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Learn English without any Judgment with a Robot to Talk To

Nowadays, technology becomes more and more developed, especially when it comes to the internet. With the dramatic entrance of AI into the scene, there has been a lot of improvement and automation going around. Moreover, is really helpful to the marketing strategies of businesses. This is where chatbots play a critical role. Bots are responsible…

Nowadays, technology becomes more and more developed, especially when it comes to the internet. With the dramatic entrance of AI into the scene, there has been a lot of improvement and automation going around. Moreover, is really helpful to the marketing strategies of businesses. This is where chatbots play a critical role. Bots are responsible to cater to the questions of potential customers, take care of customer services, and even take care of sales – sometimes. But did you know that chatbots are not only for business purposes? In fact, there are more than one chat robot to talk to if you are bored, can’t sleep, or even if you want to learn English.

robot to talk to

A chat robot to help me learn English? Yes! You’ve read that right! There are many chatbots that are ready to help you learn English – without any judgment.

Today, almost all of us humans tend to do stuff on our own, like cooking, household chores, and other errands. However, when it comes to learning a language, it is better to learn with a talking partner. Most of the time, we become shy and scared to learn with a human partner, as we are terrified that we could be judged.

But, with a robot to talk to, you can learn English every day without the need to depend on someone’s schedule and without any judgment. These bots are your personal partners in learning English, which you can take literally everywhere.

In this article, we listed the top chatbots out there to help you learn the English language. Enjoy reading!

A robot to talk to: How can it help you in learning English?

1. Available 24/7

With a chatbot, you can learn English whenever you feel like it – while you are eating snacks or even in the middle of the night. Your chat robot will always be there. You will receive a quick response for any of your questions and can chat for as long as you want.

2. Motivation and Gamification

Most chat applications use gamification. Gamification refers to the rewards and features to make the chat feel like a game. For instance, users can receive badges or gems as a reward for achieving a language goal or using the application for consecutive days.

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3. Personalized experience

In the usual English class, you will have to wait for your turn to answer, speak, and be corrected. You have limited opportunities to practice your English skills with your teacher and receive feedback regarding your grammar and pronunciation. However, with a chatbot, you will get exclusive and personalized English practice whenever you like.

4. No embarrassment and judgment

One great characteristic of a chatbot is that they don’t judge. You will never see a shaking head or rolling eyes whenever you make a mistake. In addition, talking with a chatbot without any others to listen to, you won’t feel any embarrassment if you pronounced a word incorrectly or used a wrong participle. Without any embarrassment and judgment, you are more likely to feel comfortable in the conversation and keep learning English.

The future of English learning!

In this article, we will discuss the two types of chatbots that can help you practice English. The first one is those bots specifically intended for language learners. Developers designed them to teach you the English language. Subsequently, the second ones are those chatbots that native English speakers use for different tasks. This helps you practice using the language in a real situation.

Chatbots for learning English

These bots have integrated Artificial Intelligence. These bots evaluate the level of your English skills and then formulate a lesson to help you learn quicker. After a few chats, the chatbot will then provide an overview of your current English level, and the bot will adjust the conversations to your current level.

The more you try to practice, the better the bot will understand your weaknesses, and also your strengths. It will then formulate personalized lessons for you. This is an excellent method to learn at your own preferences, pace, and level. Here is a chatbot list of the best bots for tutoring:

robot to talk to
1. Andy

Andy is a chatbot intended for English conversation practice. This chatbot is a part friend and a part tutor. Andy provides a casual discussion, and it can also let you play some language games. In addition, there are some options to learn vocabularies, as well as English grammar.

This bot also offers detailed explanations for several grammatical rules. When you choose a topic, this bot will provide a short instruction, while you can still ask for further if you like. Andy will then test what you have learned for each lesson. If you are wrong about something, this bot will then tell you where you made a mistake, along with the correct answer and its explanation. When you have a chatting lesson, Andy will also correct your mistakes.

Additionally, if you wish to increase your vocabulary, Andy will provide the definitions for the words that you do not know. Andy will also provide some examples for the proper use of those words. You can start conversations whenever you want. Moreover, you have the option to listen or read to Andy’s responses.

2. Mondly

Mondly is another bot for learning English that has a mobile app as well as a web version. Mondly’s program comes with a bot that lets you communicate by speaking or writing into your computer or smartphone.

If you are having a conversation with this bot, you will be given some possible responses. These responses serve as hints if you don’t know what to reply to what the bot would say. Also, you can listen for some examples spoken in both female and male voice, which lets you learn the proper pronunciation. You can choose what you prefer the most, or just give your own response by typing or saying it to the chat window. Otherwise, if the bot was not able to understand what you have said, it will ask you to repeat your response. Moreover, Mondly lets you learn either British or American English.

English Bot Assistants

If you want to learn casually and informally, then you can choose to have a fun chat with an Artificially Intelligent assistant. Several services and stores utilize chatbots in assisting their customers with daily tasks like shopping and planning for dinner.

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With this kind of robot to talk to, topics are related to particular fields, such as a task to do, or one of your hobbies. Additionally, these kinds of assistant have a wide knowledge of their fields. They are experts in speaking English, which are usually difficult to find.

So, if you find this type of English learning interesting, then you should check out FluentU. This app takes real-world Media, such as inspiring talks, news, movie trailers, and music videos. FluenU will then turn them into a language learning experience.

In addition, FluentU makes it easy to understand English videos by using interactive captions. With this, you can click or tap any word and instantly learn what it means, how it is pronounced, how to use it, and more.

Moreover, FluentU tracks the progress of your learning and suggests perfect videos and examples best suited for you.

Built-in Phone Assistants

If you wish to learn conversational English daily, you can try the VA (virtual assistant) available on your device. For example, if you have an Android device, you can talk with Google Assistant. If you have an iPhone, you can have Siri to aid you with your daily queries. You can ask these virtual assistants about almost everything, including the most dangerous bacteria on earth, or the time of the last bus to the next city. You can ask whatever topic you like. In addition, you can also make requests with them, such as open a mobile app, search something on the net, set a reminder, or even compose an email or a text message. With the help of this smartphone virtual assistants, you can enhance your knowledge with all kinds of sentence structures.

In order to talk with Google Assistant and Siri, you have to speak clearly. Because they will not be able to understand what you say if you don’t. This is an excellent way to check your pronunciation or your sentence structure.

When conversing with a human, you use hand gestures, objects, and facial expressions to help your talking partner clearly understand what you say. In talking with Google Assistant and Siri, you can’t use those hints. This is a great way to improve your speaking skills tremendously.


Mona is another robot to talk to that will help you in your shopping, find stores online, and search for products that will meet your preference. You can tell Mona about your budget, your criteria regarding product style and type, and more. Mona will then start to look for the best option online.

robot to talk to

You can chat with Mona via written messages. She will ask you some questions and deliver a lot of information through messages and menus. This will enhance your skills in responding and reading. You can learn important English nouns, and also some keywords in the fashion industry.

Previously, the idea of learning English with an AI partner may have sounded impossible. But today, that is no longer the case. With the continued advances of technologies, particularly robot to talk to, you can easily learn the English language. Grow your vocabulary, enhance your grammar, and expand your vocabulary while having a lot of fun.

Additionally, did you know that you can create your own chatbot? Yes, you can! If you are an expert English speaker, you can create your own chatbot to help others who want to learn English! Get in touch with HeroBot and create your own English teaching chatbot.

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