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Making Chatbots for E-Commerce Development

Have you ever thought about the benefits of making chatbots in modern electronic commerce? E-commerce has one of the toughest competition in the industry considering the numbers of companies who are engaging online. They are involved in activities such as online transaction processing, electronic fund transactions and supply chain management. With their hectic schedules, having chatbots to do some of their jobs is the wisest decision companies could make.

In this digital era, most people are relying on their gadgets for communication and social media interactions. The applications found on gadgets such as phone and tablets enable people to do online transactions instantly. By having chatbots on your web pages and business sites, they can give an impressive 24/7 engagement with visitors and customers. They can also automate other tasks that should be done quickly.

making chatbots

Making chatbots for automation

Automation is one of the greatest features that chatbots are offering to enterprises. Furthermore, they are used for answering queries and complaints of customers about the products and services of a company. Because a regular human is not able to work 24/7 and answer the needs of E-commerce, having chatbots to do their job is an effective solution. Moreover, is an essential device that every business need for a smoother transaction between sellers and clients.

Moreover, we are all aware that customer service is really important in every business. If a server is able to instantly answer all the questions and comments of the costumers about the product, they will have more reasons to buy. They can also set reminders and guide the visitors of a page all throughout the sale transaction. It also a great tool to collect data that the management can use for future plans about the product and the company.

This allows the business to serve a large number of people from different places. It will also result in increasing productivity and decreasing costs. Another thing is, this can save you money. Instead of hiring more manpower, an AI can lessen the value of your company. Bots provide greater satisfaction for the customers because they do not work for only 8 to10 hours a day. They don’t sleep which means that they are available all the time. It is not about being cheap, but the fact is, reaching a large number of clients in the shortest time is the ultimate goal of automation and making chatbots.

The best part of E-Commerce

Imagine going to a site that will have answers to your questions all the time. This can also make fun conversations with you will you are on the process of the transaction with it. Moreover, it can even recognize you as well as your past conversations without delay. This is all possible by making chatbots for your enterprise that will help you lessen your workload every day.

Although there are certain processes that you need to follow while making chatbots, it is still a fun journey. It is like creating a fictional character for your business. You can make it as funny as you want. You can also make it sound very serious and professional according to your taste. Just remember that you still need to take in consideration the preference of your target audience and the nature of your business.

Furthermore, making chatbots is like birthing into a virtual child that you will need to teach and help its machine learning process. You can also make further developments with it and add some great features and widgets to make it more interactive. Moreover, knowing that this bot can make your sales boost up in the market is really exciting. The best part of it is that making chatbots is not as complicated as you think it is.

How bots can help to boost business

There are numerous ways how a chatbot can help you in boosting the sales and brand reputation of your business. One of the reasons is that an AI can be a reliable source of information about a specific business. They can also give you the details about it and the product and services offered by the company. Also, the terms and conditions to agree between the company and the customer. Aside from that, a chatting robot never gets tired of answering your questions. They are developed to copy human conversation.

making chatbots

This application is helpful in social media marketing. Moreover, a chatbot can assist you base upon your needs and wants. They can also give you different choices of products and services. Also, they recommend an alternative if what you need was not in the options. It can lead the users to the conversation and make the final transaction easier. Bots can also notify the customers about the status of the product they bought.

What else can you ask for bots? They can be an information retrieval tool, and they can teach you different languages. Also, they can deal with your satisfaction. No wonder why most of the company preferred to make AI because they provide benefits and advantages to companies. They meet the goal of every business, which is to assist every customer all over the globe in the fastest way ever. Aside from that, making chatbots can make business people at ease because they are assured that there will be less conflicts with the automated device.

Success on making chatbots

Chatbot has made numerous accomplishments in the digital world. Also, there are even some claims that their enterprises are celebrating their achievement with chatbots. According to Google Trends, the trend about bots is not going down. Moreover, business is the number one user of this application and there are about 2 billion business-related messages with AI. Also, digital marketing is not the only sector that bots are helping.

This application with artificial intelligence gives a remarkable success not only in the business industry but also in government sectors. It may not replicate the actual human conversation, but it can provide a cost-effective way to answer the routine questions and direct the customer into other goods and services. Moreover, the application of a chatbot sees in various fields in the future. Even though it performms only limited functions now, it holds a far-reaching capability to help revolutionize business industries.

As time passes by, new technologies challenge us to build new rules and competitions. Also, for the sake of the business industry, developers upgrade bots over and over again. This is to meet the expectation of the customers and online users. Moreover, surpassing each other is their motivation in making chatbots that are highly intelligent and has many functions.

The Next Generation Chatbot

The developers of AI are the ones responsible on perfecting and making chatbots that can help online people. Due to numerous types of bots that are available on online market, creating a unique and functional one is really hard for them. However, due to the high intelligence of humans on creations and innovations, they are able to make almost perfect chatbots. Also, they almost seem like real persons.

Chatbots are now even used as therapy bots that helps patients to get better and ease their mind. Also, they help those with mental illnesses and disorders to have someone to talk to and feel like they are normal. Hospitals also use this chance for making chatbots that can compile data and knowledges about the welfare of the patients in the hospitals. Aside from hospitals, the education department is also making chatbots that they can use for teaching students in a personalized manner.

Now, imagine the world 50 years from now. Can you see humans developing bots with higher intelligence and human-like personalities? There are also some speculations that there will be a time that these AI will also be able to have the decision-making process. With their artificial intelligence and distinct memory, they can even hold more information than a regular person can hold in her lifetime. However, these are still some ideas that could happen in the future.

Make your chatbot with Herobot

If you are planning to follow the trend and try making chatbots for your own reasons, then you need to start it now. Bots could be really helpful for your business no matter the size and field it is in. However, if you are afraid of creating your own, you should try finding the perfect chatbot platform that can help make your journey a lot smoother—Herobot.

Herobot is a chatbot builder that is already known for its bot creations that has generated multiple leads for marketing companies. Moreover, it offers a drag-and-drop feature which makes creating bots a lot easier. Also, if you do not have any ideas about your bot, you can just browse all over the templates that is in our website. We offer various templates for different kinds of businesses and features.

Furthermore, Herobot can be your savior for making chatbots that will not require any coding knowledge. You can also generate these bots with different social media platforms such. It also offers a click-to-Messenger Ads feature that will boost your lead capture. To know more about Herobot, click here.

how to create a chatbothow to create a chatbot

How to Create a Chatbot from Scratch

There are a large number of people believing that anytime soon, bots are going to replace humans in doing tasks, especially those in the marketing world. This is because everyone yearns for automation that they can give both for the users and the developers. They allow people to finish more tasks in less time. Now, the question is how to create a chatbot from scratch?

As everyone knows, a bot is a software that allows a website or page to work on its own. It can help any human on finishing their tasks faster and without any hassle. If it was programmed flawlessly, it can be free from any errors and turn out to be more reliable than humans. There are different kinds of bots that are now developed to do specific tasks. However, to create your own, you must first consider all the factors that could affect the effectivity of your bot.

how to create a chatbot

How chatbots can help you

Because of technological advancements, almost everything is made automated. Even the household chores are now being taken care of by new gadgets in the market that offers a hassle-free experience for its users. As of this day, the marketing world is also adopting the idea of automation. The industries of medicine, sports, entertainment, and education are also updated on these things. Now, if an entrepreneur refuses to adapt to these innovations, it will just be a total loss for him.

Here is how a chatbot can help in different fields:


For a nation to prosper, the educational system must also advance along with its people. This is why individual educational institutions are now applying bots in their curriculum. This automated program helps students learn faster and better with a personalized and more intimate learning process. Bots can analyze the knowledge and capabilities of each student and adapt the curriculum into it. Aside from tutoring and proctoring, grading of the teachers are also faster with bots. Knowing how to create a chatbot for education is undoubtedly beneficial for the countries.


Technology has already been helping the health department since it was first developed. However, the newest innovation in this field is the bots. Various bot applications can help both the patients and medical experts. Bots can help treat illnesses that need therapy such as insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, and even dementia. Also, consultations, keeping records and discovering the disorders of the patients are now more accessible with bots. Tracking proper diets and planning future menus is also more convenient.


Entertainment industries are now going over the moon with bots. Nowadays, it is easier to publicize upcoming and latest TV shows and movies with bots. There are even chatbots that act on behalf of the main characters of a film which entertains the users. This way, people do not need to read and encounter irritating advertisements on their timeline. If you know how to create a chatbot that can successfully entertain people, it will surely be easily popular with netizens.


This field is one of the industries that bots can be most helpful. Digital marketing is using bots to advertise their products and even complete the selling process. Moreover, these bots automate customer service that needs attention 24/7. It is also cost-efficient and avoids human errors despite still needing their knowledge. This is why it is essential to know how to create a chatbot with conversational commerce.

Tips on how to create a chatbot

Many people are afraid because they don’t have any idea on how to create a chatbot that will make a name in the industry. However, the truth is that this is pretty easy. You just need the right idea, proper plans, and the best chatbot platform you can find. Here are some tips on how you can create the best chatbot that can help you in so many ways.

Utilize a plan

Make sure that you already have ideas regarding what you want your bot to be. Know what you want them to be and what field you want them to help. This way, it is easier identifying what your actions can be and what widgets you can add to your bot. Remember that it will be extremely different whether you want to use your bot for medical purposes or in commerce.

Moreover, it is better if you have already predicted what problems your bot can face in the future. It is so that you already have alternatives that you can make if needed. Plan ahead of the time so that you don’t need to cram and make more mistakes. To be successful, this is the first step that you need to overcome on how to create a chatbot.

Find the best bot platform

how to create a chatbot

You always need a guide in every journey and in terms of how to create a chatbot, what you need is a reliable bot platform. It can be your guide for a smoother process of developing a bot that can help a lot of people. With this, you also do not need to have coding knowledge because it is just easy. Moreover, there are already numerous templates available in the bot platform applications.

If you want to find the best platform, these are the factors that you must consider:

Your needs and capabilities

To find the best bot platform that can help you on how to create a chatbot, you have to know your needs and abilities. This is like knowing your strength and weaknesses at the same time. If you think your business needs functional widgets added, then look for a bot platform that will be able to help you on this. However, if you need more complicated ones, you will need a more advanced platform that can do it.

Your budget

If you want to learn how to create a chatbot, you must first learn how to budget. Most of the best platforms in the market are performing based on money that users are willing to give for a subscription. If you just hastily subscribe into a platform without thinking about your budget, it will only be disadvantageous for you. However, it is also not good if you are going to settle on free or cheaper platforms. This is because most of them are not going to do anything good for your bot. What you need is a proper guide that will not cost you too much.

Your options

Make sure to research the numerous platforms that you find on the internet. Look for their reviews, how they generate leads, and how they create traffic. Lay down their names along with the pros and cons you can get if you choose one of them. Think it through because they will be the ones guiding you throughout the process. They are the ones who will make knowing how to create a chatbot easier.

Give your bot a personality

Try not to make your bot sound very serious. It will be better if you make your bot more friendly and approachable to your consumers. Make as bubbly and witty as you want but make sure that its personality is still aligned with your brand. It is better if you can entertain your consumers as you try to sell your products with them, so they don’t get bored.

However, learn when your bot’s tone must be serious and reliable. This is to gain the trust of your consumers if they want to purchase your product. If you are creating a tutorbot, make it approachable not to bore the students but still strict enough to make them learn. For therapy bots, it is better to make them entertaining and more engaging with the users. Set it to a calming and friendly tone for the patients.

Connect it with messenger platforms

This step is essential to learn how to create a chatbot. Make sure that you connect your bot into appropriate messenger platforms. It could be on Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media sites. This makes it more accessible for the users and easier to use. Also, this could add for advertising your chatbot.

You can also connect it directly with your website, but this will be a lot more complicated. It will also be limited for the users. The only good thing about this is when visitors come into your page, they will not need to connect on messenger platforms anymore.

Use machine learning

Machine learning is the capability of the application or machine itself to learn on its own based on its experiences and collected data. This is very important to help your bot grow as time passes. It will not just be limited to the data you inputted. With machine learning, the future of your creation will be promising.

It also the best way of getting demographics and psychographics about your users. This is very useful to collect data and future references. Machine learning can also help the bot adapt depending on the attitude and history of the user.

Learn how to create a chatbot with Herobot!

If you are struggling to look for the best bot platform on the internet, then you don’t need to make a fuss anymore. With Herobot, you can learn how to create a chatbot that will make you successful easily. It offers great deals and has a large number of templates that you can use depending on your field. Moreover, we also have different blog articles that you can read for more information about bot creations.

Travel Chatbot

Travel Chatbot App: Your Destination Awaits

chatbot app

Traveling seems like one joyride towards captured memories and stored happiness. But it takes a complete process for you to be able to set your foot on your desired location. You need time and effort to organize your flight bookings to take in a great placement. Since it’s the 21st century, the transaction goes hand on hand electronically with chatbot app.

Heave-ho! A chatbot app will be your saving grace to a system of hassles. These types of apps make you feel at ease for they can attend your traveling concerns.  Conversations over this kind of app will allow you to have traveling inquiries. Basically, online travel agencies attend to their online prospects and treat them with digital hospitality. The world of chatbot enters the traveling industry as well, so it is now easily accessible for travelers to connect with their concerns.

Moreover, Conversing digitally with your inquisition about booking your journey with an impact from the chatbot applications is “digimazing.” The utilization of chatbot applications is pivotal gaming in the digital commerce industry that showcases an excellent interactive phasing and convenience. It is interactive because it quickly responds to the appraisal of the customers. While it is convenient to the part of a dependent with an all in one package of deals and services that is satisfying with their proceedings.

Chatbot in E-Commerce

E-Commerce is one of the gigantic industries on this day and age, creating an expansive internet job for techno-savvy people. A chatbot app offers great help on businesses to attain the supreme state of communication of their beloved customers. After all, traveling is really fun, isn’t it? You’ll be going to witness the overwhelming view of some places, and even collect memories of what’s happening at the moment. If you think booking of your flight schedule or travel schedule is hard, well, worry no more!

Integration of A.I. in chatbot app

Using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in undertaking the deemed of the users makes it a rapid-fire productive communication for the interested recipients. Chatbots are being run by the A.I.’s that can also be used promotional matters, online interaction (communication), and as a tactical ally on social media.

Furthermore, with AI’s birth, it’s quite a handful combined with advanced technology machines – micro and macro gadgets. Aligned to this is the time of executing your traveling plan as soon as possible, your vacation has a time limit into it. It is the moment when travel chatbot A.I.’s needs to step in, they can be your online friend in delivering effective communication.

Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service is, of course, should be prioritized, most especially the customers who want to have a vacation in an already fixed timeline. Vacations may depend on the possible errands or work, attending school schedules, so it’s quite dependent on time. Reservations can be easily handled using chatbot apps they can provide you with a highly productive competence. The said trend is not a joke! – it barely is. Send your requests, and they can answer you back with no hesitation.

The personalization or building a solid relationship with your customers is also a must. A.I.’s can make you satisfied and stay for you to come back with what they can offer. Also, chatbots can make an evasion to the 3rd party outsourcing, for business it is highly cost effective. The A.I.’s is active and visible on social media applications such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram that has a large number of users to be reached. Chatting is one of the most favorite activities on social media, and it is convenient for easy access.

During chat performance between the Artificial Intelligence (A.l) and a customer, it can direct you to links and registrations. Chatbot apps are helpfully vital, well, you can be assured that they are automatically responding on certain acquisitions. Meanwhile, they can’t solve complicated problems that you’ll send in. It is monopolized to initiate a response and be a digital representative for that task. A certain travel agency is accommodating you through a travel chatbot application empowered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Now, let’s take an excavation on the advantages of considering travel chatbots in to account. Delve in as you may leave your agreement on the notable statements beyond this exploration of good words.

Expedition on the advantages

chatbot app
1. A Breezy Reservation Agent

Basically, they are acting as a travel agent but not having a personal interaction with the customers. With just the work of your fingers chatting with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) they can book your travels on the spot. They can productively take in your preferences or package choices in line with your travel plans. Thinking of hotel reservations is sometimes a scratch in the head; with just an instant, they can help you in reservation processes. With this, you’ll have no worry if you have nothing to stay during your vacation or even places to land in as your trip goes on.

2. Can be an easy online payment center

With an online travel agent, you’ll be at ease too if you are worried about how to pay. The A.I.’s will do its tasks by sending you payment forms online through links, and then the transaction will start for your payment. The travel chatbot apps will lead you to easy access regarding financial transactions. Given as an example, they can give you instructions through Facebook Messenger, and that will direct you to forms of payment exchanges. There are different ways from various travel chatbot apps you’ll just have to attend your interaction on it thoroughly.

3. A portal-like world for recommendations or suggestions

If you are new in using chatbot applications specifically in traveling chatbot applications just so you know, they are tasks-flexible. They can also offer you new packages to add up in your decision on traveling. On the other hand, they can take your duty to plan for your travel or trips. The travel chatbot application can make you choose on the recent and latest recommendations on where to and what to choose as a tour package and deals. They can also suggest places, hotels, and restaurants to visit while you’ll do your vacation schedules.

4. Acts as a customer service representative

Inquiries can be a hectic corner to answer for a travel agency because their customers are heterogeneous – a lot to give responses. Servicing the customers to the fullest effort is truly commendable, but now the conversations are also done electronically. Chatbot applications are also capable of taking care of their customers. They can meet your problems and gives a solution to the best that they can. They are also aiding the question marks to be shaded as black as a sign of effective communication.

5. Time savior

If you have a lot of schedules to do and cannot go personally in a travel agency then you are advised to use a travel chatbot app. Keep the hassles away from you and inquire to the A.I.s of a chatbot with their rapid performance. In just a couple of clicks on your own gadgets then you can settle your travel plans easily. You can reserve the exhaustion for reservation and bookings that can be done by the effort of online travel chatbot applications. Time is precious, so don’t let it waste away by spending too much time fulfilling the progress for journey applications.

6. An excellent data and record caster

Encountered some problems within your application or registration can take away your trust to an agency. Chatbots, as empowered digitally, can restore certain memories from your previous conversations. Also, they can manage it for business purposes or some problems encountered throughout the sign-up process for travel. As it is stated they can retrieve data from the communication between A.I.’s and the customers. It can be useful for the queries if there are some regards regarding the online process that have done.

7. All around competitive performance (from flight to walk trips)

Airport booking for flights, hotel room reservations, restaurants to eat, with easy access, it is good in one go. They are one for a competitive package that is swiftly attended. With taps, it will go all the way towards the airport – booked for travel. Hotel Reservations they have a lot of hotel offers, and you can choose from your chosen quality. The nearest restaurants that you can walk in from, they will manage to suggest you the best of the best. It is competitive to it’s finest as far as you know because they will cater you a fast yet excellent service.

chatbot app

Your journey starts here! Try a travel chatbot app!

A lot of people want to wander around with fluid access online. If you own a travel and tours agency, it might be ideal to integrate a chatbot app with your business. Or you can even create a Facebook page and let a chatbot handle your customer services. Don’t know where to start? Well, here’s Herobot that will help you all throughout your chatbot venture. We offer the best and reliable chatbot services that will make you up for more from us. Let start now! Together, we’ll bring your business to another level. You can visit our website through this link.

bot creator

Meet Your AWESOME Bot Creator: HeroBot

More and more people are embracing the use of chatbots for a couple of years. And if you are to ask why to see it for yourself how they are giving enough power and confidence to most of our marketers.  Apparently, these helpful “co-workers” are truly paving the way for efficient and faster than ever interactions. As technology continues to advance, so as our ability to creating and customizing chatbots to become more user-friendly and yielding the best results of all the marketing tactics. With the use of bot creator, everything will be easier.

Aside from being a program powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots are also defined as an automated messaging system that works to provide real-time transactions with its users. Meaning, it is a service giving customers a chance to send messages or inquiries to businesses as if they are just talking to a friend. They can also be used to accomplish personal tasks, from getting updates, scheduling meetings, and even ordering a PIZZA – all is possible with chatbots!

bot creator

Interestingly enough, since chatbots are using Al, they are fetching languages and information from a user. This is also the reason why they have the potential of becoming more intelligent as they interact with more people. Thus, chatbots are more beneficial if you are knowledgeable of its capabilities and if you can find a bot creator that can make the perfect chatbot for your business.

The Edges of Having a Chatbot

A lot of statistics already proved how chatbots used for businesses are growing rapidly. An example of this could be the study showing the number of chatbots docked on Facebook Messenger increasing from 30,000 in 2016 to over 100,000 as of this moment.

Several companies and industries already turned and declared they have used chatbots to relay their marketing strategies effectively. So, it is wrong to say that chatbots are futile and hopeless of changing the world. However, some are still unaware of chatbots’ capabilities. Thus, the following are some of your edges if in case you decided (you really should!) creating your first chatbot with bot creator:

1. You can save a lot!

When we say a lot, we do not just talk about saving lots of time if you own a chatbot. Apparently, creating a full-functioning chatbot through bot creator is much cheaper than hiring employees to accomplish varying tasks.  Since chatbots automatically functions, they can help businesses handle many customers simultaneously and effortlessly. With chatbots as your “employes,” you are not only saving your employee costs but also preventing your businesses from human miscalculations or errors.

2. You can increase your customer engagement

Keeping your customers engage in your brand is indeed essential. Apart from leads contribution made through social media, chatbots are said to transform transactions into something more creative and interactive.

3. You can track your business status and collect customers’ insights

Chatbots can help you gain feedback from customers. These insights are also your way of knowing which product or services should be improved to generate more leads.

4. Your customer services can be recognized

With chatbots, you can provide great customer support 24/7. These chatbots can easily be programmed to answer simple questions in case the business owner is a way for other tasks. Thus, customers will not feel that they are ignored and will wait with an assurance their questions will be acknowledged after a while.

5. You can assist and manage global market

You might be a big company who is already catering to the audience internationally or a small business that are up to the worldwide business, behold as chatbots can assist you in attending with these big clients.  Worry no more with multiple incoming requests because chatbots are living to help you.

You can imagine that the perks mentioned above were just roughly of all the reasons why should you certainly get yourself a chatbot. Now, it’s time to understand how you can start creating one for your business.


bot creator

This might be the question that you might encounter after knowing how excellent chatbots are. Well, the process of creating one might sound daunting, but it’s totally doable.

You will need to decide first if you are to choose a basic chatbot that strictly follows commands and rules, or the other way around having fancy and advanced features.

Afterward, you need to examine what will be your chatbot’s purpose and to which platform should your chatbot live on (Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc.). Lastly, you have to choose a tool or service can help you build one.

Yes, someone will be doing it for you, so it is vital that you choose not only the best but the most amazing bot creator in town – and thus, we are pertaining to HeroBot!

Getting to know more about bot creator and HeroBot

Bot creators or makers allow one to build an efficient and much-personalized chatbot. In this space and time, there are thousands of chatbot makers all over the internet. They all have the objective of crafting excellent chatbots which can make your business in the lead. Thus, people tend to be confused using bot creator, which can create an incomparable chatbot and present outstanding results.

HeroBot then enters the scene with an offer of bringing you the best platform to develop your first business chatbot. Hailed as the most complete messenger marketing platform, you can assure that your messenger marketing journey is in good hands. With is the very goal of helping your business grow, HeroBot is your way of gaining more customers as well as business contacts.

Whether you own a start-up or a long-established business, HeroBot got you covered. HeroBot already had helped 68, 854 happy and satisfied users and it’s still counting. This also entails 49,000+ of leads generated and 500,000+ of contacts reached captured. It only proves more people are discovering the superpower strength of HeroBot which you should see for yourself.

HeroBot’s Messenger Marketing Abilities

With HeroBot you can create Facebook Messenger bots, conversion funnels, and drip campaigns for marketing lead generation and support. Good thing, it is absolutely easy and free!

You can now automate your messenger marketing and minimize your efforts because HeroBot is doing your thing. With an open rate of 70-95%, a click-through of above 20%, and 3-5x of higher conversion rate, automated chatbots are really the future of digital marketing.

Social media scheduling, posting, tagging, commenting, discovering, or Hashtag searching, HeroBot makes it all possible for you. Rest assured that in no time, you will stay connected to your valued and future customers.

HeroBot can provide and help you upgrade Click-To-Messenger Ads that will capture instant leads and follow-up.  Apparently, there were also available widgets and application integrations with first-rate tracking features.

HeroBot’s Powers

Just like any other superhero, HeroBot possesses a different power set which helps this stand among the rest of bot creator. The following are just some of it:

The Power of Superb Chat Broadcasts

Sending information, updates, and promos can never be easier through the help of HeroBot. It can guarantee you an 85% open rate which is indeed a great start for your business.

The Power of Excellent Client Management

Having no employees, you can still assure that HeroBot can provide you excellent growth tools, detailed analytic reports, and user administration.

The Power of Automating Comment Responses

HeroBot’s AI is responsible for replying, tagging, liking, and sending a private message automatically may it be in Instagram and Facebook comments.

bot creator
The Power of Overriding Live chat

Good thing, HeroBot has this one great feature that allows users to immediately override their messenger bots when needed. Thus, giving one the power to provide seamless transactions with customers and contacts.

The Power of Integrating Brilliant Quizzes

HeroBot helps you formulate outstanding contests and quizzes that are automatically integrated to your Facebook bot to effectively promote your business or products.

The Power of Multiple Audience Segmentation

HeroBot also allows users to segment audiences based on their interest or demographic factors. Therefore, this will help them to disintegrate and qualify audiences based on how the user wants it.

The Power of Fantastic Quality Leads Notifications

With the help of HeroBot, you can now receive alerts for each leads captured with your messenger bot. Alerts can be received through SMS, Slack, email, and other customized apps.

The Power of Exceptional Bot Templates

Herobot has a lot of pre-made templates available to use in just one click. You can also customize it based on your business requirements.

The list goes on with the powers HereBot can provide you. HeroBot is upgrading and developing their services periodically to achieve nothing but total customer satisfaction. Expect a 400% increase in leads, 97% reduced marketing cost and 154% increased engagement with no additional cost once you start subscribing to HeroBot. This is the best bot creator to powerup your business.

Want to hear more of HeroBot’s capabilities? Visit HeroBot’s website now and bring forth supremacy in your business. Breakthrough from the dark power of poor marketing and weak leads generation. Come in the light with HeroBot’s chatbots and together, we’ll rule the business world!