Facebook Bot Builder: A Guide To Bot Creating Journey

facebook bot builder

The online community is continuously growing as more people are engaging their daily lives on the internet. With these, the demand of people for more technological advancements is increasing. This is one of the reasons why most people in business are trying to enter the digital world. While their customers are growing, the demand for chatbots is also increasing. Now, these businessmen are in great need for a Facebook bot builder that will help them in the journey. 

Furthermore, most of the growing demand for Facebook bot builder comes from new entrepreneurs and small business owners. Because they are still rookie to the industry, they do not have the money to hire professionals. However, they do not also have the skills and knowledge to know codes and the technicalities in IT. This opens up the chance for bot platforms to enter the scene. Now, you do not need to be a professional to make your own. You drag and drop contents to be able to turn your bot to a perfection.

facebook bot builder

What can bots do for you?

If you think bots are only created for messaging, then you are wrong. Actually, different kinds of bots can answer your every need. They are also in various forms and are intelligent enough to be able to do specific tasks. So if you are finding an automated virtual assistant, bots are the ones for you. Stated below are some of the functions of bots.

Bots as pages

Some bots are actually represented as pages on different platforms. These pages are automatically made as you create custom integration applications. Through the page created with Facebook bot builder, your bot can easily be discovered, and more users can interact with it a lot better. Owners can publicize these bot pages to specific audiences. They can also be tagged, seen, and messaged by the members of the company. If you are not interested in this, you can also customize your permission level as you create your bot. Your bot can also send automated messages within the members of the page.

Bots in groups

Bots are handy for groups as they can do various things that real humans can do. With bots, you can automatically post new contents as well as put comments on other materials. You can also make your bot on Facebook bot builder and make them like other posts and comments to indicate your acknowledgment on them. Moreover, bots can have abilities like mentioning other people to get their attention and get a sense of personalization. Members can also mention your bot in posts and comments containing questions and requests. Most of all, these bots can auto-subscribe to groups and have the ability to monitor interacts and contents within the group.

Bots in Chat

When you use bots in the group and pages, you can share and collect information across the group. Meanwhile, in chat, bots can have direct and actual interactions with users personally. Chatbots can remind or notify someone based on the updated calendar that is inputted in it. It can also answer questions and inquiries privately. Moreover, it can gather data and samples of dialogues. This can be used as future reference.

Who uses Facebook bot builder

As you heard, there is already a big hype on the utilization of chatbots. According to them, they are going to replace the mobile apps as well as email marketing. Most of all, bots are going to work in the position of numerous customer care agents around the world. And they are going to do it while millions of people are still sleeping in their beds. Due to this, companies are racing to have the best bot that will provide every customer and use the best services that they will demand.

Most of the competitive bots around are on Facebook, and it is slowly becoming a norm for brands to have their bots in their pages. This must be why, according to a survey done by Oracle, almost 80% of business people want to have chatbots. Most of them are interested in using the Facebook bot builder as there are an estimated 1.3 billion users who they can interact with. 

Moreover, on 80% of the interested businessmen, most of them do not have the basic to advanced knowledge in creating bots. This is why they still need some guidance from Facebook bot builder available for them. This caused many experts to use their expertise in creating applications that will help to create bots. Today, there are more than thousands of bot platforms that you can see on the internet.

What are the best Facebook bot builder?

There are already thousands of Facebook bot builders on the internet that can be used for a smoother process of creating bots. As they are increasing, it gets harder for people to find the best chatbot that will fit their needs. However, the truth is despite what builder you use; everything will still rely on your creative skills. Here are some tips on how you can utilize your chatbot builder:

facebook bot builder
Set your expectations

You may think that setting up high expectations will only lead to disappointments. However, if you are on the verge of creating something, you must always set your expectations. Identify your long term and short term goals. This will be very important in setting up a plan.

Know who your expected audiences are. This way, you know what your limitations should be. Make sure to prioritize customer service, product promotion, discovery, and lead generation. If you are afraid of having a unique but risky bot to interact with your customers, you can start simple and test the waters.

Set your customer’s expectations

Your goals are important but remember that not disappointing your customer’s aspirations must be your top priority. Do the research and ask around about what people might expect from a bot in your industry. List them down and create plans based on them.

Remember that your audience’s expectations will differ depending on your target generation, gender, and status in life. Choose the best Facebook bot builder if you must. Define the purpose of your chatbot clearly in its interactions with customers. Make sure that your bot will take the lead of the conversation to a pleasant experience.

Get personalized

Your chatbot is going to work in the stead of humans so you have to make them as natural as it can be. If you fail on making them seem like people are interacting with a real human, then your bot is a fail. To do this, you have to make their experience as personalized as possible.

Invite your customers to narrow down their preferences so that you can give them fewer options. This can provide higher click-through rates for your bot. This way, users will more genuinely interact with your bot.

Be straight to the point

Your bot should always be straight to the point. If it gets on cycle every time a user asks it questions, it may irritate them. People will stop interacting with it, and your bot will inevitably fail. Instead of making them go around, save their time by being straight to the point in answering their queries.

Be transparent

Know your limitations and don’t make your bot pretend that is all-knowing. It does not have infinite knowledge and will still need some guidance from human servers. Tell the users if you are unable to answer the questions rather than providing a wrong and improper answer. Moreover, make your bots admit their mistakes and apologize to customers. Don’t worry. People will understand those things.  This is all possible if you use a Facebook bot builder.

Keep learning

Knowledge comes from the things you learn from books and other reading materials. Meanwhile, wisdom comes from the experience it encounters. Make sure that you and your bot will incorporate this two and use them to your advantage. Learn to make improvements for your bot that will suffice the expectations of human.

facebook bot builder

While your bot can collect and analyze data and information that it gets from conversing with millions of people, you can also learn. This is by studying the collected data of your bot and making some actions to main problems. Moreover, you can also learn by studying other bots and comparing them to your chatbot. Here are some of the most innovative chatbots that you can learn from.

Know your Facebook bot builder

For a decade already, most people interact with each other by using their Facebook accounts. They post a message and even read some articles with the use of Facebook. This is why conversational commerce entered the Facebook scene to entice more customers. However, small companies are having a hard time utilizing chatbots to compete with larger companies.

With Herobot Builder, you can create the best facebook bot that will answer your every need. You will not need any IT and coding skills because it is just easy to drag and drop materials in this platform. Moreover, there are already hundreds of AI templates that are available and just waiting for you to use. Visit our website for more information.

How Do Facebook Messenger App Redefine Businesses?

best facebook messenger app

Today, the world of business has been evolving through technology. Constant upgrades and innovations are taking place in every establishment and companies across the globe. But, it has always been a consistent struggle for business owners, and people to develop the perfect way to entice, attain, and market services to potential customers. With that, customer service, marketing, social media, and other forms of communication have been developed to work and function digitally.

With this kind of innovation, interacting with prospective customers has now been made easier. The introduction of integrated and automated chat assistance proved that stand-alone businesses have a place in the market. For this reason, business owners and other companies have utilized the framework of messenger apps like Facebook and HeroBot. However, what makes the best Facebook messenger app become an essential component in a business.

best facebook messenger app

Learning More About Facebook Messenger App and Chatbots

It’s undeniable that the groundbreaking advent of Facebook Messenger into the world has created a very significant contribution to the existing landscape of the world. Facebook Messenger has undoubtedly bridged all the distance around the world. Basically, Facebook Messenger is almost similar to a typical text message.

However, it’s more upgraded with a lot of new features such as stickers, video chats, and group chats that make conversations more entertaining and convincing. And in today’s generation, the most innovative upgrade of Facebook Messenger is the compatibility of chatbots within the application.

Through the years, chatbots become more in-demand around the world. In any aspect you can imagine, you will surely find chatbots with it. It’s safe to say that chatbots can blend with any trends and standstill through the test of time. If you’re going to hear the word chatbot, “convenience” is probably the first word that comes in your mind.

But, it’s well-deserved because chatbots help the people in different industries to do their tasks in the easiest and least time-consuming way. So, the businesses that consider using chatbots in their operations have received an edge to stand out. They’ve given them the chance to re-customize the impression of their target customers towards their brand.

Now, try to imagine these two innovative tools come together. Well, all the possibilities do come true with these two amazing technological discoveries.

Is an Automated Chat Bot Assistant Really Essential?

Yes, an automated chatbot assistant is indeed a plus in your business arsenal for gaining customers quickly. Messenger apps and chatbot assistant platforms are perhaps time-consuming to set up and start. However, it can still provide a significant increase in your business strategy. Meanwhile, chatbot integration does not stop at gaining or enticing potential customers to your business doorsteps. There are also other benefits wherein Facebook messenger apps assist your business.

1. Adds a personal touch in your business

Providing a personal feel for your customers is a great way to stabilize the foundation of your business. Normal establishments, companies, and other stores having personal customer service are easy. However, when we talk about the essence of having an automated chatbot, communication may be difficult. This is due to some messenger apps being too digitized or robotic. Apparently, some similar automated Facebook messenger apps can be integrated and customized as per your preferences. 

What’s more, businesses that are based online can have a more significant advantage when they utilized such applications. Why? Customers will want thorough access to real people if ever they would be having questions and other information about your business. Having an indispensable way of communicating with your customers is crucial. This is why an automated chatbot that can be customized to respond personally and human-like is vital for any business. 

2. Automated chatbots can cater to your customers’ needs

Supplying the necessary information for your customers is an objective that can be limited to your staff. Potential customers may be reluctant in buying even taking a look at your services if they are not fed with sufficient information about your services. Also, make sure you fully meet their needs is important in gaining more feedback in the future. This is where chatbots and messenger apps come in. You can design your messenger app to automate replies that your customer asks for.

Certain chatbots have integrated key phrases or words that toggles a reply when hit. Also, catering and making them feel appreciated can be done by offering treatment such as informing them of specialized services and offers in your business. Also,  you can program your automated chatbot to initially send messages to your customers.  In this way, you’re letting them know what you’re next big sale is or what specials are there in the upcoming week.

best facebook messenger app
3. Upfront Availability for your Business

Customers are much more inclined to have a speedy reply and fast customer care. Making sure that your customers or potential customers that are searching for important notes or information are a crucial factor. When chatbots are applied to your business, locally or not, it makes it stay online 24/7. This provides your customers with a constant way to contact and gather information about your services.

Not only does this guide your customers but it also helps you manage your business. It is a known fact that some business owners, such as you, can be cramped with the workload and may fail to assess your business. With chatbots and messenger apps, you gain a notification platform that records and hold information for you to view at a later time.

Succeeding Through Efforts and Technology

Businesses are difficult to start, especially when there is competition. The enlistment of different companies for online companies can hinder yours to certain degrees. However, your business can still have a significant edge through a lot of efforts using these applications. In this way, your business has given a chance to showcase what it has and standout among others.

However, you must still consider some key points on which your business must build its foundation. Although having a successful business can have characteristics of both values and ethics, it all leads to a single objective.  Your business must be anchored to your goal of serving your customers the proper and right products on a timely basis.

1. Perception of your Business

Perceiving the goals and envision the objectives of your business is inevitably a crucial step in succeeding in business. Also knowing the strengths and weaknesses of not only your business but also your services and products convey a stronger advantage in the long run. You can limit, approach different lines of opportunities when you take perception in the front lines of your business.

Also, combining technology with your business can digitize and empower your market and increase sales. What’s more, this increase can lead to more traffic to your business as well. However, most business owners may neglect the perception of their business as their company blooms. This can degrade any business in the future.

2. The strategy of your business

Next is the strategy wherein your business resides. Knowing the strengths is one thing; however, knowing how to apply it in the market takes tremendous effort. Analyzing the market, your competitors, and strategizing to maintain your customers is vital for your business. When you fail at this point, you and your business can incur a lot of losses and may be subjected to closing.

However, knowing the market condition through automation can greatly increase your sales. An effective strategy doesn’t have to comprise of several pages of documentation. All you have to think of is a single page strategy that contains effectivity, resource, and time. These three components save you effort and gain your market.

3. Training in your Business

Everything in your Business is and will be in constant change. This is why training becomes an essential part of your business strategy. Not only will it help your business attain a better ground in competition but also assist your employees in utilizing modern technology. A lot of successful businesses are moving continuously to spend efforts and time in investing in training. However, to make this training be valuable for your business, you must accomplish a link between training and your business strategy.

4. Technology
best facebook messenger app

Investing in the newest and trusted software that can aid your business is indeed practical. Technology in this modern era wherein everything is digitized plays a huge role in business. The course of technology has differentiated the advantages and disadvantages of business. With the automation of AI and the quick response in assisting software, businesses that incorporate technology are becoming more prevalent.


With the things discussed above, do you still doubt the power of Facebook Messenger and chatbots combined together? They are too powerful to the extent that they can easily control the minds of people you’re targeting with your business. Therefore, investing a lot in this technology won’t really be a waste of money. In the patient revolution of time, all your investment will be surely paid off. So if you want to start now, you can reach out to Hero Bot right away. We are composed of trained and experienced experts who can help you with this matter. All you have to do is to go online and visit https://herobot.app/.

18 Best Bot Platform You Can Use for a Successful Business

bot platform

As time goes by, the world is evolving with better and more advanced technologies. This then results in more convenient solutions for our daily tasks. Also, as we work smarter with new innovative tools, our labor needs and costs are dramatically decreased. No matter how negative others may think of this, it is undeniable how science has helped us live with ease. So in that matter, one of the latest emerging inventions that are proved to help many people is a chatbot. Building a bot shouldn’t be difficult. In this article, you will have the knowledge to help you select the best bot platform to build your chatbot. Make sure you read until the end, as we have saved the best for the last.

bot platform

Bots are an autonomous program on a network or computer. They are used for communicating and acting with computer systems or users like how human servers are expected to behave. Also, they are commonly used for businesses online. However, finding and creating the right artificial intelligence that is most applicable to your page is not an easy task. This is why there are numerous variations of Bot Platforms that can help you with this.

Here are the list of the best Bot Platforms and their functions:

1. IBM Watson Assistant

In terms of conversation services, IBM Watson Assistant is proved to be one of the best choices in bot platforms for most businesses. It was able to comprehend two languages, English and Japanese, unlike any other bots. Also, it is a built-in neural network which interprets, analyzes, and understands dialogues and entities. Additionally, IBM Watson is flexible and allows you to deploy various solutions and provides different developer tools. It also offers choices of free, standard, and premium plans, depending on your budget and needs.

2. Landbot.io

Landbot helps users in creating personalized conversational chatbot systems. In addition, it gives a more intimate and special interaction with prospective customers. Also, it provides an easier and convenient way of creating and developing conversational bot flows. There are also options on how you are going to publish your bot in different forms in different channels.

3. Wit.ai

Of over 200,000 users, most developers find Wit.Ai to be the most trusted bot platform. It is appropriate in using entities, contexts, intents, and actions. You can also use either text or voice bots on mobiles and home automation. In addition, its system learns human language from collecting information on different interactions of its users and is used across other developers. Moreover, Wit.Ai have bots that can understand 50 languages.

4. Aivo

Aivo is an artificial intelligence that integrates human empathy and human-like dialogues to build more friendly and useful conversations. It is also most useful in costumer services, increased sales of companies and for a hassle-free billing process for the costumers. Additionally, this Agentbot can adapt to the rules of the channels you are going to use to avoid any bugs and complications. It supports English, Spanish, and also Portuguese languages. Moreover, the platform has a memory for long conversations from gathering information and applying it on building solutions for issues. Also, this easily integrates with third-party platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, Live, and others.

5. Api.AI Bot Flatform

This is a platform for bots, applications, services, and devices. Api.ai uses intent-based solutions based on the information contained in the conversation. It depends on the examples, entities used, parameters, annotations, and contexts contained in the dialogues. Subsequently, it transforms any queries into actionable data and returns as output data. Moreover, Api.Ai can support 14 languages that can be useful to your business’ international transactions.

6. Botsify

Encoding is hard, especially for those with limited to no knowledge about computer programming. But with Botsify, you will not need any of this. Specifically used for Messengers, slack or other website chatbots, Botsify lets you collect user data in forms. Depending on how you like it, you can either use questions or direct information like emails, address, phone numbers, and location. Also, this features a way of transferring queries to human servers whenever artificial intelligence has problems.

7. Semantic Machines

Semantic Machines develops new, language-independent technology that can be used beyond understanding commands and conversations. It also includes a conversation engine, speech synthesis, reinforcement learning, speech recognition, and language generation (NLG) technology. In addition, this engine picks up semantic intents from the dialogue, may it be on text or voice form. It then transforms the queries into a solution that will answer the needs of the costumers.

bot platform
8. Digital Genius

This bot platform enables customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes, and excellent customer services. It also features two ways of developing dialogues: autopilot and co-pilot. The former helps agents in dealing with repetitive lower-level conversations and lowers the cost of customer service operations. Meanwhile, co-pilot predicts the best possible answer for automation purposes, where human-learning and machine integration are combined.

9. Pypestream

With its more than 500 business users, Pypestream is proved to be the best for the commercial world. With its Smart Messaging Platform, its framework is used for natural language processing and keyword parsing. Moreover, its open and flexible API platform customs integrations and development of third party connectors and plugins.

10. Chatfuel

On creating chatbots for Facebook and Messengers, Chatfuel is the best suitable choice. Moreover, it automatically provides answers to comments and questions commonly asked by projected customers and prospects. However, if there are complications and the bot cannot answer a certain query, the dialogue will be transferred to human servers. This allows the business to provide more appropriate and direct answers to the costumers.

11. Mobile Monkey

Facebook Marketing is a trending and useful way of developing commerce into our modern generation. This is why creating chatbots that will enhance this method will surely help boot that popularity and sales of the company. With Mobile Monkey, creating useful and efficient conversations on Facebook is achievable. It is used in managing a number of lead generation activities such as chat blasts, drip campaigns, and list building. It has an automatic customer service that generates frequently asked questions into best suitable solutions.

12. ManyChat

Maintaining old patrons is essential, but having new prospected costumers is crucial in running a business. This is why ManyChat thought of a way to welcome new users by sending them contents, schedule posts, set up keyword auto-responses, and much more. By doing this, new customers will find your customer service to be more friendly and reliable. This is also an efficient cost because it is offered for free.

13. PandoraBots

Communication is always the key to good transactions; may it be in building relationships or customer interactions. With PandoraBots, communicating with local and international customers is made easier with its multilingual feature. It also allows you to incorporate a bot hosting service and natural language processing engine into your application. Moreover, you can easily build and deploy chatbots on your website, applications, and other popular messaging platforms by enabling two-way communication scale.

14. Chatscript

Winning the Loebner’s Award four times already, you can already see how Chatscript is one of the best Bot Platform there is. It is a rule-based engine which makes conversations more efficient and straight to the point. Also, this engine offers many features like pattern matching aimed at detecting meaning and simple rule layout. Moreover, it has integrated tools that can maintain and test large systems.

15. Reply.Ai

This is one of the best enterprise-level bot-building and management platforms. Its visual bot builder makes it easier to build bots as it enables useful two-way communication at scale. Moreover, its dashboard has built-in CRM, machine learning, and real-time insights. It helps in creating smarter and faster bots. Customer service is noted to be better with this engine.

16. Meya.AI

Running a business is the best experience with easier assistance in messaging costumers and creating support applications. With Meya.AI, building bots is like raising a child that you can train, host, and scale its abilities and communication skills. It also allows for easier integration with third-party platforms.

17. Boost.Ai
bot platform

This engine helps enterprises in building their personalized chatbots that they can use in specific actions. Boost Ai provides quicker support to costumers for a faster transaction. Moreover, this is possible by providing the best solutions that they have gathered and analyzed through ordinary conversations and frequently asked questions.

HeroBot as your best chatbot platform

If you are looking for a bot platform that will provide you with accessible and easy-to-build bots, HeroBot is the one for you. It will surely help you run and expand your business through Facebook Messenger Bot for drip campaigns, lead generations, sales, and support. It can also minimize your labor by automated communication and growth tools that are helpful for any industries. Scheduling, posting, tagging, and discovering is also easier with these chatbot creations.

The world is continuously growing and developing with technologies used in our everyday lives. Moreover, it is only natural for entrepreneurs to align their mode of business with the norm. This is why bots are developed and are now being used by numerous companies. Bots do not only increase the efficiency of their business but also the cost of labor. However, how do you know that you have entrusted your business in the hands of the right bot platform?

In this matter, you will need to be with the most trustworthy and efficient bot platform that will not lead your business to bankruptcy. With HeroBot, we are sure to give you the best bot experience. Visit our website for more information.

Travel Chatbot App: Your Destination Awaits

chatbot app

Traveling seems like one joyride towards captured memories and stored happiness. But it takes a complete process for you to be able to set your foot on your desired location. You need time and effort to organize your flight bookings to take in a great placement. Since it’s the 21st century, the transaction goes hand on hand electronically with chatbot app.

Heave-ho! A chatbot app will be your saving grace to a system of hassles. These types of apps make you feel at ease for they can attend your traveling concerns.  Conversations over this kind of app will allow you to have traveling inquiries. Basically, online travel agencies attend to their online prospects and treat them with digital hospitality. The world of chatbot enters the traveling industry as well, so it is now easily accessible for travelers to connect with their concerns.

Moreover, Conversing digitally with your inquisition about booking your journey with an impact from the chatbot applications is “digimazing.” The utilization of chatbot applications is pivotal gaming in the digital commerce industry that showcases an excellent interactive phasing and convenience. It is interactive because it quickly responds to the appraisal of the customers. While it is convenient to the part of a dependent with an all in one package of deals and services that is satisfying with their proceedings.

Chatbot in E-Commerce

E-Commerce is one of the gigantic industries on this day and age, creating an expansive internet job for techno-savvy people. A chatbot app offers great help on businesses to attain the supreme state of communication of their beloved customers. After all, traveling is really fun, isn’t it? You’ll be going to witness the overwhelming view of some places, and even collect memories of what’s happening at the moment. If you think booking of your flight schedule or travel schedule is hard, well, worry no more!

Integration of A.I. in chatbot app

Using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in undertaking the deemed of the users makes it a rapid-fire productive communication for the interested recipients. Chatbots are being run by the A.I.’s that can also be used promotional matters, online interaction (communication), and as a tactical ally on social media.

Furthermore, with AI’s birth, it’s quite a handful combined with advanced technology machines – micro and macro gadgets. Aligned to this is the time of executing your traveling plan as soon as possible, your vacation has a time limit into it. It is the moment when travel chatbot A.I.’s needs to step in, they can be your online friend in delivering effective communication.

Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service is, of course, should be prioritized, most especially the customers who want to have a vacation in an already fixed timeline. Vacations may depend on the possible errands or work, attending school schedules, so it’s quite dependent on time. Reservations can be easily handled using chatbot apps they can provide you with a highly productive competence. The said trend is not a joke! – it barely is. Send your requests, and they can answer you back with no hesitation.

The personalization or building a solid relationship with your customers is also a must. A.I.’s can make you satisfied and stay for you to come back with what they can offer. Also, chatbots can make an evasion to the 3rd party outsourcing, for business it is highly cost effective. The A.I.’s is active and visible on social media applications such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram that has a large number of users to be reached. Chatting is one of the most favorite activities on social media, and it is convenient for easy access.

During chat performance between the Artificial Intelligence (A.l) and a customer, it can direct you to links and registrations. Chatbot apps are helpfully vital, well, you can be assured that they are automatically responding on certain acquisitions. Meanwhile, they can’t solve complicated problems that you’ll send in. It is monopolized to initiate a response and be a digital representative for that task. A certain travel agency is accommodating you through a travel chatbot application empowered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Now, let’s take an excavation on the advantages of considering travel chatbots in to account. Delve in as you may leave your agreement on the notable statements beyond this exploration of good words.

Expedition on the advantages

chatbot app
1. A Breezy Reservation Agent

Basically, they are acting as a travel agent but not having a personal interaction with the customers. With just the work of your fingers chatting with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) they can book your travels on the spot. They can productively take in your preferences or package choices in line with your travel plans. Thinking of hotel reservations is sometimes a scratch in the head; with just an instant, they can help you in reservation processes. With this, you’ll have no worry if you have nothing to stay during your vacation or even places to land in as your trip goes on.

2. Can be an easy online payment center

With an online travel agent, you’ll be at ease too if you are worried about how to pay. The A.I.’s will do its tasks by sending you payment forms online through links, and then the transaction will start for your payment. The travel chatbot apps will lead you to easy access regarding financial transactions. Given as an example, they can give you instructions through Facebook Messenger, and that will direct you to forms of payment exchanges. There are different ways from various travel chatbot apps you’ll just have to attend your interaction on it thoroughly.

3. A portal-like world for recommendations or suggestions

If you are new in using chatbot applications specifically in traveling chatbot applications just so you know, they are tasks-flexible. They can also offer you new packages to add up in your decision on traveling. On the other hand, they can take your duty to plan for your travel or trips. The travel chatbot application can make you choose on the recent and latest recommendations on where to and what to choose as a tour package and deals. They can also suggest places, hotels, and restaurants to visit while you’ll do your vacation schedules.

4. Acts as a customer service representative

Inquiries can be a hectic corner to answer for a travel agency because their customers are heterogeneous – a lot to give responses. Servicing the customers to the fullest effort is truly commendable, but now the conversations are also done electronically. Chatbot applications are also capable of taking care of their customers. They can meet your problems and gives a solution to the best that they can. They are also aiding the question marks to be shaded as black as a sign of effective communication.

5. Time savior

If you have a lot of schedules to do and cannot go personally in a travel agency then you are advised to use a travel chatbot app. Keep the hassles away from you and inquire to the A.I.s of a chatbot with their rapid performance. In just a couple of clicks on your own gadgets then you can settle your travel plans easily. You can reserve the exhaustion for reservation and bookings that can be done by the effort of online travel chatbot applications. Time is precious, so don’t let it waste away by spending too much time fulfilling the progress for journey applications.

6. An excellent data and record caster

Encountered some problems within your application or registration can take away your trust to an agency. Chatbots, as empowered digitally, can restore certain memories from your previous conversations. Also, they can manage it for business purposes or some problems encountered throughout the sign-up process for travel. As it is stated they can retrieve data from the communication between A.I.’s and the customers. It can be useful for the queries if there are some regards regarding the online process that have done.

7. All around competitive performance (from flight to walk trips)

Airport booking for flights, hotel room reservations, restaurants to eat, with easy access, it is good in one go. They are one for a competitive package that is swiftly attended. With taps, it will go all the way towards the airport – booked for travel. Hotel Reservations they have a lot of hotel offers, and you can choose from your chosen quality. The nearest restaurants that you can walk in from, they will manage to suggest you the best of the best. It is competitive to it’s finest as far as you know because they will cater you a fast yet excellent service.

chatbot app

Your journey starts here! Try a travel chatbot app!

A lot of people want to wander around with fluid access online. If you own a travel and tours agency, it might be ideal to integrate a chatbot app with your business. Or you can even create a Facebook page and let a chatbot handle your customer services. Don’t know where to start? Well, here’s Herobot that will help you all throughout your chatbot venture. We offer the best and reliable chatbot services that will make you up for more from us. Let start now! Together, we’ll bring your business to another level. You can visit our website through this link.

The Real Reason why Facebook Engagement for Businesses Declined

Facebook engagement

For the recent past years, almost all of the business owners have depended on Facebook engagement to drive their businesses for excellent customer engagement. Facebook provides ease in reaching out to several users out there. And because of this, Facebook has entered the business world like a magic wand, an instrument that assists business owners and even publishers in skyrocketing to success.

However, recent statistics have shown that this magic wand is not as powerful as it was before when it comes to customer engagement. The truth is that the figures have fallen significantly. The average amount of engagement drops down from 340 to 264, within just the first half of the year 2017.

As of for last year until earlier of this year, the biggest challenge for all business marketers is:

“How can we be able to capture more Facebook engagement for our business?”

In this article, we look forward to assisting you to see the answers with the information we gathered based on several studies made.

We will dive a little deeper into the flagship of all social networks: Facebook. Therefore, we shall see what intuitions we could acquire to assist businesses in attaining good impressions, most especially yours.

Plummet in Facebook Engagement

If you are using Facebook incorrectly, your magic wand has more likely become like an ordinary stick.

Yes, the magic is fading.

How, you ask?

Steve Rayson, the director of BuzzSumo, has analyzed and gathered data over 880 million posts added by publishers and businesses on Facebook for the year of 2017.

In the said study, Rayson has discovered that the average amount of Facebook engagement (likes and shares) that are associated with targeted content has dropped over 20% since January of 2017 alone. Moreover, certain types of content are dropping harder than others.

Factors of declining Facebook engagement

Facebook engagement

The reasons behind the Facebook engagement are debatable. Others may assume that business publishers are spending less on promotions like these, but the truth is the turnaround is actually true.

Facebook engagement marketing strategy key focuses on offering value. According to Mari Smith, a goal should teach the audience something useful, relates to them, and finds the same activities and hobbies where you are an expert, and can do it in a very enjoyable way.

New potential connections through Facebook aren’t coming as frequently as before in the last few years, and because of engagement lacking, paid promotions aren’t properly rewarded. According to research, within 42 to 52 percent, organic feedbacks were declined.

More reasons…

On one statistical data report, feeds averagely hold 1,500 different stories, and the available content on Facebook is also soaring in numbers.

An algorithm that affects the contents of what was displayed for users was also adjusted by Facebook.

The truth is, the Chicago Tribune also encounters trouble in expanding its Facebook reach with the readers. They claimed that algorithm changes were the cause of their one-third posts not surfacing.

If one publisher gets more engagement in his Facebook posts, then you will be highly favored by the algorithm, and results will increase your reach. Increasing your engagement also means that you can spend fewer ad dollars to reach all your audience.

It is important to think why your engagement in Facebook is declined; one of many factors is because of the increased competition in the platform, Facebook algorithm, and new set quality bar.

Users appreciate and feel grateful, and expect a higher standard in a company’s content when you have a unique customer engagement. Even if you post only one content every day or every week, you can reach you’re desired targeted engagements and impressions when you make high-quality content.

Even with many competitors on Facebook, if you try harder and do better, you can achieve your goals, and in time, your content will boom in popularity.

Major Refusal in Facebook Engagement

Not so long ago, image and link posts became the core foundation for Facebook success in the field of visual content marketing. People were more engaged to learn and click on Facebook with a wide variety of topics because; images were shown often fiction and drew the attention of viewers.

Today, links and photos aren’t drawing much attention; ranking from the fastest, images are on the top of the losing ground.

The fact that the Facebook engagement algorithm has an effect on the kind of content shown, it is considered partly responsible for the declines observed since January. On the other hand, average engagements in July and August 2016 are 480 shifting to 340 from April to June 2017. This could indicate that there is more going on to the problems they are facing.

Unicorn Ruler: Video

In contrast with the other forms, video contents are soaring high. Video posts highly increased up to 10 percent comparing to other areas that attempt to publish and was declined.

The average numbers of Facebook engagement with videos are also remarkably higher compare to other categories. Last May 2017, its lowest point was recorded but still manages to reach 525 engagements.

It isn’t really a surprise, though. Facebook has put a lot of effort into improving its videos, and plans perfectly their marketing strategy to become more efficient and provides user’s desires and necessity. This includes the birth of Facebook Live video feeds, where users are really happy with it.

According to BuzzSumo, brands and publishers mostly don’t use video as much as they could because at present it only represents 10 percent of the 880 million total posts.

Graphics on most viral Facebook post highlights the power of videos on social media, out of the top twenty posts, seventeen features this format.

Music videos are being featured frequently, including emotional, inspirational, and cute animal videos. Hack videos about practical and food-related content are also in the first entries on the list.

Fail to notice the importance of video options is like avoiding and ignoring a magical wand standing and waiting in the center of a beautiful room. In this case scenario, this magical wand is considered as the key to success.

Stern Rivalry

The birth of Facebook and other social media sites, in general, led to brands and publishers feel like they were pioneers in this field of marketing – customer engagement. While only a few decided to jump on this risk at the beginning of its popularity, the primary platform was already prepared for its first takers.

Facebook as a means of standard practice is the same as using a donkey to reach the top of the Grand Canyon; apparently, everybody is doing it.

Plus, the increase in paid Facebook advertisements made people newsfeeds busy.

What does it mean? This means that your natural connections on Facebook are getting pushed around in the user’s newsfeed; also these posts may get to the bottom due to the great volume of posts that are being offered to a person.

Maybe, the paid ads were the answer, but maybe it’s the other way around. As previously stated, this is one strategy that brands (such as Facebook fake sites and pages) are using; you can say that you’re contending for partial ad space.

Insights of Facebook Ads Users

Moreover, a user doesn’t always feel happy about seeing the ads.

A recent study shows that 15.3 percent of correspondents didn’t notice there were ads in there, 38.5 percent of users were “indifferent” about the presence of ads but; a full of 30.2 percent found them as “irrelevant and annoying.”

Survey facts were presented in a positive approach. Twenty-six (26) percent of those people who clicked ads really did make a purchase. On the other hand, the uninterested and irritated users are worth paying attention too, seeing its statistical numbers; it may not be a good course to achieve more Facebook engagement numbers.

Developing Engagements

The first and major step to boost the level of Facebook engagement is to take a leap on the latest ride in a magical horse video.

Videos are getting a lot of heavy action on Facebook; the key is to become friendly with the type of content.

If not, you have to make sure that your content provides your users with clear values. Better be sure that the heading of your content can draw people in. Through this, you can expect more Facebook clicks, reach, impressions, and engagements.

Nowadays, if you want to have a positive impression and make users engaged in your platform you have to work your way harder and with passion; because Facebook today is packed with posts from different brands and publishers

Days of safe ship sailing are gone. You better established good images and links to secure your title. People opinionated posts can have a big impact on social media, especially if they can speak the thoughts they have in mind.

Take your time and have a good ride.