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Improve Customer Relationship with Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

A company cannot be successful just by itself. The greatest factor that will bring its success is its good relationship with its customers. However, this is where a lot of companies, especially the new ones, are having trouble with. Even if they build great products or guarantee a good service, they still can’t find loyal customers and increase their sales. This is where the customer service departments take control with artificial intelligence chatbots.

artificial intelligence chatbot

The customer service personnel are in charge on connecting with customers and helping them to whatever they need. However, this is not as easy job especially to small companies who cannot hire a large number of agents at once. A large number of inquiries is also a big problem for a developing company who is understaffed. Thus, the best way to solve this answer is to create an artificial intelligence chatbot that can answer multiple customers all at once.

How about artificial intelligence chatbot?

“Can machines think?” This is mathematician Allan Turning’s statement that made a significant mark in the history. As time the modern world undergo constant change, the lives of people are continuously improving and innovating. One of the examples of this innovation is the Artificial Intelligence or AI. This is a branch of applied science where machines are programmed and generated to think like the human brain. So the answer Allan Turning’s question is “yes” machines can think, but how?

Artificial Intelligence works with a vast amount of data and sophisticated algorithms that will be programmed to be a software that can do as specific task or goal. From the simplest to the most complex order, artificial intelligence is made to comprehend all of it. It has datasets where the brain or information that will be needed is placed. Good examples of this are robots. Just like humans, it can perceive and understand instructions. They are made to solve and do a specific task to achieve a certain goal.  Reasoning, learning, and perception are the main goal these machines. Before everything else, there will be a testing process to evaluate the system or application through trial and error.

First, it has datasets or databases where a large number of data needed are stored. It also has weights that correspond to the value that will be needed for the output. Next, it will require inputs from the user. The input will be analyzed and assessed by the AI and produce the output. If the software did not create the output it desires, it will adjust its weight until it constructs the correct one. Artificial Intelligence can be machine learning, neural network, computer vision, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

But, what is NLP?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of artificial Intelligence that focuses on the interaction of humans and machines through natural language. It allows the machine to understand and decipher human languages. One good example of NLP is chatbot. This is a software program that uses the Internet and makes human connections to machines possible. Often called “conversational agents,” these chatbots mimic how a real person is talking to a user. It uses the Question and Answering System to have a real conversation or talk with a person.

With the utilization of the Internet, it connects to its user through words and voices in real-time. They have programs that enable it to talk and respond to a conversation at any time of the day. These collaborative software applications use Facebook, Telegram, Slack, etc. as their contact channel. As Forbes said, the chatbot industry exceeded $190.8 million in 2016. These chatbots are really useful in different fields and industries. Education, business, health, and social bots are prominent in every field.

Human Live Chat VS. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Chatbots can make an impact on the social and emotional feelings of an individual. As stated by Mauro de Gennaro in his study, Effectiveness of an Empathic Chatbot in Combating Adverse Effects of Social Exclusion on Mood, chatbots can give emotional support to an individual. These can also be a great help to relieve negative emotions and thoughts for your products and services. It gives no judgment and unbiased opinions.

But unlike humans, chatbots do not have any feelings. They can hurt someone without knowing or sympathize with them. Humans can offer to understand and care that machines cannot do, for short, humanity. Machines can never take the place of humans, BUT THEY CAN UPGRADE THEM. They are just programmed to perform specific conversations and engage with the users.

Whether chatbots or humans, everyone works together for a greater and stronger bond. But how are do these chatbots work? What is it made of?

artificial intelligence chatbot

Building Relationship with Customers

Chatbots are smart and can even have a function of machine learning that helps it learn based on an experience like a human child. While its main goal is to answer your queries and questions, it can also help in improving the relationship of the company with its customers. But, how is it possible?

Show its human side

Well, this is main factor of how a chatbot can help in building relationship with customers. By creating a personality for a bot, the conversation that it will create will be most likely fun for its users. There are even some corporate AI that were popular by itself due to its fun and entertaining personality. However, you must note that it cannot always be fun and that it should still be a perfect fit for your line of business.

For example, you can’t use a fun and sarcastic personality if your business is dealing with legal or health matters. You cannot have you chatbot going around and joking about a customer who is having a problem about a law suit and health problems or they just might get extremely annoyed or disrespected. In these cases, you should just give it a serious, empathetic, and informative personality.

Answer your customer’s feedback

The most problems businesses are having trouble with customer relation is by being active 24/7. For small to medium companies, this is extremely hard. It is because hiring more customer service assistants that will work for extra time or night shift is costly. Meanwhile, you can answer all this with the help of an artificial intelligence chatbot.

As you know, Artificial Intelligence chatbot provides a chat automation system that enables it to cater the needs of multiple customers at once. It is also available 24/7 and the customers will not need to wait long for a response anymore. Due to this, your customers will raise their approval and trust to your company which will affect your sales positively.

Bring out its Machine Learning

Gaining knowledge with each other is part of being in a good relationship. As for a great customer service, this is also the case. As much as the live servers should give helpful answers to every inquiry, they should also be able to learn when something happens and use it for future reference. However, many people believe that this is impossible for just a mere artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, this is actually not true. Chatbots are able to develop a machine learning capability where it is able to use its experiences with its customers for the future use. This is by storing new and unusual data that the bot may find valuable for future reference. This way, its developers will not need to update it repeatedly to provide better service. It also helps the bot to adapt to the needs of its customers which is important when building a relationship.

Reward your customers without a hassle

When you are doing something good, you always expect a reward for this. It is also the same for your loyal or new customers. For them, they are doing you a favor by buying your products and being a multi-time customer. Well, that is actually true but how can you reward them properly?

artificial intelligence chatbot

Giving special coupons could be one of the best tactics to make your customers feel rewarded. This could also help them feel the urge to buy and be gain rewards again. It is very similar to classical conditioning. Meanwhile, because bots are systematic and smart, it can detect which customers are newbies and which ones are old. In this way, artificial intelligence chatbots can give them vouchers accordingly.

How can you have your own Artificial Intelligence Chatbot?

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artificial intelligence chat

Artificial Intelligence Chat vs. Human Operated Live Chat: The Battle for the Future of Business Communication

It is still an unceasing question who shall reign in the future of online business communication. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence chat (AI) capabilities, marketers and customers are now in doubt whether they would still rely on traditional human customer support or embrace the new technology offered by AI chats.

Just imagine how powerful are these chatbots to be deemed resolving more customer requests than human live chat agents. Well, it is pretty understandable that they are becoming effective since businesses continuously adopt them as part of their customer service. How human-to-human live chat works can easily be comprehended, but it’s still important to get hold of its opponent – the AI chatbots.

artificial intelligence chat

Apparently, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are described as the technology that uses natural language processing or NLP to connect and trigger meaningful conversations whether with other machines or to humans. According to a report by Gartner, AI software in the line of business is predicted to help 85 percent of all customer engagements by the year 2020.

The abilities of artificial intelligence chat

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) grows rapidly. The most recent innovation in the field of “Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Machine Learning” is driving the demand of AI for today and in the future. Also, as for as we know, AI is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly in the world. Moreover, latest innovation in the field of ‘Machine Learning‘ and ‘Internet of Things‘ (IoT) is leading the demand for AI for today and tomorrow.

As we know, Artificial Intelligence is about intelligence in machines, and it gives the machines the ability to think and understand. Companies and researchers are now aiming to put emotions in machines. But, is it really beneficial for humans to increase the use of AI? If so, what are the advantages of Artificial Intelligence for long periods of time? Are there any disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence? Read this article to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

In the red corner: Artificial Intelligence Chat’s Abilities

1. Faster response time

Who would love waiting for sluggish responses? Since people are already immersed with a fast-paced environment, they will certainly choose to talk to an AI chatbot than to a live chat agent placing them on hold whenever they call. Moreover, survey shows how people love getting immediate responses from a chatbot, which guarantees them more rapid support and solutions to most of their simple requests.

2. Less error rate

With AI’s computerized sequences, one can assure a lesser possibility of work error weighed against a human’s work. Users can easily make with the help of algorithms as well as information already stored in AI. Moreover, these chatbots provide accurate, precise, and speedy assistance to customers when carrying out a given task.

3. Detailed answers

These “digital helpers” while handling requests also has the ability to present thorough responses. This can be seen in an instance when a customer looks up for flight status information. An AI chatbot can also be programmed to aid and give tips regarding check-ins, baggage drop off and seat upgrades besides answering the customer’s question.

4. 24/7 customer service

Humans need rest after long hours of works. The great thing is that chatbots are perfect associates that help clients in need of support outside the working hours. When human agents are not available, the business owner can easily delegate simple tasks to bots so they can still help out their customers 24/7, 365. Also, chatbots do not go home at the end of the day, do not require overtime pays and will not need any leaves (sick, maternal, etc.).

5. Reaching beyond humans

Due to some unexpected circumstances, humans who are susceptible to work risks cannot simply attend to a customers’ demand. Thus, artificial intelligence chatbots have the edge of fulfilling a work where there is a limit for a mere human to accomplish. Examples of these situations are fires, space projects or military works that are critical for human agents but “easy as a pie” for AI chats.

In the blue corner: Human Operated Live Chat’s Abilities

Live chat software allow visitors and prospect customers to connect and talk with a human agent on the business’ website. It was traditionally used as an excellent tool with the capacity of improving customer service while lowering support costs.

A good live chat system comes with a range of features, such as proactive chat invitations, the ability to animate chat buttons, and so on. The following list below would then prove that chatbots have specific capabilities that can be used to aid human agents, but not replace them.

1. Empathy for  customers

It is true enough that confronting a bot or simply talking with them can be infuriating at times. Well, this goes with Artificial Intelligence’ inability to bear-off how the human touch or a heart that empathize is still important to attain a full customer’s satisfaction. Also, chatbots might just provide a cold and discouraging image to brands as they cannot completely address much-complicated issues and circumstances.

2. Ability to attend specific questions

Chatbots are programmed for repetitive actions and can ONLY answer a certain set of questions which are found in its database. Therefore, if a customer asked questions which are not pre-programmed, then the Bot sequence will immediately come to an end leaving the customers dissatisfied with the business and its service. This is certainly an advantage for a human live chat agent who can right away provide rational answers and solutions to customers.

artificial intelligence chat
3. Credibility

It can be simply explained how people can easily trust a business who can provide real-time interaction with its clients. Chatbots can still be considered far from human beings who are more relatable and reliable as far as customer service is concerned.

4. Spelling genius compared to chatbots

Chatbots tend to be very sensitive to spelling. In other words, AI-powered bots might become confused once a user keyed in a wrong-spelled word. For that reason, human agents are still an advantage as they can comprehend and adapt to a spelling mistake with no trouble or difficulty.

5. Self-Innovation

Humans are creative in nature. This creativity helps human agents to adapt to the changes without being “programmed” like machines anymore. Meaning, chatbots cannot simply do something new and interesting unless they are told or instructed so.

And the winner is . . .

Considering the respective strengths of AI chatbots and human live chat agents, it is really a split decision.

Obviously, a business or a company will benefit the most from using chatbots and live chat together to address customer needs effectively.   If you are wondering what to choose from the two, then why not make these both available for your customers? 

A live chat operated by real humans is priceless and machines can never replace them. However, one has to look at the potentials of chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence in maximizing work capabilities. Nonetheless, both want to help people or customers save time, money, and energy.  

artificial intelligence chat

Both of them can work together to meet their ultimate goal of bringing the best service to their customers. It is only a matter of assistance to each other. Of course, Artificial Intelligence chats contain no human touch. There are always some times when you would need help from a real human customer service agent to settle some issues. The abilities of Artificial Intelligence chats would always meet limitation when it comes to comprehension.

In other ways, live chats run by humans would also need assistance from AI machines. When you are going to think about Artificial Intelligence chats, the first thing that comes out of your mind is convenience. Do you know why? Because convenience is something that real-life humans can’t easily offer. Artificial Intelligence chat which can perform multiple tasks at a time and with uncompromised availability, is there to rescue.

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We can’t deny that Artificial Intelligence chat functions way more efficient and effective than humans do. However, it doesn’t mean that they must dominate and dethrone human from operating the business. All we need to figure out is how to bring them together to work as one. It is very beautiful scenery to watch these two working along with their own strengths and weaknesses and coming to a wonderful outcome.

From the things discussed above, it is safe to say that you don’t need to choose between artificial intelligence chat and Human-operated live chat for the future of business communication. You all have the freedom to incorporate them both in the daily operation of your business. However, keep everything in control. Though chatbots are one of the best things ever in this modern time, they still need human assistance. Do you want to widen your knowledge about chatbots? Reach your business goals with Herobot. Our experts can help you understand deeper the power of chatbots. You can visit us at