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Hot Chatbot: The Latest Chatbot Trends in 2022 for Business

2019 continuously kicks off with a bang. A fresh start is an excellent way for more growth and success. The same idea goes to the field of technology in which it took significant steps over the past few years. It comes along to the development and progress of chatbots – the newest hot chatbot in…

2019 continuously kicks off with a bang. A fresh start is an excellent way for more growth and success. The same idea goes to the field of technology in which it took significant steps over the past few years. It comes along to the development and progress of chatbots – the newest hot chatbot in the metro.

According to a forecast conducted by Gartner, organizations will garner a success rate of 85% in customer contact by 2020. Hence, these hot bots are the new game-changer.

So, here is the set of information you need for hot chatbots.

The Chatbot Market as of Today

hot chatbot

As of today, chatbot hits the mainstream. How? Let’s see!

According to a current Grand View Research report, the chatbot market is anticipated to outreach $1.2 billion globally in less than ten years. Another thing is that the market will increase in the annual growth rate of more than 24%.

In 2019, the chatbot has taken the world by storm. Traditional conversational services are taken over by this advanced technology. It becomes more Ai-driven and is now having complex human-like interactions.

In just a few years, more groups and companies are going to adopt the said technology. Then, many will use to improve their business operations.

Chatbots started and boomed in 2017. With this, business process and service helped improved its brand image. Moreover, businesses enhanced their customer engagement and increased profits as well. So, better have a chatbot for your brand!

Hot Chatbot Trends in 2019 for Business

So, what are the hot chatbot trends can we expect this year with this high Artificial Intelligence?

1. More Advanced and Wider Chatbot Adaptation

The broader usage of bots is an advantage this year. Why? It is because smart technology enables chatbots to do more with a better version of instant responder and recognizer. Moreover, its adaptation is longingly skyrocketing.

In a study made by IBM, there are 265 billion customer requests recorded per year. Businesses consumed for about $1.3 trillion to these requests. With chatbots, it can save them up to 30%.

What’s more, Oracle found out that there are more than 800 marketing experts are adapting to chatbot usage. Following its outcome, 80% of brands are planning to use chatbots for customer service in the following 36 months.

2. Improvisation of Instant Chatbot Messaging in Business Communication

Instant messaging gives users the benefit of communicating to people, and this also offers developers the idea of making things possible with its chatbot version. How?

According to Facebook Business, 64% of users are likely to get in touch with instant messages. Moreover, more than 61% are using it for connecting with businesses.

In accordance with this, the business industry is progressively using artificial intelligence in hot chatbot, which drastically change its way to interrelate with customers.

Concerning this, Statista conducted a study in which 64% believe that these advanced services give them freer and more personalized customer experience. While in e-commerce, it was more than 34% in 2017.   

3. Customer service becomes the Main Key player in Chatbot Industry

Customer service becomes today’s leading key player in the industry. These bots have influenced and impacted many businesses.

In the current years, chatbots can handle customer contact, service, and support. According to Gartner, service domains will consistently dominate the next years. Moreover, 34% of chatbots will be utilized more for customer engagement.

4. Organizations Handle Technology

The organization themselves will manage technology for making bots. In other words, people under the organization, such as from departments to employees, has the responsibility for bots. These people will come up with the idea of training them as what humans do.

Furthermore, extensive programs make everything possible to make things more accessible to developing bot applications. An example of it is Hubspot which offers whitepaper in its specific website pages. Besides, this hot chatbot reinforces other department jobs such as marketing and sales.

5. The Change in Service Role

Companies have to engage with various mediums, which are essential in conquering their goals to successful customer service. Many have used social media, email, and phone for customer support.

Preferably, if institutions want their bots to provide constant responses to all platforms; then they should make sure that their bots have all the answers to questions and situations. predefined bots triggered by keywords or user responses inside the HeroBot platform can perfectly accomplish that need to come up with every possible answer users need to hear.

However, when hot chatbot are unable to reply to answers, they need to switch themselves as employees. Also, this will be a big helping hand for the firm to be more proactive as it could give off more sales and profit.

Some will be against it as they say that bots might replace real human beings.  No. These AI-powered bots are not for human interaction replacement. They are used for augmenting the reported interactions and used to simplify and unfasten monotonous workflow.

6. Chatbots Can Talk to Their Co-chatbots

Who says that chatbots can only have communication with consumers? Of course, they could also have conversations with the same bot. It means that users may now have to consult with many bots who can work for the same service at the same time.

Eventually, hot chatbot would have acquired knowledge of taking various activities without prior assistance from contracted service agents. Their systems will frequently converse with each other.

7. Voice Assistance for Effective Service

It is not a surprise that voice assistance is increasingly paving its way in the chatbot industry. As for this, there are different voice assistants within supermarkets for delivery offers and energy establishments for a smart thermostat or solar panel usage assistance. Hence, the evolution of voice has recently taken effect within these sectors.

8. The Escalation of Conversational Chatbots

As of today, we need to start learning how to communicate with customers effectively. So here’s the thing, there are conversational interfaced bots to serve every business needs.

An example of it is the company ‘Acquire’ who started to work on conversational marketing, which gives a personalized user-experience to conversational sites.

9. Acquiring National Language Understanding

Some businesses have started working on Natural Language Understanding. It cites the number of systems which worked hand-in-hand to manage end-to-end synergy between humans and bots.

To simplify, this technology grants users and hot chatbot to interrelate organically. So, companies are spending their money for these make a better comprehension of user demand, and human language and gestures.

10. Built Automated Call Centers with AI Technology

Call centers will soon come to existence with the presence of NLP. In the combination of NLP, an AI voice generation and server-less capability help to have automated-type call centers. These call centers have a piece of in-depth domain knowledge in gaining conversations with customers. In addition, these are available 24/7 without getting the problems of having sick leaves.

Chatbots’ Future

This year, several major companies, such as British Airways, LinkedIn, and Starbucks has announced their plans to develop their own chatbots. Additionally, they expressed their interest in the implementation of chatbots in their businesses.

Key players like Apple and Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon, have already been investing in the chatbot technology for years. In fact, they have already enjoyed and still enjoy the benefits of this technology. So, we can certainly assume that they will continue to utilize and invest in chatbot development.

Chatbots used in business will inevitably evolve and progress in the years to come. Perhaps the architecture and design of this technology could even grow to the point wherein chatbots becomes the customer service standard. On the other hand, there are still a variety of applications for chatbots across several sectors.

If you want to keep yourself updated on the recent developments, then you must closely follow the industry of hot chatbot. So what about the small businesses? Would they be capable of adopting chatbot technology soon?

Ultimately, the adaption of chatbots, like any new technologies depends mostly on these factors:

  1. Improved technology
  2. Growing demand
  3. Lower Cost

Think about this situation: ten or more years ago, it was almost impossible for small starting businesses to have their own custom apps. On the other hand, as large companies started launching out their apps, low-cost services for app creation started to pop up.

Nowadays, most of your business’ usual customer expects to have an application as a part of your business’ customer services.

Having said this, then you must keep a close observation at chatbot technology – that is, if you want to have your own business chatbot in the near future. Keep updated with the hot chatbot trend, as there is always new development.

Final words on the latest hot chatbot trends

Following these hot chatbot trends will ensure your business to last long. So choose a great chatbot that can be your best partners. So if you’re looking for one, then, better choose experts who can lead you to the path to success – choose Herobot. We at Herobot, we believe that every successful brand starts to grow when having premium quality products and services. So what are you waiting for? Together, we can build your dreams into reality. For more information and updates, you may visit us at

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