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Bot Business: Perks of Having One

In this world of a high-rocketing number of social media users, it is no surprise how using artificial intelligence is now a trend. Bot business is now emerging as the biggest helper of business people on operating their shops. This has also let them connect with their costumers more intimately and faster. It was made…

In this world of a high-rocketing number of social media users, it is no surprise how using artificial intelligence is now a trend. Bot business is now emerging as the biggest helper of business people on operating their shops. This has also let them connect with their costumers more intimately and faster. It was made possible by using chatbots, which imitates human conversation and interacts with its senders.

bot business

A business bot is a computer program devised for automated communication and information gathering. Trade industries are common bot users. However, entertainment and gaming companies are also using bots to make their pages and applications more interactive. Moreover, some consumers prefer engaging in conversation with bots than human servers.

Bot Business – Why Should Your Business Have One?

If you have to look at how business competitiveness is measured nowadays, it is based on the efficiency level of their respective customer service. Knowing that every business is now using chatbots to manage their customers, why would you let your business get left behind? SO to give you some ideas, below are the reasons why your company should use bot business right now:

1. Bots are now dominating the world of commerce

Social media marketing and online shopping are now growing. Before, industries were shaken by applications and infographics. Nowadays, something has already stolen the spotlight— business bots.

Most businesses are now entering the online community to increase their customers. Be it in the fashion and beauty industries, gadget shops, or even restaurants; they now have their online sites to accommodate more costumers. Even bank and loan companies are also using this nowadays. Some of the examples of companies using bots are Starbucks, Spotify, Fandango, Sephora, Wall Street Journals, and McDonalds.

As more online customers are discovering the hype and convenience of online shopping, companies have new problems. They do not have enough employees to answer the inquiries of heightened costumers. With this, bots came to the rescue. Today, there are around 100,000 active online bots in the Messenger community already.

Moreover, bot business is not only used for communicating with costumers and answering their inquiries. Most users create their bots for other business tasks such as a collection of costumers’ information, reducing overhead costs, and organizing meetings. Marketing is now expanding, and more population are now engaging in more online activities. This is the reason why the numbers of people who are using bots are now increasing.

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2. Brings in more costumers

Due to the effectiveness of bots, costumers of companies are now reportedly increasing. Sephora has heightened its makeover appointments by 11% due to the Facebook Messenger App. Meanwhile, 1-800 flowers reported that they increased their messenger orders by more than 70% by using bots. Over billions of users of messenger applications, it is most likely that bot businesses can find their most loyal customers online.

Moreover, bots increase the company’s brand and image. Communication with costumers is the embodiment of the customer service of the company. Artificial intelligence has fewer tendencies of acting personal due to their lack of emotion. Despite these, good chatbot can communicate with the customers better and more intimately than some employees.

Upselling is also one of the functions bots can do. Shopping is like an addiction, and after a person bought something, they are more likely to crave for something more. This is an excellent opportunity for upselling to take place and recommend more products to the customer. Furthermore, it can also do predictive analytics. It collects data and information about the liked and bought items of the customer. It would then analyze the products the consumer is likely to buy next. According to McKinsey, a report says that 35% of Amazon’s consumer purchases came from product recommendations based on algorithms.

3. Smart Messaging

Online chatbots use smart messaging to save time and efforts by automating customer support. According to Gartner, by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions would be handled without a human. Furthermore, costumers find bots more convenient. Companies were able to answer their inquiries much faster with it. By inputting complete brand and product information, pages and sites were also able to clear misunderstanding much better.

Moreover, they can update costumers about the status of their accounts and the new promos available. Bank companies also use bots to automatically warn their clients about issues and dangers in their bank accounts. Personalization also helps businesses a lot. According to an Accenture report, consumers are 75% more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name or recommends options based on past purchases.

Moreover, this saves the company effort and time that they can use for other things like creating more products or planning more diverse promotions.

bot business
4. Human Relations

Human Relations is one of the important factors that companies must always consider. However, most HR employees are having problems in maintaining a high level of engagement of employees. These days, business bots are now on their way of improving HR in companies as much as possible. They help the employees’ engagement in their work. It also decreases HR headcounts, costs, and efficiency.

Moreover, by becoming the middle layer, bots integrate with existing systems and offer a much easier user-friendly experience for the employees. Artificial intelligence also helps in the recruitment process effectively. After job postings, they easily inform and communicate with potential employees. It evaluates their background, qualifications and gives them scores automatically afterward. Applicants were also tested by asking them simple questions like a hiring assistant.

Business Without Chatbots – How Would It Look Like?

Since bot business is now widely used today. Its benefits become a vital part of the business foundation. Now, if we eliminate chatbots from the picture, do you have any idea how our business world would look like? Well, let’s try to take a look:

1. Increasing Operational Costs

Believe it or not, your bot business won’t survive without customer service. Customer agents are the ones who manage your customers from their requests to complaints. Hiring full-time or groups of full-time customer service agents are too costly. They are being paid monthly in return for their hard work. Therefore, without chatbots serve as an alternative customer service agent, expect a continuous operational cost.

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2. Slow Marketing and Sales Progress

One thing that chatbots always guarantee is maximized customer engagement. Additionally, chatbots can accommodate a vast number of customer concerns and provide assistance right away. That is why many of your customers receive more interactions from your business. So, imagine your business interaction without chatbots? Expect that customer concerns are not quickly addressed and responded.

3. Reach Fewer Customers To Introduce New Products

When your business is launching a brand new product, it is essential to broadcast its details to a vast audience right away. One thing you can do to reach them out certainly is to let your chatbots talk for you. Since chatbots have an amazing capability to speak to several people simultaneously, introducing your new products would be so much efficient. However, if it has to be done manually by real-human marketers, this may take a quite long time before reaching a large number of potential customers as much as chatbots can do.

4. High-satisfactory Customer Service is Quite Hardly Attainable

Pleasing our customers is indeed a tough challenge for business owners. All their demands are continually changing and becoming more demanding as days go by. Therefore, chatbots, which can send efficient and immediate responses to their customers, are what you need to gain high-satisfactory remarks from your customers. Nowadays, most of them demand instant action, which is quite difficult for real-human customer service agents to provide.

5. You Have to Do the Same Operations Repetitively

There are some similar tasks that you have to do at least every day. Some of these operations could make you feel dull eventually from doing it again and again. However, chatbots have one feature that addresses this business issue. Chatbots introduces automation to the world of business. With this, some daily operation, like sending updates, business reporting, and other related tasks, can benefit a lot from automation. Just imagine your business day-to-day business operations without chatbots; your days in the office would be relatively the same.

bot business
6. You Lose the Chance to Better Understand Your Customers

Chatbots can collect and record a number of personal information of their customers while talking to them over the chat. That is why bots can provide a transparent record of data that business owners can use to analyze their customers. Using these records, the analyst can also locate some sign of improvements within their business and identify how their customers behave. Real-Human customer service may indeed get a hard time doing this all at once. Chatbots are directly connected to the business’s entire database that is why; chatbots can put in and put out data easily. 

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If you have a business and you do not want to be outdated with the latest trends, you need to have these trendy bots. However, creating an interactive artificial intelligent agent that the user would trust is not easy. However, with HeroBot, you can easily make the best bot business that can satisfy your needs. For more information, you can visit our website by clicking this link.

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