happened in some countries. In Italy, there are reports of more than 27,000 cases with over 2,100 deaths in just a few weeks. Just to be safe, why not implement a self-quarantine and just rely on chatbot companies for your needs?

Here are more reasons to do it:

You need to be safe

You need to do a self-quarantine because first of all, you have to be safe. Walking around the city and socializing may seem harmless if this is just any other day. However, always remember that you can get the Coronavirus by interacting with other people. Also, getting in contact with things that have the virus on them can also give you the illness. Meanwhile, knowing if a place or a person is safe for you is nearly impossible now. There are also numerous bots that you can talk to if you are getting bored.

Your family should be your first priority

Even if you think you are safe because you have a strong immune system, think about your family. Not because you are not sick means that you cannot be a carrier. If your clothes or skin get in contact with the Coronavirus, you can give it to others without knowing it. Avoid going out and interacting with others so that you can also avoid transmitting it to your family when you get home. If you really need to go out, try distancing yourself with others upon coming home and just wash right away. Moreover, you can also try contacting chatbot companies who have services available for what you need.

Your company is fine without you there

If you are thinking about your job and your clients, stop it. Do not sacrifice your health for a commercial enterprise. Unlike you, your boss and your clients are well-off and have enough money to survive this disaster. Millions of people and even the government are alarmed by the virus already. Surely, your company will understand if you will choose to not attend your work. Instead, suggest a work-from-home arrangement or just take a leave. Remember that you are more important than your job.

Your school already have precautionary measures

Not all students are happy about the suspension of classes. It is because this means a lack of ways to learn and being forced to self-study for future exams when things are better. However, educational institutions already found a way to teach students while they are at home. Most shut down schools are offering online courses to make sure that their students are still learning and not wasting time. Moreover, some schools are getting in contact with chatbot companies to serve as online tutors of the students at home. Not because you are having trouble with your studies means your school is cruel enough to not consider the circumstances of their students.

It is hard to know if you are infected

You cannot easily assume that you are safe even if you are fine now. The symptoms of the COVID-19 virus do not appear right away and may take a few days before showing signs. Moreover, you never know if you get in contact with those who have the illness. For your and other people’s safety, do a self-quarantine and check if you are showing signs of Coronavirus. While doing so, you can contact chatbot companies and find one that can give you medical advice.

What you can do with chatbot companies while in self-quarantine

Have engaging talks

If you get bored without having anyone to talk to and your friends are not available to talk with you, try chatbots. They are fun to talk with and you can find thousands of bots online who have different personalities. There are even some who have knowledge of histories, constellations, medicine, and others. You can never get tired of talking with chatbots

Play games

chatbot companies

Interacting with chatbots is not limited to just chatting. There are also some bots who you can play games with. Different gaming and chatbot companies are cooperating with each other in order to create intelligent games that will give its users a one-of-a-kind experience. By inputting artificial intelligence on game characters, it adds to the flavor and difficulties of the game. If you have nothing to do at home, why not try playing games with chatbot companies?

Watch this informative video about how Coronavirus could Impact Your Marketing :

Work out at home

This self-quarantine can mean self-care and self-improvement. While you are not busy, try getting in shape by conducting a regular exercise. However, you have to remember that it is best to just stay at home while doing so. With this, you can use workout chatbots that you can easily download on your phones. They can serve as your gym instructor and give you proper directions. Moreover, they can time you and count the steps that you are taking for the exercise. Also, there are some bots who can count your calories and plan your weekly meals to maintain being healthy and fit.

Find good books to read

If you do not know what you can do while you are in a self-quarantine mode, try finding new ones such as reading books. Even if you do not know where to start, you can ask chatbots for recommendations and it will surely list down books with top rates online. You can also ask for synopsis and books that are like those it recommends.

Find television shows that can entertain you

Looking for the next television show you should watch is not easy. A lot of sports and live programs are canceled on tv due to the Coronavirus outbreak. So, to break your boredom, try other shows that might interest you. As chatbots for recommendations based on genres and it will surely not disappoint you. It is also easier to do this than searching online. Not only is it convenient, but bots are also fun to talk with and can surely end your boredom.

Try new recipes to cook

Staying at home for a long time may pique your interest in cooking. So, to start doing your new hobby, why not download chatbot for cooking? You can talk to them about the recipes you want to try. In return, they can give you thorough directions and new recipes to try with. Moreover, it can provide you an organized shopping list for an easier experience. Also, chatbot companies can give you tips on cooking that can be handy. Download a cooking chat app now!

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Create your own chatbot with us!

Whether you are a businessman or not, the recent outbreak of Coronavirus surely affects your daily schedule. However, there are some ways to ease your boredom and other problems. This is with the help of chatbot companies. Meanwhile, creating your own chatbot rather than relying on what others created is still better. If you want to try creating your own without facing problems with coding, subscribe to Herobot now!

Herobot is a chatbot platform that can help you build chatbots in an easier manner. It will not require you any coding or other IT skills. What you just need is a witty mind and a small amount of money to create the best chatbot that will entertain and help people at the recent COVID-19 incidents. We also offer pre-made templates for various uses. Moreover, Herobot offers cheaper deals without sacrificing the qualities of the chatbots they release. Check our website now and learn more about the world of chatbots.

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What are the Best Shopify Chatbot this 2020?

Nowadays, consumers resort to a variety of online messaging platform to easily connect to their needs. According to research, it is more well-known and has higher rates. However, maintaining the position of your company on the business ladder is difficult as various online competitors kept emerging day by day. Fortunately, there is Shopify Chatbot that can let you stay on track. Nowadays, consumers resort to a variety of online messaging platform to easily connect to their needs. Moreover, it is more well-known and has more excellent rates according to research.

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce of all the time. It is a great partner when it comes to creating your online presence without requiring various complex tech skills. It encompasses several areas such as mobile, web, online marketplace, social media, traditional side-business, and pop-up shops. Moreover, this bot works side-by-side Shopify. It is the best way to reach consumers automatically. This is an obvious explanation of why the number of businesses uses Shopify Chabot.

shopify chatbot

How Does Shopify Chatbot Works?

Just like how the standard chatbot works, the Shopify Chatbot can incite natural human interaction. Clients engage with a chatbot through the chat interface or via speech. It would be able to cater to multiple customer queries.  Moreover, it utilizes several primary or complicated system language from a database. Also, it quickly analyzes questions, provides pre-set answers, and implement tasks. Additionally, it can sustain the continuous demands and evolution of technology

When it comes to languages, it can comprehend different words and, at the same time, have a default conversation flow to assure client satisfaction. They can store the scope and the client’s selections. It can also cover one point of interaction instance to another whenever it is necessary and deal with any random customer request at any given time.

Features of Shopify Chatbots

Effortless Set-up and User-Friendly

The platform will only offer what you need for your business. Also, it does not cost a lot of money. However, once your business boomed, it is wiser to invest more. It can offer different hosting that is needed for the implementation of your website.

Integration of Application

Businesses will be able to include additional features and tasks for growing the website. Every consumer’s needs vary from time to time. The chatbot must be able to cope up with every demand.

Safe and Reliable

There is no need to worry when it comes to confidential and personal data protection, such as credit card details. The Shopify Chatbot is guaranteed guarded and safe to use. When processing financial transactions, you need quick, reliable, and 24-hour-availability.

Easy to Customize

Several themes are presented to the business, either free or paid. Now, it is straightforward to find the best idea that will suit the brand. With Shopify chatbot, you can do whatever you want.

SEO Friendly

There is no sense for an amazing online shop if there is no registered traffic. It is easy to assume that the business will slowly fade in the background in no time. With Shopify’s Chabot, it will help you raise your company’s rank so that the clients will be able to search for you. It also offers advanced statistics that can present to you where the clients come from. This is an effective strategical technique that can fit your marketing.

Benefits of Shopify Chatbots

By the use of Shopify Chatbots, your business can effectively get involved with clients on the social media platform. It is no wonder that the sum of chatbots is continuously increasing. Data shows that 2 billion messages are dispatched between people and businesses every month.

Constant Customer Sevice

The business will be able to provide the best customer satisfaction through Shopify Chatbots. Since the bots are always there 24/7, it can effectively establish the company’s brand. It will present instant, connected, and constant customer service because the replies are controlled. 

Immediate replies are equal to the high chance of increased sales. It is wise to maintain audience engagement using Shopify Chatbot by quickly responding to different queries.

Exceptional Loading Speed

Shopify Chatbot is equipped with useful software and hardware. As a result, the website can load quicker. Moreover, this bot can cater to a significant number of clients.

Lower Costs

A chatbot is a fresh way to cut costs and to save time. Instead of physically visiting stores and talking to customer support, you can have a better and more straightforward conversation with a bot. This is a more convenient way of shopping for customers.

shopify chatbot

All-Around Application

You can find anything you want in terms of features and functions. Moreover, you can easily include reviews, client’s wishlist, and have statistics. All of the marketing tools are available to use. You have thousands of choices with a good Shopify chatbot.

Own Payment Method

There are various of payment that the Shopify Chatbot offers. It also has a choice that is fueled by Stripe. If you select to utilize this, you will not have additional transaction fees. Also, there is an advantage of lowering credit card fees. One more thing, it does not need a merchant account to use.

Mobile Friendly

People choose to engage in mobile when it comes to visiting websites rather than on desktops. It is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website that can load quickly. Shopify offers themes that are quick and responsive. It presents a free built-in shopping car. It is advisable for all of the devices; the client will roam around the site whenever they want. Also, it has open applications that can let you efficiently manage your store.

Best Shopify Chatbot in 2020

Sales Boosting Chatbot by Gobot

Gobot offers the clients a new way to rediscover their shopping experience. Also, this particular app uses the gathered feedback as a cause for a unique interactive experience. Moreover, this can be easily downloaded and utilized. The business will have to decide on a template and build a new one. After a few moments, a virtual assistant will be at your aid for free.

Highlighted Features:

  • Present products for clients
  • Rapidly attend to the customer’s inquiry
  • Collect client’s feedback
  • Assist with the growth of email followers
  • Automatically arrange appointment

Gobot can be fully aligned with your Shopify store. This will be able to aid clients in choosing the right services or products. 

Kik by Kik

Kik by Kik is a free Shopify app that can assist you with your product. The primary consumer of this brand is most of American teenagers. Moreover, it is considered a beautiful place to present products that will interest that type of audience. It is also easy to set-up, link your business to Kik and classify all of your products via the pre-selected options.

Highlight Features:

  • Aim directly at our user’s pool of teenagers
  • Present your products to our 300 million users
  • Allow our users to purchase your products effectively
  • Recommend to users products that best fit their interest
  • No need to buy any ads

ANIX by Anix

The ANIX group releases ANIX by Anix. With the help of this, you will be able to have a 24/7 problem solver. This will boost sales and provide the best customer experience. What is right about this is, it is customized and rapid. As a result, the client will feel prioritized. There is also a live service team that can employ the Anix Team to talk straight to the clients.

Highlight Features:

  • Increase customer experience by answer questions quickly
  • Provide a personalized experience for faster problem solving
  • Allow creating a repository of frequently asked questions
  • Provide recommendations on how to answer some questions
  • Optimize the number of human support staff

Messenger Chatbot Marketing by Akohub

Messenger Chatbot Marketing’s primary goal is to turn all of the visitors into customers by connecting Facebook Messenger chat with your business’ website. It offers various exclusive discount products. Also, the customers will be able to place their orders to Facebook Messenger. If you are having doubts, there is a free trial plan.

Highlight Features:

  • Deliver exclusive product promotions
  • A-few-click Messenger Chatbot set up
  • Cut down on time spent on customer support
  • Save customers time
  • No coding knowledge required

Bargainator by Molsoft

Bargainator by Molsoft is created by Molsoft Team. This is an essential tool for every e-commerce admin. Due to this, they can interact with every client and raise the conversion rate. Also, this application goes beyond the horizon by predicting a person’s behavior through conversation.

Highlight Features

  • Maintain customer engagement in real-time
  • Present embedded chat module that mixes in with your theme
  • Allow the monitoring and intervening bargaining sessions
  • Notify users when the bargaining session starts
  • Allow exporting emails collected during the negotiation

Bridge the gap between your business and your client. HeroBot is on the list, too! It will not only increase your sales but also secure quadruple qualified leads. Moreover, it offers a complete messenger marketing platform. You will be able to acquire the power to build and generate various broadcasting and marketing tools that can reach a vast number of clients.

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Be the best with Herobot!

Having a Shopify account for your business can be very helpful for you. It has various features that can make the management of accounts and markets easier. Today, technology innovations made using this platform easier with Shopify Chatbot. However, the biggest question would be how you can create your own without any knowledge about coding. This is where Herobot can save your day.

Herobot makes creating a Shopify chatbot without any hassle. This is by giving those who have no IT skills to develop bots by just dragging and dropping features according to their taste. Moreover, there are even templates that you could choose from if you have no idea where to start. Contact us and experience the thrill.

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Why You Should Use a Phone Monkey for Your Business

The continuous rise of technology is proving to have a massive effect on the modern world. Instead of traditional methods, most entrepreneurs and business owners are now shifting into the digital marketplace to promote their products and services. Everywhere we go online, we can see various forms of digital advertising taking place on different platforms on the web such as phone monkey.

phone monkey

Aside from digital marketing, advertising, and e-commerce, modern-day business people use other kinds of technological efforts to boost their businesses’ productivity, such as chatbots. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram implement the use of phone monkey. This helps patrons gather and provide information for their clients online. Whether or not you want to admit it, you are going to lose significant results if you do not start using a chatbot for your business.

What Kind of Phone Monkey Should I Use?

To understand what kind of phone monkey would work best for your business, you have to know what they do first. Generally, there are two kinds of chatbots, and these digital pals of ours function differently depending on our needs:

Comprehensive Chatbots

This type of phone monkey is the one that gets better over time. Even though their technology is not complicated, their conversational skills are quite remarkable. Comprehensive chatbots, unlike their technical counterpart, can understand speech, answer questions, and usually provides real solutions to the problems that people are asking them. This bot platform is beneficial if you are offering human-like interactions to your clients. The businesses that could make use of this chatbot would be the ones advocating mental health and psychiatric treatments.

Scripted Chatbots

Scripted chatbots are the usual choice of most businesses. This bot platform can respond to specific commands and are usually built with prepared questions.
Along with these sets of questions are corresponding sets of answers that usually ends the same way. In most cases, users of phone monkey would not even have to type anything in. They have to select the appropriate question concerning their need, and then they would get the answer in an instant.

How Would I Benefit from these phone monkey?

The numbers of businesses using phone monkey are growing exponentially as the years pass by. Chatbots that are associated with Facebook’s Messenger rose in number from 30,000 in 2016 to over 100,000 in 2017. When 2020 came around, 80% of businesses are now considering getting their own, and 60% of the youth’s population is using them daily. Here are a few benefits of using a bot platform for your business, for you to understand why there is an increasing demand for them:

Chatbots Can Excite Your Customers

Because phone monkey are so entertaining to use, some people prefer them to humans when it comes to customer relations. When your clients get the right answers and excellent service, they are more likely to return for your business’ offers. Still, for your chatbot to provide a memorable experience, it has to run smoothly and successfully. You should ensure that your chatbots are professional and bug-free, aligned to your brand, and can adequately use linguistics. It should also provide proper answers to queries, and most importantly, it must work on multiple devices.

Chatbots Can Help Cut Down Operational Costs

Because of their efficiency in the digital marketplace, chatbots can thoroughly carry out customer-related tasks for businesses around the world. No need for actual human interaction to face the concerns and criticisms of agitated clients. Your phone monkey can entertain their queries by providing the specific answers they need to fix their problem. This way, you can cut down your costs in customer support while providing entertainment for your clients as a bonus that comes with the chatbot.

Chatbots Can Help Improve Sales and Customer Services

When it comes to being useful in your business, chatbots can do tasks such as collecting customer information. This way, chatbots can be utilized for sales and marketing purposes. They can keep customers engaged with various brands and products by sending push notifications. Apart from these functions, bot platforms can perform routine tasks such as enhancing customer service. They can provide product details for customers if necessary.

Chatbots Can Be Improved and Optimized

Much like training the employees in your company, you can optimize and upgrade your chatbots. Because they are technological help, they require continuous evaluation. You can track their performance on the different aspects of your business as you do so. Remember that your business relies on all the support it can get, so make sure that your chatbots are always checked.

phone monkey

Chatbots Can Show Off Your New Products and Services

Bot platforms are the best option when it comes to showing off a business’ new products and services to its customers. They can send relevant information to the people that are significant to your business. Chatbots only send push notifications to the appropriate people according to their needs. This means your client will feel appreciated rather than irritated. It also makes chatbots a reliable option for promotions.

Chatbots Provide a Cut Down on Human Errors

Human errors are unavoidable, and that is a well-known fact around the world. People tend to make mistakes when working, especially when they are tired. Some of these crucial tasks are collecting customer information or sharing product pricings. Thanks to chatbots, handling these tasks to deliver error-free results is a piece of cake for them. Chatbots are programmed with specific functions, so there is little to no chance of encountering errors with their work. This makes them a reliable “employee” for your business. This makes them a reliable “employee” for your business.

Disadvantages You Could Get

Although we could all benefit from the tremendous help of chatbots, they are still prone to technical difficulties and errors. This makes them a little bit risky to use for your business. Here are some of the disadvantages you will notice when you are using bot platforms:

Chatbots Are Not Human

There are chatbots built for understanding speech and answering queries. However, they are still bots and could never match the complexity of human intelligence. Chatbots need to learn from the responses they get so they could use it for future conversations.

Chatbots Require Thorough Maintenance

Much like any other technological device, you should still maintain and optimize your chatbot for your business. This means it will take a chunk of your time from your usual routine. Too much of this could hinder you from other tasks you could finish, and it may affect your productivity.

Chatbots Have Limited Information

Your chatbot will only have limited functions when you finish building it, which means you have to add specific ones for it to work correctly. To utilize your chatbot, align its services to your business’ needs. Make sure that you are adding the correct tasks and words for it for your clients to use it well.

Chatbots Could Get Customers Frustrated

Most chatbots work on a limited database, which means they cannot improvise. If the customers would use slang or sarcasm, their conversation with the bot could run in circles. This can lead to the frustration of your business’ prospective clients.

Still, chatbots are good for businesses

If you are now afraid of creating your own chatbot because of the disadvantages mentioned above, don’t. The factors mentioned above are only small possibilities that you could get if you are not able to create a good chatbot for your business. However, if you succeed on making a perfect chatbot by using a good chatbot, then all will be well.

Choosing HeroBot as your Partner

HeroBot is a marketing and social media bot automation platform that can help you build the perfect chatbot for your business. Because it is a certified Facebook Partner, you could use your created chatbot with your business through Facebook. HeroBot can thoroughly help with lead generation and sales support. By the way, it is free and provides high-quality Messenger bots, making it a practical choice for your business.

phone monkey

It will never be too late to upgrade and optimize your business procedures. Take part in the technological advancements of today’s world by starting small with chatbots. Apart from getting the exceptional help that you can rarely get, you could also provide the entertainment that your clients are always longing for. Remember, we are only as good as what we think we are.

Think differently and let your business speak for itself with the help of your chatbots. Start building your very own bot platform today with HeroBot. For more information, you may visit, or you may send an email to

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Bot List: End the Waiting Game for Business Upgrade

In this fast-paced era, there is no point in waiting, especially when it comes to business. The rampant use of technology makes information accessible. Customers want everything in an instant. Also, they crave the utmost attention and care from companies, which is why they are hard to satisfy. For this reason, chatbots are now being used by companies throughout the world. To help you understand more, we created an exclusive bot list with this article.

A chatbot is a new way to connect with your consumers. It is a type of artificial intelligence software that can converse discussion with a user in various online forms. Moreover, it is mostly used through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or telephone. It can also be able to answer basic questions or as complicated ones with an equivalent automated response by digital assistants.

bot list

Two Classifications of Chatbots in Bot List

There are things that you need to note before knowing more about the existence of chatbots through our bot list. You should first know the classifications of Artificial Intelligence. This will surely help you choose the best bot that you can use for your industry of business. Here are some of them:

Task-oriented Chatbots/Fixed Bots

This particular chatbot is considered very specific and highly structured. It is easily controlled and very safe.  It can answer common questions, such as what services do you offer or what your products are.  They attend to the fundamental problem that does not need a lot of complicated and spontaneous explanations.

Date-driven and predictive Chatbots/AI Bots

AI bot is commonly called as virtual assistants or digital assistants. This is often categorized as sophisticated, interactive, and customized than task-oriented chatbots. This chatbot applies stored comprehension and statistics. Digital assistants can comprehend the user’s liking over time, come up with suggestions, and past user behavior.

Why is Chatbot Created?

In this time where messaging applications rapidly grows, a chatbot is vital in a mobile-first population. This is how businesses and consumers converse with each other. You need to have the effort to visit and attend to a client’s needs. A need for a proper conversation is also why having an appropriate list of bot list is a must.

Chatbot lets the company form a bond with the customer in a more personal way. This reduces the emotional-driven human interactions of employees with their customers. Moreover, it can even lessen the risk of having their own problems with clients due to the mental stress that humans experiences in their course of work.

Chatbot lets the company form a bond with the customer in a more personal way. This reduces the emotional-driven human interactions of employees with their customers. Moreover, it can even lessen the risk of having their own problems with clients due to the mental stress that humans experiences in their course of work.

Evolution of Chatbots

Professor Joseph Weizenbaum developed the first chatbot in the late 1960s. He called it ELIZA. Fast forward, in the year 2009, the company WeChat in China created a more advanced Chatbot. It became known correctly later on. Through this platform, a very simple chatbot is made accessible to be created. As the year goes by, a lot of messaging apps applied and improved the chatbot, and up to this day, it is still widely used.

Bot List of Importance

Chatbot increases functional proficiency and conducts cost savings to the business organization while bringing comfort and additional service for consumers. Bot allows businesses to quickly attend questions and conflicts without needing to assign a human for the task. Here is a bot list of how a chatbot can be beneficial to your business.

Rapid Reply

Chatbots are easy to operate. It can have an interaction with customers just like a human assistant would do. It can be programmed depending on the business’ want. One can have a basic conversation or fun conversation. Mostly, humorous conversations establish a light flow for the consumer.

Compared to some people, chatbots on bot list are not moody, and it has a lot of patience. It can never scare away potential customers from a rude response. It is easy to use to welcome the customer in a modest way every time they take an interest in the business.  Also, another fantastic thing that bots can also do is communicate in various languages. Chatbots are not limited to cater to a particular word.

Money Saver

Business organizations pay a lot of money for a customer support team. Using chatbots will be able to have fewer units but have more things to do and to offer. A proper bot list will be able to cater to a lot of customer queries while letting the company spend less to none for the services. Also, bots do not have limitations. Unlike the human support team, they have to sleep or rest. Chatbots on the bot list are available 24/7. It makes the business hire fewer employees. It saves a lot of money and energy.

Cater to User’s Need

Since chatbot is an artificial intelligence software, it can quickly evaluate and comprehend the customer’s wants and needs. Based on the conversation, the customer and the bot will have, the bot automatically analyzes a customer’s query and provide a solution to them. Bot list, usually collect data by asking simple questions. The business will be able to trail the command and replies given by the consumer to the chatbot. It can also track consumer’s purchase patterns and behaviors by monitoring user data. This aids the company in which products to market, more or less, and develop for relaunching.

Moreover, bots can answer queries simultaneously. It will be able to give the consumer the best customer care they need. This reason fuels the consumer to buy the product or service the business offers. Also, bots can cater to monotonous questions. This enables the business to focus on vital cases. It also expands awareness of the brand of the company.

bot list

Expanding Customer Brand

Chatbots can help a business increase customer engagement. It is vital to keep the consumer occupied with the brand, from time to time. This will keep the consumer updated and interested. AI makes the conversation interactive and humorous. Unlike the human support team, bots can likely maintain the great flow of dialogue.

Less Error

Artificial intelligence is advanced and created to make no error at all. Business organizations would not have to worry about the company’s reputation. A chatbot will only supply the data provided, on how it is programmed to do so. Since it is only tasked to attend questions depending on the queries, it will only give relevant answers. It is essential that the business will always update the software to use the best of it.

Accessible Market for Millennials

Most people have their gadget, even if it is inexpensive or costly. Millennials and Gen Z are usually the types of consumer that hates waiting. They also cover almost 60% of the market. It explains why a lot of business people venture on online selling because it covers a wide range of consumers. It allows the company to expand the operations to fresh markets without worrying about multiple incoming requests that need to be handled.

What you can get with this

Monitoring Social Media Trends

One way of being present in the social media platform has a Chabot. Chatbots will be able to monitor and analyze the trends that a consumer wants quickly. It reaches more consumers every day. Also, 65% of smartphone users don’t download new apps in a month. It is wise to unite the company chatbot into one of the well-known platforms that the consumers use daily. It is a lot better than creating a new app, and it unquestionably saves money and effort.

Upgraded Customer Support

a. Extensive Customer Support

83% of online shoppers require assistance during shopping. Usually, the query is about a deeper understanding of the product or fitting into the budget of the consumer. Also, they might not be able to find what they are looking for because of issues on the website or check out process. In these typical situations, chatbots can aid the shopper like the right salesperson in a real shop. It can provide an interactive conversation wherein they will be able to ask questions to comprehend the main problem. Besides, through with text and voice, chatbots can supply consumer rich content with product pages, photos, blog entries, tutorials based on their replies.

b. Always-Available Customer Support

An essential factor to success is customer service. A chatbot is an asset to one’s company because it can provide the best customer support for the consumers. Chatbots can be programmed to offer an automated response that is available 24/7.

Proactive Customer Interaction

Most companies apply passive customer interaction. Meaning they will only respond to consumers when they are reached and prefer not to initiate conversations. In a fast-paced era like today, businesses do not have the luxury to stay passive anymore. Companies, be it startup or well-known, they are all competitive.

Staying connected with the customer every day requires a lot of workforce and money, but a good thing, there is a chatbot. One can initiate communication with each of the customers the brand has. This is a guarantee that the brand is one step ahead of the game. 

Bot List that You Should Know

A lot of huge brands utilize chatbots effectively. This only proves that chatbots are an effective aid for the betterment of the business.  Here are the top three brands that use chatbot:


This beauty retailer uses a messenger platform to converse with its millions of consumers all around the world. Their certain chatbot allows online users to make an appointment with one of the brand’s beauty experts from the comfort of their home.


This popular music streaming platform in this bot list also has millions of users worldwide. The chatbot allows the business to arrest customer service issues and provide the best service.

chatbot marketing


This is the largest floral gift retailer in the United States. It uses bots to speed up the purchasing process and provide useful customer information. These top three brands became an asset to each other of their businesses. They are worthy of being in the bot list because they improved customer engagement, streamline workflows, and give the best service.

Create your impressive bot list!

Want to make your chatbot for your business? Herobot makes it convenient to expand your contacts and customer’s list. It is the best asset that one can have for a company. It does not just aid with all the consumer’s queries but also leads the company to success.

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Why Chat Website is the Future Today

The world’s technology keeps advancing and reaching new heights. From the education system to marketing, every aspect of our lives has some form of technology with it. In today’s world, chat website is the most common and most convenient way to get in contact with anyone.

This applies especially to those in the business industry. You will need a way to respond to all your client’s inquiries. That’s where chatbots come in. It is an artificial intelligence that you can program with set responses. This way, you can handle common inquiries from your clients without having to respond one by one.

Chat websites allow people to contact businesses that are near or far from the comfort of their own homes. You can place an order, inquire about a product, or even schedule a meeting with them. Businesses can take advantage of them to reach and optimize their business operations.

The Evolution of Chatbots

chat website

Chatbots started in the mid-1990s when Joseph Weizenbaum created ELIZA. He is a professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ELIZA only had a few responses that it could provide. If you talked about your mother, it would focus on the word mother and would ask you to talk about your family.

Since then, chatbots have made significant leaps in improvements. Another notable chatbot is Mitsuku. AIML Technology created Mitsuku withallf its databases included in its system. Mitsuku can converse with the meaning and properties of the sentence or question. After that, it will create an appropriate answer.

Chatbots are now used daily for several purposes. Especially for businesses, chatbot websites have now become its essential part. any businesses can work more efficiently with them.

Chatbots vs. Humans

There are a couple of things you need to consider when using chatbot services. Chat websites provide almost instant responses to your messages. But, the only downside it that it can only offer you primary responses. Unless it is one of the frequently asked questions, there is no way that it can respond directly.

However, there are still some advantages on using chat websites. It can offer more privacy and people become less hesitant talking with bots. They can also continue working without rest or the limitations of an 8-hour work shift. Moreover, training cost is also less. You can upgrade your bot anytime if you have someone who can develop your chatbot well.

Chatbots are a great help to give your customers a quick and helpful response. But, there are still some cases where a human intervention is needed. Thus, the presence of a live human in your company is still important. When a chatbot can no longer answer a customer’s inquiries, it can connect them with a live representative so you can get your issue resolved.

Chat Websites and your Business

A lot of businesses are now going digital, with the popularity of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By joining these social media platforms, companies can reach and appeal to different kinds of audiences. By managing their pages, they could establish a client database that will provide them with regular business to support and improve their operations.

After these potential clients finish viewing your pages, they can proceed to contact you to place their orders through chat websites. But, having to comb through hundreds of messages that could either be orders or just inquiries can take you hours. And before you’re finished with the first hundred or so words, another batch is already waiting. With chatbots, you can skip the tedious task of going over hundreds of messages.

By incorporating chatbots into your business’ system, you will be able to focus on the messages that require you’re immediate attention. Artificial intelligence can do a multitude of tasks to increase the efficiency of your business. They can automatically respond to emails to determine what the customer’s concern is. Also, they can either meet with the information they need, suggest other products they may be interested in, or re-route the chat to the appropriate department. This can optimize how you run your business and the speed in which you respond to and handle the customer’s needs.

Chat Website as Artificial Intelligence Assistant

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Artificial Intelligence or AIs have been around for years now, and they make our lives a lot more convenient than before. An example of artificial intelligence that you may know and take advantage of would include SIRI, Alexa, and Bixby. These AIs can do a lot of different tasks for you like playing music and setting the alarm. It can also help by reminding you of an appointment, and even operating your home entertainment system. One of the most commonly used types of Artificial Intelligence today are chatbots.

Chatbots are an artificial intelligence program designed to respond to messages with pre-determined responses. AI can analyze and determine which of its set responses will help the customer. They can also handle a sudden flood of emails and still respond to them without any delay. With bots, it will be like having your army of employees answering your customers, but in reality, it’s just a computer program in your server.

If you are running an online business, you will probably need a chatbot to assist you in your business venture. These bot websites can respond to your customers 24/7, so you’ll never miss out on any business opportunities. Chatbots can be the perfect tool for you when you have a business that is getting more and more traffic from your social media marketing.

Connecting your Business through Chat Website

Before the rise of social media and chat websites, businesses can only reach a limited number of people. Usually, these businesses can only be contacted by the people in the area or those willing to travel to get the service or product offered. With the invention of social media and chat websites, people can now place orders from wherever they are. Moreover, businesses can now reach audiences that would otherwise be too far for other advertisements they run like billboards or flyers. Chat website is now connecting businesses to the entire world, thus giving them access to a global audience. This allows local businesses to gain more customers and possibly expand their business operations to more locations.

Lots of entrepreneurs start and develop their business from the comfort of their own homes. They create content for their websites or social media intending to reach their target audience. Once they reach their target audience, their goal is to get them interested enough to buy their product. The customer may have questions or requests for a specific product and may contact you before finalizing their purchase.

Customers can contact you by going to your profile on a chat website then messaging you with their inquiry or request. When your business is just starting, managing these incoming messages is no problem. But after a while, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer number of words coming in. At this time, you’ll need a chatbot to assist you so you can keep up with the demand for your services or product.

Top 5 Chat Website Services

1. HeroBot- is one of the best Bot builders out there. It is easy to use and can help you manage your business by helping you create an automated response for your business.

2. Chatfuel- this bot builder is easy to use even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. It will show its logo on your chat once used, but that’s a small price to pay. This is a builder made explicitly for Facebook Messenger.

3. Sequel- this is a great builder that focuses on making bots that connect with your audience on a conversation level. You can also choose from templates for publishers, GameBot, personal assistants, or a StoryBot. With Sequel, you can publish your chatbots on Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and Kik.

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4. this bot builder helps you build bots that can comprehend human commands. However, is best used by experienced bot builders. also allows you to improve your training data and get better results.

5. Botkit- this is a free bot builder that includes a community of over 7,000 developers worldwide. They also have a paid subscription you can avail depending on how many subscribers you have.

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If you’re new to the world of Chat websites and bots, we recommend you use HeroBot. It is easy to use, and there is a guide you can use when selecting templates and choosing the responses for your chat. There is also a free 30-day trial where you can try out our critical features like Facebook and Instagram comment tools.

Meanwhile, for the test, there is no limit for the subscriber count you have. HeroBot also has paid services you can get once your business starts to grow and flourish. Start your trial today, and take your business from zero to hero with HeroBot.

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Automated Chat App: Your Travel Assistant for This Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming and this means that there would be a lot of out of town getaways and travel plans. Because of this, travel agencies has been getting numerous messages and calls these days. Meanwhile, the technological advancements has made a great difference in the way people are planning their trips. With the creation of automated chat app, travel companies are able to digitalize and transform the travel experience of travelers.

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Moreover, automated chat applications has made a notable impact in various sectors of businesses across the globe. This computer program enables the companies to communicate better with their customers and answer their needs. These bots are integrated in websites and other messaging applications to provide customers more ways to connect. As the generation of new travelers are increasing, travel companies are using chatbots to integrate with them.

Roles of an automated chat app for travelers

If you think that the best thing that an automated chat app can do for travelers is to connect them to traveling agencies, you are wrong. Chatbots are useful in other aspects and plays different roles for users. It can be a guide for them, help them find good deals and even book rental places and hotels. It is also very easy to use and does not require any hassle. To know more about the roles an automated chat app can embody, here are some of them.

Expense manager

One of the problems that every traveler encounters in their trips is budgeting their money and allocating their expenses. However, bot creators has made an easy way to track your expenses and give you a brief summary of your purchases. With this, you will able to know where your money went and calculate your future possible expenses. As you plan your next destination and book places and flights, this automated chat app can track and compute them at the same time. This is very handy especially for those people who find numbers a really stressing matter.

Moreover, one example of this automated chat app is beta version that SAP Concur is offering on Slang. This can help people book flights and create an expense summary of the whole trip. Furthermore, Teampay is one of the leading bot that is famous for its performance. This chatbot can help track other expenses such as corporate purchases. It is very helpful for those who wants to have the grasp of the expenses of their business while they are away.

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Local guide

One of the reasons why people are traveling is to taste the culture and way of living of the people in a place. They wanted to have an experience that a local would have in his everyday life. This includes the way they eat, relax, commute and live. With this in mind, bot creators thought of making automated chat app that would allow travelers to experience all this things. It is by collecting local reviews and recommendations and suggesting it to the bot user.

In line with this, Marsbot of Foursquare is an automated chat app for Uber is one of the most trusted bot. Most travelers are not forgetting to download this on their phones or tablets before they leave their place. No matter the activity that you would want to experience in a place, you can find the best place to go without being cautious of false advertisements.  Moreover, you won’t have to make intense research about the most recommended places via internet and social media.

On the other hand, finding the best foods in a place is one of the hardest part when you are visiting a place. You cannot rely on mere advertisements and what you read on internet reviews. What you will need is an honest recommendation of the locals and those who have already visited the place before you. Bebot, a Japanese automated chat app, helps its users by guiding them and giving out information about the local foods and navigate the best restaurants around the city.

Flight and Hotel Assistant

When you are travelling, the hardest part would be to book flights and find hotel reservations that comes in cheap deals. Because it is the holiday season, you may find all of the best hotels around the areas of tourist spots to be totally crowded. Most of these would be either fully booked or are only offering expensive prices. Due to these, your experience would be totally time-consuming and exhausting. However, automated chat apps are able to help you with this task.

Multiple travel companies are already integrating their brands with automated chat apps that will help users on booking and having reservations. Examples of this is the Skyscanner, Expedia, and They can provide people with recommendations and process bookings for flights and hotels. Moreover, most consumers prefer this kind of bots to help them communicate faster and easier with brands. According to a study, almost 69% of the consumers are now relying to bots with these kinds of tasks.

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How automated chat apps helps the travelling industry

The tasks that an automated chat app can do does not end with recommendations and bookings. Developers can program bots to assist travelers in various ways imaginable. Starting from deciding the places that you can go up to keeping tabs about the expenses that you made, bot is your go-to assistant. Moreover, chatbot does not only help its users but also assists travel companies and agencies on navigating their businesses.

As it assists travelers, automated chat apps enable companies to have more customers and even advertise their respective businesses. Because it is very easy to use and navigate, people prefer using chatbots rather than filling up long forms or communicating to people via calls. It promotes active interaction between consumers or clients and brands. Here are some of the ways an automated chat app can help you grow your business.

Customer Service Management

The sector that helps businesses connect with its consumers is the customer service offices. However, most companies fail in providing quality services and communication. This is because not all people can keep up with this exhausting work especially on peak season this holidays.  Meanwhile, an automated chat app can help you overcome this struggle. It can function as the best customer support that you can meet.

Because an automated chat app is merely a computer system, it is able to keep up with its emotions and stress. It is available 24/7 to different countries which is good as most travelers can use it despite different time zones. Moreover, bots can even learn different natural languages around the globe. If anyone wanted to know something about a place or thing, bots can collect information and provide guidance to customers.

Feedback collection

If you are looking for honest feedbacks and collecting them, then an automated chat app can help you. It can automatically provide reminders to customers to give reviews and suggestion for your business. Meanwhile, it can even get back to the customers right away if they are unsatisfied with the services that you offer. This will also improve your interaction with them and might even change their mind about the bad review.

Moreover, having a chatbot is better than letting your customers leave bad reviews on your official website. With bots, you can communicate with them privately and settle the issue in a calm manner. As it communicates with users, it is also able to collect information and categorize them accordingly. It could be a great help for the brand reputation.

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User history recording

When customers are dealing with humans, it would be hard for them to recall past conversations and history about an event or person. However, automated chat app can easily search up on the previous contents of your entire conversation. With this, the user can go back to the past conversation and look up for the past suggestions of the bot.

Furthermore, this can help the company to take note of fraudulent acts and repetitive pranks that people may do against the business. Because everything is saved with only a single conversation flow, businesses can track important information. Companies can use it for future references and on avoiding frauds.

Beat the jetlag with Herobot!

Automated chat apps are one of your most reliable partner when it comes to travelling. It can help you find great deals and book places that you desire. Moreover, it can even provide you information about your flight schedules and even the sudden cancellations. This lessens your worries and hassle about searching from time to time just to have a flawless travel experience.

Moreover, it can help travelling agencies, hotels, and restaurants on advertisements. Organizing and collecting information is very easy with this system. However, creating an automated chat app may be intimidating for some. Meanwhile, Herobot is here to help you create the best travel chatbot that can help people around the globe on planning their trips. It is very easy to navigate and even offers numerous templates that you can take as a guide. You also won’t need to have any coding skills with this platform. Visit our website to learn more.