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5 Astonishing ways Messenger Chatbots and Chatbot Marketing Can Benefit You

Chatbots by far are the most useful technological development today. Especially in the business world, where chatbots bring significant improvements to marketing strategies and customer services. Moreover, with Facebook’s integration of chatbots, there’s no telling what the future holds for the use of messenger chatbots. Facebook Messenger Chatbots To simply describe a chatbot, it refers…

Chatbots by far are the most useful technological development today. Especially in the business world, where chatbots bring significant improvements to marketing strategies and customer services. Moreover, with Facebook’s integration of chatbots, there’s no telling what the future holds for the use of messenger chatbots.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

messenger chatbots

To simply describe a chatbot, it refers to any program that interacts with consumers by means of conversation. Messenger chatbots nowadays are even advanced enough to follow users’ commands. Common activities include searching the internet, open apps, and compose emails and messages. Now, Facebook messenger chatbots are those chatbots that can be found on Facebook’s message platform. Furthermore, messenger AI are considered the most popular bots for these two main reasons:

  • Facebook and its messenger have more than a billion users around the world. As of today, there is an average of approximately 2.38 billion monthly active users of Facebook. All these users can easily access the Facebook messenger chatbots.
  • Messenger provides a developer application programming interface (API) that allow users to create automated messaging.

Today, Facebook is not just used for socializing or chatting with friends and families. It is also now considered one of the best ways to market a business. In fact, as per the survey conducted by Oracle, 80% of all the businesses wants to implement the use of chatbots by the year 2020.

Facts about Facebook messenger

To further understand the importance of messenger chatbots, here are some facts about Facebook messenger:

  • Facebook Messenger is the second most used messaging app in the world. With the WhatsApp which have 1.5 billion users around the world, the Facebook messenger does not fall far behind, which have more than 1.3 billion users worldwide.
  • Facebook Messenger is the third most downloaded app in the world.
  • Of all the mobile apps, Facebook Messenger is the third most used app in the world next to Facebook and Youtube. Moreover, Facebook messenger is used by 68% of all app users.
  • Over 40 million active businesses around the world use Facebook messenger as a medium to send messages.
  • Businesses send more than 20 billion messages per month.

Facts about Chatbots

With the Facebook facts stated above, let’s now discuss some facts regarding messenger chatbots:

  • In the past year, 67% of customers in the world prefer to use messenger chatbots for customer services.
  • 40% of customers worldwide don’t mind if they are being served by a human or a bot, given their need is answered.
  • Chatbots are responsible for responding to 80% of questions received by business owners. This dramatically helps reduce business costs.
  • 95% of customers worldwide are certain that customer service will be the best benefit of using messenger chatbots.
  • Businesses can reduce customer services costs up to 30% with the use of chatbots.

Given the facts about Facebook messenger and chatbots, we can conclude that having messenger chatbots will bring the best benefits to your business. More and more people are preferring bots as they could respond as quickly as possible. And by using messenger as a medium for your bot to connect with customers, you are already placing your business in a good position. Currently, Facebook caters to 6 million advertisers, while 300,000 only uses AI Can you see the big opportunity here?

Advantage of messenger chatbots

As messenger chatbots bring convenience to the customers, here is how it will give you an advantage:

1. Directly reach out to your target audience

Email marketing is now becoming stagnant and is likely to become obsolete somewhere in the future. While on the other hand, people preferring to open Facebook messages continue to increase. With the use of messenger chatbots that offers buttons for answers, customers don’t need to type. Therefore, they are more likely to engage with your business and go deeper to your marketing funnel.

Chatbots enables you to have regular subscribers and with Facebook’s sponsored ads, so that you can easily broadcast any of your business news and latest events to customers.

2. Generating Leads

Designing your bot to interact properly with potential customers, it can ask questions to identify their needs. After that, it can quickly direct these potential needs to your sales team. Now you can increase conversions and grow your customer base.

3. Customer Re-engagement.

To acquire more customers or recapture the attention of former customers, some business pay loads of money for massive advertisements. However, with the use of messenger chatbots, you can easily re-engage your customers with the least cost. They can reach customers personally, and provide appropriate news or content rewarding your business at the time being.

As chatbots have the capability of retaining customer information, they can remind customers of their past transactions. They can remind a customer of transactions like the gift they bought for mothers’ day, or the dress that’s still in her cart. Plus, customers won’t need to give their information over and over again.

4. Handling online transactions

If designed excellently, messenger chatbots can even do the selling as well. They can provide personalized selling and make suggestions to customers. For example, you have a cake-selling business. And there is a customer who decides to place an order through your bot. Your AI may ask questions like “would you like some beverage with that?” then show your menu of drinks to offer. Therefore, you could up your sales with the least effort and have lower drop-off rates.

5. Reduced costs on customer services

Customers want to be served anytime they want. Furthermore, they can sometimes ask the same questions again and again. Answering to these customer needs can be costly and time-consuming. Messenger chatbots can give significant help to your customer services. Unlike humans, they won’t be affected by any disease, meaning bots shall be available 24/7/365. This makes them an efficient worker. You can now have more time to focus on more important matters of your business that requires more complicated thinking.

Building your own messenger chatbots

One of the most difficult parts in messenger chatbots is to decide who’s going to create it. In order to have an effective bot, you need to have quality content. You may wonder where you can find a bright mind to brainstorm high-quality content. Well, worry no more because that person could be you.

If you are already doing your business’ online ads, social media posts, email marketing, and copywriting, you are already in a good position to build a chatbot. You should consider building a chatbot that is able to answer Q&As and send broadcasts to your customers’ list as well. If you will use visual content builder, these things shall require no coding.

Nowadays, chatbot building tools like Herobot App are very easy to use. You won’t need a programming degree to build your messenger chatbots. Because of this, the most difficult thing to do is to compose an effective content that shall increase your business’ conversion.

messenger chatbot

Good content, relevant messages, and exciting offers will be responsible to catch customers’ attention. Moreover, you can also keep your customers engaged in an interesting conversation, and move them further down to your marketing funnel.

Focus on your FAQs, as this contains all the feedback regarding your business – product, customer services, advertisements and many more. You may already have some anticipated questions and readymade answers, but there could still be more questions than you could think of. The best place to find it is in the FAQ. Review it quickly and answer questions, and you can update your bot. You can also use some useful posts in the FAQ that could make your bot better and more functional.

Now, what tool shall you use?

With your expertise in writing effective content and with the perfect tool, building your messenger chatbots will be easy as 123. Herobot will provide you a lot of options to build your bot. With Herobot, you can build a messenger AI that will make your businesses rise to the top. Hence, you can now achieve your business’ maximum potential in a short span of time. Herobot has a massive number of lead magnets that have high potential to expand your contact list and customer base. You can easily create a chatbot that not just automatically reply to messages. But also tag, like and send private messages to Instagram and Facebook comments.

Chatbots for small businesses

Messenger chatbots will surely be a great help to businesses of any nature and status. Whether you already have a big and stable business or even a small and starting one.

To small businesses, messenger chatbots shall give an opportunity for aggressive expansions. Email bots will drive your business to several leads and sales. Moreover, it will help you with the task of customer services, especially in times of solving customer problems. Additionally, it will also help you free some time, as it will be available all the time and will always be on the front line in attending your customers. Now you can focus your time in making more important tasks and decisions for your business. It will help you control costs, as its maintenance is from low to absolutely zero. No human employee can boost your marketing strategy to the optimum as much as a chatbot can do.

Now, you probably have an idea of what a chatbot can bring to your business. So visit this link now and start your business venture with your own chatbot.

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