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Chat Robot: Debunking Common Myths about AI

Chat robot has been going on around the digital industry since MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum first developed Eliza. Looking at the present, the technology of bots is continuously growing and improving. Moreover, according to the studies, almost 80% of entrepreneurs are dedicated to creating bots for their businesses. This just proves how successful and influencing…

chat robot

Chat robot has been going on around the digital industry since MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum first developed Eliza. Looking at the present, the technology of bots is continuously growing and improving. Moreover, according to the studies, almost 80% of entrepreneurs are dedicated to creating bots for their businesses. This just proves how successful and influencing an AI can be. However, we cannot deny that there are still a large number of people who believe in misconceptions regarding artificial intelligence.

When we talk about technology and artificial intelligence, some people automatically think negatively. This may be due to dystopian sci-fi movies and novels that always depict robots as the worst invention of humans. People are afraid that one day, robots will gain intelligence and skills that are far better than their capabilities.  However, whether it be on the online market or other sectors, you may encounter a chat robot along the way. This is why it is essential that you already know the common misconceptions about a chat robot.

Let us start by discussing what a chat robot is.

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Before debunking the common myths regarding chat robot, you must be clear about what it is first. A chat robot is a computer system that developers create for automation and simulating a conversation with a real human. It acts as an assistant that will engage with your customers through chats, emails, SMS, and applications. Moreover, a bot is a helping hand that creators can extend to reach out and connect with users.

Moreover, the chat robot offers numerous benefits for both users and its creator. It is easier, faster, and cheaper than hiring an ordinary human employee. Rather than waiting for anyone, a chat robot can automatically answer those questions quickly. The faster they explain, the better the results for your company or business are. Also, a chat robot also possesses machine learning that it uses to store information and use it for future references.

FAQs about chat robot

Even if I already discussed the basics about chat robot, there still might be questions being formed in your mind. You can’t be blamed for this because technology is not easy to understand. This is why we tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding a chat robot.

chat robot

How can a chat robot learn?

Training a chat robot happens at a much faster and high – reaching pace than you teach a human. Human Customer Service Representatives are given written manuals and have them read it and understand. The Customer Support Chatbot is designed to imitate how a human would act or answer to those given questions. It is as if you are talking to a regular person. In that way, a chatbot can understand what type of problem requires, or the kind of answers should be given.

Can a chat robot understand human language?

Yes, the chat robot can understand human language. Chatbot may look like your ordinary application. But specifically, there is a significant layer of database and APIs to call external services. In cases of bots, User Interface is substituted with a chat interface. While AI is easy to use for users, it adds difficulty for the app to handle.

Most people worry that the bot may not fully comprehend the aim of the customer. But to fully understand this, the bots are first trained with the actual data. Most companies that already have a chat robot must be having lots of conversations. Developers use these logs to scrutinize the usual things the customers are trying to ask and what those mean. With machine learning, developers match questions that customer often asks and answers with the best suitable answer.

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For example: If a customer is asking, “Where is my payment receipt?” and “I have not received a payment receipt,” means the same thing. Developer’s strength is in training the models. It is so that the chatbot can fully understand and connect questions to correct intent. If there is no substantial data available, different APIs of data can be used to train the chat robot.

How can chatbot continously grow?

Once the chat robot is ready and is live interacting with customers, smart feedback loops can be implemented. During the conversation, when customers ask a question, chat robot smartly gives them a couple of answers. This is by giving them different options to choose from like “Did you mean a,b or c.” That way, the customers themselves match the questions with actual possible intents, and that information is an instrument to retrain the machine learning model, hence improving the chatbot’s accuracy.

Despite this, there are some given limitations in place, assuring that the model should not change based on new replies, especially where users are not driving the bot in the right direction. Chat robot will also not just rephrase what the people say in the chat. They can respond or give answers to those things that the bot’s owner wanted to know.

myths vs. facts

Finally, let us talk about the common myths regarding robot chat.

A chatbot is going to take over the world.

The concept establishes this that a chat robot is designed to work more effectively and efficiently than humans are capable of. A conversational chatbot has lots of efficiencies built-in, giving it greater access to more enumerating capacity. On the other hand, companies still need human workers to grasp and learn complicated queries that acquire skills and ask for directions to imply and follow. These encoded conversations are fed back into the system to make chatbots look and sound more intelligent and easy to follow. This means the relationship between chatbots and humans will continue to strive for an indefinite period.

Moreover, chat robots will not make humans less of what they are. They only show and set an example of what humans can do to make sure that humans are only working on tasks that are asking for their full attention, knowledge, and expertise. When customers have access to chatbots, they can get excellent, efficient quality customer service less than what it would take for businesses to hire a full-service representative.

This increased demand for skilled human workers motivates those who always got and perform duties that are repetitive tasks. Instead of learning new skills or honing their knowledge of specific things, they still need to do repetitive tasks. Employers and employees can both get excellent benefits from this aspect. The employee will learn new skills and knowledge while exercising them in tasks that ask for his/her attention, while the employer can use chat robot to perform ordinary and daily tasks the employer would like to do.

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Chatbot will face no development anymore.

There are some essential opportunities to chat assistant technologies. As AI develops, there are some increased ranges in the future of the chat robot. However, there are still some people who are having some second thoughts about the power of technology. This is due to its understandable UI and ease of consolidation. However, there are more newfound research in core chat robot technologies. Due to this, there will be more focal points to attend to as well as words to exchange on conversations.

In fact, scientists from Facebook and Stanford are now researching on a chat robot that can learn form mistakes. This has taken the discussion from passive learning to active, wherein decisions can be made quickly.

It is hard to understand chatbot technology

myths vs. facts

This is one of the simple myths to eliminate. Moreover there is a rise in software integrations and cloud computing. Now, chat robot is one of the easiest-to-execute software packages a business can institute. They can come in a lot of different formats. Also, there are many chatbots developers are carrying out through the existing platform of the web presence. Creators levels them up as needed and can have numerous representatives to entrust with.

Added to that, chat robot hands out more information on a single dashboard than any given choices. Chatbots are also easy-to-use, making it ROI friendly to install at scale. As the use of AI and ML become present everywhere, the power of AI advances. The interior technology keeps on progressing without much load needed from end-users. As technology becomes smarter about collecting data, bots will need more resources. Chat robot developers can provide these assets. 

Create your bot with us!

Despite the doubts of some people, you cannot deny how useful and helpful chat robot is in different industries. Not only does it help business prosper, but it also helps in medical as well as entertainment sectors. Moreover, some people are even using bots to ease their loneliness and let them act as their companion. Now, if you have interest in creating a bot of your choice, you do not need to worry. Herobot is the best chat robot platform that can help you with creating a bot. Visit us at our official website for more information.

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