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The Best Chatbot Platform for your Online Shop

best chatbot platform

People are too obsessed with their mobile phones and can’t seem to last a day without it on their hands. This may be due to the accessibility and comfortability that their mobile devices can give the. Moreover, there is a large number of innovations that are focused on improving phones. Now, more mobile applications are available to help people work faster and smoother on specific tasks. With this in mind, entrepreneurs used the attachment of people to phones in creating the hype of online shopping. However, it is also essential that you have the best chatbot platform to cater to the needs of every customer.

Meanwhile, online shopping starts with the idea of Michael Aldrich in 1979. At that time, they were only able to associate domestic television with a real-time computer. But now, everything changes as e-Commerce comes big and is continually expanding at an exceptional rate throughout the world. People of all ages and gender are hooked with the spell of different e-stores available in the market. Rather than putting too much effort and energy to go out to your local market, ordering an online shop is much more comfortable.

While we’re at it, let us also discuss how chatbots came into the face of digital marketing. Because of the hype on online shopping, more and more people are now engaging in it. However, it is hard for companies to cope up with the number of emails and transactions that they are receiving every minute. This is why most companies are using bots to help them connect with customers at any time of the day. With this, business people should make their best efforts to find the best chatbot platform for their online shop.

Why online shops are thriving

As we can see, almost everyone is already engaging or interested in online shopping. With this, there is even a study stating that the ratio between e-commerce sales between 2014 to 2020 will inevitably rise to approximately 200%. This drives marketers to do every measure that they can to earn their customer’s attention and loyalty to their brand. Also, their customer service must be exceptional, thus resulting in finding the best AI platform in the market.  If you are able to create the best chatbot in the exchange, you will surely be one of the best shops online. Here are some of the reasons why online shopping is sky-rocketing in the global market.

You can shop anytime.

Most physical shops are only open their own working hours, which is not very convenient for most people. There will always be a time that you will only realize what you need when you are at a bed and is ready to go to sleep. However, online shops are always available online. Even if you want to shop at midnight, it will not be a problem. Bots made with the best AI platform will always be there to save you even if you have queries regarding the products you want.

best chatbot platform

You can wear whatever you want

You do not want other people to see you at your worst, even in the market, so dressing up is just a must. However, prepping takes too much time and effort. But online shopping, you can do whatever you want. You do not need to be afraid of other people seeing you wearing undies and stained shirts. This is best for those people who want to stay comfortable at their house.

You can check reviews

If you are the kind of person who is not very trusting to products, online shopping provides you with the best solution. Most e-shops allow previous customers and users to leave comments, suggestions, and reviews about a particular product. This helps people know if the item is legit and has the best quality before even buying the products.

You have many options

Going from shops to shops throughout the mall or flea market takes too much of your energy. It is very exhausting finding the one you want from thousands of items available at the stores. However, finding the perfect purchase online is more manageable. You need to write down the proper keywords, and you will surely be able to get what you need. Also, bots of the best chatbot platform are always available to engage with you if you have questions regarding the product.

Best chatbot platform for e-Commerce

If you are about to get in the online market, one of the staples is to create a bot that will help you process more business transactions. Also, its 24/7 availability will surely increase your customer engagement as well as the sales of your company. However, creating one might be a little complicated, especially for non-professionals. This is why there is some best chatbot platform that can help you succeed in the industry of e-Commerce.

Flow Xo

Rather than focusing on certain sites, Flow Xo has thought of a way to make integrating your bot to different social media pages possible. With it, you can connect your shop and AI on Twilio SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Web, Telegram, and Slack. Moreover, this is one of the best chatbot platforms because it offers various features for the users. It has different templates that developers can


online shopping

If you have websites created with WordPress or Shopify, you need to try out Botsify. As this is one of the best chatbot platform available in the market, you will not need to worry if it is authentic or not. Moreover, it even comes with APIs that are both easy to use and easily integrates with your available website. What is more amusing is that this platform can connect your creation with Alexa through its built-in chat-to-text and text-chat feature. Bots created in this platform are also intelligent enough to signal and let humans take over when there are complicated cases that need appropriate responses. The available platforms for this one are Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


Telegram and Facebook are now at its peak, and almost everyone already has their accounts here. This is why they are one of the best sites that you can engage your online shop. Now, Chatfuel is one of the best chatbot platforms that can make this possible. It is cloud-based and can connect you with your clients, customers, fans, and even business partners.

Moreover, this chatbot can give you access to almost 5,000 subscribers online. This is an exceptionally versatile platform that can surely help you. The only let-down on this one is that it is a bit harder to navigate than other messenger bot platforms. Other than that, you can also find tools and widgets that you will need to create a competitive and highly intelligent bot.


If you want to create a bot, but you are short on money, you can also find promising and best chatbot platform contenders online. One of these is KITT.AI. This bot builder offers semantic parsing, conversational engine, and natural language understanding. Moreover, the bots you can create with this one tends to have neural network-powered machine learning. With it, your bot can converse with other people more intelligently. It is undoubtedly a good platform if you wanted to step up your game on online marketing.


With the collaboration of Mixpanel Analytics, ManyChat can offer a chatbot builder that is very easy to navigate. It possesses both the primary and advanced tools, which gives you a wider variety of characters you want your bot to have. Also, anyone who is interested can embed or integrate bots on ManyChat can easily do it. Moreover, just like online shopping needs, this bot can recommend products on users. Furthermore, it can even ask the customers for feedback and also urges users to refer your brand to their friends.

online shopping

IBM Watson

One of the most known platforms in the market as of today is the IBM Watson. Almost all of the known websites incorporate it. It includes those in fashion, manufacturing, and even the education industry. Unlike any other bots, it has the capability of collecting information before processing and responding to customers. Moreover, you will never experience bugs and lags with this because it is powered with the eight-core processor.  It surely deserves a spot in the best chatbot platform.

Best Chatbot Platform—Herobot!

There are already thousands of shops available on the internet, and the competition is just genuinely harsh. To get on with this, what you will need is to follow the trend. You also need to make a move that is one step ahead of everyone. This is why creating an AI that will support your commands and will do specific jobs in place of other human employees is a must. It will surely save your business as well as the sales of your company.

However, if you ever need a hand on creating your bot, Herobot is more than happy to help you. This platform can give you’re the most comfortable experience in creating a bot without sacrificing the quality of your creation. It also offers different widgets and tools that can enhance the services that your bot can offer. Moreover, there are several templates that you can choose from if you ever need an idea about bots that you can create. Indeed, this one deserves to be the best chatbot platform in the industry. Visit our website to learn more.

Travel Chatbot

Travel Chatbot App: Your Destination Awaits

chatbot app

Traveling seems like one joyride towards captured memories and stored happiness. But it takes a complete process for you to be able to set your foot on your desired location. You need time and effort to organize your flight bookings to take in a great placement. Since it’s the 21st century, the transaction goes hand on hand electronically with chatbot app.

Heave-ho! A chatbot app will be your saving grace to a system of hassles. These types of apps make you feel at ease for they can attend your traveling concerns.  Conversations over this kind of app will allow you to have traveling inquiries. Basically, online travel agencies attend to their online prospects and treat them with digital hospitality. The world of chatbot enters the traveling industry as well, so it is now easily accessible for travelers to connect with their concerns.

Moreover, Conversing digitally with your inquisition about booking your journey with an impact from the chatbot applications is “digimazing.” The utilization of chatbot applications is pivotal gaming in the digital commerce industry that showcases an excellent interactive phasing and convenience. It is interactive because it quickly responds to the appraisal of the customers. While it is convenient to the part of a dependent with an all in one package of deals and services that is satisfying with their proceedings.

Chatbot in E-Commerce

E-Commerce is one of the gigantic industries on this day and age, creating an expansive internet job for techno-savvy people. A chatbot app offers great help on businesses to attain the supreme state of communication of their beloved customers. After all, traveling is really fun, isn’t it? You’ll be going to witness the overwhelming view of some places, and even collect memories of what’s happening at the moment. If you think booking of your flight schedule or travel schedule is hard, well, worry no more!

Integration of A.I. in chatbot app

Using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in undertaking the deemed of the users makes it a rapid-fire productive communication for the interested recipients. Chatbots are being run by the A.I.’s that can also be used promotional matters, online interaction (communication), and as a tactical ally on social media.

Furthermore, with AI’s birth, it’s quite a handful combined with advanced technology machines – micro and macro gadgets. Aligned to this is the time of executing your traveling plan as soon as possible, your vacation has a time limit into it. It is the moment when travel chatbot A.I.’s needs to step in, they can be your online friend in delivering effective communication.

Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service is, of course, should be prioritized, most especially the customers who want to have a vacation in an already fixed timeline. Vacations may depend on the possible errands or work, attending school schedules, so it’s quite dependent on time. Reservations can be easily handled using chatbot apps they can provide you with a highly productive competence. The said trend is not a joke! – it barely is. Send your requests, and they can answer you back with no hesitation.

The personalization or building a solid relationship with your customers is also a must. A.I.’s can make you satisfied and stay for you to come back with what they can offer. Also, chatbots can make an evasion to the 3rd party outsourcing, for business it is highly cost effective. The A.I.’s is active and visible on social media applications such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram that has a large number of users to be reached. Chatting is one of the most favorite activities on social media, and it is convenient for easy access.

During chat performance between the Artificial Intelligence (A.l) and a customer, it can direct you to links and registrations. Chatbot apps are helpfully vital, well, you can be assured that they are automatically responding on certain acquisitions. Meanwhile, they can’t solve complicated problems that you’ll send in. It is monopolized to initiate a response and be a digital representative for that task. A certain travel agency is accommodating you through a travel chatbot application empowered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Now, let’s take an excavation on the advantages of considering travel chatbots in to account. Delve in as you may leave your agreement on the notable statements beyond this exploration of good words.

Expedition on the advantages

chatbot app
1. A Breezy Reservation Agent

Basically, they are acting as a travel agent but not having a personal interaction with the customers. With just the work of your fingers chatting with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) they can book your travels on the spot. They can productively take in your preferences or package choices in line with your travel plans. Thinking of hotel reservations is sometimes a scratch in the head; with just an instant, they can help you in reservation processes. With this, you’ll have no worry if you have nothing to stay during your vacation or even places to land in as your trip goes on.

2. Can be an easy online payment center

With an online travel agent, you’ll be at ease too if you are worried about how to pay. The A.I.’s will do its tasks by sending you payment forms online through links, and then the transaction will start for your payment. The travel chatbot apps will lead you to easy access regarding financial transactions. Given as an example, they can give you instructions through Facebook Messenger, and that will direct you to forms of payment exchanges. There are different ways from various travel chatbot apps you’ll just have to attend your interaction on it thoroughly.

3. A portal-like world for recommendations or suggestions

If you are new in using chatbot applications specifically in traveling chatbot applications just so you know, they are tasks-flexible. They can also offer you new packages to add up in your decision on traveling. On the other hand, they can take your duty to plan for your travel or trips. The travel chatbot application can make you choose on the recent and latest recommendations on where to and what to choose as a tour package and deals. They can also suggest places, hotels, and restaurants to visit while you’ll do your vacation schedules.

4. Acts as a customer service representative

Inquiries can be a hectic corner to answer for a travel agency because their customers are heterogeneous – a lot to give responses. Servicing the customers to the fullest effort is truly commendable, but now the conversations are also done electronically. Chatbot applications are also capable of taking care of their customers. They can meet your problems and gives a solution to the best that they can. They are also aiding the question marks to be shaded as black as a sign of effective communication.

5. Time savior

If you have a lot of schedules to do and cannot go personally in a travel agency then you are advised to use a travel chatbot app. Keep the hassles away from you and inquire to the A.I.s of a chatbot with their rapid performance. In just a couple of clicks on your own gadgets then you can settle your travel plans easily. You can reserve the exhaustion for reservation and bookings that can be done by the effort of online travel chatbot applications. Time is precious, so don’t let it waste away by spending too much time fulfilling the progress for journey applications.

6. An excellent data and record caster

Encountered some problems within your application or registration can take away your trust to an agency. Chatbots, as empowered digitally, can restore certain memories from your previous conversations. Also, they can manage it for business purposes or some problems encountered throughout the sign-up process for travel. As it is stated they can retrieve data from the communication between A.I.’s and the customers. It can be useful for the queries if there are some regards regarding the online process that have done.

7. All around competitive performance (from flight to walk trips)

Airport booking for flights, hotel room reservations, restaurants to eat, with easy access, it is good in one go. They are one for a competitive package that is swiftly attended. With taps, it will go all the way towards the airport – booked for travel. Hotel Reservations they have a lot of hotel offers, and you can choose from your chosen quality. The nearest restaurants that you can walk in from, they will manage to suggest you the best of the best. It is competitive to it’s finest as far as you know because they will cater you a fast yet excellent service.

chatbot app

Your journey starts here! Try a travel chatbot app!

A lot of people want to wander around with fluid access online. If you own a travel and tours agency, it might be ideal to integrate a chatbot app with your business. Or you can even create a Facebook page and let a chatbot handle your customer services. Don’t know where to start? Well, here’s Herobot that will help you all throughout your chatbot venture. We offer the best and reliable chatbot services that will make you up for more from us. Let start now! Together, we’ll bring your business to another level. You can visit our website through this link.