Chatbot4u : A Guide to Understanding the Future of your Online Marketing

It is said that marketing in 2020 will be dominated by Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM and SEO). In this age where everything continues to develop, things get easier to do with the help of modern technology. Numerous artificial intelligence emerges from time to time with the aim to aid people in their daily…

It is said that marketing in 2020 will be dominated by Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM and SEO). In this age where everything continues to develop, things get easier to do with the help of modern technology. Numerous artificial intelligence emerges from time to time with the aim to aid people in their daily life and routines. From simple to complex, these AI-based technological innovations aid people with their various needs. One of the many artificial intelligence is the chatbot.

For starters, a chatbot is a computer technology that aims to create conversations among human users. Many businesses use this technology to reach people faster. Although this platform has already been on the internet for a couple of years, it is only now that they are conquering the business world and how they reach potential clients.


One of the many reasons why chatbots are essential for businesses is that it can gather information from users and utilize it to give feedbacks according to the information gathered. Thus, having a chatbot4u and your business will help a lot in reaching more people faster. Aside from this, a chatbot is the future of online marketing. Therefore, having this kind of platform customizable for your own business means a good future.

Traditional Marketing Compared to Marketing Using Chatbots

Traditional marketing or what is known today as offline marketing has was always convenient for businesses in order to advertise them and their services. This is possible through print such as pamphlets and flyers, audio and visual advertisements like radio and television. Aside from these, there are a lot more means of advertising that do not use the internet.

Although this type of advertisement is very effective, it is always good to try doing something new and more effective in reaching people.

This is where AI-based chatbots take into action. As people search online for products or services, they want the information they need as fast as possible. Having a chatbot4u and for your business will improve the marketing strategy for your products or services. Additionally, this computer-based platform creates a more engaging and interactive way of connecting with customers while giving these customers what they need right in the palm of their hands.

Who Uses Chatbots?

Almost every entrepreneur use chatbots to connect to potential customers. They do this because using the internet in marketing would mean a greater audience reach. Hence, greater audience reach means greater addition to potential customers.

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Here are some of the marketers that use chatbots:

Domino’s Pizza

Dom, the ordering assistant chatbot of Domino’s Pizza allows texting, voice, and even Facebook messenger allows conversation with customers for better order experience. This works by clicking the message button on Domino’s Facebook page, thus, directing the customer to Messenger or by searching for Domino’s directly on Messenger.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is different from other chatbot marketing primarily because they sell an experience rather than personal products. Their bot acknowledges to the users what it can do. It also says that the users can talk to real-life attendees anytime they want to.


This multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores is one of the well-known marketers that uses a chatbot. Also, its bot acts as a digital attendant that allows customers to choose among their wide variety of product without having to leave the Facebook Messenger.


This app’s bot acts as a knowledge base where customers can ask questions about the product. The bot also helps users to troubleshoot common Adobe errors.

Why you should have a Chatbot4u

First things first, chatbots easily reach people because of its connection to Facebook Messenger. As we all know, almost everyone has their own Facebook and messenger account. By having a chatbot created for your business, you will be able to reach numerous people. This is way different from traditional marketing where limited audiences are reached at a given period of time. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for a chatbot as a marketing strategy:

More efficient than email in terms of marketing

People think that emails are always cluttered with so many messages and trying to message businesses through this would be futile. This is the reason why they opt to reach businesses through social media. As mentioned earlier, Facebook has made a connection with chatbots possible. Due to this reach for potential customers is enhanced. Thus, by enhancing reach in social media, more customers are obtained.

A chatbot4u would mean a direct reach to specific audiences

Because chatbots can collect information about your potential client, it can customize its answers to their questions based on the information it gathered; therefore, customer satisfaction is certain. Moreover, this could also mean adding to your customers.

Chatbots accomplish their task in a place where people spend most of their time: the internet

We are now living in a world where everyone is internet-dependent. May it be, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or Viber, it is already evident that the internet is already large clout among people.

Having said this, having a chatbot for your business would mean that you could reach a large variety of audience in a short period of time.

Communication service and transaction are done simultaneously

The ai-powered bot provides the service that customers need while they make the conversation. Unlike the self-serviced marketing strategy where that is done way back then, bots provide every service that a customer needs. These bots help customers to find whatever they need wherever they are and at any time of the day.

Why Chatbot is the Future of Marketing

Marketing through chatbots is rising nowadays with the help of many technological advancements. Artificial intelligence, being one of these advancements continue to grow and develop more applications that can copy how real-life people think and act. It is said that in the near future, Artificial Intelligence will not only aid people, but it will also be able to talk, think, and build emotional connections among real-life people. With that being said, it is important to know why these bots are called as the future of marketing.

Chatbots converse directly with the users; thus, the insights are directly from the consumers

Because of this conventional setting, chatbots can ask questions that are too personal to be in traditional ads. Some of these questions are:

                “What music genre do you like?”

                “Where do you live?”

                “Where do you want to travel?”

and many more questions that traditional marketing ads could not contain.

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Personalization is possible

It is evident that advertisements are targeting a brand’s potential customer personally. By using chatbot4u, this kind of targeting becomes possible. This internet-based platform personalizes a message specifically for the users in order to know what product or service suits their taste. By doing this, brands will be able to understand the needs, wants, and expectation of a potential customer. Furthermore, they can offer a product or service based on how the potential customers answered the questions delivered by the chatbots.

A chatbot is transforming business capitalization trends beyond traditional communication.

Active connection to within bots and users improve not only interactions but also marketing trends. There are billions of monthly users on social networks, and having a chatbot that will help you reach these billions of people will be a great help in marketing your business online. Moreover, this Artificial Intelligence powered bot provides a good way to get in touch with buyers.

The waves of technological innovation are never-ending

As the years go by, it is noticeable that technology becomes more and more innovative. Therefore, it is safe to say that chatbots, like chatbot4u, will become better means of online marketing in the near future.

By 2020, people will have more conversations with chatbots than with their spouse.” This statement was said by Christi Olsin, one of the world’s chatbot experts, voice research and voice assistants. Some experts even stated that in the future, bots will be able to forge an emotional relationship with customers.


Having said all of these, it is safe to say that people will be more dependent on chatbots such as chatbot4u in the near future. These computer-based machine is making a great impact on industries in terms of customer service. Enhanced interactivity among machines and people can be noticed now that chatbot is crawling its way to the online marketing industry.

A great partner is what you need if you want your business to be on top. Meanwhile, with the chatbot’s ability to adapt to the needs and expectations of customers, it will be easier for your business to include the personal touch of customers to the products that they avail.

We can help you develop a chatbot4u here at HeroBot. After all, the success of a business relies on the marketing strategy it has. Contact HeroBot today and let us help you make your very own chatbot for your business and marketing needs.

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