11 Reasons Why A Chat Application Is Great For Business

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Back then, social media was just a platform for users to connect. But now, with the advancement of social media, it has integrated the use of a chat application. It’s an essential but necessary development that paved the way for users to communicate instantaneously on a whole different level.

Also known as a messaging app, a chat application is a platform that enables a user to connect and message another person through the use of their computers or mobile device. To name a few examples of chat applications are Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, and many more.

11 Reasons Why A Chat Application Is Great For Business

Now, as we are living in this device-dependent world, it’s not a surprise why these chat applications are a massive help in making our daily lives more comfortable. We might not see it clearly, but it’s slowly becoming a necessity as many more users are switching into using chat applications to communicate with friends and families from anywhere, even across the globe. All they need to do is have an account and an internet connection.

Why Use Chat Application in Business?

To keep up in this fast-paced world, we need to be able to adapt to constant changes. Communication is one of the most critical factors in any business. And being able to improve these factors are significant in growing a business.

Having a good customer service team is essential to nurture business and consumer relationships. But it’s also helpful to reach your clients where you are. Showing that you are too are evolving can have a significant to your consumers. This aspect shows that you are willing to adapt to various changes to land potential clients.

Furthermore, chat applications allow employees to engage with one another and work together. Teams of workers can share ideas and solve company issues with one click. In the time where people sit at computers all day, it makes sense for conversations to happen there. A chat application is also more efficient for communication versus email. And the main goal of a chat application is to collaborate. This means that its integration can lead to better employee performance and productivity.

Benefits of a Chat Application for Business

While some are still in doubt or having second thoughts into making the shift, here are some of the underlying benefits that a chat application would have on your business:


A chat application allows you to message or contact a person in real-time. In some cases, it becomes the bridge on where customers, potential leads, prospects could ask inquiries about products or services, and you can respond instantly.


Businesses started sending emails to customers and potential clients right after they learned that people use chat applications as a means to communicate with friends and family. Likewise, companies had only adopted the use of GIF’s and emojis in their social media posts, emails, and on their website after audiences had started using GIFs and emojis as a different way of communicating with one another.

People nowadays send messages to one another to discuss just about anything. With the growing number of users of social media, businesses could take advantage of using chat applications as their medium in communicating with customers. Almost 70 million businesses are on Facebook right now, and only 20 million of them started sending Facebook messages, it means that there is a considerable gap in the total addressable market. It shows that most businesses aren’t there yet. But when the time comes that they decide to use this platform, we will see a massive increase of integration because of the familiarity of the users with the channel.

11 Reasons Why A Chat Application Is Great For Business


You can seamlessly blend a chat application into your everyday agendas. You can reach out or respond to an inquiry from your computer or mobile device, close the app, and return to whatever you are doing. All you have to do is wait for the other party to respond, then reply whenever it’s your turn.

This nature of the channel is extremely convenient for you and your consumers as it allows both parties to receive the full context of the conversation and continue the thread whenever you want.

Segmented Target Advertising

Segmented target advertising is a crucial part of targeting customers.  By using instant messaging for a business, you can share your content either one to one or in a group. Companies take benefit of this feature of messaging apps to enhance their promotional content depending on customer demographics and interests.

Example – In WhatsApp, the maximum limit of adding people in a group is 256, but you can create an unlimited number of groups. The number of targeted people is much smaller, but in these small groups, you have the most engaging and targeted customers.

Increased Productivity

Smartphone applications are a staple in our modern digital world. Everyone has a broad range of apps on their phone, and every notification is another thing to respond to.

While some social media apps are distracting and decrease work productivity, it’s still advisable to have a team messaging or chat application dedicated for work purposes only. This can ultimately increase productivity and improve time management among your staff.

By integrating a chat application for your team, employees now have a channel in which they can communicate with you or co-workers where they can address issues regarding a project or a specific task.

File Storage and Sharing

Developments in chat applications now include the feature to send pictures, sound bites, documents, among other things. This means it can also serve as a backup if ever you are in a situation wherein the main methods didn’t work correctly, or your device broke or got stolen. Having this feature in your chat application allows you to find files that were sent there and retrieve it.

Employee Engagement

Who says that chat applications for business are strictly for business only? Team messaging apps aren’t as dry as email communications. You can create another chat stream that gives colleagues an avenue to share personal information and exciting family news.

Having this separate channel can boost the bond between employees, which can result in better performance. Now, they can feel that their workplace is like their second home, and colleagues are an extension of their family.


Chat applications such as WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram are all direct channels where information is private and secure. Customers don’t have to worry about anyone seeing their private information — including the messaging company itself! Messaging apps with end-to-end encryption offer data protection so secure that you can discuss any customer service issue with no worries.

Saves Money

Chat applications are usually free. You can communicate with any client, customer, or overseas employees with instant messaging solutions without paying for international charges. You can also hire staff in other countries and conduct business internationally.

11 Reasons Why A Chat Application Is Great For Business

Easy to Setup

Unlike a conference call, which takes time to set up and everyone needs a number to use, IM is right there to be accessed at any time, and everyone can communicate with it all the time. You can also connect with people who are offsite as well. You don’t have to put everyone from the company in one conference room. It can all be done with a simple through features in a chat application.

Less Troublesome

Compared to a phone call, messaging in a chat application is less disruptive. It’s more difficult to manage several calls at a time than to juggle different chat windows. Chat applications are a better alternative to making phone calls. Leaving a window open could ultimately serve as a reminder to respond to a client or send essential information to a team member.

How Chat Application Can Jumpstart Your Business

Starting a business, whether you are a small-sized or a medium-sized company, could be a lot harder than you think. Many businessmen fail to acknowledge change and the use of technology as tools in helping their companies, which will eventually go downhill from there.

As this may not always be the case, staying open in trying out innovations is what could set you apart from other companies out there. Another difference-maker would be the reach to your market. With everyone being in the online world, it would make sense that using chat applications to communicate with them is the best possible move you can do.

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The Ultimate List of Must-Try Chatbot Application on the Net

chatbot application

Try to remember the last time that you’ve ordered a pizza over the internet. Are you sure you were talking to a real human? With the growing adaption of chatbots among marketers, we’ll never really know, nowadays, there is a wide ocean of chatbot application available on the internet.

With the great entrance of chatbots in the world of technology, the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) and its robotic appeal to people surprisingly died out. Chatbots are now dubbed as the “new apps” still because of their amazing contributions in making lives more convenient.

But since apps were already mentioned, we’ll first head-on in knowing what chatbot applications really are, and why you should start using them.

chatbot application

Chatbot application – what is it?

Well, these chatbot apps are defined as tools which use human-mimicking behavior, powered by Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Natural-Language Understanding (NLU), triggering and enabling app-to-human conversation.

Apparently, the only thing that separates these applications from the “regular” apps is their user interface. Also, the regular ones have a visual interface which is comprised of icons and buttons. Chatbot apps, on the other hand, have a chat interface wherein users literally chat with the application itself and operate it that way.

Types of chatbot application

Goal-Oriented (G-O) and Purpose-Oriented (P-O) are the two types of chatbot applications.

Goal Oriented Chatbots are open-ended, and they’re there for a conversation. They will talk to you until you wish and don’t have any immediately underlying motives behind their design. Purpose-Oriented Chatbots is a means to an end; they exist to make existing processes easier or better performed.

“Would chatbot apps do me any good?”

You would not even dare to ask if these apps would do any good to you since they can do things other software couldn’t even dream of. So you can assure that they are not just computer programs. They can be your virtual romantic partner, your healthcare assistant, your life coach – you name it!

Let’s get to the business!

While there were over a hundred thousand active bots, there is probably no easy way of telling which can be hailed as “the best of all chatbots.” Yet, you can always explore some of the outstanding examples of AI bots and applications that are listed below. They might be created with different marketing tactics; still, they are all with the same goal of making our lives easier and even more interesting.

Mitsuku – Your New Chatbot Friend

There are really times when we just get bored but, unfortunately, got no one else to talk to. Worry no more because you have Mitsuku! This chatterbot application was created by Steve Worswick and is a two-time recipient of the legendary award of Leobner prize for being recognized as the most human-like AI bot. You can talk to “her” via Kik messenger, Telegram, and can also be accessed as a flash game online. It might not be the most useful chatbot app, but it will surely impress you with its amazing way of conversing to users.  

Behold, as Mitsuku can understand the language you are using, can sense your mood and answer your questions like an 18-year old girl (which she claims as her age). Also, it uses supervised machine learning that cannot be corrupted with false statements since a human manager is verifying it. Indeed, wonderful!

Melody – Your Medical Chatbot Assistant

If you are tired of getting hold of your doctor’s schedule, Melody might be the key. Also, it is an on-demand app launched by a Chinese search engine giant. It has the ability to connect its users with the local doctors, answering inquiries, and arranging appointments. With its simple conversational interface, you will not surely encounter difficulties in accessing it.

Moreover, Melody can also collect your information details, examine the symptoms you will be citing, and suggest possible diagnoses to help you decide whether you should see a doctor or not.

Hello Hipmunk – Your Travel Chatbot Buddy
chatbot application

Are you in search of a travel assistant? Well then, the chatbot application named Hello Hipmunk was created to effortlessly help you book flights and find hotels perfect for your trips. The reason for Hello Hipmunks’ success is that it purposely targets the most laborious thing for travelers – the booking process. One thing is for sure, by using Hello Hipmunk, you can really save money and time as it also manages your calendar and emails for a much better travel experience!

Chip – Your Saving Chatbot Partner

Taking the whole finance management thing to a new level is this application called Chip. Also, it stands out from the other apps of the same nature as it functions to automatically remind you of the amount you will be spending, how much would your savings be and how much you could actually save. Interestingly enough, the messages it sends to the users are mostly informal and friendly, filled with emojis and GIF images.

Poncho – Your Weather Chatbot Companion

Having thoughts on whether to bring an umbrella or not? Poncho, a very entertaining cat chatbot, has always an answer! The application is very loved by its users because it sends out weather forecasts and alerts in the most humorous way possible. Poncho has a vibrant personality that uses stickers, GIFs, memes, and games to keep you engaged and entertained. This can be accessed via Facebook Messenger, Viber, Kick, and Slack. Certainly, a must-try!

Meekan – Your Personal Chatbot Secretary

If you are getting headaches of scheduling your appointments, Meekan got your back! This chatbot serves 28,000 happy users, and this chatbot application may already be available with your Slack, Hipchat, or Microsoft account. Moreover, Meekan possesses the capability of reminding you for your upcoming dates, meetings, or events. In setting reminders or meetings, typing “Meekan” and keying what you need is the only thing you will do and all will be set automatically!

Polly – Your Survey Chatbot Aide

Distributing hard copied surveys to thousands of customers is indeed a nuisance. Polly enters the scene with the offer of providing you a level of ease and interactivity that is not promoted in any typical survey tools and applications. It is readily accessible to Slack and Microsoft teams, which are mostly used in gathering employee data – from personal information to satisfaction questionnaires.

Fitmeal – Your Chatbot Nutritionist

Are you dreaming of becoming slimmer and healthier but cannot afford a nutritionist to help you? Downloading Fitmeal chatbot application might be the answer! Well, you have to know that nutritionists are not just for Hollywood celebrities! You can have your own by only accessing Fitmeal app in Messenger, Telegram, and in Slack. Also, this application works by tracking what you are eating. By only texting Fitmeal of what have you eaten for breakfast or lunch, it would immediately report your diet condition. It also suggest things you should do to keep your body on shape. Amazing, right?

H&M Chatbot – Your Personal Chatbot Stylist

Just so you know H&M had created their own chatbot that would solve your problem of taking much time on choosing what to wear for the day. It is available for KIK platform that guides you in deciding for the perfect outfit that is certainly fitted for hitting the runway! H&M chatbot asks for your style preferences then suggest which are best for you. You can immediately buy the set through the bot or save it to purchase later. Totally a new and exciting shopping experience!

CNN Chatbot – Your News Chatbot Reporter

If you are that person who had always been curious about what is happening on the world, then maybe you can try accessing CNN’s chatbot to keep yourself updated. Now, you won’t need to wait any longer for the news to be uploaded in websites because this chatbot will readily send you breaking news from all around the world.  This bot remembers your news preferences, and suggest topics that might interest you.

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Hellojoy – Your Mental Health Chatbot Support

You should care for your mental health just as Hellojoy cares for you! Aww! This mental health chatbot support uses AI and NLU to function and help those who are in need. Moreover, it offers services from clinical assessments, behavioral analysis, and imparts actionable insights. Also, it tracks sleep, exercise, and movement data in delivering much-personalized care. Another good thing about this chatbot application is that you can share the data you received from the bot with your local clinician. It works with your own timings, sending motivational messages weekly or even daily.


Chatbots are indeed the future of communication. As you can see from the list, chatbot application can transform to meet almost all of customers and industries’ needs. Again, they might be of different marketing appeal, but they all have one thing in common: THEY ALL WANTED TO HELP YOU! So, the only thing you should be doing by now is to try them all and see how they can be of best help to you!

But if you are interested in creating your own that will add up on the most innovative chatbots listed, then you should definitely visit HeroBot and start building your very first amazing chatbot for free!