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How to make easy profits for your business? Make bot.

In order to succeed in the intense competition in e-commerce, you should stand your ground on the top. Meanwhile, being on the top means that you are more than willing to dominate. If not, you will surely be overthrown by other ambitious entrepreneurs. As you can see, there is persistent growth in online marketing with people preferring online transactions rather than visiting physical shops. However, you need to follow certain steps and there are some factors to consider to be able to stay on top of online business. Now, the easiest way to start this is to make a bot.

Technology is developing through time and so is the satisfaction of the people. The online community is always demanding and in need of fast and full attention all the time. This is the reason why being in a customer service team takes a lot of patience and motivation. However, to make it easier, a company must be able to make a bot to cater to the customers’ needs and communicate with them automatically. Also, bots have other uses that are convenient for those who are in e-commerce.

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What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce or E-commerce is the latest trend in business and is growing by almost 23% per year. Here, marketers create online stores and advertisements in order to attract more customers in the online industry. Because almost everyone has social media accounts, they often incorporate their businesses with them. This brings a lot of advantages to a certain market chain which is why most marketers use this on their marketing plan. Here is the list of its contributions to a company:

It can reach the global market easily.

As you already know, the online community builds no boundary. Almost everyone in the world is using the internet to socialize, study, negotiate, and even to buy things. Thus, building a good business in e-commerce will help you reach the global market easily than a physical store would. Now, connecting with an international customer will not be any different from a local customer. The only that would change is the shipping cost, which, in many cases, the customer is willing to pay if your products and pricing are worth it.

It has 24/7 availability.

Unlike a physical store that can only be open for 8-10 hours, an online store can be up and functioning for 24 hours every day. This way, it can connect even to those who are only free in the evening or early in the morning. Moreover, a lot of online companies make a bot so that they can communicate with their customers easier. This could mean a dramatic increase in sales for marketers and they will not need to spend much to make it happen.

It is a good method of cost-cutting.

Starting a business is hard especially when you need to hire multiple employees and pay them. Moreover, you cannot really be sure if they will work well with your company or if your business is going to make it to the top. However, you do not need to worry about these things in e-commerce. Here, you can work by yourself when the company is just starting to make profits and just hire others when you think it is growing. If you are not comfortable working with other people, you can also just make a bot that will work for you.

It can easily do target marketing.

Advertisement can be one of the hardest parts of any business. Here, you have to find your target market in order to avoid exerting effort convincing people who are not really interested. However, this is very easy with e-commerce due to its abundance in data gathering. If you are to make a bot for lead generation, it can easily gather data online and send advertisements and messages to them automatically. You can also just search for businesses that are in the same niche and look for those who are liking their posts. This way, you can easily filter those who would be interested in your products and services.

What should you worry about in E-commerce?

Despite the numerous advantages of e-commerce, there are still some things that you need to worry about when starting your online business. One of these is how you can cater to the demands of the online community and how you can compete with millions of online shops on the internet. If you do not know the latest trends or you missed an opportunity, your business can fail once and for all.

Moreover, some customers feel like online businesses lack the interpersonal feelings that a physical store has. This is a very important factor that you must consider when you hire employees or make a bot. You should also beware of the security issues online. Other than these, the fulfillment of customers’ orders can also be problematic. However, these can all be solved with a good marketing plan and a reliable bot on your side.

Why you need to make a bot for your online business

If you are going to start an online business, you should be ready to fight with all the online brands. To do this, you should follow the latest trends and make sure that you have more than what your competitors can offer. Meanwhile, chatbots can help you connect with your customers and compete with other companies. To understand more why you need to make a bot, here are some of the ways it can help you:

Can handle multiple customers at a time

Obviously, live agents are not superhumans and can only hold conversations with 2-3 customers at a time. Moreover, they need breaks, day-offs, holidays, and can only work for 8-12 hours max in a day. By the way, overtime hours cost a lot. Meanwhile, if you make a bot, they can work for you at any time of the day. Moreover, it can hold multiple conversations with customers given its automation ability.

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Other than its efficiency, you don’t need to worry about its attitude because you can set it beforehand. Whether it is having a problem with costumers, it will still remain calm and can provide solutions to them. Moreover, a well-optimized chatbot can provide a thorough and straightforward service to its customers which most modern people prefer.

Can gather user’s data

As said in the previous statements, gathering data about your customers is important in e-commerce. This is useful for lead generation and target marketing. If you know the basic profiles of your customers, it will be a big win for you. Moreover, some information such as the latest trends or posts he or she likes or views can be very useful. This way, you will know which customers should be targeted rather than wasting your time doing so.

However, this step takes a lot of time and effort going around the internet and looking for people’s profiles. Meanwhile, you can make a bot that will do the job to you automatically. It will then lay out a report for you and even contact the people that will probably have interests in your products or services.

Can help you convert people to bot subscribers

As you know, bots are intelligent enough to see the interests of people and to know who will probably be your paying customer. Thus, you can make a bot that will turn your page commenters and likers to bot subscribers. This way, you can easily connect with them without visiting your page from time to time. Moreover, this can inflict more interest in your customers as everyone loves feeling special.

Moreover, it is also more effective than email marketing by 30% and can integrate with other third-party services. Aside from this, you can build an interesting and fun character that your users can enjoy when you make a bot. It can act as your company brand and will reflect greatly on the image of your business.

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Make a bot with Herobot

Keeping yourself on-trend and knowing what you can do that your competitors cannot is a must if you want to survive in the world of e-commerce. Thus, you should make a bot that will reflect the brand of your company and can give you multiple sales. However, doing it is not as easy as you think especially if you do not know how to start. Meanwhile, Herobot is here to save your day!

Herobot is a chatbot platform that helps its users to build chatbots easily. Keeping their company goals in mind, it offers various types of bots that you can choose from. From Facebook bots to webpages bots, you have the choice to start your bot business now. Moreover, Herobot has several templates that can help you make a bot that will surely suit your line of business. It is also cheaper than other platforms and is very easy to use. To know more, you visit our website.

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How to make a Facebook bot that will up your conversion strategy

Even with its numerous competitors, Facebook is still at the top of the social media chain. It has more than 2.4 billion monthly active users and one of the leading websites that could advertise brands effectively. With its popularity on different ages, colors, genders or cliques, you can easily run campaigns with Facebook’s ad features. Meanwhile, a lot of people are integrating their own ideas with this and one of them is using a Facebook bot.

how to make a facebook bot

A conversion strategy is important in order to give your customers a good experience while urging them to trust your brand for their next visit. Also, if it is good enough, it can a good brand value to your company which means more traffic, more customers, and more income for you. However, doing this is not easy which is why you will need the help of technology. Thus, it is important to know how to make a Facebook bot that will up your conversion strategy.

Why is an effective conversion strategy essential?

Technology is very helpful to human beings and using it effectively can bring success to most. However, this same thing is also the reason why most people are having problems generating more profits for their companies. Instead of spending on new gadgets and widgets as an investment, they are now just earning to pay for expensive tools that they use. This is where everything goes wrong.

To turn the table around and get the upper hand, you must have a good conversion strategy and just use tools that will most likely benefit you. Moreover, instead of using expensive tools, opt for cheaper tools or those that you will only have to pay once. One of these tools is the Facebook bot. With its great wide-range audience, you can never go wrong with attaching your business on it. Also, this social media site will really be helpful for your business. Meanwhile, bots can offer automation that can save you a lot of money and effort.

How can a Facebook bot up your conversion strategy?

If you will go around the internet and go into some good websites, you will most probably be greeted with an energetic “hello”. You might think that it is unimportant and just an unnecessary addition to making the website look more friendly but you are wrong. It actually helps the website garner more audiences and gives visitors a better experience. It can also negotiate and settle schedules in your stead. Here is a list of the things a good Facebook bot can offer for your brand.

Improves customer experience

Now, you may think that bots are unnecessary to give customers a better experience because that is what customer service is for. However, you should remember that in order to compete with millions of companies around the world, you need to up your game. Start building your Facebook bot that will interact with your customers 24/7 in a human-like way. It works even if you are just starting your company or you already own a bigger enterprise.

You need to be able to cater to your customer’s needs at all times. Even if your store is already closed and it is already 1 AM, you know you just need to respond to your customer’s message. If not, it will just mostly end up them being angry or swearing to never negotiate with your company ever again. Moreover, it will most likely lead to bad reviews for your services. However, the Facebook bot can you from all this hassle.

Because it is an automated program, it can stay up 24/7 and negotiate with all your customers all at once. It talks to a human-like way and has enough artificial intelligence and machine learning to converse appropriately. A Facebook bot can even things more thoroughly than some of your human employees. By keeping your customers satisfied, you can build a better relationship with them and assure that they will remain as your consumers.

Engage in social media

Not all people are aware of your business and your website. However, engaging to customers through their social media accounts will surely boost up your brand name. As you already know, with millions of people using Facebook now, it means that people are more active on this website rather than others. Moreover, studies show that chatbots, such as a Facebook bot, can provide a better mobile experience for the users.

Facebook bots are flexible and can easily be used with mobile phones. With this tool, your customers have unlimited ways of connecting with you anytime and anywhere. As a matter of fact, a lot of companies such as Domino’s Pizza, MasterCard and Sephora are already taking advantage of it. With a Facebook bot, you can add convenience to your customer’s experience which will do good for your business.

how to make a facebook bot

Give good recommendations

Have you ever gone out in the mall determined to buy something but failing to remember what it is? Well, this is common for almost everyone and it can happen in online shops too. This is why most stores make sure that they have sales ladies that can help you shop and give you recommendations whenever you need one. It helps both sides as it gives the customers an idea of what they should buy while giving more sales to the shop.

However, how do you think is it possible to apply the same thing to your online shop? This is where the idea of generating a Facebook bot on your brand comes in. It can converse with your customers naturally and in a human-like way. Moreover, it can help them find the things they are interested in. Facebook bot can also give recommendations by telling the customers basic information about the products. It can also send photos and links to the products to customers.

It can also do predictive lead scoring by going through the profile of the users and looking up to their recent activities. Moreover, it can take note of the demographics and social information of the customers. This way, you will be able to know about their interests and can even help with product recommendations.

Qualify leads

However, if you really want a good conversion strategy, the things mentioned above are not going to suffice. In business, time is very important. Remember, time is of the essence and money. To make sure that you are not wasting time for your online business, make sure to not engage in the wrong person. If you did, you will just spend the time that you should be spending on those who could be a possible customer. This is what lead qualification is all about.

Meanwhile, companies already have a solution for this. They use a Facebook bot that will ask a set of questions to its visitors to know if they can be your possible customer or client. Instead of answering their queries, some pages start the conversations by asking its users some questions. It may include things like how they are able to know about the product or what products they are interested in. Moreover, it will automatically analyze the intentions of the users and if they are a possible lead. Also, it can store the information that it is able to generate from its past conversation which can be useful for your brand.

how to make a facebook bot

Step up your game with Herobot’s Facebook bot!

If you read the article above, there is a high chance that you are already interested in creating your Facebook bot now. And if not, let me tell you that thousands of your competitors are already using one and it will already give them a higher advantage. This is why you need to step up your game and learn how you will be able to build a bot that will not cost you so much.

With Herobot, you can guarantee that the Facebook bot you will create is going to be functional and effective. Moreover, doing it with this platform will give you an easier route without hiring programmers. It is also cheaper than any other site and offers a large variety of widgets and templates that you can choose from. Moreover, it is flexible and will let you work with only drag and drop feature. Learn more about Facebook bot on our website.

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How to use effective bot site for your business marketing

If you are thinking of ways to earn money while you are in your respective houses, then the best option is to start your business online. In this age where everyone seems to live in the online world, e-commerce is a good idea for marketers. However, this is not as easy as you think. To match the expectations of your customers, it is best to use a bot site for our business. As it stays up online 24/7 and can accommodate numerous people at a time, you should consider using chatbots for your brand.

bot site

However, there are steps that you should take in order to create a chatbot that will best suit your business. Almost every one of us had a bad experience with using automated services. Despite its similarities to how some humans respond, bots cannot completely think and feel like them. With a reckless move of bot site, everything can go downhill. These are the things that you should consider avoiding to create more traffic and bring in more sales.

Tips on creating your chatbot

There are many issues regarding the chatbot industry today. Most people do not prefer the robotic and unempathetic way bots are handling their issues. Moreover, unhelpful and repetitive responses of chatbots are annoying customers more than anything. Some people feel that it indicates the lack of care of the company for its customers. However, you can avoid these issues by doing some effective bot site tricks.

Know your line of business

If you want to succeed in the world of marketing, it is important that you know what you are entering. Learn about every nicks and corner of the type of business you have. Read reports and published materials about other successful marketers in this field and learn from them. Know the latest trends and participate in the online forums of people talking about what they like and hate about certain companies. Take note of all this because it will really be useful for your own business.

When you already know about these things, creating your own bot for marketing will be much easier. Moreover, you will know the basic problem areas in your business that you can now avoid. Also, you will have a deeper understanding of your customers chose the leading brands rather than other companies. Other than this, you can also distinguish the areas you can improve with the changing trends in the market.

Outline your goals

With the researches that you did previously, you can now outline your goals. This is very important in establishing an effective bot site. Moreover, it will help you define the parts your chatbot should take part in order to make your business successful. This will help you realize the missions of your business as well as in the profit area. As it defines where you should go, planning will be a lot easier along the way and can increase its effectiveness.

To have an effective goal, you should consider making it clear and simple first. Don’t stress out on making it picture-perfect which can lead to further complications. Rather, be specific about your goals and make it realistic as you can. Remember that creating a bot for marketing is hard enough. Thus, your goals on creating one should be as simple as you can. However, this does not mean that you can’t innovate and use your creative juices.

Understand your users

Your consumers are a vital part of the success of every business. Thus, it is only natural to try to understand your customers for an effective bot site. Know the basic profiles of those who mostly and will probably visit your website. As you identify your target market by their gender, age, and economic standing, you can create a good bot marketing plan that will satisfy them.

Moreover, you should consider the type of business you have to know the personalities of the customers who might be interested in your products or services. Learn about the tone that might make them stay and continue talking to your chatbot. If you are in the entertainment or gaming business, then you should consider creating an entertaining bot. Make it witty and you can use memes and gifs as it holds a conversation. Meanwhile, use formal tones in businesses where users need straightforward and professional answers.

Brainstorm with experiences employees

bot site

You should not be afraid of creating a bot because you do not know how it should properly hold a conversation. Instead, call out your employees or friends who are experienced in this area and brainstorm with them. With their help, you will be able to know the things customers frequently ask. Also, you will be able to know the most effective tones and responses that you can use to deal with problematic consumers.

This way, your bot will be able to filter the queries and concerns that they can handle and send a human server those that require more complicated answers. Also, you can now create a conversation flow that will be both simple and useful for your users. However, you should always remind yourself that creating a perfect artificial intelligence is impossible and is bound to fail. Cover every possible subject your customer might bring up and prepare a simple response for them.

Types of bot site

There are a lot of steps and considerations that you should take first before you can devise the best bot site. However, as you plan on creating one, you should know first the type of chatbot that you should create. Also, consider the roles it would take into your company for a clearer agenda and personality of your artificial intelligence. Here is a list of the basic types of bots that you can use for your business:

Sales bot

This type of bot is very important if you want to succeed in the bot site. Obviously, sales bot can help you increase your sales. Moreover, it can make the buying process easier as it converses with the customer about the products or services he/she needs. Also, it has personalized product recommendations. You can also include images, videos, links, and gifs in the usual conversation between a bot and its user.

FAQ bot

If you are going to engage with your customers for a long time, you will notice a series of repetitive questions that they may ask you. Now, it can be annoying and exhausting for your human employees. However, you can design a FAQ bot that is in charge of answering repetitive and frequently asked questions. You can also, include buttons that your customers can choose just in case they are having trouble conversing with your bot. It can also respond to your customers while you are out or your business is closed. This can add to the productivity of your business and increase your sales and connection with your consumers.

Lead Generation bot

A lead generation is important to your business especially in this modern era where you have millions of competitors around the world. It helps you in going all out on the internet and create more traffics than can lead to more sales for your company. As you use lead generation bot, you can automatically create a target group that you can associate with. Rather than wasting your time on people who do not have an inch of interest to your brand, why not focus on those who are actually interested?

Appointment bot

There are different types of businesses and each one of them has different problems that they may face. Now, a company offering intangible goods such as services might differ from those who are offering products. One of these is how it has problems managing appointments. However, with appointment bot, you can now easily set appointments with your clients. This is without worrying about overlapping schedules as bots are intelligent enough to record and manage your schedule.

Survey bot

If you don’t know, surveys are actually really helpful to businesses. This helps in the progress and planning changes and improvements for a brand. However, a modern era means that giving out printed questionnaires will only make you lose money and time. Instead, opt to survey bots that can help you collect answers from your customers with less hassle and more fun.

Enjoy the best bot site with Herobot!

Even if you have the best plans to create an effective bot site, this will all mean nothing if you do not have a good website where you can create freely. Meanwhile, hiring professionals will really be costly and learning programming yourself will be really difficult. This is one of the reasons why Herobot is aiming to be the best Chabot platform for marketers.

bot site

It longs to provide the best services that can make bot creation a lot easier. Also, it offers a wide variety of widgets that you can use to make your bot more personal. If you are still clueless about where to start, Herobot has different templates that you can choose from to set as a help for you. Learn more about chatbot creation on our website now.

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Why You Should Try Chatbot Companies while on Quarantine at Home

As COVID-19 or Coronavirus affects millions of lives all around the world, governments are becoming wary about it and started declaring community quarantine one by one. People can transmit and receive the virus by merely talking or getting in close contact with one another. Moreover, the virus can stay active on a surface even when you leave it there for three days. Considering all this, you basically have no choice but to do a self-quarantine for everyone’s safety. Now, it may be boring to just stay at home for weeks. However, why not consider trying chatbot companies for fun?

chatbot companies

As already told by the experts, social distancing is very important to do at this time. This is why even businesses and educational institutions are considering all these. Companies are reprimanding their employees to just work at home or to not work at all. Meanwhile, students are prohibited from going to school facilities and are advised to just take online classes. However, even if you are given something to do on your own houses, staying inside for too long may affect your mental health negatively. Also, there are some necessities that you will need to acquire outside. Thus, chatbot companies are ideal for these things.

Why you need a self-quarantine

With all the issues regarding the coronavirus around the world, there are still some questioning the importance of self-quarantine or self-isolation. However, we cannot deny that this is really important to prevent the virus from spreading like what happened in some countries. In Italy, there are reports of more than 27,000 cases with over 2,100 deaths in just a few weeks. Just to be safe, why not implement a self-quarantine and just rely on chatbot companies for your needs?

Here are more reasons to do it:

You need to be safe

You need to do a self-quarantine because first of all, you have to be safe. Walking around the city and socializing may seem harmless if this is just any other day. However, always remember that you can get the Coronavirus by interacting with other people. Also, getting in contact with things that have the virus on them can also give you the illness. Meanwhile, knowing if a place or a person is safe for you is nearly impossible now. There are also numerous bots that you can talk to if you are getting bored.

Your family should be your first priority

Even if you think you are safe because you have a strong immune system, think about your family. Not because you are not sick means that you cannot be a carrier. If your clothes or skin get in contact with the Coronavirus, you can give it to others without knowing it. Avoid going out and interacting with others so that you can also avoid transmitting it to your family when you get home. If you really need to go out, try distancing yourself with others upon coming home and just wash right away. Moreover, you can also try contacting chatbot companies who have services available for what you need.

Your company is fine without you there

If you are thinking about your job and your clients, stop it. Do not sacrifice your health for a commercial enterprise. Unlike you, your boss and your clients are well-off and have enough money to survive this disaster. Millions of people and even the government are alarmed by the virus already. Surely, your company will understand if you will choose to not attend your work. Instead, suggest a work-from-home arrangement or just take a leave. Remember that you are more important than your job.

Your school already have precautionary measures

Not all students are happy about the suspension of classes. It is because this means a lack of ways to learn and being forced to self-study for future exams when things are better. However, educational institutions already found a way to teach students while they are at home. Most shut down schools are offering online courses to make sure that their students are still learning and not wasting time. Moreover, some schools are getting in contact with chatbot companies to serve as online tutors of the students at home. Not because you are having trouble with your studies means your school is cruel enough to not consider the circumstances of their students.

It is hard to know if you are infected

You cannot easily assume that you are safe even if you are fine now. The symptoms of the COVID-19 virus do not appear right away and may take a few days before showing signs. Moreover, you never know if you get in contact with those who have the illness. For your and other people’s safety, do a self-quarantine and check if you are showing signs of Coronavirus. While doing so, you can contact chatbot companies and find one that can give you medical advice.

What you can do with chatbot companies while in self-quarantine

Have engaging talks

If you get bored without having anyone to talk to and your friends are not available to talk with you, try chatbots. They are fun to talk with and you can find thousands of bots online who have different personalities. There are even some who have knowledge of histories, constellations, medicine, and others. You can never get tired of talking with chatbots

Play games

chatbot companies

Interacting with chatbots is not limited to just chatting. There are also some bots who you can play games with. Different gaming and chatbot companies are cooperating with each other in order to create intelligent games that will give its users a one-of-a-kind experience. By inputting artificial intelligence on game characters, it adds to the flavor and difficulties of the game. If you have nothing to do at home, why not try playing games with chatbot companies?

Work out at home

This self-quarantine can mean self-care and self-improvement. While you are not busy, try getting in shape by conducting a regular exercise. However, you have to remember that it is best to just stay at home while doing so. With this, you can use workout chatbots that you can easily download on your phones. They can serve as your gym instructor and give you proper directions. Moreover, they can time you and count the steps that you are taking for the exercise. Also, there are some bots who can count your calories and plan your weekly meals to maintain being healthy and fit.

Find good books to read

If you do not know what you can do while you are in a self-quarantine mode, try finding new ones such as reading books. Even if you do not know where to start, you can ask chatbots for recommendations and it will surely list down books with top rates online. You can also ask for synopsis and books that are like those it recommends.

Find television shows that can entertain you

Looking for the next television show you should watch is not easy. A lot of sports and live programs are canceled on tv due to the Coronavirus outbreak. So, to break your boredom, try other shows that might interest you. As chatbots for recommendations based on genres and it will surely not disappoint you. It is also easier to do this than searching online. Not only is it convenient, but bots are also fun to talk with and can surely end your boredom.

Try new recipes to cook

Staying at home for a long time may pique your interest in cooking. So, to start doing your new hobby, why not download chatbot for cooking? You can talk to them about the recipes you want to try. In return, they can give you thorough directions and new recipes to try with. Moreover, it can provide you an organized shopping list for an easier experience. Also, chatbot companies can give you tips on cooking that can be handy. Download a cooking chat app now!

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Create your own chatbot with us!

Whether you are a businessman or not, the recent outbreak of Coronavirus surely affects your daily schedule. However, there are some ways to ease your boredom and other problems. This is with the help of chatbot companies. Meanwhile, creating your own chatbot rather than relying on what others created is still better. If you want to try creating your own without facing problems with coding, subscribe to Herobot now!

Herobot is a chatbot platform that can help you build chatbots in an easier manner. It will not require you any coding or other IT skills. What you just need is a witty mind and a small amount of money to create the best chatbot that will entertain and help people at the recent COVID-19 incidents. We also offer pre-made templates for various uses. Moreover, Herobot offers cheaper deals without sacrificing the qualities of the chatbots they release. Check our website now and learn more about the world of chatbots.

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Chatbot Business: How the COVID-19 is affecting Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus is now a global pandemic that caused various changes in the world. One of the sectors that the virus has affected is digital marketing. Because there are numerous uncertainties regarding the pandemic, most cities are doing precautionary measures. Today, more and more countries and cities are having a total lockdown and prohibit office works to minimize the spread of the virus. Thus, marketers are now relying on chatbot business to help them.

chatbot business

Moreover, there are some reports and testimonials stating that the virus has great effects on physical and digital businesses. Also, the revenues and earnings of companies, as well as Facebook advertisements, decrease. Some analysts expect businesses to suffer a 15-20% decline especially those in the industry of travel and hospitality. With these outcomes, it is important to know the facts and what you can do to maintain your business revenues such as making a chatbot business.

Myths regarding commerce in the viral outbreak

Because of the COVID-19, a lot of conspiracies and speculations regarding its effects on business are going around. There are some saying it made more products in demand which is why the virus has great impacts on the market. Meanwhile, there are some stating that the stock market is continuously declining due to this. However, even if some of them are quite believable, it is still best to just rely on facts.

It is not true that the high demand for products is making a good impact on businesses. Even if more customers are looking for certain products such as alcohol, tissues, and soaps, we cannot deny that marketers cannot accumulate these needs. As more and more cities are having lockdowns and requiring employees to work at home or to just not work at all, it is impossible to manufacture products. Thus, the great demand does nothing to the total revenue of companies.

However, if we are going to talk about the online market, it is true that people tend to rely on online shopping because it will not require face-to-face interactions. This includes food deliveries and shopping for groceries and common necessities. Moreover, websites are using chatbot business instead of human support to follow the lockdown restrictions. This way, people are more satisfied with their shopping experience.

What you should do to maintain your revenues

Despite thinking that owning a business at this time means a dead-end, this is not necessarily true. There are still some steps that you can take in order to retain your revenue. With the right marketing strategy, your business will surely get great outcomes if not now, then to your future business standing. Here are some of the things that you can do:

Ensure the quality of your business ad

Even if you think that no one is interested in what you are advertising, it is still important that you have great content. This way, people will remember your products or deals despite the crisis. Because of the lockdown, people have more online engagements today more than ever. Even if they are not interested in acquiring your products or services today, they will surely remember your company in the future. Moreover, you can use chatbot business for Google and Facebook ads, as well as customer service.

Create great deals without lowering your price too much

Because of the lowering of demand for some products as services, companies offer greater deals with lower prices for the customers. This is why a large number of people use this opportunity to get great deals that they can use for later purposes. However, this is more reason to not lower your price range so much and just maintain the quality of your advertisements.

Moreover, it is important that rather than focusing on what your consumers can get now that there is a pandemic issue, try to give your customers an option to use your products and services in the future. Also, create a good chatbot business in order to accommodate the needs of your customers and not disappoint them.

Make sure to not use the context of COVID-19 on your ads

This is one of the greatest mistakes that some businesses are doing. Because there is a lot of online researches regarding the Coronavirus, some see this as an opportunity. They create content and click-baits regarding the pandemic issue. However, there are some people, and even pages, that sees this as taking advantage of the sufferings of some.

chatbot business

To avoid this mistake, make sure to create greater deals without using the context of Coronavirus. Make sure to make your ads light and considerate to everyone to have more satisfied audiences. Also, if you are going to make content that will associate with the virus, make sure to not blatantly advertise your brand. Maintain the main topic of your content and just add small details regarding your brand.

Research about the daily market status

At this time of crisis, having more knowledge will be really important to stay on top. Have daily researches about the daily market status and get going with it. Learn to adapt to new trends and to what people are inclined to do. Moreover, you have to monitor your competitors and watch their every move. If they offered great deals without you knowing, they will be two steps higher than you in an advertisement. You can also create a chatbot that can automatically research these things for you.

Review your accounts

As important as it is to know your competitor’s moves, it is important to know your own standing in the online market. Know what your customers are saying about you and look for you’re the online traffic of your website. You can also rely on your chatbot for this job. Let them make a quick survey to your customers to know what they are saying about your brand. This will help you know your next step to advance your marketing strategies.

Use chatbot business for greater deals

A chatbot is very useful, especially in your online businesses. It creates traffic, it helps in advertisements, can communicate well with your customers and make researches for you. Now that there is a shortage of manpower, having a bot by your side is very useful. Here are some of the advantages of using chatbot business:

Available anytime

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of workers are not available for work. This is both for the safety of the workers, the employers and the people they will interact with. Now, this causes great problems for companies especially those on BPO and the customer service field. However, chatbots are the best solution for this. With just a single chatbot, you will be able to contact more people and with unlimited availability.

Possibility of indirect management

If you are using a chatbot, managing the information of your customers will not be a problem. It will not require your direct efforts to contacting customers and having to ask them one by one. Also, you will not have to list down their profiles and collect them. This is because your chatbot business will be responsible for these things. Moreover, they can easily collect and save data for future use.

Cost-cutting feature

Now that there is a shortage of manpower, hiring one will be really costly for you. Meanwhile, you can create a chatbot business that can take care of your tasks without asking you for more salary. Moreover, you have to pay your employees for their everyday jobs, on the other hand, you only have to create a chatbot at a single time. With bots, you can save up to 30% of your business costs.

Make your chatbot business with Herobot!

If you are going to think of it, 2020 may seem very exhausting with all the events that have happened for the past three months. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, a large number of people around the world are greatly affected. Moreover, businesses suffer great loss and experience great disadvantage due to the minimization of manpower and the sudden pause of production.

However, chatbot business can save your business. It offers services and replaces your human workers in the meantime. If you are interested in creating one, finding a good programmer that can suit your taste will be your problem. Also, hiring one may cost you a lot especially because this is not an easy thing to do. Meanwhile, you should have a lot of knowledge about coding in order to do so.

chatbot business

On the other hand, Herobot can save you from all the stress and give you the chance to create a chatbot without any hassle. We offer you great subscription deals so you will not have to spend more. Also, you just have to drag and drop features to create a bot. If this is not appropriate for you, we also offer different business templates that you can use as a reference. Contact us on our website to know more.

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Make a bot to avoid COVID-19 while doing business

The global pandemic Novel Coronavirus has been affecting millions of lives around the world. Due to this, different industries, most notably the commercial sector, are having some difficulties in management. Places are starting to have lockdowns, which forces companies to send their employees home and suspend their services for weeks. This is the reason why most customer service sectors make a bot to attend their consumers.

Moreover, the world of business is experiencing a significant change today. Companies are having lockdowns, factories are closing, shipments are being cancelled, and consumers are losing ways to fulfil their daily needs. However, smart people in business make a bot to provide complete services to their customers without having too much contact with them. With this, they can function well and still be able to avoid risks of the COVID-19.

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What is Coronavirus disease 2019?

There is a lot of news going on about the latest epidemic that is alarming the world. However, what is COVID 2019? To start, this is a respiratory illness that began in Wuhan, China. It quickly spreads to different persons through direct or indirect contact with the infected person. Also, when people with COVID-19 talk, cough, or sneeze, the droplets of their saliva can be transmitted through mouths, noses, or even through objects.

Due to how it quickly spreads, there are 105,586 confirmed cases globally, with over 3,500 deaths, around 100 countries already. Other than this, there are still numerous unconfirmed cases that are still waiting for the test results. This results in multiple lockdowns of countries and cities around the world to prevent the virus from further spreading. There are even some who bans shipments and travels in their country. With this, the trading and shipment industry, along with millions of businesses, are suffering big time.

Avoid COVID 19 and make a bot

The number one rule that you should do to avoid being infected by COVID 19 is to avoid contact with other people. However, this is impossible if you are in a line of business such as marketing, food, and services. Meanwhile, there are still some steps that you can take to stay safe and healthy while still earning money. These are the steps that you could consider:

Make sure that your workplace is appropriately sanitized

Sanitation is vital these days. Thus, it is only reasonable that a workplace that numerous people are going in and out needs remediation. Every corner and room, especially the comfort rooms, should have sanitizers and liquid soaps that every people can use. Disinfectant sprays should also be around the office corners all the time.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

COVID 19 can be transmitted through contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth of an infected person or object. This is because germs quickly spread by touching contaminated objects. With this, it is essential to avoid touching the mentioned body parts or sanitize yourself before doing so.

Cover your mouth and nose

As the COVID-19 is being massively widespread globally, you must cover your mouth and nose with a proper facemask. You do not know who could be infected with the virus, and so, it is essential to protect yourself from harmful germs. You can also put a tissue on your mask for additional safety measures.

Stay home when you are sick

People with a weak immune system have a higher probability of being infected by COVID-19. Because of this, sick people should stay at home even if there are essential tasks to do. Moreover, you do not know if the virus already infects you, and staying at home is best for the sake of everyone around you. If you are in customer service, marketing, or sales company and a lot of your employees are getting sick, consider having a chatbot work for you.

Avoid close contact

The rule is very simple: if you do not want to get infected, avoid getting in touch with sick people. If you are sick, avoid close contact with other people for their safety. This is why most companies now have a lockdown. Thus, most are just relying on the services of chatbots for their industries for the automation and artificial intelligence that it offers.

make a bot

What are the alternatives to companies

It is evident how the recent cases of the Coronavirus are affecting the world of business today. Production of items and the services of employees are dramatically reducing or suspending to ensure the safety of everyone. Apple Company even admitted that it would miss its quarterly revenue guidance. Moreover, Google is already starting to take action and has been closing down several offices throughout the world, especially China.

Meanwhile, some companies are encouraging their employees to work-at-home so that they can still proceed with their tasks without getting in close contact with other people. On the other hand, some companies make a bot to make sure that they do not lose customer engagement and relationships. With this, they can still get in touch with their customers at all times.

How to make a bot that will help your business

Creating a bot is not easy. If you are going to hire professionals that will establish a bot for you, it will require a lot of explanation, money, and time. However, there is some chatbot creating platforms such as Herobot that you can use for a more natural process. If you do not know you can benefit when you make a bot, here are some of them:

Food industry

If you are in the food industry, it is essential to ensure the safety of your food by making sure that your employees are not infected with Coronavirus. Thus, those in the food industry chooses to make deliveries instead of having customers dine in a close area. Also, they make a bot that will help them engage with their customers without having personal contact with them.

Clothing lines

You may think that the clothing line is safe from all the issues regarding the COVID-19. However, a lot of people now prefer ordering online rather than going to physical stores filled with strangers. However, answering their queries and attending their needs is hard, mainly when a large number of customers are contacting you. This is why clothing lines make a bot to engage with their customers without spending too much time talking with them.


A lot of public transport is now being closed down, especially LRTs and MRTs, to avoid close contacts of people. Some bus companies are also starting to stop their operations, which leaves transportation limited to private and public cars. With a sudden increase in customers, engaging manually with them will not be easy. Thus. You will need to make a bot to attend customer’s needs and create schedules for them.

Customer Service

Most customer services companies such as call centers and BPO requires employees to work close to each other and within a closed community. This is why most of these companies are the first ones to be locked down. However, if your employees are not available, you can still make a bot that will act as your customer service assistant. It can work efficiently and faster than most of your employees. Moreover, it is very efficient, and a great alternative as it can work 24/7 without getting tired and taking breaks. It is also cheaper than hiring a lot of employees.

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Make a bot with Herobot!

Even if there is an epidemic going around the world, it is still essential that your business will not get stagnant. If you have to lock down your company or to send all your employees home, you have to create an excellent alternative step. One of these would be to make a bot that will work as one of your best employees.

If you are planning to make bot for your business, it is essential that you only do it with the best and trusted chatbot platform. Herobot is a bot-creating website that offers its users cheaper deals. Despite this, it still has numerous features as well as widgets. Moreover, you will not need any professional skills when making your bot as Herobot only requires you to drag and drop contents. To know more, visit us at our website.

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AI Bots: Is it better rather than asking a Human?

With each passing year, the technology keeps on advancing and new developments keep on emerging. Moreover, these new inventions and discoveries are helping people live a more comfortable life. With the help of technology, we were able to be more productive in our work and responsibilities. And with this, one of the trendiest techy stuff that you would meet on the internet would be the AI bots.

Furthermore, inventors are growing and developing more technologies that could help us in our daily tasks and it includes commercial ones. With AI bots, companies are able to expand their business engagements and connect with more people. Meanwhile, customers also find chatbots convenient as it helps them contact a certain company much faster and easier. This proves the mutual impact of AI on both consumers and brands.

ai bots

What are AI bots?

If you still have questions regarding AI bots, let me discuss its meaning and uses briefly. To start, AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence” and it is a computer program that is able to do things that require human intelligence. Moreover, chatbots are seriously useful for various businesses and different careers. As customer support, they are effective due to their lack of personal emotions and issues.

May it is a small-scale or large business, every entrepreneur is all excited of getting their hands on it. This is because of all the good reviews that its users are giving. Not only is it efficient, but AI is also a good solution for cost-cutting in the company. A single AI system can finish a work of ten or more employees without a need for breaks and day off. Moreover, worrying about spending more on graveyard shifts and holiday pays is totally useless.

Advantages of Using Chatbots

Can work non-stop

Unlike humans, AI bots can work nonstop without getting paid for extra hours. Machines don’t need breaks, not like humans. Because it is only a computer system, what you need to worry is only the programming of a chatbot. If you are able to create one without any mistakes, then you will surely have the best experience with it.

Accurate decision making

The complete absence of emotions from a machine makes it more convenient as they can decide on a short time. You will never see an AI bot get easily swayed by abusive customers because it only acts as how it is programmed. Its answers will rely solely on the guidelines and dialogue that its programmer inputs.

Less error

AI bots reduce the chances of error on communication and information in every task. With its high artificial intelligence capacity, it can use all the encoded information on conversations. Moreover, its machine learning capabilities are able to help to adapt to new trends and pieces of information it can gather.


Keeping up with the trend is very important when it comes to business. This is because you need to your target customers to strategize more efficiently. Now that messenger applications are widely known to all people, it is very important that you have AI bots for your business.

Connects with the global market

If you are planning on advancing your online business to the next level, you should start focusing on the global market. With AI bots, this will be possible. Unlike humans, you can generate your chatbot with different languages that help you be more accessible by foreign consumers.

Some of the disadvantages of AI bots

High-Cost Creation

Building a bot will cost you much if you are going to hire professional programmers. Moreover, it will take a long time before they finish a perfect bot which will waste most of your time. However, you can create bots fast and easy with the help of good AI bots platform such as Herobot.

Increase of Unemployment

Some businesses and companies are now relying on the services of AI bots which causes the unemployment of several employees. Technological innovations have a nickname “creative destruction” of the employment of some on other sectors. Meanwhile, it will open new opportunities for the employees on other careers.

ai bots

Limited Thinking

AI bots can do what they only need to do, which makes them know nothing about other things. However, they can still adopt through time and experiences with their users. This is possible with chatbot’s machine learning.

Lacks on Creativity

AI is only basing on scripts. It does not really have any ability to generate its own answers unless it has pre-programs that enables it to do so. However, most chatbot platforms are offering widgets and special features which forces the creativity out of bots.

Weighing down

Now that you already know some of the pros and cons of the existence of AI bots, this is now the moment of truth. Is AI really beneficial for the people? Well, it depends on the situation. If we are going to talk about the efficiency of a business and its production rate, then we can say that it is really beneficial. It is due to the automation that chatbots offer.

Meanwhile, it will really be disadvantageous for some employees that are relying on jobs such as customer service and social media management. As AI bots are convenient, some companies tend to disregard the importance of the abilities and personalization of humans.

However, there are still some speculations of commerce specialists. Even if companies lessen their employees, they still need human support for the things that AI bots will not be able to handle. In conclusion, the existence of technological innovations for business is equally important as the service of human intelligence.

What you could get from a good chatbot platform

  1. Easier to connect with. Using chatbot platforms is really easy and most have chatbot supports that you can easily connect with. You do not need to wait long if you have any questions or encounter any problems.
  2. Chatbots are simple to operate. It could have an interaction with the customers as human assistance do. Also, chatbots have unlimited patience, so you could use your time thinking about what you need to ask.
  3. Cost Efficient. Having an AI bots platform around will help you save a lot rather than contacting a professional programmer. Most of them have high rates because coding is not an easy task. However, chatbot creators, such as Herobot, are really easy to use and do not cost a lot.
  4. Cater to User’s Need: Chatbots can quickly evaluate and identify what a customer wants and needs, which chatbots after identifying the problem, they’ll come up with a solution immediately. Moreover, it can answer questions simultaneously for accurate information.

Be with Herobot!

If you are having trouble connecting to more customers on the internet, Herobot is here for you! This AI bots platform is an application that will help ramp up your business in a short period, and it will boost your sales and quadruple qualified leads.

Moreover, Herobot is considered a complete messenger marketing platform that you could find. It will help you grow your business, and it is effortless to use to multiple your contacts and customer’s list by providing you with a complete set of tools which can make anyone into a subscriber.

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Also, HeroBot will give you the power to create Facebook Messenger bots which can answer the customer’s question and inquiries very well, and it is super easy and free. Having HeroBot part of your business, you will have no regrets and will satisfy you and your customers. It will also provide your customers with an impressive and delightful experience once they use the HeroBot and your company will gain the customer’s attention and trust.

You’ll love using the chatbots because they will provide the answers that you wanted to ask about HeroBot! Look no more, since they are the best and a well-known app that you could undoubtedly make your business successful. They produce high quality and accurate chatbots. So hurry up now and sign up on HeroBot to build a successful business!  

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AI Bot: The Uses and the Impacts It Brings

We are now in an era that everything is modern and automatic. People nowadays are so used to things that will help them finish their job efficiently. With the help of technology, all the tasks you need to do can be a lot easier compared to how the way things work before. There is massive progress in technology as significant innovations are beginning to emerge. Even the things that we thought are impossible in the past are now beginning to come true. Some of these discoveries are virtual assistants and AI bot.

ai bot

Combining the services of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistant made a significant impact on the business industry. One of the high factors that help the business industry is Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot. Moreover, the bot helps in improving the services that a particular company gives to its customers. A chatbot is a kind of software application that uses Artificial Intelligence to understand human needs and assist them in the type of service they want. It mimics written or spoken human speech so that it can have interaction and real conversation with a person.

How AI Bot enters the monopoly game

Joseph Weizenbaum is one of the experts in the field of Computer Science who is responsible for developing the first chatbot called “ELIZA.” After creating “ELIZA”, Richard Wallace developed “ALICE “in 1995. It has more advanced features than Eliza as it uses natural language, which initiates refined conversation. The next chatbot created was “JABBERWACKY”. It surpassed the functions of Alice. It generates natural language, to give interesting and entertaining conversation. Its primary purpose is for entertainment rather than assisting. From the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) that used to develop Eliza, Steve Worsick created “Mitsuki”.

Companies are starting to engage in the use of AI bot for various reasons. They can somehow Market their brand, promote their services, and even sell products. AI Bots usually handle moderate conversations, like welcoming the customers or clients. Product discovery interaction is also possible with AI Chatbots.

With all the different functions of AI bot, it also has its limitations. When customers ask a different question, that the developer didn’t address when designing the chatbot’s logic, there is a big possibility that the AI will not answer the question. It will then lead to dissatisfaction from the customers because the bot leaves them hanging. AI chat generates the text given by the user; this process is called “parsing.” The functions mentioned earlier are only the usual and general functions of AI Bots. Other bots platforms have different features specially designed to cater to all the needs for their different target market

Top 15 well-known companies that use chatbots for their business


Who would’ve thought that your favourite to-go-to coffee shop will be in the top list, but believe it or not, Starbucks started a partnership with Herobot in early 2017 to prevent the long waiting line for customers.


This is a travel and transportation company, and it is known to be the best joyride app. This transportation provider uses AI bot for chatting and voice command. Moreover, with this, people can now get in touch with the company without any hassle.


It is an official Facebook F8 launch partner that released in May 2016. With how easy it is to converse with, many people are considering Fandango as the best app for moviegoers.


Everyone knows what Spotify is. With its great features, it is well-known as a music application where you can download songs without getting sued. However, if you don’t know, this music app uses AI bot for sharing music through chats.

Whole Foods

The chatbot of Whole Foods in Facebook supplies recipes along with nutritional values personalized for every user.


It is one of the famous make-up lines which also recently engaged in digital marketing to provide their customer with different make-up tutorials and beauty tips.


It is a trusted banking app that has a partnership in Facebook Messenger bot to cater to Mastercard holders to handle different kinds of transactions.


Staples is a retail company that handles orders, provides a tracking system and return of requests from the users.

The Wall Street Journal

This is the first news delivering company that partnered with AI bot to give the latest and most trendy information to the users. 

Pizza Hut

Your favourite Pizza house now has a chatbot app in Messenger to perform an excellent ordering system.


It is a kind of travel agency that has AI-powered chatbot that enables the customer to find suitable travel deals.

ai bot

Natgeo Genuis

Natgeo used the strategy of Digital Marketing through AI bot to promote the network’s TV Show titled “Genuis”. With this, they can advertise the show on time. Also, people are having fun conversing with the AI bot, which helps them consider watching the show.

Watson Assistant

IBM is part of developing Watson’s AI-Powered Chatbot to understand user’s call logs and historical chats. As we all know, Watson is a huge company with a high image in public. However, one of its problems is hiring more people to interact with customers. Thus, they thought of using artificial intelligence to resolve this.


It is an online publishing company that engaged in using chatbots. To update content, the user can also set time when to receive the update.

Baby Center UK

It is one of the great childcare and pregnancy resource in the UK. Also, they are using chatbots to assist the user in terms of raising a kid, giving information, and helping the user with their struggle regarding childcare.

Different platforms that can help you and your business

  • Impersonate
    • This AI Chatbot platform develops chatbots that support text, audio, video, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 
  • Smart loop
    • Its function is the same with its name “smart loop” as it identifies loopholes while interacting with the users.
    • This kind of AI Chatbot specialized in a chatbot software solution for e-commerce websites.
  • Aivo
    • Aivo is a kind of AI Chatbot platform that gives its customers a real-time response, whether through text or voice message.
  • Pandorabots 
    • This platform helps you in developing interactive chatbots on websites, mobile apps, as well as popular messaging platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Line, and Slack.

The best AI bot platform

Given all kinds of AI Chatbot platforms, one of the most functional is the Herobot. It has more comprehensive activities than other platforms. The functions of Herobot are likely the most complete among all the chatbots, and it is for marketing purposes. Herobot supports creating Facebook Messenger bots; it also manages the social media tasks, such as scheduling, posting, tagging, and comments. It helps the user to minimize their responsibility for marketing while increasing productivity as it automates digital marketing activities.

Using Herobot is an excellent technique in your business because it can reduce your marketing cost. Rather than hiring different staff to do all the marketing activities, companies can rely on using Herobot, for it can do all that humans can do suchlike sending information, notifications, giving updates, and promos in Facebook Messenger. Herobot has a built-in AI engine that uses for an automated reply, likes, and sending private messages.

It can also upgrade your Facebook Ads. Doing a live chat is also possible with Herobot or even scheduled live-stream videos. One of its unique functions is creating automated contests and promotional quiz. Moreover, Herobot has a lot of numerous features that are very useful in maintaining the company’s status. It can upgrade productivity, and it helps in making your business competitive or even makes it ahead of the game among all other companies. Also, there is no doubt those well-known companies are willing to use it to improve their business. 

ai bot

Be with Herobot!

Adaptation is essential when it comes to business. If you want to excel in your field and be one of the best companies around, you just have to know the latest trends. If you can apply them in your marketing plan, then you can be sure to attract new customers. One of these technological development is a chatbot or AI bot. Numerous brands and companies are now getting involved with AI bot, and it did not disappoint them.

From customer service to social media marketing, bots can deliver good feedbacks from customers. Thus, it is only natural for you to be curious as to how you can create them. To know more about the most comfortable and fastest process of AI bot creation, click here now.

shopify chatbot

What are the Best Shopify Chatbot this 2020?

Nowadays, consumers resort to a variety of online messaging platform to easily connect to their needs. According to research, it is more well-known and has higher rates. However, maintaining the position of your company on the business ladder is difficult as various online competitors kept emerging day by day. Fortunately, there is Shopify Chatbot that can let you stay on track. Nowadays, consumers resort to a variety of online messaging platform to easily connect to their needs. Moreover, it is more well-known and has more excellent rates according to research.

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce of all the time. It is a great partner when it comes to creating your online presence without requiring various complex tech skills. It encompasses several areas such as mobile, web, online marketplace, social media, traditional side-business, and pop-up shops. Moreover, this bot works side-by-side Shopify. It is the best way to reach consumers automatically. This is an obvious explanation of why the number of businesses uses Shopify Chabot.

shopify chatbot

How Does Shopify Chatbot Works?

Just like how the standard chatbot works, the Shopify Chatbot can incite natural human interaction. Clients engage with a chatbot through the chat interface or via speech. It would be able to cater to multiple customer queries.  Moreover, it utilizes several primary or complicated system language from a database. Also, it quickly analyzes questions, provides pre-set answers, and implement tasks. Additionally, it can sustain the continuous demands and evolution of technology

When it comes to languages, it can comprehend different words and, at the same time, have a default conversation flow to assure client satisfaction. They can store the scope and the client’s selections. It can also cover one point of interaction instance to another whenever it is necessary and deal with any random customer request at any given time.

Features of Shopify Chatbots

Effortless Set-up and User-Friendly

The platform will only offer what you need for your business. Also, it does not cost a lot of money. However, once your business boomed, it is wiser to invest more. It can offer different hosting that is needed for the implementation of your website.

Integration of Application

Businesses will be able to include additional features and tasks for growing the website. Every consumer’s needs vary from time to time. The chatbot must be able to cope up with every demand.

Safe and Reliable

There is no need to worry when it comes to confidential and personal data protection, such as credit card details. The Shopify Chatbot is guaranteed guarded and safe to use. When processing financial transactions, you need quick, reliable, and 24-hour-availability.

Easy to Customize

Several themes are presented to the business, either free or paid. Now, it is straightforward to find the best idea that will suit the brand. With Shopify chatbot, you can do whatever you want.

SEO Friendly

There is no sense for an amazing online shop if there is no registered traffic. It is easy to assume that the business will slowly fade in the background in no time. With Shopify’s Chabot, it will help you raise your company’s rank so that the clients will be able to search for you. It also offers advanced statistics that can present to you where the clients come from. This is an effective strategical technique that can fit your marketing.

Benefits of Shopify Chatbots

By the use of Shopify Chatbots, your business can effectively get involved with clients on the social media platform. It is no wonder that the sum of chatbots is continuously increasing. Data shows that 2 billion messages are dispatched between people and businesses every month.

Constant Customer Sevice

The business will be able to provide the best customer satisfaction through Shopify Chatbots. Since the bots are always there 24/7, it can effectively establish the company’s brand. It will present instant, connected, and constant customer service because the replies are controlled. 

Immediate replies are equal to the high chance of increased sales. It is wise to maintain audience engagement using Shopify Chatbot by quickly responding to different queries.

Exceptional Loading Speed

Shopify Chatbot is equipped with useful software and hardware. As a result, the website can load quicker. Moreover, this bot can cater to a significant number of clients.

Lower Costs

A chatbot is a fresh way to cut costs and to save time. Instead of physically visiting stores and talking to customer support, you can have a better and more straightforward conversation with a bot. This is a more convenient way of shopping for customers.

shopify chatbot

All-Around Application

You can find anything you want in terms of features and functions. Moreover, you can easily include reviews, client’s wishlist, and have statistics. All of the marketing tools are available to use. You have thousands of choices with a good Shopify chatbot.

Own Payment Method

There are various of payment that the Shopify Chatbot offers. It also has a choice that is fueled by Stripe. If you select to utilize this, you will not have additional transaction fees. Also, there is an advantage of lowering credit card fees. One more thing, it does not need a merchant account to use.

Mobile Friendly

People choose to engage in mobile when it comes to visiting websites rather than on desktops. It is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website that can load quickly. Shopify offers themes that are quick and responsive. It presents a free built-in shopping car. It is advisable for all of the devices; the client will roam around the site whenever they want. Also, it has open applications that can let you efficiently manage your store.

Best Shopify Chatbot in 2020

Sales Boosting Chatbot by Gobot

Gobot offers the clients a new way to rediscover their shopping experience. Also, this particular app uses the gathered feedback as a cause for a unique interactive experience. Moreover, this can be easily downloaded and utilized. The business will have to decide on a template and build a new one. After a few moments, a virtual assistant will be at your aid for free.

Highlighted Features:

  • Present products for clients
  • Rapidly attend to the customer’s inquiry
  • Collect client’s feedback
  • Assist with the growth of email followers
  • Automatically arrange appointment

Gobot can be fully aligned with your Shopify store. This will be able to aid clients in choosing the right services or products. 

Kik by Kik

Kik by Kik is a free Shopify app that can assist you with your product. The primary consumer of this brand is most of American teenagers. Moreover, it is considered a beautiful place to present products that will interest that type of audience. It is also easy to set-up, link your business to Kik and classify all of your products via the pre-selected options.

Highlight Features:

  • Aim directly at our user’s pool of teenagers
  • Present your products to our 300 million users
  • Allow our users to purchase your products effectively
  • Recommend to users products that best fit their interest
  • No need to buy any ads

ANIX by Anix

The ANIX group releases ANIX by Anix. With the help of this, you will be able to have a 24/7 problem solver. This will boost sales and provide the best customer experience. What is right about this is, it is customized and rapid. As a result, the client will feel prioritized. There is also a live service team that can employ the Anix Team to talk straight to the clients.

Highlight Features:

  • Increase customer experience by answer questions quickly
  • Provide a personalized experience for faster problem solving
  • Allow creating a repository of frequently asked questions
  • Provide recommendations on how to answer some questions
  • Optimize the number of human support staff

Messenger Chatbot Marketing by Akohub

Messenger Chatbot Marketing’s primary goal is to turn all of the visitors into customers by connecting Facebook Messenger chat with your business’ website. It offers various exclusive discount products. Also, the customers will be able to place their orders to Facebook Messenger. If you are having doubts, there is a free trial plan.

Highlight Features:

  • Deliver exclusive product promotions
  • A-few-click Messenger Chatbot set up
  • Cut down on time spent on customer support
  • Save customers time
  • No coding knowledge required

Bargainator by Molsoft

Bargainator by Molsoft is created by Molsoft Team. This is an essential tool for every e-commerce admin. Due to this, they can interact with every client and raise the conversion rate. Also, this application goes beyond the horizon by predicting a person’s behavior through conversation.

Highlight Features

  • Maintain customer engagement in real-time
  • Present embedded chat module that mixes in with your theme
  • Allow the monitoring and intervening bargaining sessions
  • Notify users when the bargaining session starts
  • Allow exporting emails collected during the negotiation

Bridge the gap between your business and your client. HeroBot is on the list, too! It will not only increase your sales but also secure quadruple qualified leads. Moreover, it offers a complete messenger marketing platform. You will be able to acquire the power to build and generate various broadcasting and marketing tools that can reach a vast number of clients.

shopify chatbot

Be the best with Herobot!

Having a Shopify account for your business can be very helpful for you. It has various features that can make the management of accounts and markets easier. Today, technology innovations made using this platform easier with Shopify Chatbot. However, the biggest question would be how you can create your own without any knowledge about coding. This is where Herobot can save your day.

Herobot makes creating a Shopify chatbot without any hassle. This is by giving those who have no IT skills to develop bots by just dragging and dropping features according to their taste. Moreover, there are even templates that you could choose from if you have no idea where to start. Contact us and experience the thrill.

chatbot web

Chatbot Web for Advertising: Is it a Yay or Nah?

Staying in line with the latest advertising techniques can be a struggle even for a full-time businessman. Moreover, exploring the wild world of bots and using automated messenger campaigns are really helpful. Also, many businesses use it to advertise to your prospects in customizable and engaging ways can be a big help to the growth of your business. A chatbot web is a computer program that basically automates certain tasks like communicating with human users over the Internet.

chatbot web

You have perhaps heard: “Chatbots are the future.” Actually, if you’re still wondering whether or not your business must create a bot, you’re asking the wrong question. Bot-powered commerce is our modern-day manifest destiny. Moreover, every time people talk about bots, they are basically referring to an AI-powered communication platform. It is very useful for lead generation, marketing, productivity, and many more. The main objective of chatbot web marketing is very simple- to automate customer service relationships. Bots can develop and benefit your marketing and sales in many ways. They apply to support appeals, e-commerce, and even private or informational websites.

What is a Chatbot Web?

Chatbot web is gaining popularity and is becoming a popular tool for marketing. Having a helpful chatbot tool, is a program that can do tasks such as recollect data and reply to a certain type of keywords. Moreover, it also know when to provide an extra service for the sake of the customers. It also has a unique method of increasing consumer engagement ratings and improving general consumer experiences for growing sales. The promising capability of a chatbot to help a customer as soon as possible that’s why the company’s sense of urgency in consumer relations is not questionable.

Chatbot web is already around for decades, but industries have only begun to exploit the opportunities they provide just recently. This automation can impersonate a human dialogue interacting with customers by means of audio and text messaging interfaces.

You can find chatbot web on the Internet through your smartphone, no matter what your purpose is, whether it is for personal use or on company websites for business use. A well-optimized bot can be a great help to a company’s website for the reason that it can help to increase your conversion rates.

The real credit for taking chatbots further into the spotlight goes to Facebook Messenger, due to the fact that Facebook made it possible to integrate chatbots into the platform.

What are the benefits of a chatbot web?

Mobile browsing is growing, and Google has been testing the mobile-first indexing. By that, you will probably know that people will use the messenger online even more. Chatbot web applies best to people using mobile devices.

Delivers Personalized Experience

Chatbots guarantee a personalized user experience, as it is making basic one-on-one conversations so that users could understand things about the products, services, applications they’re using. A well-optimized chatbot web makes a user feel that he or she is actually having a conversation with a human being and not a robot. It delivers personalized experience in the sense that users feel at home by providing them information or services in the friendliest manner. Also, it may help you in your shop on the Internet just like a real salesperson. Chatbot web is able to help the customers with the product details, providing the payment options, tracking the delivery status, and many more.

Helps with Improving User Engagement

Chatbots are nothing less than having a grand prize for increasing up user engagement rates in social media. Optimizing your website is not that easy since you need to plan it out and design it to the most eye-catching one. A chatbot web has great designs and innovations with the business world is able to improve user engagement. They can be automated with natural sound wit, which can make them look more humanlike.  Providing a delightful service on the users and giving them satisfaction on their part.

Makes Website a Service Station with Zero-Waiting

chatbot web

Being one of the million users of the Internet, you will probably understand how frustrating it is whenever the site we are browsing takes so much of our time to load. Many users will definitely leave your site because of that. In that case, a chatbot web will help you. Giving the best service your customers will forever treasure.

Escalates the Customer Service Level

As we all know, customer service is an essential factor for a successful business. Customer service is the area where chatbot web applies best. That is because people of today expect immediate responses, and some companies fail to provide. It takes a deep understanding of human tasks so it can respond better to customers with important details and services. Since it can do automated response to several tasks, customer service will be much easier because of it. Excellent customer service definitely means good marketing techniques. One of the greatest benefits you can get on using a Chatbot is the excellent 24/7 service benefit.

Helps with Targeting a Wider Audience

Chatbot web represents the daring new frontline for SMEs and marketing experts. The more users targeted your advertising, the more effective it is most likely to be. Messaging platforms that have given their consent to chatbot webs such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, and many more, make way to better advertising with less effort. Companies that are using chatbots to gain customer insights to engage with their audience actively.

Helps with Payment or Checkout

Payment or checkout can be laborious, especially to those online shops that have a big load of customers; that’s why chatbots are available to help them. Having its automated task system, it will give customers a promising service is not a long time. Chatbot web is a fast-changing live chats and other means of communication like phone calls and emails on several websites. Also, it provides a more ordinary way to schedule activities or even function as response bots.

Makes Push Notification More Obvious and Relevant

Push notifications are much effective way of communication compared to emails. In many instances business information didn’t seem to catch the attention of the prospective audience. The reason why it turns out to be like that is that most online see them as irrelevant details and later on consider it as a waste of time or a disturbance. Chatbots are the practical answer to this kind of problem. Bots interactive notification that may level-up customer engagement and develop customer service value and ratings.

Why do advertisers use chatbot web?

Do you remember the good old days when we’d post a status in our social media accounts? After that, we will walk a bit for several hours, and then check the status again in hours later to check if anyone had seen? Funny, but for sure, you are one of those people who have done that before.

For marketers, communicating with customers via the messenger app is an easy way to make certain that message gets seen by the receiver. Users are more likely to built-up communication from sellers if it comes via messenger.

As time goes by, social media communication looks boundless. Users spend too much of their time on messenger apps than before, so much that they’ve quickly concealed other forms of communication. Facebook Messenger alone has its power to have more users than Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram combined.

Chatbot web is a developing technology. But, there are several instances of how they can help your business to promote your products and services, on engaging customers and boost sales. Chatbot advertising is a technique for getting people attracted in your products and services by means of a human-like conversation. A chatbot web helps businesses keeps connected with the users, simplify service procedures, and increase profitability.

Why should you choose Herobot?

Most of the trending chatbots on the Internet so far were actually designed just for fun. They can have a basic conversation with you, but you will find it boring later on. Several chatbots will even perform some basic tasks, like searching on the web or displaying your preferred images. One of the most powerful thing about chatbot web is that when a user starts to interact with your bot, they will become one of the real users of your application. With chatbot web, you are able to do all of the things right inside of a Facebook Messenger.

Chatbots are changes the online users’ experiences, moving them away from compound websites and apps with organized menus to a basic command-line crossing point that is changeable for everybody. However, there is no team that can keep up with all kinds of communication — which is where chatbots come in. That’s why HeroBot is just for you, giving you the power of automated marketing strategies to fulfil your advertising needs. There is literally no reason that this type of advertising and marketing would not work. Chatbot web makes advertising much easier. You must try it!