best marketing apps

8 Best Marketing Apps to Boost Your Business

The digital marketing world is undeniably growing by each second as technology is advancing. The new generation of commerce requires every business to adapt to the new system. They use social media and the latest gadgets to publicize the existence of their products. This is why numerous applications are built to make the c-commerce easier….

best marketing apps

The digital marketing world is undeniably growing by each second as technology is advancing. The new generation of commerce requires every business to adapt to the new system. They use social media and the latest gadgets to publicize the existence of their products. This is why numerous applications are built to make the c-commerce easier. In this article, we are going to tackle the best marketing apps to boost your business.

These marketing apps are going to help you while you are venturing the digital business world. They are going to help you make your brand known in every social media sites and the talk of every netizen. Your blog posts and photos are also going to be flawless and will entice more customers from coming. Moreover, each of the best marketing apps that will be mentioned will surely make your business life a whole lot more comfortable.

Why the best marketing apps are the future

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Marketing applications are here, and they are going to stay. Even if you think that your business can function without these apps, think of how your life will be more comfortable with them. Remember that in business, time is money, and every second counts. Moreover, the best marketing apps can even offer services that are impossible for you to do at a particular time.

Also, marketing apps can create more traffic and market your brand more effectively in the industry. You can also make sure that your every schedule plans is done on time. Moreover, things like grammatical errors and problems on graphics will be less with these best marketing apps. Today, there are a lot of these that you can find all over the internet and on application stores.

Best Marketing Apps for you

best marketing apps

If you try to search on the internet, you can find the best marketing apps that can be your partner in finishing your tasks. However, you need to be careful because some applications are just too problematic and can cause you more exhaustion. But with the apps mentioned below, rest assured that everything will change in your digital business.


There are a lot of social media sites that business people should engage in to make their business more accessible to the customers. However, for those who are busy and are not fond of social media management (SMM), juggling through different applications is going to be a tough job. But lo and behold because Buffer is going to save you from hereon.

Buffer is one of the best marketing apps for a reason. It can help you from the exhaustion of posting in different social media forms. You just need to connect your accounts on Buffer. After doing this, you can post to each platform at the same time without opening and exiting on an application.

You can also use Buffer for scheduling posts if ever you don’t have the time to check your social media sites every day. This can help you link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn on one application. It can also make your scheduled posts seem like you are posting every day and checking your accounts. Buffer could gather more attention from the customers and look like you are active online.

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Communication is the key to building steady relationships, especially to every member of the business and with clients. This is the reason why Slack made it to the list of best marketing apps. It helps build the communication line within the company and on interacting with clients and customers. Rather than using a regular group chat, this application makes communication simple.

Slack allows a person to message other people or specific teams within the office. Also, contacting external freelancers, stakeholders, and clients are now much more comfortable with the application. Moreover, this software allows a person to transfer files with just a click on a button. The email inboxes are also focused strictly on business-related things. This is much better than using other messenger applications that are generally used as a means of communication for everyone.


There are people who like to keep everything organized. For them, Wunderlist could be their best organization partner. You can save everything on this app. This is more efficient than making a list on a piece of paper and being afraid to lose it. Also, making lists here is much more comfortable, and there are even different menu selections and options.

best marketing apps

Moreover, Wunderlist has a feature that suggests how you should start your tasks effectively to work better for the day. You can put reminders on each assignment as well as due dates, name, assignee, attachments, and comments. Collaborating with other people is also more comfortable with this application. You can ask your desired partners to make their accounts and share your lists with them. This is also updateable, which means that you can change everything on it depending on what you what.


Are you one of those people who tend to keep forgetting your passwords on every account you have? If you are, then LastPass is the one for you. This application lets you save all your passwords without fearing that someone might have access with it. It will help you manage your credentials all over the platforms and devices you are using. Saving your passwords and logins in LastPass is like keeping them on a digital vault. You can be sure that they are protected by encryptions and algorithms.

Moreover, it does not matter how many accounts you have to save in this application. LastPass can save up to two million account logins. If you get locked out in an account or device, LastPass is going to sort your account details out. It will automatically provide you with your logins. Users can log in to their LastPass account on any computer devices. They will not have any problems accessing their accounts.

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Hootsuite deserves its spot on the best marketing apps. This social media management application that can make scheduling posts more accessible and faster. It emphasizes employee involvement with its customers. It can also map out the brand’s engagement stats and makes planning the SMM posts more efficient.

Moreover, you can improve your social media presence with Hootsuite without needing to hire or tire out your account admins. This is because, with Hootsuite, you can schedule future posts on specific date and time. It makes it seem like you are posting regularly and not that at that moment. Your employees are also able to respond and like the customer activity more effectively.


As expected with its name, this application is actually a series which comprises three different apps. These apps complement each other—Projects, Desk and Chat. Projects is an app that lets its users do a lot of things. You can make to-do lists, allocate the work, and estimate the time it will take to finish a particular task. Meanwhile, Desk allows the team of your company or to connect with customers with a digital help desk. Chat, being a communication tool, is the one which lets members connect.

According to some reviews, Teamwork enables companies to manage projects more efficiently. It also lets each member talk with each other and makes communication with clients smoother by using a universal email server. It is no doubt that this should be on the best marketing apps list.


If you are going to ask modern marketers about the best marketing apps they are using, they are surely going to mention Trello. It is an organizational platform that can connect you with everyone involved in the project. It enables the partners to view each other’s schedules more efficiently. While other applications can do the same task, Trello is one of the most promising apps in this area.

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Trello is very easy to use and having this application on your mobile guarantees your access in the information you needed. It can provide a detailed and transparent action plan. This app also emphasizes the persons dealing with the project and lets stakeholders know the tasks that each person need to do. Moreover, it has features allowing users to create to-do lists and indicate the persons who need to finish a particular job.


Technology is advancing, and if having robots do your jobs seems like a distant future before, it is happening now. Herobot is an application that lets its users create chatbots that users may use according to how they want it. This is one of the best marketing apps because Artificial Intelligence created here can make your businesses obtain more customers and increase your customer engagement.

Also, there are a lot of templates that are available in this app which you can use if you have no idea what kind of bot you need. Herobot allows persons, even those who do not have any idea about coding, to create their bots here. Moreover, these chatbots can be used in different businesses relating to marketing, healthcare, entertainment, and more.

Choose Herobot as your marketing partner!

Chatbots are now trending on the digital marketing world, and almost everyone is dying to create their own. This is to help their businesses boost their sales as well as customer engagement. With Herobot, you can also make sure that you can have the fastest way of creating an impressive bot with machine learning. Herobot is a one-stop-app for creating the chatbot of your dreams.

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