Herobot – Your Ideal Chatbot Maker: 6 Types of Innovative Bots to Increase Productivity

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Almost all of the things in the world are optimized by various kinds of technologies. These, as said to be the new trends of this world, are efficient ways to automate workflows such as applications, sites, interactions, and specific transactions. Different publishing platforms that involve chatbot are Facebook, Telegram, and WeChat. It is known as an effective medium which can be accessed and used by users around the world.

Automated marketing is now becoming the most popular trend in the world of business, and one of the most critical steps of automation is to create a useful chatbot. Now, it is simple to start creating your own bot, especially with several chatbot making platforms out there. However, you should consider selecting an excellent chatbot maker that will help you build the most effective chatbot for your business.

Chatbot, as defined, is a service which commonly mechanized by a system. This system is called as AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, that users interact via chat interface. Well-developed bot from a good chatbot maker will deliver the best customer services. It provides help from simple commands or requests to more complicated commands. This extends when you play music, search something on the net, open specific apps, or create messages and emails.

Today, more and more people prefer to interact with chatbots when it comes to customer services. Likewise, several people don’t care if they are being attended by a bot, as long as their needs or requests are all answered. Thus, it is important to devise them with a competetive chatbot maker.

Chatbots – What more can it do?

Chatbots today is very user-friendly and offers a lot of services in terms of business and entertainment. However, you may haven’t grasped these thoughts about AI yet. Here are some means and illustrations to help you to envision what a chatbot maker can do.

1- Scheduling Bot

chatbot maker

If you want to book a flight, get a meeting with someone on Messenger team which requires the help of a chatbot, you can easily have access to whatever you need with just one click. In addition, as chatbot maker uses super advanced technology, you can easily have involvements to several errands that involve scheduling in just a short span of time. This kind of bot helps you to lessen your hectic schedule in a way that you don’t have to go to a particular place when you need scheduling.

2- News Bot

news with chatbot

Looking for some interesting happenings and events? With the use of a chatbot, you can simply be updated about different news that recently happened all around the world. In addition, chatbots let you read your news in any way you like, whether you prefer to read the news in full length, or summarized using bullets. When you subscribe, you can also receive timely articles or blogs that are relevant to your interests. You can do this all with a good chatbot maker.

3- Advice Bot


If you are looking for someone to talk to, there are advice bots available to assist you. If you want someone that can listen to your serious problem and immediately get options in order for you to have solutions, advice bot is one of the reliable means for you.

4- Weather Bot


Seeking for a weather update wherever you are? There are weather bots that can help you to have the latest update about the weather whenever you ask for it. It also gives you query about the weather in order for you to have knowledge on alternative routes if ever there’s an accident caused by typhoons and floods. Do this with a good chatbot maker.

5- Finance Bot

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Looking for someone that can efficiently manage your own money? This specific bot helps you monitor your money better. Also, finance bot is more reliable so that you will not have any difficulties in monitoring your finances.

6- Order Bot

order delivery

This bot helps you to pick out your favorite food with just one click away. Likewise, it also assists you to order different kinds of stuff such as groceries, or anything you want whenever you wish for it. Moreover, this bot enables you to have access to lots of restaurants, fast food chains, and coffee shop if ever you like to order from these establishments.

Best Intelligent Chatbots or AI Chatbots

How can we say that a chatbot is intelligent? There are lots of answers to this question about what makes a chatbot an intelligent one.  A chatbot can be considered as a smart one when it has an awareness of its users needs. Also, this quality of a chatbot does not depend on its users’ capacities, but it relies on its own characteristics. It is, therefore, an essential thing when a chatbot has the ability to interact and handle any situations that require a conversation and interference. Moreover, bots are not just for conversation matters.

They can be designated as an interface that is more reliable and efficient. Also, bots can be an assistant to natural language processing which enables you to understand sentence construction in an effective way. Likewise, there are bots that are most commonly designed as a guide to making a simple illustration to create another chatbot even though you don’t have a technical background on creating such.

All in all, there are many more intelligent chatbots with their designated tasks to do. In addition, there are also several types of intelligent chatbots which are the most trends today because of their effective and consistent assistance. Many of such are exceptionally a great help for the industry which involves technology use and also gives quality customer service.  Hence, the most essential role of chatbots is the interaction it has with its different users. Thus, it is good to note to exert more effort in making a chatbot conversation. This is to ensure that a chatbot will have an efficient interface and dependable service.

Chatbot maker: Which one is the best?

What is a chatbot maker? Chatbot maker is defined by Newgennapps as platforms that help to develop a Chabot. There are hundreds of thousand chatbots that now exist. With the competition in the chatbot ecosystem becoming fiercer, you need to develop an exceptional chatbot that will stand out among the rest. A one that will place your business to a favorable position in the market. Now, who can help you build your chatbot, you ask? Don’t worry! Luckily, Herobot is here for you. Herobot is the most complete platform for messenger marketing on the net. This chatbot platform offers a massive number of pre-made messenger bots for Facebook, intended for businesses.

Currently, Herobot serves more than 68,000 happy users, with more than 49,354,672 generated leads and more than 589,000,000 contacts captured. Herobot is the chatbot maker that will let you build your own chatbot. Likewise, Herobot will let you customize any available pre-made messenger bots in any way you want, depending on your business needs.

Here are some of the services that Herobot provides:

Generate conversion Funnels

Herobot offers a lot of interactive app integrations and widgets, as well as conversion trackers for lead generation users.

Management of agency clients

Agencies are provided of excellent growth tools, detailed analytic reports, and user administration.

Chat Broadcasts

Herobot will enable you to send notifications, promos, updates and other information through Facebook messenger with an open rate of 85%.

Improve Facebook ads

Herobot will help you modify Facebook ads that enable you for instant capture of leads with follow-up.

Contact List Expansion

Herobot provides loads of lead magnets which are built-in. This also includes check-boxes, scan codes, buttons, sales funnels and landing pages, all for expanding your contact list.

Comment response automation

AI engine of Herobot is able to reply, tag, like and send a private message automatically, both in Instagram and Facebook comments.

Live chat override

One of the great features of Herobot is that it allows you to immediately override your messenger bot when needed. Therefore you can provide your customers a seamless communication.

Integrate Quizzes

Herobot ia a bot platform helps you to create quizzes and automatic contests integrated to your Facebook bot for effective promotion.

Audience Segmentation

Herobot chatbot maker allows you to segment your audiences based on their interest or demographic factors. This will therefore allow you to qualify them depending on how you want it.

Get Quality leads notifications

With Herobot chatbot platform, you can receive alerts for each leads captured with your messenger bot. Alerts can be received through SMS, slack, email, and other customized apps.

Social Media Posts Scheduling

One of the latest features of chatbot maker Herobot is social media posts scheduling. With this, you can create posts on social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, which will go live based on the schedule you set.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more services that Herobot has to offer for your business. Moreover, our chatbot platform adds more to their services periodically, to keep up with the continuing technological developments. Herobot’s ultimate goal is to help you in growing your business. In fact, here are the top benefits that Herobot can bring to your business:

  • 400% increase in leads
  • 97% reduced marketing cost
  • 154% increased engagement with no additional cost.

Great, isn’t it? Herobot will give you high-quality services that no other chatbot maker can deliver. Visit Herobot now and start your own chatbot venture. Together, we shall create the most effective and efficient chatbot that will help your business thrive in this competitive world.

Create the Best Chatbot for Facebook to Stand Out From Your Competitors

Chatbots – you might have heard it but maybe unaware of it. As you read this article, there are already as many as 300,000 bots out there. Most of these AI are used for businesses. If you’re a businessman, then now is the time to develop your own best chatbot for Facebook. You might have no idea how, but as you finish reading this article, you’ll be knowledgeable about how to create a chatbot effectively.

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, technology has developed dramatically, and in a fast-paced manner. Technological advancements played a great role in improving the quality of life. But, technology advances so quickly, that sometimes people have a hard time coping up with it. Moreover, some technological developments make things complicated, especially in the business world. However, when utilized correctly, these developments can bring a great advantage to your business. One significant technological development for business is the use of chatbots.

The use of chatbots proves to be beneficial to those who use it. Now, it is easy to build your own chatbot, because there are several pre-built platforms that now exist, such as Herobot. However, you need to build your own chatbot, which will stand out among the thousands of chatbots that are now in function. So let’s focus on how to effectively create the best chatbot for Facebook.

Chatbots enables us to search for places, foods, and products with ease. In addition, it helps in solving issues on customer services. It stores customer’s data from past conversations, so users don’t have the need to give their information again. It is sure to save the time and efforts of your customers. Unlike humans, chatbots will never catch a disease, which makes them efficient. Moreover, the use of chatbots can lessen a company’s cost, while sustaining their income at the same time.

best chatbot for Facebook

Chatbots – Where did it come from?

Before we start discussing how to effectively create a chatbot, let’s look first from where chatbots started. Chatbots’ origin can be traced back from as far as the year 1950. In this year, Alan Turing, a mathematician, logician, and a computer scientist started it all. He has asked the question “can machines think?”, and had a theory that humans cannot distinguish an intelligent mechanism; well, that is in a conversation which involves text only.

Alan Turing then developed the “Turing Test.” Its purpose is to test the capability of any machine to think at the same level as humans, or at least be indistinguishable by humans.

This test has caught the interest of many computer scientists and tried to create an intelligent machine to pass this test. The first chatbot to exist was ELIZA. ELIZA was built and developed by American-German computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966. ELIZA was unable to pass the Turing test. However, it managed to make some people think that they were talking to a real person.

ELIZA had then set the foundations of chatbots. It was structured by specific keywords and phrases, and also by registered preprogrammed replies. It became the basis to create chatbot such as Parry, Jabberwacky, Dr. Sbaitso, and Alice. In the present, two of the most popular chatbots are the “S Voice” of Samsung and the “Siri” of Apple. These chatbots are advanced & well developed. They can respond to and understand voice commands. In addition, they can also perform tasks such as playing music, composing a message, and search the internet.

Chatbots are now well developed that it can be used for many purposes. Entrepreneurs are now integrating chatbots into their businesses, and it proves to be very useful.

Key Points to Remember on How to Effectively Create Best Chatbot for Facebook

Now we have learned about the brief history of chatbots. From that we can contemplate that chatbots have been developed just to answer a question “can machines think?” Chatbots are now well-developed thanks to the brilliant minds responsible for it. We just now need to think of how we can strategically use it. We can start by also asking the question “What does my market want?” From here we can now lay-out our chatbots according to the preference of our target market.

By giving a personalized experience to each individual customers, chatbots have the ability to attract and maintain their loyalty. There are certain features you must follow when you want to create a personal and effective chatbot. Following each will provide your business and website a complete feel that customers are interactive with a conversational chatbot.

Here are some useful tips on how to effectively create your best chatbot for Facebook:

1. Apply Conversation Breaks

As your chatbots should be designed to be conversational, refrain it from sending customers long and bulky messages. Customers may deem it boring and unpleasant, giving them the tendency to leave the conversation. You should make your chatbots respond in short and straightforward answers, which are accurate to what the customer actually needs.

2. Give the customers the option to exit

The primary reason for using chatbots is to save ourselves from the work of catering the customers. However, some customers might want to exit their conversation with the chatbot and prefer to talk to a real person instead. If you don’t give a solution to this situation, customers might get annoyed and search for other suppliers instead. To avoid this, you can include an exit button to your best chatbot for Facebook, allowing them to exit whenever they want.

3. Entice your customers visually

A conversation that includes text only might be boring for the customers as well. Therefore, make use of emojis. Not only emojis can make the conversation more human-like, but also it makes the messages more pleasant and friendlier. Its color will be pleasing to the eye of the customers. In addition, it adds fun to the interaction between the chatbot and the customer. Using GIFs will prove to be useful as well. that wat you make your best chatbot for Facebook more engaging.

4. Subscribe/Unsubscribe button

By putting a subscribe button in our chatbots, we give the customer the privilege of receiving news or messages about topics that are relevant to their interests. Also, this can keep them updated on your business, whether you are giving discounts or free giveaways. This can also increase the fame of your business, as more subscribers following your business mean good product reputation. However, you should also include an unsubscribe button. The reason is that sometimes, customers can get irritated when they think there is no way to stop receiving messages. They might hate your business, which can result in bad effects. Having an unsubscribe button shall give the customers the freedom to unsubscribe whenever they desire.

5. Design a personalized Your Best Chatbot for Facebook

We can all agree to the fact that customers sometimes become childish who likes being spoiled or pampered. This means we have to design our chatbots to respond with them according to their needs and preferences. With a personalized chatbot, customers will feel they are special and don’t think that they are just one of your several customers. Interacting with a personalized chatbot will not only make customers happy but also maintain their loyalty to your business.

chatbot for Facebook

6. Integrate Your best chatbot for Facebook with marketing ability

Marketing your products can be very time-consuming and tiring tasks. Imagine reaching out to a thousand customers, the burden isn’t it? What about a hundred thousand more? But don’t worry! Make your best chatbot for Facebook do that job for you. As it is automated and can reach out to customers quickly, it can do the job in no time and on a regular basis. It will now give you the opportunity to focus more of your time and energy to other critical tasks of your company.

7. Give your chatbot a unique name

One way to make your chatbot standout amongst others is to give them a unique name. Make a name that is relevant to your business, at the same time, one that seems very friendly and easy to remember. In this way, your chatbot can easily catch your customer’s attention and engage them in conversation.

8. Make your chatbots predictive

To keep the customers engaged in the conversation, your chatbot should be responsible for driving it forward. Don’t make a reactive chatbot, which only waits for what customers would just say. Enable your best chatbot for Facebook to give options and suggestions. In this way, your chatbots can think ahead of the conversation. It will be able to drive the conversation properly and give the customer what they really need. This will make the interaction lively and would never bore your customers.

9. Create chatbots that give mature conversations

Integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) would be a great factor in building an effective best chatbot for Facebook. When your chatbot understand how the customer feels or the intentions of their messages, your chatbot can deliver what the customer really needs. Also, chatbots can be able to collect and store information that might be useful for future use, whether to improve business or to build more effective strategies to acquire more customers.

Nowadays, it is really simple to create chatbots. But what’s challenging is how to create an effective best chatbot for Facebook. One that will bring your business to the top and make it stay there for ages. Having an effective chatbot will prove beneficial and is indeed considered to be an excellent investment. Stop thinking about it and start taking actions to do it! Here in Herobot, it will be our pleasure to help you build an effective chatbot, suitable for your business and your customers.

The Value of a Good Chatbot Builder

Chatbot builder

Artificial Intelligence is an essential factor in this modernized world. Everything keeps on changing and evolving – a lot of applications or technological devices are being used. However, as this modern-day keeps on growing, the business sector as well has to change and improve. This is why it is now essential for businessmen to find a good chatbot builder.

Chatbot builder

Why you need a bot builder

Every business owner wants to achieve something that will somehow keep them a step ahead than their competitors. May it be through their products, services, advertisement, or marketing strategies—everyone aims to improve. Many business owners can attest how helpful a chatbot can be to lessen their work. A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence that is used to improve a business’ when it comes to responding to customers through social media accounts or website.

Moreover, a chatbot is easy to build as long as you have enough knowledge in navigating it with the use of appropriate platforms. A chatbot builder is a platform that creates a chatbot and helps a business to make the communication between the company and customers more accessible and better. With bot platforms, chatbot will allow sending an update, reminder, provide customer service, or fulfill an order that could be a great help to a business.

Chatbot Builder Best Practices

Let us say that a salon business owner would like to level up the popularity of his/her business. A large number of potential customers will have the tendency to ask how they can make appointments with you. They will also ask about the prices and the other services your salons could offer. In this matter, a chatbot can help the salon owner on accommodating all their costumers at the same time on answering their concerns and questions.

Here are some of the best practices on chatbot builder:

Make sure that you know the goal of your bot first.

If you are planning to make a bot that will be a perfect match for you and your business, then you will need to set your goal first. Knowing this is important in devising your plans and customizing the characteristic of your bot.

Moreover, it would be best if you made it a point that your goal is still in line with your industry. Write down some reasons why your business needs a bot and how you want it to function. With this practice in chatbot builder, you can also pinpoint the personality your bot will have as well as its unique features.

Take other chatbots as an example.

Meanwhile, to fully understand how a chatbot works, you should have at least tried communicating with a chatbot. Try searching for other chatbots that have high reviews and use them. Also, discover its strength or weaknesses and jot down some notes on how to improve them for better service. While at it, you can use these notes on planning to make your bot.

Here are some of the bots that you can look up to:
  • Insomnobot

This is a night owl chat which was created by Casper, a company specializing in pillows and mattresses. Insomnobots aims to give persons who have Insomnia to have someone to talk with. Moreover, the company engages with its users in a way that they will not feel like the bot is only a marketing scheme. Instead, it only brings up the product seldom. This way, the customers tend to feel more intimate and private with the bot.

In addition, Forbes has included Insomnobot in the “7+ Amazing Examples Of Online Chatbots And Virtual Digital Assistants In Practice”.

  • Woebot

Woebot is created by a psychologist named Alison Darcy to help reduce depressions by active listening and giving positive feedbacks. This is really user-friendly and even uses funny images and gifs to add more flavor to the conversation. Furthermore, attentiveness and sensitivity to its users’ emotions are highly praised by Business Insider and New York Times.

  • Hipmunk

If you have experienced using travel applications, you surely have experienced mid-search freeze and only presents very few airfare options. However, everything is funnier and easier with Hipmunk. You have to tell it on when and where you are planning to travel. It will then give you plenty of accommodation and airfare options for your vacation. If you are going to use a chatbot builder, you can consider the points used by this bot developer.

Chatbot builder
  • DoNotPay

Despite the fact that it is not too conversational, it still does not fail to do its function. DoNotPay is designed to answer and educate people about simple and minor cases to save them from injustices. It balances its formal and legal tone with a colorful background and fun fonts.

Predict the possible mistakes that can happen upon using a chatbot.

There are some common mistakes in building a chatbot that almost anyone can overlook. It may be on understanding natural languages or their conversational skill. Set your expectations into it so that you can utilize the best solution to overcome them. It is also best to know the limitations of what services and options your chatbot can provide.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using a chatbot:

  • Bots cannot be perfectly trained to perform tasks precisely as it was mandated. This is because bots can easily misunderstand instructions from its users.
  • The knowledge of bots is limited, which causes some problems. There will be times that customers will ask for an answer or suggest some tasks which were out of the capabilities of the bot. If there is no human server that will handle these mishaps, it will be a big issue for your business.
  • Some things are impossible to be taught. Chatbots are not capable of interpreting additional features in order. This is why humans are still needed to deal with specific issues that bots cannot understand. Although you’ve done your best using a chatbot builder, your bot’s knowledge will still be limited. 

Be sure to make your chatbot more user-friendly and approachable.

Customize it in using emojis, images, and gifs that are appropriate to the conversation. It is also helpful if it can send link to your users that will direct them to a page that they can use to answer their queries.

Look for the best builder that can help most efficiently.

Make sure that you will find the right one for your taste and needs in your industry. Moreover, it is best if you know your technical capabilities and demands you can carry on.

Here are some of the chatbot builders:
  • Chatfuel

This is a chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger which makes creating bots easier for everyone. Professional skill is not important and needed in this platform. It also makes reusing and managing messages very stress-free.

  • Flow XO

You can make a bot that you can launch in other sites and messengers aside from Facebook here. Chatbot widgets are also possible in Flow XO as well as integrating them with other third parties. Moreover, you can also share your chatbot with others.

  • ChatterOn

This bot promise is one of the fastest chatbot builders in AI space to help to build bots within only five minutes. There are already some pre-built bots or templates that you could choose from. You can also customize your bot using its simple menu.

All of the AI created in ChatterOn is also pretty solid, which supports rich content. It can also include some buttons, gifs, photos, videos, and carousels. Monetizing your new bot by using contextual ads that you can get from Radbots is also possible.

  • Botsify

This is one of the most uncomplicated bot builders that will let you create your bots that you can use for your numerous websites. Unlike other platforms, Botsify offers integration features which enables you to connect with Shopify, Alexa, and WordPress. This will help you create conversion forms and allow human stand-in taking over some conversation.

  • Herobot
Chatbot builder

Meanwhile, Herobot is a platform that helps people in the business industry to market their products and connect with customers easily. You do not need to have IT skills to be able to make the best bot that will suit your taste. The absolute goal of Herobot is to make companies grow in terms of sales and fame in the industry.

Choose the best chatbot builder

There are many steps and ways that you can take to make your bot. If you are able to do each step correctly and effectively, then you will surely succeed in making the best bot you wishes to have. This will surely help your business in boosting sales and enticing more customers. However, finding the right chatbot builder is still not easy.

There are some platforms that do not suit your taste and are really complicated to use.  Moreover, most chatbot builders were not able to help you in utilizing widgets and connecting your bots to other sites. This is why Herobot is here to save you from wasting your time on creating incompetent bots from other platforms. Moreover, our chatbot builder will not cost you as much as other platforms will make you spend money on a subscription. To know more, you can visit our website https://herobot.app/ and contact us.

How Do Facebook Messenger App Redefine Businesses?

best facebook messenger app

Today, the world of business has been evolving through technology. Constant upgrades and innovations are taking place in every establishment and companies across the globe. But, it has always been a consistent struggle for business owners, and people to develop the perfect way to entice, attain, and market services to potential customers. With that, customer service, marketing, social media, and other forms of communication have been developed to work and function digitally.

With this kind of innovation, interacting with prospective customers has now been made easier. The introduction of integrated and automated chat assistance proved that stand-alone businesses have a place in the market. For this reason, business owners and other companies have utilized the framework of messenger apps like Facebook and HeroBot. However, what makes the best Facebook messenger app become an essential component in a business.

best facebook messenger app

Learning More About Facebook Messenger App and Chatbots

It’s undeniable that the groundbreaking advent of Facebook Messenger into the world has created a very significant contribution to the existing landscape of the world. Facebook Messenger has undoubtedly bridged all the distance around the world. Basically, Facebook Messenger is almost similar to a typical text message.

However, it’s more upgraded with a lot of new features such as stickers, video chats, and group chats that make conversations more entertaining and convincing. And in today’s generation, the most innovative upgrade of Facebook Messenger is the compatibility of chatbots within the application.

Through the years, chatbots become more in-demand around the world. In any aspect you can imagine, you will surely find chatbots with it. It’s safe to say that chatbots can blend with any trends and standstill through the test of time. If you’re going to hear the word chatbot, “convenience” is probably the first word that comes in your mind.

But, it’s well-deserved because chatbots help the people in different industries to do their tasks in the easiest and least time-consuming way. So, the businesses that consider using chatbots in their operations have received an edge to stand out. They’ve given them the chance to re-customize the impression of their target customers towards their brand.

Now, try to imagine these two innovative tools come together. Well, all the possibilities do come true with these two amazing technological discoveries.

Is an Automated Chat Bot Assistant Really Essential?

Yes, an automated chatbot assistant is indeed a plus in your business arsenal for gaining customers quickly. Messenger apps and chatbot assistant platforms are perhaps time-consuming to set up and start. However, it can still provide a significant increase in your business strategy. Meanwhile, chatbot integration does not stop at gaining or enticing potential customers to your business doorsteps. There are also other benefits wherein Facebook messenger apps assist your business.

1. Adds a personal touch in your business

Providing a personal feel for your customers is a great way to stabilize the foundation of your business. Normal establishments, companies, and other stores having personal customer service are easy. However, when we talk about the essence of having an automated chatbot, communication may be difficult. This is due to some messenger apps being too digitized or robotic. Apparently, some similar automated Facebook messenger apps can be integrated and customized as per your preferences. 

What’s more, businesses that are based online can have a more significant advantage when they utilized such applications. Why? Customers will want thorough access to real people if ever they would be having questions and other information about your business. Having an indispensable way of communicating with your customers is crucial. This is why an automated chatbot that can be customized to respond personally and human-like is vital for any business. 

2. Automated chatbots can cater to your customers’ needs

Supplying the necessary information for your customers is an objective that can be limited to your staff. Potential customers may be reluctant in buying even taking a look at your services if they are not fed with sufficient information about your services. Also, make sure you fully meet their needs is important in gaining more feedback in the future. This is where chatbots and messenger apps come in. You can design your messenger app to automate replies that your customer asks for.

Certain chatbots have integrated key phrases or words that toggles a reply when hit. Also, catering and making them feel appreciated can be done by offering treatment such as informing them of specialized services and offers in your business. Also,  you can program your automated chatbot to initially send messages to your customers.  In this way, you’re letting them know what you’re next big sale is or what specials are there in the upcoming week.

best facebook messenger app
3. Upfront Availability for your Business

Customers are much more inclined to have a speedy reply and fast customer care. Making sure that your customers or potential customers that are searching for important notes or information are a crucial factor. When chatbots are applied to your business, locally or not, it makes it stay online 24/7. This provides your customers with a constant way to contact and gather information about your services.

Not only does this guide your customers but it also helps you manage your business. It is a known fact that some business owners, such as you, can be cramped with the workload and may fail to assess your business. With chatbots and messenger apps, you gain a notification platform that records and hold information for you to view at a later time.

Succeeding Through Efforts and Technology

Businesses are difficult to start, especially when there is competition. The enlistment of different companies for online companies can hinder yours to certain degrees. However, your business can still have a significant edge through a lot of efforts using these applications. In this way, your business has given a chance to showcase what it has and standout among others.

However, you must still consider some key points on which your business must build its foundation. Although having a successful business can have characteristics of both values and ethics, it all leads to a single objective.  Your business must be anchored to your goal of serving your customers the proper and right products on a timely basis.

1. Perception of your Business

Perceiving the goals and envision the objectives of your business is inevitably a crucial step in succeeding in business. Also knowing the strengths and weaknesses of not only your business but also your services and products convey a stronger advantage in the long run. You can limit, approach different lines of opportunities when you take perception in the front lines of your business.

Also, combining technology with your business can digitize and empower your market and increase sales. What’s more, this increase can lead to more traffic to your business as well. However, most business owners may neglect the perception of their business as their company blooms. This can degrade any business in the future.

2. The strategy of your business

Next is the strategy wherein your business resides. Knowing the strengths is one thing; however, knowing how to apply it in the market takes tremendous effort. Analyzing the market, your competitors, and strategizing to maintain your customers is vital for your business. When you fail at this point, you and your business can incur a lot of losses and may be subjected to closing.

However, knowing the market condition through automation can greatly increase your sales. An effective strategy doesn’t have to comprise of several pages of documentation. All you have to think of is a single page strategy that contains effectivity, resource, and time. These three components save you effort and gain your market.

3. Training in your Business

Everything in your Business is and will be in constant change. This is why training becomes an essential part of your business strategy. Not only will it help your business attain a better ground in competition but also assist your employees in utilizing modern technology. A lot of successful businesses are moving continuously to spend efforts and time in investing in training. However, to make this training be valuable for your business, you must accomplish a link between training and your business strategy.

4. Technology
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Investing in the newest and trusted software that can aid your business is indeed practical. Technology in this modern era wherein everything is digitized plays a huge role in business. The course of technology has differentiated the advantages and disadvantages of business. With the automation of AI and the quick response in assisting software, businesses that incorporate technology are becoming more prevalent.


With the things discussed above, do you still doubt the power of Facebook Messenger and chatbots combined together? They are too powerful to the extent that they can easily control the minds of people you’re targeting with your business. Therefore, investing a lot in this technology won’t really be a waste of money. In the patient revolution of time, all your investment will be surely paid off. So if you want to start now, you can reach out to Hero Bot right away. We are composed of trained and experienced experts who can help you with this matter. All you have to do is to go online and visit https://herobot.app/.

Create Chatbot That Can Grow Your Business Successfully

create chatbot
create chatbot

The key to success in every business is exceptional customer services. People always look at the progression of the company. If the customers of these companies are absolutely satisfied with their product and services, they might be able to reach their goal in becoming one of the best companies across the globe. A digital center agent is the best option when it comes to well-organized customer service. Artificial Intelligent experts develop these chatbot applications that can perform task like a live human agent. AI developers called these chatbot applications, “Digital Agents.” These digital agents are skilled in performing a conversational answering system for their customers. This is one of the best abilities that chatbots have.

But why do expert think about creating these chatbot applications? Artificial Intelligence developers create chatbots to guarantee business success. These chatbot applications are programmed to answer customer’s question accurately, make appointments, and provide technical support and also capable of doing another task that a live agent is required. By having these digital agents can minimize the spending of the company funds that are involved in customer service queries. Upon having technical difficulties when it comes to human-robot questions, this issue will be forwarded to a live center agent to avoid the worst-case scenario. This ensures that the company does not lose its customers. AI developers implemented these chatbot applications to bring an innovative change to the customer’s businesses. And now these digital agents provides the biggest difference that a single business can ever have.

What does it take to create chatbot?

There are a lot more to learn in everybody’s lives. People always think that experience is the best teacher. However, there are a lot more thing that can teach people in their daily lives. The best example is the chatbot applications. Why? Here is the reason why developers create chatbot applications that can make a big difference in people’s lives.

1. Experience

These chatbots are programmed to learn more about human lives. As they adopt deeper insight into social psychology, these AI-powered applications are now experiencing lifestyle just like every people in around the world. As these changes develop, these bots acquire more knowledge about how they can communicate and associate with people. And if these developments grow bigger, they can be the best teacher or even a best friend who can resolve people’s problem.

2. Skills development

As these chatbot application experience communication with people, these applications can also adapt human skills or even ask about their abilities and talents. Not only answer the customer question to resolve the problem, but it can also communicate with them. These chatbots could also tell you stories if you want to.

3. Personality

Chatbot’s personality can be based on developer choice. However, these applications are power by Artifical Intelligence. These chatbot applications might learn how to evolve their own personality. Maybe these ideas are only fictional, but this might also be possible. Imagine having a chatbot that can answer all the users question instant in a proper way is just like having a dictionary in your bag pack.

create chatbot
4. Emotions

Machines do not have feelings or emotions. But these AI-powered applications can act like they have emotions. And this kind of AI-powered applications is what people are hoping to find. A bot that cares a lot about a person is the best and satisfying machine that a human can ever make.

5. Humanity

The world is cruel, and cruelty is sickness, and people need a cure for this kind of sickness. Upon having that characterization that is discussed earlier with this chatbot, a chatbot can save humanity. If you are thinking that is only a fantasy or fictional, then you might be right. But imagine a robot that can act like a human with a human psychology experience and are skilled and talented with proper behavior and implying emotions can make the biggest change in the world.

Note that developers are far from developing the perfect AI Robot. However, with our brand new technology, it is possible with further research and inventions. People might think that it is dangerous, but in reality, People really can use the help.

Bots for children

People are too focused on their daily job, and that is why lots of people lost their attention in their children. Bots can help these people to educate their children while they are in their daily jobs. In this era of advanced technology, people use technological devices to entertain their children. Moreover, this technology is not just for entertainment but could also be for educational. The best example is mobile phones. Parents allow their children to play with their mobile phones. And with the development of these educational applications, children can now learn while being entertained. Children can learn a lot when they play it. Developers develop applications that can teach children about constructing or even computing skills. Furthermore, developers also create chatbots that can teach children in various ways. These applications are programmed with a user-friendly interface so that the children can use it easily.


People nowadays are amused when there are applications that challenged their mind. These applications are the students and schools’ reliable material when it comes to enhancing their mind. AI-powered chatbot provides a personalized learning environment for everyone. Developers create chatbots and expand their system to give them new conversation tools that enhance and improve people’s interaction and collaboration skills. Intelligent tutoring systems analyze people’s response and how they go through these learning contents. Actually, developers create chatbot that can be used to teach people by turning a conversation into a series of messages to make it a standard chat conversation.  Whether it’s for the teacher or student or anybody else, the learning process is very important to improve. And especially, aside from being an effective teaching assistant, chatbots are more likely want to know the details of information about their user. For them to gain benefit with each other.

Choose the best chatbot platform

If you want to be the best, then you should have the best. The best plat form to create chatbot Herobot, provides the best chatbot that can make people’s lives easier. Herobot is the most powerful platform to create chatbot that can engage with the user 24/7. This platform is free upon people’s registration and is easy to use. A lot of platforms are in the app marketing, but Herobot proves that it is the number 1 messenger marketing platform. It is also much more effective than the other platform and less expensive. App marketing competition is now getting a lot more attention. Lots of developers introduce their brand new developed application.

create chatbot

Herobot’s developers trust their platform and believe that it will be the highest-paid platform across the globe. And now, Herobot has the best features above all the platform on the web. This platform proves that everything is possible with the help of the brand new technology advancements. It already gains fame and popularity around the world. With their user-friendly interface, even a beginner can quickly learn in this platform and gain the best and magnificent interactive experience. In additional, Herobot helped over 60,000 and still counting satisfied users. This is the best and might still improve and upgrade their development in their product and services. Moreover, Herobot will rise up and give a lot more help for the people with their genius mind and passionate heart. Herobot platform said to be the one to be at the top.

Visit and connect with us

Chatbot platforms are scattered on the web. People only use the best of the best of these applications. If you are hoping to find and determine whether Herobot creating a chatbot platform is worthy, you can visit us at our website. In our website, you can all see the abilities of our chatbots that is made by our platform. Herobot grants you access to several useful functions for free. With just a simple drag and drop, you can create your own chatbot app. With no further additional cost, increase your revenue and efficiency. Empower your business with the chatbot you have created that will increase your engagement with the customers. And as of today, Herobot is still updating and upgrading their platform for the user to create more functional chatbots. Since this Herobot platform creates the best chatbot, their company business grows much bigger and much better.

create chatbot

Herobot offers this to different business so that won’t end up losing lots of customers. And now this platform trust and depend on their work or art called chatbot to the growth of their business. People now choose Herobot as one of the most reliable customer services online on the internet.  With advanced AI- technology, encouraging outcomes come along with the people’s way. Choose the best solution to reach your goals and aspirations. Connect now with our chatbot website and together will make a big difference in the world of technology. From this day forward, we will cooperate with each other and start creating the best and brightest chatbots. Visit HeroBot and create chatbot today!

18 Best Bot Platform You Can Use for a Successful Business

bot platform

As time goes by, the world is evolving with better and more advanced technologies. This then results in more convenient solutions for our daily tasks. Also, as we work smarter with new innovative tools, our labor needs and costs are dramatically decreased. No matter how negative others may think of this, it is undeniable how science has helped us live with ease. So in that matter, one of the latest emerging inventions that are proved to help many people is a chatbot. Building a bot shouldn’t be difficult. In this article, you will have the knowledge to help you select the best bot platform to build your chatbot. Make sure you read until the end, as we have saved the best for the last.

bot platform

Bots are an autonomous program on a network or computer. They are used for communicating and acting with computer systems or users like how human servers are expected to behave. Also, they are commonly used for businesses online. However, finding and creating the right artificial intelligence that is most applicable to your page is not an easy task. This is why there are numerous variations of Bot Platforms that can help you with this.

Here are the list of the best Bot Platforms and their functions:

1. IBM Watson Assistant

In terms of conversation services, IBM Watson Assistant is proved to be one of the best choices in bot platforms for most businesses. It was able to comprehend two languages, English and Japanese, unlike any other bots. Also, it is a built-in neural network which interprets, analyzes, and understands dialogues and entities. Additionally, IBM Watson is flexible and allows you to deploy various solutions and provides different developer tools. It also offers choices of free, standard, and premium plans, depending on your budget and needs.

2. Landbot.io

Landbot helps users in creating personalized conversational chatbot systems. In addition, it gives a more intimate and special interaction with prospective customers. Also, it provides an easier and convenient way of creating and developing conversational bot flows. There are also options on how you are going to publish your bot in different forms in different channels.

3. Wit.ai

Of over 200,000 users, most developers find Wit.Ai to be the most trusted bot platform. It is appropriate in using entities, contexts, intents, and actions. You can also use either text or voice bots on mobiles and home automation. In addition, its system learns human language from collecting information on different interactions of its users and is used across other developers. Moreover, Wit.Ai have bots that can understand 50 languages.

4. Aivo

Aivo is an artificial intelligence that integrates human empathy and human-like dialogues to build more friendly and useful conversations. It is also most useful in costumer services, increased sales of companies and for a hassle-free billing process for the costumers. Additionally, this Agentbot can adapt to the rules of the channels you are going to use to avoid any bugs and complications. It supports English, Spanish, and also Portuguese languages. Moreover, the platform has a memory for long conversations from gathering information and applying it on building solutions for issues. Also, this easily integrates with third-party platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, Live, and others.

5. Api.AI Bot Flatform

This is a platform for bots, applications, services, and devices. Api.ai uses intent-based solutions based on the information contained in the conversation. It depends on the examples, entities used, parameters, annotations, and contexts contained in the dialogues. Subsequently, it transforms any queries into actionable data and returns as output data. Moreover, Api.Ai can support 14 languages that can be useful to your business’ international transactions.

6. Botsify

Encoding is hard, especially for those with limited to no knowledge about computer programming. But with Botsify, you will not need any of this. Specifically used for Messengers, slack or other website chatbots, Botsify lets you collect user data in forms. Depending on how you like it, you can either use questions or direct information like emails, address, phone numbers, and location. Also, this features a way of transferring queries to human servers whenever artificial intelligence has problems.

7. Semantic Machines

Semantic Machines develops new, language-independent technology that can be used beyond understanding commands and conversations. It also includes a conversation engine, speech synthesis, reinforcement learning, speech recognition, and language generation (NLG) technology. In addition, this engine picks up semantic intents from the dialogue, may it be on text or voice form. It then transforms the queries into a solution that will answer the needs of the costumers.

bot platform
8. Digital Genius

This bot platform enables customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes, and excellent customer services. It also features two ways of developing dialogues: autopilot and co-pilot. The former helps agents in dealing with repetitive lower-level conversations and lowers the cost of customer service operations. Meanwhile, co-pilot predicts the best possible answer for automation purposes, where human-learning and machine integration are combined.

9. Pypestream

With its more than 500 business users, Pypestream is proved to be the best for the commercial world. With its Smart Messaging Platform, its framework is used for natural language processing and keyword parsing. Moreover, its open and flexible API platform customs integrations and development of third party connectors and plugins.

10. Chatfuel

On creating chatbots for Facebook and Messengers, Chatfuel is the best suitable choice. Moreover, it automatically provides answers to comments and questions commonly asked by projected customers and prospects. However, if there are complications and the bot cannot answer a certain query, the dialogue will be transferred to human servers. This allows the business to provide more appropriate and direct answers to the costumers.

11. Mobile Monkey

Facebook Marketing is a trending and useful way of developing commerce into our modern generation. This is why creating chatbots that will enhance this method will surely help boot that popularity and sales of the company. With Mobile Monkey, creating useful and efficient conversations on Facebook is achievable. It is used in managing a number of lead generation activities such as chat blasts, drip campaigns, and list building. It has an automatic customer service that generates frequently asked questions into best suitable solutions.

12. ManyChat

Maintaining old patrons is essential, but having new prospected costumers is crucial in running a business. This is why ManyChat thought of a way to welcome new users by sending them contents, schedule posts, set up keyword auto-responses, and much more. By doing this, new customers will find your customer service to be more friendly and reliable. This is also an efficient cost because it is offered for free.

13. PandoraBots

Communication is always the key to good transactions; may it be in building relationships or customer interactions. With PandoraBots, communicating with local and international customers is made easier with its multilingual feature. It also allows you to incorporate a bot hosting service and natural language processing engine into your application. Moreover, you can easily build and deploy chatbots on your website, applications, and other popular messaging platforms by enabling two-way communication scale.

14. Chatscript

Winning the Loebner’s Award four times already, you can already see how Chatscript is one of the best Bot Platform there is. It is a rule-based engine which makes conversations more efficient and straight to the point. Also, this engine offers many features like pattern matching aimed at detecting meaning and simple rule layout. Moreover, it has integrated tools that can maintain and test large systems.

15. Reply.Ai

This is one of the best enterprise-level bot-building and management platforms. Its visual bot builder makes it easier to build bots as it enables useful two-way communication at scale. Moreover, its dashboard has built-in CRM, machine learning, and real-time insights. It helps in creating smarter and faster bots. Customer service is noted to be better with this engine.

16. Meya.AI

Running a business is the best experience with easier assistance in messaging costumers and creating support applications. With Meya.AI, building bots is like raising a child that you can train, host, and scale its abilities and communication skills. It also allows for easier integration with third-party platforms.

17. Boost.Ai
bot platform

This engine helps enterprises in building their personalized chatbots that they can use in specific actions. Boost Ai provides quicker support to costumers for a faster transaction. Moreover, this is possible by providing the best solutions that they have gathered and analyzed through ordinary conversations and frequently asked questions.

HeroBot as your best chatbot platform

If you are looking for a bot platform that will provide you with accessible and easy-to-build bots, HeroBot is the one for you. It will surely help you run and expand your business through Facebook Messenger Bot for drip campaigns, lead generations, sales, and support. It can also minimize your labor by automated communication and growth tools that are helpful for any industries. Scheduling, posting, tagging, and discovering is also easier with these chatbot creations.

The world is continuously growing and developing with technologies used in our everyday lives. Moreover, it is only natural for entrepreneurs to align their mode of business with the norm. This is why bots are developed and are now being used by numerous companies. Bots do not only increase the efficiency of their business but also the cost of labor. However, how do you know that you have entrusted your business in the hands of the right bot platform?

In this matter, you will need to be with the most trustworthy and efficient bot platform that will not lead your business to bankruptcy. With HeroBot, we are sure to give you the best bot experience. Visit our website for more information.

How a Chatbot Developer Give Life to Your Chatbot

chatbot developer

Chatbots make one’s job lighter and faster. From sending emails to answering queries, a chatbot can do it much faster than a real human can. At first, it could be questionable if a chatbot can really do the work of a human without any error, but due to the development of technology, chatbots gained a good reputation online.

The seamless transition from a real-life assistant to these machine agents can now be observed by merely using our phones and browsing through the Internet. Thanks to a chatbot developer, the online world can now taste the sweetness of chatbots and the benefits it can bring us.

chatbot developer

But, have you ever wonder how these technology-based assistants work? Inevitably, you sometimes ask yourself how a message pop-up to your Facebook Messenger without a live person sending it.

How does a chatbot come to life?

The life of a chatbot is no mystery nor magic, but, one can never deny the fact that it brought a lot of benefits to human works ever since it was created. A bot is programmed to work independently from a human operator. For this reason, you will sometimes ask yourself if a chatbot is a computer planted with a human brain.

Humans are fascinated continuously with self-operating and artificial intelligence-powered machines. Due to this, they consistently ask themselves, “How does a chatbot come to life?” To feed your mind with the answers to this question below is the process the digital friend of ours is made.

1. Setting your goals

Like everything you do or work on, it is essential to get a clear set of your goals. Is your bot for Facebook Messenger, for other online messaging applications, or should it be a talking bot? These goals will define what your chatbot is for and how it would help you as well as your clients in your tasks. You should also make sure that you are prepared since building a chatbot can be time and resource consuming.

2. Know your target audience

Before a chatbot is designed, it is essential to know where it would be used for and what kind of customers will it interact with. By identifying who your target audience is, you will be able to visualize how your bot would look like. The design of your chatbot must be suited to the service it offers so that it will attract more customers.

3. Designing your chatbot

In this process is where a chatbot’s personality, interaction to users, as well as how it will answer to question is defined. It is important that your chatbot functions to perfectly assist customers without anyone operating it. The whole finished result of a chatbot is based on how it is designed. Additionally, where the chatbot will appear is also defined in this process. Do research on what existing platforms can you generate more sales. For instance, it was reported that Facebook Messenger helped Sephora increase its sales ever since the store implemented a chatbot system. By doing this process, you will be able to know where your chatbot should create its reputation to the online market.

4. Creating your chatbot

Building a chatbot is divided into two main processes. First, understanding its potential users’ intent and secondly producing the best answer to every query. A chatbot’s first task involves understanding whatever tits user will input. On the other hand, the second one will involve the data processes as to how the chatbot will respond to questions.

5. Monitoring and maintenance

After being able to develop a chatbot, monitoring how it works must be done in order to see if there are flaws and usage problems. By monitoring your bot, you can improve how it works as well as you can improve the user’s experience. On the other hand, to keep the smooth speed of your chatbot, it should be consistently maintained. The manual input must also be done so that your bot will not lose its smooth speed.

Chatbot Developer – What is it?

While it is important to know how chatbots are made, it is more important to know the people behind this useful innovations: the chatbot developer.

A chatbot developer is a person or a platform behind the exquisite works of a chatbot. They have the knowledge to create a system that thinks exactly like how a human brain does. There are a lot of chatbot developers available online with both their paid and free versions. While creating a bot requires knowledge about coding, some of the chatbot developing platform online does not require you to be coding and IT, experts. Additionally, most of the chatbot developers now are targeting Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms because they know that they can get more clients there.

Here is the list of some chatbot developers in 2019:

1. Botsify

A simple chatbot builder that lets its users create Facebook Messenger-based chatbots easily. With Botsify, you do not need any knowledge about coding and programming since it has an easy interface. The developer also comes with some integration features. Botsify lets you integrate your chatbot to some other platforms like Spotify, Alexa, and WordPress.

2. Manychat

Manychat is another simple and effective chatbot development platform. Although this platform is exclusive for Facebook and has a monthly fee, it is perfect for integration to Facebook advertising, a series of messages, and mailing.

3. ChatterBot

chatbot developer

A chatbot developing platform that lets people step up into more complex chatbot building, ChatterBot. The platform has tools that aid in simplifying the chatbot training process. In ChatterBot, you have to create a series of entry in the knowledge graph so that your chatbot responses are correctly represented. After the input process of the knowledge graph, the developer then creates a Python Library that is language independent, which allows the chatbot to be trained based on the developer’s desired language. Undeniably, this chatbot developing platform is not for beginners.

4. Dialogflow

This platform is powered by Google’s machine learning. Grounded in natural language conversations, Dialogflow aids people to create either text-based or conversational bots. Additionally, it creates a connection to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and more. Dialogflow has inbuilt machine learning and natural language processing technologies that a chatbot developer can access. For this reason, the bot developers can focus more on the integral parts of their AI-powered system rather than on establishing in-depth grammar rules.

5. Wit.ai

Wit.ai helps developers to create bots that can understand and respond to human commands and questions. Wit.ai is for those advanced chatbot developers. Using this platform, developers can build bots that can respond to real humans through text or voice. This platform gets smarter as you continuously interact with it because it stores data needed for future usage.

6. Botkit

Perfect for chatbot developers who want to interact with other bot developers, Botkit is not just a platform but also a community of more than 7,000 developers around the globe. The platform is empowered visual conversation builder, open-source libraries, and thoroughly tested codes from some of the best chatbot developers, all available for you to use in powering your chatbot.

7. Pandorabots

You can say that this developer is already a professional in its area since it is one of the oldest and largest chatbot hosting services in the world. The creators of this platform aim to support the development of open-source standard support in making artificially intelligent bots. In addition, Pandorabots lets users create chatbots for different purposes like virtual assistance, messaging, command, and control. Moreover, the platform supports the development of Artificial Intelligence Markup Language open-source, a system used for creating natural language software agents.

8. Chatfuel

Aiming to make chatbot developing easier, Chatfuel is a bot builder for Facebook Messenger that lets a chatbot developer make his platform without having to have the knowledge about coding. Additionally, this platform has an intuitive visual interface that lets non-technical users build their very own chatbots and make conversational flows. Chatbots create connections between humans and machines through the use of messaging applications, so, creating a chatbot using this platform is really advisable.


This is another zero coding chatbot developer. Additionally, they also have different templates stored in their system that you can edit and use in giving life to your chatbot. However, TARS do not have a free version, and its price is somewhat higher than other chatbot developing platforms.


Sequel empowers developers and creators to build their own conversational and engaging human-like machines. Content creators – brands, game designers, journalists, and consumers, for instance, can create a platform that is entertaining and smart using SEQUEL. Moreover, SEQUEL has a growing number of messaging partners like Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Telegram.

11. HeroBot

chatbot developer

We saved the best for last. HeroBot is the most excellent chatbot developing platform on the web. Create your bots without the need of complicated coding or any other hassles. What’s more is that HeroBot grants you access to several useful functions for free. Yes, you’ve read that right, it’s free. With HeroBot, you have the power to create your own chatbot with a simple drag and drop. Increase your revenue and efficiency without the need to spend additional costs.

Empower your business with a chatbot that will increase your engagement to customers. To be able to do that, what you need is a chatbot developer that is perfect for your business and preferences. Connect with HeroBot now to the best chatbot for you!

Chatbot Testing – The Key to Efficient Chatbot Performance

talk to a bot online
talk to a bot online

We can no longer deny that chatbots have already brought a significant change to our lives. Everything that once just a dream becomes all possible with the help of chatbots. In business and all aspects, they are always there to save our day. However, we can’t still foretell how long these chatbots would work efficiently for us. Just like any other devices and software, there are some unexpected errors that can suddenly occur within their system. That is why; bringing your chatbot software for chatbot testing is really a wise decision. Try to figure out what’s the sense of your chatbot if you couldn’t access its functions because errors persistently occur? Believe it or not, you can refrain from these scenarios by just giving your chatbot a try.

Perhaps, chatbot testing may sound very technical and complex, but it’s really not. You only need to learn some essential elements related to chatbot testing until you find to yourself that you can actually do it on your own. Check it out.

Hands Off – Do Chatbot Testing First!

At first, you would surely get fascinated with what your chatbots can do for you. But, don’t ever forget to give it a massive try out. Perhaps, the capabilities you’ve been expecting from your chatbots are already installed in them, but sometimes, it doesn’t work the way it has to be. So to feel assured, check the list of chatbots features below.

These are the things you must always consider when performing chatbot testing:

1. Comprehension

Chatbots are programmed to interpret diverse kinds of messages from the inputs of human users. Hence, their Natural Language Processing ability has to be created in such a way that chatbots can still comprehend kinds of inputs unrelated to their basic functions. Chatbots’ ability to understand must not be limited to business and professional approach only. It would be great if they can interpret unexpected inputs and still capable of providing the right response to it.

2. Dialogue

The comprehension ability of chatbots highly relies on the conversation. That is why; testing its capability to come into a conversation is very significant. Try to imagine that you have already encoded input to your chatbot. However, you have to change it suddenly due to some unexpected circumstances. If your chatbot was able to cope with this sudden adjustment and responded favorably, be grateful because your chatbot is in good condition and functioning well. You can notice that your chatbots have good conversational flow if it talks skillfully and keeps you engaged with relevant responses.

chatbot testing
3. Resilience to Errors

Error management is a must-have feature that all chatbots must possess. However, this is something that often gets overlooked and set aside. Many chatbots have this feature installed to their systems, but there are times when it doesn’t function appropriately. Errors may happen at all times. Thus, chatbots must always be prepared to respond to this kind of situations and continue with the procedure. You can able to test this feature by going through their replies. If your chatbots are consistently sending you replies with substance and in relation with your all of your inputs, you have nothing to worry about. Perhaps, your chatbot is highly-resilient to errors. Make sure you go through this when performing chatbot testing. This is a very important area to check and look into.

4. Speed

How fast your chatbot can respond to messages, it receives at a time? You have to test this anyway because human users are too sensitive when it comes to performance speed. If you notice that your chatbot takes an unusual amount of time to reply, probably there is something not good with your chatbots. Chatbot testing can help you assess bot speed before paying for it. Bot speed can be tested by taking beta users on board.

5. Correctness

In many aspects of our lives, accuracy is very important. Same goes with chatbots. Human users always expect that chatbot responses are a hundred percent correct and reliable. Originally, chatbots generate responses from predefined utterances. You can check its accuracy by looking through correct responses it was able to produce out of predicted utterances. The number of correct responses it provided determines the level of its accuracy.

Ways on How to Test Your Chatbot

When you are buying your new mobile phone or a new laptop, the first thing you always do is to check if the specs are all intact. Same goes with chatbots. You can ask the programmer for chatbot testing before purchasing one. Below are some proven techniques on how to test the capabilities of your chatbots. Check it out:

But first, determine the areas you prefer to get tested!

It is really important to identify which specific areas you prefer to get tested with your chatbots. There are a lot of methodologies you can use for chatbot testing. But of course, you have to choose what fits your needs. Getting to know your preferred areas would be a great help to choose the right method to use. Having your chatbot tested the right areas, and specialization would give you access to its primary functionality. Thus, you can check the list of areas below to give you some ideas:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Reasoning
  3. Knowledge
  4. Input
chatbot testing

Now, here are some chatbot testing methodologies:

1. Developer Chatbot Testing

While the chatbots are on the process of development, it has already been tested by the developers. They test the software through verification and validation. Developers assess the responses if it answers the question with relevance and substance. If you have to look deeper, this is the most effective chatbot testing methodology. Technically, you can prevent further damage since you’re able to fix during the production process.

2. Functional Chatbot Testing

Chatbots are mainly designed to perform a specific function. Thus, chatbots must work at its best in this specific function. Testing its functional ability involves technical procedure such as boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning. Boundary Value Analysis is a strategy that can be used to detect if the boundary of the input domain contains some bugs. Therefore, this method does not require looking for some errors in the input. On the other hand, equivalence partitioning involves the division of software into equal portions. The errors and portion can be identified by putting the portions into one test case. Each test case works to find a specific type of errors.

3. User Chatbot Testing

The user experience would tell if your chatbots are working nicely or not. Therefore, user chatbot testing is a must-done step before finally releasing your chatbot to the market. With this, you can collect all positive and negative feedback from them to help you locate the aspects that need some improvements. Chatbot try-out to users with different personalities can also be helpful to measure how flexible your chatbots are. It can measure specifically the comprehension and dialogue ability of your chatbots.

Why Must Chatbots Function The Way It Should Be?

If you’re thinking that chatbots with excessive and persistent errors only affect you and your business, you’re wrong. Aside from you, there is someone out there who gets more compromised with your chatbots – your customers. In a shorter context, everyone connected to your business is affected when your chatbots do not function the way it should be. That’s why; try chatbot testing as early as possible. Aside from what mentioned above, there are still some other things you can get from using chatbots that perform very well.

Read it out below:

1. You can save your time

With less error, lesser time is consumed to finish a conversation with chatbots.  Additionally, your customers would be left with positive vibes when their chatbot experience faces no hurdles. It is important to give your customers an immediate action, especially at times when they are raising complains against your company. Your high-quality customer service strategy would help you and your business get through it.

2. You can save money

Of course, if your chatbots are performing at its satisfactory level, you don’t have to spend more money on repairs and rehabilitation. Instead, you can just allocate this money to sustain the good performance of your chatbots.

3. You can keep your customers steadfast to your business

You can keep your customers under your spell if your chatbots work very well. Always take note that the success of your customer service highly relies on the performance of your chatbots. So keeping your chatbots in good condition would apparently sustain high-satisfactory level experience among your customers.

chatbot testing

Come and Learn With Us!

Just like your doctor always says, “Prevention is better than cure.” So never hesitate to test your chatbots first before getting them engaged in risky operations in your business. Remember, it involves your customer, so be careful when making decisions regarding this matter. If you want to learn more about chatbot testing, you can contact HeroBot to learn. Our experts are trained to help you with any chatbot matters. Extend your chatbot inquiries now by visiting https://herobot.app/ or calling us at +1 416 623 8882.

Chatbot4u : A Guide to Understanding the Future of your Online Marketing


It is said that marketing in 2020 will be dominated by Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM and SEO). In this age where everything continues to develop, things get easier to do with the help of modern technology. Numerous artificial intelligence emerges from time to time with the aim to aid people in their daily life and routines. From simple to complex, these AI-based technological innovations aid people with their various needs. One of the many artificial intelligence is the chatbot.

For starters, a chatbot is a computer technology that aims to create conversations among human users. Many businesses use this technology to reach people faster. Although this platform has already been on the internet for a couple of years, it is only now that they are conquering the business world and how they reach potential clients.


One of the many reasons why chatbots are essential for businesses is that it can gather information from users and utilize it to give feedbacks according to the information gathered. Thus, having a chatbot4u and your business will help a lot in reaching more people faster. Aside from this, a chatbot is the future of online marketing. Therefore, having this kind of platform customizable for your own business means a good future.

Traditional Marketing Compared to Marketing Using Chatbots

Traditional marketing or what is known today as offline marketing has was always convenient for businesses in order to advertise them and their services. This is possible through print such as pamphlets and flyers, audio and visual advertisements like radio and television. Aside from these, there are a lot more means of advertising that do not use the internet.

Although this type of advertisement is very effective, it is always good to try doing something new and more effective in reaching people.

This is where AI-based chatbots take into action. As people search online for products or services, they want the information they need as fast as possible. Having a chatbot4u and for your business will improve the marketing strategy for your products or services. Additionally, this computer-based platform creates a more engaging and interactive way of connecting with customers while giving these customers what they need right in the palm of their hands.

Who Uses Chatbots?

Almost every entrepreneur use chatbots to connect to potential customers. They do this because using the internet in marketing would mean a greater audience reach. Hence, greater audience reach means greater addition to potential customers.

Here are some of the marketers that use chatbots:

Domino’s Pizza

Dom, the ordering assistant chatbot of Domino’s Pizza allows texting, voice, and even Facebook messenger allows conversation with customers for better order experience. This works by clicking the message button on Domino’s Facebook page, thus, directing the customer to Messenger or by searching for Domino’s directly on Messenger.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is different from other chatbot marketing primarily because they sell an experience rather than personal products. Their bot acknowledges to the users what it can do. It also says that the users can talk to real-life attendees anytime they want to.


This multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores is one of the well-known marketers that uses a chatbot. Also, its bot acts as a digital attendant that allows customers to choose among their wide variety of product without having to leave the Facebook Messenger.


This app’s bot acts as a knowledge base where customers can ask questions about the product. The bot also helps users to troubleshoot common Adobe errors.

Why you should have a Chatbot4u

First things first, chatbots easily reach people because of its connection to Facebook Messenger. As we all know, almost everyone has their own Facebook and messenger account. By having a chatbot created for your business, you will be able to reach numerous people. This is way different from traditional marketing where limited audiences are reached at a given period of time. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for a chatbot as a marketing strategy:

More efficient than email in terms of marketing

People think that emails are always cluttered with so many messages and trying to message businesses through this would be futile. This is the reason why they opt to reach businesses through social media. As mentioned earlier, Facebook has made a connection with chatbots possible. Due to this reach for potential customers is enhanced. Thus, by enhancing reach in social media, more customers are obtained.

A chatbot4u would mean a direct reach to specific audiences

Because chatbots can collect information about your potential client, it can customize its answers to their questions based on the information it gathered; therefore, customer satisfaction is certain. Moreover, this could also mean adding to your customers.

Chatbots accomplish their task in a place where people spend most of their time: the internet

We are now living in a world where everyone is internet-dependent. May it be, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or Viber, it is already evident that the internet is already large clout among people.

Having said this, having a chatbot for your business would mean that you could reach a large variety of audience in a short period of time.

Communication service and transaction are done simultaneously

The ai-powered bot provides the service that customers need while they make the conversation. Unlike the self-serviced marketing strategy where that is done way back then, bots provide every service that a customer needs. These bots help customers to find whatever they need wherever they are and at any time of the day.

Why Chatbot is the Future of Marketing

Marketing through chatbots is rising nowadays with the help of many technological advancements. Artificial intelligence, being one of these advancements continue to grow and develop more applications that can copy how real-life people think and act. It is said that in the near future, Artificial Intelligence will not only aid people, but it will also be able to talk, think, and build emotional connections among real-life people. With that being said, it is important to know why these bots are called as the future of marketing.

Chatbots converse directly with the users; thus, the insights are directly from the consumers

Because of this conventional setting, chatbots can ask questions that are too personal to be in traditional ads. Some of these questions are:

                “What music genre do you like?”

                “Where do you live?”

                “Where do you want to travel?”

and many more questions that traditional marketing ads could not contain.

Personalization is possible

It is evident that advertisements are targeting a brand’s potential customer personally. By using chatbot4u, this kind of targeting becomes possible. This internet-based platform personalizes a message specifically for the users in order to know what product or service suits their taste. By doing this, brands will be able to understand the needs, wants, and expectation of a potential customer. Furthermore, they can offer a product or service based on how the potential customers answered the questions delivered by the chatbots.

A chatbot is transforming business capitalization trends beyond traditional communication.

Active connection to within bots and users improve not only interactions but also marketing trends. There are billions of monthly users on social networks, and having a chatbot that will help you reach these billions of people will be a great help in marketing your business online. Moreover, this Artificial Intelligence powered bot provides a good way to get in touch with buyers.

The waves of technological innovation are never-ending

As the years go by, it is noticeable that technology becomes more and more innovative. Therefore, it is safe to say that chatbots, like chatbot4u, will become better means of online marketing in the near future.

By 2020, people will have more conversations with chatbots than with their spouse.” This statement was said by Christi Olsin, one of the world’s chatbot experts, voice research and voice assistants. Some experts even stated that in the future, bots will be able to forge an emotional relationship with customers.


Having said all of these, it is safe to say that people will be more dependent on chatbots such as chatbot4u in the near future. These computer-based machine is making a great impact on industries in terms of customer service. Enhanced interactivity among machines and people can be noticed now that chatbot is crawling its way to the online marketing industry.

A great partner is what you need if you want your business to be on top. Meanwhile, with the chatbot’s ability to adapt to the needs and expectations of customers, it will be easier for your business to include the personal touch of customers to the products that they avail.

We can help you develop a chatbot4u here at HeroBot. After all, the success of a business relies on the marketing strategy it has. Contact HeroBot today and let us help you make your very own chatbot for your business and marketing needs.

Free Facebook Bot: Chatbot for Effective Business

free facebook bot

Nowadays, businesses don’t only acquire traditional marketing methods and strategies; but also they use digital platforms to enhance mobile reach to potential customers. For instance, entrepreneurs now strive to make their brand work and stay on top with the help of a free Facebook bot.

A free Facebook bot is a new automated mechanism build by Facebook, which can be seen as one of the Facebook Messenger’s additional features. This is no surprise to people because Facebook garnered 2.375 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2018. Moreover, 70% of its business-to-customer marketers have obtained customers via this wide social media.

free facebook bot

Therefore, you need a bot for your business. But before that, you need to know some brief information about this before gaining one. So, read it first.

The Evolution of Facebook Messenger

Facebook released its new instant messaging feature in April 2008, namely “Facebook Chat.While in August 2011, they have revamped the said chat feature into a standalone mobile app available in both iOS and Android ad named it “Facebook Messenger.  Later, on they released its versions on Blackberry in October 2011 and Microsoft in March 2014.

As of April 2015, they launched a website interface for Messenger. Moreover, they created and released its new lighter version “Facebook Messenger Lite” in October 2016. After a year, they improved the messaging app and brought a newly built home screen with tabs, and content categorization and interactive media.

Facebook Messenger Features

With its leading innovation in technology and industry, there is no doubt that it’s widely used in the business market. So, here are the latest features that you should never miss.

1. Sign up without a Facebook account

Android users can sign up with Messenger without a present Facebook account. It only requires a name and phone number to enter.

2. Direct Messaging

Users can freely message others without being known as friends, as long as those people are existing in the user’s contact list.

3. Chat Heads

Chat heads are round displayed icons wherein the contact’s profile photo becomes visible on screen without interfering the usage of other apps.

4. Money Transfer

In the US, UK, and France, users can send money to their friends. Later on, it expanded to various group payments.

5. Calls

Users can engage in voice calls or video calls. As for the video calls, they can have single, or group voice calls depending on their choice. In addition, video chat is accompanied with extra features such as the video filters and animated reactions. Besides, they can also capture screenshots and live filters with changing colors or lightings on their feeds.

6. Location Sharing

The Location Sharing features gives the users an insight to point out any location with a presented map location, whether they are there or not in that particular place.  Later on, users can have access to live location sharing wherein they can share their location to their group or a single friend for an hour at a time.  

7. Business Interaction

Businesses can interact through Messenger. The feature includes track purchasing, notification receiving, and personal conversation with respective customer service representatives.

8. Third-party App Integration

Users have the ability to unfasten compatible third-party integrated apps within Messenger. Such examples are movie ticketing services and GIF generators that you can share with other pre-existing participants.

9. Transportation requests

In the US, users can directly request and hire a car with its Uber feature from Messenger.

10. SMS Support

Messenger has moved instant messaging to the next level with its extensive feature to allow SMS texting support. It enables typical text messages to direct in the said app.

11. Multiple Accounts

Facebook has added multiple accounts in Messenger.

12. Bot Platform

An API built technological bot was built and released to the public for it could interact to its users. Moreover, it can participate and converse with group chats, it has several extensions such as games, book flights, and music playlists, and has a special QR code scanner for brands.

13. M Assistant

M is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant that has the capability to automatically finish and accomplish tasks for users. This includes item purchasing, gift delivering, and travel arranging.

free facebook bot
14. Home Messages Panel

A home button panel was released for creating a central location for sending and receiving messages. This also features a “Favorites” section for each user’s most recent messages and communication.

15. Secret conversations

Users can have an end-to-end encrypted message data through a  messenger feature called “Secret Conversations.” Users can have an end-to-end encrypted message data through a  messenger feature called “Secret Conversations.”

16. Instant Games

It allows users to play games in Messenger like Pac Man and EverWing.

17. Messenger Day (MyDay)

This feature enables users to share photos and videos with friends, which automatically disappears after 24 hours, which is similar to Snapchat.

18. Reactions and Mentions

This lets users make a reaction through tapping an emoji and making mentions through typing @ in a group chat to mention a specific person.

19. Augmented Reality Effects

Users can add 3D effects on their photos and videos.

20. AI Chatbots

This allows messenger bots after accessing a 2-step verification process.

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

As we discussed earlier, Facebook Messenger and its current features, we come to reach the extent of using a special feature that can nurture your growing business – a free Facebook bot.

A Facebook Messenger bot is an automated technology feature on Facebook Messenger. This only proves that there are some bots who exchange conversations with 1.3 billion people Facebook Messenger users every month.

Over and above that, Facebook has announced that there are 300,000 active Messenger bots as per announced in the 2018 FB Conference.  So, if more people are on Facebook, then this means having this kind of bot can scale up potential business and marketing strategies.

Why Businesses Should Use a Facebook Messenger Bot

Business conglomerates are mostly using this new hybrid technology for their effectivity, growth, and success. But, why do you think these firms should use such Messenger bots? So, here are the two main advantages that can lead you to your optimal goal.

1. There is a low hurdle to pass through for the user and its target audience

Of all the apps available, Facebook Messenger is the 3rd most used in the world. Up to 68% of all app users use Facebook Messenger. Additionally, this app is not just for group chats among family and friends. In fact, a Nielsen survey showed that people consider messaging as the 2nd best way to talk with a business. Also, people are exchanging more than 2 billion messages with businesses monthly using Facebook Messenger. Now compare this with the rest of the mobile application market, where 71% of app users delete an application in a span of 90 days.

So, if you want to have excellent communication with your customers, creating a Facebook Messenger chatbot is less expensive than building a mobile application.

2. The competition is not that fierce, yet

Yes, Facebook already has 6 million advertisers. However, there are only over 300,000 chatbots in the market. It means there’s no fierce competition yet.

Additionally, the CTR (click-through rates) of email marketing (3.1% on average) hasn’t improved in years, and just 30% of marketing emails are opened. Moreover, chatbots can also help you to bypass inbox competition as well.

So that’s the main context. Let’s now proceed in breaking down how messenger chatbots can help you:

1. Directly reach your audience

Headliner Labs found out that people are 3.5x more likely to read a Facebook message than that of a marketing email. Additionally, since users can respond by means of a CTA button, it means that they don’t need to type. Therefore, they are more likely to move further to your marketing funnel.

Moreover, the Facebook messenger also has sponsored ads that can be sent to anyone who previously interacted with your page. This, therefore, means that you already have a list of subscribers. You can use these ads together with your chatbot in targeting high-intent customers.

2. Save money and time on customer care

Every customer expects 24/7 availability, but they really hate waiting for a long time. In addition, they also tend to ask the same questions again and again.

So, if you spend a lot of time to check your return policy, book appointments, or help people track deliveries, automation will be a great help. Focus on tasks that chatbots can’t do. Moreover, with a free facebook bot, you never have to pay for medical bills, as chatbots wont’ catch any illnesses.

3. Identify quality leads

As your chatbot greets potential clients, it can ask basic questions, identify their needs, and direct quality leads immediately to your human team.

4. Handling e-commerce transactions

With the correct script, chatbots can do sales task as well. Also, because everything happens without the need to leave the comfort of Messenger, drop-off rates are significantly lower than that of a traditional ad-to-webpage method.

Moreover, conversational commerce features personalized upselling because chatbots can make suggestions.

5. Customer Re-engagement

Chatbots are able to retain information. This will then enable you to use that information to go an extra mile.

Instead of paying for loads of advertising, Messenger chatbot could reach-out personally. Chatbot offers relevant contents at the right time. They can remind customers about products sitting still in their cart, or that they sent something to someone this same time last year.

Facebook messenger is indeed promising, right? What’s even better is that you can create and acquire your own free Facebook bot! Yes, you heard it right! Here at HeroBot, we offer tons of premade chatbot templates just waiting to be great assistance in your business. What’s more, is that you can easily create one without the hassle of complicated coding. So, interested to start your chatbot venture? We are more than happy to help you! You may visit our website by clicking this link or contact us at +1 416 623 8882.