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SocialPOP Social Proof Notifications

Our Accomplishments
  • Created an astonishing website on our platform
  • Increase the conversion rate by well designed and conversion optimized website
  • Top 3 rankings for multiple keyword categories across North America in less than 1 year
  • 350 % growth in organic traffic in 1 year
  • 250% growth in leads via organic channels
  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Reduced cost per acquisition via other paid mediums by 30% over the year

Helping a Social proof notification platform dominate the market with a complete marketing strategy


“nerDigital rose to that challenge in helping SocialPOP create effective Paid and Organic digital marketing campaigns that have led to game changing results in our ability to attract a very specific target audience in a niche market.” Kevin Samir — CEO of SocialPOP

SocialPOP is a globally leading platform used by marketing companies, business owners, and Fortune 500 companies. The platform easily adapts to any business, big or small. SocialPOP is a social proof notification platform for creating notifications that designed with proven psychological triggers to increase trust, credibility, and sales with live social proof.

The Results

We wanted to ensure that we devised a plan that helped them get more signups and sales on their websites. Not only did we contribute to better rankings & web traffic across North America, but we could also see a consistent flow of signups and instant subscription purchases that helped drive more revenue. The website grew from 0 visitors to 2000 organic visitors within a few months. We also noticed that over a period of time, as the brand’s digital footprint got more massive, the client saw an increase in the quality of the inbound leads, and highly qualified leads were reaching out to them.

Today the brand has broadened its presence to several other countries, and the inbound marketing channel continues to generate qualified leads via the search engines.

Our Start-Up solutions have helped young businesses begin their marketing journey. Let us guide you through this vital phase with our strategic advice. Please contact us to learn more about our Start-Up solutions.

350%Growth in organic traffic in 1 year

TOP 3For multiple keyword categories

+250%Growth in leads via organic channels

+40%Reduced cost per acquisition

Before nerDigital
The Challenge

SocialPOP is a social proof notification platform for creating notifications that designed with proven psychological triggers to increase trust, credibility, and sales with live social proof. With an initial goal to acquire customers across the US and Canada, the start-up was looking for effective means of traffic and lead generation.

Channels of social media and Google ads were also considered to drive leads/ web demos. Managing the advertising expenses in a tech/software environment is always a priority, so we had to ensure that all resources were being utilized wisely.

With nerDigital
The Solution

It was evident that channels for quick traffic generation were to be employed. Being a new tech company in digital marketing, building a presence on the search engine was identified as a critical goal. SEO was identified as a major channel for growth, while presence on some properties like online review sites/ tech directories was also encouraged. Some PR activities were also recommended to drive more web demos & inquiries via web forms.

We identified the importance of some of their digital marketing technical terms and began to produce articles and tutorials for them. Also used search terms by matching several other relevant keywords to the product on offer, we could see a growth in web traffic in the US Canada. Over six months, we began ranking at the top of the search engine, and over the period of a year, we also began establishing the website on for superior results across the entire globe!

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