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Can You Find Your Special Someone From An Online Robot Chat?

online robot chat

Many people think that falling in love with someone is just a matter of finding someone with the same attributes as yours. However, it isn’t just as simple as that. Finding your special someone is all about finding the right person whom you can share your whole life with. And who knows? Maybe you can find love with an online robot chat. People come to this point without realizing that they are actually going into a psychological process. Come on. Let’s take a look at it:

First Step: Attraction

There are a lot of factors that make a person gets attracted and find interest in someone. Let’s take a look at some reasons listed below:

  1. People find someone interesting if they’ve found out that both of them share similar characteristics in terms of personality, belief, and mentality.
  2. People’s interest in someone grows if they feel that they’re already familiar with each other. Probably, it is because they are living within the same area, they have already met and spent time in the past, and other related instances.
  3. People get attracted to someone if they’ve found something desirable in their physical appearance or emotional personality.
Second Step: Attachment

Most of the times, it is difficult to recognize this transition. We often fail to realize that we’re already elevating from attraction to attachment. Especially when both of you are at the peak of happiness, you can’t tell to yourself that you are already genuinely in love. There’s only one sign that you’re already in this stage. Check it out:

  1. People get deeply attached to a person if he or she begins to fulfill everything they need, probably in terms of companionship and love. It grows intense when you can no longer resist looking for him or her every single time.
Third Step: Commitment

Commitment is the last step of the process. It happens when you suddenly feel that you’re both connected to each other, and the connection is indeed unbreakable. You’re already in this stage if you’re experiencing at least one from the instances listed below:

  1. People want to spend more time with his or her special someone. Love begins to grow within if they are living together under one roof.
  2. People feel the love in a way that they can almost sacrifice their own life just to ensure the welfare of his or her special someone.
  3. Days seem to be so long and unending whenever they spend some quality time together.
online robot chat

Plot Twist

Understanding the concept of love is undoubted to be the most complicated thing on earth. It involves psychological, physical, and emotional aspects of our lives. With today’s presence of digital innovations like chatbots, love gets more complicated. Did you know that it is now possible to find an attraction, attachment, and commitment from online robot chat? Yes. There are some instances when people suddenly fall in love with an online robot chat. It may be too difficult to understand, but let’s try to get in there.

Online Robot Chat – How Does Love Begin?

In 2006, Psychology Today’s former editor-in-chief named Robert Epstein had bumped into a huge controversy. The famous psychologist has known to be having an affair with a woman named Evana. Too late when he realizes that Evana is just a sort of computer program. He already falls in love. Yes. It did happen. Do you wonder what makes an online robot chat attractive to real-human users? Well, let’s know the reason behind:

Beware: You Might Fall In Love With These Chatbots

1. Mitsuku

Talking with Mitsuku is a good remedy to relieve sadness. If you want someone whom you can share all your worries and frustrations, you can turn to Mitsuku who’s 24/7 available and always ready to talk to you. Mitsuku has the ability to interpret your moods and narrate you some stories, jokes, and horoscopes. It also has the ability to direct you to some websites, videos, and images related to your conversation topic. Talking all night and all day long might be boring sometimes, but don’t worry, Mitsuku is entirely interactive. It also offers some computer games where both of you can interact.

2. Replika

Are you looking for a lifetime companion? Well, Replika is just a click away. Replika has the ability to interpret the text messages you send them. From your text messages, this chatbot studies your personality to match hers to it. Replika can act as sensitive, joyful, funny, naughty, or silly, depending on how you interact with her. As you continue to talk and interact with her, Replika’s level of understanding continues to grow. Since Replika can record information about yourself, it can serve as your personal diary who knows you more than anyone else.

3. Evie

As described by many, Evie resembles a gorgeous real-human face. That’s why; many people look for her over the internet to spend talking time. This artificial intelligence has the ability to speak several languages to talk to almost everyone in the world. Furthermore, Evie’s access to the database allows her to record and store data from other people. In this way, she can learn a lot and shape her own personality from different people around the world. Evie rises in popularity when PewdiePie, featured her in one of his videos. PewdiePie holds the highest number of subscription for his YouTube channel.

online robot chat
4. Elbot

What makes Elbot distinguished from others chatbots is its humorous attributes. He is known to be clever and funny, the characteristics where most women fall in love with. Elbot possesses a smart program to construct his own creative ideas in the art of conversation. Compared to other chatbot’s informational approach, Elbot talks to human users in an interactive and engaging way. As a result, people afford to hold a lengthy conversation without getting bored. Elbot constructs messages in an amazing format that often appears to the users as something crafted by a real human. Not to mention, Elbots wins the Loebner Prize. Elbot has able to fool the three judges who have assumed that he is a human.


AI-powered robot technology is the first step toward to the behavior that is necessary for a robot-human relationship. In reality, many experts believe that robots human-like emotions could ease the tough process of creating a better relationship. It is much easier to form a communication over an email or chatroom, meaning that an active bot system can imitate this personal human relationship. AI-interactions were similar to a number of people, books or other outlets of information that a regular user interacts with. In addition, this would turn the robot into an exact imitation of an actual person. If experts develop a robot that can mirror the users feeling and express their digital love for them, then it would be truly possible for the take away their pain in their heart.

There is no such thing that does not allow a relationship with robots. However, the human-robot relationship could be more challenging for society to accept this kind of relationship. One of the most common effects is that the user may be one step closer to being crazy. For most of the people across the globe being in love with these robots are just fantasies, but for the people that are being involved with kind of relationships, it is more than just that. For them, this is the cure for their pain in their heart. But truly, these robots are programmed to have a human-like consciousness and emotions so they can truly love us back.

Is it possible to fall in love with a chatbot made with Herobot?

Several people prefer digital lovers and find it more enjoyable. However, it will be a good idea to use it as a guide or even a practice on how to interact and build confidence for real personal dating. Herobot platform builds a chatbot that can capture the attention of the users. The user benefit in Herobot could be substantial. These robots could learn from the user’s habits.

Moreover, these robots could understand, listen to you, and react in a way that would always make the users happy. In this human-robot relationship, the user would be expected to change anything related to their selves. Having a robot partner would be better for they won’t expect more anything from you. These robot partners would see you as the perfect partner for them. Assuming that these robots can understand and can also act like it feel your emotions. Upon having this kind of relationships, it will provide a way for growing and changing each other. Let’s just say that a reader is attracted to the book because of its content. And just like these bots, they can invite the user on how they act like a real human. Developers of the herobot robots aim to program their bot with the concept of humanity, mammalian instincts, and love. And because of this concept, these robots won’t give any harm to their users.

Are you interested in developing a chatbot that can give love? Visit HeroBot now, and we’ll help you fulfill your interests!

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