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Chatbot Testing – The Key to Efficient Chatbot Performance

We can no longer deny that chatbots have already brought a significant change to our lives. Everything that once just a dream becomes all possible with the help of chatbots. In business and all aspects, they are always there to save our day. However, we can’t still foretell how long these chatbots would work efficiently…

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We can no longer deny that chatbots have already brought a significant change to our lives. Everything that once just a dream becomes all possible with the help of chatbots. In business and all aspects, they are always there to save our day. However, we can’t still foretell how long these chatbots would work efficiently for us. Just like any other devices and software, there are some unexpected errors that can suddenly occur within their system. That is why; bringing your chatbot software for chatbot testing is really a wise decision. Try to figure out what’s the sense of your chatbot if you couldn’t access its functions because errors persistently occur? Believe it or not, you can refrain from these scenarios by just giving your chatbot a try.

Perhaps, chatbot testing may sound very technical and complex, but it’s really not. You only need to learn some essential elements related to chatbot testing until you find to yourself that you can actually do it on your own. Check it out.

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Hands Off – Do Chatbot Testing First!

At first, you would surely get fascinated with what your chatbots can do for you. But, don’t ever forget to give it a massive try out. Perhaps, the capabilities you’ve been expecting from your chatbots are already installed in them, but sometimes, it doesn’t work the way it has to be. So to feel assured, check the list of chatbots features below.

These are the things you must always consider when performing chatbot testing:

1. Comprehension

Chatbots are programmed to interpret diverse kinds of messages from the inputs of human users. Hence, their Natural Language Processing ability has to be created in such a way that chatbots can still comprehend kinds of inputs unrelated to their basic functions. Chatbots’ ability to understand must not be limited to business and professional approach only. It would be great if they can interpret unexpected inputs and still capable of providing the right response to it.

2. Dialogue

The comprehension ability of chatbots highly relies on the conversation. That is why; testing its capability to come into a conversation is very significant. Try to imagine that you have already encoded input to your chatbot. However, you have to change it suddenly due to some unexpected circumstances. If your chatbot was able to cope with this sudden adjustment and responded favorably, be grateful because your chatbot is in good condition and functioning well. You can notice that your chatbots have good conversational flow if it talks skillfully and keeps you engaged with relevant responses.

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3. Resilience to Errors

Error management is a must-have feature that all chatbots must possess. However, this is something that often gets overlooked and set aside. Many chatbots have this feature installed to their systems, but there are times when it doesn’t function appropriately. Errors may happen at all times. Thus, chatbots must always be prepared to respond to this kind of situations and continue with the procedure. You can able to test this feature by going through their replies. If your chatbots are consistently sending you replies with substance and in relation with your all of your inputs, you have nothing to worry about. Perhaps, your chatbot is highly-resilient to errors. Make sure you go through this when performing chatbot testing. This is a very important area to check and look into.

4. Speed

How fast your chatbot can respond to messages, it receives at a time? You have to test this anyway because human users are too sensitive when it comes to performance speed. If you notice that your chatbot takes an unusual amount of time to reply, probably there is something not good with your chatbots. Chatbot testing can help you assess bot speed before paying for it. Bot speed can be tested by taking beta users on board.

5. Correctness

In many aspects of our lives, accuracy is very important. Same goes with chatbots. Human users always expect that chatbot responses are a hundred percent correct and reliable. Originally, chatbots generate responses from predefined utterances. You can check its accuracy by looking through correct responses it was able to produce out of predicted utterances. The number of correct responses it provided determines the level of its accuracy.

Ways on How to Test Your Chatbot

When you are buying your new mobile phone or a new laptop, the first thing you always do is to check if the specs are all intact. Same goes with chatbots. You can ask the programmer for chatbot testing before purchasing one. Below are some proven techniques on how to test the capabilities of your chatbots. Check it out:

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But first, determine the areas you prefer to get tested!

It is really important to identify which specific areas you prefer to get tested with your chatbots. There are a lot of methodologies you can use for chatbot testing. But of course, you have to choose what fits your needs. Getting to know your preferred areas would be a great help to choose the right method to use. Having your chatbot tested the right areas, and specialization would give you access to its primary functionality. Thus, you can check the list of areas below to give you some ideas:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Reasoning
  3. Knowledge
  4. Input
chatbot testing

Now, here are some chatbot testing methodologies:

1. Developer Chatbot Testing

While the chatbots are on the process of development, it has already been tested by the developers. They test the software through verification and validation. Developers assess the responses if it answers the question with relevance and substance. If you have to look deeper, this is the most effective chatbot testing methodology. Technically, you can prevent further damage since you’re able to fix during the production process.

2. Functional Chatbot Testing

Chatbots are mainly designed to perform a specific function. Thus, chatbots must work at its best in this specific function. Testing its functional ability involves technical procedure such as boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning. Boundary Value Analysis is a strategy that can be used to detect if the boundary of the input domain contains some bugs. Therefore, this method does not require looking for some errors in the input. On the other hand, equivalence partitioning involves the division of software into equal portions. The errors and portion can be identified by putting the portions into one test case. Each test case works to find a specific type of errors.

3. User Chatbot Testing

The user experience would tell if your chatbots are working nicely or not. Therefore, user chatbot testing is a must-done step before finally releasing your chatbot to the market. With this, you can collect all positive and negative feedback from them to help you locate the aspects that need some improvements. Chatbot try-out to users with different personalities can also be helpful to measure how flexible your chatbots are. It can measure specifically the comprehension and dialogue ability of your chatbots.

Why Must Chatbots Function The Way It Should Be?

If you’re thinking that chatbots with excessive and persistent errors only affect you and your business, you’re wrong. Aside from you, there is someone out there who gets more compromised with your chatbots – your customers. In a shorter context, everyone connected to your business is affected when your chatbots do not function the way it should be. That’s why; try chatbot testing as early as possible. Aside from what mentioned above, there are still some other things you can get from using chatbots that perform very well.

Read it out below:

1. You can save your time

With less error, lesser time is consumed to finish a conversation with chatbots.  Additionally, your customers would be left with positive vibes when their chatbot experience faces no hurdles. It is important to give your customers an immediate action, especially at times when they are raising complains against your company. Your high-quality customer service strategy would help you and your business get through it.

2. You can save money

Of course, if your chatbots are performing at its satisfactory level, you don’t have to spend more money on repairs and rehabilitation. Instead, you can just allocate this money to sustain the good performance of your chatbots.

3. You can keep your customers steadfast to your business

You can keep your customers under your spell if your chatbots work very well. Always take note that the success of your customer service highly relies on the performance of your chatbots. So keeping your chatbots in good condition would apparently sustain high-satisfactory level experience among your customers.

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Come and Learn With Us!

Just like your doctor always says, “Prevention is better than cure.” So never hesitate to test your chatbots first before getting them engaged in risky operations in your business. Remember, it involves your customer, so be careful when making decisions regarding this matter. If you want to learn more about chatbot testing, you can contact HeroBot to learn. Our experts are trained to help you with any chatbot matters. Extend your chatbot inquiries now by visiting or calling us at +1 416 623 8882.

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