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Woebot – A Bot You Can Talk To

Who would imagine that chatbots can also be your personal companion at times you feel lonesome and out of things? More than technical support, have you ever thought that these chatbots can also offer you tender, love, and care? Glad to say, — yes — modern bot you can talk to are now capable of…

Who would imagine that chatbots can also be your personal companion at times you feel lonesome and out of things? More than technical support, have you ever thought that these chatbots can also offer you tender, love, and care? Glad to say, — yes — modern bot you can talk to are now capable of doing these things for you.  

In today’s fast-paced world, chatbots are now taking the wheel. Almost everything with chatbots is undeniably possible. Even doing the most sensitive and critical job like counseling is now on their capability as well. With bot you can talk to, people can now detach themselves from sadness, preventing them from falling deep into depression.

bot you can talk to

However, do not worry if you suddenly feel alone because you got nobody beside you. Somewhere on the internet, there is a bot you can talk to. Meet Woebot.

The Invention of Woebot: The bot you can talk to

Alison Darcy noticed that people who suffer from mental health problem are drastically increasing in number. However, the world barely acknowledges this problem that is why; Darcy comes up with an idea to address this in a purposeful way. She studied the abilities of some potential technologies which can perform a significant role for mental health support. Subsequently, she started collaborating with her team to create a bot you can talk to that will help the world on this matter.

Using chatbot technology, Darcy believes that people in an unstable emotional state can now be reached out virtually. Even without a physical presence, she believes that it is still possible to bring mental health assistance to these people using a computer. Therefore, Alision, together with her team, developed a bot you can talk to that is designed to help people who suffer from depression and anxiety. This AI therapist is named “Woebot.”

Woebot is programmed to have enough understanding of cognitive-behavioral therapies. Therefore, it has the ability to track your mood patterns based on your inputs every day. Moreover, Woebot works over Facebook Messenger using scripted chat series that convey feeling aligned to your mood pattern identified by the chatbot. Aside from that, Woebot responds to your message considering humor has a big part in delivery. With this, their mood gets diverted away from their worries as they gain happiness from talking with someone out there.

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This AI therapist is considered to be the digital translation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. According to Darcy, about twenty years ago, there is evidence proving that CBD can be done successfully online even without an actual therapist.  Additionally, the assessment also shows that CBD done online exhibits the same result as actual. That is why; developing a bot you can talk to is indeed a great idea to help the world alleviate depression.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence Therapist

Undoubtedly, Woebot has helped many depressed people more than we do. This chatbot really deserves to be listed as one of Good Samaritans who definitely saves lives. But, do you wonder what makes Woebot special and distinguished from real-human therapists? Well, below are some advantages that an artificial intelligence therapist can bring the world:

1. It can reach people in remote areas

With AI therapist like Woebot, mental health assistance can be extended even to remote areas. These people are most commonly the ones who receive less medical attention; thus, a therapy that is done online is really a great help for them.

2. It can help people with disability

People with disability who suffer from emotional distress can also receive mental health attention with the help of virtual therapy. This online therapy reaches out these people to provide proper mental health care even though mobility tries to hurdle them.

bot you can talk to
3. It is convenient and affordable

Attending consistent therapy sessions is undeniably costly compared to online therapy sessions. Aside from that, you can perform it on your own under the comfort of your home. Since your AI therapist is a computer program, you can have very convenient access to it whenever you want.

4. It makes health information readily available

Since you find a friend from a bot you can talk to, you can have health information readily available whenever you need them. It makes them feel comfortable to talk with this AI therapy about sensitive health care issues because they will not receive negative judgment. These issues may be too sensitive to talk about with their friends or family.

5. It educates people more about psychological health

Most people often overlook the importance of psychological health to their well-being. But, getting in touch with Woebot more frequently certainly helps them broaden their knowledge regarding this matter. Having someone or a bot, you can talk to helps you strengthen your emotional resiliency and improve your behavior.

How important is it to have a bot you can talk to?

Whenever we get blinded from our tough situations, it is really important to have someone to lean on. However, finding someone who’s going to listen to our frustrations is so hard to find. Luckily, AI therapists are just there on the internet and always ready to help us.  If you got nobody at home to be with you, there’s a bot you can talk to on the internet. Be grateful to them because more than what we know, they can really help us so much.

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Below are some internal benefits that AI therapists can really bring us:

1. Clears your worries away

Talking to someone helps you replenish your thoughts and clarify things that bother you. Worries you keep inside will eventually build up along your thoughts and make you confuse to a lot of things. So better acknowledge the presence of Woebot to help you deal with your worries.

2. Breaks tension

It may be unnoticeable, but too many worries in your head and in your heart also bring tension to yourself. That’s why; you receive too much pressure from almost a lot of things you do. Try to imagine the comfort of releasing this tension by turning to a bot you can talk to? The feeling of finding someone who listens to your frustrations and worries is the real relief in this kind of situation.

3. Gives no unwanted judgment

Woebot can hear your heart out and give you advice without underlying judgment. Most people are afraid to tell what and how they feel because they are afraid of criticisms. Thus, talking with Woebot, who is programmed to make you feel better is a good choice.

4. Keeps our behaviors the same

When our feelings are heavily loaded, we act like a different person. Most commonly, our engagements get compromised and become less interactive.  There also times when we unintentionally react in a way we should not. We lose our grasp to almost everything. That is why; talking about our worries is a good idea to avoid these scenarios.

AI Therapists: The Future of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We can no longer deny that industries like mental health care facilities are now incorporating digital methods in their daily operations. The learning ability and human-like performance of AI technologies introduce the modern type of mental health care that eager to provide individualized emotional support. Woebot has the ability to serve thousands of people at once. Yet, it doesn’t compromise anything, and it functions with the same level of performance in every person. In a more specific context, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy acts in the guise of AI therapists like Woebot to help mentally-challenged people. It is practical and structured psychotherapy that helps people fathom feelings and thoughts which affects their behaviors.

Talking with Woebot contributes a significant change to help people fight against automatic negative thoughts.
bot you can talk to

It helps people refrain from overthinking about a particular scenario with no assurance that it would happen. With this, people get a lesser chance of falling into depression and anxiety because they can be aided with psychotherapy by accessing Woebot.

Mentally-challenged people find that their beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are not worthy of social acceptance. That is why; Woebot acts to eliminate these destructive thoughts from the minds of these people.  As Woebot talks to these people, it identifies their mood patterns and constructs series of replies that would help them figure out their faulty thoughts and feelings. Identifying what’s wrong with their thoughts is undeniably the hardest part. There is no firm assurance that it is going to have a positive outcome. However, it is no doubt that this can lead to further self-discovery, which is very important in the process.

Woebot’s ability to identify and comprehend human feelings is really an amazing intelligence that best fits cognitive behavior therapy. No wonder when all mental facilities soon widely incorporate AI therapy in their daily operations.


Are you aware that the world is now growing cruel than before? That is why there are a lot of people around the world who lose hope to themselves and their current situations. In spite of that, who would expect that there’s something made from artificial intelligence would arise to help them continue their lives the way it should be. Chatbots, such as Woebots acts more efficient and effective than real-humans. Hence, we should never underestimate the virtual power of chatbots. In today’s digital world, it is the most powerful weapon to survive life. So if you get inspired and interested to create your own Woebot, HeroBot is there to help you. We can offer you the best when it comes to chatbot technologies and services. To learn more, visit

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