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Sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships all through Messenger, Instagram Messages, Google Business Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Emails, SMS and Webchat!


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Start with HeroBot chatbot templates made for your business, or build your own bots visually in a few seconds with our simple drag-and-drop interface.

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HeroBot AI on GPT-4

HeroBot breakthrough AI chatbot built on  

HeroBot AI & GPT-4 

Experience the magic of seamless customer engagement with HeroBot AI, powered by GPT-4! Engage in effortless support conversations in plain English, and captivate your customers with personalized, user-friendly experiences. Build lasting relationships through interactive, tailored content, and watch your customer loyalty and conversions soar to new heights.

Drive Sales & Automate Support with Marketing Bots for

Any Business Vertical

#1 Omnichannel Chatbot Platform

HeroBot brings you the power of Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Emails, SMS text messages, Voice calls, Viber and Webchat in one single Omnichannel chatbot platform.

Facebook Messenger

HeroBot is your ultimate Facebook Messenger sidekick! Our top-ranked Messenger chatbot platform is designed to charm your customers and save time, expertly automating delightful, personalized experiences. Create Messenger chatbots easily in a few minutes. With HeroBot’s intuitive analytics and seamless integration, you’ll keep customers happy and free up your schedule for other important tasks. Enlist HeroBot today and watch your business soar to enchanting new heights!

HeroBot messenger bot Channel

Instagram Direct Messages

HeroBot Instagram Direct Messages automation is the game-changing solution that revolutionizes your Instagram messaging and marketing! With unparalleled ease and power, our platform elevates your sales and customer support to a whole new level. Create Instagram chatbots easily in a few minutes with HeroBot and embrace the future of Instagram engagement and watch your business thrive like never before!

HeroBot Instagram Direct Messages bot Channel

Google Business Messages

Unleash the power of Google’s Business Messages with HeroBot, and effortlessly connect with your audience right where they are! Make your brand instantly discoverable and enable real-time chats through Google Search and Maps. Craft Google’s Business Messages chatbots for your business efficiently in just minutes and turbocharge your growth with our cutting-edge marketing chatbots tailored for Business Messages. Choose HeroBot and watch your business flourish like never before!

HeroBot Google Business Messages bot Channel

SMS Text Messages

Unlock the power of lightning-fast communication with HeroBot’s omnichannel prowess! With 90% of text messages being read within just 3 minutes, integrating SMS alongside Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger ensures your conversations seamlessly transcend social boundaries. Efficiently set up SMS Text Message chatbots in just a minute and harness the full potential of HeroBot and elevate your customer engagement game like never before!

HeroBot SMS Text Messages bot Channel


Soar to new heights with HeroBot’s captivating WhatsApp chatbots, designed for the world’s most rapidly expanding messaging app. In just minutes, create mesmerizing, interactive dialogues that transform customer connections and drive dynamic engagement. With HeroBot as your secret weapon, unleash limitless possibilities for growth and success. Effortlessly craft WhatsApp chatbots in just minutes and catapult your business to the forefront of innovation!

HeroBot whatsapp bot Channel


Experience the unparalleled advantage of HeroBot’s Telegram chatbots, designed to excel in the realm of one of the world’s largest messaging apps. With our chatbots working tirelessly 24/7, they effortlessly manage simultaneous conversations, providing lightning-fast answers and valuable information about your products or services. Create Telegram chatbots in a few minutes and unleash the full potential of HeroBot on Telegram and watch your business soar to new heights of customer engagement and success!

HeroBot Telegram bot Channel


Supercharge your sales and marketing efforts with HeroBot’s email automation magic! As one of the world’s most popular and dependable communication channels, email offers boundless potential. Create cutting-edge Email chatbot automation and unleash the power of interactive conversations and harness the prowess of HeroBot’s chatbot automation to elevate your business and captivate your audience like never before!

HeroBot Email bot Channel

Voice calls

Embrace the future of communication with HeroBot’s voice call chatbots – the ultimate conversational AI tool that truly understands you. Effortlessly interact with our voice chatbots using natural language, and be amazed by the contextual, relevant responses crafted just for you. Easily create voice chatbots within a minute and join the voice AI revolution with HeroBot & experience cutting-edge customer engagement!

HeroBot phone voice calls bot Channel


Experience the unparalleled power of HeroBot’s Viber chatbot, your ultimate messaging maestro! Effortlessly reach multiple subscribers at once, tailoring messages for your target audience. Delight them with personalized birthday greetings, seasonal coupons, and exclusive offers that make your brand truly unforgettable. In just a few minutes, easily create Viber chatbots for your business and enchant with HeroBot and Viber, unlock a new world of visibility and watch your business stand out like never before!

HeroBot Viber bot Channel


Elevate your customer experience with HeroBot’s code-free Webchat chatbots! In mere minutes, seamlessly craft effective Webchat chatbots to scale your team and watch as our webchat chatbots transform website visits into conversions, slash resolution times, and offer endless customization options. Powered by machine learning, our Webchat chatbots swiftly resolve up to 60% of common questions, ensuring customer satisfaction even when your team is occupied or offline. Choose HeroBot and unlock a new era of effortless user engagements and exceptional customer service!

HeroBot webchat bot Channel

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Ryan Edmonds

Herobot was able to cut our cost of Facebook Ads by at least 80%! bringing insane ROAS via messenger ads. Amazing work, reliable, and very easy to work with. It also got flawless integration with various marketing tools that make your life a lot easier. 

Betty Corden​

We have been using HeroBot for a couple of years now, and it has literally replaced our need for 3rd party marketing platforms. We were able to generate many extra leads and prospects using their chatbot system and turn them into customers.

Chris Cullen​

Herobot is an amazing tool as low-cost chatbot marketing tool that adds huge value and ROI to your business. It’s out of the box everything you need to generate more contact for your business and reach your audience.

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