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Why Should Customers Talk To A Chatbot?

Does your company receive an immense amount of emails every day and you can’t answer them all at once? How long does it take you before you can send all your response to them? Perhaps, it takes a lot of your time and effort before having it answered. If so, this might result negatively in…

Does your company receive an immense amount of emails every day and you can’t answer them all at once? How long does it take you before you can send all your response to them? Perhaps, it takes a lot of your time and effort before having it answered. If so, this might result negatively in your business. Customers nowadays expect a very immediate response from the concern they have relayed whether via email or other social media platforms. That’s why investing in chatbots for customer service purposes would not be a wasteful decision. Letting your valuable customers talk to a chatbot for their concerns is indeed a wise choice.

talk to a chatbot

Chatbots’ efficiency level is indeed more than enough. It can perform various business operations all at once. Do you know what makes chatbots ahead of a real-human agent? Well, chatbots have a unique feature we call automation. If compared to a human, automation almost equates our perseverance.

However, perseverance is sometimes not enough to please our customers. Customers always expect instant gratification, which is not attainable with just a mix up of determination only. It requires strong technical effort and online support to be able to reach this goal. Do you feel threatened that you might fail your loyal customers? Better not, because chatbots are there to help you.

When it comes to efficient and effective customer service, chatbots are the best partner you can lean on. Are you eager to know the reasons why? Well, let’s get through it. 

The New Customer Service Superstar – How Chatbots Rise to Popularity?

Have you already heard about chatbots before when you were just a kid? Well, maybe not yet. Chatbots have risen to popularity for not more than about ten years ago. However, do you wonder how chatbots instantly become the new superstar in customer service today? If so, let us take a look at some reasons why business owners suddenly turn to chatbots for customer service:

1. To complement the rise of messaging apps

Since the beginning of 2018, messaging apps have become popular around the world. Many expect that billions of people around the world are using messaging apps as the primary mode of communication. As a result, businesses enter these platforms for customer service purposes. Till digital advancement continuously transforms customer service and eventually contributes to the birth of chatbots.

2. To meet the customer’s expectation for immediate response

Take note of this: customers are always right. Whether you understand or not, they are still on the right side. Therefore, the only thing that a business industry can do is provide them the best services your business can offer. However, though you know to yourself that you have already done your part, it is still not enough sometimes. Customers demand more, especially for a quick yet with a quality response. That is why developers have decided to create a computer program that can cater to this expectation. Perhaps, they do not make a mistake to develop chatbots that undeniably become so useful today.

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3. To spend a lesser cost on customer service

Hiring a full-time agent to manage your customer service would be extremely costly. As a result, the business owner wants to resort to an alternative that would give them the same and uncompromised service in lesser expenses. Well, chatbots become the instant answer for their life-long prayer. They have the level ability to continually manage their customers without paying for their service every month.

4. To keep their business updated to the latest trend

As companies see that their competitors are using chatbots for a more innovative customer service experience, why would they let their business left behind? That is why; the use of chatbots for customer service purposes suddenly soars to popularity.

Why Would You Let Your Customers Talk to A Chatbot?

No wonder how chatbots can reshape the existing landscape of our customer service. As years of digital advancement go by, customers can no longer distinguish themselves if they are talking to a real-human agent or a chatbot. That is why business owners allow chatbots to talk to their chatbots. Today, it almost has a perfect resemblance to a real human customer service agent. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that letting your customers talk to a bot regarding their concerns is undoubtedly a wise decision. If you are not still convinced, below are some specific uses of chatbots to customer service:

1. Chatbots provide transparency when it comes to customer records

Your chatbot is programmed to have direct access to your database. That is why it can provide your customers with transparent information regarding their transactions with your business. More so, chatbots act more interactive and flexible when talking to your customers. With regard to informational purposes, chatbots can easily accommodate and interpret changes and provide solutions at the same time.

2. Chatbots act as your 24/7 customer service agent
talk to a chatbot

As we know, the most number of customers always demands immediate and 24/7 assistance, especially when it comes to technical and online support. In this matter, chatbots would be a great help. Chatbots can always help your customers whenever they need to retrieve their forgotten passwords, track the progress of their transactions, and other related concerns. As your virtual customer service agent, chatbots are anchored to a standardized functional structure. This makes it knows enough about your business and able to entertain the needs of your customers effectively.

3. Chatbots serve as your company’s front liners

In customer service, collecting customer’s information is crucial to the success of other business processes. With chatbot’s advanced technology, retrieving customer information while entertaining them is efficiently possible. Chatbots can perform them simultaneously since chatbots have direct access to business databases. More so, chatbots can also verify the encoded information right away.

Why Should Your Customer Trust You?

As a customer who’s seeking for convenience and immediate actions, why won’t you mind to transact with a chatbot? Once you talk to a chatbot, you must be aware that you put all your personal information in them. Are you worried about some confidentiality issues? You should not. You can trust your chatbots with your personal and most confidential information as long as you consider some data security measures.

Below are some of the best security practices you must take into consideration whenever you talk to a chatbot:

1. End-to-End Encryption

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Since chatbots are connected to vast channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram; invasion to data privacy would no longer be impossible. That is why; the development of E2EE is indeed a great help to preserve confidentiality. With E2EE, all the conversations you had while you talk to a chatbot gets encrypted. In this way, data trespasser would get a hard time interpreting your personal information since it has been all converted into codes.

2. Authentication and Authorization of User Identity

As technological advancement continues to move forward, the ability of hackers does integrate as well. Chatbots utilize authentication and authorization to verify the credibility of logins to prevent hacker attacks. The user has to secure an authentication token that he can use throughout the particular session. 

3. Self-destructive messages

In maintaining confidentiality, erasing all the traces of past conversation is a great help, mainly when it tackles highly-confidential information such as bank account numbers. With self-destructive features, the data would stay only on a particular conversation within the prescribed amount of time. This confidential information will vanish right away.

4. Secure Protocols

Nowadays, we can hardly tell if someone unauthorized is sneaking through our essential transactions. Therefore, HTTPS is helpful to keep the chatbot’s network security intact. Hypertext Transfer Protocol helps chatbots to transfer data using an encrypted connection. In this way, people can’t go through your conversation.

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We still can’t deny that the traditional way of managing our customers is still useful nowadays. However, little integration wouldn’t hurt. If you wish to elevate your service to your customers, engaging with chatbots would be the best move you can ever make. However, of course, responsibility and discipline is still the key to keep everything in place. Your adequate knowledge about this technology would help you save yourself from getting compromised.

talk to a chatbot

As a professional business owner, you must not just resort to chatbots opportunity because you want your business to get exposure across the online platforms. More than this, you should genuinely care for their welfare. Give them a very efficient customer service experience by letting them talk to a chatbot. Try to provide them instant gratification while your company itself savors fruitful benefits. Are you interested to know how to get to it? Well, it begins with a great and wise choice.

If you are eager to serve your customers from the bottom of your heart, engage with a reliable chatbot industry. For chatbot concerns and how it can help your customer service, consider HeroBot. We have skillful and experienced chatbot experts to cater to all your chatbot needs. We offer a variety of services where you can choose from depending on the needs of your company. Interested in our services? Come and visit us at

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