Create the Best Chatbot for Facebook to Stand Out From Your Competitors

Chatbots – you might have heard it but maybe unaware of it. As you read this article, there are already as many as 300,000 bots out there. Most of these AI are used for businesses. If you’re a businessman, then now is the time to develop your own best chatbot for Facebook. You might have…

Chatbots – you might have heard it but maybe unaware of it. As you read this article, there are already as many as 300,000 bots out there. Most of these AI are used for businesses. If you’re a businessman, then now is the time to develop your own best chatbot for Facebook. You might have no idea how, but as you finish reading this article, you’ll be knowledgeable about how to create a chatbot effectively.

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, technology has developed dramatically, and in a fast-paced manner. Technological advancements played a great role in improving the quality of life. But, technology advances so quickly, that sometimes people have a hard time coping up with it. Moreover, some technological developments make things complicated, especially in the business world. However, when utilized correctly, these developments can bring a great advantage to your business. One significant technological development for business is the use of chatbots.

The use of chatbots proves to be beneficial to those who use it. Now, it is easy to build your own chatbot, because there are several pre-built platforms that now exist, such as Herobot. However, you need to build your own chatbot, which will stand out among the thousands of chatbots that are now in function. So let’s focus on how to effectively create the best chatbot for Facebook.

Chatbots enables us to search for places, foods, and products with ease. In addition, it helps in solving issues on customer services. It stores customer’s data from past conversations, so users don’t have the need to give their information again. It is sure to save the time and efforts of your customers. Unlike humans, chatbots will never catch a disease, which makes them efficient. Moreover, the use of chatbots can lessen a company’s cost, while sustaining their income at the same time.

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Chatbots – Where did it come from?

Before we start discussing how to effectively create a chatbot, let’s look first from where chatbots started. Chatbots’ origin can be traced back from as far as the year 1950. In this year, Alan Turing, a mathematician, logician, and a computer scientist started it all. He has asked the question “can machines think?”, and had a theory that humans cannot distinguish an intelligent mechanism; well, that is in a conversation which involves text only.

Alan Turing then developed the “Turing Test.” Its purpose is to test the capability of any machine to think at the same level as humans, or at least be indistinguishable by humans.

This test has caught the interest of many computer scientists and tried to create an intelligent machine to pass this test. The first chatbot to exist was ELIZA. ELIZA was built and developed by American-German computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966. ELIZA was unable to pass the Turing test. However, it managed to make some people think that they were talking to a real person.

ELIZA had then set the foundations of chatbots. It was structured by specific keywords and phrases, and also by registered preprogrammed replies. It became the basis for creating chatbot such as Parry, Jabberwacky, Dr. Sbaitso, and Alice. In the present, two of the most popular chatbots are the “S Voice” of Samsung and the “Siri” of Apple. These chatbots are advanced & well developed. They can respond to and understand voice commands. In addition, they can also perform tasks such as playing music, composing a message, and search the internet.

Chatbots are now well developed that it can be used for many purposes. Entrepreneurs are now integrating chatbots into their businesses, and it proves to be very useful.

Key Points to Remember on How to Effectively Create Best Chatbot for Facebook

Now we have learned about the brief history of chatbots. From that we can contemplate that chatbots have been developed just to answer a question “can machines think?” Chatbots are now well-developed thanks to the brilliant minds responsible for it. We just now need to think of how we can strategically use it. We can start by also asking the question “What does my market want?” From here we can now lay-out our chatbots according to the preference of our target market.

By giving a personalized experience to each individual customer, chatbots have the ability to attract and maintain their loyalty. There are certain features you must follow when you want to create a personal and effective chatbot. Following each will provide your business and website a complete feel that customers are interacting with a conversational chatbot.

Here are some useful tips on how to effectively create your best chatbot for Facebook:

1. Apply Conversation Breaks

As your chatbots should be designed to be conversational, refrain it from sending customers long and bulky messages. Customers may deem it boring and unpleasant, giving them the tendency to leave the conversation. You should make your chatbots respond in short and straightforward answers, which are accurate to what the customer actually needs.

2. Give the customers the option to exit

The primary reason for using chatbots is to save ourselves from the work of catering the customers. However, some customers might want to exit their conversation with the chatbot and prefer to talk to a real person instead. If you don’t give a solution to this situation, customers might get annoyed and search for other suppliers instead. To avoid this, you can include an exit button to your best chatbot for Facebook, allowing them to exit whenever they want.

3. Entice your customers visually

A conversation that includes text only might be boring for the customers as well. Therefore, make use of emojis. Not only emojis can make the conversation more human-like, but also it makes the messages more pleasant and friendlier. Its color will be pleasing to the eye of the customers. In addition, it adds fun to the interaction between the chatbot and the customer. Using GIFs will prove to be useful as well. that wat you make your best chatbot for Facebook more engaging.

4. Subscribe/Unsubscribe button

By putting a subscribe button in our chatbots, we give the customer the privilege of receiving news or messages about topics that are relevant to their interests. Also, this can keep them updated on your business, whether you are giving discounts or free giveaways. This can also increase the fame of your business, as more subscribers following your business mean good product reputation. However, you should also include an unsubscribe button. The reason is that sometimes, customers can get irritated when they think there is no way to stop receiving messages. They might hate your business, which can result in bad effects. Having an unsubscribe button shall give the customers the freedom to unsubscribe whenever they desire.

5. Design a personalized Your Best Chatbot for Facebook

We can all agree to the fact that customers sometimes become childish who likes being spoiled or pampered. This means we have to design our chatbots to respond with them according to their needs and preferences. With a personalized chatbot, customers will feel they are special and don’t think that they are just one of your several customers. Interacting with a personalized chatbot will not only make customers happy but also maintain their loyalty to your business.

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6. Integrate Your best chatbot for Facebook with marketing ability

Marketing your products can be very time-consuming and tiring tasks. Imagine reaching out to a thousand customers, the burden isn’t it? What about a hundred thousand more? But don’t worry! Make your best chatbot for Facebook do that job for you. As it is automated and can reach out to customers quickly, it can do the job in no time and on a regular basis. It will now give you the opportunity to focus more of your time and energy to other critical tasks of your company.

7. Give your chatbot a unique name

One way to make your chatbot standout amongst others is to give them a unique name. Make a name that is relevant to your business, at the same time, one that seems very friendly and easy to remember. In this way, your chatbot can easily catch your customer’s attention and engage them in conversation.

8. Make your chatbots predictive

To keep the customers engaged in the conversation, your chatbot should be responsible for driving it forward. Don’t make a reactive chatbot, which only waits for what customers would just say. Enable your best chatbot for Facebook to give options and suggestions. In this way, your chatbots can think ahead of the conversation. It will be able to drive the conversation properly and give the customer what they really need. This will make the interaction lively and would never bore your customers.

9. Create chatbots that give mature conversations

Integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) would be a great factor in building an effective best chatbot for Facebook. When your chatbot understand how the customer feels or the intentions of their messages, your chatbot can deliver what the customer really needs. Also, chatbots can be able to collect and store information that might be useful for future use, whether to improve business or to build more effective strategies to acquire more customers.

Nowadays, it is really simple to create chatbots. But what’s challenging is how to create an effective best chatbot for Facebook. One that will bring your business to the top and make it stay there for ages. Having an effective chatbot will prove beneficial and is indeed considered to be an excellent investment. Stop thinking about it and start taking actions to do it! Here in Herobot, it will be our pleasure to help you build an effective chatbot, suitable for your business and your customers.

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