virtual talk ai chatbot

Virtual Talk AI Chatbot– An Amazing Invention For Virtual Communication

virtual talk ai chatbot

Communication is vital to everyone’s daily life, as it makes the world go round. Basically, it’s the grandest way of information exchange between people and other living things. But going more to it, communication acts beyond what most people know. The constant flow of communication fuels up the world for a brighter perspective for everyone. It converges people, reconciles disputes, and even brings the whole nation together. That is why people are now getting hooked with virtual talk AI chatbot.

The exchange of information started only from basic methods and processes. Before, people were just talking personally or via snail mail. It was quite inconvenient for many, that’s why; brilliant developers invented devices like mobile phones and the computer to make life much easier for everyone. Good Lord, these devices have been a good companion to all, regardless of their purpose, even up to this date. They were just improved more to reach a certain level of convenience for everyone when it comes to communication. Today, there’s a lot more enhancement that you might not know about yet regarding this essential human matter. Do you believe that messages can now be transferred around an imaginary avenue called the internet and reach all the people geographically? Well, you should. Virtual talk AI chatbot can prove it to you. Let’s get to it and find out why.

Learn More About Virtual Communication

If you’re enjoying digital life to the extent that you can actually talk to your loved ones overseas with the help of the internet and a device, give thanks to the advent of virtual communication. Generally, this form of advanced communication method pertains to a specific type of technology that allows people to talk conveniently, even without the presence of physical interaction. Virtual communication provides real-time conversation between two or a group of people where they can actually hear and see each other by the presence of a third-party device.

This particular electronic device can be in the form of a mobile phone or computer. Inputs sent by humans are collected by these devices and distributed to from the sender to the receiver in the presence of a stable internet connection. It can be possible with a simple call, plain text or chat messages, and a clear video call. Actually, this kind of communication was already hurdling in society during the late ’90s. However, the audio and video quality produced during that time were poor, unsecured, and inconvenient. It was just so recent when people had already come up with a better and much more effective alternative. It comes in many forms, but all of them are highly-functional in addressing the wide-ranging needs of everyone in the world.

For a more rounded idea, below is the list of some forms of virtual communication: 

Virtual Games

It may be in subtle ways, but leisure and recreational activities are also a type of human communication. That’s why; developers also make this mode of communication on top. They came up with a brilliant concept to bring all the exciting and enticing games into cellphones and other devices. So there’s no need to get surprised when most people today prefer to stay at home with their phones, instead of going outside to play underneath the glazing sunlight.

virtual talk ai chatbot

Online Video Chat and Conference

Since the world today has already grown too much, the demand of people for instant gratification has also become more prevalent than it is before. That’s why; casual phone call or text message is no longer appealing in today’s present time. Nowadays, online video chat and conference is where most people are looking forward to. It can be applied to personal purposes or professional necessities. If you feel you want to talk to someone over the phone, you can direct to a mobile video call. More so, if your team from different corners of the world requires having a connective company meeting, a video conference call will go ahead to rescue. At this point, it’s safe to say that this technological advancement, along with virtual talk AI chatbot , has gone far in helping people to continue their lives with a more proclaimed ease and convenience.

Digital Classroom

Believe it or not, this recent advancement has also extended even up to the educational aspect of the present society. If the student-wanna-be feels that physical presence may be too difficult for him or her to continue with his or her education, virtual communication is right there around to rescue. It can all be possible through specific software where students and teachers can actively interact with the daily discussion, examination, quizzes, etc. More so, this virtual talk AI chatbot can also cater to the necessities of every student to expose to the knowledge and apply it to them while going through their everyday life. Basically, this set- up can be successfully possible with the use of scanners, web cameras, and a stable and fluid internet connection.

Portable Environment

The main course of virtual communication is perhaps setting a new environment where people can actively interact with each other without being compromised by distance and unwanted circumstances. This can all happen as long as the potential users have enough interest and willingness to get the devices needed, which include mobile phones, computers, and the internet. These three kinds of stuff are the fundamental necessities that each people must bring with them if they wish to survive the world today. Just a friendly reminder, the world today includes a different and new dimension with virtual talk AI chatbot . And therefore, living your life in a specific way where you grow accustomed to may no longer effective anymore.

Virtual Talk AI Chatbot as your Virtual Communication

Take note of this, virtual communication can’t be so successful without the presence of third party technology. It can be in various types like software or a physical device. But one name that rocks the digital world today is virtual talk AI chatbot.

Virtual talk AI chatbot is a new and free mobile application that is almost similar to other social networking software. It allows people to talk to whoever they want to. Hence, the four main key points discussed above regarding virtual communication is bundled inside this particular chatbot application.

Here are the best features of virtual talk AI chatbot that can make sharpen your communication necessities: 
  1. You can have a good conversation with some virtual characters. 
  2. You, yourself, can set up your desired name and photo for these virtual characters. 
  3. If there is something you wish to add or improve in their vocabulary, you can teach them directly without too much hassle. Virtual talk AI chatbot is one of the smartest artificial intelligence ever invented. 
  4. Conversing with various people within the chatroom is now possible. 
  5. You can also send some personal messages to some people you may know with virtual talk AI chatbot . 
  6. Anyone can receive some unexpected messages from strangers. 
  7. If you feel that there’s something you want to share with your followers, you can instantly post some inspiring quotes or beautiful images. 

Benefits of Virtual Communication Software like Virtual Talk AI Chatbot

Aside from messaging, calls, and other social network services, there are still a lot more with virtual communication software. More than you can imagine, there’s still a lot more to it. Virtual talk AI chatbot has already gone far in everyone’s lives and helps them in simple ways they are not aware of.

Listed below are the known advantages of trying out some beneficial virtual communication:

It offers maximum convenience.

Why do you still need to go out to talk to someone if you can do it indoor using your phone? Less hassle. Less trouble. All you need to do is get your phone or laptop, set up an account in virtual talk AI chatbot, download the app, and done. You can boundlessly talk to people you want to using a mobile phone and this software.

It helps you save time and money.

Since there’s no need to go faraway places just to settle the businesses, you can absolutely save time and money. All you need to have is a well-working mobile phone and a stable internet connection to make virtual talk AI chatbot work.

It serves an immediate response.

It can’t be denied that everyone in this world is now living in a very fast-paced environment. There’s no time for turtle-moving transactions between people and businesses. That’s why; the advent of virtual talk AI chatbot software really comes of the greatest help to everyone. It provides instant response to everyone and keeps all the transactions go smoothly than ever expected.

Wrapping Up

Communication— whether it’s virtual or physical— this is something that every individual living in this digital world must never disregard in every option possible. It maintains the daily operation of the people in great harmony. Once this particular aspect gets out of the scene, the world would surely turn down and crumpled. So while you still have the means, never compromise what you have on your hands. As much as possible, use all the virtual resources laid in front of you. Interested? Get some more from Herobot— the best partner where you can turn to with regards to virtual talk AI chatbot. Visit us at for more information.

online chatbot

Online Chatbot Buttons: A Way to Enhance your Bot

This digital age aims for one thing: to make everything easier and more accessible for everyone. This is the reason why almost every gadget and appliance has buttons that you just need to click to do a certain task. Meanwhile, the online community adopted this to make shortcuts in particular transactions or web pages. However, how important are buttons in the online chatbot?

bot buttons

Buttons are available everywhere in the digital community. Whether you are using a website or browsing an online shop, you use buttons to do a task. Moreover, clickable elements are helping users to make everything faster. Now, the online chatbot also contains actionable buttons that business pages are using for their conversion growth. However, even though almost every online chatbot has buttons available, they differ as they appeal to different reactions. 

Now, if you succeed in creating online chatbot buttons, you will surely experience the most of user engagements. An increase in the engagement will signal an increase in business conversion, thus resulting in sales development.

What is online chatbot buttons

An online chatbot needs to have buttons. These are designed to be clickable elements that can be sent to a user. This helps customers in sending replies because they will not need to formulate sentences stating their concerns anymore. Instead, they are given options that they only need to click so that they can proceed through the conversation. This makes the transactions faster and easier for the bot to understand. Moreover, most mobile users find this more convenient and prefer this than the traditional way of conversing with a bot.

Furthermore, most people use various applications available on their phones simultaneously. Rather than waiting for something to load, they prefer to do other things that they can dedicate the extra time. Moreover, almost all people can be distracted by messenger applications and other types of notifications. Due to their limited time for different tasks, developers thought to make conversations more convenient and easily accessible. This is by using clickable buttons that will complete the tasks that customers intend to do.

With buttons, an online chatbot can become a window to different parts of the internet. It is because you can do various actions such as opening new pages, having an option from a menu, or even dial a number. It answers the needs of the new generation in terms of multi-tasking. Moreover, buttons make the conversation of users to online chatbot more dynamic and interactive.

Furthermore, they are also able to narrow down discussions and allow you to control the conversational flow with the bot. As we can see, it is not enough that the natural language processing of an AI is getting better. Businesses need a foolproof device and actionable buttons that can easily control possible scenarios on conversations.

Importance of online chatbot buttons

As we know, an online chatbot is highly in demand in different industries of the digital world. May it be on business or just for entertainment, people are dying to get their version of AI that can enhance their website or social media pages. However, rather than complicating the development of a conversational flow of a bot, people opt for a more natural route.

Buttons are now being used by many developers to make their online chatbot more user-friendly. These clickable functions are sent to users during conversations to give them ready-made options rather than letting them type their concerns. Moreover, these buttons are commands for specific actions. Also, other controls are real-timer access, which leads to another page where visitors can proceed with their transactions. These things add to other things that a bot can do to help businesses build audience interaction.

Also, online chatbot buttons act as the guide of new users who is not very knowledgeable about the bot and its functions. It can help in sustaining a conversation and monitor the way a user interacts with the AI. Moreover, this affects the responsiveness of customers with the page as it affects their mentality of clicking buttons provided.

bot buttons

Tips on creating chatbot buttons

Although it is effortless to use and navigate, many people are still struggling with how they can create an active online chatbot button. Just thinking of possible conversational flow and how you can attach these clickable options without making it look bland and pushy. If you are interested in using buttons for your bot, then here are some tips that you can follow.

Make words as brief as short as possible

Nowadays, people tend to have too much on their plate, which is why they want things as simplified as possible. This is also the reason behind the fame of online chatbot. They are now commonly used to answer frequently asked questions without spending too much time waiting for a response. Remember that when customers see long sentences, they tend to lose interest in the conversation because reading those costs too much time.

Meanwhile, to make transactions more brief and accessible, you should take note that your conversational flow should not consist of lots of paragraphs. As much as possible, make sure that the conversational flow is made up of 1 to 10 words per sentence only. Furthermore, this tip should also be applied to clickable buttons. Make sure that they are easy to read and will not confuse users. This will surely increase customer engagement with your bot.

Avoid using “yes” or “no” buttons

Usually, people will think that having yes” or “no” buttons are staples on creating a bot. However, these are things that you should avoid when you are making an online chatbot. Polar questions tend to make people feel like you are not giving them enough options and can make you seem pushy. These are not called closed questions for anything.

Also, when you are making polar questions, yes-or-no buttons fail to explain and elaborate on the functions that a person is going to proceed to. Rather than doing this, create buttons indicating the action it is for. This could also help businesses by getting more positive reviews. When you are asking a person about her satisfaction with your services, it is better to give them more options for an answer.

Make your buttons simpler

If you know anything in marketing, then you might already know this one. If you are making a bot, make sure that it has a friendly nature. Rather than giving it sophisticated features, please make it as casual as you can. People tend to be more comfortable engaging with someone that is at the same status than her. This is because if your online chatbot seems too professional, it is easy to get intimidated with it.

To give your online chatbot a lighter feel, avoid using jargon as well as complicated terms. Instead, opt for simplified synonyms of your sentence. If your chat buttons are not easy to understand, customers can lose interest and leave without proceeding to available transactions. If you are successful in doing this, then you are doing well in your task.

Use visuals on your buttons

There are times when words are just not enough. If you are planning on making an online chatbot button, make sure that it is easy to understand. Remember that this will be the window of your customers towards a specific response or action. Moreover, it is essential to put visuals in your buttons so that it will be more pleasing to look at. Try using emoji to make the intentions of a button clearer. Keep in mind that you should make conversations with customers as engaging as possible. Putting images aside from emoji is also helpful in driving attraction from your customers.

Limit the options you offer

Before, I warned you about giving closed options to your customers. However, you must also remember than everything that is too much can be problematic. This is why you must limit your options but not to the point that customers will feel like they are trapped within “yes” or “no” options. Remember that people say that buttons work best if you are going to offer them in just a small number.

online chatbot

Moreover, if you are going to create buttons for your online chatbot, make sure that you are only going to develop 3-5 options for your customer. This is so that you will not need to make more complicated commands. This also helps in making marketing analysis.

Have the best buttons with Herobot!

Buttons are significant in making an online chatbot. This helps the life of customers more manageable and make transactions faster. Also, developers are given fewer reasons to create more complicated conversation flows. Moreover, buttons can have various functions that can help your customers have more engagement with your page and your bot.

Now, if you are looking for a way to create an online chatbot with the best clickable buttons, Herobot is the one for you. Herobot offers various services to help you create bots without any hassle. It is very accessible due to its drag-and-drop feature and offers numerous templates that can guide you easier. Visit our website to learn more.

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Robot Chat: Revolutionizing the Art Industry with AI

robot chat

For so many years, artists and artworks are often neglected despite their importance. However, the situation has changed these days. People now understand the beauty of art and how it is essential to living. For this reason, there are a large number of new artists that are arising. Moreover, people are also now eager to buy artworks regardless of the fame of the creator. What is more interesting about robot chat innovations is how it helps the art industry in various ways.

The birth of robot chat has changed the industry of marketing for many reasons. However, the year of 2019 is the signal of bot utilization in different sectors of businesses. Today, AI is even used in entertainment, games, and also for medical purposes. Meanwhile, the art industry is now using a chatbot for marketing and customer engagement. There are even numerous advances made to make proper use of artificial intelligence and help local artists.

Functions of robot chat in the art industry

Many artists, especially those who are only new to the industry, are known for doing a lot of things that a team should all by themselves. However, this causes them to face numerous problems regarding the transactions and even on getting new clients. However, robot chat is nowhere to help them in management and other activities such as setting schedules and giving out reminders. For more information, here are some of the functions of robot chat as it helps the art industry.

Engaging in customers

As we all know, most artists are using art to communicate with others, and they prefer it rather than speaking. However, you can’t make deals without engaging with customers and contacting them. Moreover, it is not practical for hiring a person to do these things, especially when you are just starting your art business. With this in mind, robot chat is here to save artists by using their artificial intelligence to engage with customers.

Now, communicating with customers is more manageable and does not have to be hands-on. After creating your chatbot, you don’t have to put in much effort into some things. Its artificial intelligence is enough to communicate appropriately with people and store data for your references. Moreover, it has a machine learning ability that enables it to use the information it acquires from its users for future instances.

Finding artworks and artists

This one is for both the customers and the artists. Nowadays, due to a large number of emerging artists in the industry, it is hard to find one that will fit your taste. Moreover, searching on the internet or asking other people for an artist will not guarantee that you will be able to find someone that will fit you. However, the robot chat can give you a set of artists that matches your preferences.

robot chat

You only need to tell the robot chat about the details you are looking for along with the samples of artworks that you like. Right after, it will look upon the internet and find artworks that match the one that you sent it. Information about the artists will also be given to you. Moreover, if you find an artwork but you have no idea about its creator, robot chat can also help you find the artist.

Giving information

Part of art aesthetics is the interpretation of artworks, learning about its history, as well as knowing the background of the artist. Knowing this information helps viewers learn more about the piece and appreciate it better. This is why museums must-have tourist guides that can explain information regarding the artwork. However, if you are not fond of hiring uninterested guides, robot chat is the one for you.

With just one click on your robot chat app, you ask it about any information that you need regarding an artwork. Also, you can take a picture of the artwork, send it to the chatbot, and let it search on the internet. This makes it easier for art enthusiasts to understand artworks better. Moreover, for those who are taking up art courses, this is also very helpful.

Creating works of art

The services of robot chat are not only limited to customer service and answering inquiries. Because of the extensive innovation of developers to artificial intelligence and bots, they can build an AI that can create art on its own. It is done by finding photos that have the same mood and creates a feedback loop with it. Thus, it was able to make a whole new image that is both aesthetic and artsy. With this innovation, more developers are finding ways to develop artificial intelligence that will be able to change the art industry ultimately.

Famous art robot chat in the industry

This is the year where robot chat has invaded the entire digital sector, may it be on marketing or other services. Today, one of the areas that it was able to stretch its hand is in the art industry. It makes both being an artist and an art enthusiast easier. Here are some of the art robot chat that can change the art industry.

ArtFinder’s Emma

ArtFinder is a website that aims to help people on finding pieces of art for buyers to match their preferences. To extend its services, Artfinder developed a robot chat named Emma. This company uses the social media platform Twitter and enables users to communicate with it regarding their art preferences. Right after that, it will search on the entire website and match the taste of the users. Moreover, this robot chat can help creators to gain more customers quickly. This is probably why ArtFinder’s Emma is one of the best-known bots in the industry.

bot for art


If you think that only the websites and online art shops are using robot chat to extend their businesses, you are wrong. Museums are also starting to adapt to technological innovations to provide reliable services and help them improve their audience interaction. One of the museums that are using bots is the San Francisco Museum of Modern. They developed “Send Me SFMOMA,” which is an SMS chatbot and makes their art collection more approachable. Users only need to send a keyword, name, emoji, or color. Send Me SFMOMA will scan the group to provide you an image of what you are looking for.


You are mistaken if you think that the skills of robot chat are only limited to customer services. Numerous developers are already finding ways to create a bot that will be able to create a masterpiece. This is why Google has developed the art generator, which is called DeepDream. This program can utilize identical neural nets to recognize images and creates images from them. Moreover, users can send pictures to this bot, and the system will look for similar patterns. After enhancing them, DeepDream is going to repeat the process, thus creating a feedback loop.

How to create your chatbot for art

Now, you may already be interested in creating your robot chat for painting, but you have no idea where to start. However, doing this is only going to cost you creativity, which, if you are an artist, is not much.  With the right attitude, planning, and bot platform, you will surely succeed in creating a robot chat that will save you on art marketing. Here are some of the tips that you can do.

Manage your time

Time management is essential to finish the tasks that you need. Whether it be on studying or marketing, knowing your timeline is very important. Meanwhile, if you are going to create a robot chat, it is best if you set yourself a time limit while also considering your schedule on doing other things. Some people can do this on a day. However, some can finish this project within a week, depending on their plans.

Know your goals

To be successful in anything, you must first know what your goal may be. It is essential that you already have an image of the final product would be. To create a good robot chat, make sure that you do your research about the capabilities of a bot to make your ideals realistic. Also, learn more about the tools available in the market that will help you along the way.

Be open to feedback

Your users will only identify the success of your robot chat. Look for the input of real people regarding the other chatbots and take note of what they say. This will give you an idea about what the users like for a bot. Moreover, it is essential to do surveys from time to time. Also, ask your customers about their feeling about the bot. This will help you know the glitches and problems on your bot and improve the quality of your bot along the way.

bot for art

Map out the conversational flow

Building a robot chat is all about knowing how it will interact with the users and what kind of information will it disseminate. This is why you should map out the conversational flow of your bot as well as its personality. Moreover, you should know the possible questions it may encounter and understand how it will answer. Also, imagine various scenarios of conversation to make your bot more flexible than the others.

Create your robot chat on Herobot

Now that you already have an idea of how you can create a robot chat for your journey in the art industry, you will need a bot platform. Herobot is here to provide you with the most natural way of creating a chatbot that will answer your every need. Moreover, you will not need to hire other developers to do this because this can be a DIY site for bot building. You only need to drag and drop features to finish your creation. For more information, visit our website now.

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AI Chat App – The Most Outstanding Innovation of 2019

AI chat app

In traditional psychology, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs became the foundation of many human beliefs in older times. It illustrates the fundamental factors needed for people to survive. Moreover, it divides into three essential needs, which includes self-fulfillment needs, psychological needs, and basic needs. In modern time, the world seems to have another need that only AI chat app can suffice.

In today’s society, the principles are deemed to be reversed. As part of the digital revolution, technology influences the wants and needs of most people today. If you analyze, there are some changes on how people perceive their necessities these days. This is the main reason why they need an AI chat app. Interested? Let’s try to get through it.

Things most people demand today as part of their daily needs:

1. Immediate Response

In many ways, quick responses and actions seem to be so prevalent nowadays. As you observe, you will notice that most people expect an immediate response whenever they interact with other people. This scenario is much more visible in the customer service industry. If the customers ask something to the agent, they always demand instant answers to their questions. If the agent fails to do so, the bad service will surely affect negatively the company he is representing. This is why most companies are now relying on the AI chat app to help them in customer service.

In this era, communication has been so easy and accessible for everyone with the help of internet. Therefore, many people believe that there is no valid reason to not receive an instant response when they need something. In this matter, the AI chat app would be a fantastic helping-hand. This is especially for those who belong in the business sector. Customer service would be more efficient than the traditional.

2. Technology

With regards to the existing condition of today’s society, it can’t be denied that technology is now part of the human’s fundamental needs. If you’re going to walk around, you are most likely to see a bunch of people holding their phone. Their daily tasks tie up on various applications and features installed in their phones. Without their phone, it feels as if they have lost a limb.

Nowadays, it’s all possible to accomplish wide-ranging tasks over the phone or computer regardless of where you are. It is something that technological advancements have birthed and given to us for our convenience. The emergence of functional technologies like AI chat app has brought a significant change to the lives of everyone. They function to represent and work in the stead of humans in various fields. Most find it easier to incorporate with these bots rather than real human agents.

3. Innovation

Our modern society has made significant developments that are continuously developing. This is to answer and satiate the needs of the human world. However, as people create new innovations, their demands are also moving to the next level. The trend is changing each day because people can get bored easily with new products on the market. To succeed, the trick is that you need to create a change that will address the problems and needs of different people in the world. This also applies in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

As you go through various fields today, you would surely find traces of
AI chat app incorporating to serve various functions. Many people today have already entrusted critical operations to their particular AI technologies. Furthermore, with all the improvements and data bots were able to collect, it is not surprising how people can no longer identify chatbots from real humans. If the industry of AI continues to evolve positively, it can be tagged as one of the most successful innovations in our generation.

The AI Chat App of 2019

Most of us are now enjoying a care-free life under the presence of artificial intelligence. This is why we should start thanking brilliant developers who formulated the most innovative chat apps today. These AI chat app is also helping numerous companies in improving the popularity of their brand and boosting their profits. As they interact with customers regarding their concerns, they were able to advertise the company.

With these applications, not only customer service but even those who have illnesses are benefiting. There are some that are being used for anxiety, insomnia, and even Alzheimer’s diseases. There are even AI chat apps that were helping in organizing stuff. Examples of these are groceries and even diet meals for the entire week. For those who are into gaming, there are also bots that will help you in many ways. They communicate and complete other tasks without spoiling your game. There are already lots of services that bots are offering and lots of people who are utilizing them to answer their needs.

As of today, the chatbot is known for being the highest-paid application in the technological market. This is why many developers are dying to create a unique AI chat app that will excel despite the big competition. They are eager to be known in the market and advertise the brand that they are representing. For other developers, they simply want to build an app that will be famous and help a large number of people. No wonder why it is possible that AI will be dominating the lives of people in the near future.

What is the perfect AI chat app for you?

There is a wide variety of AI chat apps that you can meet on the internet. There are bots that are text-based. These are best for people who despise calls and talking to people verbally. You just have to type a message, send it to the AI and you will receive an answer almost instantly. This is less stressful than waiting for a human server to have time to accommodate you. Moreover, most people prefer this kind of bot because it is more convenient and easier to use. It is also simpler to develop because it does not require any complicated tools. 

However, if you are the kind of person who cannot bother spending time to type all your messages, then the voicebots are best for you. You can talk to them casually like you are in a call with someone. Most of the time, this is being as a treatment for illnesses and are commonly called as companion bots. This AI chat app is more conveniently used by people who cannot type messages anymore. Moreover, if you are looking for something that will help you in your sleep like a therapeutic talk, then this bot is for you. As of these days, there are already numerous bots that are like this and people are embracing its hype.

With the wide variations of bots, choosing the perfect one for you is based on the personality that bots develop. There are bots that are funny while some are more informative and serious. If you are looking for something that can help you in some certain tasks, then it is better to choose a bot with a proper tone. However, if you just want to get your boredom away, there are also some with sarcastic and funny characteristics.

HeroBot: Builds the most suitable chatbot app for you

AI chat app is a worthy application that plays one of the biggest roles in modern technology—something a person can conveniently talk with. companies launch various kinds of bots each day which gives wider choices for people. Now, the question is how can you pick the right chatbot that will fit your every need?

Moreover, they very helpful and if you want to create your own, you do not need to be afraid of having difficulties with these. With different kinds of AI chat app platforms around the internet, your journey to build the best bot will just be easy. If you are looking for the best bot platform that will offer you the easiest path, then Herobot is your best choice.

Moreover, you won’t need exceptional IT skills to make a bot with us. HeroBot platform is complete with the set of tools in developing chatbot applications that can create intelligent bots. Moreover, our main focus is the satisfaction of the customers so we are also providing numerous templates that you could choose from. With a simple drag and drop, you can build your chatbot app.

Furthermore, bots made from our platform are proved to create more lead generations for companies and businesses. We also offer different kinds of tools and widgets that you can use in your chatbot. This way, your bot can be as unique as you want it to be. Also, AI-experts recommend this platform because it offers less expensive consultation. It provides infinite resources in enhancing the efficiency of the customer’s business. Herobot is going to help you in any way we can. For further details, click this link and explore the world of chatbot technology.

chatbot builder

The Value of a Good Chatbot Builder

chatbot builder

Artificial Intelligence is an essential factor in this modernized world. Everything keeps on changing and evolving – a lot of applications or technological devices are being used. However, as this modern-day keeps on growing, the business sector as well has to change and improve. This is why it is now essential for businessmen to find a good chatbot builder.

Why you need a bot builder

Every business owner wants to achieve something that will somehow keep them a step ahead than their competitors. May it be through their products, services, advertisement, or marketing strategies—everyone aims to improve. Many business owners can attest how helpful a chatbot can be to lessen their work. A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence that is used to improve a business’ when it comes to responding to customers through social media accounts or website.

Moreover, a chatbot is easy to build as long as you have enough knowledge in navigating it with the use of appropriate platforms. A chatbot builder is a platform that creates a chatbot and helps a business to make the communication between the company and customers more accessible and better. With bot platforms, chatbot will allow sending an update, reminder, provide customer service, or fulfill an order that could be a great help to a business.

Chatbot Builder Best Practices

Let us say that a salon business owner would like to level up the popularity of his/her business. A large number of potential customers will have the tendency to ask how they can make appointments with you. They will also ask about the prices and the other services your salons could offer. In this matter, a chatbot can help the salon owner on accommodating all their costumers at the same time on answering their concerns and questions.

chatbot builder

Here are some of the best practices on chatbot builder:

Make sure that you know the goal of your bot first.

If you are planning to make a bot that will be a perfect match for you and your business, then you will need to set your goal first. Knowing this is important in devising your plans and customizing the characteristic of your bot.

Moreover, it would be best if you made it a point that your goal is still in line with your industry. Write down some reasons why your business needs a bot and how you want it to function. With this practice in chatbot builder, you can also pinpoint the personality your bot will have as well as its unique features.

Take other chatbots as an example.

Meanwhile, to fully understand how a chatbot works, you should have at least tried communicating with a chatbot. Try searching for other chatbots that have high reviews and use them. Also, discover its strength or weaknesses and jot down some notes on how to improve them for better service. While at it, you can use these notes on planning to make your bot.

Here are some of the bots that you can look up to:
  • Insomnobot

This is a night owl chat which was created by Casper, a company specializing in pillows and mattresses. Insomnobots aims to give persons who have Insomnia to have someone to talk with. Moreover, the company engages with its users in a way that they will not feel like the bot is only a marketing scheme. Instead, it only brings up the product seldom. This way, the customers tend to feel more intimate and private with the bot.

In addition, Forbes has included Insomnobot in the “7+ Amazing Examples Of Online Chatbots And Virtual Digital Assistants In Practice”.

  • Woebot

Woebot is created by a psychologist named Alison Darcy to help reduce depressions by active listening and giving positive feedbacks. This is really user-friendly and even uses funny images and gifs to add more flavor to the conversation. Furthermore, attentiveness and sensitivity to its users’ emotions are highly praised by Business Insider and New York Times.

chatbot builder
  • Hipmunk

If you have experienced using travel applications, you surely have experienced mid-search freeze and only presents very few airfare options. However, everything is funnier and easier with Hipmunk. You have to tell it on when and where you are planning to travel. It will then give you plenty of accommodation and airfare options for your vacation. If you are going to use a chatbot builder, you can consider the points used by this bot developer.

  • DoNotPay

Despite the fact that it is not too conversational, it still does not fail to do its function. DoNotPay is designed to answer and educate people about simple and minor cases to save them from injustices. It balances its formal and legal tone with a colorful background and fun fonts.

Predict the possible mistakes that can happen upon using a chatbot.

It may be on understanding natural languages or their conversational skill. Set your expectations into it so that you can utilize the best solution to overcome them. It is also best to know the limitations of what services and options your chatbot can provide.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using a chatbot:

  • Bots cannot be perfectly trained to perform tasks precisely as it was mandated. This is because bots can easily misunderstand instructions from its users.
  • The knowledge of bots is limited, which causes some problems. There will be times that customers will ask for an answer or suggest some tasks which were out of the capabilities of the bot. If there is no human server that will handle these mishaps, it will be a big issue for your business.
  • Some things are impossible to be taught. Chatbots are not capable of interpreting additional features in order. This is why humans are still needed to deal with specific issues that bots cannot understand. Although you’ve done your best using a chatbot builder, your bot’s knowledge will still be limited. 

Be sure to make your chatbot more user-friendly and approachable.

Customize it in using emojis, images, and gifs that are appropriate to the conversation. It is also helpful if it can send link to your users that will direct them to a page that they can use to answer their queries.

Look for the best builder that can help most efficiently.

Make sure that you will find the right one for your taste and needs in your industry. Moreover, it is best if you know your technical capabilities and demands you can carry on.

Here are some of the chatbot builders:
  • Chatfuel

This is a chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger which makes creating bots easier for everyone. Professional skill is not important and needed in this platform. It also makes reusing and managing messages very stress-free.

  • Flow XO

You can make a bot that you can launch in other sites and messengers aside from Facebook here. Chatbot widgets are also possible in Flow XO as well as integrating them with other third parties. Moreover, you can also share your chatbot with others.

  • ChatterOn

This bot promise is one of the fastest chatbot builders in AI space to help to build bots within only five minutes. There are already some pre-built bots or templates that you could choose from. You can also customize your bot using its simple menu.

All of the AI created in ChatterOn is also pretty solid, which supports rich content. It can also include some buttons, gifs, photos, videos, and carousels. Monetizing your new bot by using contextual ads that you can get from Radbots is also possible.

  • Botsify

This is one of the most uncomplicated bot builders that will let you create your bots that you can use for your numerous websites. Unlike other platforms, Botsify offers integration features which enables you to connect with Shopify, Alexa, and WordPress. This will help you create conversion forms and allow human stand-in taking over some conversation.

  • Herobot

Meanwhile, Herobot is a platform that helps people in the business industry to market their products and connect with customers easily. You do not need to have IT skills to be able to make the best bot that will suit your taste. The absolute goal of Herobot is to make companies grow in terms of sales and fame in the industry.

Choose the best chatbot builder

There are many steps and ways that you can take to make your bot. If you are able to do each step correctly and effectively, then you will surely succeed in making the best bot you wishes to have. This will surely help your business in boosting sales and enticing more customers. However, finding the right chatbot builder is still not easy.

There are some platforms that do not suit your taste and are really complicated to use.  Moreover, most chatbot builders were not able to help you in utilizing widgets and connecting your bots to other sites. This is why Herobot is here to save you from wasting your time on creating incompetent bots from other platforms. Moreover, our chatbot builder will not cost you as much as other platforms will make you spend money on a subscription. To know more, you can visit our website and contact us.

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How To Determine if Chatbot is Intelligent?

How can we describe the Intelligence of a chatbot? How can we determine if a chatbot will appear intelligent just like in every article around the world? A chatbot is computer software that can simulate a conversation in a real-time through the website with a user. And also, these chatbots decode the user’s messages quickly and respond accordingly. Intelligent chatbot has the ability to handle any situation of a conversation with comfort. But did you know that there are two types of chatbots?

chatbot intelligent

Moreover, they are Rule-Based Chatbot and AI Based Chatbot. These two types of bots have a lot of different about their Intelligence. Rule-based chatbots, also known as decision tree bot, these bots have a well-defined set of rules for solving user queries. They cannot handle any questions outside a particular set of rules, and it is why they become predictable.

Another type of chatbot is the AI-Based Chatbot that is also known as contextual chatbots. Natural Language Processing makes them smart enough to understand the intent, context, and language of the user, all of this makes AI Chatbots lot more efficient and effective. One of these AI-powered chatbot examples is the HeroBot. HeroBot’s Chatbot is Intelligent that learns through machine learning and provide the more human touch in their conversations.

These chatbot applications are the interactions between people and services. They recognize the user’s intent and then derives with the best response. And with these kinds of technological advancement, this platform getting much bigger and better. A Person can’t perform or do his job practical if he does all the work all alone in gathering the pieces of information about their clients.

How can a chatbot’s Intelligence help a business improve customer service?

In this article, everybody could learn how chatbots Intelligence can help them improve their customer service.

1. Chatbots delivers quick response to the users.

People are easily frustrated when they receive a note that tells them that it’d take several business days before simple issues can be resolved. And sometimes they don’t even get a reply. Every customer wants an instant response to their query nowadays. Also, some of them don’t solve their issue on their own. And that is why they require assistance from a chat agent. But even a live agent takes a while before resolving the customer’s issue. And that is when they consult for a piece of advice with the chatbots.

2. Chatbots Can Help the User to Save Cost on Customer Service

Did you know that a chatbot is intelligent that they could perform a task of a numerous customer service agent? Yes, it can. Chatbots are the most cost-effective customer service solution for any brands, even in a high and low budget. You don’t have to employ many customer service agent representatives that can manage your customer’s question if you have these chatbots. Therefore, it is a win to win situation between the customer and the company itself. However, chatbots may not be capable to solve complex problems that need a serious analysis.

3. Chatbots Reduce Error of the Human Agent

Chatbots applications have access to massive information that can help them answer your customer’s questions accurately. Unlike people that can forget small details because they are too much busy doing their job. Due to many errors or mistakes, a potential customer could not be satisfied with the interactions between them. An unhappy customer will now willingly do transactions or business with the company again. But a chatbot can keep the customers happy and willing to have business with them again. With their intellect, these chatbots can determine whether the customer is happy and satisfied or not.

Voice Recognition

With the growth of the advancement of technology, chatbots intelligence is not just about having a conversation with a text dialog box. One of the chatbot’s Intelligence now is voice recognition. A voice chatbot allows the user to accomplish tasks on their devices hands-free. The main benefit to a messenger chatbot is that it has the ability to occur on multiple voice messaging platform, synchronized across devices.

There are still similarities between voice chatbots and messenger chatbots, such as they are both rely on natural language processing. Text-based chatbots understand shorthand and typos just like voice chatbots suggest word when they are unfamiliar with the word the user said. Text-based chatbots understand shorthand and typos just like voice chatbots suggest word when they are unfamiliar with the word the user said. These are the reason why chatbot is intelligent.

chatbot intelligent

Voice recognition software allows the users to input their data the technological devices using their voice. In traditional, people input data through keyboard text. But because technology is getting more advance, Programmers add up something easy to use. And now, voice recognition software is being used by a wide range of professionals, and that includes executive, reporters and many more. These professionals could use this software and present it to the people effortlessly.

However, some of this software only allow fewer words than others. Voice recognition software is useful in medical purposes. Quality of a voice sound in voice recognition depends on the quality of microphone of the devices. In the medical transcription field, voice or speech recognition is one of the new developments. Voice recognition in medical transcription field is the solution for the health provider’s documents that are needed.

HeroBot’s performance

Nowadays, Chatbot platforms are scattered all over the World Wide Web. But what are the criteria of a good and progressive chatbot platform? How to determine that chatbot is intelligent? How can they prove that they are the best platform? Herobot platform assesses the user’s needs and has technical capabilities. This platform varies regarding its AI, ML, and NPL capabilities and the technical insight to yield a successful result. Another thing to consider is that Herobot Platform is more intuitive and is more capable in accomplishing the task.

If the user needs a high chatbot functionality that requires technical programming, then Herobot chatbot platform is perfect for the user. Get successful result without the correct technical acumen. Herobot Platform allows the user to write their program code, and that means that the user can have access to advanced functionality in many cases.

HeroBot’s chatbot is intelligent and can interpret messages from the input of human users. Herobot’s chatbots have their ability to create a way that chatbots can still comprehend kinds of data unrelated to their essential functions. But Herobot is just a machine, and a machine can make mistakes and errors. But upon having technical difficulties, the developers studied more about chatbots and upgraded Herobot application. With the user-friendly interface and language proficiency, Herobot application online is now easy to access.

App security becomes more and more strict and hard to breach. When talking about the customers’ issues, Herobot’s chatbot app is too focused on the users’ queries. And lastly, this Herobot application can ensure if the user is happy and satisfied or sad and angry with their conversation. Herobot is a platform that has its potential.

Best customer service online “HeroBot”

In the era of technology, there are a lot of online applications on the internet. But some of the application are nonsense because of its simple functionality. But most of them can help people all over the world to make their daily lives more manageable than before. And Herobot is one of those applications. Upon visiting their website, the viewers would see the opening article of the chatbot’s Intelligence.

Scroll a bit more then you could see the reason why Herobot is the number 1 messenger marketing platform. And one more reason why Herobot is the highest-ranked in marketing platform is that their chatbot is intelligent. In this website, they could see all the abilities or powers of the Herobot’s chatbot application such as chat broadcast, create conversion funnel, and so much more.

chatbot intelligent

With the help of an AI, you can finish any tasks without any stress or tensions. Not to encourage laziness, but these chatbots helps make people job more comfortable and better. And Herobot chatbot’s Intelligence proves that all over the world. Building chatbots is funny and Herobot platform makes it evident to the people. Explore the world of Artificial Intelligence to acquire more significant knowledge about modern advanced technology. Programmers are now developing their biggest and brightest inventions and also competing all over the world. These developing platforms are unique in their methods or way of creating something new and far different from other developments.

So, are you now thinking of building your own chatbot? Then there’s no better platform to visit than HeroBot. Come and visit our website by clicking this link.

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18 Best Bot Platform You Can Use for a Successful Business

As time goes by, the world is evolving with better and more advanced technologies. This then results in more convenient solutions for our daily tasks. Also, as we work smarter with new innovative tools, our labor needs and costs are dramatically decreased. No matter how negative others may think of this, it is undeniable how science has helped us live with ease. So in that matter, one of the latest emerging inventions that are proved to help many people is a chatbot. Building a bot shouldn’t be difficult. In this article, you will have the knowledge to help you select the best bot platform to build your chatbot. Make sure you read until the end, as we have saved the best for the last.

bot platform

Bots are an autonomous program on a network or computer. They are used for communicating and acting with computer systems or users like how human servers are expected to behave. Also, they are commonly used for businesses online. However, finding and creating the right artificial intelligence that is most applicable to your page is not an easy task. This is why there are numerous variations of Bot Platforms that can help you with this.

Here are the list of the best Bot Platforms and their functions:

1. IBM Watson Assistant

In terms of conversation services, IBM Watson Assistant is proved to be one of the best choices in bot platforms for most businesses. It was able to comprehend two languages, English and Japanese, unlike any other bots. Also, it is a built-in neural network which interprets, analyzes, and understands dialogues and entities. Additionally, IBM Watson is flexible and allows you to deploy various solutions and provides different developer tools. It also offers choices of free, standard, and premium plans, depending on your budget and needs.


Landbot helps users in creating personalized conversational chatbot systems. In addition, it gives a more intimate and special interaction with prospective customers. Also, it provides an easier and convenient way of creating and developing conversational bot flows. There are also options on how you are going to publish your bot in different forms in different channels.


Of over 200,000 users, most developers find Wit.Ai to be the most trusted bot platform. It is appropriate in using entities, contexts, intents, and actions. You can also use either text or voice bots on mobiles and home automation. In addition, its system learns human language from collecting information on different interactions of its users and is used across other developers. Moreover, Wit.Ai have bots that can understand 50 languages.

4. Aivo

Aivo is an artificial intelligence that integrates human empathy and human-like dialogues to build more friendly and useful conversations. It is also most useful in costumer services, increased sales of companies and for a hassle-free billing process for the costumers. Additionally, this Agentbot can adapt to the rules of the channels you are going to use to avoid any bugs and complications. It supports English, Spanish, and also Portuguese languages. Moreover, the platform has a memory for long conversations from gathering information and applying it on building solutions for issues. Also, this easily integrates with third-party platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, Live, and others.

5. Api.AI Bot Flatform

This is a platform for bots, applications, services, and devices. uses intent-based solutions based on the information contained in the conversation. It depends on the examples, entities used, parameters, annotations, and contexts contained in the dialogues. Subsequently, it transforms any queries into actionable data and returns as output data. Moreover, Api.Ai can support 14 languages that can be useful to your business’ international transactions.

6. Botsify

Encoding is hard, especially for those with limited to no knowledge about computer programming. But with Botsify, you will not need any of this. Specifically used for Messengers, slack or other website chatbots, Botsify lets you collect user data in forms. Depending on how you like it, you can either use questions or direct information like emails, address, phone numbers, and location. Also, this features a way of transferring queries to human servers whenever artificial intelligence has problems.

7. Semantic Machines

Semantic Machines develops new, language-independent technology that can be used beyond understanding commands and conversations. It also includes a conversation engine, speech synthesis, reinforcement learning, speech recognition, and language generation (NLG) technology. In addition, this engine picks up semantic intents from the dialogue, may it be on text or voice form. It then transforms the queries into a solution that will answer the needs of the costumers.

bot platform
8. Digital Genius

This bot platform enables customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes, and excellent customer services. It also features two ways of developing dialogues: autopilot and co-pilot. The former helps agents in dealing with repetitive lower-level conversations and lowers the cost of customer service operations. Meanwhile, co-pilot predicts the best possible answer for automation purposes, where human-learning and machine integration are combined.

9. Pypestream

With its more than 500 business users, Pypestream is proved to be the best for the commercial world. With its Smart Messaging Platform, its framework is used for natural language processing and keyword parsing. Moreover, its open and flexible API platform customs integrations and development of third party connectors and plugins.

10. Chatfuel

On creating chatbots for Facebook and Messengers, Chatfuel is the best suitable choice. Moreover, it automatically provides answers to comments and questions commonly asked by projected customers and prospects. However, if there are complications and the bot cannot answer a certain query, the dialogue will be transferred to human servers. This allows the business to provide more appropriate and direct answers to the costumers.

11. Mobile Monkey

Facebook Marketing is a trending and useful way of developing commerce into our modern generation. This is why creating chatbots that will enhance this method will surely help boot that popularity and sales of the company. With Mobile Monkey, creating useful and efficient conversations on Facebook is achievable. It is used in managing a number of lead generation activities such as chat blasts, drip campaigns, and list building. It has an automatic customer service that generates frequently asked questions into best suitable solutions.

12. ManyChat

Maintaining old patrons is essential, but having new prospected costumers is crucial in running a business. This is why ManyChat thought of a way to welcome new users by sending them contents, schedule posts, set up keyword auto-responses, and much more. By doing this, new customers will find your customer service to be more friendly and reliable. This is also an efficient cost because it is offered for free.

13. PandoraBots

Communication is always the key to good transactions; may it be in building relationships or customer interactions. With PandoraBots, communicating with local and international customers is made easier with its multilingual feature. It also allows you to incorporate a bot hosting service and natural language processing engine into your application. Moreover, you can easily build and deploy chatbots on your website, applications, and other popular messaging platforms by enabling two-way communication scale.

14. Chatscript

Winning the Loebner’s Award four times already, you can already see how Chatscript is one of the best Bot Platform there is. It is a rule-based engine which makes conversations more efficient and straight to the point. Also, this engine offers many features like pattern matching aimed at detecting meaning and simple rule layout. Moreover, it has integrated tools that can maintain and test large systems.

15. Reply.Ai

This is one of the best enterprise-level bot-building and management platforms. Its visual bot builder makes it easier to build bots as it enables useful two-way communication at scale. Moreover, its dashboard has built-in CRM, machine learning, and real-time insights. It helps in creating smarter and faster bots. Customer service is noted to be better with this engine.

16. Meya.AI

Running a business is the best experience with easier assistance in messaging costumers and creating support applications. With Meya.AI, building bots is like raising a child that you can train, host, and scale its abilities and communication skills. It also allows for easier integration with third-party platforms.

17. Boost.Ai
bot platform

This engine helps enterprises in building their personalized chatbots that they can use in specific actions. Boost Ai provides quicker support to costumers for a faster transaction. Moreover, this is possible by providing the best solutions that they have gathered and analyzed through ordinary conversations and frequently asked questions.

HeroBot as your best chatbot platform

If you are looking for a bot platform that will provide you with accessible and easy-to-build bots, HeroBot is the one for you. It will surely help you run and expand your business through Facebook Messenger Bot for drip campaigns, lead generations, sales, and support. It can also minimize your labor by automated communication and growth tools that are helpful for any industries. Scheduling, posting, tagging, and discovering is also easier with these chatbot creations.

The world is continuously growing and developing with technologies used in our everyday lives. Moreover, it is only natural for entrepreneurs to align their mode of business with the norm. This is why bots are developed and are now being used by numerous companies. Bots do not only increase the efficiency of their business but also the cost of labor. However, how do you know that you have entrusted your business in the hands of the right bot platform?

In this matter, you will need to be with the most trustworthy and efficient bot platform that will not lead your business to bankruptcy. With HeroBot, we are sure to give you the best bot experience. Visit our website for more information.

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Why Should Customers Talk To A Chatbot?

Does your company receive an immense amount of emails every day and you can’t answer them all at once? How long does it take you before you can send all your response to them? Perhaps, it takes a lot of your time and effort before having it answered. If so, this might result negatively in your business. Customers nowadays expect a very immediate response from the concern they have relayed whether via email or other social media platforms. That’s why investing in chatbots for customer service purposes would not be a wasteful decision. Letting your valuable customers talk to a chatbot for their concerns is indeed a wise choice.

talk to a chatbot

Chatbots’ efficiency level is indeed more than enough. It can perform various business operations all at once. Do you know what makes chatbots ahead of a real-human agent? Well, chatbots have a unique feature we call automation. If compared to a human, automation almost equates our perseverance.

However, perseverance is sometimes not enough to please our customers. Customers always expect instant gratification, which is not attainable with just a mix up of determination only. It requires strong technical effort and online support to be able to reach this goal. Do you feel threatened that you might fail your loyal customers? Better not, because chatbots are there to help you.

When it comes to efficient and effective customer service, chatbots are the best partner you can lean on. Are you eager to know the reasons why? Well, let’s get through it. 

The New Customer Service Superstar – How Chatbots Rise to Popularity?

Have you already heard about chatbots before when you were just a kid? Well, maybe not yet. Chatbots have risen to popularity for not more than about ten years ago. However, do you wonder how chatbots instantly become the new superstar in customer service today? If so, let us take a look at some reasons why business owners suddenly turn to chatbots for customer service:

1. To complement the rise of messaging apps

Since the beginning of 2018, messaging apps have become popular around the world. Many expect that billions of people around the world are using messaging apps as the primary mode of communication. As a result, businesses enter these platforms for customer service purposes. Till digital advancement continuously transforms customer service and eventually contributes to the birth of chatbots.

2. To meet the customer’s expectation for immediate response

Take note of this: customers are always right. Whether you understand or not, they are still on the right side. Therefore, the only thing that a business industry can do is provide them the best services your business can offer. However, though you know to yourself that you have already done your part, it is still not enough sometimes. Customers demand more, especially for a quick yet with a quality response. That is why developers have decided to create a computer program that can cater to this expectation. Perhaps, they do not make a mistake to develop chatbots that undeniably become so useful today.

3. To spend a lesser cost on customer service

Hiring a full-time agent to manage your customer service would be extremely costly. As a result, the business owner wants to resort to an alternative that would give them the same and uncompromised service in lesser expenses. Well, chatbots become the instant answer for their life-long prayer. They have the level ability to continually manage their customers without paying for their service every month.

4. To keep their business updated to the latest trend

As companies see that their competitors are using chatbots for a more innovative customer service experience, why would they let their business left behind? That is why; the use of chatbots for customer service purposes suddenly soars to popularity.

Why Would You Let Your Customers Talk to A Chatbot?

No wonder how chatbots can reshape the existing landscape of our customer service. As years of digital advancement go by, customers can no longer distinguish themselves if they are talking to a real-human agent or a chatbot. That is why business owners allow chatbots to talk to their chatbots. Today, it almost has a perfect resemblance to a real human customer service agent. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that letting your customers talk to a bot regarding their concerns is undoubtedly a wise decision. If you are not still convinced, below are some specific uses of chatbots to customer service:

1. Chatbots provide transparency when it comes to customer records

Your chatbot is programmed to have direct access to your database. That is why it can provide your customers with transparent information regarding their transactions with your business. More so, chatbots act more interactive and flexible when talking to your customers. With regard to informational purposes, chatbots can easily accommodate and interpret changes and provide solutions at the same time.

2. Chatbots act as your 24/7 customer service agent
talk to a chatbot

As we know, the most number of customers always demands immediate and 24/7 assistance, especially when it comes to technical and online support. In this matter, chatbots would be a great help. Chatbots can always help your customers whenever they need to retrieve their forgotten passwords, track the progress of their transactions, and other related concerns. As your virtual customer service agent, chatbots are anchored to a standardized functional structure. This makes it knows enough about your business and able to entertain the needs of your customers effectively.

3. Chatbots serve as your company’s front liners

In customer service, collecting customer’s information is crucial to the success of other business processes. With chatbot’s advanced technology, retrieving customer information while entertaining them is efficiently possible. Chatbots can perform them simultaneously since chatbots have direct access to business databases. More so, chatbots can also verify the encoded information right away.

Why Should Your Customer Trust You?

As a customer who’s seeking for convenience and immediate actions, why won’t you mind to transact with a chatbot? Once you talk to a chatbot, you must be aware that you put all your personal information in them. Are you worried about some confidentiality issues? You should not. You can trust your chatbots with your personal and most confidential information as long as you consider some data security measures.

Below are some of the best security practices you must take into consideration whenever you talk to a chatbot:

1. End-to-End Encryption

Since chatbots are connected to vast channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram; invasion to data privacy would no longer be impossible. That is why; the development of E2EE is indeed a great help to preserve confidentiality. With E2EE, all the conversations you had while you talk to a chatbot gets encrypted. In this way, data trespasser would get a hard time interpreting your personal information since it has been all converted into codes.

2. Authentication and Authorization of User Identity

As technological advancement continues to move forward, the ability of hackers does integrate as well. Chatbots utilize authentication and authorization to verify the credibility of logins to prevent hacker attacks. The user has to secure an authentication token that he can use throughout the particular session. 

3. Self-destructive messages

In maintaining confidentiality, erasing all the traces of past conversation is a great help, mainly when it tackles highly-confidential information such as bank account numbers. With self-destructive features, the data would stay only on a particular conversation within the prescribed amount of time. This confidential information will vanish right away.

4. Secure Protocols

Nowadays, we can hardly tell if someone unauthorized is sneaking through our essential transactions. Therefore, HTTPS is helpful to keep the chatbot’s network security intact. Hypertext Transfer Protocol helps chatbots to transfer data using an encrypted connection. In this way, people can’t go through your conversation.

Visit Us!

We still can’t deny that the traditional way of managing our customers is still useful nowadays. However, little integration wouldn’t hurt. If you wish to elevate your service to your customers, engaging with chatbots would be the best move you can ever make. However, of course, responsibility and discipline is still the key to keep everything in place. Your adequate knowledge about this technology would help you save yourself from getting compromised.

talk to a chatbot

As a professional business owner, you must not just resort to chatbots opportunity because you want your business to get exposure across the online platforms. More than this, you should genuinely care for their welfare. Give them a very efficient customer service experience by letting them talk to a chatbot. Try to provide them instant gratification while your company itself savors fruitful benefits. Are you interested to know how to get to it? Well, it begins with a great and wise choice.

If you are eager to serve your customers from the bottom of your heart, engage with a reliable chatbot industry. For chatbot concerns and how it can help your customer service, consider HeroBot. We have skillful and experienced chatbot experts to cater to all your chatbot needs. We offer a variety of services where you can choose from depending on the needs of your company. Interested in our services? Come and visit us at

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Chatbot Testing – The Key to Efficient Chatbot Performance

talk to a bot online

We can no longer deny that chatbots have already brought a significant change to our lives. Everything that once just a dream becomes all possible with the help of chatbots. In business and all aspects, they are always there to save our day. However, we can’t still foretell how long these chatbots would work efficiently for us. Just like any other devices and software, there are some unexpected errors that can suddenly occur within their system. That is why; bringing your chatbot software for chatbot testing is really a wise decision. Try to figure out what’s the sense of your chatbot if you couldn’t access its functions because errors persistently occur? Believe it or not, you can refrain from these scenarios by just giving your chatbot a try.

Perhaps, chatbot testing may sound very technical and complex, but it’s really not. You only need to learn some essential elements related to chatbot testing until you find to yourself that you can actually do it on your own. Check it out.

Hands Off – Do Chatbot Testing First!

At first, you would surely get fascinated with what your chatbots can do for you. But, don’t ever forget to give it a massive try out. Perhaps, the capabilities you’ve been expecting from your chatbots are already installed in them, but sometimes, it doesn’t work the way it has to be. So to feel assured, check the list of chatbots features below.

These are the things you must always consider when performing chatbot testing:

1. Comprehension

Chatbots are programmed to interpret diverse kinds of messages from the inputs of human users. Hence, their Natural Language Processing ability has to be created in such a way that chatbots can still comprehend kinds of inputs unrelated to their basic functions. Chatbots’ ability to understand must not be limited to business and professional approach only. It would be great if they can interpret unexpected inputs and still capable of providing the right response to it.

2. Dialogue

The comprehension ability of chatbots highly relies on the conversation. That is why; testing its capability to come into a conversation is very significant. Try to imagine that you have already encoded input to your chatbot. However, you have to change it suddenly due to some unexpected circumstances. If your chatbot was able to cope with this sudden adjustment and responded favorably, be grateful because your chatbot is in good condition and functioning well. You can notice that your chatbots have good conversational flow if it talks skillfully and keeps you engaged with relevant responses.

chatbot testing
3. Resilience to Errors

Error management is a must-have feature that all chatbots must possess. However, this is something that often gets overlooked and set aside. Many chatbots have this feature installed to their systems, but there are times when it doesn’t function appropriately. Errors may happen at all times. Thus, chatbots must always be prepared to respond to this kind of situations and continue with the procedure. You can able to test this feature by going through their replies. If your chatbots are consistently sending you replies with substance and in relation with your all of your inputs, you have nothing to worry about. Perhaps, your chatbot is highly-resilient to errors. Make sure you go through this when performing chatbot testing. This is a very important area to check and look into.

4. Speed

How fast your chatbot can respond to messages, it receives at a time? You have to test this anyway because human users are too sensitive when it comes to performance speed. If you notice that your chatbot takes an unusual amount of time to reply, probably there is something not good with your chatbots. Chatbot testing can help you assess bot speed before paying for it. Bot speed can be tested by taking beta users on board.

5. Correctness

In many aspects of our lives, accuracy is very important. Same goes with chatbots. Human users always expect that chatbot responses are a hundred percent correct and reliable. Originally, chatbots generate responses from predefined utterances. You can check its accuracy by looking through correct responses it was able to produce out of predicted utterances. The number of correct responses it provided determines the level of its accuracy.

Ways on How to Test Your Chatbot

When you are buying your new mobile phone or a new laptop, the first thing you always do is to check if the specs are all intact. Same goes with chatbots. You can ask the programmer for chatbot testing before purchasing one. Below are some proven techniques on how to test the capabilities of your chatbots. Check it out:

But first, determine the areas you prefer to get tested!

It is really important to identify which specific areas you prefer to get tested with your chatbots. There are a lot of methodologies you can use for chatbot testing. But of course, you have to choose what fits your needs. Getting to know your preferred areas would be a great help to choose the right method to use. Having your chatbot tested the right areas, and specialization would give you access to its primary functionality. Thus, you can check the list of areas below to give you some ideas:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Reasoning
  3. Knowledge
  4. Input
chatbot testing

Now, here are some chatbot testing methodologies:

1. Developer Chatbot Testing

While the chatbots are on the process of development, it has already been tested by the developers. They test the software through verification and validation. Developers assess the responses if it answers the question with relevance and substance. If you have to look deeper, this is the most effective chatbot testing methodology. Technically, you can prevent further damage since you’re able to fix during the production process.

2. Functional Chatbot Testing

Chatbots are mainly designed to perform a specific function. Thus, chatbots must work at its best in this specific function. Testing its functional ability involves technical procedure such as boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning. Boundary Value Analysis is a strategy that can be used to detect if the boundary of the input domain contains some bugs. Therefore, this method does not require looking for some errors in the input. On the other hand, equivalence partitioning involves the division of software into equal portions. The errors and portion can be identified by putting the portions into one test case. Each test case works to find a specific type of errors.

3. User Chatbot Testing

The user experience would tell if your chatbots are working nicely or not. Therefore, user chatbot testing is a must-done step before finally releasing your chatbot to the market. With this, you can collect all positive and negative feedback from them to help you locate the aspects that need some improvements. Chatbot try-out to users with different personalities can also be helpful to measure how flexible your chatbots are. It can measure specifically the comprehension and dialogue ability of your chatbots.

Why Must Chatbots Function The Way It Should Be?

If you’re thinking that chatbots with excessive and persistent errors only affect you and your business, you’re wrong. Aside from you, there is someone out there who gets more compromised with your chatbots – your customers. In a shorter context, everyone connected to your business is affected when your chatbots do not function the way it should be. That’s why; try chatbot testing as early as possible. Aside from what mentioned above, there are still some other things you can get from using chatbots that perform very well.

Read it out below:

1. You can save your time

With less error, lesser time is consumed to finish a conversation with chatbots.  Additionally, your customers would be left with positive vibes when their chatbot experience faces no hurdles. It is important to give your customers an immediate action, especially at times when they are raising complains against your company. Your high-quality customer service strategy would help you and your business get through it.

2. You can save money

Of course, if your chatbots are performing at its satisfactory level, you don’t have to spend more money on repairs and rehabilitation. Instead, you can just allocate this money to sustain the good performance of your chatbots.

3. You can keep your customers steadfast to your business

You can keep your customers under your spell if your chatbots work very well. Always take note that the success of your customer service highly relies on the performance of your chatbots. So keeping your chatbots in good condition would apparently sustain high-satisfactory level experience among your customers.

chatbot testing

Come and Learn With Us!

Just like your doctor always says, “Prevention is better than cure.” So never hesitate to test your chatbots first before getting them engaged in risky operations in your business. Remember, it involves your customer, so be careful when making decisions regarding this matter. If you want to learn more about chatbot testing, you can contact HeroBot to learn. Our experts are trained to help you with any chatbot matters. Extend your chatbot inquiries now by visiting or calling us at +1 416 623 8882.

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The List of the Most Innovative and Best Chatbots Online

Technology runs in everyone’s life every day. Smartphones, tablets, and computers – People probably can’t function without them. In a very short amount of time, technology’s development has exploded in every market now. However, with the fast-growing development of technology, some of the marketers are too busy to assist all of their customers. That is why programmers announce the idea of artificial intelligence (A.I.) that can contribute to making marketer’s job lot easier. These applications are the so-called chatbots. With the advertisement of the chatbot in the world of technology, a lot of company are enticed to buy this kind of application. Here in this article, we will discuss the list of the most innovative and best chatbots online.

Now there are hundreds or maybe thousands of different chatbots all over the world. People might see the list of chatbot online via the internet. Chatbots can be easily accessed by users who are always using their technology devices such as smartphone and computers.

list of chatbots

Artificial Intelligence Application

A chatbot application is a computer system that can perform automated tasks and may also serve in a messaging platform. This application is more likely a normal messaging application. However, the biggest difference is that the receiver is not a human being. In other words, to describe the situation is like when people are chatting with the robot (Artificial Intelligence). Additionally, chatbot’s biggest advantage is that it’s able to reach a broad audience on a messenger system. Moreover, chatbots have the ability to automate personalized messages.

People are using chatbot not only for healthcare but also for educations and business industries; particularly for marketing purpose. The chatbot may look like a normal messaging application, but in reality, they have a database. An application layer, API (Application Programming Interface) working at their background. This will then train through the analysis of the thousands log from human to robot conversations. Furthermore, the list of chatbot applications is now spreading through the World Wide Web.

Impact to society

Advancement of artificial intelligence has arisen the new generation of chatbots. Additionally, chatbot itself ranked as the no.1 customer service preferred by the consumers in Singapore, India, South Korea, and even in the United States. These chatbots are not only science-fiction dream come true, but they also like being real beings.

Companies that have these chatbots meet their costumers’ expectations and use the opportunity to use customer experience as a competitive advantage. According to studies, by the year 2021, 50% of the enterprise will spend more and will more and more list of chatbots all over the world. Chatbots can be operational 24 hours a day and 365 days per year, so that these chatbots may serve the customers even while they are sleeping or doing other tasks. And now it is hard to imagine a world without these kinds of chatbots since it has become a part of ordinary transactions in our daily lives.

The list of the best Chatbots to choose

People have commitments to testing, researching, and advertising the best products. If you run a business with a social media presence, then a chatbot is a best and innovative way to improve your costumer’s experience. Customers could hop into your webpages or social media account and get an answer to the questions without requiring a human worker to respond.

However, here is some list of the chatbots available online via the internet:

1. Watsons Assistant

Watsons Assistant is by one of the leaders in A.I. space and I.B.M. It is one of the most popular chatbots on the market. Watson Assistant is pre-trained with content from your specific industry. This chatbot understands the customers’ historical chat or calls logs. Search for an answer in the customer’s knowledge base, ask customers for more clarity, can also direct them to a human representative, and even give them training recommendations to its conversational abilities.

2. Bold360

Bold360 is one of the most trusted by customers like Intuit, Vodafane an Edible Arrangement. Additionally, this chatbot has its own natural language processing technology that can understand your customers’ intent It also has a conversational A.I. that can interpret complex language, reply to the customers with natural responses, and remember all the context of the entire conversations.  

3. Rulai

Rulai is equipped with deep-learning-based natural language understanding and multi-tasking capabilities. In addition, Rulai also has an AI-powered that can understand the context of a conversation, enterprise brands, predict the user behavior, gathered customer preferences while taking actions, switch to different tasks, and ask customers for more clarification. It also let its A.I. adapt to your customers and can implement a pre-trained chatbot that has been fed data from your specific industry.

4. Inbenta

Inbenta is explicitly designed for enterprising brands, chatbot leverage, and also, machine learning. In addition, the application’s natural language processing engine makes it able to understand and respond to the context of each customer’s conversations with an accurate answer. It also offers a dialog manager that allows you to craft custom conversation flows and paths.

The list of the best chatbots online goes on. But with these three stated above, you could already understand the power of chatbot technology.

Development of chatbot

list of chatbots

The classic history of early chatbots are E.L.I.Z.A. (1996) and Parry (1972).  While Eliza and Parry were used exclusively to reproduce simulated typed conversations, Many chatbots now include functional features such as internet web searching abilities and in-game applications. More recently notable system programs include A.L.I.C.E., Jabberwacky, and D.U.D.E. (Agence Nationale de la Recherche and C.N.R.S. 2006). 

A.L.I.C.E. uses a markup language called A.I.M.L., which is specific to its functions as a conversational agent. This has been adopted by various other developers of, so called, Alicebots. A.L.I.C.E. had the same techniques of E.L.I.Z.A. back in 1996. This A.I. might not be that strong, but it would require sapience and logical reasoning abilities.

Jabberwacky learns new techniques when it comes to responses and context based on real-time customer interactions, rather than being driven from a static database. Some chatbots combine real-time learning with developmental algorithms that optimize the artificial intelligence ability to communicate based on the conversation held. Yet, today, there still no general-purpose conversational A.I., and some software developers focus on the practical aspect, information retrieval.

And now as the technology’s growth getting much bigger, numerous list of chatbots are now being advertised in social media post or on the internet.

HeroBoT’s Power

As the people knew about the list of the chatbots all over the internet, HeroBot too has its own power. HeroBot possesses a unique power set which helps this stand among the rest of bot creator. The following are just some of it:

The Power of Superb Chat Broadcasts

With the help of HeroBot, sending information, updates, and promos can never be easier. It can also guarantee you an 85% open rate, which is indeed a great start for your business.

The Power of Excellent Client Management

HeroBot also provide excellent growth tools, details analytic reports, and user administrations. Subsequently, this will empower your business even with a limited employee.

The Power of Automating Comment Responses

HeroBot’s A.I. is responsible for replying, tagging, liking, and sending a private message automatically may it be in Instagram and Facebook comments.

The Power of Overriding Live chat

One of the great features of HeroBot is that it allows users to immediately override their messenger bots when needed. Likewise, giving one the power to provide seamless transactions with customers and contacts.

The Power of Integrating Brilliant Quizzes

HeroBot also helps you formulate outstanding contests and quizzes that are automatically integrated to your Facebook bot. This will then effectively promote your business or products.

The Power of Multiple Audience Segmentation

HeroBot also allows users to segment audiences based on their interest or demographic factors. Therefore, this will help them to disintegrate and qualify audiences based on how the user wants it.

The Power of Fantastic Quality Leads Notifications

HeroBot will also help you receive alerts for each leads captured with your messenger bot. Alerts that can be received through SMS, Slack, email, and other customized apps.

The Power of Exceptional Bot Templates

There are lots of chatbots pre-made templates all over the internet. However, HeroBot has a lot more of pre-made templates available to use in just one click. You can also customize it based on your business requirements.

list of chatbots

The list goes on with the powers HereBot can provide you. HeroBot is rapidly improving and upgrading their development in their services. HeroBot only wants nothing but total customer satisfaction. Expect a 400% increase in leads, 97% reduced marketing cost, and 154% increased engagement with HeroBot.

A Lot of statistics already proved how chatbots used for businesses are growing rapidly, and HeroBot can compete with those chatbots. HeroBot system features are exceptional and noteworthy. Get in touch with us by visiting our site!