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The Voice Recognition Technology behind Talking Bot

AI chatbots and voice recognition technology are seeping its way to the digital trend in such a fast pace. These days, artificial intelligence chatbots do not only apply to the gadgets we have but, the current market is also adapting it for customer service. Chatbot therapists, chatbot shopping aids, and chatbot weather forecaster are only…

AI chatbots and voice recognition technology are seeping its way to the digital trend in such a fast pace. These days, artificial intelligence chatbots do not only apply to the gadgets we have but, the current market is also adapting it for customer service. Chatbot therapists, chatbot shopping aids, and chatbot weather forecaster are only some of the examples of AI chatbots. Not only that chatbots can reply to your messages, but they can also talk to you in your native language. Such bot is called talking bot.

A talking bot is an AI chatbot infused with voice recognition technology. Combined with the power of natural language processing, such bots respond to customers based on their understanding. Through voice recognition systems, conversational bots are able to respond to user’s questions and execute user’s commands. This digital advancement proliferates in the market in every way we can imagine.

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Anatomy of a talking bot

Artificial intelligence is the brain of conversational bots. This brain makes it possible for a talking bot to respond in a way that a real-life person does. Because of this technological lift, customer service has been more efficient. The artificial intelligence in bots makes computers do things that humans can. But, aside from AI, there still are some sciences behind this friend of ours.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and information engineering that is responsible for making interactions between machines and humans possible. Particularly, natural language processing is concerned with how computers process and analyze large amounts of natural language data. This is also applied to talking bot or conversational bot.

The objective of NLP is to read, decipher, and understand human language in a valuable manner. Amazon’s Alexa, for instance, is powered with NLP to understand its user’s command and then fruitfully responds to it. Without this AI subfield, a talking bot will not be able to differentiate the difference between “hello” and “goodbye” and will not be able to respond to conversations meaningfully.

Voice Recognition Technology

Voice recognition is another field of computer science that is concerned with designing computer systems that can recognize spoken words. Speech or voice recognition is the ability of a machine or program to interpret and carry out spoken commands. This technology allows its users to do hand-free simple tasks. For instance, voice recognition on chatbot involves voice dialing, speech-to-text processing, and home appliance control. Using this technology, a talking bot interprets a string of words into a meaningful phrase and then identify its intent.

Customer service in the current market

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You may be wondering how voice recognition technology is used by the current market to leverage their customer service. Well, there are a lot of brands that tried using a chatbot to increase their engagements. Amazon’s Alexa, for example, has been the entry point of a brand that wants to get in the trend of talking bot. The voice recognition feature of a conversational bot is fundamentally re-shaping the current market in a way that increases their customer service. To prove this, reports say that voice recognition platforms had only a word error rate of five percent.

Since today’s technology is continuously working on perfecting voice assistants, a large number of companies are trying to provide their customers intelligent and state-of-the-art conversational bots. Instead of human aids, brand customers converse with bots, so they do not have to get on hold until a human agent is available to talk to them.

How to use voice recognition to enhance the brand experience

With the vast technological advancements today, brands and companies are using it as their weapon of marketing. It has been proven that using the latest technologies like talking bot increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the latest technologies are now called as the future of marketing. Well, the world of artificial intelligence is developing in a fast phase so, here are some proofs for this claim:

Voice recognition changes the customer experience

To put it simply, consumers do not want a large number of answers to their questions. What they want is “the answer.” By using talking bot technology, brands provide customers with the simplest and most useful answer that they need. In this way, brands make it easier for their customers to get their needs in a short span of time. In addition to this, a chatbot can handle a vast number of queries all at the same time. Such power enables users to get real-time answers without waiting for a live agent to assist them.

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Bots make getting customer preference easier

Conversational bots are able to know what their customers prefer by simply giving them choices and asking them which they prefer. After the choosing and picking process, the chatbot will be able to recognize the preferences of its customers and finally will offer them the products or services that will suit these preferences. Additionally, bots can remember a consumer’s preferences so that when they come back, the talking bot will instantly send them services or products based on their previous conversation.

Conversational bots make conversing to customers more comfortable

There are consumers that do not feel comfortable talking to live service providers. When such a thing happens, conversational bots step into action. Customers will be more at ease to tell confidential information since they know that they are not talking to real-life people who can spill the information they share. Additionally, bots can store information and data for future use, so when the customer comes back, they do not need to do a repetitive question and answer portion about their preferences.

Examples of a Talking Bot

Businesses always want to be in the trend since they know that being in the trend will be their edge in the battle between brands. Moreover, the rise of conversational bot became one of the fastest-growing customer service providers for businesses because they can make conversations with a lot of people simultaneously. Here are some examples of bots that will make you want to have your own talking bot for your business.

Amazon’s Alexa

This digital friend of ours is one of the most useful conversational bots by various companies. Developers created Alexa gadgets like Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show. On the other hand, there is also an Alexa for Businesses. This chatbot enables companies to use Amazon’s virtual assistant in order to finish more tasks. In addition to these, Alexa also has a lot of skills that enable more efficient customer service. For instance, you can ask Alexa to manage your emails for you. In this way, you can save more time for other, more important tasks while Alexa takes care of your messages.

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Apple’s Siri

This voice-controlled personal assistant has been around for some years now. Siri interacts by talking to its user in such a way that a friend does. The user can ask Siri questions, make her execute commands, or help find what you need, hands-free. Moreover, this Apple personal assistant has access to every application you have on your iPhone, mail, messages, contacts, maps, and dialer, for instance. Siri can give you personalized results with its numerous capabilities.


This digital assistant is more like the Google of China. Additionally, Baidu is China’s biggest search engine. The software understands both English and Mandarin. How? Well, this digital assistant uses Deep Search 2, which is a software that is developed in Silicon Valley. Because of this system, Baidu was able to learn and understand words by listening to recordings and reading their transcriptions simultaneously.

Google Assistant

Google’s chatbot was an extension to Google Now. But, while Google Now was not available today, Google Assistant still lives to aid its users in various tasks. Additionally, Google Now supports both text and speech commands. By saying “Okay, Google’’ or “Hey, Google,’’ the user will be able to wake Google Assistant up. You can connect voice assistant to smart homes and devices so users can turn on and off appliances hands-free. Also, Google Assistant can access applications on your devices such as your calendar, music, and reminders. It can also search for weather forecasts and news online.

With the continuous integration of technology into our daily lives, it is important to use it to our advantage. Businesses, for instance, can use a talking bot to increase their customer engagement as well as to build better customer experience. By doing this, they can build loyalty among consumers while providing what their customers need in the fastest possible way.

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Moreover, consumer preference change over time. They want answers to their queries in the fastest possible way, and having a bot for your business will help you give the fast service that the customers need without having to hire more people for your business. You see, bots really are the future of marketing. 

If you are in need of a conversational bot for your business, HeroBot is here for you. Contact us now to get the bot that best suits your brand.

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