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Personal Language Tutor? Talk to A Bot Online

If you would be observant nowadays, you’re going to notice that Artificial Intelligence almost dominates every aspect of our lives. Online transactions, marketing strategies, almost everything you could imagine is powered and automated already by Artificial Intelligence. A hundred years ago, this was just fiction, but now, it already becomes a vital part of our…

talk to a bot online

If you would be observant nowadays, you’re going to notice that Artificial Intelligence almost dominates every aspect of our lives. Online transactions, marketing strategies, almost everything you could imagine is powered and automated already by Artificial Intelligence. A hundred years ago, this was just fiction, but now, it already becomes a vital part of our lives. Surely, you would no longer get shocked if I tell you that you can learn and master a language by just going through your phones and talk to a bot online.

The Internet has evolved a lot that even makes this aspect possible. Imagine, you no longer have to enroll for a costly language course to learn it. It is just a click away. Learning the language is very interesting and full of fun, but going through the process may be challenging. The technology is already there to help you. Now, success is still in your hands. Dedication and perseverance are the good combos to learn the language from a chatbot application. These chatbots guide us, but the acquisition still depends on how we would persevere to have it.

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So if you are now ready, let get straight to it.

The Perks of Learning A Foreign Language

More than you know, learning a new foreign language opens the door to many opportunities. However, not everyone appreciates language because most of us are not aware of what it could bring us. So, let’s now take a look at the things below; it might help you open yourself to some foreign languages:

1. It reduces social discrimination

As most people say, language is the soul of a country. That is why; if you grasp more about its language, it no surprise that you could also learn more about its culture and society. In this way, you can easily broaden your understanding and decrease unpleasant judgment towards their culture and their customs.

talk to a bot online
2. It helps you understand more about your own culture

Since language has taught you to understand the culture of other countries, you can also learn more about your own culture. It happens because you can able to compare other culture with yours that leads you to a keener knowledge towards your own culture.

3. It makes your international travel more convenient

If you’re planning to travel, it is important to learn at least the basics of their language. Remember, the key to a successful travel experience is communication and interaction.

Benefits of Learning A Foreign Language Using Chatbots

Who would expect that with the advent of chatbots in today’s digital world, learning the language would be possible through virtual assistants? Now, it is possible to understand the fundamentals of a language you desired to learn by just going through your computer or mobile phone and talk to a bot online. You may feel awkward at first because such courses are too complex not to be learned from classrooms. However, when you try once, you would realize it is almost the same. Below are some of the benefits you can get by using chatbots in learning a foreign language:

1. Adaptive to the needs of students

With language tutor chatbots, you can learn the language compared to the classroom because it focuses on you. It records data about your progress and finds some ways exclusive to improve your learning experience based on your records. If you consistently talk to a bot online with the high-intelligence level in languages, you would inevitably get influenced by it as well.

2. Feedbacks right away

You can instantly receive feedback as immediate as minutes after your last transactions. In this way, you can still recap and able to figure out where you did go wrong in the process. Compared to school-based sessions, it sometimes takes one semester before receiving your grades and feedback. Imagine, you have to talk to a bot online, and you could get immediate feedback? Not bad anymore.

3. No Intimidation

Do you know why most people are afraid to try? It is because they are afraid to receive criticisms from their failure. Luckily, chatbots are not programmed to criticize people when they fail to learn a course at first try. In this way, if you choose to learn language from a chatbot, you would never feel intimidated. They are programmed to help you locate the aspects of your performance that needs improvements and help you enhance it through constructive directions.

Learn a new Language! Talk to a bot online!

One thing that you could get from a virtual language tutor is convenience. In real-life situations, it is tough to find someone who can teach you language with enough perseverance and patience. That is why; the birth of Language tutor chatbots is a blessing. You have to talk to a bot online to learn a very complex item like language. So to give you an idea, below are some language tutor chatbots that you can try:


Duolingo has a good reputation when it comes to language learning chatbot platforms. It is widely-used across the United States, and it is the most popular among any other platforms. This virtual language tutor can process the context of human users and respond distinctively and substantially. Learning a new language with less embarrassment is possible when you’re doing it with a chatbot like Duolingo. You can repeat it endlessly when something seems not clear. Unlike when you’re learning a new language from a native speaker, asking the same questions repeatedly would surely feel so awkward.

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talk to a bot online

Are you fond of traveling to different countries around the world? Well, it’s about time to check your first thirty-three countries because Mondly can offer you the language support. You can now wander around and go to restaurants or malls because without hesitations because you can’t talk with their language. Mondly can surely help you talk their language and to tell them straight whatever you want to say. What’s nice about this chatbot application is you can able to choose between written or verbal responses. In this way, you can both learn how to spell and pronounce words that seem too unfamiliar to you. Mondly is undoubtedly a very nice language tutor who can teach you the basics of the language you want to learn. 


As we all know, the English language is our universal language. Therefore, it is a must to learn the fundamentals of this language to have successful transactions with other people, businesses, and other industries. However, don’t worry because Andy, the Chatbot is there to help you. Andy provides different lessons about the English language that specializes in grammar and vocabulary. It can also offer you some games and refreshers to check how much you learn. This is not yet the most advanced language chatbot app in the market, but it can help you to learn the basics of the English language.


Trying to learn Japanese, Korean, and Chinese characters is a very difficult task. However, if you are passionate to learn those, Lanny is what you’re looking for. This language chatbot app is equipped with extensive capabilities to teach a different language. Compared to other language chatbot apps, Lanny would also broaden your knowledge on the history and culture of the country where your selected language originates. This chatbot app supports iOS and Android devices.


Not to mention, this chatbot application received the “Best App Winner Award” in Google Play Awards- 2017. What makes this chatbot app distinct from other language chatbot apps is its ability to offer other courses aside from language tutorial. Memrise supports twenty languages across the globe, so you have many choices to choose from. It also specializes in reading and vocabulary with native speaker vibes. Because of its advanced technology, you can use your phone camera to take a picture of a particular thing you want to know the name in your preferred language.


We can’t still underestimate the power of education attended in schools or universities. It is still the best source of quality knowledge and experience. Chatbots and other platforms powered by Artificial Intelligence only serve as our guide to utilize the knowledge we have gained from school properly. Additionally, learning becomes more complex nowadays as our world moves forward. That is why; chatbots were made to keep us in touch with such information and knowledge.

If you want to learn things, even those who are not related to language, you can talk to a bot online. They are well-designed to give us access to an almost infinite source of knowledge. There’s still a lot more with chatbots and its benefits; you can try to reach us at HeroBot if you wish to learn more about chatbots. We have chatbots experts who can make you understand the complexities of engaging with chatbots and its services. Visit

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