AI Bot: The Uses and the Impacts It Brings

ai bot

We are now in an era that everything is modern and automatic. People nowadays are so used to things that will help them finish their job efficiently. With the help of technology, all the tasks you need to do can be a lot easier compared to how the way things work before. There is massive progress in technology as significant innovations are beginning to emerge. Even the things that we thought are impossible in the past are now beginning to come true. Some of these discoveries are virtual assistants and AI bot.

ai bot

Combining the services of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistant made a significant impact on the business industry. One of the high factors that help the business industry is Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot. Moreover, the bot helps in improving the services that a particular company gives to its customers. A chatbot is a kind of software application that uses Artificial Intelligence to understand human needs and assist them in the type of service they want. It mimics written or spoken human speech so that it can have interaction and real conversation with a person.

How AI Bot enters the monopoly game

Joseph Weizenbaum is one of the experts in the field of Computer Science who is responsible for developing the first chatbot called “ELIZA.” After creating “ELIZA”, Richard Wallace developed “ALICE “in 1995. It has more advanced features than Eliza as it uses natural language, which initiates refined conversation. The next chatbot created was “JABBERWACKY”. It surpassed the functions of Alice. It generates natural language, to give interesting and entertaining conversation. Its primary purpose is for entertainment rather than assisting. From the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) that used to develop Eliza, Steve Worsick created “Mitsuki”.

Companies are starting to engage in the use of AI bot for various reasons. They can somehow Market their brand, promote their services, and even sell products. AI Bots usually handle moderate conversations, like welcoming the customers or clients. Product discovery interaction is also possible with AI Chatbots.

With all the different functions of AI bot, it also has its limitations. When customers ask a different question, that the developer didn’t address when designing the chatbot’s logic, there is a big possibility that the AI will not answer the question. It will then lead to dissatisfaction from the customers because the bot leaves them hanging. AI chat generates the text given by the user; this process is called “parsing.” The functions mentioned earlier are only the usual and general functions of AI Bots. Other bots platforms have different features specially designed to cater to all the needs for their different target market

Top 15 well-known companies that use chatbots for their business


Who would’ve thought that your favourite to-go-to coffee shop will be in the top list, but believe it or not, Starbucks started a partnership with Herobot in early 2017 to prevent the long waiting line for customers.


This is a travel and transportation company, and it is known to be the best joyride app. This transportation provider uses AI bot for chatting and voice command. Moreover, with this, people can now get in touch with the company without any hassle.


It is an official Facebook F8 launch partner that released in May 2016. With how easy it is to converse with, many people are considering Fandango as the best app for moviegoers.


Everyone knows what Spotify is. With its great features, it is well-known as a music application where you can download songs without getting sued. However, if you don’t know, this music app uses AI bot for sharing music through chats.

Whole Foods

The chatbot of Whole Foods in Facebook supplies recipes along with nutritional values personalized for every user.


It is one of the famous make-up lines which also recently engaged in digital marketing to provide their customer with different make-up tutorials and beauty tips.


It is a trusted banking app that has a partnership in Facebook Messenger bot to cater to Mastercard holders to handle different kinds of transactions.


Staples is a retail company that handles orders, provides a tracking system and return of requests from the users.

The Wall Street Journal

This is the first news delivering company that partnered with AI bot to give the latest and most trendy information to the users. 

Pizza Hut

Your favourite Pizza house now has a chatbot app in Messenger to perform an excellent ordering system.


It is a kind of travel agency that has AI-powered chatbot that enables the customer to find suitable travel deals.

ai bot

Natgeo Genuis

Natgeo used the strategy of Digital Marketing through AI bot to promote the network’s TV Show titled “Genuis”. With this, they can advertise the show on time. Also, people are having fun conversing with the AI bot, which helps them consider watching the show.

Watson Assistant

IBM is part of developing Watson’s AI-Powered Chatbot to understand user’s call logs and historical chats. As we all know, Watson is a huge company with a high image in public. However, one of its problems is hiring more people to interact with customers. Thus, they thought of using artificial intelligence to resolve this.


It is an online publishing company that engaged in using chatbots. To update content, the user can also set time when to receive the update.

Baby Center UK

It is one of the great childcare and pregnancy resource in the UK. Also, they are using chatbots to assist the user in terms of raising a kid, giving information, and helping the user with their struggle regarding childcare.

Different platforms that can help you and your business

  • Impersonate
    • This AI Chatbot platform develops chatbots that support text, audio, video, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 
  • Smart loop
    • Its function is the same with its name “smart loop” as it identifies loopholes while interacting with the users.
    • This kind of AI Chatbot specialized in a chatbot software solution for e-commerce websites.
  • Aivo
    • Aivo is a kind of AI Chatbot platform that gives its customers a real-time response, whether through text or voice message.
  • Pandorabots 
    • This platform helps you in developing interactive chatbots on websites, mobile apps, as well as popular messaging platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Line, and Slack.

The best AI bot platform

Given all kinds of AI Chatbot platforms, one of the most functional is the Herobot. It has more comprehensive activities than other platforms. The functions of Herobot are likely the most complete among all the chatbots, and it is for marketing purposes. Herobot supports creating Facebook Messenger bots; it also manages the social media tasks, such as scheduling, posting, tagging, and comments. It helps the user to minimize their responsibility for marketing while increasing productivity as it automates digital marketing activities.

Using Herobot is an excellent technique in your business because it can reduce your marketing cost. Rather than hiring different staff to do all the marketing activities, companies can rely on using Herobot, for it can do all that humans can do suchlike sending information, notifications, giving updates, and promos in Facebook Messenger. Herobot has a built-in AI engine that uses for an automated reply, likes, and sending private messages.

It can also upgrade your Facebook Ads. Doing a live chat is also possible with Herobot or even scheduled live-stream videos. One of its unique functions is creating automated contests and promotional quiz. Moreover, Herobot has a lot of numerous features that are very useful in maintaining the company’s status. It can upgrade productivity, and it helps in making your business competitive or even makes it ahead of the game among all other companies. Also, there is no doubt those well-known companies are willing to use it to improve their business. 

ai bot

Be with Herobot!

Adaptation is essential when it comes to business. If you want to excel in your field and be one of the best companies around, you just have to know the latest trends. If you can apply them in your marketing plan, then you can be sure to attract new customers. One of these technological development is a chatbot or AI bot. Numerous brands and companies are now getting involved with AI bot, and it did not disappoint them.

From customer service to social media marketing, bots can deliver good feedbacks from customers. Thus, it is only natural for you to be curious as to how you can create them. To know more about the most comfortable and fastest process of AI bot creation, click here now.

AI Talk Bot: A Great Tool in Promoting Podcast

AI talk bot
AI talk bot

Recently, podcasts emerged and made their name in the modern industry. Despite Youtube being popular than ever, there are still a large number of people who prefer listening to podcasts. This could be because of the busy life that almost everyone has in this generation. They now choose audios over reading words or watching videos. However, if you are planning to promote your podcast or is finding a good podcast, then AI talk bot can be your savior.

Moreover, unlike your typical radio stations, podcasts offer a wide array of topics and information that users may be interested in. People can also download it offline or just listen to it online via websites. Also, there is some AI talk bot that can recommend podcasts that are applicable according to your interests. This is why having a bot is the best strategy for promoting your podcast channel.

The growth of podcast

The first occurrence of podcasts took place in the year 2004. It started when Adam Curry, a former MTV video jockey, created a program that enables people to download radio broadcasts via the internet. This inspired other developers and radio broadcasters. Afterward, the launching of podcasting in the market took place. The Daily Source Code is one of the most prominent podcasts on the internet, which features Adam Curry himself.

Podcasting is pretty much like a vlog version of radio broadcastings. Unlike radio stations, there’s no need for podcasters to avail of any license. Meanwhile, they still have the copyright of ther own works so they do not need to worry about piracy. This digital age has opened more doors to opportunities for podcasting. Moreover, there are even some new developments that help the podcasting industry to grow even more—AI talk bot.

In line with the blossoming of businesses in the market, entrepreneurs want to invade podcasting for advertisement. In Australia, The Podcast Network is playing commercials during audio broadcasts. Television shows made sure that they are along with the trend too. TV shows like BBC are now trying to podcast their selected shows. Podcasts were created in the world of entrepreneurship to persuade and gain customers. Also, AI talk bot can help any podcasters.

Common Problems encountered by podcasters

Just like any other industry, podcasting has some risks and disadvantages that it needs to face. These circumstances are what makes this a tough job for many pursuers. However, there are still some things that you can do to overcome these challenges, such as using AI talk bot. Here are some of the common problems encountered by podcasters:

AI talk bot

Conceptualization of new content

Fresh content is vital to make the listeners stay. Running out of ideas is typical in this field. The pressure of meeting the deadline will drain you. Nevertheless, a podcaster must strive harder to come up with fantastic content. Something catchy and worth-listening. Engagement in the market is the best thing to do to find freshly-cooked content.

Being updated with the happenings in the society is one great way to please your listeners. They would love to hear about the trend. Enhance your creativity by involving yourself in outdoor activities. It is where you will be able to discover new things applicable to the conceptualization of concepts. Moreover, one way of coming up with fresh content is by having an AI talk bot to survey you from your users. This is proven to be more effective than doing a traditional survey.

Gaining new listeners

It is difficult to please people that are not interested. One most significant problem of podcasters is increasing the number of listeners. Podcasters must-do ways to make the podcast discoverable to many people. There are possible ways to convince people to allot time listening to your podcast.

One possible way of introducing podcasts to reach more listeners is the cross-promotion of content. It will be exposing your content to other listeners, and it may please them to listen to you regularly. Exploring another platform will save your podcast from the reduction of listeners. This is possible with the help of an AI talk bot that will be responsible for promoting your podcasts.

Consistency of coping up with the trend

Attending seminars or podcast huge events will help you discover new talks in society. You have to find a new technique on how to please your listeners to patronize your content or brand. Podcasters must involve themselves in activities about the podcast. It is to orient them and freshen up their minds. Adapting to new features is a must.

It is helpful to find a new trend, such as AI talk bot, to enhance the publishing of content. Informational podcast events will help you reach the top trends. In this sense, you will be able to upgrade your approach in making content for your listeners. Trending hot topics is what people prefer to know.

podcast chatbot

Benefits we get in the field of podcast

Listening to podcasts or even being one of the podcasters has numerous benefits for people. Aside from being a great and convenient source of information, this can also help listeners in other ways. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from podcasts:

It enhances public speaking skills

An experienced podcaster is proficient enough to do public speaking. A podcast requires them to speak in public with confidence and certainty. In this sense, podcasters will be able to execute excellent communication skills. Regular hosting of a podcast will boost self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s a good training ground for people who have stage fright.

Creates a better relationship with the listeners

People would always want to listen to people with a sense of relatability and sincerity. Putting emotional taste in a podcast’s content will attract listeners. In this sense, listeners will make it a habit to listen to podcasters. The secret is putting the podcaster’s feet inside the listener’s shoes. They must aim to sympathize with listeners to let them feel they are valued.

If podcasters succeed in alluring the listener’s heart, the trust will follow. Building trust is essential to make the listeners stay. Gaining the listener’s trust will lead to successful brand promotion. People would love to buy products from a trusted person. In brand promotion, creating a better relationship is the first thing to do to persuade users.

An excellent alternative for a video content

Some people would prefer to listen than to watch. There is no enough time to view video content due to the demands of busy schedules. Listening to a podcast is more convenient while doing another task. It only requires you to look.  Multitasking may take place, and people will be able to do other chores.

Also, not all people are fond of facing a camera to do a video shoot. The shooting of videos requires you to provide a lot of variables like lighting, props, backdrop, and many more. A podcast is more convenient and affordable than video creation. It has no many demands to come up with engaging content.

Ai Talking Bot is a helpful tool for promotion

Every day is a stressful day. It is good to unwind through listening to a perfect podcast. It is capable of switching your bad mood into good. Everything is accessible in the online world. Podcast finders may want to get help from AI talk bot to find the best podcast. Many people are browsing on the internet. It is an edge to use the perks this digital age is giving us to reach a more significant number of people for promotion.

In this digital age, a lot of people will invade the online world for promotion. Creating an AI talk bot will help podcasters introduce the podcast in an improvised manner. This marketing strategy will attract a vast number of people since the people of this generation are into technology. In one click, a podcast may prevail in the online world.

podcast chatbot

It is an excellent opportunity for promotion. One common problem of the podcast is pleasing people to listen to their content. Creating AI Talk Bot on social media platforms is helpful to inform people about the existence of your podcast. With an engaging software like AI talk Bot, pleasing people to patronize podcast will be more accessible. Platforms online have a lot of visitors. Take the opportunity of promoting your podcast in the online world through AI Talk Bot.

The significance of AI Talk Bot in a podcast

The digital age is offering an improvised way of promotion these days. AI talk bots are conversational software that is capable of attending people’s queries. Programming the responses of these bots is necessary to answer frequently asked questions of customers.

By connecting AI talk bots on social media, it will attract more people to put interest in podcasting. Creating a social media account or page for inquiries is the improvised way of assisting customers now. Using AI talk bot is the easiest way to market your podcasting company. It will be more convenient for podcast customers to reach podcasting companies.

Make your own chatbot with Herobot!

The innovation of technology is a great buddy in promoting businesses, brands, and many more. In this digital age, everything is a piece of cake. AI talk bot is a perfect platform to expand your podcast and earn more listeners. No need to worry about the creation of this helpful software.

Herobot will do the task for you. This AI talk bot platform is easy to navigate. In this sense, the promotion of your podcast is quicker. Join Herobot now and give your podcast a brighter future. Visit our website for more information and to experience the best of creating chatbots.

Better Dental Practice With An AI Chat Bot

AI chatbot

Nowadays, we rely on technology to make our lives more convenient and to function better in the society. This is also the reason why most people are dependent on their phone and can’t make it through a day without gadgets. One of the innovations that are well-known in the global market is the arising of chat bot. This is a computer program that can communicate through online conversations powered by an artificial intelligence. It is now being used by different lines of businesses and dental centers are already starting to utilize AI chat bot.

Moreover, AI chat bot is able to do things that are hindering people in dentistry to do other important things that they should be doing. By using chat bot, you can program your software to do repetitive tasks that annoys and stresses most of the employees. Some of these are answering frequently asked questions and scheduling appointments. Rather than having the dentist or its assistants spend their time doing these things, AI chat bots can easily do these tasks.  This also adds to the engagement of the customers in the dental centers as they communicate with the AI chat bot efficiently.

AI chat bot

Chat bot AI marketing

The capacity of our modern technology allowed companies to widen their functionalities. They are in the pursuit of providing great conversational experiences in terms of web and mobile processes. As a result of this, businesses will be able to custom-label their offerings. It can gain a systematic workflow and proper conversational exchanges between the client and the company. A chat bot is basically the most straightforward way of communication tools for people, whether it be for your clients or patients this 2019.

The state of the art age has revolutionized in every possible form of communication. As a dental practitioner, it is very essential to offer an excellent customer service. Moreover, AI chat bot can provide availability to respond to common concerns of patients such as the availability of the services of the dentist. Moreover, dental clinics get a lot of inquiries every day and answering these queries can be time consuming and sometimes bothering. There are even some instances where they lose important leads and clients just because of their inability to communicate with right away. Even if you are already able to grab their attention they might just find other dental centers that can actually provide them services immediately. However, chat bots are able to provide the best customer service that your dental clinic needs.

What is a dental chat bot?

In the present day, technology provides better solutions for different circumstances. Meanwhile, a dental AI chat bot is an automated tool made to address the situation of an inability of dental clinics to interact with their patients. It is a platform wherein they can answer to patients’ questions and concerns. Also, these bots has machine learning which enables them to learn more things as they communicate with people and utilize them for future use. This way, it can answer harder questions as it has more experiences with users. It is also possible that AI chat bot will not need human help to handle complicated situations in the future.

Moreover, as the AI chat bot talks to a patient, you can attend to the needs of other patients. What makes this software unique is that it is designed to address the needs of dentists and their patients. Let us put a potential patient sending a message inquiring about dental implants as an example. The artificial intelligence of the software will then recognize the keyword. Then, they will instantly respond with the information about that service.

Furthermore, they can also add the price and description of the service. It will then eventually result in a potential client to choose whether to book a schedule. Moreover, it is easier for clients to inquire for other services your dental clinic can provide. Simply put into words, a dental chat bot is well made and wise enough to be in a basic conversation with the patient. They are well designed to process the patient’s inquiries. 

What things do dental patients love about AI chat bot?

A dental chat bot is a fun and accessible means for patients to have any answers to their questions. They can simply ask a question by sending messages instead of scrolling through multiple pages of your dental website. The chat bot will reply to patients in an instant. They can get the best answer regarding to their dental related questions. For example, there is a potential patient who asked the chat bot if they offer tooth extraction. The chat bot then can respond in a snap with a quick answer. They can also provide links about tooth extraction pages. The patient then can gain more useful information. Moreover, the bot can ask questions to patients and will eventually work on booking an appointment for them.

You may have hesitations and doubt if people benefit from the use of AI chat bot. Well, we are here to remind you that they are. They prefer to use a more accessible messaging app nowadays than the traditional form of communication like email. An AI chat bot is a new way to automate often used procedures in your practice. Also, AI chat bot can give patients specific details and can even appoint their schedules. It will let staffs free their time for more critical tasks. Most of all, it can lead to enhancement of employees’ efficiency and their satisfaction.

AI chat bot

Why is chat bot safer than live chat?

A lot of dentists might be worried about how they do not have a full control over how AI chat bot is interacting with a dental patient. They think a chat sent by their staff is better and safer for their dental patients. However this is not true. Humans are have feelings and can be exhausted from overworking. Meaning, your team will never know if they will be ready to respond to a chat even when the dental practice is on its open business hours. If the potential patient needs to wait for a few hours for them to get a reply back, there is a tendency that they will go elsewhere. This is why a lot of dental clinics are relying on AI chat bot now.

The chat bot is guaranteed to be able to answer a potential patient’s questions in an instant. There will be some instances where your staff will spend a lot of time thinking about the proper answer. They will also take too much time locating for the right links to send to the patient. It will lead to a slow and bad experience for your patients. Your AI chat bot can provide the best answer. Some staff might respond to some questions in a way you do not like as they are frustrated and puzzled. The dentist has control over every word the chat bot says.

What are the benefits of AI chat bot to dental clinics?

There is no doubt that AI chat bot is one of the hottest trends in the marketing industry. Its automation features is able to help a lot of business in advertising and customer service. To know more about the benefits of AI chat bot, here are some of the benefits that you can gain from using a chat bot and how it helps dental services clinics.

1. It increases the number of patients that are setting appointments.

Booking an appointment becomes more convenient for patients with AI chat bot. As we all know, it very hard contacting dental clinics especially because they are full most of the time. Also, the main problem of some dentist assistants is communicating with rude customers. However, AI chat bot can handle these things and can always provide the best customer engagement all of the time. Moreover, setting appointments from numerous clients is also easier with its automation.

2. It can be online 24/7, 365 days of the year.

One of the good things about using AI chat bot is that it can operate 24/7. Because it always available online, any patient can hold a conversation with it anytime and anywhere. It prevents you from losing potential patients simply because you are not able to respond to their concerns immediately.

3. It can entertain a lot of clients at the same time.

Obviously, dental staff can only manage about 2 to 3 chat conversations. Also, as we all know, hiring someone to work in a graveyard shift is extremely costly. However, dental AI chat bot can hold multiple dialogues at all time without stressing itself. This makes it very efficient for both the owner of the dental clinic and the patients contacting it.

AI chat bot

4. It can help you save money.

As mentioned above, hiring people for customer service and assistants to manage your appointment can cost you a lot. However, doing all these things by yourself is just impossible and will only overwork you. But now, AI chat bot is here to answer all your problems without spending too much. You only need a good platform to create your own chat bot and everything else will fall down in its place.

Have your own dental AI chat bot!

An AI chat bot is the future of dental clinic marketing. It will surely benefit the clinic by providing the best form of advertisement, lead generation and building connection with customers. If you are interested on creating one, HeroBot is your one-stop-shop for a smoother customer experience.

Here at, we are always ready to extend our assistance. We are very much willing to further discuss to you how a dental chat bot can make a change in the dental marketing industry. Feel free to visit or contact us now.

Why Should You Build Your Excellent Talking Bot with the Best Chatbot Website

The web is continually changing and evolving. Brand new technological devices and applications are being introduced all over the world. Moreover, businesses display online on the internet nowadays. Recently, companies are rapidly increasing online. People always want to improve their business’ customer engagement. Obviously, to enhance their business, they need the best customer support that interacts with their customer effectively — this the reason why AI-experts develop chatbots. More likely, the business owner creates build chatbot website that could also increase their business popularity.

Artificial Intelligence powers chatbots. They work as knowledge assistants and even a business advisor. These AI-powered machines interact with the user in a conversational language to educate them about products and services. These chatbots are available 24/7 and also offer a solution with the customer’s queries. Chatbots are intelligent; they learned how to engage with their user just like a human.

chatbot website

Artificial Intelligence quite trends in modern technology on the internet. Furthermore, the developer builds this kind of application for the effectiveness of customer service. Chatbots helps the companies in increasing their launch for their new product and services with their ability and skills in advertisements. These chatbot applications have been introduced in various field, and that includes teaching, instructing, and advertising. Advertisements are important in business. A well-done advertising strategy is one the key in business success.

Business’ owners need to communicate with the customers with their advertisement message to increase their chance of having more potential customers. Having an Online advertisement on the internet is the most effective way of broadcasting their business worldwide. Moreover, business is now using these chatbots on the website to help them promote their business. Not only just advertising but also instructing the user in visiting their business’ websites.

Reasons why you should build chatbots on your website

In 2016, chatbots value in marketing rise up to $700 million. It is continuously gaining popularity. People now are creating a chatbot website. Also, these chatbots in websites are efficient and useful in different ways. But why are these chatbots useful in your websites? Here is some reason why people should have these kinds of applications.

1. Time management

Millennials want everything in an instant. They can be easily frustrated when they are bored and have waited for too long or even a chance of minutes delay. This is the scenario that an online business should avoid. Having single negative feedback from a customer can make the biggest difference in a business. And by installing chatbots on their website can keep the customer entertainment while answering their questions without any single delay.

2. High customer level

For these chatbots to respond to the users with the right service and information, developers powered their chatbots by having NPL that process natural language at different levels. With these kinds of powered abilities, these chatbots adopt more in-depth insight into human psychology. In addition, they can deal with lots of conversational data for their research to get them the perception into the thoughts of their customers. And with the help of these chatbot applications, the business that reaches their goals.

3. Experience

They said that experience is the best teacher. If you think that’s true, then you are correct. Personal experience can help you acquire tons of potential customers. And with that human attitude adaptation, customers will be relaxed when they are talking to a chatbot machine. When a business reaches the highest level of having target customers, they will be interested in expanding its limit. Business owners hire the best customer support to improve more their business’ customer engagements.


People are too much obsessed when it comes to their technological devices. Some people can’t go outside without their mobile phones. And this the main reason why technological tools are getting higher in-app marketing. Most of the people have their mobile phone, but not all people know when the mobile phone starts to make an error. That is why customer support exists. They are the one who gives a solution to people’s problems.

For them, solving the issue regarding the customer’s technological problem is an accomplishment. With too much time and effort that are involved in the entire process of conversations, getting positive feedback would be the last thing in the mind of the customer support. But even a professional human agent can’t comprehend all the queries. We all know that the only thing that can do all of that is the AI-powered chatbots.

Human-agent became popular and gained fame by having the best resume. People improve their selves to have the best profile that can attract lots of companies in the world. And just like a human, these chat need to be introduced so that they can be used more often in a chatbot website. The simplest sample is by having an advertisement that can be broadcast instantly across the globe. To be more commonly use, people want to know more about the applications.

Moreover, People want to know that these applications can benefit from their daily lives. And the best solution that an expert in marketing can give is by having the applications own website. People browse a lot of website in a day. They read and learn about content about the so-called website. This will help chatbots applications gain more popularity and to have a high rating in marketing.

Progressive applications

chatbot website

Customers nowadays prefer to live chat than any other communication channel. And why is that? It’s fast and remarkable. It makes a lot easier to get instructions to the people that are expert in dealing with everyone’s problem. But the problem is human agent can’t function 24/7, and the customer service is too much expensive to maintain. The solution is no other than the application called chatbots. But how do the developers build a chatbot? An AI-powered platform builds chatbots.

These platforms are the one who creates these applications that interact with the user by human-like conversations. Also, These platforms upgrade the features of chatbots to have a simultaneous conversation with the customers to create a better relationship between the companies and customers. They are programmed to take over every aspect of customer engagement strategies. Also, the chatbot is the best beneficiary of a company.

Since these platforms have their core with a robust machine learning algorithm, these chatbots are getting more advanced in every each day. Time to time, chatbots will conquer the internet because of smart features. And there are lots of various chatbot platform scattered all over the internet. These progressive applications revolutionize the technology of digital customer services in a business.

Also, Changes in digital customer service depends on the audience, goal of the business service, and their budget. Chatbots are considered to be the future and offer so much help for the people. Moreover, these chatbot applications adapt to human behaviour in the way they interact with each other. If you’re hoping to find the best platform the people would ever see then, Herobot is the best for you. This Herobot platform has its chatbot website where you can read all the articles about chatbots.

Learn more about HeroBot

Herobot provides that best chatbot developing platform for you. Here, we present the complete messenger marketing platform that ensures your messenger marketing journey is with good hands. Also, this platform helps people to grow their business and gain more of their customers. Moreover, Herobot already helped over 60,000 and counting satisfied users. It proves that more people are discovering their super strength than other platforms. The good thing is that Herobot is easy and free. Besides, upon having this kind of features, it is rapidly improving and upgrading the development in their services. This chatbot platform is proof that everything is possible with the help of these advanced technologies.

chatbot website

These platforms are nowadays already gaining fame across the globe and elevating the people mode of living into another level. Herobot is the most potent chatbot developing platform on the web. Be more creative and build a better chatbot application without any other hassle. Experts do trust Herobot when it comes to creating a chatbot technology and services. Whatever application comes up on the internet, there will always be much better than others.

However, Herobot won’t go down easily. With their genius mind and passionate heart, they can still rise until they get to the top. In addition, Herobot’s chatbot website grants you access to several useful functions for free. With no further additional cost, increase your revenue and efficiency. Empower your business by building and installing your chatbot. This could not be a simple improve but could also be tremendous enhancements to a company.

Start by visiting the Herobot’s chatbot website. Click this link to explore the developing platform of Herobot, and together, we will revolutionize the world of technology.

Artificial Intelligence Chat vs. Human Operated Live Chat: The Battle for the Future of Business Communication

artificial intelligence chat

It is still an unceasing question who shall reign in the future of online business communication. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence chat (AI) capabilities, marketers and customers are now in doubt whether they would still rely on traditional human customer support or embrace the new technology offered by AI chats.

Just imagine how powerful are these chatbots to be deemed resolving more customer requests than human live chat agents. Well, it is pretty understandable that they are becoming effective since businesses continuously adopt them as part of their customer service. How human-to-human live chat works can easily be comprehended, but it’s still important to get hold of its opponent – the AI chatbots.

artificial intelligence chat

Apparently, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are described as the technology that uses natural language processing or NLP to connect and trigger meaningful conversations whether with other machines or to humans. According to a report by Gartner, AI software in the line of business is predicted to help 85 percent of all customer engagements by the year 2020.

The abilities of artificial intelligence chat

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) grows rapidly. The most recent innovation in the field of “Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Machine Learning” is driving the demand of AI for today and in the future. Also, as for as we know, AI is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly in the world. Moreover, latest innovation in the field of ‘Machine Learning‘ and ‘Internet of Things‘ (IoT) is leading the demand for AI for today and tomorrow.

As we know, Artificial Intelligence is about intelligence in machines, and it gives the machines the ability to think and understand. Companies and researchers are now aiming to put emotions in machines. But, is it really beneficial for humans to increase the use of AI? If so, what are the advantages of Artificial Intelligence for long periods of time? Are there any disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence? Read this article to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

In the red corner: Artificial Intelligence Chat’s Abilities

1. Faster response time

Who would love waiting for sluggish responses? Since people are already immersed with a fast-paced environment, they will certainly choose to talk to an AI chatbot than to a live chat agent placing them on hold whenever they call. Moreover, survey shows how people love getting immediate responses from a chatbot, which guarantees them more rapid support and solutions to most of their simple requests.

2. Less error rate

With AI’s computerized sequences, one can assure a lesser possibility of work error weighed against a human’s work. Users can easily make with the help of algorithms as well as information already stored in AI. Moreover, these chatbots provide accurate, precise, and speedy assistance to customers when carrying out a given task.

3. Detailed answers

These “digital helpers” while handling requests also has the ability to present thorough responses. This can be seen in an instance when a customer looks up for flight status information. An AI chatbot can also be programmed to aid and give tips regarding check-ins, baggage drop off and seat upgrades besides answering the customer’s question.

4. 24/7 customer service

Humans need rest after long hours of works. The great thing is that chatbots are perfect associates that help clients in need of support outside the working hours. When human agents are not available, the business owner can easily delegate simple tasks to bots so they can still help out their customers 24/7, 365. Also, chatbots do not go home at the end of the day, do not require overtime pays and will not need any leaves (sick, maternal, etc.).

5. Reaching beyond humans

Due to some unexpected circumstances, humans who are susceptible to work risks cannot simply attend to a customers’ demand. Thus, artificial intelligence chatbots have the edge of fulfilling a work where there is a limit for a mere human to accomplish. Examples of these situations are fires, space projects or military works that are critical for human agents but “easy as a pie” for AI chats.

In the blue corner: Human Operated Live Chat’s Abilities

Live chat software allow visitors and prospect customers to connect and talk with a human agent on the business’ website. It was traditionally used as an excellent tool with the capacity of improving customer service while lowering support costs.

A good live chat system comes with a range of features, such as proactive chat invitations, the ability to animate chat buttons, and so on. The following list below would then prove that chatbots have specific capabilities that can be used to aid human agents, but not replace them.

1. Empathy for  customers

It is true enough that confronting a bot or simply talking with them can be infuriating at times. Well, this goes with Artificial Intelligence’ inability to bear-off how the human touch or a heart that empathize is still important to attain a full customer’s satisfaction. Also, chatbots might just provide a cold and discouraging image to brands as they cannot completely address much-complicated issues and circumstances.

2. Ability to attend specific questions

Chatbots are programmed for repetitive actions and can ONLY answer a certain set of questions which are found in its database. Therefore, if a customer asked questions which are not pre-programmed, then the Bot sequence will immediately come to an end leaving the customers dissatisfied with the business and its service. This is certainly an advantage for a human live chat agent who can right away provide rational answers and solutions to customers.

artificial intelligence chat
3. Credibility

It can be simply explained how people can easily trust a business who can provide real-time interaction with its clients. Chatbots can still be considered far from human beings who are more relatable and reliable as far as customer service is concerned.

4. Spelling genius compared to chatbots

Chatbots tend to be very sensitive to spelling. In other words, AI-powered bots might become confused once a user keyed in a wrong-spelled word. For that reason, human agents are still an advantage as they can comprehend and adapt to a spelling mistake with no trouble or difficulty.

5. Self-Innovation

Humans are creative in nature. This creativity helps human agents to adapt to the changes without being “programmed” like machines anymore. Meaning, chatbots cannot simply do something new and interesting unless they are told or instructed so.

And the winner is . . .

Considering the respective strengths of AI chatbots and human live chat agents, it is really a split decision.

Obviously, a business or a company will benefit the most from using chatbots and live chat together to address customer needs effectively.   If you are wondering what to choose from the two, then why not make these both available for your customers? 

A live chat operated by real humans is priceless and machines can never replace them. However, one has to look at the potentials of chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence in maximizing work capabilities. Nonetheless, both want to help people or customers save time, money, and energy.  

artificial intelligence chat

Both of them can work together to meet their ultimate goal of bringing the best service to their customers. It is only a matter of assistance to each other. Of course, Artificial Intelligence chats contain no human touch. There are always some times when you would need help from a real human customer service agent to settle some issues. The abilities of Artificial Intelligence chats would always meet limitation when it comes to comprehension.

In other ways, live chats run by humans would also need assistance from AI machines. When you are going to think about Artificial Intelligence chats, the first thing that comes out of your mind is convenience. Do you know why? Because convenience is something that real-life humans can’t easily offer. Artificial Intelligence chat which can perform multiple tasks at a time and with uncompromised availability, is there to rescue.

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We can’t deny that Artificial Intelligence chat functions way more efficient and effective than humans do. However, it doesn’t mean that they must dominate and dethrone human from operating the business. All we need to figure out is how to bring them together to work as one. It is very beautiful scenery to watch these two working along with their own strengths and weaknesses and coming to a wonderful outcome.

From the things discussed above, it is safe to say that you don’t need to choose between artificial intelligence chat and Human-operated live chat for the future of business communication. You all have the freedom to incorporate them both in the daily operation of your business. However, keep everything in control. Though chatbots are one of the best things ever in this modern time, they still need human assistance. Do you want to widen your knowledge about chatbots? Reach your business goals with Herobot. Our experts can help you understand deeper the power of chatbots. You can visit us at