Smart Bot Chat Marketing That Will Save Your Business

The era of smart bot chat is here, and they are going to stay. Chatbot is dominating the virtual world marketing, and every business people are getting on board. This year, social media is demanding more bots to give them the best and easiest way to finish their tasks. Moreover, these bots are the number one factor helping conversational commerce emerge in the industry. 

smart bot chat

Furthermore, more than half of the consumers are now relying on customer service provided online by brands. Social media is currently the best market place that you will find for better interactions between businesses and their customers. The customers who prefer communicating with smart bot chats have reached more than 69% already. Rather than thinking that they are cold and have no emotions, customers appreciate the precision and speed of services bots could offer.

Smart bot chat marketing samples that you can use

Developers create bot chats depending on the services they are envisioning it to provide. It can be used and utilized for different purposes, so you must be sure about your plans. It will hinge the positive impact of your brand and the quality of products or services that your company has for consumers. If you are having problems thinking ways of using bots for your business, we created a list that can help you along the way.

Here are some of the smart bot chat marketing samples that can help you:

Hello Fresh

This is a very innovative brand that has created a smart bot chat that will answer all the requirements a bot must-have. Moreover, it does what a bot must do and stays simple and easy to use for the customers. Hello, Fresh is self-aware, and straightly introduces its brand to the customers. It frankly states that rather than going around the bush and pretending, it is a bot and not a real human.

Always remember that humans are brilliant beings. You cannot fool them into believing that they are talking with a real human when they are not. If you do this, your customers will get bored and irritated than entertained. Moreover, this bot smartly suggests frequently asked questions with customers to avoid open-ended questions. This way, the conversation will go smoothly without any confusing questions. It also provides vouchers for its users so that they will feel more special and encouraged to purchase.


For those who are in a small business, Evernote is the best example that you can have on creating your bot. It also shows the most straightforward way of using chatbots on small-time marketing. It is not that complicated to create because it merely gives out information about the business. There is no need for customers to have a lengthy conversation because it already provides then complete answers.

Moreover, this bot introduces its twitter support team for additional information that the customers need. This is an elaborate experience that will give the customers the essential details that they will need to know. Although it may not seem as remarkable as other chatbots in the market, this kind of bot will give you more customers.

Domino’s Pizza

This is an excellent example of smart bot chat marketing that business people can use in their brand. Although people are employed in conventional ordering on calls and applications, this new trend is giving customers a great experience. Furthermore, Domino’s is very casual and straightforward. It also asks direct questions that will give out immediate answers when taking an order.

smart bot chat

Domino’s chatbot allows its consumers to customize the pizza they are ordering. Starting from the size, crust up to the toppings, the customers can choose what they like. This is hard when made on calls because it can be quite confusing. However, with bots, the customization process is made more accessible. It also gives more satisfaction to customers, especially to those who are very specific on their preferences.

Universal Studios

When you hear Universal Studios, you automatically think about movies and artists. However, it also has its smart bot chat that helps its clients go around its resort and theme park. With this bot, people will not need to go around finding information centers and bodyguards. With just a click on the messenger bot of Universal Studios, all their queries can be handled easily.

One example of the services they do to help customers is providing them information about the bus schedules. It also includes what to expect when they are going to ride on the bus. All visitors of Universal Studios want to maximize their time to experience more activities. This is why a bot is very helpful when they need to adjust their schedules. Moreover, the bot is also straight to the point of admitting that it is just a bot. If the customers want a real human server, they can do that by typing the provided keyword.

Arsenal FC

If your business is not about selling products and resort reservations, it will not be a problem. Smart bot chat is available and applicable for all types of companies regardless of size and industry. It is why Arsenal FC is the best example for those businesses in journalism and broadcasting.

Arsenal FC is an English soccer powerhouse that broadcasts news and information about their games. Users can ask about the highlights of the games as well as score reports. This is for those who are not able to watch their games when it was broadcasted. It also provides information about the team line-ups, upcoming fixtures, and another related news article about the game.

Among other chatbots used in marketing, Patron Tequila is quite exceptional. It combines customer service with content delivery that will help the brand boost up its sales. They also managed to make their bot name funny with puns—Bot Tenders.

Bot Tender is a cookbook for those looking for a way to find the best cocktail that will match their meal. It will provide suggestions based on the preferences you mentioned. This bot will tell its users about the proper way of making the cocktail as well as the ingredients you will need.

After that, Bot Tender will kindly ask its users to take a picture of its finished product and post it on social media. The post must include the product name as well as the hashtag #SimplyPerfect. This is a simple but creative way of having user-generated content that will entice more customers.

How to create a smart bot chat

With the samples above, you now have an idea on how to utilize chatbots. This is the time that you will have to start creating your own. Building your bot may sound complicated, but with these tips, you are sure to create the best smart bot chat.

Step 1.

You have to learn about the opportunities that AI-based chatbots are offering. Know what you can gain from them to know how to extend the full potential of your bot — research chatbots and companies who are using them. You can also take a quick scroll on your browser to learn about the opportunities you can gain from them.

smart bot chat

Step 2.

Know your goals in building your chatbot. Do you want it to be more conversational or informational? Is your goal to answer the concerns of your customers? Do you want to advertise your brand? These questions are essential to have answers. This will pretty much outline your initial plan upon creating your smart bot chat.

Step 3.

Design your chatbot conversation. Imagine the possible conversational flows and base your bot with it. Input information and features you think are going to help your customers throughout the dialogue. You can make it funny to bring more fun or professional depending on your business. If your bot has excellent conversational skills, then customers will undoubtedly spend time talking with it.

Step 4.

Don’t stress yourself thinking of ways to understand coding in just a short time miraculously. Take the time to find the best bot platform that will help you create your bot without coding. There are numerous bot builders you will find on the internet. They can help you, and they also provide bot-building templates that you can choose from. It will just be up to you to pick the best one.

Pick Herobot!

Are you having a hard time finding the best smart bot chat platform? Then, Herobot is your best choice if you want to have an easy path of creating your bot. You will not need any coding skills, and we are even offering several templates that you can choose from. Herobot also has different widgets and features that can give you more customization options. For more information about our bot platform, visit our website or contact us. We are always willing to help and guide you throughout the whole process.

Conversational Commerce: AI Bots to Talk to

AI bots to talk to

As technology is quickly advancing, the business world is coming along with it fast. People in business are trying to be as innovative as possible to carry on extreme competitions in commerce. Today, it is not enough that your products are great, but you also need to think of the right marketing strategies to get your customers hooked. With this, it is essential to know how you can achieve the best conversational commerce for your company. This is by utilizing the most excellent AI bots to talk to.

Even from the time when trade was only starting, the conversation has already been the greatest tool people are using to improve their sales. These days, the expectations of consumers are hungry for innovations in convenient, personalized, and speedy communication. The thing that is being highly praised and much needed by all online industries is the chatbots.

ai bots to talk to

Why cCommerce is our future

Time is money, and customers refuse to waste the chance to do other tasks just because of an automated phone menu. Moreover, waiting for a response from a business email is too much of a hassle.

This is why most brands choose to invest in creating bots that will satisfy customers with authentic and fast conversations. Relying on slow and frustrating means of communicating with customers seemed like a distant memory in commerce.

Here are some reasons why:

Consumers no longer select and buy items.

Instead, they now have the habit of researching for the merchandise and reading some reviews. With this, it is beneficial to be equipped with the best bot.  Your customers can converse about their queries regarding your products on bots. It will also be helpful in knowing your shop’s location and other services that your business could offer. You should note that almost all of the consumers are now relying on emails, websites, and social media on choosing the product that they will buy.

Today, there are already over two billion interactions between business and customers on Facebook.

It has been one of the most significant social media platforms that are being used by businessmen. As almost everyone has their Facebook accounts, it is easier to attract customers with this. Artificial intelligence offers its customers a smarter, faster, and more predictive way of reaching out with them. Moreover, its personalized feature is flattering and making customers feel more secure and exclusive.

Study shows that Twitter Customer Care has been increasing sales for businesses.

The willingness of consumers to spend on products and services of a brand is growing as they get responses from Twitter accounts. When they tweeted something about a product and was able to get an answer, their excitement is building. In addition, word of mouth is also fast on Twitter as it is very easy to retweet a post or a thread. Furthermore, customers really appreciate direct messages, especially if it is convenient and fast to respond.

Voice-enabled digital assistants are millenials’ preference in researching products before they buy.

Things are possible if a business has AI bots to talk to customers. It is fast, personalized, and fun, which is why it is easier to use than other applications. Moreover, with it, customer service is now not a problem of businesses when holiday seasons come. By providing a connected online shopping experience for consumers, their sales are going uphill form time to time.

How cCommerce works

  • Manual / One-to-One

This type of communication commerce is on one on one basis. With this, a server must talk to a customer manually and privately. One example of this is by sending thank you messages or giving coupons to a customer who has given your products or brand a good review.

  • Manual / One-to-Many

This is sending a single message to different persons. One example of this is when you have opened a store in a town.  You may want to notify those people around the vicinity. With this, you will need to send out a message customized to target a group of customers close to your location.

  • Reactive / Automated

This is more on answering queries rather than sending the first message. Bots are the number one workers of this type of cCommerce. A customer has purchased a product from your store but has messaged you because of some problems. The query will be automatically recognized by a bot and will send the customer an adequate answer.

  • Twitter Proactive / Automated

Titter Proactive is an automated cCommerce which gives the brand a more friendly personality. One example of this is when a customer purchased your product for the first time. To provide them with a pleasant shopping experience, you can automatically send him/her a sweet message thanking her. 

Best AI bots to talk to

Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is developed by one of the most leaders in Artificial Intelligence Space, which is the IBM. This comes handy as it can understand historical logs as well as other chat messages. It will then search for answers based on your knowledge ad can easily ask customers for further explanations of their queries. Moreover, Watson Assistant is trained to direct the questions they will gather to human representatives.

ai bots to talk to

Furthermore, this bot can run on your messaging channels, mobile applications, websites, and service tools. You will also not need any coding experience because Watson Assistant comes with a visual dialog editor.


Bold 360 has created a processing technology that focuses on natural languages. Like how it has helped their trusted customers like Vodafone, Intuit, and Edible Arrangements, it aims to help other brands. This is by building AI bots to talk to that will understand customers’ intent even without keyword matching. Rest assured that the bot will still be able to deliver the right answer for their queries.

Most of all, the Conversational AI of Bold360 can easily interpret complex and different languages all while remembering the context of the whole conversation.

It can naturally reply to customers based on their collected information. Moreover, customers find this bot very convenient as they can make their purchases through chatbots. This chatbot also has its own personality and can be used on different messaging channels.

Dirty Lemon

When talking about innovative conversational commerce, what most people will think about is the Dirty Lemon. It is a digitally-native company that focuses on its wellness beverages since 2015. It has already sold more than two million bottles and was also famous to celebrities, influencers, and other capitalists.

Also, most digital brands only allow customers to order from their websites, but Dirty Lemon has thought of a better way. Since it was founded, the brand has only relied on text messages for transactions with their customers. Nowadays, they have made a bot that will automatically answer queries and compile orders through text messages.

According to the CEO of Dirty Lemon, Zak Normadin, their platform of propriety conversational commerce will enable all the purchases of their products through text messages. This made their company more approachable by customers of all age and status.


Ruali is an AI-powered bot that bases its ability to understand natural languages through deep-learning. Its adaptive multitasking skill is best for brand enterprises as it can easily switch to different tasks. It also follows conversations and predicts the behavior of its users. Moreover, its AI bots to talk to can grasp the preferences of customers and take actions with them. When the messages are really confusing, the bot can also ask for clarifications from customers.

Furthermore, bots from Rulai can also be connected with different messaging channels, cloud storage platforms, enterprise business software, and customer service software. Depending on your preference, you can build Ruali bot from scratch and use its drag-and-drop designing console. Right after, the AI will then adapt to your shop’s customers. If you want an easier route, you can just use a pre-trained bot that is customized from data of your industry.


As your brand’s first choice in customer support, Vergic can offer AI-power chatbot that will handle transactional chats. Furthermore, it can also notice complicated problems that they will automatically send to human customer service agents. This kind of bot can boost the productivity of your company’s employees.

Vergic was able to perform sentiment analysis by leveraging natural language understanding with natural language processing. Moreover, these AI bots to talk to can also manage report and workflows regarding conversations as well as highlight pages and share documents on chatbot analytics.


Inbenta is designed explicitly for brand enterprises and can detect the context of conversations with customers. They can answer the questions accurately as it leverages its natural language processing engine from machine learning. Inbenta allows its users in crafting custom conversational paths and flows with their dialog manager.

Moreover, these bots are brilliant as they can detect the need to send complicated conversations to humans. If they think that a customer wants to talk to a human server desperately, then they will connect to an appropriate support agent. It is also advised to create a customized avatar to make your bot to feel more humane.

ai bots to talk to

The essence of digital marketing with AI bots to talk to

This is the digital era where every business are expected to dwell in the world of online companies. There are many competitions, and the urgent need to satisfy customers are getting stronger. With this, everyone is already using chatbots to enhance the customer service of their brand.

However, if you are interested in making your own AI bots to talk to, Hero bot is here to help and guide you on your creation. We will ensure to boost your sales fastly. For more information, visit our website by clicking this link.

How To Determine if Chatbot is Intelligent?

chatbot intelligent

How can we describe the Intelligence of a chatbot? How can we determine if a chatbot will appear intelligent just like in every article around the world? A chatbot is computer software that can simulate a conversation in a real-time through the website with a user. And also, these chatbots decode the user’s messages quickly and respond accordingly. Intelligent chatbot has the ability to handle any situation of a conversation with comfort. But did you know that there are two types of chatbots?

chatbot intelligent

Moreover, they are Rule-Based Chatbot and AI Based Chatbot. These two types of bots have a lot of different about their Intelligence. Rule-based chatbots, also known as decision tree bot, these bots have a well-defined set of rules for solving user queries. They cannot handle any questions outside a particular set of rules, and it is why they become predictable.

Another type of chatbot is the AI-Based Chatbot that is also known as contextual chatbots. Natural Language Processing makes them smart enough to understand the intent, context, and language of the user, all of this makes AI Chatbots lot more efficient and effective. One of these AI-powered chatbot examples is the HeroBot. HeroBot’s Chatbot is Intelligent that learns through machine learning and provide the more human touch in their conversations.

These chatbot applications are the interactions between people and services. They recognize the user’s intent and then derives with the best response. And with these kinds of technological advancement, this platform getting much bigger and better. A Person can’t perform or do his job practical if he does all the work all alone in gathering the pieces of information about their clients.

How can a chatbot’s Intelligence help a business improve customer service?

In this article, everybody could learn how chatbots Intelligence can help them improve their customer service.

1. Chatbots delivers quick response to the users.

People are easily frustrated when they receive a note that tells them that it’d take several business days before simple issues can be resolved. And sometimes they don’t even get a reply. Every customer wants an instant response to their query nowadays. Also, some of them don’t solve their issue on their own. And that is why they require assistance from a chat agent. But even a live agent takes a while before resolving the customer’s issue. And that is when they consult for a piece of advice with the chatbots.

2. Chatbots Can Help the User to Save Cost on Customer Service

Did you know that a chatbot is intelligent that they could perform a task of a numerous customer service agent? Yes, it can. Chatbots are the most cost-effective customer service solution for any brands, even in a high and low budget. You don’t have to employ many customer service agent representatives that can manage your customer’s question if you have these chatbots. Therefore, it is a win to win situation between the customer and the company itself. However, chatbots may not be capable to solve complex problems that need a serious analysis.

3. Chatbots Reduce Error of the Human Agent

Chatbots applications have access to massive information that can help them answer your customer’s questions accurately. Unlike people that can forget small details because they are too much busy doing their job. Due to many errors or mistakes, a potential customer could not be satisfied with the interactions between them. An unhappy customer will now willingly do transactions or business with the company again. But a chatbot can keep the customers happy and willing to have business with them again. With their intellect, these chatbots can determine whether the customer is happy and satisfied or not.

Voice Recognition

With the growth of the advancement of technology, chatbots intelligence is not just about having a conversation with a text dialog box. One of the chatbot’s Intelligence now is voice recognition. A voice chatbot allows the user to accomplish tasks on their devices hands-free. The main benefit to a messenger chatbot is that it has the ability to occur on multiple voice messaging platform, synchronized across devices.

There are still similarities between voice chatbots and messenger chatbots, such as they are both rely on natural language processing. Text-based chatbots understand shorthand and typos just like voice chatbots suggest word when they are unfamiliar with the word the user said. Text-based chatbots understand shorthand and typos just like voice chatbots suggest word when they are unfamiliar with the word the user said. These are the reason why chatbot is intelligent.

chatbot intelligent

Voice recognition software allows the users to input their data the technological devices using their voice. In traditional, people input data through keyboard text. But because technology is getting more advance, Programmers add up something easy to use. And now, voice recognition software is being used by a wide range of professionals, and that includes executive, reporters and many more. These professionals could use this software and present it to the people effortlessly.

However, some of this software only allow fewer words than others. Voice recognition software is useful in medical purposes. Quality of a voice sound in voice recognition depends on the quality of microphone of the devices. In the medical transcription field, voice or speech recognition is one of the new developments. Voice recognition in medical transcription field is the solution for the health provider’s documents that are needed.

HeroBot’s performance

Nowadays, Chatbot platforms are scattered all over the World Wide Web. But what are the criteria of a good and progressive chatbot platform? How to determine that chatbot is intelligent? How can they prove that they are the best platform? Herobot platform assesses the user’s needs and has technical capabilities. This platform varies regarding its AI, ML, and NPL capabilities and the technical insight to yield a successful result. Another thing to consider is that Herobot Platform is more intuitive and is more capable in accomplishing the task.

If the user needs a high chatbot functionality that requires technical programming, then Herobot chatbot platform is perfect for the user. Get successful result without the correct technical acumen. Herobot Platform allows the user to write their program code, and that means that the user can have access to advanced functionality in many cases.

HeroBot’s chatbot is intelligent and can interpret messages from the input of human users. Herobot’s chatbots have their ability to create a way that chatbots can still comprehend kinds of data unrelated to their essential functions. But Herobot is just a machine, and a machine can make mistakes and errors. But upon having technical difficulties, the developers studied more about chatbots and upgraded Herobot application. With the user-friendly interface and language proficiency, Herobot application online is now easy to access.

App security becomes more and more strict and hard to breach. When talking about the customers’ issues, Herobot’s chatbot app is too focused on the users’ queries. And lastly, this Herobot application can ensure if the user is happy and satisfied or sad and angry with their conversation. Herobot is a platform that has its potential.

Best customer service online “HeroBot”

In the era of technology, there are a lot of online applications on the internet. But some of the application are nonsense because of its simple functionality. But most of them can help people all over the world to make their daily lives more manageable than before. And Herobot is one of those applications. Upon visiting their website, the viewers would see the opening article of the chatbot’s Intelligence.

Scroll a bit more then you could see the reason why Herobot is the number 1 messenger marketing platform. And one more reason why Herobot is the highest-ranked in marketing platform is that their chatbot is intelligent. In this website, they could see all the abilities or powers of the Herobot’s chatbot application such as chat broadcast, create conversion funnel, and so much more.

chatbot intelligent

With the help of an AI, you can finish any tasks without any stress or tensions. Not to encourage laziness, but these chatbots helps make people job more comfortable and better. And Herobot chatbot’s Intelligence proves that all over the world. Building chatbots is funny and Herobot platform makes it evident to the people. Explore the world of Artificial Intelligence to acquire more significant knowledge about modern advanced technology. Programmers are now developing their biggest and brightest inventions and also competing all over the world. These developing platforms are unique in their methods or way of creating something new and far different from other developments.

So, are you now thinking of building your own chatbot? Then there’s no better platform to visit than HeroBot. Come and visit our website by clicking this link.

How a Chatbot Developer Give Life to Your Chatbot

chatbot developer

Chatbots make one’s job lighter and faster. From sending emails to answering queries, a chatbot can do it much faster than a real human can. At first, it could be questionable if a chatbot can really do the work of a human without any error, but due to the development of technology, chatbots gained a good reputation online.

The seamless transition from a real-life assistant to these machine agents can now be observed by merely using our phones and browsing through the Internet. Thanks to a chatbot developer, the online world can now taste the sweetness of chatbots and the benefits it can bring us.

chatbot developer

But, have you ever wonder how these technology-based assistants work? Inevitably, you sometimes ask yourself how a message pop-up to your Facebook Messenger without a live person sending it.

How does a chatbot come to life?

The life of a chatbot is no mystery nor magic, but, one can never deny the fact that it brought a lot of benefits to human works ever since it was created. A bot is programmed to work independently from a human operator. For this reason, you will sometimes ask yourself if a chatbot is a computer planted with a human brain.

Humans are fascinated continuously with self-operating and artificial intelligence-powered machines. Due to this, they consistently ask themselves, “How does a chatbot come to life?” To feed your mind with the answers to this question below is the process the digital friend of ours is made.

1. Setting your goals

Like everything you do or work on, it is essential to get a clear set of your goals. Is your bot for Facebook Messenger, for other online messaging applications, or should it be a talking bot? These goals will define what your chatbot is for and how it would help you as well as your clients in your tasks. You should also make sure that you are prepared since building a chatbot can be time and resource consuming.

2. Know your target audience

Before a chatbot is designed, it is essential to know where it would be used for and what kind of customers will it interact with. By identifying who your target audience is, you will be able to visualize how your bot would look like. The design of your chatbot must be suited to the service it offers so that it will attract more customers.

3. Designing your chatbot

In this process is where a chatbot’s personality, interaction to users, as well as how it will answer to question is defined. It is important that your chatbot functions to perfectly assist customers without anyone operating it. The whole finished result of a chatbot is based on how it is designed. Additionally, where the chatbot will appear is also defined in this process. Do research on what existing platforms can you generate more sales. For instance, it was reported that Facebook Messenger helped Sephora increase its sales ever since the store implemented a chatbot system. By doing this process, you will be able to know where your chatbot should create its reputation to the online market.

4. Creating your chatbot

Building a chatbot is divided into two main processes. First, understanding its potential users’ intent and secondly producing the best answer to every query. A chatbot’s first task involves understanding whatever tits user will input. On the other hand, the second one will involve the data processes as to how the chatbot will respond to questions.

5. Monitoring and maintenance

After being able to develop a chatbot, monitoring how it works must be done in order to see if there are flaws and usage problems. By monitoring your bot, you can improve how it works as well as you can improve the user’s experience. On the other hand, to keep the smooth speed of your chatbot, it should be consistently maintained. The manual input must also be done so that your bot will not lose its smooth speed.

Chatbot Developer – What is it?

While it is important to know how chatbots are made, it is more important to know the people behind this useful innovations: the chatbot developer.

A chatbot developer is a person or a platform behind the exquisite works of a chatbot. They have the knowledge to create a system that thinks exactly like how a human brain does. There are a lot of chatbot developers available online with both their paid and free versions. While creating a bot requires knowledge about coding, some of the chatbot developing platform online does not require you to be coding and IT, experts. Additionally, most of the chatbot developers now are targeting Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms because they know that they can get more clients there.

Here is the list of some chatbot developers in 2019:

1. Botsify

A simple chatbot builder that lets its users create Facebook Messenger-based chatbots easily. With Botsify, you do not need any knowledge about coding and programming since it has an easy interface. The developer also comes with some integration features. Botsify lets you integrate your chatbot to some other platforms like Spotify, Alexa, and WordPress.

2. Manychat

Manychat is another simple and effective chatbot development platform. Although this platform is exclusive for Facebook and has a monthly fee, it is perfect for integration to Facebook advertising, a series of messages, and mailing.

3. ChatterBot

chatbot developer

A chatbot developing platform that lets people step up into more complex chatbot building, ChatterBot. The platform has tools that aid in simplifying the chatbot training process. In ChatterBot, you have to create a series of entry in the knowledge graph so that your chatbot responses are correctly represented. After the input process of the knowledge graph, the developer then creates a Python Library that is language independent, which allows the chatbot to be trained based on the developer’s desired language. Undeniably, this chatbot developing platform is not for beginners.

4. Dialogflow

This platform is powered by Google’s machine learning. Grounded in natural language conversations, Dialogflow aids people to create either text-based or conversational bots. Additionally, it creates a connection to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and more. Dialogflow has inbuilt machine learning and natural language processing technologies that a chatbot developer can access. For this reason, the bot developers can focus more on the integral parts of their AI-powered system rather than on establishing in-depth grammar rules.

5. helps developers to create bots that can understand and respond to human commands and questions. is for those advanced chatbot developers. Using this platform, developers can build bots that can respond to real humans through text or voice. This platform gets smarter as you continuously interact with it because it stores data needed for future usage.

6. Botkit

Perfect for chatbot developers who want to interact with other bot developers, Botkit is not just a platform but also a community of more than 7,000 developers around the globe. The platform is empowered visual conversation builder, open-source libraries, and thoroughly tested codes from some of the best chatbot developers, all available for you to use in powering your chatbot.

7. Pandorabots

You can say that this developer is already a professional in its area since it is one of the oldest and largest chatbot hosting services in the world. The creators of this platform aim to support the development of open-source standard support in making artificially intelligent bots. In addition, Pandorabots lets users create chatbots for different purposes like virtual assistance, messaging, command, and control. Moreover, the platform supports the development of Artificial Intelligence Markup Language open-source, a system used for creating natural language software agents.

8. Chatfuel

Aiming to make chatbot developing easier, Chatfuel is a bot builder for Facebook Messenger that lets a chatbot developer make his platform without having to have the knowledge about coding. Additionally, this platform has an intuitive visual interface that lets non-technical users build their very own chatbots and make conversational flows. Chatbots create connections between humans and machines through the use of messaging applications, so, creating a chatbot using this platform is really advisable.


This is another zero coding chatbot developer. Additionally, they also have different templates stored in their system that you can edit and use in giving life to your chatbot. However, TARS do not have a free version, and its price is somewhat higher than other chatbot developing platforms.


Sequel empowers developers and creators to build their own conversational and engaging human-like machines. Content creators – brands, game designers, journalists, and consumers, for instance, can create a platform that is entertaining and smart using SEQUEL. Moreover, SEQUEL has a growing number of messaging partners like Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Telegram.

11. HeroBot

chatbot developer

We saved the best for last. HeroBot is the most excellent chatbot developing platform on the web. Create your bots without the need of complicated coding or any other hassles. What’s more is that HeroBot grants you access to several useful functions for free. Yes, you’ve read that right, it’s free. With HeroBot, you have the power to create your own chatbot with a simple drag and drop. Increase your revenue and efficiency without the need to spend additional costs.

Empower your business with a chatbot that will increase your engagement to customers. To be able to do that, what you need is a chatbot developer that is perfect for your business and preferences. Connect with HeroBot now to the best chatbot for you!

Bot Business: Perks of Having One

bot business

In this world of a high-rocketing number of social media users, it is no surprise how using artificial intelligence is now a trend. Bot business is now emerging as the biggest helper of business people on operating their shops. This has also let them connect with their costumers more intimately and faster. It was made possible by using chatbots, which imitates human conversation and interacts with its senders.

bot business

A business bot is a computer program devised for automated communication and information gathering. Trade industries are common bot users. However, entertainment and gaming companies are also using bots to make their pages and applications more interactive. Moreover, some consumers prefer engaging in conversation with bots than human servers.

Bot Business – Why Should Your Business Have One?

If you have to look at how business competitiveness is measured nowadays, it is based on the efficiency level of their respective customer service. Knowing that every business is now using chatbots to manage their customers, why would you let your business get left behind? SO to give you some ideas, below are the reasons why your company should use bot business right now:

1. Bots are now dominating the world of commerce

Social media marketing and online shopping are now growing. Before, industries were shaken by applications and infographics. Nowadays, something has already stolen the spotlight— business bots.

Most businesses are now entering the online community to increase their customers. Be it in the fashion and beauty industries, gadget shops, or even restaurants; they now have their online sites to accommodate more costumers. Even bank and loan companies are also using this nowadays. Some of the examples of companies using bots are Starbucks, Spotify, Fandango, Sephora, Wall Street Journals, and McDonalds.

As more online customers are discovering the hype and convenience of online shopping, companies have new problems. They do not have enough employees to answer the inquiries of heightened costumers. With this, bots came to the rescue. Today, there are around 100,000 active online bots in the Messenger community already.

Moreover, bot business is not only used for communicating with costumers and answering their inquiries. Most users create their bots for other business tasks such as a collection of costumers’ information, reducing overhead costs, and organizing meetings. Marketing is now expanding, and more population are now engaging in more online activities. This is the reason why the numbers of people who are using bots are now increasing.

2. Brings in more costumers

Due to the effectiveness of bots, costumers of companies are now reportedly increasing. Sephora has heightened its makeover appointments by 11% due to the Facebook Messenger App. Meanwhile, 1-800 flowers reported that they increased their messenger orders by more than 70% by using bots. Over billions of users of messenger applications, it is most likely that bot businesses can find their most loyal customers online.

Moreover, bots increase the company’s brand and image. Communication with costumers is the embodiment of the customer service of the company. Artificial intelligence has fewer tendencies of acting personal due to their lack of emotion. Despite these, good chatbot can communicate with the customers better and more intimately than some employees.

Upselling is also one of the functions bots can do. Shopping is like an addiction, and after a person bought something, they are more likely to crave for something more. This is an excellent opportunity for upselling to take place and recommend more products to the customer. Furthermore, it can also do predictive analytics. It collects data and information about the liked and bought items of the customer. It would then analyze the products the consumer is likely to buy next. According to McKinsey, a report says that 35% of Amazon’s consumer purchases came from product recommendations based on algorithms.

3. Smart Messaging

Online chatbots use smart messaging to save time and efforts by automating customer support. According to Gartner, by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions would be handled without a human. Furthermore, costumers find bots more convenient. Companies were able to answer their inquiries much faster with it. By inputting complete brand and product information, pages and sites were also able to clear misunderstanding much better.

Moreover, they can update costumers about the status of their accounts and the new promos available. Bank companies also use bots to automatically warn their clients about issues and dangers in their bank accounts. Personalization also helps businesses a lot. According to an Accenture report, consumers are 75% more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name or recommends options based on past purchases.

Moreover, this saves the company effort and time that they can use for other things like creating more products or planning more diverse promotions.

bot business
4. Human Relations

Human Relations is one of the important factors that companies must always consider. However, most HR employees are having problems in maintaining a high level of engagement of employees. These days, business bots are now on their way of improving HR in companies as much as possible. They help the employees’ engagement in their work. It also decreases HR headcounts, costs, and efficiency.

Moreover, by becoming the middle layer, bots integrate with existing systems and offer a much easier user-friendly experience for the employees. Artificial intelligence also helps in the recruitment process effectively. After job postings, they easily inform and communicate with potential employees. It evaluates their background, qualifications and gives them scores automatically afterward. Applicants were also tested by asking them simple questions like a hiring assistant.

Business Without Chatbots – How Would It Look Like?

Since bot business is now widely used today. Its benefits become a vital part of the business foundation. Now, if we eliminate chatbots from the picture, do you have any idea how our business world would look like? Well, let’s try to take a look:

1. Increasing Operational Costs

Believe it or not, your bot business won’t survive without customer service. Customer agents are the ones who manage your customers from their requests to complaints. Hiring full-time or groups of full-time customer service agents are too costly. They are being paid monthly in return for their hard work. Therefore, without chatbots serve as an alternative customer service agent, expect a continuous operational cost.

2. Slow Marketing and Sales Progress

One thing that chatbots always guarantee is maximized customer engagement. Additionally, chatbots can accommodate a vast number of customer concerns and provide assistance right away. That is why many of your customers receive more interactions from your business. So, imagine your business interaction without chatbots? Expect that customer concerns are not quickly addressed and responded.

3. Reach Fewer Customers To Introduce New Products

When your business is launching a brand new product, it is essential to broadcast its details to a vast audience right away. One thing you can do to reach them out certainly is to let your chatbots talk for you. Since chatbots have an amazing capability to speak to several people simultaneously, introducing your new products would be so much efficient. However, if it has to be done manually by real-human marketers, this may take a quite long time before reaching a large number of potential customers as much as chatbots can do.

4. High-satisfactory Customer Service is Quite Hardly Attainable

Pleasing our customers is indeed a tough challenge for business owners. All their demands are continually changing and becoming more demanding as days go by. Therefore, chatbots, which can send efficient and immediate responses to their customers, are what you need to gain high-satisfactory remarks from your customers. Nowadays, most of them demand instant action, which is quite difficult for real-human customer service agents to provide.

5. You Have to Do the Same Operations Repetitively

There are some similar tasks that you have to do at least every day. Some of these operations could make you feel dull eventually from doing it again and again. However, chatbots have one feature that addresses this business issue. Chatbots introduces automation to the world of business. With this, some daily operation, like sending updates, business reporting, and other related tasks, can benefit a lot from automation. Just imagine your business day-to-day business operations without chatbots; your days in the office would be relatively the same.

bot business
6. You Lose the Chance to Better Understand Your Customers

Chatbots can collect and record a number of personal information of their customers while talking to them over the chat. That is why bots can provide a transparent record of data that business owners can use to analyze their customers. Using these records, the analyst can also locate some sign of improvements within their business and identify how their customers behave. Real-Human customer service may indeed get a hard time doing this all at once. Chatbots are directly connected to the business’s entire database that is why; chatbots can put in and put out data easily. 

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Chatbot Testing – The Key to Efficient Chatbot Performance

talk to a bot online
talk to a bot online

We can no longer deny that chatbots have already brought a significant change to our lives. Everything that once just a dream becomes all possible with the help of chatbots. In business and all aspects, they are always there to save our day. However, we can’t still foretell how long these chatbots would work efficiently for us. Just like any other devices and software, there are some unexpected errors that can suddenly occur within their system. That is why; bringing your chatbot software for chatbot testing is really a wise decision. Try to figure out what’s the sense of your chatbot if you couldn’t access its functions because errors persistently occur? Believe it or not, you can refrain from these scenarios by just giving your chatbot a try.

Perhaps, chatbot testing may sound very technical and complex, but it’s really not. You only need to learn some essential elements related to chatbot testing until you find to yourself that you can actually do it on your own. Check it out.

Hands Off – Do Chatbot Testing First!

At first, you would surely get fascinated with what your chatbots can do for you. But, don’t ever forget to give it a massive try out. Perhaps, the capabilities you’ve been expecting from your chatbots are already installed in them, but sometimes, it doesn’t work the way it has to be. So to feel assured, check the list of chatbots features below.

These are the things you must always consider when performing chatbot testing:

1. Comprehension

Chatbots are programmed to interpret diverse kinds of messages from the inputs of human users. Hence, their Natural Language Processing ability has to be created in such a way that chatbots can still comprehend kinds of inputs unrelated to their basic functions. Chatbots’ ability to understand must not be limited to business and professional approach only. It would be great if they can interpret unexpected inputs and still capable of providing the right response to it.

2. Dialogue

The comprehension ability of chatbots highly relies on the conversation. That is why; testing its capability to come into a conversation is very significant. Try to imagine that you have already encoded input to your chatbot. However, you have to change it suddenly due to some unexpected circumstances. If your chatbot was able to cope with this sudden adjustment and responded favorably, be grateful because your chatbot is in good condition and functioning well. You can notice that your chatbots have good conversational flow if it talks skillfully and keeps you engaged with relevant responses.

chatbot testing
3. Resilience to Errors

Error management is a must-have feature that all chatbots must possess. However, this is something that often gets overlooked and set aside. Many chatbots have this feature installed to their systems, but there are times when it doesn’t function appropriately. Errors may happen at all times. Thus, chatbots must always be prepared to respond to this kind of situations and continue with the procedure. You can able to test this feature by going through their replies. If your chatbots are consistently sending you replies with substance and in relation with your all of your inputs, you have nothing to worry about. Perhaps, your chatbot is highly-resilient to errors. Make sure you go through this when performing chatbot testing. This is a very important area to check and look into.

4. Speed

How fast your chatbot can respond to messages, it receives at a time? You have to test this anyway because human users are too sensitive when it comes to performance speed. If you notice that your chatbot takes an unusual amount of time to reply, probably there is something not good with your chatbots. Chatbot testing can help you assess bot speed before paying for it. Bot speed can be tested by taking beta users on board.

5. Correctness

In many aspects of our lives, accuracy is very important. Same goes with chatbots. Human users always expect that chatbot responses are a hundred percent correct and reliable. Originally, chatbots generate responses from predefined utterances. You can check its accuracy by looking through correct responses it was able to produce out of predicted utterances. The number of correct responses it provided determines the level of its accuracy.

Ways on How to Test Your Chatbot

When you are buying your new mobile phone or a new laptop, the first thing you always do is to check if the specs are all intact. Same goes with chatbots. You can ask the programmer for chatbot testing before purchasing one. Below are some proven techniques on how to test the capabilities of your chatbots. Check it out:

But first, determine the areas you prefer to get tested!

It is really important to identify which specific areas you prefer to get tested with your chatbots. There are a lot of methodologies you can use for chatbot testing. But of course, you have to choose what fits your needs. Getting to know your preferred areas would be a great help to choose the right method to use. Having your chatbot tested the right areas, and specialization would give you access to its primary functionality. Thus, you can check the list of areas below to give you some ideas:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Reasoning
  3. Knowledge
  4. Input
chatbot testing

Now, here are some chatbot testing methodologies:

1. Developer Chatbot Testing

While the chatbots are on the process of development, it has already been tested by the developers. They test the software through verification and validation. Developers assess the responses if it answers the question with relevance and substance. If you have to look deeper, this is the most effective chatbot testing methodology. Technically, you can prevent further damage since you’re able to fix during the production process.

2. Functional Chatbot Testing

Chatbots are mainly designed to perform a specific function. Thus, chatbots must work at its best in this specific function. Testing its functional ability involves technical procedure such as boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning. Boundary Value Analysis is a strategy that can be used to detect if the boundary of the input domain contains some bugs. Therefore, this method does not require looking for some errors in the input. On the other hand, equivalence partitioning involves the division of software into equal portions. The errors and portion can be identified by putting the portions into one test case. Each test case works to find a specific type of errors.

3. User Chatbot Testing

The user experience would tell if your chatbots are working nicely or not. Therefore, user chatbot testing is a must-done step before finally releasing your chatbot to the market. With this, you can collect all positive and negative feedback from them to help you locate the aspects that need some improvements. Chatbot try-out to users with different personalities can also be helpful to measure how flexible your chatbots are. It can measure specifically the comprehension and dialogue ability of your chatbots.

Why Must Chatbots Function The Way It Should Be?

If you’re thinking that chatbots with excessive and persistent errors only affect you and your business, you’re wrong. Aside from you, there is someone out there who gets more compromised with your chatbots – your customers. In a shorter context, everyone connected to your business is affected when your chatbots do not function the way it should be. That’s why; try chatbot testing as early as possible. Aside from what mentioned above, there are still some other things you can get from using chatbots that perform very well.

Read it out below:

1. You can save your time

With less error, lesser time is consumed to finish a conversation with chatbots.  Additionally, your customers would be left with positive vibes when their chatbot experience faces no hurdles. It is important to give your customers an immediate action, especially at times when they are raising complains against your company. Your high-quality customer service strategy would help you and your business get through it.

2. You can save money

Of course, if your chatbots are performing at its satisfactory level, you don’t have to spend more money on repairs and rehabilitation. Instead, you can just allocate this money to sustain the good performance of your chatbots.

3. You can keep your customers steadfast to your business

You can keep your customers under your spell if your chatbots work very well. Always take note that the success of your customer service highly relies on the performance of your chatbots. So keeping your chatbots in good condition would apparently sustain high-satisfactory level experience among your customers.

chatbot testing

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Just like your doctor always says, “Prevention is better than cure.” So never hesitate to test your chatbots first before getting them engaged in risky operations in your business. Remember, it involves your customer, so be careful when making decisions regarding this matter. If you want to learn more about chatbot testing, you can contact HeroBot to learn. Our experts are trained to help you with any chatbot matters. Extend your chatbot inquiries now by visiting or calling us at +1 416 623 8882.