Best Chatbot Facebook Messenger that might Interest You

best chatbot facebook

Ever since Facebook started to support chatbots 3 years ago, the population of Facebook chatbots has boomed up to 300,000 and still increasing. With this massive amount, it would be hard to find the best chatbot Facebook messenger, one that could be useful for you.

Why you need it

There are several different purposes for the use of Facebook chatbots, and one main use is for businesses. It allows businesses to easily and directly connect with their customers since almost all of the people in the world right now uses Facebook. Facebook chatbots also save costs and time, since chatbots are available 24/7/365. They will do the marketing job for businesses quickly and efficiently, as long as it is designed properly. Plus, chatbots will never catch any disease, unlike human employees, meaning business owners will never have to worry about medical expenses. Moreover, Facebook chatbots shall be responsible for re-engaging with customers and are able to retain information for future use.

Aside from business use, Facebook chatbots have many more interesting functions. Facebook chatbots can be used for news, productivity, finance, health and fitness, and many more. You just need to find the best chatbot facebook messenger that suits your interest. In case you wonder how to search for Facebook chatbots, just simply select “new chat” button on the messenger app. Type the character “@” in the search bar then the name of the chatbot.

best chatbot facebook

List of Best Chatbot Facebook Messenger has to offer

Now that you are aware of how to find chatbots, we provided a list of best chatbot of Facebook messenger that might interest you:

Fitness and Health:

Atlas Fitness

This chatbot is for the people who aspire to be fit and needs inspiration. Atlas Fitness provides several types of workout for you to try and even gives you a routine for the daily workout. In addition, this chatbot also gives motivational messages and keeps you reminded to continue your workout and achieve your fitness goal.

Health Tap

This Facebook chatbot is able to answer and diagnose you regarding your illness, given that you provided your condition and symptoms. This Facebook chatbot has proven to be very useful as it can also provide first aid. In case the chatbot cannot answer your query, it will connect you with a real health professional to give you medical advice. You can also subscribe to their paid services, which will enable you to connect with a real professional through a voice call and even video call.

Best Chatbot Facebook Messenger for Travelling:


This best chatbot Facebook messenger offers convenient ticket booking, informs you regarding flights to famous tourist destinations, and can even make a hotel reservation for you. You can do all this just by using this chatbot on messenger. Once you send your location, Hipmunk will provide you choices of famous destinations with relatively low price. In addition, this chatbot to the job of finding hotels and flights if you already have a specific destination in mind. This chatbot also gives information regarding the best time of flight for your chosen destination.


This Facebook chatbot also provides clear information regarding travel as well. From the ticket booking, as well as travel suggestions. KAYAK can also help you plan a trip, depending on your budget.


Instalocate is the best chatbot that monitors flights, and can alert you for flight delays and can even help you get compensation.

Best Chatbot Facebook messenger for Productivity:

HD Print Bot

This best chatbot Facebook messenger can help you to print pictures and documents through a printer connected to the web. Just simply upload the file you wish to print. Also, you need to type in the email address of the printer to be used.

Job Bot

Is finding a job difficult for you? No need to worry anymore! Job bot is the best chatbot of messenger for you. Job bot shall help you find the right job. All you have to do is key in your credentials. Job bot will search for jobs near your location, as well as international jobs. Once the Job bot found a suitable job for you, you will be notified regularly, and what’s more, is you can apply to the job through messenger.

Hello Jarvis

Truly with the latest technology, we can now set reminders so we will not forget doing anything we ought to do. But with the Facebook messenger chatbot Hello Jarvis, we just type in the things we need to be reminded about at a specific time, and this chatbot will remind us with not only one single device, but on multiple devices. Just be sure the best chatbot Facebook messenger you used is also installed on other devices. Simple but useful, isn’t it?

Facebook Messenger Chatbots for News:


One of the many companies who pioneered the use of chatbots is the newspaper company “Today.” Until present, the Singaporean newspaper company still retains its fame as one of the best chatbot of Facebook messenger. This chatbot will keep you updated of the latest news as long as you subscribe.


This news chatbot, keeps you updated of the latest news, in many ways you would prefer. You can read the full news, or you can read news summarized in bullets. You can personalize this best chatbot Facebook messenger by subscribing to topics only relevant to your interest. Besides the latest news, this chatbot can also send you interesting articles. This Facebook chatbot is user-friendly, and stories can be easily shared among friends.

best chatbot facebook

Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Music Lovers:


Spotify is now already popular in terms of music, most especially now that they have their own chatbot. Their best chatbot Facebook messenger will keep you updated about everything in the music world. This chatbot also helps you to create a playlist with songs of your preference. You can find new songs and directly share it to your friends.

Scope Bot

Most of us overhear some songs, and then it’s stuck inside our head. Sometimes we find those songs pretty neat, and we end up being frustrated because we are not able to know its title. Luckily, the Scope Bot exists. All you have to do is to provide the lyrics you remember, just make sure you heard it right. Then the scope bot will show you a song, together with its details such as the release date, album, artist, and even the studio where the song was recorded. If scope bot shows the wrong song, you just simply type wrong, and then it will show you other results.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Sports Fans:


For the sports fans who want to be updated for every game of their favorite sport, theScore is the best chatbot of Facebook messenger for you. theScore shall send you status and scores of the game matches whether it’s NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB. This chatbot sends you updates regarding schedules of matches, and you can even ask it about information regarding your favorite teams.


Toni is a sports chatbot like theScore but is exclusive to football only. It keeps solid football fans updated of everything in the world of football. You have the option to choose which team you want to subscribe to and be updated of game schedules, standings or injury reports. Toni bot can also send you videos of game highlights if you wish and directly share it to your friends.

Entertainment Bots:

Zodiac Fire

From the name itself, this Facebook chatbot will send you updates regarding your horoscope for the day. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Aside from the horoscope, you can have a fun conversation with it and find yourself amused, with its witty replies and fun choice of words.


Stuck in a long queue line? Easily bored? Can’t do anything to kill the time? Then SuperCop might be the best chatbot Facebook messenger for you. SuperCop will give you mind challenging cases and riddles, for you to solve as you are a detective trying to find the criminal. Simple cases are given at the start, but it becomes harder and more complicated as you progress on the game. Solving cases will help you earn keys which will be used for clues. This chatbot will surely amuse you in times of boredom.

best chatbot facebook

Dungeons and Monsters

Another best chatbot Facebook messenger that can free you from boredom is the Dungeons and Monsters. This is for the people who fancy RPG games. This chatbot will let you create your own character and set its stats. Then your journey into the dungeon starts. You shall slay different monsters and dragons in order to level up your character, and proceed deeper into the dungeon. Just like ordinary RPGs, you can also pick-up items such as weapons, healing potions and power-up potions, which will help you throughout the game.

Now that you have read our picks for the best chatbot of Facebook messenger, try to check them out and see for yourself how useful or amusing it might be. Or better yet, do you have any idea for a chatbot? If yes, then visit, and together, we will help you turn your idea into a useful and interesting chatbot.

Build Your Own Chatbot for Real Estate Marketing

build your own chatbot

Admit it or not, one of the toughest job in the world is being a real estate agent. With the economic crisis around the world, it is hard to find people interested and capable of buying properties. Despite all your hard work, giving out flyers under the scorching sun and knocking to someone else’s door is just enough. However, with the help of technology, real estate agents now have a better option other than bothering uninterested people. If you want to generate more leads and increase your sales rate, build your own chatbot as an excellent real estate marketing.

build your own chatbot

Meanwhile, chatbots are not going to give out flyers and knock doors. However, they are going to give you more opportunities of having an easier life while making money. In fact, digital commerce was already proving how these bots can generate leads and create more customer interaction. Rather than spamming and creating ads, using bots can improve your way of finding interested people and conversing with them without hassle. Moreover, if you build your own chatbot, its promise of automation is going to be your biggest blessing for marketing.

Problem on real estate marketing

Being a real estate agent is not only exhausting but also draining and disheartening. Imagine this: it is one sunny day, and you are in the middle of the sidewalk with piles of flyers on your hand. No matter how hard you try to persuade people to take one, no one is really interested in taking a piece of paper that is of no importance to them. Moreover, if there is someone kind enough to grab your offer, you’ll see them throwing it to the trash bin. After much dismay, you feel a vibration from your chest. Your eyes lit up, and your lips slowly curl into a smile. However, instead of receiving an email from a customer, it is just a notification from a Pinterest post.

Now, this is not just a make-believe scenario to discourage you from being entering the real estate world. This happens to most realtors. Also, there are some instances where they need to talk and convince people to avail of the properties they are selling even if they are not interested in it. It is also hard for them to stay connected to the internet 24/7 and ask queries from However, technological innovations were able to create a way for agents to have a more comfortable life and this is by using chatbots.

How you can build your own chatbot and make it work

This is the year where every technological advancement leads to innovations for digital marketing. There are some AI that help traveling agencies and hotel owners to find customers who are interested in visiting and check-in. Moreover, there are also some which improve mental health and even make a diagnosis for patients. Entertaining and endorsing artists, events, and upcoming movies is also not a problem by using bots. But above all this, it can bring more fortune if you build your own chatbot for real estate marketing.

Just like any other bots, this is possible if you let it engage in customer service. It can search and collect data from the web and look for persons who could be interested in your offers. After that, the bot will automatically send a message to the person and engage in a conversation with it. Moreover, with a chatbot, it is much easier to answer queries and requests from possible customers. Besides, they can speak multiple languages, and they are available 24/7 to cater to everyone’s needs. All you need to do is to build a chatbot with the best platform available on the internet.

Reasons why you need to build your own chatbot

If you know how a chatbot works, you may already know how it can give several benefits to companies and brands. As of now, most realtors are only relying on referrals, but this does not make them successful. What you need is a predictable stream for new leads. As people do not bother opening emails anymore, messenger bots are now your best solution. Here are some of the reasons why you need to build your own chatbot for your real state market.

Provides immediate answers for real-time inquiry

Chatbot serves best with its automation feature. Most people of today cherish time more than anything. This is because wasting every minute means leaving your money to drain.  When you build your own chatbot, people can get immediate answers right after they ask the questions. In line with this, bots can satisfy users with their ability to gather information and use it immediately when the right questions come.

Available for users 24/7

If you are a real estate agent, you know how strict and complicated your work schedule is. It is tough to get a hold of them and know their availability if it was only through emails. Besides, they are either too busy attending meetings with clients or are already resting after a long day. Because of this, real estate companies are having a hard time getting more interested in clients that are only available at rest periods. However, when you build your own chatbot, your customers can now send their queries at any time of the day for the whole year.

build your own chatbot

Can give specific service

To have more successful deals, it is essential that you can provide your clients with a property that is specific to their preferences. Clients have different characteristics, which is why there is a big possibility that they are looking for various types of property or apartment. But with bots, customers only need to answer specific questions that the AI will analyze. Right after, it will give numerous suggestions relevant to the information that a person feeds it. Build your own bot and experience this fantastic feature that your clients will surely appreciate.

Balances time management

Build your own chatbot, and I assure you that you can save a lot of time. Your whole work calendar will inevitably change, and you can even save some for leisure moments. When you are a real estate agent or realtor, wasting time and getting your whole schedule in a mess is a significant disadvantage. However, there will always be clients who are hard to deal with, and spending a lot of time answering their fruitless queries is not going to lead you anywhere. Meanwhile, when you build your own chatbot, it will do the dirty work and will be the one to lead the communication team with the customers. This will allow you to spend more time on your other tasks.

Engages with clients better

For the past decades, most of the marketing companies use forms to know the preferences of the people and catch their interest. However, as time passes by, it is proved that filling up papers are not reliable because people do not take filling them lin seriously. Moreover, in this generation, most have only a small attention span, which is why they tend to disregard the time-consuming questions. With this, the real estate company will not be able to get the accurate data that they need.

However, when you build your own chatbot, you can now collect the information that you need without boring your customers. It can interact with your customers and straightforwardly ask the questions. Rather than tedious forms, people tend to engage better with conversations even if it is with bots. Right after, all of the answers that the bot will gather are going to be saved, and the real estate agents can have access to it.

Automates follow-up processes

As said before, the main function of the AI is the automation that it can provide to its users. If you are a realtor, you may already have some experiences of giving follow-ups to the persons who have contacted you and inquired about the available properties but have yet to buy. This is part of the marketing that the real estate companies need. Moreover, this is primarily because there are fewer and fewer people who are interested in buying properties at this time of global crisis. There are three ways of doing this: by calling, by text, or by email.

However, this is too exhausting and time-consuming for the realtors. But now, the best solution for this is to build your own chatbot and let it deal with the follow-ups. This is also more convenient because anytime the customer wants to talk about the properties, the bot is always available to give immediate answers.

Reviews the history of interaction

A regular human person can only store a limited amount of memory on their brain. This is why, with all the piles of paper works, documents, stressful deals, people can’t help but forget their history of interaction with its customers. However, chatbots are just an expert in keeping records and remembering information. This comes in handy whenever a past customer tries to interact with you again. Moreover, remembering the past details of your old conversation is not a problem now.

Meanwhile, as much as it is useful for customer satisfaction, it is also beneficial for the analysis of the marketing and real estate agents team. If you want to know and gather the data of persons who are interested in specific properties, you don’t need to search for endless logs anymore.

build your own chatbot

Schedules meetings efficiently

The biggest problem of most agents who already have too much on their plate is scheduling meetings and property viewings. It is hard to know the availability of your customers that will match yours. However, if you build your own chatbot, everything will be more accessible. It will automatically look upon your work schedule without forgetting any critical plans and suggest them to the customers. This way, scheduling a meeting and letting interested customers have a tour is more comfortable.

Gives 360° tours on chat

There are times when customers refuse to take time scheduling site visits without having an idea of what the place looks like. Meanwhile, giving them a couple of pictures may seem not enough for some clients. This is why you need to build your own bot for your real estate business. It can deal with the clients and even has a feature of giving them 360° tours on chat. Now, people can have a clear idea about the state and look at the property before having a site visit. Thus, this will save both the realtor and the client’s time.

Build your own chatbot with Herobot!

With the facts stated above, you should know now that you need to build your own chatbot that can help you in different ways. But if you are interested in doing this, you may have problems with how you can create your bot. However, Herobot is here to help you build the best AI that is going to do loads of work for you and attract more customers. You will not need any coding skills because our website is very easy to navigate. Moreover, we have numerous templates that you can use depending on your preference.

AI Chat App – The Most Outstanding Innovation of 2019

AI chat app

In traditional psychology, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs became the foundation of many human beliefs in older times. It illustrates the fundamental factors needed for people to survive. Moreover, it divides into three essential needs, which includes self-fulfilment needs, psychological needs, and basic needs. In modern time, the world seems to have another need that only AI chat app can suffice.

In today’s society, the principles are deemed to be reversed. As part of the digital revolution, technology influences the wants and needs of most people today. If you analyze, there are some changes on how people perceive their necessities these days. This is the main reason why they need an AI chat app. Interested? Let’s try to get through it.

AI chat app

Things most people demand today as part of their daily needs:

1. Immediate Response

In many ways, quick responses and actions seem to be so prevalent nowadays. As you observe, you will notice that most people expect an immediate response whenever they interact with other people. This scenario is much more visible in the customer service industry. If the customers ask something to the agent, they always demand instant answers to their questions. If the agent fails to do so, the bad service will surely affect negatively the company he is representing. This is why most companies are now relying on the AI chat app to help them in customer service.

In this era, communication has been so easy and accessible for everyone with the help of internet. Therefore, many people believe that there is no valid reason to not receive an instant response when they need something. In this matter, the AI chat app would be a fantastic helping-hand. This is especially for those who belong in the business sector. Customer service would be more efficient than the traditional.

2. Technology

With regards to the existing condition of today’s society, it can’t be denied that technology is now part of the human’s fundamental needs. If you’re going to walk around, you are most likely to see a bunch of people holding their phone. Their daily tasks tie up on various applications and features installed in their phones. Without their phone, it feels as if they have lost a limb.

Nowadays, it’s all possible to accomplish wide-ranging tasks over the phone or computer regardless of where you are. It is something that technological advancements have birthed and given to us for our convenience. The emergence of functional technologies like AI chat app has brought a significant change to the lives of everyone. They function to represent and work in the stead of humans in various fields. Most find it easier to incorporate with these bots rather than real human agents.

3. Innovation

Our modern society has made significant developments that are continuously developing. This is to answer and satiate the needs of the human world. However, as people create new innovations, their demands are also moving to the next level. The trend is changing each day because people can get bored easily with new products on the market. To succeed, the trick is that you need to create a change that will address the problems and needs of different people in the world. This also applies in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

As you go through various fields today, you would surely find traces of
AI chat app incorporating to serve various functions. Many people today have already entrusted critical operations to their particular AI technologies. Furthermore, with all the improvements and data bots were able to collect, it is not surprising how people can no longer identify chatbots from real humans. If the industry of AI continues to evolve positively, it can be tagged as one of the most successful innovations in our generation.

The AI Chat App of 2019

Most of us are now enjoying a care-free life under the presence of artificial intelligence. This is why we should start thanking brilliant developers who formulated the most innovative chat apps today. These AI chat app is also helping numerous companies in improving the popularity of their brand and boosting their profits. As they interact with customers regarding their concerns, they were able to advertise the company.

With these applications, not only customer service but even those who have illnesses are benefiting. There are some that are being used for anxiety, insomnia, and even Alzheimer’s diseases. There are even AI chat apps that were helping in organizing stuff. Examples of these are groceries and even diet meals for the entire week. For those who are into gaming, there are also bots that will help you in many ways. They communicate and complete other tasks without spoiling your game. There are already lots of services that bots are offering and lots of people who are utilizing them to answer their needs.

As of today, the chatbot is known for being the highest-paid application in the technological market. This is why many developers are dying to create a unique AI chat app that will excel despite the big competition. They are eager to be known in the market and advertise the brand that they are representing. For other developers, they simply want to build an app that will be famous and help a large number of people. No wonder why it is possible that AI will be dominating the lives of people in the near future.

What is the perfect AI chat app for you?

There is a wide variety of AI chat apps that you can meet on the internet. There are bots that are text-based. These are best for people who despise calls and talking to people verbally. You just have to type a message, send it to the AI and you will receive an answer almost instantly. This is less stressful than waiting for a human server to have time to accommodate you. Moreover, most people prefer this kind of bot because it is more convenient and easier to use. It is also simpler to develop because it does not require any complicated tools. 

However, if you are the kind of person who cannot bother spending time to type all your messages, then the voicebots are best for you. You can talk to them casually like you are in a call with someone. Most of the time, this is being as a treatment for illnesses and are commonly called as companion bots. This AI chat app is more conveniently used by people who cannot type messages anymore. Moreover, if you are looking for something that will help you in your sleep like a therapeutic talk, then this bot is for you. As of these days, there are already numerous bots that are like this and people are embracing its hype.

With the wide variations of bots, choosing the perfect one for you is based on the personality that bots develop. There are bots that are funny while some are more informative and serious. If you are looking for something that can help you in some certain tasks, then it is better to choose a bot with a proper tone. However, if you just want to get your boredom away, there are also some with sarcastic and funny characteristics.

HeroBot: Builds the most suitable chatbot app for you

AI chat app is a worthy application that plays one of the biggest roles in modern technology—something a person can conveniently talk with. companies launch various kinds of bots each day which gives wider choices for people. Now, the question is how can you pick the right chatbot that will fit your every need?

Moreover, they very helpful and if you want to create your own, you do not need to be afraid of having difficulties with these. With different kinds of AI chat app platforms around the internet, your journey to build the best bot will just be easy. If you are looking for the best bot platform that will offer you the easiest path, then Herobot is your best choice.

Moreover, you won’t need exceptional IT skills to make a bot with us. HeroBot platform is complete with the set of tools in developing chatbot applications that can create intelligent bots. Moreover, our main focus is the satisfaction of the customers so we are also providing numerous templates that you could choose from. With a simple drag and drop, you can build your chatbot app.

Furthermore, bots made from our platform are proved to create more lead generations for companies and businesses. We also offer different kinds of tools and widgets that you can use in your chatbot. This way, your bot can be as unique as you want it to be. Also, AI-experts recommend this platform because it offers less expensive consultation. It provides infinite resources in enhancing the efficiency of the customer’s business. Herobot is going to help you in any way we can. For further details, click this link and explore the world of chatbot technology.