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Chatbots On-The-Go: 15 Companies Who Uses Chatbots for Business

Before, online marketing focuses more on apps. But as of today, a new player came into the scene – the chatbot. This AI software solemnly hit the stages of the technological revolution in businesses, specifically to chatbots for business and customer engagement.

Nowadays, people can easily do what they want in just a click. People can order food, shop clothes, schedule flights, get suggestions, receive the latest news, find music, play games and more, just as simple as 1, 2, 3!

We’re in the primitive stage of technological buildup. Still, there is the same perception that chatbots have: an ongoing growth to adaptability. Thus, such advancement is considered the future of marketing and customer service and support. So, here are the 15 companies who currently use chatbots for their business and customer engagement.

Companies who use chatbots for business and customer engagement

Here are the 15 companies who currently use chatbots for their business and customer engagement:

1. Starbucks

chatbots for business

Who would’ve thought that ordering a hot Starbucks coffee can be convenient through a chatbot?

The Starbucks chatbot made its debut on the official Starbucks Barista app in early 2017. This allows users to prevent from long waiting and ordering lines through a message or voice approach.

Moreover, the company made all possible through the utilization of technology through mobile order and payment. The said app allows its customers to order desired drink or food, pay for their purchases. In addition, customers receive rewards depending on the number of times they visit the said coffee store. Then such rewards can be used to redeem items in the store. Hence, this only shows how convenient for its customers, especially to those who are in errands.

Also, for the most enticing part, the said bot app may increase engagement by knowing the customer’s particular order preferences. Thus, this will help loyal customers to patronize their products and services.

People can find the said chatbot via its official Starbucks app, which is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows.

2. Lyft

chatbots for business

If you are searching for an excellent transportation provider, Lyft is the best app for you!

Lyft is America’s best ride share app companion. What’s the catch? You may request for a joyride through a chat or voice command.

Additionally, it can be accessed through swiping in various platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Alexa Skill (in Amazon Echo).

As for Messenger, users can request rides while on the go. They can click the car icon while chatting with your friends and immediately matches with local drivers. Besides, this enables users to know when the contacted driver is on its way, as well as its license plate number and actual driven car’s pictures.

3. Fandango

chatbots for business

Are you a movie enthusiast? Then, this might be a perfect match for you – introducing Fandango.

Fandango was built as an official Facebook F8 launch partner. They released their Messenger in May 2016. This bot allows users to watch several trending movie trailers, releases, and local theaters without touching the app itself.

It is evidently effortless, efficient, and effective to use. How? It can be swiped through option cards to look over what movies are on trend around each audience’s place.

If you already discovered what movie you like to watch, then, this app is a hit! Users can have an easy plan on where the nearest movie theater location is. If not interested in watching scheduled movies, you may also search for others through tapping “Showtimes.”

4. Spotify

chatbots for business
Woman holding up a Spotify icon isolated

Spotify released its first bot in Facebook Messenger. It authorizes user’s friends to know and share music straight in chats. It also includes different features such as search tools, music recommendations, and sharing functionality with a 30-second song preview.

In order to use the bot, users need to tap on the blue plus ( + ) icon in the left part of the Messenger’s text box. Afterward, tap the Spotify to open the bot. As the window pops up, an overlaid chat appears in which the chosen music to be shared can be found.

5. Whole Foods

chatbots for business

If you love to eat, then here’s a recipe generator for you – Whole Foods. This friendly chatbot of Whole Foods in Facebook Messenger provides recipes with nutritional values and instructions that are personalized based on every user’s responses.

Furthermore, users can either select or search for a specific recipe. Therefore, they can send a message in the site in diverse categories such as appetizers, gluten-free, or main dish.

6. Sephora

chatbots for business

If you’re looking for a make-up best friend, then Sephora is a fantastic partner.

Sephora launched their bot, which provides users to get numerous makeup tutorials. This digital personal assistant aims to help beauty and makeup lovers by giving product reviews and ratings when shopping beauty items in stores.

More of that, it is used in two platforms: Facebook and Kik. Facebook features a “Sephora Reservation Assistant” which gives makeover booking appointment services in Sephora stores; and a “Sephora Visual Artist” which give makeup shad suggestions. While Kik features makeup tips, reviews, how-to-videos, quizzes, emojis, and mobile site or Sephora site redirection.

7. Mastercard

chatbots for business

Looking for a reliable banking system, then Mastercard Facebook Messenger bot is here to serve you! This provides Mastercard holders to check on their account transactions. These bank transaction features the review of account information, a listing of purchase history, monitoring of spend levels, provide Mastercard benefits, assistance with financial literacy, and availability in Facebook Messenger.

Also, they enable Masterpass within chats and permits customers to purchase from Mastercard partners, namely FreshDirect, Subway, and Cheesecake Factory.

8. Staples

chatbots for business

If you’re looking for a retail company for your orders, then Staples chatbot is happy to serve you! Staples ensures customers to have an accessible service in an intelligent Easy System which answers common customer questions. It also provides tracking and return of orders with specific stocked items.

9. The Wall Street Journal

chatbots for business

Latest news and updates are on its way through The Wall Street Journal’s Messenger Chatbot. It is the first news service chatbot provider available on Facebook Messenger. It also gives the latest and trendiest news and other information.

10. Pizza Hut

chatbots for business

Instant pizza everyone? Get yourselves ready with the astounding Pizza Hut bot in Messenger. This chatbot includes the option to choose the pizza size, dough, and flavor; to select the payment method; to send the location, and to get notified with the order process.

11. Hipmunk

chatbots for business

Hipmunk enables people to find travel deals, book flights, hotels, rental cars, and packages. It is user-friendly with a personalized conversation language and informal experience with a virtual travel agent.

12. NatGeo Genius

chatbots for business

NatGeo Genius Messenger bot originated in promoting the National Geographic’s TV show “Genius.”  This allows the users to converse from the featured Genius’ voice. This creates a conversational human experience like other chatbots.

13. Watson Assistant

chatbots for business

Watson assistant is one of the most remarkable chatbots on the market. It is an AI-powered chatbot developed by IBM. Watson assistant is able to understand users’ call logs or historical chats, forward users to human representatives, and find answers in your knowledge base. Moreover, Watson assistant can ask users for more clarification.

14. TechCrunch

chatbots for business

Techcrunch is an online publisher, dedicated to reviewing and profiling new internet companies and products. It also reports on venture capital funding, silicon valley, startups, and businesses of technology.

TechCrunch is another excellent example which utilizes chatbots for their business. With their chatbot, you can receive appropriate and latest contents whenever you want. In addition, you can select the number of times you wish to receive fresh contents, as well as the kind of content you wish to receive.

The amazing feature of TechCrunch’s chatbot is that it makes your interaction personalized, as it tracks the articles you read and sends you contents based on your preference. Also, you can tell the chatbot of what type of news you are interested in.

There is a vast ocean of online content for any person to read. That’s why TechCrunch chatbot customizes and personalizes what content you receive, also making you able to dictate the sending frequency. With their chatbot, TechCrunch enjoys positive effects and drives more traffic to their website.

15. BabyCenter UK

chatbots for business

BabyCenter UK is a part of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies. It is a trusted childcare and pregnancy resource in the UK.

With BabyCenter UK’s chatbot, you will be asked regarding information about your child. Also, you will be asked for the challenges you are currently facing regarding childcare. The chatbot will then send targeted content and personalized advice for solving your problems.

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