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Best Chatbot App You Should Have On Your Phone

Maybe you got the latest and most high-tech mobile phone on your hand now, but do you want to bring it to the next level? Well, you cannot completely enhance your advanced-technology experience with your mobile phone without engaging with the best chatbot app today.  The way we interact and communicate with the world is…

Maybe you got the latest and most high-tech mobile phone on your hand now, but do you want to bring it to the next level? Well, you cannot completely enhance your advanced-technology experience with your mobile phone without engaging with the best chatbot app today. 

The way we interact and communicate with the world is inevitably and continuously transforming as years go by. Today, we can actually feel that communication has changed a lot by just going through our mobile phones. Almost all of the transactions are automatized and possess real-quick process capability.    

best chatbot app

There are a number of chatbot apps invented to bring us convenience in our everyday activities. Nonetheless, you still have to know what chatbot apps best fit your needs and your interest to receive high-satisfactory experience. So we better go with these chatbot apps first to know more about it and determine how it is going to be beneficial to you and to your interactive experiences.

How Can We Say That Your Chatbotbot App is the Best?

There is no doubt that chatbot apps are all useful today in our everyday lives. Nonetheless, though bot apps are undeniably helpful to everyone, they are still not created with equal capabilities and capacities. Each chatbot app has its own strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, it still depends on how it functions to your everyday life in order to tell if your AI app is really helpful or not. In today’s fast-thriving world, there is already a wide range of bot apps around where you can choose from depending on your needs. If you are wondering how to tell if you got the best chatbot app on your phone, you must check the characteristics listed below:

1. Fully-equipped

Since chatbot apps are designed to administer our needs regarding information acquisition and input, your chatbot apps must possess all the necessary information to function productively. A good chatbot app does not need to ask for extended support from other websites. All related information must be searchable within the chatbot app itself. With a fully-equipped chatbot app, expect to have a river-smooth flow of transaction and interactive experience.

2. Humanoid Approach

If you had a transaction using a chatbot app and you were not able to recognize that you were actually talking with a chatbot, glad to say, you are using the best chatbot app. Moreover, the ultimate goal of chatbot apps is to provide human users with an interactive and instructive experience with a complete human touch in all sense. A good chatbot app responds to the inquiries the same way their employees do. Thus, human users would believe that they are getting across with a real human instead of a chatbot. With this, they have able to maintain a sense of conversing in a traditional human way.

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3. Predictive

The best chatbot apps lead the conversation forward itself in a way that it lends valuable and useful suggestions to the human user. A good chatbot app possesses enough intelligence to identify the needs of the human user and has the ability to provide a direct solution to it.  Moving forward in a river-smooth interaction is also an indicator that you have a good transaction using this particular chatbot app. It can be noticed when inappropriate and irrelevant information does not hurdle along your way.

4. Performing a Specific Function

Chatbot apps that serve a specific function to a human user are indeed advantageous. Since they are directly driven to perform a definite function, they do have a better and more quick-witted comprehension over this particular part to operate more efficiently. As a result, human users can contain their interaction with function-focused chatbot app resulting in a long-lasting and constructive engagement. So far, natural language processing and machine learning are still difficult to incorporate with chatbots. That is why; chatbot apps that try to perform overloaded functions are still risky and impossible to operate so perfectly and smoothly.

5. Self-sufficient Reasoning

When a chatbot app is designed and programmed to be function-focused and predictive, no surprise that it would possess self-sufficient ability to reason out. A good chatbot app can fathom complex reasoning regarding its particular function to operate well and efficiently. Furthermore, they can easily identify a problem by just going through the histories encoded by the human user.

6. Anchored In a Model Identity

Chatbot apps are aiming to possess human-like features; thus, they must also have a personality. Just like humans, it would always be a plus if chatbots would carry an amusing and engaging personality. More so, it is also going to be helpful if your chatbot would parallel a personality whom most human users know. In this way, human users can actively engage and interact with the said chatbot since its personality is not new to them anymore. A good chatbot app has an interaction style similar and relevant to its target human users.

best chatbot app

Top Seven Best Chatbot App You Must Start Using Right Now


If you are a health-conscious person and quite addicted to keeping your body fit all the time, Lark is the must-have chatbot app for you. It is an ingenious and conversational application that tracks your fitness activity and monitor your fitness productivity. Moreover, what makes this chatbot app amazing is its ability to perform task like a full-time fitness and weight management coach. Also, Lark is a high-technology chatbot app that gathers specific inputs through your device’s in-built sensors and processes the collected data to provide you the best fitness solution. You can download Lark from your Android or iOS devices.


If you are getting a hard time managing your monthly or weekly budget, turn to Digit because it is always ready to help you. Digit is an AI-powered chatbot app and its purpose is to apportion your monthly income wisely and economize your expenditures properly. More so, this amusing chatbot app also has the ability to provide you a transparent record regarding your budget and expenses. If you wanted to gain a new perspective in money, better go to your play store or Appstore and download Digit.


Maybe, this is now the right time to bring your business into the next level with Chatterbot. This chatbot app also allows you to send a custom automated response to the inquiries encoded by your customers. It is helpful in such a way that you can enjoy additional help in handling and managing the inquiries of your customers. In return, you can have more time and focus on doing administrative tasks, which are way important than this. If you need the help of a full-time customer service agent, you no longer have to hire someone out there, just download chatterbot to your iOS or Android devices.

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I am so much sure that traveling is the top wish-listed on your bucket list. Booking a flight or a vacation reservation is quite stressful when doing personally, that is why; Hipmunk is there to help you with your travel desire. It is an AI-powered chatbot application that can help you plan your vacation well. Technically, it synchronizes personal data from your e-mail and calendar notes to enhance and enable stress-free travel booking. Moreover, you must start now traveling the world with Hipmunk. You can download it from your Playstore or Appstore.


It is naturally difficult to maintain your body without someone who will guide you. That is why; Gymbox is created to bring your fitness struggles down. Gymbox is a Facebook Messenger chatbot app that helps you assess yourself while doing some fitness routines. More so, it can provide you your own training journal where you can find your personal fitness record and track your improvements. Expect this app to serve you with sharp statistical figures for day-to-day tracking. Gymbox is readily available for download from play store and Appstore.


Do you remember Talking Tom? Well, Mitsuku is its human counterpart. Mitsuku is an outstanding chatbot app that matches the qualities of a female human. Moreover, it is described as an eighteen-year-old girl who can intelligently hold a conversation with someone. Some of its distinguished features include language comprehension and mood recognition that allows Mitsuku to deliver answers to your questions. You might not know, but Mistsuku received Loebner Prize twice in 2013 and 2016. If you got nobody to talk to at home, get your android phone and download Mitsuku from your play store.

Baidu Melody Bot

If Baymax is your personal healthcare assistant, Baidu Melody Bot is your personal healthcare manager. Moreover, Baidu Melody Bot is a doctor app that helps you manage your hospital appointments. This chatbot app directs you straight to your doctors for appointments and inquiries immediately. Also, Chinese search engine leaders are responsible for developing the Baidu Melody Bot. After the invention, Baidu Melody Bot immediately became in-demand across the globe. Finally, if you want to have your personal healthcare manager, Baidu Melody Bot is ready for download for your iOS and Android devices.

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The drastic advent of chatbots to the world undeniably brings ease and improves everyone’s quality of life. The chatbot apps mentioned above are proof that everything is possible with technology. Chatbot apps are already famous across the globe, elevating our mode of living into another level. But, we must still know how to use these chatbot apps appropriately to gain the best and wonderful interactive experience. If you are interested in widening your knowledge regarding chatbot technologies, Herobot is just right here for you. Herobot is composed of trusted experts when it comes to chatbot technology and services. To know more, visit our website at

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