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Facebook Comment Bot: Increase Your Potential Sales

Engaging in a business requires a lot of effort and planning. You cannot enter the industry if you are not equipped with the right marketing tools to promote your offerings. Today’s market relies on the internet. A lot of potential customers are browsing the web to find good stuff because it’s way more convenient. So,…

Engaging in a business requires a lot of effort and planning. You cannot enter the industry if you are not equipped with the right marketing tools to promote your offerings. Today’s market relies on the internet. A lot of potential customers are browsing the web to find good stuff because it’s way more convenient. So, having your business on different social media platforms – such as Facebook – is a great way to introduce your products or services. And with the facebook comment bot, you have the advantage to drive your business to the top. However, there are still things that you need to consider as part of your business strategy.

What is a Facebook Comment Bot?

Facebook comment bot is an automation tool that is used for bulk responding/replying on facebook post comments. It allows a page to make instant replies for a massive number of comments at once. It is often used by big brands in order to handle their customers accordingly.

facebook comment bot

Make Instant Replies with Comment Bot

There’s a huge potential in sales for every Facebook user who comments on your page posts. Reaching out to commenters is a great way to attract probable customers. However, replying to them one by one may not be viable and efficient. In this case, you can opt for a Facebook Comment Bot. Facebook Comment Bots help you make instant replies to multiple comments at once. These instant replies are the messages that are seen automatically by users when they initiate a comment on a post on your Facebook page. Comment bots are like chatbots, which help you show that your business is committed to providing high-quality customer service.

Create an Effective Instant Reply

An instant reply is not effective if its content is not relevant to what the commenters want to see. Make it a part of your planning to think of the best response for them. You should customize your content depending on what the market demands. Make it more informative – enough to represent your brand well.

Here are some tips you can consider in creating effective content for instant reply:

1. Make a brief company overview

Since most of the commenters who put interest on your page posts are new to your brand, it will be an excellent opportunity to introduce your products and services. Include in your instant reply what your company offers; products, services, and etc. Also, it is a good idea to mention some of your products so that customers can have an overview of what they are engaging on.

2. Provide contact details

Having a flood of messages or comments can sometimes lead to unnoticed inquiries. The best way to avoid such circumstances is to provide them with alternative ways to reach you. You can include in the instant reply your e-mail address, company number, business address, or other customer service hotline.

3. Set a timeframe

Don’t make your customers wait for the unknown. Provide them with a specific timeframe on when they can expect a response from you. Gain their trust by giving them realistic information about your availability. One way to do this is to allocate a specific time and have it well-organized.

4. Unanticipated Page Inactivity

Usually, some businesses only employ one person to manage a social media account. But what if that person has an emergency and cannot monitor the page? For this reason, you need to inform Facebook users that your page will be back shortly due to an unexpected happening. It is your responsibility to let them know to avoid a negative impact on your business.

How You Will Benefit from Comment Bots

Facebook comment bot is easy to set up. You will only need one single response for everyone who leaves a comment on your post. You have the freedom to create whatever response you want – given that it will not exceed to 250 characters. Instant replies enable businesses to handle a massive number of messages. However, it is still your responsibility to respond personally after the instant reply so that you won’t miss a chance of getting more customers. Doing so can trim down all the negative remarks about your customer service. Also, it can build a stronger connection between you and your possible customers.

To add, here are some benefits you can get from Facebook Comment bots:

1. Customer Engagement

Research states that companies who are engaged with their customers on social media are able to increase their sales by up to 40%. With that being said, it is essential to keep your customers engaged with your business. Social media is an excellent platform to promote your business, but an excellent companion to assist you with inquiries is a must-have – chatbots.

Chatbots or comment bots are different from conventional customer service representatives. Chatbots only provide brief information. However, there’s still an interaction between the Facebook user and the chatbot. This is possible through the use of the keywords that the user provides each time. So, if you think Chatbots are annoying, you might be wrong. They’re actually entertaining the customers with relevant information while they are waiting for the response of the page administrator.

2. Global Approach

Facebook comment bots can help you reach global customers 24/7. They can solve your customer care problems because one of its features includes multiple languages. Through this, you can expand your target market without the worries of handling numerous incoming requests.

3. Enhanced Lead Generation

Facebook comment bots assist customers by providing necessary information based on the data they receive. A bot replies on related and essential questions, convince the user and generates a lead for you. They ensure that the flow is in the right direction to get high conversation ratings. Also, bots can help determine the unqualified leads, and avert unnecessary deals with time-consuming leads.

4. Cut the costs

Having a facebook comment bot will cut the costs from hiring employees for specific tasks, or creating a cross-platform app for customer service. There are ready-made software you can choose from.

facebook comment bot

Chatbots and facebook comment bots allow you to handle multiple customers at once simultaneously. They are beneficial for you and the customers because you will not only save money from hiring employees, but you can also avoid problems caused by human errors.

Bots are great backups for employees. They can do basic and repetitive tasks with great speed and efficiency. However, one of the struggles you may face is developing the conversation capability of your bot in order to make an impression to your customers.

5. Monitor Customer Insights

Facebook comment bot is a great help in monitoring your business. You can collect what commenters think of your product and use them for further improvements.

Why Consider Facebook Comment Bot as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

There’s so much we can do with Facebook, and this includes promoting our businesses for potential sales increase. If you’re using it for marketing purposes, you might want to use Facebook’s messaging features and allow bots to assist you in incoming messages and inquiries.

Bots can provide your customers with useful details that they can use in determining if you are the one they’re looking for. Also, given that you provide your contact information in the instant reply, customers can find it hassle-free to reach their concerns straight to you. They can send you a private message and initiate a private discussion. Through this, you can answer their questions personally and soon offer them great deals. That’s the magic of having a partner in handling customers. You can be secured that all probable customers are not left ignored. Being interactive with them makes a great impression on your customer service and your brand as well.

If you are able to respond to each comment instantly, you can expect a considerable increase in the demand for your brand. Bots can help you achieve stronger customer engagement. And as said earlier, you can cut the costs without sacrificing the quality of your customer service. There’s no need to hire many employees. All you need to do is generate a bot and have someone to monitor your account.

However, a bot may not be useful if programmed with the wrong type of content. You need to have a strategy or consider the tips that are mentioned earlier. Aside from that, you can ask for assistance. Herobot aims to help marketers expand their market through chatbot marketing.

Chatbot Marketing

facebook bot

Chatbot marketing is now a trend in digital marketing. It is an effective way to introduce a brand to the public. Since many people are using Facebook in their daily lives, there is a huge potential for your business to get discovered. But to make that possible, you have to devote your time in handling different customers.

We all know how hard it is to handle tons of messages at once. However, if you have a facebook comment bot or chatbot, you can have an assistant to entertain Facebook users while you are not available for personal interactions. With Herobot, you don’t have to worry about missed inquiries because your bot got your back. Try it now and see the difference it makes! Visit us here.

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