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Automated Chat App: Your Travel Assistant for This Holiday Season

automated chat

The holiday season is coming and this means that there would be a lot of out of town getaways and travel plans. Because of this, travel agencies has been getting numerous messages and calls these days. Meanwhile, the technological advancements has made a great difference in the way people are planning their trips. With the creation of automated chat app, travel companies are able to digitalize and transform the travel experience of travelers.

Moreover, automated chat applications has made a notable impact in various sectors of businesses across the globe. This computer program enables the companies to communicate better with their customers and answer their needs. These bots are integrated in websites and other messaging applications to provide customers more ways to connect. As the generation of new travelers are increasing, travel companies are using chatbots to integrate with them.

Roles of an automated chat app for travelers

If you think that the best thing that an automated chat app can do for travelers is to connect them to traveling agencies, you are wrong. Chatbots are useful in other aspects and plays different roles for users. It can be a guide for them, help them find good deals and even book rental places and hotels. It is also very easy to use and does not require any hassle. To know more about the roles an automated chat app can embody, here are some of them.

Expense manager

One of the problems that every traveler encounters in their trips is budgeting their money and allocating their expenses. However, bot creators has made an easy way to track your expenses and give you a brief summary of your purchases. With this, you will able to know where your money went and calculate your future possible expenses. As you plan your next destination and book places and flights, this automated chat app can track and compute them at the same time. This is very handy especially for those people who find numbers a really stressing matter.

Moreover, one example of this automated chat app is beta version that SAP Concur is offering on Slang. This can help people book flights and create an expense summary of the whole trip. Furthermore, Teampay is one of the leading bot that is famous for its performance. This chatbot can help track other expenses such as corporate purchases. It is very helpful for those who wants to have the grasp of the expenses of their business while they are away.

automated chat

Local guide

One of the reasons why people are traveling is to taste the culture and way of living of the people in a place. They wanted to have an experience that a local would have in his everyday life. This includes the way they eat, relax, commute and live. With this in mind, bot creators thought of making automated chat app that would allow travelers to experience all this things. It is by collecting local reviews and recommendations and suggesting it to the bot user.

In line with this, Marsbot of Foursquare is an automated chat app for Uber is one of the most trusted bot. Most travelers are not forgetting to download this on their phones or tablets before they leave their place. No matter the activity that you would want to experience in a place, you can find the best place to go without being cautious of false advertisements.  Moreover, you won’t have to make intense research about the most recommended places via internet and social media.

On the other hand, finding the best foods in a place is one of the hardest part when you are visiting a place. You cannot rely on mere advertisements and what you read on internet reviews. What you will need is an honest recommendation of the locals and those who have already visited the place before you. Bebot, a Japanese automated chat app, helps its users by guiding them and giving out information about the local foods and navigate the best restaurants around the city.

Flight and Hotel Assistant

When you are travelling, the hardest part would be to book flights and find hotel reservations that comes in cheap deals. Because it is the holiday season, you may find all of the best hotels around the areas of tourist spots to be totally crowded. Most of these would be either fully booked or are only offering expensive prices. Due to these, your experience would be totally time-consuming and exhausting. However, automated chat apps are able to help you with this task.

Multiple travel companies are already integrating their brands with automated chat apps that will help users on booking and having reservations. Examples of this is the Skyscanner, Expedia, and They can provide people with recommendations and process bookings for flights and hotels. Moreover, most consumers prefer this kind of bots to help them communicate faster and easier with brands. According to a study, almost 69% of the consumers are now relying to bots with these kinds of tasks.

ai for travel

How automated chat apps helps the travelling industry

The tasks that an automated chat app can do does not end with recommendations and bookings. Developers can program bots to assist travelers in various ways imaginable. Starting from deciding the places that you can go up to keeping tabs about the expenses that you made, bot is your go-to assistant. Moreover, chatbot does not only help its users but also assists travel companies and agencies on navigating their businesses.

As it assists travelers, automated chat apps enable companies to have more customers and even advertise their respective businesses. Because it is very easy to use and navigate, people prefer using chatbots rather than filling up long forms or communicating to people via calls. It promotes active interaction between consumers or clients and brands. Here are some of the ways an automated chat app can help you grow your business.

Customer Service Management

The sector that helps businesses connect with its consumers is the customer service offices. However, most companies fail in providing quality services and communication. This is because not all people can keep up with this exhausting work especially on peak season this holidays.  Meanwhile, an automated chat app can help you overcome this struggle. It can function as the best customer support that you can meet.

Because an automated chat app is merely a computer system, it is able to keep up with its emotions and stress. It is available 24/7 to different countries which is good as most travelers can use it despite different time zones. Moreover, bots can even learn different natural languages around the globe. If anyone wanted to know something about a place or thing, bots can collect information and provide guidance to customers.

Feedback collection

If you are looking for honest feedbacks and collecting them, then an automated chat app can help you. It can automatically provide reminders to customers to give reviews and suggestion for your business. Meanwhile, it can even get back to the customers right away if they are unsatisfied with the services that you offer. This will also improve your interaction with them and might even change their mind about the bad review.

Moreover, having a chatbot is better than letting your customers leave bad reviews on your official website. With bots, you can communicate with them privately and settle the issue in a calm manner. As it communicates with users, it is also able to collect information and categorize them accordingly. It could be a great help for the brand reputation.

ai for travel

User history recording

When customers are dealing with humans, it would be hard for them to recall past conversations and history about an event or person. However, automated chat app can easily search up on the previous contents of your entire conversation. With this, the user can go back to the past conversation and look up for the past suggestions of the bot.

Furthermore, this can help the company to take note of fraudulent acts and repetitive pranks that people may do against the business. Because everything is saved with only a single conversation flow, businesses can track important information. Companies can use it for future references and on avoiding frauds.

Beat the jetlag with Herobot!

Automated chat apps are one of your most reliable partner when it comes to travelling. It can help you find great deals and book places that you desire. Moreover, it can even provide you information about your flight schedules and even the sudden cancellations. This lessens your worries and hassle about searching from time to time just to have a flawless travel experience.

Moreover, it can help travelling agencies, hotels, and restaurants on advertisements. Organizing and collecting information is very easy with this system. However, creating an automated chat app may be intimidating for some. Meanwhile, Herobot is here to help you create the best travel chatbot that can help people around the globe on planning their trips. It is very easy to navigate and even offers numerous templates that you can take as a guide. You also won’t need to have any coding skills with this platform. Visit our website to learn more.

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Bot Chat App: Your Daily Organizer Buddy

bot chat app

A massive wave of progress has been increasingly evident in our era. Today we can see an evolution of artificial intelligence blasts entirely with the various applications. You can name them as messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype. Along with this, bot chat app is becoming increasingly in demand, even in the field of organizing events and plans. Its automation feature has undoubtedly changed how people manage things around them.

A bot chat app is an artificial intelligence that can raise a conversation in natural language through various mobile apps and messaging applications. These virtual chatbots imitate human conversations for solving different tasks. Bots can already send money to friends, set medical appointments and check-in for a flight. Recently, new tools simplify the interaction between humans and computers. Virtual assistants or chatbots are some of the in-demand tools that make their conversation easier.

Why is bot chat app essential in organizing?

A bot chat app is described as one of the most advanced tools for machines and humans to relay their expressions of interactions quickly. It can save your effort and time by automating actions to finish tasks and connecting with customers. For the year 2020, Gartner forecasts that there will be over 85 % of customer interaction without a human. This proves how much people are putting their trusts now to bot chat apps despite being just artificial intelligence. 

Moreover, chatbot systems can provide you beyond giving the response to customer’s questions. You can also use it for your business tasks. Bot chat app can assist you in collecting information about users that you can use to organize meetings and events. Also, it can help you reduce overhead costs that you will need to hire employees and pay for their limited time. It is to no surprise that the bot market proliferates.

What is the bot chat app for?

A bot chat app is an assistant that can communicate with you through text messages. It is a virtual companion that integrates into applications or websites. Also, it helps business enthusiasts in connecting to their customers and building an excellent consumer-business relationship. These bots are a system to communicate with the users. You can also call bot chat apps as conversational agents. These applications can mimic natural human language and written words to stimulate a conversation with a real person.

bot chat app

Furthermore, its artificial intelligence lets bot chat app to collect information that it can use for organization. With all the data, it can store, it can formulate the best plan for events and meetings. Moreover, it can better organize lists of info that you will need for future use. There are two ways that chatbots can offer you services. It is through standalone apps or web-based applications. Customer service commonly uses bots to replace the traditional performance of living individuals, such as customer satisfaction representatives.

Why do business people need bot chat app?

If you are in the business industry, you cannot deny the simultaneous process of multiple requests from users. Also, you can never escape from the concurrent routines in your company or agency. However, bot chat app can help you gain customer’s loyalty despite the lists of responsibilities you need to fulfil. Aside from the owner, customers can also gain benefits from chatbots. It can leave a good impression of your company as it represents a give and takes the image to them. Consumer’s interest in technology increases which is a good indicator of faster business negotiations. There are many reasons why people choose to converse with chatbots.

The factors below are what drives people to use chatbots:


Bot chat app increases the productivity of all websites and companies because it can communicate with multiple personalities at a time. Moreover, remembering things and multitasking is not a problem with this application. As it communicates with people and answers their inquiries, bots can store the information that it gathers from its users. This will then be used as a future reference for plans.


Bot chat app can also entertain people. It gives you different funny tips and also can help you kill time when you are doing nothing. Moreover, it can help you ease your boredom.

Relational and social factors

Chatbots can enhance your social experiences. Bot chat app exposes you to different people, thus improve your socialization. It also can fuel your conversations efficiently. If you want to avoid loneliness, you can tap on chatbots.


People who aim to progress always want to try something new. Bot chat app can spark your curiosity in life. Thus, it helps you explore to things you thought you could not do.

How and where do chatbots originate?

Eliza, which is said to be the first conversational bot app, was developed in the USA. It was in 1996 that a computer scientist named Joseph Weizenbaum crafted this amazing bot chat app that deceived so many people with how authentic it communicates.

A great discovery also happened in the early ’90s to which a particular test, named the Turing test found out the possibility that computers can decipher codes on their own. It circles to identifying whether one is talking to a person or a computer. The main goal of the test is finding out the interlocutor between the two. Conversational programs of today’s bot chat app are applying the observations made out from the analysis.

Where can businesses use chatbots?

With businesses aiming to lower overhead and increase profit, there is a need to be productive as much as possible. The thing is, not all companies are aware that there are specific tools that can help them achieve these business objectives. One of which is the bot chat app gaining popularity with the benefits it can provide to an individual or a business.

Below are some of the areas where a company or a business can utilize bot chat apps other than organizing.

Answering a multitude of FAQs

Perhaps the best help that a bot chat app can give to a busy business is doing the errand of responding to frequently asked questions. Through advanced technology, humans can program bots to do these simple tasks, actually saving much time for them.

Intelligent automation of bot chat app can also be used on the business websites. Aside from customer care, you can also make use of the bot chat app to navigate through your menu. Also, through this, you can direct your website visitor to sign up for your newsletter or browse through your product features.

Connecting to customers

Conversational bot chat apps can be personalized to help connect to customers. Traditionally, most businesses relied on email marketing in branding as well as with their promotion. However, this marketing strategy is now considered a failing business. Even at best, you can only expect less than half of a hundred emails opened by recipients. The worst possible scenario is that they might have opened your email, but they would not take any action or even click your buttons.

This is where bot chat apps serve a tremendous and remarkable part. You can program your bot to send out regular marketing messages to your subscribers or business prospects. To say, as higher as 84% of Facebook Messenger bot messages are opened by recipients. Thus, you can assure the right customer satisfaction level for your business.

Scheduling a meeting

With hectic business events and line ups, setting up your meeting could be nerve-wracking. But as a perfect daily organizer, bot chat app got you covered when it comes to scheduling meetings. An example of this is Meekan, who can look up everyone’s calendars and suggest which date would be best for a conference or coffee meetings.

Boosting social media engagement

When Facebook allowed businesses to use the Messenger platform, it dramatically changed social media marketing. As more people have active accounts on this site, engaging in Facebook is a must if you want your brand to be known by different types of people. Moreover, bot chat apps are now the best feature of this social media site. Rather than making your site, having a chatbot at this platform is far more comfortable and manageable. If you are into organizing stuff for your social media management, relying on a bot is a practical choice.

Choose Herobot as you Bot Creator

A bot chat app is a beneficial tool that you can apply to your business to connect to customers and organize data. This is not only used for customer service but also in devising marketing plans. With the automation and 24/7 services that it offers, it does not fail to satisfy both the needs of the customers and the business, itself.

However, creating a bot chat app is no easy feat. If you are planning to make a chatbot that will do everything that you need it to do, you must be smart. Know what bot platform can help you easily create a bot without the need to hire professionals. With Herobot, you are sure that everything will work smoothly. It is easy to navigate and was able to create the best chat app that will work best for your business. Visit our official website to know more about this.

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The Best AI Bot for Service Marketing

best ai bot

Service marketing has something to do with the selling of things that are not like the typical physical products. There are personal services that are considered as part of service marketing. Examples are spa treatments, medical care, vehicles and spaces rental, dance lessons, and attendance of concerts. Things like promotional deals, done by some of the best informational content, advertisements are considered valid approaches. With the best AI bot, you can make these things easier.

Companies that sell to individuals are typical users of service marketing. To create advertisements appealing to demographics, these companies research on the behavior of the consumer. Researching allows companies to promote concentrated effort that narrows the marketing focus.

Example, a particular company that provides swimming lessons would prefer to use strategies of services marketing. It is to look for different kinds of people that are swimming enthusiasts. After finding the target interests and groups, they will create the advertising materials and promotions. The said ad material must be specifically designed for the target market.

What makes service marketing difficult?

Marketing is hard itself. It is all about endless competitions, advertising, and planning. However, more than marketing products and goods, trying to offer services to doubtful customers is tough. Think about this. If you are going to sell a car, you can boast about its color, the engine it has, the leather seats, and the other materials used for it. Because it is a tangible good, customers can see the quality of the product you are selling before they even purchase it. This removes the doubts of your customers and increases your sales.

However, if you are dealing with services marketing, you are going to have a really hard time. You have to assure customers about the things they are not sure about. Also, you have to let them see reviews that are hard for them to rely. Moreover, you have to promise customers sweet nothings make no room about distrusts. Meanwhile, if you want to at least have less worries in your back, having the best AI bot at your hand would really be a great help.

Significance of the best AI bot in the service marketing

best ai bot

As of now, the competition on service marketing is one of the hardest struggle of every businessman. This may be because as the population is increasing, the number of people engaging in the business world is also growing. Moreover, the hardest part of this is assuring possible clients that your services are better than the others. However, if you can adapt in the growing community, you will surely be able to thrive and succeed. To start, make sure that you know how to use technology and best AI bot for your digital brand.

For customer support

If you are planning to make your business a reliable one, you must be sure that your clients are always happy. To make this possible, ensuring that customer service is rated high is a must. However, this will be hard because, as days pass by, consumers are becoming more and more demanding, especially for a fast response. To cope up with the demands of clients, a bot is best for a company to have bots at their expense. AI bot is capable of responding to simple requests of customers. In this sense, customers will feel accommodated and assisted.

For customer screening

In business, you must know your target audience to make advertising more effective. When you already set your goal, assessing the people who may be interested in your services would be easier. However, some things, such as the assessment of people fit for the services you are offering is still adamant. Meanwhile, AI bot is helpful to help some companies to screen customers.  Like for example, a chatbot is responsible for identifying who among the customers must receive incentives to buy insurance. 

Keeping up with the updates

When you are managing a business dealing with services, you must have the updates about the status of the service you are offering. If you have a repair shop, you must have the complete contact details of your clients as well as the service that they may receive. Moreover, you should keep a tab about the employee that you are going to assign for the task. As digital marketing is getting popular, your brand can be damaged with just a single bad review about you. This is where the best AI bot can help you. By putting up important information in this system, it can monitor the services being given to the clients as well as the productivity of your employees. As it communicates with the costumers, you can analyze the problems of your business.

What service markets can use the best AI bot?

In general, the best AI bot are helpful in numerous industries around the digital market. It is also a famous helper the field of services marketing as more and more people are making use of it. Business people are learning to adapt in the technological advancements of the world. However, if you are still doubtful about how it can help companies, here are some of them.

Repair shops

When you think about repair shops, you might think that it is impossible that AI bot can be of help for it. However, nowadays, owners are using a chatbot to make their services better. With bots, clients can contact repair shops and inquire about the services that they are interested in. Right after, the bot will refer the best staff that can help the customer and make appointments with it. AI can also be responsible for giving out quotations which give users more detailed information about what they should expect.

Medical clinics

There are still some clinics which are still sticking with the old ways of dealing with customers. However, if you are practical enough, you will create a website with a friendly AI bot app that can assist your clients throughout the transaction. As we all know, knowing the availability of doctors and the equipment they will be needing is not an easy job. But with bots, patients can inquire about the schedule. Also, knowing the history of the patients as well as recording files about the person is also easier now. The best AI, bot truly made a big improvement in the medical industry.

Employment Agencies

If you are an owner of an employment agency, you undoubtedly need to have the best AI bot at your service. It can connect with more interested applicants and check their profiles faster. Right after, this AI will run through its system and find job hiring for the user. As it communicates with the person, it can analyze if the user is fit for the company as well as the job. Moreover, it can easily detect possible fraud and unfit applicants. In this modern world, you should incorporate technology into your business if you want to survive.

Catering services

Catering services does not only mean that you have to make sure that your food is delectable. It also offers various services that a person may need in parties. This may include the decorations for the reception hall, sound system, photographs, videos, and even the hosts for the event. With all the hassles that you may encounter with these tasks, answering common inquiries from your clients can be tiring. However, if you have the best AI bot, you can answer all the inquiries of interested persons much faster. If you give it the right attitude, you can even add entertainment to the transaction.

Graphic designing

You may ask why a graphic designing company may need the nest AI bot. However, it is the truth. Most artists are not great talkers and can be stressed out by communicating with demanding customers. However, an AI bot can do the job and make the transactions successful. It can answer basic inquiries and give the usual quotations. Moreover, it can collect data and information that your company may need in the future. This may include the common trends, usual demands, and the number of clients you are getting in a given time. Furthermore, you can avoid angry customers asking where you are and why you are not responding.

Create your chatbot with us!

Your customers and clients are the most important factor that you will need to consider to ensure your sales. However, they could also be your biggest problem when you are offering services in the market. They will have a lot of doubts and may even have biased thoughts. Encouraging them to avail your services will be really hard because people are not really trusting these days. However, technological developments can help you with this.

best ai bot

If you want the trust of the customers, you have to let them see that you are reliable and that you are always available for them. The best AI bot will help you with this. To create one for yourself, let Herobot help you along the way. It is really easy to navigate and offers templates that you can use as a guide for bot creation. To know more about this, visit our website now!

facebook marketing automation

Facebook Marketing Automation: Your Ultimate Guide for Success

facebook marketing automation

It’s incredible how we can do almost everything with the presence of technology today. Most of the business people are engaging themselves in embracing the benefits and advantages of technology in achieving success. They abandoned the traditional way of marketing strategies and chose a much more convenient way of gaining customers, which is through Facebook marketing automation.

People are spending most of their time browsing on Facebook every day. According to some studies, Facebook is a way of recreations and social communication for billions of people around the world. In that case, business owners try their best to present their brand and products by posting it on their Facebook pages. You’re probably aware that creating a robust online presence is very important for your business. Your online presence refers to the way you present products and your brand on any social media platform. It will help your business appear more professional and may increase conversions and traffic, as well. Meanwhile, this can be achieved by having a functional Facebook marketing automation.

What is Facebook Marketing Automation in the Face of Business?

Your business’ website plays a crucial role in establishing the trust of your possible customers. Businesses with well-designed and useful websites tend to appear more credible to users. Online visitors’ trust has a significant influence on how many conversions you receive. With this, the internet is now the first place most people look to learn about a new product or company.

Social media is an excellent way of getting attention as well as establishing trust among its users. Hence, maintaining active involvement is a must, along with conducting frequent customer interactions. Facebook brings a more accessible and reliable way of business marketing strategies. It is one of the best ways to reach your desired audience. Although there are several popular platforms, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. What’s more, the platform offers a range of advertising tools that provide a convenient way to create persuasive business marketing strategies.

Facebook Marketing Automation is making a considerable mark in the field of business industry today. It is powered by artificial intelligence that works in automating Facebook pages and posts’ likes instantly. Moreover, Facebook marketing automation is considered as an automation tool that communicates through messages that integrate into websites, applications, or instant messengers to help users give better customer service. It is also famous for its numerous benefits that can help in business success. So what about thinking of using Facebook marketing automation as your business partner? Surely it can give you the satisfaction that will lead you to the success of your business.

facebook marketing automation

Ways to Use Facebook Marketing Automation in your Business

Internet users who participate in social media can contact any other user at any time of day if the network is large enough. As a result, users become comfortable with those people in the community of their choosing and often substitute traditional forms of communication via an online medium. From a social network giant, Facebook to microblogging sites such as Twitter social media allows users to create healthy relationships in entirely new ways. One of the best examples of how social media is being improved is with Facebook marketing automation.

It is essential to create a harmonious relationship between the business and the online users that can serve as a way of establishing a good social media strategy. Justin Smith, editor Be as authentic in your marketing as possible. Inside social networks, trusted referrals are the most powerful marketing message. It is the primary value that adds to marketing in social networks.

Moreover, social media marketing indicates that the organization or marketer must leave room for the consumers to communicate with each other. The primary purpose of social networks and other social media platforms, while they are involving in the conversation, is to create a relationship with their consumers. However, intense involvement by an organization can be overwhelming for the audience and not seem genuine. People don’t want to be sold. They are doing their best to avoid commercials.

Use Direct Response Advertising

Direct response advertising involves sending out targeted messages that encourage your audience to take specific actions. It could be buying a product, reading posts, referring a friend, or anything else that can contribute to your business’s success. This Facebook marketing automation features are enabling direct response advertising to gain social interaction and response instantly.

As a matter of fact, most of the comments, messages, and advertisements from businesses that you are receiving nowadays are automatic. It just proves how Facebook marketing automation are useful in the digital market. Due to this, more and more customers are finding online stores and services to be more reliable than transacting in person.

facebook marketing automation

Conduct Audience Analysis

You can only say that a business is successful if it can keep its customers happy while gaining profits. This is why if you are going to build a brand today, it is better if you will have a social media account to connect better with your consumers. By connecting with your audience through Facebook marketing automation, you can ensure that the feedback that your customers are giving are all positive.

Moreover, Facebook marketing automation can help you in analyzing your customers more accessible and faster. It can easily collect messages and reviews about your products and services. After the collection of data, these will be segregated and labeled into positive and negative ones. This is where the analysis of the data begins. It will be useful for reference on marketing plans and marketing prerogatives.

Select Advertising

Most people nowadays despises the existence of advertisements on their social media accounts. They hate it every time they are scrolling through their newsfeeds, and an ad will show up. Moreover, they even hate it when they receive spams about the products that they never wanted in the first place. However, how will you make people know your business without these unwanted things? The answer to that would be Facebook marketing automation.

With Facebook marketing automation, you can monitor the pages and posts that a person is liking. This way, you will have an idea of who are the people might be interested in the products or services that you offer. Then, the automated marketer will post Facebook ads and will send messages only to selected persons. As much as this is helpful for the business, this is also beneficial for the consumers. It can help those who are having trouble finding things that they want.

Benefits that You Can Enjoy with Facebook Automation Marketing

You Save Time

If you ever heard of Facebook marketing automation, you will automatically think of the time you can save with it. We all know how exhausting managing an online business can get, especially if you are starting. With this, it is only practical for you to result in automating tasks as much as you can. This can include answering messages through chatbots and posting advertisements by using several applications. Because the system does not need your constant attention, you can surely save time and utilize it for attending other tasks.

Your Brand Never Sleeps

As we all know, sleep is essential to humans. However, there is this difference in the body clock of people nowadays that makes attending to their businesses while awake impossible for a single person. Some prefer working and being awake at night rather than those people who are morning persons. With this in mind, most establishments today are offering 24-hour services for everyone. However, this will be hard and costly. You will need to hire people who can work at night shift, and this costs a lot more than the regular working hours. Meanwhile, Facebook marketing automation can offer you the best and consistent services day and night.

facebook marketing automation

You Can Grow Your Follower Count

One of the essential things in social media marketing is gaining followers. If you have more followers than other businesses, people will tend to think that you are more reliable than others. Also, this can increase your active presence to netizens, which will also increase the probability of expanding sales. However, this is not an easy feat, especially for those who are only rookies in the industry. But with Facebook marketing automation, you can create an illusion that your business is growing and has an active presence in social media. This will have a significant impact on your business.

Have the Best Automation with Herobot!

Having the best Facebook marketing automation can give your business a boost on income and interested followers. Moreover, advertising and posting will also be more accessible. Because it is automatic, you will only have to give your attention to it while you are creating it and having trials. After you are sure that it is functioning well, you can leave it on its own and have your ways. If you are interested in having your systems easier, start by creating a chatbot with the help of Herobot. Not only is it easy to navigate, but there are also templates ready for you to use anytime. Visit our website to learn more.

Herobot Post-back manager add template

Post-back Bot Manager

Post-back Bot Manager

Post-back Bot Manager Overview

Post back bots are conversational bots that you build using a combination of text elements and different visual elements such as : Text, Image, Audio, Video, File, Quick Reply, Text with Buttons, Generic Template, Carousel, Media.

These Post back bots are responsible to interact with the user and take the conversion as deep as you want with the user. Latterly you can create infinite amounts of interactions and conversations in HeroBot using these Post-back bots to achieve certain goals such as collecting data from the user, conversion events or simply interactions.


Herobot Post-back manager add template

To create Post-back Bot template click on Create new template. This button will redirect you to a new page to fill the necessary information for Post-back Bot template.


Herobot Add a Post-back bot template

  1. Template name : provide a unique name for your Post-back bot template (internal name for identification purpose)
  2. Choose a page : chose a Facebook page that you want to create a bot for .
  3. Postback type : choose the postback type for your bot template ( post back bots could be parent or child ) this option will trigger when you are creating Post-back Bots from our Tree View Visual bot Builder. For accessing Tree View visual bot Builder got to Messenger Bot > Bot Settings > Bot settings data > Data tree view
  4. Postback id : enter a unique id for your Post-back bot template. This field is very import and as you need to use this postback id to connect other Post-back bot templates if you need to continue the conversation and bot flow using other Post-back bots. Also you can use this post-pack id inside an action for example button to execute this bot template
  5. Select reply type : select the type of reply you want to create for your bot template. You can select between Text, Image, Audio, Video, File, Quick Reply, Text with Buttons, Generic Template, Carousel, and Media. We have explained the use case and functionalities of these reply types on different tabs of this tutorial section.
  6. Typing on display: enable this option if you want your bot to reply with a delay, enter Delay in reply in seconds. Please note having typing on display delay lead to more organic appearance for your bots.
  7. Reply message: enter your reply message for your bot to respond. Please note that you can include Spintax like : {Hello|Hi|Hey} inside your message. Also you have an option to use First name and Last name dynamic properties which pulls and displays First name or Last name of user dynamically. Furthermore, you can includes Emojis from the emoji tab ( smiley face).
  8. Add more Reply: with this option you can add more replies similar to one you just added. please note you can add up to 3 to each conversational bot.
  9. Submit :once you have configured all of your desire settings click on submit to save your Post-back bot template.




Reply type:Text

Text reply is simply used when you need to reply to the user with simple text. Of course, this text area supports spintax like: {Hello|Hi|Hey} inside your message. Also, you have an option to use First name and Last name dynamic properties which pulls and displays First name or Last name of user dynamically. Furthermore, you can include Emojis from the emoji tab ( smiley face).


Herobot Reply Type Text

  1. Select reply type : select the type of reply you want to create for your bot template. (You have already selected text reply.)
  2. Typing on display: enable this option if you want your bot to reply with a delay, enter Delay in reply in seconds. Please note having typing on display delay lead to more organic appearance for your bots.
  3. Reply message: enter your reply message for your bot to respond. Please note that you can include Spintax like : {Hello|Hi|Hey} inside your message. Also, you have an option to use First name and Last name dynamic properties which pulls and displays First name or Last name of user dynamically. Furthermore, you can include Emojis from the emoji tab ( smiley face).
  4. Add more Reply: with this option, you can add more replies similar to the one you just added. please note you can add up to 3 to each conversational bot.
  5. Submit :once you have configured all of your desire settings click on submit to save your Post-back bot template.
  6. Simple example of text reply bot

Reply Type: Image

Image reply is simply used when you need to reply to user with an image. You can upload different image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF to use it inside your bot reply.


Herobot Reply Type Image

  1. Select reply type : select the type of reply you want to create for your bot template. (You have already selected image reply.)
  2. Typing on display: enable this option if you want your bot to reply with a delay, enter Delay in reply in seconds. Please note having typing on display delay lead to more organic appearance for your bots.
  3. Upload Image: click on the upload button to upload your image. You can upload different image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF to use it inside your bot reply.
  4. Add more Reply: with this option you can add more replies similar to one you just added. please note you can add up to 3 to each conversational bot.
  5. Submit :once you have configured all of your desire settings click on submit to save your Post-back bot template.
  6. Simple example of image reply bot


For example, you want to upload a GIF image to use it inside your bot template :

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your GIF image and go to the main page for that GIF image

Herobot Upload GIF picture

  1. Left Click on the GIF image and hold the mouse click and simply drag and drop the GIF image to your desktop.
  2. Upload it on HeroBot as an image reply.

General settings

using General settings you can set “Mark as seen status” to mark as seen Facebook page’s notifications. With “Chat with human email” option you can enter an email to receive notifications whenever your bot couldn’t find a match reply message to respond users. “Reply if no match found” setting will trier a predefined reply message to let the user know that bot couldn’t find any match content for their keyword ( you can configure that predefined message via Action button settings.

General settings

On MailChimp Integration option you can choose MailChimp lists and send your collected emails from Quick Reply and Bots to those specific MailChimp lists.

Here are explanation of each main section:

General settings Details

  1. Mark as seen status option is to mark as seen Facebook page’s notifications so when you visit Facebook messenger you don’t see notification for that specific page regarding interactions with your bot.
  2. Chat with human email option is for entering an email to receive notifications whenever your bot couldn’t find a match reply message to respond users. “Reply if no match found” setting will send a predefined reply message to let the user know that bot couldn’t find any match content for their keyword ( you can configure that predefined message via Action button settings.
  3. MailChimp Integration option is when you integrated MailChimp through API then you can choose MailChimp lists and send your collected emails from Quick Reply and Bots to those specific MailChimp lists.

Action button settings

Action button settings are few system predefined reply templates so that users do not have to set them manually. However feel free to edit them based on your requirements and as you like.

Action button settings

  • Get-started template : respond when visitor click on get started button. You can add up to 3 reply message template to Get-started template and even connect other post backs to redirect the bot conversation to other bots.
  • No match template : respond when system does not get any matching keyword to reply.
  • Un-subscribe template : replies when visitor click unsubscribe button
  • Re-subscribe template : replies when visitor click resubscribe button
  • Email quick reply template : replies when visitor provides his/her email
  • Phone quick reply template : replies when visitor provides his/her phone
  • Birthday quick reply template : replies when visitor provides his/her birth date
  • Chat with human template : replies when visitor wants to chat with human agent
  • Chat with robot template : replies when visitor wants to chat with robot agent (regular bot conversation).

After selecting any of the above settings you will find corresponding settings to be changed.

Get-started template : This bot template is going to engage people when they click on “Get Started” on Facebook Messenger or Facebook page. You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other and then continue the conversation using Post-back Bot Templates. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

No match template : This bot template is going to respond people when your bot couldn’t find any match answer to user keywords or questions. You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

HeroBot No match template

Un-subscribe template : This bot template is going to respond people when they unsubscribe from your page subscriber list ( they can unsubscribe by typing a keyword you set like stop or unsubscribe using bot reply settings ). You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other for this Un-subscribe template. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

HeroBot Un-subscribe template

Re-subscribe template : This bot template is going to respond people when they Re-subscribe to your FB page engaging with bot or any bot sequence. You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other for this Re-subscribe template. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

HeroBot Re-subscribe template

Email quick reply template : This bot template is going to respond users when you collect their email address using Quick Reply bot ( by creating a Quick Reply template and choosing User e-mail address from button type ). You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other for this Email quick reply template. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

HeroBot Email quick reply template

Phone quick reply template : This bot template is going to respond users when you collect their phone number using Quick Reply bot ( by creating a Quick Reply template and choosing User phone number from button type ). You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other for this Phone quick reply template. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

HeroBot Phone quick reply template

Birthday quick reply template : This bot template is going to respond users when you collect their birthdays ( date of birth ) using Text with Buttons reply type. ( by creating a Post-back Bot and selecting Text with Buttons reply type then choosing User’s birthday from button type ). You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other for this Birthday quick reply template. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

HeroBot Birthday quick reply template

Chat with human template : This bot template is going to respond to user when your bots couldn’t find any match to execute proper response to the user so your bot redirects the chat to human operator and then replies with this Chat with human template. You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other for this Birthday quick reply template. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

HeroBot Chat with human template

Chat with robot template : This bot template is going to respond to user when the user requests to continue chat with the bot (regular bot conversation). You can add up to 3 replies to execute after each other for this Birthday quick reply template. Also you can set Typing delay (typing effect) for each reply.

HeroBot Chat with robot template

Persistent menu settings

This section will reveal your persistent menu settings. You can add persistent menu settings by clicking the Create persistent menu button.

Persistent menu is a type of navigation menu for your bot on Facebook page and Messenger. This is one of the ways for your visitors to navigate through your chatbot and see what else it can do. Think of it as a navigation menu of a website, there is no website without a navbar.

HeroBot Persistent menu

To create a persistent menu click on Create persistent menu :

HeroBot Create Persistent menu 1

Enter your desire title for your navigational menu and then type of your menu ( you can choose from Web url, post back ( a bot template you already created ) and nested menu ( a menu with sub menus )

For example if you choose web url you can enter the url of your website or online shop, or product page. If you choose post back you can chose from the post back bots that you have already created so when the user click on that menu you continue the conversation through that bot.

HeroBot Create Persistent menu 2

After clicking on submit and creating your persistent menu you need to publish it on Messenger. Click on the options and then click on Publish persistent menu. Congratulation you have created your persistent menu and published it on messenger.

HeroBot Create Persistent menu 3

Sequence Message Settings

Sequence Messaging

Sequence messaging is an informational or marketing strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to messenger bot subscribers over time. This feature can send 24H promo and non-promotional with tag message sequence to messenger bot subscriber. It uses BOT API for sending message. The subscribers will be assigned under your sequence campaign automatically based on their entry point (engagement plugins) or post-back click. However, you can also assign sequence messaging (drip campaign) manually or modify the campaign.

Create New Sequence

HeroBot Sequence message settings

1- Go to Messenger Bot > Bot Settings and you will find a setting block named Sequence message settings (1). This will show you all existing sequence set for that page. Click Add sequence (2) to add a new sequence. The list will also show briefcase icon beside every sequence settings that will expand action buttons including edit, delete and reports.

Sequence Types

HeroBot Sequence Types

There are total 6 types of sequence. There must be a default type sequence for each page. Also you can configure multiple sequences of other types

Default Sequence

Any new subscriber will fall under this sequence if not other advanced sequence found. You can create only one of this types and creating default type sequence is required.

Custom Sequence

You can create multiple custom sequences and it is very useful to assign a sequence manually to a subscriber from Subscriber Manager > Bot Subscribers > Action or specify sequence while creating Post-back from Messenger Bot > Post-back Bot Manager

Messenger Engagement Re-Targeting (Sequence Based On Entry Point)

The rest of types are for messenger engagement tools. As example let’s say we are using checkbox type. Clicking it will show your checkbox plugin list and you can select one. When a visitor will come through that checkbox plugin, he/she will be assigned under this sequence campaign automatically. Sequence message campaign will be assigned for checkbox plugin only after replying back of the message sent for checkbox OPT-IN.

The rest of the types are same as checkbox type.


Promotional Sequence

Sequence Time

You can send any promotional content under “24hour promotional” sequence for pages that are approved for Subscription messaging permission. That means your page got permitted to send promotional message to subscribers by Facebook, those has sent message to your page in last 24 hours. The 24-hour limit is refreshed each time a person responds to a business through one of the eligible actions listed in messenger conversation entry points. The targeted subscribers may be less than real count because eligible subscriber calculation algorithm of our system has been implemented by using 23 hours time frame and avoid risk.

HeroBot Sequence message Promotional

Non-Promotional Sequence

Use daily non-promotional sequence with message tag carefully. message must not contain any advertisement or promotional material & use appropriate tag that`s is applicable for sending message to those people. using message tag without proper reason may result in block your page`s messaging option by Facebook.

HeroBot Sequence message Non-Promotional

You can up to 30 messages in this sequence ranging from day 1 to day 30. For daily non-promo campaign you can specify the time of the day you want to send the message. System will start processing message from starting hour & terminate processing at closing hour of the day. The time interval must be minimum one hour. If your subscriber list for this campaign is large, you should select larger time interval in order to send all message properly.

Sequence Messaging Report

The report of hourly and daily sequence messaging will look like below correspondingly. It will show each hour or day report of each send and will show the send & delivery status alongside with error messages if any.

Tab Content

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best ai chat

Why Businesses need the best AI chat?

best ai chat

Living in a fast-paced world opens the innovative inventions and creations as a product of our powerful technology. No wonder, almost all life aspects are now dependent on certain applications, platforms or medium – all technologically advanced tools that are proven to make things easy and convenient. One of these being the best AI chat.

Answering queries, shopping, banking and many other activities today – doesn’t require a human person to actually do it. Surprisingly, many businesses today goes online because of the convenience and technological advances that helps business owners to run it smoothly without hiring too much personnel to do separate jobs.

Defining best AI Chat bots

It doesn’t vary what specific business line a person owns. The fact that it is a business, it has the primary goal of gaining clients and potential customers. To make it happen, your business have to have a consistent and smart communication, interaction and service to individuals – the introduction of the so called best AI chat gives way for these things to happen.

Chatbot itself is a robot assistant to do certain tasks that are supposedly done by a human assistant. Basically, it gets into the conversation, asks the client what he or she needs and finds an answer and way to get it done. In today’s busy world, we should not underestimate the power of AI chat as it performs various important roles. No wonder, many popular applications and even messaging platforms uses what they think is the best AI chat for their profession or line of business. Some of them are found on the known apps like Facebook, Telegram, Slack and more.

Best AI Chat bots for Better Customer Experience

The goal of every business is to always satisfy their customer with its service. To make it happen, we make sure that all their needs, wants, issues and feedback are valued and being addressed. Good thing, the introduction of AI chat gives way for businesses to make their customer service even more satisfying. It opens the opportunity to give customers a wonderful customer experience while having the concerns answered in real-time.

By having the best AI chat integrated to a business, customers can actually get the following:

Quick Response

Emails are very much important for business however, chat bots make it even more useful. Since emails before may have an offline and online time, there is a need for some customers to wait for response. And in some cases that they need immediate response, the tendency is for them to lose some patience. Whereas in best AI chat  bots today, there will be a rapid response as soon as the system receives the message.

best ai chat

Handles high-volume of queries

 Due to high volume of queries, some tends to be bombarded with messages regardless of how urgent it is. With AI chat, it can handle high volume of requests and have it ALL responded at a time.

Offers Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, customers ask for the basic fixes. With the help of chat bots, there is no need for each question to search for answers over the net. It offers people with the basic and frequently asked matter and gives the answers right away.

Less errors

 Since the cognitive technology is inclined to the bot, it interprets and analyzes the queries better. Thus, it results to fewer errors compared to what a real customer service agent does.  It has a big memory and can store many automated responses so it will offer concrete and accurate solutions to customer concerns.

24/7 support service

Don’t miss any important event and make your business available on the time you are not! Chat bots have no need to sleep. If your response team is not available in the moment, you will not miss a query and ask the person for the available time a real agent can be present.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Since we’ve already tackled how customer experience has been enhanced by AI chat bots, it is also a plus to know how your business can benefit from it on other ways. Too, it is very important to know the basic knowledge about AI chat bots so you are aware on how it works.

Measure the analytics of your bot performance

The key metrics to use on determining how a bot works in through analyzing the user interactions. AI chat bots future open ways to in-depth customer insight through automated data collection and analysis.

A more Human-Like service experience

 AI chat bots aim to deliver a service that are more human-like as years go by. Through the use of artificial intelligence, it makes a more customized service that makes it sounds more real.

Advanced Assistance

Since many online stores and online retailers are using chat bots to address queries, there are still lots of advancement that awaits. People are looking forward to a voice-assisted bots and text-based bots. This is to make checking, purchasing, and delivery of shopping items more convenient to the part of the consumer.

Creating the best AI chat for your Business

Since you will be implementing the bot on your brand, it is very important to take in consideration some important factors to make sure you are building it perfectly. This is to make sure that you will have a positive end result and you will benefit on your marketing efforts through the use of AI chat bots. Below are the things to check and consider while building your chat bot:

Chat Bot-Building Platform

It is very important to invest to a good platform while creating the chat bot for your brand. Since you will be using it to make an increase on your sale and to deliver quality and satisfying services, it is important that the platform works smoothly. You should look into the deals and offers a platform can have, take orders smoothly and can accept major payment systems.

Set your goals

You have to be clear with your business goals so you can stick with it. Define it clearly and also set some expectations. This will help you set your plans and expect the obstacles that you will have to face. Moreover, this will set as your standard to know if you are succeeding or not.

Furthermore, setting your goals comes with thinking about your brand. Think and give your best AI chat bot a unique name that the people can easily remember and recall. Make sure it has a great impact on the online community so it can stand out among others.

Set your most relevant keywords

You can set the keywords to which the chat bot could detect. For example, when the system detects the word “shipping”, the customer might want to ask regarding shipping information or might as well have a shipping concern. It is very important to identify other important keywords for your business and have it setup on your bot.

Introduce your bots to customers accordingly

While many people are getting confused on what a bot is, you have to help people to understand how it works. You can as well consider doing the following:

  1. Greeting Message
  2. Create a “Get Started” button to lead them
  3. Indicated an introductory message and let the user understand how to use it
  4. Use a button on your social media pages and website

Make conversations simple

Do not complicate the conversation while dealing with clients. Make the responses simple and concise so people can easily understand. Remember that not all your customers are going to be professionals. Make your best AI chat avoid using too much jargon in order to make your conversations understandable.

Set some default replies

It is actually optional to set default responses but it is a good way to test the intelligence of chat bots. This will be very beneficial when the system detects “unidentified” words or concerns. Especially when the customer sent an unrecognizable terms, you can have a default reply like “can I forward your question to one of our customer service agent to serve you better?”

Perform some test before actually launching your bot.

If you are not sure on how people would react to the best AI chat bot, you can perform a test to measure results. Give it a trial session and only allow a small number of persons to interact with it at a given time. Through this, you can observe if your bot is working fine and see if it can interact with users well. You can, as well, collect some feedback to know the things to develop for your chatbot.

Monitor your competitors

Since there are lots of competitors online, you have to get on track of their progress. Know how they find the best ways to stand out and get ahead of them. Also, list down all the things that they are doing and monitor the feedback customers are giving to them. This way, you will know what things you can and cannot adopt in creating the best AI chat.

Build your chat bot on Herobot

Since the very first thing to consider in building a chat bot is to identify the best chat bot-making platform, it is very important to have it done on a complete marketing platform like Herobot. Whether your goal is to generate leads, instant growth, improve efficiency or reduce some cost, we give you the power to do them all. Build your best AI chat bot with Herobot today!

virtual talk ai chatbot

Virtual Talk AI Chatbot– An Amazing Invention For Virtual Communication

virtual talk ai chatbot

Communication is vital to everyone’s daily life, as it makes the world go round. Basically, it’s the grandest way of information exchange between people and other living things. But going more to it, communication acts beyond what most people know. The constant flow of communication fuels up the world for a brighter perspective for everyone. It converges people, reconciles disputes, and even brings the whole nation together. That is why people are now getting hooked with virtual talk AI chatbot.

The exchange of information started only from basic methods and processes. Before, people were just talking personally or via snail mail. It was quite inconvenient for many, that’s why; brilliant developers invented devices like mobile phones and the computer to make life much easier for everyone. Good Lord, these devices have been a good companion to all, regardless of their purpose, even up to this date. They were just improved more to reach a certain level of convenience for everyone when it comes to communication. Today, there’s a lot more enhancement that you might not know about yet regarding this essential human matter. Do you believe that messages can now be transferred around an imaginary avenue called the internet and reach all the people geographically? Well, you should. Virtual talk AI chatbot can prove it to you. Let’s get to it and find out why.

Learn More About Virtual Communication

If you’re enjoying digital life to the extent that you can actually talk to your loved ones overseas with the help of the internet and a device, give thanks to the advent of virtual communication. Generally, this form of advanced communication method pertains to a specific type of technology that allows people to talk conveniently, even without the presence of physical interaction. Virtual communication provides real-time conversation between two or a group of people where they can actually hear and see each other by the presence of a third-party device.

This particular electronic device can be in the form of a mobile phone or computer. Inputs sent by humans are collected by these devices and distributed to from the sender to the receiver in the presence of a stable internet connection. It can be possible with a simple call, plain text or chat messages, and a clear video call. Actually, this kind of communication was already hurdling in society during the late ’90s. However, the audio and video quality produced during that time were poor, unsecured, and inconvenient. It was just so recent when people had already come up with a better and much more effective alternative. It comes in many forms, but all of them are highly-functional in addressing the wide-ranging needs of everyone in the world.

For a more rounded idea, below is the list of some forms of virtual communication: 

Virtual Games

It may be in subtle ways, but leisure and recreational activities are also a type of human communication. That’s why; developers also make this mode of communication on top. They came up with a brilliant concept to bring all the exciting and enticing games into cellphones and other devices. So there’s no need to get surprised when most people today prefer to stay at home with their phones, instead of going outside to play underneath the glazing sunlight.

virtual talk ai chatbot

Online Video Chat and Conference

Since the world today has already grown too much, the demand of people for instant gratification has also become more prevalent than it is before. That’s why; casual phone call or text message is no longer appealing in today’s present time. Nowadays, online video chat and conference is where most people are looking forward to. It can be applied to personal purposes or professional necessities. If you feel you want to talk to someone over the phone, you can direct to a mobile video call. More so, if your team from different corners of the world requires having a connective company meeting, a video conference call will go ahead to rescue. At this point, it’s safe to say that this technological advancement, along with virtual talk AI chatbot , has gone far in helping people to continue their lives with a more proclaimed ease and convenience.

Digital Classroom

Believe it or not, this recent advancement has also extended even up to the educational aspect of the present society. If the student-wanna-be feels that physical presence may be too difficult for him or her to continue with his or her education, virtual communication is right there around to rescue. It can all be possible through specific software where students and teachers can actively interact with the daily discussion, examination, quizzes, etc. More so, this virtual talk AI chatbot can also cater to the necessities of every student to expose to the knowledge and apply it to them while going through their everyday life. Basically, this set- up can be successfully possible with the use of scanners, web cameras, and a stable and fluid internet connection.

Portable Environment

The main course of virtual communication is perhaps setting a new environment where people can actively interact with each other without being compromised by distance and unwanted circumstances. This can all happen as long as the potential users have enough interest and willingness to get the devices needed, which include mobile phones, computers, and the internet. These three kinds of stuff are the fundamental necessities that each people must bring with them if they wish to survive the world today. Just a friendly reminder, the world today includes a different and new dimension with virtual talk AI chatbot . And therefore, living your life in a specific way where you grow accustomed to may no longer effective anymore.

Virtual Talk AI Chatbot as your Virtual Communication

Take note of this, virtual communication can’t be so successful without the presence of third party technology. It can be in various types like software or a physical device. But one name that rocks the digital world today is virtual talk AI chatbot.

Virtual talk AI chatbot is a new and free mobile application that is almost similar to other social networking software. It allows people to talk to whoever they want to. Hence, the four main key points discussed above regarding virtual communication is bundled inside this particular chatbot application.

Here are the best features of virtual talk AI chatbot that can make sharpen your communication necessities: 
  1. You can have a good conversation with some virtual characters. 
  2. You, yourself, can set up your desired name and photo for these virtual characters. 
  3. If there is something you wish to add or improve in their vocabulary, you can teach them directly without too much hassle. Virtual talk AI chatbot is one of the smartest artificial intelligence ever invented. 
  4. Conversing with various people within the chatroom is now possible. 
  5. You can also send some personal messages to some people you may know with virtual talk AI chatbot . 
  6. Anyone can receive some unexpected messages from strangers. 
  7. If you feel that there’s something you want to share with your followers, you can instantly post some inspiring quotes or beautiful images. 

Benefits of Virtual Communication Software like Virtual Talk AI Chatbot

Aside from messaging, calls, and other social network services, there are still a lot more with virtual communication software. More than you can imagine, there’s still a lot more to it. Virtual talk AI chatbot has already gone far in everyone’s lives and helps them in simple ways they are not aware of.

Listed below are the known advantages of trying out some beneficial virtual communication:

It offers maximum convenience.

Why do you still need to go out to talk to someone if you can do it indoor using your phone? Less hassle. Less trouble. All you need to do is get your phone or laptop, set up an account in virtual talk AI chatbot, download the app, and done. You can boundlessly talk to people you want to using a mobile phone and this software.

It helps you save time and money.

Since there’s no need to go faraway places just to settle the businesses, you can absolutely save time and money. All you need to have is a well-working mobile phone and a stable internet connection to make virtual talk AI chatbot work.

It serves an immediate response.

It can’t be denied that everyone in this world is now living in a very fast-paced environment. There’s no time for turtle-moving transactions between people and businesses. That’s why; the advent of virtual talk AI chatbot software really comes of the greatest help to everyone. It provides instant response to everyone and keeps all the transactions go smoothly than ever expected.

Wrapping Up

Communication— whether it’s virtual or physical— this is something that every individual living in this digital world must never disregard in every option possible. It maintains the daily operation of the people in great harmony. Once this particular aspect gets out of the scene, the world would surely turn down and crumpled. So while you still have the means, never compromise what you have on your hands. As much as possible, use all the virtual resources laid in front of you. Interested? Get some more from Herobot— the best partner where you can turn to with regards to virtual talk AI chatbot. Visit us at for more information.

funny chatbot

Funny Chatbot: How to Create a Personality for your AI

funny chatbot

Since it was invented, there have been different bots created to fulfill the needs of humans. Today, the variety of AI is still expanding and developing as time goes by. There are business bots that were used for customer service, sales, and finance. Moreover, there are even chatbots for health and therapy. More than these, the one that most developers are struggling to succeed in creating a funny chatbot that will entertain everyone.

In this modern society, one of the biggest enemies of everyone is boredom. We can’t seem to focus on a thing unless it is fun and entertaining. This is the reason why most companies are paying for advertisers who can create funny and catchy slogans. This also applies to digital marketing, which relies on bots. To make their customers stay and continue the conversation, they create a funny chatbot with a pleasant personality. However, this is not an easy task to do.

More than the entertainment, funny chatbot also make it seem like users are conversing with actual persons. They break the impression of humans that bots are stiff and emotionless. If you can create a capable AI, it will be like you give a system a sense of humanity in it.

The truth behind the fame of funny chatbot

The world is continuously evolving, but it seems like people are getting busier and busier. It is already evident that workers may have a problem listing the word fun in their busy schedule. However, what is appalling is that it seems like even the young people are also experiencing this. With the strict academic system, students do not yet have time to sleep well and relax their minds. This does not only affect their mental health but also their relationship with other people.

With these arising problems, developers thought of a way to entertain people most conveniently. People seem to avoid distancing themselves on their phones. Because of its suitable size and features, anyone can take this gadget anywhere they want to. So, the most practical is to create a mobile application that can take users’ minds off their worries— funny chatbot.

Rather than playing online games, people are now able to practice their communication skills with funny chatbots. Talking to someone can ease your mind and make you feel like you belong. Moreover, it takes your account away from your worries and problems. If you talk to a funny chatbot, you will be able to put your attention solely in a bot. This mantra is also now applicable to the digital market.

funny chatbot

The danger on creating a funny chatbot

They call this generation the “woke generation,” and people seem to be more hypersensitive than ever. Because they seem to be aware of the things that should and should not be talked about or made fun of, it is hard to throw a joke without offending anyone. Moreover, it is hazardous to put a personality on a bot, mainly because you will let this bot work and learn by itself in the future. This is the reason why most developers are doing their best to only put safe jokes for the bot. If not, they prefer to forget putting jokes into their creation at all. Hence, there is only a limited number of funny chatbot that is available on the internet.

There are even bots in the past that have created quite a noise online. One of them is Microsoft’s Tay, which is an artificial intelligence designed for Twitter. It interacts with people on the platform and creates its personality through the interactions it has with users. Within 24 hours of its stay on Twitter, Tay was removed as she praised Adolf Hitler in a post. With this as an example, more developers are now afraid to create funny chatbot or even create it with a distinct personality.

Tips on how you can create a funny chatbot

If it still does not sink in, creating a funny chatbot is quite hard, especially in this generation. You need to take risks while also being careful enough not to earn the most hate in the online world. However, if you are eager about your decision, you can make a bot with some simple tips. Here are some of the things that you can follow to succeed in creating the best funny chatbot online.

Know your goal

If you want your bot to take the center-piece of the comedian bots, you will have to make sure that you already have plans in your mind. If you only have a vague idea, there is a big possibility that you will not achieve what you truly want. Moreover, you should consider your users and their preferences to make sure that your jokes and statements will not offend anyone. You can do research or launch a survey online. This way, you can analyze before actually creating your funny chatbot.

After the analysis, you can now decide on what kind of personality and humor you want your bot to develop. Now, all you need is to apply this and to make sure that you will not stray on your original plan. Moreover, you can create jokes for your funny chatbot, depending on the character you want to display. It may be filled with dad jokes or plain sarcasm. Some people would appreciate dark humor, although it is very risky. Also, make sure that you will be able to relate your joke to the pop culture and the trends.

Get the perfect timing

One of the most important things that you must remember about joking is that you must always know the ideal timing. This is hard, especially if you do not have the talent to make people laugh. However, if you are dedicated, make sure that your funny chatbot can find the perfect moment to laugh and throw a joke. Also, make sure that your bot will not forget its real purpose rather than making it speak nonsensical jokes.

funny chatbot

To make this possible, you can design your bot to create small talks with its users and assess the mood, especially the personality of the person. However, make that your every punchline will always lead your users back to the original conversation. This way, you can avoid your bot to be a big distraction from its primary purpose.

Learn to accept defeat

Not all people have the same definition of fun—we have to admit that fact. Some like to keep their conversations formal and business-like. If your bot ever encounters a person who may not appreciate jokes, make sure that your bot can take a hint and refrain from joking. However, do not be disappointed because that is life. We have differences, and we must learn how to accept this.

Moreover, just like any comedian, some jokes about funny chatbots can be corny and lame. However, you need to accept this fact and move on. If you think your bot is not having good feedback than what you have expected, analyze it. It may be the timing or because the plan is not polished. After doing this, make sure that you accept your mistakes and embrace changes. After all, not all changes are adverse. Right?

In this case, it was merely a mistake. Some content was designed to be read one way and was, unfortunately, understood in another. But I wonder if there’s a way to protect our chatbots from this in the future?

Test the water

If you want to avoid any mistakes or to turn into an annoying bot who cannot take things seriously, you have to test the water. Talk to multiple users and collect data that will help your bot learn how to distinguish the personality of the person it is speaking with. This may be by assigning keywords to your bot. Also, getting feedback from users can help your funny chatbot learn from its mistakes.

Moreover, remember that you have to be empathetic. Put yourself in the shoes of your users and assess what things or words should be taken seriously or not. If not, you will only be labeled as an annoying bot who is trying too hard instead of being a funny chatbot.

If you manage to make your chatbot test a success, then you can now proceed on launching it officially and make it interact with more people. You can make it as quirky as possible or be filled with sarcasm if you want. Moreover, you will not only help yourself or your business. Users will also appreciate your effort in making every conversation fun and relatable.

Save the humor with Herobot!

If you are planning to create a funny chatbot for entertainment or business purposes, you do not have to stress out. With the new technological developments, bot creation is now made more accessible than ever. You have to drag and drop features and widgets that you want for your bot. Herobot also offers a variety of templates that you can choose from. Visit our website for more information.

best facebok bots

Best Facebook Bots Utilization to Earn Leads for your Business

best facebook bots

Social media is slowly becoming a place for markets and businesses to thrive. The high traffic rates in social media sites becomes a breeding ground for possible customers. It even paves a way for potential visitors to have transactions with your business. Besides the intensive traffic every day, different platforms is also a way to make your brand more acknowledged to the online community. However, the growing number of interests also means that the number of inquiries are growing. With this, the best Facebook bots will surely help out. 

Most people are always online, scouring the internet for all sorts of things – ideas, businesses, markets, and products. For this reason, social media sites are now being utilized in marketing and business. And, one notable platform is Facebook. With almost 2.5 billion users, Facebook is a staple for entrepreneurs looking for and engaging with the company. Plus, the intensive line of companies helps customers and visitors search for services and products under one roof. 

Expansive Networks in Facebook

There are multiple ways on how you can use Facebook as a platform on which your business can flourish. Content creation is the leading aspect of any business. This is also true on Facebook. The caption used in each advertisement must always create connection with the audience. Next, the essence of images and videos must still capture the attention of future and potential customers. Moreover, you should know how to advertise them by creating one of the best Facebook bots that will do the talk.

With all of these, you may create a strong foundation where your business could stand. However, to further strengthen your presence online, you must always consider the action of your customers. This is where the collection of data comes in. And the most recognized way of attaining such a task is by conversing with the customer through human servers. The only downside to this is that customer service representatives tend to have limitations – time. This is where the best Facebook bots come in to help businesses.

You can take several steps to resolve the struggling in the communication sector. One such action is by assigning automated messages in such a way that it will capture the interest of the customers. With best Facebook bots, you can rest assure that all messages will be answered immediately and simultaneously. Moreover, rather than spending much to hire for all-nighters, these bots are able to work 24/7 without any additional payments.

Importance of Data Collection in Business

Data are building blocks of your business. It helps your business grow towards a better position in the market. Also, the data gathered by your marketing teams improve the sales and efforts in the industry. In addition to this, enhancing the collection of data by integrating your business with best Facebook bots, you get a more accurate prediction of the ever-changing market. This information will your marketing team on building analysis as well as plans that will be used for the future of your brand.

best facebook bots

Next, the importance of data also involves your customers. Every business is entitled to provide the best products, services, and assistance for its customers to be satisfied. In which case, data becomes the basis of how your business is going to cater the needs of your customers. Moreover, as you already have an idea about their expectations, it is easier to plan your next move and create events that will interest them. With the help of the best Facebook bots, collecting data by surveys is also easier now.

AI in Best Facebook Bots

Technology has become a part of business throughout the years. With this, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the world of customer service. How? Artificial Intelligence or AI is a system that revolves around collecting, analyzing, and supplying the needed actions for the task. This becomes a vital aspect of a business. With the accompaniment of Artificial Intelligence in your business, you lessen the time in working with the collection of data and the necessary workforce in your industry. 

How do best Facebook bots help in accumulating sales?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has become the leading proponent when it comes to system automation and response. Whether it is for sales or collection of data, Artificial Intelligence has proven that a fast response system is indeed critical for business. For this reason, a lot of companies has become more inclined to integrating their process with AI. And, one common way of doing this is by incorporating a highly intelligent firmware – best Facebook bots.

Manually collecting and analyzing data can be troublesome, especially when in competition with time. The process of searching and knowing which components in the business works consume too much time; however, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, this process becomes streamlined and accurate. This straight forward manner of sifting through data with dedicated speed and precision is essential for any business. 

Today, chatbots that are enhanced with AI are crucial investments that help businesses compete in the market. The linking of best Facebook bots with the necessary task inside a company benefits in the process of sales. How? The sales funnel required whether you have a small business or a large enterprise. Sales funnel acts as a flow-on system on how the potential or even existing customers would react or decide when offered with products.

Points to Consider in Best Facebook Bots

Chatbots, in general, are virtual customer service representatives that represent the business by communicating with potential and existing customers in the market. Also, the best Facebook bots are customized for automated messaging systems that help in engaging with customers and turning them to leads. Moreover, they can also act as advertising agents by suggesting products and services to the customers. To sum it up, there are some critical steps that a bot needs to have.

social media marketing

Induce Awareness for the customer

Supplying the necessary information about the business is not enough for you to capture their attention. For this reason, you can utilize the collective capabilities of best Facebook bots. You can analyze the interest, common questions asked by customers and visitors. With that, you can then program your chatbot to respond with regards to the collected data. This will help awareness to your customers that you are offering such services or products. 

Attaining the Interest of Customers

Whether you have a high-rise business or small scale online shop, you must always listen to the local interest of your customers. This helps you in getting more traffic to your business and, in time, turn them to leads and sales. What’s more, after you raise the awareness of the customer that you have such services or products, you can then introduce other information through the best Facebook bots.

Enact a Decisive Question for your Customer

Doing business is about making sales. Keep in mind; your chatbot must also turn leads to sales. How? The best Facebook bots can be intertwined in a series of connections with the business, the market, the shop, and the Social Media platform. With this, you can supply our bot flow with the necessary steps to lead your customers to the sale funnel – start by informing the customer with the prices of the product or the inclusion of the services handled by your business.

Roles of Best Facebook Bots

Traditional marketing requires data collection from the sales and actions of previous customers to create a prediction of the market. This goes the same way with AIs. The only difference is that best Facebook bots with Artificial Intelligence cut the amount of time in collecting and analyzing data to almost half. More than this, chatbots on Facebook app have various roles that they can play for the prosperity of a business.

Facebook Bots as a Sales Representative

As mentioned above, chatbots can offer lead information for the customers in the sales funnel. These AI can relay messages to customers when they are asked with particular words that fall under a specific key-tag. What’s more, the virtual factor of best Facebook bots bases their replies with the information that they have gathered from the customers.

Furthermore, as a virtual sales representative, these chatbots also take the role of customer service, which helps in providing support for the customer.  

Facebook Bots as a Marketing Specialist

Predicting the upcoming changes in the market may seem impossible when done manually. Knowing the highs and lows of products and services in the future can significantly affect the business. However, with the help of best Facebook bots, your business can have a considerable advantage over your competitors. Facebook chatbots can also be programmed as Marketing Specialists. 

Facebook Bots as a Growth Tool for your Business

social media marketing

Businesses, no matter how big or small, can utilize best Facebook bots to engage customers to funnel through sales, increase customer service records, and enhance the throughput of services. Moreover, these chatbots are essential tools that can turn lead prospects into dedicated customers faster and effectively. Plus, bots provide you with a collection of data that can be a basis for an effective marketing strategy and improve sales.

HeroBot: Leading Facebook Chatbot Platform

When searching for a competitive and best Facebook bots that can help your business rank up at Facebook, AI integration is a must. One such example is HeroBot, a top-tier chatbot that combines Artificial Intelligence without hindering the possibility of human interaction. This bot can help your business by supplying the necessary data and functionality needed to create an incremental marketing plan. 

Furthermore, developing your best Facebook bots becomes a breeze with HeroBot. Why? You can choose from a list of chatbot templates that can quickly help in forming engagement with your customers. Also, the efforts that you make in turning potential prospects to customers are greatly enhanced with the help of such bots.

In conclusion, your business needs the necessary tools to create a presence and improve sales. And, collaborating your business with social media site is a solution for customer presence. At the same time, integrating your business’s social media with chatbots from Herobot will improve sales and customer service.

free marketing apps

Free Marketing Apps: Business Musts for 2019

free marketing apps

Business can be daunting, especially when you are not knowledgeable about marketing. Marketing is the foundation of any company in the market. It supports the ground for maintaining the steady upkeep of customers, visitors, and leads. Although marketing can be entitled to any business, it still stands different in a variety of ways. Marketing is a vast expanse of sales talk, planning, distribution, and data collection. This is why several companies try to utilize several free marketing apps to improve their businesses.

However, not all free marketing apps are worth trying. Because they are free, you might face some problems such as system bugs with these applications. Moreover, despite claiming that you won’t have to pay for them, some sites urge you to pay for the service. They also demand you to pay for a membership to enjoy their full functions. This becomes a problem, especially when you have already spent enough time navigating the website and just realizing the payments in the end.

Importance of Marketing and Free Marketing Apps in a Business

The marketing team and representatives are the front lines when it comes to business. They keep tabs on how the market changes and what demands are in the market. Moreover, they are in charge of the engagement of the company to its customers as well as the marketing research. The marketing team is also in charge of utilizing free marketing apps that can be used to make the company grow faster.

To know more, these are the factors on why having a robust marketing strategy is essential in any business.

Provides you a broad scope of the market

Whether you have a huge enterprise or a small shop, knowing the market is essential for your business. It sets the follow of insight into your business that can aid it to grow. Also, the market conditions help your business in giving out the necessary information to predict the upcoming trends and tendencies. This will surely help you in planning new products or events to call out the attention of your customers. Also, the marketing strategies along with free marketing apps will help in learning the completion curve in the market.

In any case, a company that has a healthy marketing plan is truly essential in the ever-changing market. Why? The adaptability of the business solely relies on the efficacy of the marketing plan. These adaptations will be like incense that will lure your customers that will help you boost your sales. As for the latest trends in the marketing plans, business-minded people often includes using free marketing apps for their business.

free marketing apps

Focuses on the changing demands of consumers

Not only does marketing stand to keep competitors in check, but also the customers. The changing demands of consumers are vital for the business, whether it’s in service or products. Understanding the wants and needs of the customers is an essential part of growing your business. It does not only help in racking up sales but also helps in attaining rapport with the customers. This will help retain the existing customers, and entice potential leads to become sales.

Generally, consumers are one of the most critical factors that you should consider in marketing. Marketing plans must also include things such as interests, current trends, wants, and needs of the customer. With this, you can assess your customer better and further aid them in the sales funnel.

Helps in the improvement of the products

As you can see in the marketing trends, moving on new products and forgetting the past never happens to lead companies. The best example of this is the phone industry. Apple Company avoids pulling out its outdated products. Instead, they try to modify it and create a better version of it. The marketing team gathers information regarding the new trends and the commentaries of the customers to make a new product that will answer the needs of the customers.

With the right marketing team, a company can help in the improvement of the products. However, this will also require intensive human resources, especially on gathering information, storing data, and analyzation. This is why the wisest choice is to install free marketing apps that will help you in marketing without costing much. Moreover, this will surely increase the productivity of your marketing team.

Builds the connection between business and customers

One of the most important things that you must secure in a business is the engagement of the market with its customers. Having enough knowledge about the taste of your typical customers is going to help out in your company’s standing. Moreover, if the connection between consumers and the provider is intact, trust is going to be built. With this, the probability of gaining more sales will surely increase.

To make this happen, a company must ensure that they have an excellent customer service team. Moreover, everyone should be well-aware of the business strategy they will need to gain the trust of their customers. Rather than just making the classic formal conversation, they must speak with more personality. There are some available free marketing apps such as chatbots that can help you in this sector.

social media marketing

Free marketing apps and why you need them

If you only own a small business of once owned one, you will surely understand the struggle of budgeting a small amount of money for your brand. However, there are certain things that you cannot do on your own. Meanwhile, hiring people who can do the job is going to cost you too much. With this dilemma, the only solution that you can get is to download free marketing apps that can help you achieve your goals.

Below are some of the free marketing apps that you can rely on:

Google My Business

To make your business grow its fame in the digital world, you have to make sure that people will be aware of your business as soon as possible. However, just posting advertisements is not enough, mainly because of the trends today. With ads, people feel like the company is urging them to buy a product or service. Thus, they will search online and pick the best one to feel more control. Take note that most people will think that the first to appear online is the one with the best rating. This is why making your business increase its visibility through free marketing apps is essential.

Meanwhile, Google My Business is one of the most known free marketing apps that will surely help your company, especially in digital marketing. As you already know, most people rely on the internet and Google to answer their questions. Meanwhile, this app will help your business increase its visibility on Google Maps and Search. With this app, you can customize the details about your business that will appear on Google. Moreover, you can post updates and images and interact with customers through reviews and Q&A.


If you control social media, you will most likely control the digital marketing world. Almost everyone in the world engages in social media and have their accounts. Moreover, this acts as a free marketing app that works well for small businesses. You only need to create an account and post content as well as images to attract your customers. However, you must maintain your presence on these free marketing apps to not lose customers.

Now, Buffer is here to help those people who have problems keeping up with their time and managing their social media content. It can schedule social posts on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, its free version will only let you schedule up to 10 posts for each of the social media platforms. To enjoy unlimited schedules, you will need to upgrade your account on premium.


If you are familiar with blogs and vlogs, you are already aware of content marketing. These days, it is highly used in the digital market to gather more customers. More and more people are trying to research online whenever they need something. However, most of them avoid annoying advertisements. This is why most companies are creating blog content for their website and products and tackles different topics. Meanwhile, they are going to make sure that the article will contain a subtle hint that the customer should choose your brand.

free marketing apps

These days, one of the ultimate buddies of online marketers is WordPress. This lets people create websites that will help boost the fame of the brand. You can also quickly post blog content with this free marketing application. Moreover, there are even some features that will help you in improving the SEO of your articles. This will help in increasing the visibility of your brand in the digital market.

Herobot as your answer for a chat and email marketing

A lot of people nowadays spend most of their time on their messenger applications. This is because of the new way of communicating and connecting to people and businesses around the world. Considering this, chat and email marketing can be the best strategy that you can use, especially if you own small business. Moreover, if you do not have time to answer all the emails and messages sent to your company, you create chatbots as your customer service ally.

However, you might be thinking of a way to quickly create a chatbot without the help of any highly-paid professionals. To save you, Herobot is here to be your best partner. You can create bots with this application with only your fresh idea. Moreover, there are even templates available on the website. If you want to learn more, visit our official website now.